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The Savannah bulletin. (Monroe, Ga.) 1958-1958, January 04, 1958, Image 10

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JANUARY 4, 1953. THE BULLETIN OF THE CATHOLIC LAYMEN’S ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA ELEVEN Continued Red Persecution — (Continued From Page Ten) es — all with the intent of luring people away from Rome and their lo3 7 alty to Christ’s Vicar. Twelve out of 19 Roman Catholic Bish ops. he wrote, have been interned. The Czechoslovak communist government repeatedly calls for stronger and more efficient edu cational methods to rid the na tion’s youth of “superstitious and reactionary religious principles.” Commenting on the condition of the Church in Czechoslovakia, L’Osservatore Romano. Vatican City daily, said that the Church is daily the victim of persecution, and despite Red claims of reli gious freedom, the Church renews the sacrifice of herself to Christ each day in that country. Communist government of ficials in East Germany have long carried on a struggle to alienate the youth of the region from their families and traditions. Every year, “youth initiation ceremonies” are publicized as the “progressive” approach to the “old” sacrament of Confirmation. Parents- are told with subtle threats that it would be better to have their children indoctrinated in the “pre-initiation” classes and allowed to go through the cere monies, than to participate in a religious confirmation ceremony. As part of their widespread and exhaustive campaign to win the youth of East Germany, the Reds have even placed well trained and loyal party members in kin dergartens. Thus the children’s minds are being formed in accord with communist doctrine from the very beginning of formal edu cation. The hours during which religious instruction can be given have been so drastically curtailed and surrounded with restrictions that it is virtually impossible for of course, is Cardinal Mindszenty, still in the refuge of the U. S. legation in Budapest. Red govern ment officials have said that if the Cardinal-Primate were to leave the legation he would be arrested and immediately brought to trial. Complaints from many parents about the lack of sufficient re ligious instruction for children has brought dubious action from the Hungarian government. Earl ier, it had been allowed that, on the request parents, children j might be given limited religious instructions in the schools, pro vided that the classes be held af- BOOK REVIEWS EDITED BY EILEEN HALL 3087 Old Jonesboro Road, Hapeville, Georgia Mr. John Delaney of Double day & Company said on a recent Catholic Hour broadcast that the “heavier” Image Books, such as the Summa Contra Gentiles have been equal in sales and demand with the “lighter” types such as Father Malachy’s Miracle. “Sur- I , , ,, , , , I prisingly,” he said, “St. Thomas Each issue of this Book Page whether these books: could _not, J Bru( e MarshallThis is confided to the patronage of j have been published as tull- Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, j length paper-back books at very with the hope that every read- j little more expense to publisher er and every contributor may i and reader. Karl Adam’s The Spi rit of Catholicism was published as a full-length paper-back and sold for 75c. In this series we be specially favored by her and her Divine Son. I THE ROOTS OF ¥hE REFOR- : have four chapters from Adams’ school hour,. Tho |“pof^'Lltok, o„ the latest move called for the mtio- CONFESSION Heenaiv THE rosary and confession, appealing duction of “ethics and morals £™ F f R %° N Wa * “he DEVIL, only to a C a t h o 1 i c audience, classes’ into schools where re- Farrell; Can ' terbu ry Books, Sheed mi S ht have such a small sale that this type of publishing would be is cheering news and indicates that Catholic books can find a market with the non-Catholic reader when they are good books. It also indicates that the Catholic reader may be interested in com plete books rather than these truncated editions. ligious instruction is not possi ble. It could hardly be surprising if the “ethics and morals” taught under the communist regime are not strictly atheistic and Marxist. Fortunately, the 36 members of. lssues and Ward, 75c each). (Reviewed by Flannery O’Connor) These five titles are the first necessary; but for books of in terest to a wider audience — books on the Reformation, mar- series called ri& Se, and the devil - one won- JU , Canterbury Books published by ders if lar S er * ales wou,d , not the former peace priests move- > & Ward The Series is make it possible for the complete ment. have all, with two notable i. , , , , , , ... - . designed for those who want a exceptions, submitted to their; b , , , ! rvinumnlolo rruatmpnr nt a Bishons. Fathers Richard Horvath and Miklos Bereztoczy both con tinue as members of the Hungari an parliament despite a Vatican decree last summer which for bade the participation of Hun garian priests in politics. The