The Rome tribune. (Rome, Ga.) 1887-190?, November 21, 1897, Image 1

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f TODAY’S PAPER f r consists or , f f SIXTEEN PAGES f i 96 COLUMNS ( ESTABLISHED 1887. STARTLING EXTRAS! Following our resolve to take out of our business $25,000 to put into the Tedcasfle business, you can buy from us during the next three weeks high grade goods and medium grade goods at lower prices than such were ever offer ed before within the realm of Rome’s knowing! If you would buy goods cheap —if you would buy goods cheaper than i prices ever before known to you, eome to see us to-morrow, next day or next week. Come! Extra No. 1. 400 DRESS PATTERNS, EACH.. 25c Each pattern will contain enough cloth to make a lady a dress, either calico, ginghams, percales, or some other material suitable for dresses. 10 patterns will be sold be tween 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and 10 patterns between 2 and 3 o’clock. These hours are named in order to give -our friends who live out of the city a convenient hour for being on hand to secure a dress for twenty-five cents. 20 patterns will be sold each day. The sale will go on 120 days. Extra No. 2. 200 Ladies’ Capes, braided and large sweep, each.... 40c •Good Beaver Capes, fur or braid trimming, worth $2,00 78c Plush Capes, Soutasche and jet trimming, at $ 2.50 'Genuine Salt Plush Capes, silk linings and fur trimmed, worth $5, at 3 75 The above garments are below the cost of manu facturing. We will sell them between 11 and 12 o’clock, and 2 and 3 o’clock each day, to give all a chance. You never saw goods so cheap. We have 60 Ladies’ and Misses’ Jackets, last year’s styles, at 40 cents on the dollar. 40 new stylish Jackets just in. EXTRAS OS. 5,6, 7 AND ON TO 28 ! Almost every item in the following list is priced below what it cost us, but we are in the task of raising $25,000 out of our retail stock to put into the Tedcastle business. To raise the money quickly, we are not considering the cost. Come and get the goods. These prices every hour in the day. Very best AAA 4 quarter Raccoon sheeting, nothing better made, worth at any factory 4%c —our price One hundred bolts high grade lining cambric 2,c Thirty pieces A C A ticking 9,c Good wool Jeans 9c 10-quarter Pepperel sheeting, bleached All-wool flannel 9c Staple Ginghams 4|c DRESS GOODS-THE GREATEST STOCK B ROME. Dress Trimmings, strictly choice and up to date. Dress Linings, stock lacking in nothing. Notions to suit every notion of notions. Ladies wraps for every want and fancy. The Millinery stock too full, and to help in making quick work of the $25 000 raising, every hat, every bonnet will be sold at cost or below cost, NOT ONE ABOVE COsTT If you you want a hat or a bonnet, our elevator will carry yon to a place where you can buy from the most select stock in Rome at just what it cost us, or below the cash we paid for it. BASS BROS. & CO. THE ROHE TRIBUNE. ROME, GA., SLiNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1897. BMpt Double width worsted, black and colors 9c Men’s superior quality half hose - - • - 4c Misses school handkerchiefs .... i c Forty dozen pretty hemstitched handkerchiefs - 2c Ball knitting silk, all shades - '- - 5c Imported hair pins, per package - - - 1c Assorted hair pins, per box . . _ 5 C Beldings embroidery silk, big stock - - 2c CLOTHING Go to our third floor for anything in Clothing, Men’s Suits, Children’s Suits, Knee Pants, Overcoats, etc., lower than anywhere—we mean lower than anywhere, Get your Clothing from us, giving your pocket the benefit of a profit. MEN’S ALL-WOOL SUITS, WORTH $7,00 AT $4,00. Krippendorfs Shoes, the best—all shoes go in to do their share towards the desideratum $25,000--so with everything in the house. Extra No. 3. 80 Full size Bed Coinforts, very heavy and service- able .................. 45c 5 Bales 11-quarter Comfortables, reversible and lovely styles, worth as much as $1.50, at 790 Comfortables at SI.OO, $1.40, $2.00 and $2.50, ‘ worth twice the prices asked for them. Our buyer found a manufacturer winding up the sea son and closed out his remaining stock at half the usual prices. Beautiful Eider-down Quilts, worth $6.00 at $ 3.30 Extra No. 4. Very best Indigo Prints 3 7.8 c Very best Dress Prints .’... . 3 7-8 c Very best Mourning Prints 3 7.8 c When we say very best we do not mean the best of the kind, but we mean the very best created on any loom, nothing short of this. Os course they cost more than our price to make them. 1 Case of extra Mattress Ticking, would hold feathers, at - 5c 40 Pieces 25-inch Checks, choice patterns - 3 l-2c 26 Pieces very heavy Cotton Flannel, a special pur- chase, worth 12 1-2 cents a yard in any store. We shall make-the price with the above goods during the hours named at ■ - . . . 7 i.2c Red twill flannel, very wide - - - - Three hundred men’s shirts, all sizes . -25 c Nine cases 10-quarter bed blankets, heavy fleeced 19c dozen spools sewing silk - . - . i c 260 dozen ladies Jersey ribbed vest, 35c grade, at 19c Two cases men’s undershirts and drawers, each 15c 4 Cases Alpine Hats, $1,75 quality, - 930 iPartone] j ♦ J PAGES ITO B. * PRICE FIVE CENTS