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Children’s Corner. Bev. T. 0. BOYKIN, State 8- S. Evangelist, Ed BIBLE. EXPLORATIONS. When Adoni-Zedec, king of Jerusalem ' heard how Joshua had taken Jericho and Ai, and also how he had made peace . • with the Gibionites, he called together four other kings, and said to them: “Come up unto me, and help me, that we may smite Gibeon; for it hath made peace with Joshua and with the chil dren of Israel.” So these five kings, call ed the kings of the Amorites, united all their armies and made war against Gib eon. When the Gibeonites saw these kings with their armies coming to their 1 city, they sent messengers to Joshua, at Gilgal, where he was encamped, begging him to come and save them from the armies of the Amorites. Joshua at once gathered all the people of war and all the mighty men of valor and started to Gibeon. The Lord told 1 Joshua not be afraid, that he would de liver the armies of the five kings into his hands and that not one oi them should stand against him. So Joshua slew them with a great slaughter, and as S. they fled from him the Lord sent down upom them great hail-stones from heav en. And more were killed by the hail stones than by the swoids of the Israel ii ites. Here a mast wonderful thing hap pened—such as had never happened be fore and never has since. When Joshua was following after his enemies, he com manded the sun and moon to standstill, so that he might see how to destroy the fleeing Amorites. And the sun did stand still tn the midst of heaven about a whole day. But the five kings man aged to hide themselves in a cave. When Joshua heard of it, be commanded some men-to toll great stones upon the mouth of the cave and to watch it so as to keep them from escaping. After the pursuit and killing of the Amorites, the people - returned to the camp of Joshua. Then Joshua told them to open the mouth of the cave and take out the five kings. He commanded the captains of the men of war to put their feet upon the necks of the kings. They were then slain and hung upon five trees until evening, when they were taken down and put in the cave where they had hid, and the stones were placed back at the mouth of the cave. After this Joshua captured many other cities, with their kings, and killed all the people tjiiiom he fought against. He smote albtfie country “from Kadish barnea even unto Garaand all the coun try of Goshen, even unto Gibeon,” and then returned to his camp at Gilgal. When Jabin, king of Hazor heard of Joshua’s victories, he did like Adonize dijcs, called together a number of other kings, and they united their hosts to fight against Joshua and Isarel. They met together with vast armies, in num ber as the sands upon the sea shore, at the waters of Merom. But the Lord again told Joshua not to be afraid, for he would also deliver them into his hands and they would be slain. So when Joshua and his men of war went out against them, he put them to flight and slew them all. And the Lord continued to be with Joshua and the people of Is rael pntil all the inhabitants of Canaan were .beaten and driven out befo'-e them. \The land was then divided among the ’ tribes by lot, that is among all except the two and a half tribes who chose to have their inheritance on the east side of Jor dan. But to Caleb was given Hebron as a special favor “because he had wholly followed the Lord God of Israel.” QUESTIONS. 1. Who were the four kings of the Am orites that joined Adoni-zedec? 2. Where was Gilgal? 3. Near what place did the Lord send the hailstones upon the Amorites? 4. Where did the five kings hide in a cave? 5. Who were the kings that joined Ja bin? 6. To what places were they pursued? 7. What was done to their horses and chariots? 8. Who were the Anakims? 9. Which of their cities remained? 10. How many kings were conquered by Joshua? 11. Can you find all the places named in this week’s exploration? 12. What do you think of the wholesale slaughter of the Canaanites by Joshua? 13. Will you try to to trace out the boundaries of the land set apart for the several tribes? 14. Which do you think had the most desirable land? enigmas. . No. 1 BY CHARLIE. 