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Bulletin (Monroe, Ga.) 1958-1962, August 22, 1959, Image 2

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i ( 1 I PAGE 2—THE BULLETIN, August 22, 1959 CASCADE BAKE SHOP WE HAVE THE FINEST SELECTION OF BAKERY PRODUCTS IN ATLANTA 2281 Cascade Rd., S. W. PL. 8-4991 ATLANTA ■— OUR NEW POPE Compliments of UIEBTTS of BilCKHEAS 3135 PEACHTREE RD., N. E. Fine Homefurnishings CE. 3-441G From: POPE JOHN XXIII: An Authoritative Biography by Zsolt Aradi, Msgr. James I. Tucek and James C. O'Neill. Copyright, 1959, by Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy, Inc., OUTBOARD SALES & SERVICE 802 PRYOR ST., S. W. JA. 4-8786 OUTBOARD SALES & SERVICE Johnson Seahorse Motors — Holsclaw Trailers — Marine Supplies — Paris, Repairs, All Motors Publishers. PART V MISSIONARY IN ROME Pope Benedict XV summoned 40-year-old Father Angelo Ron- calli to Rome in 1921. Thirty-six years later his brother Cardinals elected him to succeed Pope Pius XII. The 36-year round trip to Rome and back fittingly began with the education of the future pope in one of the Church’s greatest fields—the missions. 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Recommended For Orthopedic Prescriptions Exclusive in Atlanta at all Thompson-Boland-Lee Stores Furse Realty & Investment Co. • INSURANCE • REAL ESTATE Office: 2153 North Decatur Road, ME. 6-4386 Steve Furse — ME. 6-4386 Frank Favatelle — ME. 4-3247 Karl Matthews — BU. 9-4419 Pat Gilham — ME. 4-0076 Decatur, Georgia HANGER CAB COMPANY PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE 1003 Virginia Ave. PO. 1-3171 Hapeville, Ga. McCOY’S FURNITURE AND APPLINACE THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER Buford Highway GL. 7-4326 Chamblee, Ga. problem of co-ordination was not an easy one. None of the three subsidiary mission organ izations which contributed heav ily to the financial support of mission work were located in Rome. NEW APPROACH TO MISSIONS The Society for the Propaga tion of the Faith had its head quarters in Lyons, France. That of the Society of the Holy In fancy was located in Fribourg, Switzerland. And the Society of St. Peter the Apostle for the na tive clergy was administered from Paris. For many years the popes were content to have these or ganizations remain outside of Rome. But after World War I it became clear that it was not de sirable in some cases to have one country closely identified with the operation of missions in Asia and Africa. It was seen that with the rapid developments of mod ern times a new approach was needed to meet the demands of missionary work. Benedict XV had this in mind when he called Angelo Roncalli to Rome to study the possibility of co-ordinating these various associations. The Pope knew of Roncalli’s outstanding organiza tional abilities and sound spirit ual, political and intellectual qualities. . He had known inti mately Bishop Radini Tedeschi and through him knew what kind of a priest and man the Bishop’s young secretary was. Three years prior to Roncalli’s appointment, the Pope had se lected another close friend of Bishop Radini Tedeschi, Achille Ratti, for a crucial task. Ratti had been sent to Poland as a papal representative to investi gate the chance for a new ap proach toward Russia which was in throes of revolution. Benedict XV died a few months after he called Roncalli to Rome. The new Pope who emerged from the conclave was Achille Ratti, whom Benedict had made Cardinal less than a year before. Pius XI was a scholar, a man of quick action. He had met Fa ther Roncalli years before when as a very young priest the future Pope John XXIII had embarked on the ambitious project of writ ing and editing the pastoral travels of St. Charles Borromeo in Roncalli’s native diocese of Bergamo. Ratti asked Father Roncalli to remain in his post at the Propa gation Congregation. He named him a Prothonotary Apostolic which gave him the rank and title of Monsignor. Pius XI also appointed Ron calli a member of the board of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, the governing body of which was still in France, and also president of the Italian na tional branch of the same asso ciation. Roncalli’s task was to make further studies and suggestions on the co-ordination of all the subsidiary agencies of the Con gregation of the Propagation of the Faith, a study which was already well-advanced. Father Roncalli helped pre pare the new statutes of the association