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G: Or GLA BULLETIN THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1963 PAGI! 6 —■ THL FIRST COMMUNION class at St. Joseph's Home, Wash ington. Front row, left to right, Raymond Bussey, Michael Dickerson, Michael Rodrigues, Marc Parent, Reggie Jackson; second rcm, Henry Darby, Francisco Tamayo, Rev, Walter Mattiato, F.S.C.J., Eugene Dickerson, and Carl Parent. ECHOLS TRANSFER INC. Hauling & Moving Truck & Driver $3.50 Per Hour Tractor Trailor & Driver $4.50 Per Hour 370 Lee St., S.W. PL 3-2153 Atlanta SEE W.P. STEPHENS LUMBER COMPANY 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MARIETTA - AUSTELL ROSWELL AND SMYRNA AUSTRIAN CARDINAL SAYS Decentralization A Major Council Issue The following is one of num ber of special articles the N.C. W.C. News Service plans to pro vide in which an assessment of the Second Vatican Council will be sought from leading partici pants. By Claude de L’Orme (N.C.W.C. NEWS SERVICE) VIENNA, - - - Decentra lization within the Church will be a major issue in the second session of the Second Vatican Council, Austria’s Cardinal said here. Franziskus Cardinal Koenig, Archbishop of Vienna, said that although the matter was not di rectly discussed in the first "session, it "appears likely" that episcopal conferences and regional assemblies of bishops will be accorded "greater scope and importance in the future". THE CARDINAL served on the Central Preparatory Com mission for the council and then was elected to the council’s JUHAN'S CLEANERS Expert - Pereonallzed Service Given to Every Garment Comln* Into Our Plant US N. Main St. PO. 1-4104 Collets Park. Oa. "Buy Your Slax From Max” MAX METZEL. Owner MAX'S MEN'S SHOPS 9404 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Chamhlee Plaza Shopping Center Phone 451-1911 975 Peachtree. N.E. Phone TR 4-99S2 — At 10th St. CAHTLKHKHRV'M HOME STORE, INC. (hamblet, Georgia 3E Appliances - TV • Stereo Zenith TV - Stereo Brand Name Furniture Floor Coverings Lamps and Accessories CAS Charge Account Service Pereonallzed Payment Plane Free Store Side Parking Money Order* Collection Agency for All rtllltlee Of (Ire: GLendale 7-0218 Doctrinal Commissionfor Faith and Morals, headed by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani. He was cho sen as a member of the special commission named to recast the controversial project on the sources of Revelation. He shared his impressions of the council’s first session in a special interview conducted in his episcopal residence. The Cardinal, who described himself as gratified with results up to now, gave special Impor tance to the council's prepara tory work and said "fruits will be reaped" from this in the session beginning in September. HIGHLIGHTS of the Cardi nal's interview were his be liefs that some steps will be taken to rearrange available clergy in the world, to experi ment with married lay deacons, to discuss fully the question of freedom of conscience of indi viduals and to delve deeply In to the lay apostolate, a topic he said has one of the "most comprehensive " prepared schemata. On the possibility of efforts to arrange for greater distri bution of the available clergy throughout the world, the Car dinal believes action may come on two levels. He said it could come as a result of direct contacts be tween bishops and in the form of an appeal of the council, urging cooperation between bis hops with many priests and those facing a shortage. "IT IS, of course", he said, "possible that the council may take even stronger action, but at this point it seems likely that the form of a specific appeal will be deemed suffi cient to stimulate such neces sary transfer of clergy. In former years, some work al ready has been done in this field." The Cardinal pointed to a cir cular letter sent by Bishop Emile De Smet of Gruges, Bel gium, to his priests. The Bis hop, he related, told of his conversations with mission bis hops who need priests and ask ed Bruges priests to volunteer for service in such areas. On possible use of married men as deacons in mission countries and other priest- short areas, the Cardinal said this will be dealt with in the next session. HOWEVER, he said, when this proposal came up during prepa ratory work it met with divided opinions. LESS CRITICAL DENVER -NC- The Second Vatican Council apparently has diminished the once flambou- yant zest of antl-Catholic tir ades of Protestants and Other Americans United for Separat ion of Church and State (POAU) meetings. This was evident at a recent two - day POAU get - together here when the organization Cit izens for Educational Freedom came in for more criticism than the Catholic Church. DR. STANLEY I. Stuber, a Baptist, who is executive di rector of the Missouri Council of Churches, was billed as one of the chief speakers on the subject "The Pope’s Ecumen ical Council." He was an ob server at the council sessions. "I never felt embarrassed for a single moment," Dr. Stu ber said. "I thought I would be. But there was a real desire on the part of the Roman Catho lic bishops to make us feel at ease. There was no strategy, To his surprise, the Cardi nal related, several bishops from mission countries were against the idea, "mostly, they claimed, for practical and bud getary reasons, the matter of paying lay deacons." Mission bishops who opposed the proposal said such an item on their already tight budget was difficult to justify, "all the more since lay catechism teachers already performed to general satisfaction some of