1. Who told his servants to set fire to Joab’s field? 2. Who mocked the Jews while they were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem? 4. Who was Sauls wife? 5. The initials up or down give the name of one whose heart was perfect with the Lord all his days. No. 2. BY E. 1. A camping place of Joshua during the invasion of Canaan. 2. The father of Samuel. 3. A mount near Jerusalem. 4. The oldest son of Jacob. 5. The servant of Elisha. 6. Abrahams steward. 7. The father of Moses. 8. The first king of Israel. 9. A female judge of Israel. The initials give the name of one of the most faithful superintendents in South west Georgia. Answers for January 13th. Enigma by M.—Obediah. “ “ Laura—Snow. “ “ B —Ezra. “ “ W. 0. P. B—Christmas stockings. Questions by M. for the little ones. 1. Bethlehem. 2. Kings of Judea. 3. No. 4. The wise men. 5. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. 6. All should. 7. Capernaum. 8. Same place. 9. Peter and Andrew. 10. Yes. For the older ones. 1. Jehorams. 2. Elisha. 3. Jehoram. THE CHRISTIAN INDEX AND SOUTH-WESTERN BAPTIST: THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1881. 4. Solomon. 5. Ezekiel. (J. Ezra. 7. Balaam. 8. With a spear under the fifth ri b by Abner. 9. With a spear under the fifth rib by Joab. 10. With a spear underlhe fifth rib by Rechab and Baanab. 11. With a spear under the fifth ribby Joab. CORRESPONDENCE. All the letters received during the last week or more have been answered pri vately, but we have failed to get in one that came to hand some time ago, and that made us 5-el “good.” Here it is: Dear Brother: Enclosed find a small contribution for your work, a part of which came to hand in rather a remark able way, the benefit of which you will please give to the readers of the Chil dren’s Corner of The Index. Little Mol lie Gladin, a Sunday-school scholar of six or seven summers, filled with the spirit of missions, inquiredof her mother if it was too late to pay something to the pastor of the church, as she had failed to have her name enrolled upon the subscription list at the beginning of the year. Being informed that the opportunity had not closed, she seemed much grati fied that she was permitted to give her mite to the Masters cause, and said, “well, father owes me 50 cts., and I want him to give it to him for me.” And we made her a faithful promise that we would substitute the eagle on that half for a dove to send the olive branch to more than one family circle. As we promised you at the Ebenezer Association that we wouldmake arrange ments for you to visit our Sunday school, we herein renew the same and*add that we expect to have readv, by that time a larger contribution. You shall hear from us again. Yours in Christ, J. H. Hall. We acknowledged the receipt of the $2 50 privately to brother H. and again thank him and the school, and especially do we rejoice at the sweet spirit of little Mollie. If all of us had her spirit, how easy it would be to support pastors and missionaries! If ever we inculcate the spirit of missions, it must be done in youth. Do the pastors and superinten dents bring the matter before the chil dren often? They will not disappoint you. OUR CHRISTMAS OFFERINGS. We feel very grateful to our friends who have sent us tokens of kind remem brance. They, as all others have been, will be cherished with grateful apprecia tion. We hope to enter upon the new year’s work with more energy than ev er, and propose to make some improve ments on former plans. We wish brethren and friends did know how much we do appreciate their sympathy and their help, especially the voluntary contributious sent. We ten der our most sincere thanks for the many loving letters of condolence since the death of our precious son. God abund antly bless you all. AN IMPORTANT WORD. “I shall not tell you what the word is,” said the minister to the Sunday-school children, “but I will give you a clue to it, and then I shall ask you to tell me of what I am thinking. “There was once a great English naval officer who had fought well his country’s battles, and at last lost his