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Bulletin (Monroe, Ga.) 1958-1962, September 05, 1959, Image 2

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PAGE 2—THE BULLETIN, September 5, 1959 Serving the best Pizza and Italian Food in Atlanta Businessmen's Lunches CLOSED SUNDAYS Delicious Italian and American Food BARATTA’S ITAUAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT 1404 PEACHTREE, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. TR. 6-9496 OUR NEW From: POPE JOHN XXXII: An Authoritative Biography by Zsolt Aradi, Msgr. James I. Tucek and James C. O'Neill. Copy right, 1959, by Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, Inc., Publishers. O'NEIL'S BOWLERAMA OPEN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS 24 HOURS Junior Bowling 25c Per Line or 4 for ?L0O Northeast Plaza Shopping Center ME. 6-5211 Buford Highway Part VI On April 16, 1925, a terrorist’s bomb exploded in the Orthodox cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria. Nine days later Archbishop Angelo Roncalli, newly appoint ed Apostolic Visitor to Bulgaria and administrator of Latin-rite Catholics, arrived in the terror- haunted city. “At the time he arrived one could still smell the smoke,” re ported “Istwa,” the Bulgarian Catholic weekly. 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Many were in St. Clem entine’s, operated by Catholic Sisters, and the best hospital in the city. YEARS OF VIOLENCE Going from bed to bed he spoke to the victims of the bombing. From the lips of Or thodox priests and monks he heard the words of thanks and gratitude for the care given them by nuns not of their faith. The circumstances surround ing his arrival in Sofia and his first actions almost character ize his 25 years in the service of the Holy See outside Italy. They were years marked by violence and they were years in which he was constantly in touch on a personal level with men of a different faith. On May 3, a week after his arrival, he made his first speech as a representative of the Pope. In a sermon in Italian -— trans lated into Bulgarian — he made his first promise to his new flock: “I will learn Bulgarian.” This he did and he could speak it with fluency 10 years later GOING TO THE PICKRICK? 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But more important, Arch bishop Roncalli, the future Pope John XXIII, took the occasion of his first sermon in a country where the majority of citizens were of the Orthodox faith to outline the relations that should exist between Catholic and Or thodox. “It is not enough to have the kindest feelings toward our sep arated Christian brethren,” he said. “If you really love them give them good example and translate your love into action.” In his last sermon in Sofia, 10 years later, Archbishop Ron calli spoke of his own feelings and, referring to some attacks by extremist Orthodox priests, he said: “The differences between the two religions for whose union Pope Pius XI has worked with so much charity, prescribed for me a certain reserve as far as my behavior and my contacts with our Orthodox brethren were concerned. “This is how it should be and I am sure that they share this view. The fact that I did not even pick up the stones that were thrown toward me, proves that I love even the stone throwers. If we think seriously about it, the day will come when there will be one flock and one shepherd.” There were only about 50,000 Catholics in the entire country when Roncalli went to Bulgaria at the age of 44. His task was to encourage the growth ana de- velonment of Catholics in Bul garia, to protect them as much as he couM and to represent the Holy See on a non-diplo- matic level, to be a sniritual bridge between Rome and Sofia for both Catholics and non- Catholics. Typical of his policies was the encouraging of Latin-rite Cath olics to prav the rosary and oth er personal pr,avers in Bulgari an. This set aside the attitudes of certain French clergy who wanted Latin or French to be the only language of prayer. Later in Turkey and Greece Archbishop Roncalli was to sup port the use of the vernacular for Catholics in those nations. Four days after his arrival in Sofia Angelo Roncalli paid a courtesy cal] on King Boris and on the Bulgarian foreign min ister, both Orthodox. Though he had no diplomatic rank, he was recognized as the Pope’s representative and given the courtesy and attention normally given those of diplomatic status. TOURS COUNTRY With his courtesy calls out of the way, Archbishop Roncalli was auick to begin his visits in his new; assignment. On his transfer from Bulgaria, “Istwa” recalled that he had visited ev- ei’y single part of the country. It reported that he never em phasized his authority and dealt with problems on a personal level, seeking out those who needed help, always ready to hear their needs. His first visit within three months after his arrival took him to the southern part of the country. The Catholic popu lation totaled about 25,000 and flowerland" " GREENHOUSES Retail — Wholesale Greater Allania Deliveries Flowers for Every Occasion Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. Chamblee, Ga. — GL. 7-3455 had more than 50 elementary schools, 10 high schools, five hospitals and many churches. It was a predominantly farm ing area and the farmer’s son from Sotto il Monte found him self at home. He visited Cath olics of the Latin and Byzantine rites wherever he found them. Traveling by stagecoach, his trips .were long and often ad venturous. On at least one occasion he was advised to hide his pectoral cross and bishop’s ring because of bandits. Yet he toured and toured and his visits became festas for the Catholic enclaves in the lonely farming villages. His attention to detail, to the personal contact was constant. He could remember the names of the mayors of small farming villages and at retreat for Bul garian priests in August of the year he arrived he surprised 25 Byzantine priests by recalling their names on sight. In 1928 when an earthquake devastated flourishing mountain villages, Archbishop Roncalli rushed to the disaster area. Careful not to offend the Or thodox ecclesiastics, he visited every family in the stricken area. When thanked for his help, he replied, “It