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Bulletin (Monroe, Ga.) 1958-1962, April 02, 1960, Image 2

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PAGE 2—THE BULLETIN, April 2, 1360 Va Gallon of SWEET CREAM in every pound of LAND O’ LAKES Sweet Cream Butter WEST END TOOL RENTAL "RENT THE TOOLS YOU NEED" HOUR — DAY — WEEK — MONTH PL. 5-2280 1330 Gordon St. Cascade Furniture & Appliance Co. West End Headquarters for Quality Furniture and Appliances at Reasonable Prices. PL. 5-2200 1330 GORDON ST. GUNTER BROS. MARINE BOATS — MOTORS — ACCESSORIES 1330 Gordon St., S. W. PL. 5-2200 Owned and operated by Roy and Troy Gunter ATLANTA,. GA. A. J. BOHN COMPANY Brick, Building Tile, Spectra Glaze Concrete Blocks CEdar 7-S461, Atlanta, Ga., 3229 Cains Hill Place, N. W. to get the most from your savings Money saved by the 10th earns from the 1st Fulton County Federal WILLIAM M. SCURRY, President HOLLIS E. MORRIS, Exec. Vice Pres. Current Rate 4% 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Home Office Bockhead Branch East Point Branch Edgewood and Pryor 3079 Peachtree Rd., NE 106 Thompson Ave. GEORGIA'S OLDEST FEDERAL Where Thousands Save Millions To Communism By Catholics Of Red China Imprisonment Of Bishops Walsh And Kung Seen As Proof Of Continued Resistance Communist-Dominated Countries Z Jail Oilier Bishops? Priests (Radio, N.C.W.C. News Service) HONG KONG — The prison terms given by Red Chinese courts to two Bishops — one the last U. S, missioner in main land China —are regarded here as evidence of the continuing resistance of China’s Catholics to their communist rulers. Sentenced by the Reds on trumped-up charges of treason and espionage was Bishop James E. Walsh, M.M., former Superior General of the Mary- knoll Fathers who has been un der arrest in Shanghai since 1958. He was condemned to 20 years in jail. The communists also sen tenced Bishop Ignatius Kung, S.J., of Shanghai to life im prisonment on similar charges. Thirteen Chinese priests were given prison terms along with Bishop Kung. Meanwhile, across the com munist world, Bishops were convicted by Red courts in Roy Gunter Now Located On Gordon, S. W. ATLANTA-—C. Roy Gunter of St. John’s Parish, formerly of St. Anthony’s, is now located on Gordon St. S. W. with a new furniture store in the old Cascade Theatre-known as Cascade Fur niture and Appliances Co. Qual ity furniture and Norge Appli ances are featured at discount prices., Located also at the same ad dress he has the West End Tool Rental. Here you can rent most any tool for use in your home. Roy also has the Gunter Bros. Marine located here with complete accessories, Larson Boats, Scott Motors. In business with him is his twin brother Troy. They invite all their friends to drop by and visit with them. Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and a priest was sentenced to jail in Poland. Bishop Ladislav H-lad was,: jailed for nine years for “anti- state activities” in Czechoslo vakia. Bishop Smiljan Cekada of Skoplje, Yugoslavia, was given a suspended sentence after con viction on charges of illegal foreign currency transactions. In Gdansk, Poland, Father Wlodzimierz Gutowski received a three-year prison term for allegedly opposing secularistic instruction in schools. Observers here regard the sentencing of Bishops Walsh and Kung as a desperate attempt by Chinese communists to discredit staunch defenders of the Vatican in the eyes of China’s Catholics. The Reds ap parently believe that their ac tion against Catholic leaders loyal to the Holy See will help their drive to set up a schis matic national church subser vient to communism. Hong Kong observers also fear that the trials may mean further severe measures against Catholics in Red China in the near future. They point out that the vast majority of Chinese Catholics will have nothing to do with the Vatican-condemned “patrio tic” church and that the trials were used by the Reds to equate loyalty to the Holy See with treason in the minds of the people. Catholic sources here report that in addition to the illicit consecration of more than 30 schismatic bishops, scores of Catholic priests and Religious have been jailed for opposing the Red-dominated Patriotic Association of Chinese Cath olics. Shortly after revealing the , Tell A Friend Painful Pleurisy Responds To Chiropraciic Care Dr. Charles L. Brown CHIROPRACTOR 5523 Peachtree Rd., Chamblee For Appointment Call GL. 7-4822 One Block North of City Hall ATLANTA DOMESTIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE MAIDS - COOKS - DAY WORKERS •I V. 3-5371 199 Forest Are., NE Atlanta, Ga. C. MALCOLM NEWELL Photography Studio Weddings — Portraits Restorations — Identification Parties 