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GEORGIA BULLETIN THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1963 p A GE 3 NOKTIILAST Deanery officers of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women are pictured above with the Archdiocesan President, Mrs. George J. Gunning, Seated, left to right: Mrs. James Cameron, of Dahlonega, Secretary; Mrs. Jesse Jackson of Gainesville, Deanery President;Mrs. Charles W'eiser of Athens, Treasurer; Mrs. Esther Hickok of Decatur, Vice President; Standing, left to right; Mrs. Gunnng, Archdiocesan President; Mrs. John Liptak of Athens, Vice President. Not pictured is Mrs. Charles Malik of Toccoa, Vice President. IN GAINESVILLE Northeast Deanery GAINES VILLI ...Thirty one ladies, representing seven par ishes of Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville, Toccoa and Dahlo nega met in Gainesville, last week for the purpose of organiz ing the Northeast Deanery of the Archdiocesan Council of Cat- Established holic Women. Mrs. Jesse Jackson, Vice President of the Archdiocesan Council and President of the Northeast Deanery welcomed the group following a prayer led by the Rev. R. Donald Kiernan, Pastor of St. Michael’s Church. THE SELECTION of tempor ary officers and the adoption of a constitution were the order of business with councel being given by Mrs. George J. Gun ning, Archdiocesan President and the Rev. Michael Manning, Archdiocesan Moderator. Deanery meetings were selected for the Wednesdays of Ember Week, four times a year with the next meeting on June 5th. at St. Thomas More Church, Decatur. Mrs. Esther Hickok of St. Thomas More, Decatur; and Mrs. Kay Liptak, and Mrs. Ch arles Malik of Toccoa of At hens were selected as Vice Pre sidents. Mrs. Charles W'eiser of Athens was named Treasurer and Mrs. James Cameron of Dahlonega was chosen as the Deanery Secretary. A buffet luncheon served by the ladies of St. Michel's par ish, Gainesville, concluded the morning meeting. 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Whatever he hoped to accom plish for the conversion of his native land would have to be done through prayer. Now Pope John XXIII has plucked Father John, as he Is known in religion, from the Cistercian life of silence and seclusion. The Pope is sending him back to Norway as Coad jutor Bishop of Oslo, with the right of succession. He is the first Cistercian of the Reform to be named a bishop in more than half a century. HOW DOES a Cistercian monk feel when he is takenfrom his monastery and brought into the administration of a large (bigger than Georgia) and busy diocese? "Sad," Bishop - elect Gran replied without hesitation. "I feel sad to leave the Re ligious life. But personal feel ings don’t really matter. The important thing is to follow the plan of Providence." FATHER JOHN spoke in his room at the motherhouse of the Cistercians of the Strict Ob servance, where he has been procurator since 1960. On his desk stood neat stacks of bus iness letters, along with two leather - bound prayer books. The whitewalled room, unclut tered and frugally furnished, gave a distinct sense of gene rous space, light and air de spite its restricted physical dimensions. (It seemed, in this, like a symbol of the Cistercian life.) In one corner was the traditional Cistercian "cell" for sleeping: the walls of the room enclosed it at the rear and on one side, and a low partition enclosed it on the other side. A curtain hung in front. Father John opened the in terview with a steady, penetrat ing gaze and the word: "Shoot." "Are you the first Norwegian Trappist?" "PLEASE don't call me a Trappist. The word is some what outmoded. We are Cist ercians of the Strict Obser vance or, especially in England, Reformed Cistercians. We owe much to the Trappist reform. We owe our survival to the community of La Trappe, which was able to keep its head above water during the French Revo lution. But in England, at least, we do not call ourselves Trap- pis ts. "lam far from being the first Norwegian Cistercian. Our country has a flourishing Cist ercian past. But 1 am the first Norwegian Cistercian since the Reformation. I am also the only one, unhappily." WHEN ASKED about his per sonal history, the coadjutor Bishop-elect of Oslo began with his entrance into the Cistercian novitiate at Caldey in December of 1949. He gave a barebones list of places, dates and occup ations. After his novitiate he studied for two years at the Abbey of Scourmont in Belgium. Then back to Caldey for more study. He was ordained at Caldey on May 21, 1957, by Bishop Joh annes Theodor Suhr, O. S. B. f of Copenhagen. He returned to Norway to sing his first High Mass in Oslo cathedral, In the presence of Bishop Jacques Mangers, S. M. Then came a year of teach ing theology at Caldey, and a year of theological studies In Rome (where he obtained a licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Angelicum). He had been teaching philosophy two weeks at Caldey when the Ab bot General of the Reformed Cistercians brought him to Rome a second time to be pro curator of the order's mother- house. "I have been here ever since," he concluded. HE SAID: "After the war 1 went to work in the movie industry as an assistant direct or. The last film I worked on, 'The Battle of Heavy Water’ had some success in Europe. It was a joint French-Norweg- ian production. "I returned to Norway to prepare myself for ecclesiast ical studies by bringing my Latin up to university level. Then 1 went to England to search for a monastery." Why to England? "It seemed the natural place to go. Norway was evangelized by England missioners. Much of its monastic life was of Eng lish foundation. I always had a great love for England. Before the war I spent two and a half years there at school. "I WASN’T thinking specifi cally of the Cistercians, just the Benedictine life in general. I had never even heard of Cal dey— I suppose you could say Providence led me there. Caldey, in the Bristol Chan nel between Wales and south west England, is one mile long by one mile wide. Its earliest monastic ruins date from the fifth century, and there are also remnants of Roman civilization and New Stone Age civilization. MONASTIC buildings on the island were despoiled during the Viking depredations and again during the Reformation. In the second half of the 19th century an Anglican parson who owned the island restored the Benedictine ruins and this re stored monastery was occup ied for a while by Anglicans who were attempting the form idable feat of reviving Bene dictine monasticism within the Anglican Church. These "White Benedictines’* of Caldey proceeded to build their own monastery in the romanticized Gothic style fav ored in the reign of Queen Victoria (and King Ludvig of Bavaria). Under Dorn Aelred Carlyle, they joined the Catho lic Church in 1913. 