is the Holy Father who sent you the money, the food and the other help.” Six churches were rebuilt, many others repaired and five new ones erected — a remarkable accomplishment in a country with only 50,000 Catholics. THE KING'S MARRIAGE While his contacts with the Orthodox clergy necessarily had to be limited because of his position and their careful and sometimes hostile reactions, Archbishop Roncalli had to keep an eye on every possibili ty for union between Catholics and Orthodox. In the years in Sofia he came to know intimately the intricate and very complicated national and religious situations in which the Orthodox churches had enclosed themselves in Greece, Albania, and even Rus sia. It was during this time he won the nickname of “il Mon signor del volgiamoci bene,” — the Monsignor whose approach is “Lets’ wish each other well.” Just how successful his mis sion in Bulgaria was is shown by the fact that in 1932 Pone Pius XT was able to raise the Sofia office to the rank of an Apostolic Delegation. This rank of papal reoresenta- tion is on the non-diplomatic level but it could never have been established without the complete agreement of the Bul garian government and the goodxvill of the Orthodox hier archy. It was also the first papal representation in Bulgaria since the 13th century. In his relations with King Boris. Archbishop Roncalli was cordial. He was the guest of the King on occasion and through his office the King and the for eign minister made a state visit to Pone Pius XI. Archbishop Roncalli also played a nnrt in the roval mar riage of King Boris to the Ital ian Princess Giovanni of the House of Savoy. Since the two were of different religions it was a ticklish matter. After manv discussions King Boris married Princess Giovan ni in Assisi. Italy, in the Cath olic Church. According to the rules of the Church the King agreed to educate his children in the Catholic Faith. Nevertheless, to the great dis comfort of the Holy See, an other ceremony was performed in the Orthodox cathedral in Sofia and the heir to the throne was baptized in the Orthodox church. King Boris’ decision was motivated by the fact that he was sovereign of a predom inantly Orthodox nation and he wanted to assure his son’s right to the throne. The failure was the King’s. NEW ASSIGNMENT On November 21, 1934, L’Os- servatore Romano, the Vatican City Daily, published the fol lowing item: “His Holiness (Tope Pius XI) has appointed His Excellency Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, Apostolic Delegate in Bulgaria, to be Apostolic Delegate for Greece and Turkey.” The new assignment was an important one but it filled both O'Kef/ey’s — A Complete Rental Service DRESS FORMAL...THE MODERN WAYi Full line of handsome Formal Wear for men and boys. Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses and Cocktail Dresses in the latest fashions. Also veils, hoops and crinolines. Select the correct attire for that special occasion. We'll be very happy to help you with any Formal Wear problems. J O’jat^fjnc. 231 Mitchell Street, S.W., JA 2-9960 !4V aV f Established 1919*' Archbishop Roncalli as he appeared when he was appointed Apostolic Visitor to Bulgaria in 1925 the Archbishop and Bulgarian Catholics with sadness. It meant that almost 10 years of intense activity in Bulgaria were over. In an interview with the leading Bulgarian daily, “Utro,” Angelo Roncalli on the eve of his departure gave an indica tion of how thoroughly he im mersed himself in his assign ment. “From the time I was a pro fessor of religious history, I have studied every religion in Bulgaria, almost every corner of Bulgaria, whose historv is close ly tied to the historv of the Bv- zantine Empire, I have studied the lives of your great kings . . . “I have alreadv ordered a Turkish and neo-Greek gram mar because I want to learn these two languages with the same sneed and seriousness with which I have learned Bul garian.” His farewell speech to bis Bulgarian flock was debvemd from the nulnit of the Catholic cathedral in Sofia on Christmas Dav, T934. After saving he was snrr V to leave Bulgaria. Arch- hishon Roncalli spoke with deep humility: “As for me, I have done very little for you. I failed in many respects, because of mv defects, because of the limited possibili ties and often because of mv negligence. ^ n d though I tried to avoid offending anvbodv, please forgive me for all this as good brothers forgive. I am a man like you.” Appparentlv the Bulgarians disagree^ for the dav his train ]e-ft Refia the station was pack ed with people who came to sav goodbye. Among them were the nersonal representatives of the King, the prime minister, mem bers of the government and the entire diplomatic corns. Also present was the nersonal rep resentative of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Sofia who sent his highest official, the Arch- mandrite Josif. FAREWELL In his farewell Christmas ser mon Archbishop Roncalli said w i t h great, truth “Nobodv knows what the future will bring.” Certainly he could not forsee his great role in war-torn Greece or his even greater role later. • But even in his farewell he touched upon the charity and love that should exist between Christians. Without knowing the future he personally fore shadowed what was to be 29 years later a wider call to Chris tendom, the convoking of a uni versal council of the Church. Standing in the cathedral in Sofia. Archbishop Roncalli told the Bulgarians: “Nobodv knows what the future will bring. But I can tell you this: Any Bul garian, Orthodox or Catholic, who arrives at my house, wherever I may be, should knock on my door. I will not question who vou are. Orthodox or Catholic, it will suffice that you are a brother frojri Bul garia. Two arms will embrace you and feast. will prepare you a Belmont Abbey College To Open September 17th . BELMONT — Belmont Abbey College will begin its 84th aca demic year on September 17, it has been announced by the Very Rev. Cuthbert E. Allen, O. S. B., President. The classifi cation and matriculation of stu dents will begin on September 14. The orientation of freshmen students and transfer students will precede the official opening of the college. 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