the functions envisaged for the lay deacons," he said. Of POAU no insincerity in their friend ship." Dr. Stuber said, "to put it mildly," he was "pleased and impressed by the kind of treat ment" he received and he gain ed "a much better and fairer understanding of how the Roman Catholic Church operates." EVEN Glenn Archer, POAU executive secretary, who has delivered a number of anti- Catholic tirades at past POAU meetings, appeared to have mellowed. He said: "Pope John XXIII is trying to resurrect Christian love from the tomb of institutionalism where it has been too long buried." St. Joseph Dine The Altar Society of St. Jo seph’s Maronite Catholic Church will serve a Fried Chic ken dinner Sunday, February 17th from 1:00 p.m. to5;00p.m. In the Social Hall of the Church at 502 Seminale Ave, N.E. All are cordially invited to attend. ON THE other hand, he ad ded, there would be "many voices" in favor of such a pro ject—"at least on an experi mental basis in special terri tories." Asked if the council will de fine more accurately and clear ly the matter of full freedom of conscience for all individuals, the Cardinal responded that the key to discussion of this will be "national attitudes and the specific situation prevailing in the individual countries." "It will not be easy to ar rive at uniform formulations in this matter", he said. "The question itsetf, however, can not be sidestepped". CARDINAL Koenig said he felt the council will have to make a "major effort" to find "widely acceptable solutions" to this "crucial matter." He expressed the hope that the council will succeed In com ing to decisions "which would do away with all existing mis conceptions," but at the same time will not lead to any com promise with the body of Ca tholic doctrine. On stimulation of the lay apostolate, the Cardinal thought that although this was touched upon during the first session, it would be "an important point" on the agenda of the September assembly. "One of the most comprehensive schemata pre pared is the one dealing with the question of the lay aposto late", he said. CARDINAL Koenig was asked if he anticipated steps to clari fy the role of secular institutes within the Church. He said this question would come up in the context of dis cussions of religious orders and the relations between these or ders and the bishops of the dio ceses in which they are located. He predicted that the council is unlikely to set down any de finite rule for secular institutes, but might offer such guidelines which would be subject to the interpretive work of commis sions engaged in application of council decisions. He said he did not anticipate direct legis lative action by the council. ASKED for comment on an as pect of the council of particular interest to Austria, the Cardi nal stressed that matters before the council are international in scope and he does not like to speak of "specifically Aus trian" questions. But, he said the Church in Austria has drawn satisfaction from the apparent acceptance by Council Fathers of some ideas and suggestions for the liturgy explored originally by Father Pius Parsch, O.S.B., and his liturgical movement at Klosterneuburg, near Vienna. The Klosterneuburg school, he said, has begun to bear fruit for the Church throughout the world. St. Mary's Rome Altar Society The February meeting of St. Mary’s Altar Society Rome was held last week at the Rectory with Mrs. B. W. Willis, presi dent, presiding. Miss Janie Fahy reported that 165 cancer pads had been made by the ladles of the Altar So ciety during the past month. The group voted to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for use in the church. Following the meeting a lunch and social hour was held. The hostesses were Mrs, Stanley Wojeck and Mrs. Louis Curry. Vatican Council Took Steam Out Cancer Home Benefit Knights Pick the Court of Their Mardi Gras Queen OUF EN JOSEPHINE and her sons Gene and Fred. Selected by Atlanta Council #660, the queen is the wife of William M. Sherwood, past grand knight of Atlanta Council #660. Father Thomas J. O’Reilly Council. Maids and Dukes. (1 to r) Bea Miner, Thomas J. Costello, Betty L.nch, Charles L. Vann House, Sr. The four metropolitan area coun cils of the Knights of Columbus have selected their maids and dukes for the court of their Mardi Gras queen. The accompanying photos pre • sent the queen and her court. The king, to be chosen by the Immacu late Heart of Mary Council, will be announced at the Mardi Gras. With Our Lady of Perpetual Help Free Cancer Home benefitting, the 6th Annual Metropolitan Knights of Columbus Charity Mardi Gras Ball will be held at the Dinkier Plaza on Saturday, February 23 at 9:00 p.m. With dance music by Paul Hay- nie and his orchestra, the even ing’s program will consist of dan cing, the Mardi Gras Pageant, cos tume judging, and presentation of awards for best interpretation of the Mardi Gras theme, “Out of This World.” Tickets, available through mem bers of the Knights of Columbus upon an advance sale basis only, are $10.00 per couple. Reservations may be made by calling: William Coyle (636--9237) Mark Lunday (DI 4-4849) Shirley Vick (ME 6-3857) Fred Spears (HE 5-9545) Immaculate Heart at Mary Council. Dukes ahd Maids. (1 tor)EvelynMaddock, JohnL.MaddfCk, Emma Lee Romano, Ladd Vuchetich St. Joseph Council. Maids and Dukes. (1 to r) Robert F. Coheleach, (seated) Sarah Spears, Joan Clark, Carl K. Schraut. Atlanta Council 660. Maids and Ckikes. (1 to r) Donald A. Wallace, Nancy Eaton, James J. Cronin, Mary Ann Simon (Seated).