life just as he had gained a decisive victory. As one of his fellow officers knelt by his side, the dying man said, ‘Thank God I have done my 1’ ” A lad among the Sunday scholars rais ed his hand to know if he might speak the word which he had already guessed. “Not yet, Bertie;” said the minister, “I have another story to tell you first. “There was a pious monk who used to pray every day a great deal, and who lived very near his heavenly Father. One day when he had been very earnest in his prayers, he thought he saw a vis ion of our Lord Jesus in his cell. It was very beautiful; it seemed really as if the blessed Saviour were present, as if he could see him with his natural eyes. He could not bear to leave the place, and wanted to linger right there and enjoy and worship; but the vision said to him, ‘Go,- feed mv hungry, and take care of my sick and poor,’ and he obeyed the voice and went, and attended faithfully to whatever came in his way to do, and when he returned to his cell the vision was still there in all its radiance, await ing him. It said: “ ‘lf you had not heeded my command I should have left you; but now that you have done your I remain to bless you.’ “Now, children, you may tell me the word that is in my mind. What is it, Bertie?” “Duty,” cried ever so many voices. . “Yes,” said the minister, “our duty is that which it is right for us to do. It is something that we must do whether we will or not. It is happier for us to keep to the laws of God and of man. Let us make it a delight to do the will of our heavenly Father which is our bounden service and duty.— L. M., in Advocate and Guardian. The Fortune Teller.—A band of gypsies was strolling through a part of the Country. A woman belonging to this band attended a revival meeting. There she heard, for the first time in her life, what the Bible teaches about the resurrection. God blessed what she heard to the good of her soul. She wa/ led to repent of her sins, and became a humble believer in Jesus. Not long after this, several wild young men, who wanted to have some-sport, visited the gypsies’ encampment; They happened to come to this woman who had become a Christian, and asked her if she could tell them their fortunes. She said she could, and invited them into her tent; “for,” said she, “I have the best fortune-telling book in the world.” Then opening her basket in which she had formerly kept the charms and the book that pretended to tell tho meanings of dreams and such things, she took out a New Testament. Opening this book she turned to the last verse in the third chapter of St. John’s Gospel, and read these words: “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son, shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.” “There, my friends,” she added, "that is was God says about your fortunes; and you may be sure that every word of it is true.”— Labor of Love. Trifles'—Straws show which way the wind blows, and trifles indicate the bent of character. I saw Hettie reading the other day in a borrowed book, and when her mother called her, she laid it care lessly open, face downward, on a chair. It happened tliat Hettie did not return immediately, and before she had done so, the baby had pulled the book by one ‘corner to the floor, and Hettie, running hastily in, had trampled upon it. Its condition would certainly be unpresent able when it should be sent back to its owner. My own impression of Hettie, who had seemed to be a very amiable young lady, was that she was unfaithful in small things. Had she closed her book and placed it on the table before leaving the room, it would not have been In jured. When I see a young girl with a torn dress, slippers down at heel, and a general lack of neatness in her home toilet, I am doubtful of her genuine love and respect for dear home friends. When I know that Lucia is always late at church, I begin to wonder if she is not tardy everywhere else. When I hear Sara scolding Mattie for some small fault, I consider her on the road to becoming a termagant. Don’t neglect the trifles, girls.