2292 Cascade Road, S. W. PL. 5-5224 Atlanta, Ga. WITHAM’S FABRICS CENTER Let us help decorate your home with beautiful Colorama Fabrics, Famous Artloom Carpets, All Wool, Nylon and Arcilan Draperies, Covers, Slip Covers, Carpets 8c Valances SAMPLES SHOWN IN YOUR HOME BY APPOINTMENT 2286 Cascade Road, S. W. PL. 3-8312 Atlanta, Ga. BISHOP WALSH jail sentences, the communist government’s news agency an nounced that the regime was or ganizing meetings of Catholics in Shanghai and in other areas of Anhwei, Kiangsu and Che kiang, provinces “to explain” the trials and sentences imposed on Bishops Kung and Walsh. (These are regions where the schismatic “patriotic church” has made no progress. In another dispatch, from Nanking, the Red news agency quoted Li Wei Kwang, vice chairman of the Patriotic Asso ciation of Chinese Catholics, as stating that the trials revealed that “U. S. imperialism is our most vicious enemy and the Vatican is its tool of aggression.” Meanwhile, a recently arrive refugee from Shanghai disclosed here that Bishop Walsh has had to have a doctor visit him al most daily in his place of con finement. The refugee said the Bishop is known to be in poor health, to be very thin and have BARRETT 8c LEACH Famous Prime Western Beef Fancy Groceries - Fresh Vegetables 3771 Roswell Road CE. 7-0355 Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Upholstery Shop FINEST QUALITY WORK BY TOP FLIGHT CRAFTSMEN "We will beat any price in town." TR. 4-355B 790 Hemphill Ave., N.W. Atlanta, Ga. EXTERMINATORS CE. 7-8694 Free Inspection Atlanta, Ga. Henri’s Bakers & Caterers Service Long experience in catering service, and highest quali ty products made us famous in Atlanta! 3251 Peachtree Road Atlanta, Georgia CE. 7-0202 a sallow complexion. But he said that the Bishop’s medical tests for cancer were negative. . Bishop .Walsh, 68, a native of Cumberland, Md., was charged at his trial with leadership of a campaign td undermine the Chi nese communist regime. His sentence was announced (March 18) the day after Bishop Kung’s. Bishop Kung was seized by the Reds on September 8, 1955, and has been, the target of abuse as a “reactionary” and “counter revolutionary” in the Red press ever since. But he remained un yielding in his stand that where the Bishop of Rome is not recog nized as the earthly head of the Church, there is no Catholic Church. The 13 priests sentenced with Bishop Kung — eight of them Jesuits — were given prison terms ranging from 5 to 20 years. (The imprisonment of Bishop Walsh by the Chinese commu nist regime was one of the topics discussed by President Eisen hower and Premier Khrushchev during the latter’s visit to Washington last September. Mr. Eisenhower told a news confer ence on September 28 that the Soviet Premior had told him he “might find it possible” to inter cede for the five Americans — including Bishop Walsh — then held by the Chinese Reds. . (Following Bishop Walsh’s trial and sentencing, U. S. Sec retary of State Christian Herter announced in Washington that the U. S. government will make a strong protest to Red China.) News of Chinese communists’ action was released by the gov ernment news service* the New China News Agency, in English- language dispatches to Europe and Asia. It said the Chinese Bishop and priests were found guilty, at a public trial held in Shanghai March 16 and 17, of cooperating in “a scheme of U. S. imperialists and the Vati can to subvert the Chinese peo ples Democratic regime.” Of Bishop Walsh, who went to China as a young missionary in 1918 and served as Bishop of what is now the Kongmoon dio cese from 1927 to 1936, the Reds said: “James Edward Walsh, the veteran U. S. imperialist spy who personally directed the Kung Pin-mei. traitorous coun terrevolutionary clique, came to China in 1948 when the Chinese People’s Revolution was ap proaching victory and the Chaing Kai-shek reactionary rule was on the verge of total collapse. Dispatched by U. S. imperialism and the Vatican, he came to China together with Cardinal Francis Spellman, U. BILL DALY'S RED BARN CE. 3-4625 • CE. 3-4531 Cloudt's Food Shop 1933 Peachtree St., N. E. TR. 6-7523 Atlanta, Georgia CATERERS TO ATLANTA E. B. RICE 8c CO. BOOKKEEPING AND TAX SERVICE 881 Peachtree, N.E. TR. 5-8317 Atlanta, Ga. JEWELL'S BEAUTY SALON Highway 54, Forest Park (next to Bob’s Barbecue). Phone PO. 6-6968. Hours: 8:00 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. Mon.