political situation in Po land and the agreements between the State and the Church there have created . the best situation for Catholics in any of the com-; cunist countries. more complete treatment of a subject than is possible in a pam phlet but who do not want to search for it among much else . . . in a full-length book.” Since these were all excellent books to begin j with, the selections from them I are naturally valuable, but the j question which comes to the re- I viewer’s mind is whether the edi- | tors think the Catholic reader is I too idiotic to read an index and find what interests him in a com- I books to be offered at the same or slightly higher price. > plete book; or if he is such a per- Although the government still son affairs that he has time impedes the formation of some ^ on jy f or selected aspects of a kinds of Church societies and re- < su jjj ect a second question is fuses recognition to some semi-1 ' naries operated by religious or- ] ders, the people are free to w°r- FOR ship, no bishops are in prison and : , relieion mav be taught in ^ ie ,RflR§« SOUHArj public schools. Despite protests from Catholic; SAVANNAH Funeral seiv- , members of parliament, the gov- j ices for Mrs. Jennie Rose Bouhan. masses of youngsters to receive S ernrnen t continues its censorship were held Dec. 9th at the Catbed- any. formal religious training at all. The religious situation in Hun gary is if anything worse than it Was last year, .despite some ob vious propaganda moves to make it appear otherwise on the part of the ■ government which was foisted on the Hungarian people by the Soviet Union when it smashed the people’s revolution in November, 1956. Early this December. Arch bishop Jozsef Groesz of Kalocsa, acting head of the Hungarian Hierarchy, was decorated by Hungarian President Istvan Dobi. On the other hand, Msgr. Egon Turcsanyi, former secretary of His Eminence Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty, Primate of Hungary, has been reported in a state of complete mental and physical col lapse in a Red prison. Msgr. Turc sanyi was arrested after the So viet intervention in Hungary last year and most recent reports stated that he was being tried for “looting government offices” during the revolt. The reports stated that 15 young Hungarian priests were also being tried with Msgr. Turcsanyi. The charge: dis tributing' the text of a papal message and other “inciting” leaf lets during the rebellion. In September, Bishops Bertalan Badalik, O.P., of Veszprem and Jozsef Petery of Vacz were de posed from fheir. Sees and banish ed to small villages. It is believed that four Hungarian Bishops are kept from the complete exercise of their functions. One of them, of the Catholic press as well as j ra ' °f St. John the Baptist, the press in general. ! Pallbearers were James P. “PAX", organization of the Houlihan, James J. Brennan. Ed- now - discredited “progressive ward T. Brennan, William Canty, Catholics,” is still in operation | Alex Reynolds and Jerry Du- and in effect controls Caritas. the lohery. Polish charities organization; Honorary pallbearers w e i e which was wrested from the John J. Bouhan, Joseph Winders, Church during the Stalinist hey- j Charles F. Powers, Hugh H. Gra- dav | dy, John M. Brennan, J. W. Lang, But His Eminence Stefan James Kraus, Joseph McDonoguh, Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of, W. F. Goette, Louis C. Mathews, Poland, who even before his Dr. J. E. Porter. Julian C. Halli- three-year detention by the Reds , San and Joseph D. Sheehan, dared not go to Rome for fear j - — he would be barred from return- j Battle P. Winters ing to his fatherland, has travel- c:_ i C - — — L ed to confer with Pope Pius and Services In Savannah returned home in triumph. And ! SAVANNAH — Funeral serv- the Cracow Catholic weekly j ces f 0 r Battie P. Winters were' which is known to reflect his j le i d December 23rd at the Ca thedral of St. John the Baptist. Mr. Winters, a native of Augus ta, had resided in Savannah for more than 70 years. Mr. Winters had executed many unusual feats with a pen which gained him recognition from Pope Pius XII, the late President views has had forthright praise for some of the advances made since Wladyslaw Gomulka took over the reins of the Polish gov ernment in October, 1956. “De fense of the October (revolution) is defense of reasonable compro mise,” the paper said recently in an editorial on the greater free- j Franklin D. Roosevelt and Gene- dom under Mr. Gomulka’s leader-. j. a j Douglas McArthur. s ^iP- _ i Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Such, then, is the condition of j G j ln q Butler, Jr., of Savannah: the Church in a tremendously j. sons, Joseph B. Winters ofi great part of the world. Though Savannah and Paul Win ters of | there are some areas where the persecution has slackenen off, persecution is still the bitter lot of millions of Christians. Tampa, Fla., and seven grand children. 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