— Christian at Work. Baby Saved. We are so thankful to say that our baby was permanently cured of a dangerous and protracted irregularity of the bowels by the use of Hop Bitters by its mother, which at the same time restored her to perfect health and strength.—The parents, Koch ster, New York. See another column. —Buffalo Ex press. HORSFORD'S ACID PHOSPHATE In Nervous Debility and as a Tonic. I have used Horsford's Acid Phosphate during the past six months, with great satis faction, in a large number of cases of ners vous debility, pud as a tonic after fevers. W. B. FLETCHER, M. D. Indianapolis, lad. Eminent Dr. W.C. Cavenagh Memphis, Tenn., writes: For weak di gestion, consumption, general debility, and want of appetite, I cheerfully recommend Golden’s Liebig’s Liquid Extract of Beef and Tonic Invigorator. Daniel & Marsh, Agents, Atlanta. Cod Liver Oil and Lime. That pleasant and active agent in the cure of all consumptive symptoms, “Wilnor's Compound of Pure Cod-Liver Oil and Lime,” is being universally adopted in med ical practice. Sold by the proprietor, A. B. Wilbur, Chemist, Boston, and all drug gists. Cold, piercing winds and driving rains seldom fail to bring on a Cough, Cold or Hoarseness at this season, and Dr. Buli’s Cough Syrup should be kept in every house. For sale by all druggists. No one who has once tried Dobbins’ Electric Soap (made by Cragin & Company, Philadelphia) fails to see its wonderful economy. Ask your grocer to get it, and give it atrial. ADVERTISEMENTS. Price g^ a $22. Ih IB BABY W JKm® MM BABY CABINET ORGAN-NEW STYLE 109- THREE AND A QUARTER OCTAVES, in BLACK WALNUT CASE, decorated with GOLD BRONZE. Length, SO inches; height, S 3 in.; depth, 14 in. This novel style of the MASON & HAMLIN CAB INET ORGANS (ready this month) has sufficient compass and capacity for the performance, with full parts, of Hymn Tunes, Anthems, Songs, and Popular Sacred and Secular Music generally. It retains to a wonderful extent, for an Instrument so small, the extraordinary excellence, both as to power and quality of tone, which has given the MASON & HAMLIN Cabinet Organs their great reputation and won for them the HIGHEST DISTINCTIONS at EVERY ONE of the GREAT WORLD'S INDUSTRIAL EX HIBITIONS for THIRTEEN YEARS. Every one WILL BE FULLY WARRANTED. CASH PRICE $22; on receipt of which it will be shipped as directed. If ON RECEIPT ANU TRIAL IT DOES NOT SATISFY THE FITRCIIASER, IT MAY BE RETURNED AND THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED. EIGHTY STYLES of Organs are regularly made Ly the MASON & HAMLIN CO., from the BABY CABINET ORGAN at $22; to large CONCERT OR GANS at S9OO, and upwards. The great majority are at SIOO to S2OO each. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGS ES, CIRCULARS and PRICE LISTS free. MASON & HAMLIN ORGAN CO-, 154 Tremont St., BOSTON; 46 East 14th St., NEW YORK; 149 Wabash Ave., CHICAGO. jy2)-3t PIGS, SHEEP, POULTRY BRED, AND FOR SALE BY WILLIAM L. BRADBURY, NASON, ORANGE C O„ VA. o THE JERSEY RED PIG has proven to be the best breed, either puie or crossed with Berk shire or Essex, for the planters an d farmers of the Southern States. Pigs 2months old delivered in Atlanta, express paid, for only $16.00 Per Fair! HAMPSHIREDOWN SHEEP, The best for mutton and wool combined. My direct importation. HOUDANS, (the best breed of fowls for the South), LIGHT BRAHMAS, LE GHORNS, Etc. Send for Circulars. nov2s-3m. ORGAN gF ATTY Addren Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, »•» octfi lv VAT? PTTTT DRUM This Magazine will be- X vXw UlllLilJXvXili g[ n the year 1881 with a new and. elegant Cover THE other improvement. It will continue to sur- XT IT I >CL? D V pass all imitators. The IN U KbEKY. January Number will prove this, $1.50 a year In advance. New Subscribers get extra FIFTEENTH YEAR numbers by subscribing now. NURSERY PUBLISHING CO., jan2otf 86 Broomfield St., Boston, Mass. ADVERTBIEMENTB. JJ J" J J OJUL mJ I nnn Dr. Harter’s Iron Tonic is a preparation of Protoxide of Iron, Peruvian Bark and the Phos phates, associated with the Vegetable Aromatics. Endorsed by the Medical Profession, and recom mended by them for Dynpepiiia, General Debility, Female Dlaeaaea, W ant of Vital ity, JiervouM