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THE release of the 76-year- old Primate of the Ukraine was announced in Moscow on Satur day, February 9. The Pope con firmed the news on Sunday morning as he was blessing the cornerstone of the new Lombard seminary in Rome. That same afternoon Archbishop Slipyi was in the Pope’s private chapel praying at the side of the Su preme Pontiff to whose office he had remained steadfastly lo yal through 18 years of suffer ing. Archbishop Slipyi arrived in Rome as news of his release be came known. The following af ternoon, Amleto Cardinal Cl- cognani, Papal Secretary of State, and Gustavo Cardinal Testa, Secretary of the Sacred Congregation for the Oriental Church, called at the Archbis hop’s quarters to accompany him to the private apartment of the Pope. The Pontiff and the three prelates went to the Pope’s chapel and said a pray er of thanksgiving for the Ar chbishop’s release. The Pope and Archbishop Slipyi then con versed alone for about an hour. THE Pope had spoken of the Ukrainian prelate’s release earlier in the day in the course of an audience in the Clemen tine Hall of the Vatican when he blessed the cornerstone for the Lombard seminary. He said: "Yesterday evening We re ceived from Eastern Europe a stirring consolation for which We humbly thank the Lord. We regard it as a part of the secret Providence of God which can prepare a new impulse of sin cere faith and of peaceful and fruitful apostolate for the holy Church and for honest souls. "Let us not distrub the my sterious design to which God calls all men to cooperate, ga thering the threads of a cloth which is woven with His grace and the ready cooperation of innocent, gentle and generous souls. You see the emotion and tenderness of the moment w hich is in Our heart, and you will excuse Us from the further ef fusions to which We are in clined.” ARCHBISHOP Slipyi’s meet ing with the Pope took place just one week short of his 71st birthday. A year earlier, the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of the free world had called on their people to observe a spe cial day of prayer for Arch bishop Slipyi on his 70th birth day. (The observance took place on February 18, 1962, the day after his birthday, as it was a Sunday.) The 14 bishops of four con tinents issued a joint pastoral letter recalling that Archbis hop Slipyi had been arrested by the Soviet regime on April 11, 1945, "together with all the other bishops of the Province of Halych". The arrest fol lowed the Soviet annexation of the western Ukraine, including Archbishop Slipyi’s See city of Lviv, which had been part of Poland since World War I. "WE DO not know in detail what trials and terrors Met ropolitan Slipyi has had to en dure," the Ukrainian Bishops of the free world said. "For many years nothing was heard of or from him. "About 10 years ago there was a rumor—most likely re leased by the Soviet regime it self —that he had died. But la ter this was learned tobefalse; and information came that he w as alive, had been sent to hard labor, yet maintained a spirit those suffering with him." of fortitude and even uplifted those suffering with him." Christ The King Holy Name Meet Gerard E. Sherry, editor of The Georgia Bulletin, made one of his "get-acquainted" spee ches at the February meeting of Christ the King Holy Name So ciety as the highlight of Na tional Catholic Press Month. Special guests on this oc casion were the Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts of the parish under the guidance of Dr. Ro bert McMartin, co-ordinator of scouting activities. More than 150 members of the society received commun ion, a new record, and presi dent Sam Aiola announced that his excellency, Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan would be the speak er at the March meeting. The pastoral stated that after Archbishop Slipyi had served his eight-year term, he was "tried again, in Moscow, then later in Kiev, where he was tried and sentenced anew for so-called crimes against the Muscovite government. "THE government demanded that he make a public break from the Holy See of Rome and trans fer his allegiance to Soviet Or thodoxy. In fact he was diaboli cally tempted. . .with various high positions, on condition that he merely reject his Catholic Church. "But neither tortures, a triple sentence, nor imprison ment have forced him to deny his Faith—an act which would very much please the Soviet regime." The Ukrainian Bishops in calling for an "ardent prayer crusade" on Archbishop Slip yi’s 70th birthday declared: "Let us bring to the atten tion of other nations the injus tice which is perpetrated in our native land and let us ask their participation in our prayer cru sade for God-given human rights for our Church and our nation. "LET OUR voice also be heard by the mighty nations of this world that often talk so much about the rights of man and liberty of nations, and hard ly any of them have the courage to stand up and defend those rights for our nation. "Let our voice also be heard by those that have put the chains of bondage on our people, so that they realize and do penance for their evils." JAMES Hedderman, Chairman of the Griffin area Lay Census volunteers, shown with Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan and Paul Smith, left, of Atlanta, a member of the Census General Com mittee. The previously postponed Griffin meeting took place last week. • PRINTING *7 # • LITHOGRAPHING’ RYBEBT/ r COMPANY TRinity Strpint Atlanta Sinet 1912 550 FORREST ROAD. N. E. ATLANTA. GEORGIA i iour ^lassmea Aa In The Georgia Bulletin Phone: 231-1281 A UUtlJ For All Your Banking Needs COBB EXCHANGE BANK 1311 ROSWELL ST. 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