and acquainted him self with the thoughts of the Pope on the missions in general, on building up the native clergy, and on the legitimate aspirations for independence in the spirit of the universality of the Church. ROVING ADVISER On May 3, 1922, Pope Pius XI decreed that the headquarters of the Society be transferred to Rome and he provided a new constitution for the society. From then on it was to be known as the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Father Roncalli remained a member of the supreme council and president of the Italian na tional branch. He also received an additional delicate task. This was to help form new national branches. Between 1922 and 1924 he traveled often to various Euro pean capitals, giving advice and explaining the new statutes, helping the national organiza tions to overcome difficulties. These trips took him to Paris, Brussels, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna and elsewhere. It was important that everyone con cerned should properly under stand the reasons behind the re organization and that the trans fer to Rome did not aim at un necessary centralization. Angelo Roncalli was one of the people whom the Pope knew well. Pius XI knew his capacity for work and so he did with Ron calli what he did with others of similar stature: he gave him more work. In 1924 the Pope announced that 1925 would be a Holy Year. Among other projects the Pope decided to set up a missionary exhibition, the first of its kind. He chose Msgr. Roncalli for the job, naming him to the central committee of the Holy Year. The missionary exhibit was so dear to the heart of the Pope that he mentioned it to the Car dinals in a speech as early as May, 1923. It was to show the daily work of the missionaries and the life of their people in Africa, Australia, Latin Ameri ca and the Far East. It needed more than ordinary organizational talent to contact all missionary centers, co ordinate the work and select and set up the displays, charts, pic tures. Msgr. Roncalli worked with a legion of enthusiastic dedicated priests. He himself dealt with the press, Italian and inter national and with Catholic and non-Catholic scholars. The exhibition was, in addi tion to its religious interest, of great importance to ethnologists and anthropologists. Out of it grew the present Ethnological Missionary Museum housed in the Lateran Palace, considered one of the best visual exhibits of peoples’ ways of life gathered in one place. The Pope was satisfied with the exhibition and he praised the experts, the scholars, the missionaries and, of course, Ron calli. A TEACHER AGAIN Besides his organizational work, his traveling and his other duties, Msgr. Roncalli went back to teaching. Beginning in 1923 he became a professor of Patris tics (the Fathers of the Church) at the Roman Seminary where he had been a student 20 years earlier. He had taught a similar course at the Seminary in Bergamo. It required him to keep constantly in mind the first 12 centuries of Christianity, especially the first six centuries when the unity of the Church both east and west was unbroken. This professorship was of great value to him in his later assignments. His knowledge of the works of the Fathers of the Church was to be bound up with his assignments in Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece in his con tacts with the Orthodox and the non-Latin Rite Catholics of those nations. It also gave him the chance to formulate definite views on the question of reunion with the dissident churches of the East. Thirty years later he was to announce his plan to convoke an ecumenical council to explore the possibilities of union. Busy as he might be with his three or four jobs, Msgr. Ron calli never gave up his priestly vocation for the care of souls For Angelo Roncalli the priestly duty was part of his nature. Even in Rome, in spite of his busy days, he always had suf ficient time to do pastoral work, (Continued on Page 3) BILL DALYS RED BARN CE. 3-4625 • CE. 3-4531 Shortly after his election to the papacy in 1921, Pope Pius XI named Father Roncalli a Prothonotary Apostolic which gave him the rank and title of Monsignor. The above portrait of Pius XI was taken a few months before his election/ when he was Achille Cardinal Ratti* LEE FINANCE COMPANY NEED MONEY? Try Lee for fast, friendly, confidential service. LOANS $25-$300 OR MORE on Signature, Auto or Furniture. 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