Prostration, ( oinaleicenee from Fevers and Chronic Chili* and Fever. It serves every purpose where a Tonic is necessary. Manufactured by THE DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO., No. 213 North Main Street, St. Louis. DYSPEPSIA aplb if —EES. B LOWE, DEALER IN PIG IRON, Railway, Machinist, and Foundry Supplies, Agricultural Implements, Steam Engines & Boilers, SAW MILLS, GRIST MILLS. HAZARD POWDER CO.’S Blasting and Sporting Powder. dec23-6m Chattanooga, Tennessee. FROM 14 TO 10,000 lbs. WEIGHT. „ True to pattern, sound and solid, of unequaled strength. M Wfl W W T toughness and durability. (I ill II 11 I An invaluable substitute for forgings or cast-iron requiring I |"l II I I Gearing of all kinds, SHOES AND DIES FOR STAMP MILLS, U X Hammerheads. Crossheads for Locomotives, etc. IV ■ ■■ ■■ 15 oco Crank Shaits and 10,000 Gear Wheels of this Steel now a, . mm m■■ mi ms running prove its superiority over all other Steel Castings, n I R mTlTrl R CRANK SHAFTS, CROSSHEADS and GEARING, specialties. II 11 ■I * I |\| I 1 V Circulars and Price Lists free. Address I I H II I I 11 IT fl CHESTER STEEL CASTINGS CO. U XX U X 1 XI M M (Formerly McHafiie Direct Steel Castings Co.) septlTtf fforts, CHESTER, Pa. «S1 Library St.. PHILADELPHIA. CHAS, 11. SWIFT UNDERTAKER, 47 Loyd Street, Atlanta, Ga., KEEPS constantly on hand a complete assort ment of Fisk’s Patent Metalie Burial Cases and Caskets, And a full line of Wooden Caskets and Coffins. Prompt attention given to calls by day or night, and Funerals attended to in any manner desired. Elegant Hearses and Carriages furnished at mod erate pi ices. EMBALMING A SPECIALTY. Located within fl few yards of ihe Union Passen ger Depot. All orders by mail or telegraph will be filled with promptness and dispatch. jelO ts Ginger, Buchu, Mandrake, Stillingia and; many other of the best medicines known are com-, bined so skillfully in Parker’s Ginger Tonic as. to make it the greatest Blood Purifier and the ; Best Health and Strength Restorer ever used.. It cures Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Neuralgia,; Sleeplessness, and all diseases of the Stomach,. ■Bowels, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Urinary Organs; ;and all Female Complaints. . If you are wasting away with Consumption or< •any disease,use the Tonic to-day. Nomatterwhat< your symptoms may be, it will surely help you. ( / Remember! This Tonic cures drunkenness,, •is the Best Family Medicine ever mads, entirely■ 'different from Bitters, Ginger Preparations and; other Tonics, and combines the best curative prop-. •ertiesof all. Buy a 50c- bottle of your druggist.. •None genuine without our signature on outside; 'wrapper. Hiscox & Co., Chemists, New PARKER’S HAIR BALSAM nomlcalHairlis*'’ sept 23-ts. FOR SALE, MOUNTAIN VIEW, A MODEL house and small farm, complete iu every department. It contains twelve acres in the village of Decatur, six miles from Atlanta, Ga., on the Geoigia Railroad. The buildings are all new, of modern architecture, and are surroun ded by large native oaks. The main building contains eight rooms, closets and wine cellar. The servants house has two roomsand closets. The barn yard is well located and conveniently ar ranged. The ntables are large and comfortable. Vineyard of 1,300 vines of best varieties, five years old. The orchard contains SCO fruit trees of choice varieties, from three to five years old, and a quantity of small fruits. All of the land lies well and is watered by a never failing branch. 'Pities good. Terns one-third cash; balance in one and two years. Address P. O. Box 646, aug26-tf Atlanta, Ga .aßb STOVE PIPE SHELF WHB® AND UTENSIL STAND. AGENTS WANTED for the most convenient article ever offered lo housekeepers. Agents meet with greater success than ever. Ooe'igecjt made 8192 in 15 days, another >3B tn 2 davs, another 827 in 1 day. Boxing and Freight Free to Agent*. Send for circulars to nearest address. J. F. SHEPARD & Cincinnati, 0., or St. Louis, Mgs augl eow39t AGENTS WANTED SSKSMI ting Machine ever invented. Will knita pairof stockings, with HEEL and TOE complete, in 20 minutes, It will also knit a great variety of fancy-work for which there is always a ready market. Send for circular and terms to the Twonibly Knitting Machine Co., 409 Wash ington St., Boston, Mass. dov4 17t az-a QIIDEDD Self-adjusting arm vUlLnD chair-desks & book tTests, for the mil lion. Os grealpractical advantage amazingly handy and convenient. >2 50 to J - *’ AKK * ( °- n for >**»*“* to POU. 8. B3r Nothing ao Good for Agt*. 