-Sat. Specializing in permanents and tinting. Mrs. Jewell Stancil, Owner Quality Recapping New Tire Sales & Service BROWN TIRE CO. If You Can’t Re-Tire — Retread CHAMBLEE, GA. 5039 Peachtree Rd. Glendale 7-3131 Robert Brown, Owner PROFESSIONAL BAND INSTRUMENTS SMALL BRASSES - WOODWINDS STRINGS a PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS DeKalb Musicians Supply *4-5 Clairmont Avenue DR 3-4305 DECATUR S. Imperialist, to make counter revolutionary ‘emergency’ ar rangements with a view to un dermining the Chinese People’s revolutionary cause.” Other foreign churchmen charged with part of the “plot” include Monte Carlo-born Arch bishop Antonio Riberi, now Apostolic N u n i c o to Ireland, who was ousted by the Reds as Internuncio to China in 1951, Father Fernand Lacretelle, S.J., French missionary who before his expulsion from Red China was Jesuit superior in Shanghai, and Father Georges Germine, S. J., former rector of Aurora University in Shanghai. Throughout the proceedings and dispatches, the Reds re ferred to Bishop Kung, whom Pope Pius XII named Bishop of Shanghai in 1950, simply by his native name, Kung Pin-mei. The NCNA dispatch said: “Imperialist special agent Kung Pin-mei, who has all along set himself firmly against communism and the people, took up the post of Bishop of the Shanghai diocese in August, 1950, under a plan worked out by U. S. spy James Edward Walsh, secretary general of the reactionary organization of the ‘Catholic Central Bureau,’ and Antonio Riberi,' an imperialist element hidden in the Catholic Church in China — formerly the ‘Minister’ of the Vatican to the Chiang Kai-shek bandit clique and expelled from China — and with the approval of the Vatican.” It went on to say that “under the personal instructions of the KENT'S LOCAL 8c LONG DISTANCE MOVING YOU CALL — WE HAUL NO JOB TOO SMALL Agents for Consolidated Van Storage Co., Inc. KENT TRANSFER 569 10th St., N.W. TR. 6-3551 Cascade Garage Complete Auto Repair Service All Work Guaranteed MEMBER OP I.G.O. OF AMERICA 1405 Gordon St., S.W. PL. 3-2245 GEORGE BOAZMAN, Owner Atlanta, Ga. W. O. BRYSON WATCH REPAIR 217 No. 1 Peachtree Bldg. MU. 8-7135 — Atlanta, Ga. WHAT ABOUT YOU? The Franciscan Sisters are Looking for girls who are will ing to serve God as nurses, nurs ing instructors, supervisors, ad ministrators, technicians dieti cians. medical librarians, cooks, seamstresses, sacristans, and to the many other departments to which they are needed. The need for Sisters is great More hospitals could be opened if there were enough Sisters to staff them. Is our Lord calling YOU? If you are interested to be coming a Sister to the field of nursing, write today for infor mation to: Reverend Mother General ST. MARY OF THE ANGELS CONVENT 1000 30tb Street Rock Island. Illinois U. S. spy James Edward Walsh” and the “imperialist elements,” Bishop Kung “set up a tratorous counterrevolutionary clique, and carried out a series of traitorous activities in an organized and planned way through the reli gious institutions under their control.” The communist news dispatch said that Bishop Kung and his 13 codefendants were convited of numerous military and politi cal acts of treason against the State. It listed these in detail in the pattern of the sham trials of Catholic missionaries in the early 1950s. It stated further that “all the arms, ammunition, radio communication equipment, U. S. currency and other things found in the possession of the culnrits were confiscated.” The Bishop and priests were also accused of maintaining “prisons in the churches to per secute Catholics.” In this con nection, it said that “the Cath olic nun, Shu Hai-yun, was shut up in a church prison for 10 months.” The following day, announc ing the conviction and sen tencing of Bishop Walsh for “plotting to overthrow the new China,” the Red news agency said that “the culprit admitted the mass of conclusive evidence of his crimes.” This evidence, it said, included “secret codes and a letter in secret writing used in carrying out counterrevolu tionary activities.” NCNA said that the prison terms would date from the day of sentencing, but that the time already spent in “detention” would be deducted. Those sentenced to jail with Bishop Kung — all of whom were arrested in 1955 — are:. «• Fathers Mathias Chen Cheh- min, Matthew Chang Hsi-ping and Vincent Chu She-te, S.J. ■— each 20 years; Father Louis Chin Lu-hsien; S.J. — 18 years; Fathers Vincent Chu Hung- sheng, S.J., Gabriel Chen Tien- hsiang, S.J., Francis Tsai Chung- hsien, S.J., Aloysius Wang Jeh- sheng, S.J., and John Fu Ho- chou — 15 years; Father Joseph Chen Yun-tang, S.J., 12 years; Father Sylvester Chu Hsueh- fan, 10 years; Fathers John Li Shih-yu, S.J., and John Liu Chi-tse, 5 years. Gordon's "Magic-Pak" Potato Chips Are Better Because They Are FRESH! 25c Radio Station WiRD KC 860 On The Dial 330 Auburn Ave.. NE JA. 4-0666 — Atlanta, Ga. BALY TIRE CO. 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