11l d TOKEESKM/JBp’mph’t for stamp. thia papor —— jy29ly THE ‘‘Musical Curriculum” BY GEO. F. ROOT. THE BEST PIANO INSTRUCTOR EVER PUBLISHED. The ‘‘Musical Curriculum'' early opens up the beauties of the theory of music, and gives the pupil glimpses of the science, while it teaches the art. The gradual development of the subject is fascinating. Whatever is of an abstract nature is continually relieved by the introduction of pleas ing exercises or soqgs, which, while constantly progressing, furnish, also, agreeablere’axation. The lessons are so arranged that the voice can be cultivated with the fingers—the one helping the other GIVE THE “MUSICdL CURRICULUM’’ A CAREFUL EXAMINATION. Sa?“PRICE $3, by mail, postpaid. JOHN CHURCH & CO., 66 West Fourth St., I 6 Union Square, Cincinnati, O- I New York. dec9 4t WANTED, % }o,oo cX JLGEISTTS > For the Great Family Newspaper, THE WEEKLY AND SEMI-WEEKLY Special Bdition of the Daily Gazette, 1 year, $5.50; Six months, $3.00. Send for SPECIAL TERMS A to Agents. Sample copies frej. Ad dress CincinnatiGazetteCo. —_gSAinple>«><lC»tA>ogueorb«Hsen. FREE GEORGIA REPORTS. We can furnish full set of “Georgia Reports,” cn any single volume. p volume. Atlanta, Ga., Publishers and Blank Book Memujjuflureii. . A. D y ER BIBEMENTB. JIOO covers Tuition. Stationery, Board, etc., fee, three months. No vacations. jelO ly A FEW OF THE CELEBRATED STEWART COOK STOVES. 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The moraleof the institution is good, discipline is mildly but firmly administered, and the punila are addressing themselves contentedly and suc cessfully to their studies. The departments of Literature. Music and Painting are all filled by teachers whose success is offered as the best test of competency and merit. Exercises will be suspended during Christmas holidays and resumed on Wednesday the 12th of January, 1881. Those in search of a good Scheel, one relying 'for success upon its merits, and one whose progressive movements must soe.n place it in the front ranks, respectfully invited to eor repondence. For further particulars address dec-16-8t R. T. ASBURY, President n W ■ u nil fl never faits to in.-tantly re- ■ U.A ’ li IW I Mlieve the most ri lent attudr K ■ IV I ■•■■■■ ■and insure comfort abbi sleep Used by inhalation, thus reaching the disease direct. ■ relaxes the spasm, facilitates free expectoration and n effects j"X|| IQCC where all other r -medics ■ fail. 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It contains five colored plates, 600 engravings, about 200 pages, and full descriptions, prices and directions for planting 1500 varieties of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, Plants. K'-ies, etc. Invaluable to all. Michigan grown seed* will be found more reliable for planting in the South than those gre vn in a warmer climate. We make a specialty of supplying TnmLm.. Young Man Wanted to go West The undersigned wants an unmarried mam from Georgia or Alabama, member of a Mis sionary Baptist church, and a farmer, to cor respond with him. He oflers excellent in ducements to one willing to work. The un dersigned will give the best of references in Ins parish or in New Orleans. Will pay trav eling and other expenses if necessary. Ad dress stating postoffloe and name of church with which «<•“”" YN0no8) M . d„ jy2o-2t Big Cane, La. ■ fk fl’s Prayer Illustrated, < A I lll<ricornmandnients >»'»'4lU LUIIU.Io lOxli, Chi.moed I- M ~ lora •"« gilt. Orer SS.OOO med. by one agent. ™ for 50 Ml .nd term, to agent, for thl. °<>>er bran " c * . A. E. Pratt 4 Co. 27 Park Place, New Yonu. Jy2o-4t - AOWW’TS AIVI> CAIWAUSBRB MaSkom A W "OP” ’T* for E. RIDEOUT * CO., W ' SeW Send for their catalogue and terms. 3