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PAGE 6 GEORGIA BULLETIN THURSDAY, AUGUST I, 1963 Ann Elizabeth Bell Engagement Told Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Bell of Atlanta announce the engagement of their daughter, Ann Elizabeth, to Jean Francis Bodine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Bodine of San Jose, California. The future bride is an honor graduate of Wesleyan College at Macon, Georgia, and received her Master of Arts degreefrom George Peabody College, Nash ville, Tennessee, She is pre sently employed as an ele mentary school teacher in San Jose, California. Mr. Bodine received his Bachelor of Electrical En gineering and Master of Elec trical Engineering degrees from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California. He is employed as an engineer with Varian Associates in Palo Alto, California. The wedding will be an event of August 3 at Saint Thomas More Catholic Church, Decatur, Georgia. After a wedding trip through the West, the couple will make their home in San Jose, California. Catholic Women Back Rights Bill Denise Spickerman Weds L. S. Shepherd Denise Spickerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Spick- errnart, became the bride of Lester Shivers Shepherd, son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Shepherd, Satuday afternoon, July 27, at the Cathedral of Christ the King. Father Burtonshaw of- ficated. The bride was given in marriage by her father. Susan Spicker man was her sister's maid of honor, and Mrs. Marianne Truemper was the matron of honor. Bridal attendants were Mary Ellen Brown of Nashville, Tenn.; Judy Killmeyer; Dottie Shepherd, sister of the bridegroom; Patricia Weldon, and Kathi Wilbanks. Mrs. E. B. Murphy kept the bride’s book. James M. Shepherd Jr. was his brother's best man. Grooms men were Charles Benedict, John Candler Jr., Michael Curran, Warren Hall, Marvin Michell, Gene Morris, John Spickerman Jr., brother of the bride, and William Sterne. The reception w as given by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Katz at their home on Tuxedo Road. Upon returning from their honeymoon to Sea Island, Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd will live in Atlanta. WASHINGTON, (NC)--Mrs. Joseph McCarty, president of the National Council of Catho lic Women, has endorsed Pre sident Kennedy’s civil rights program. Catholic women," she we express our urgent NELSON RIVES REALTY INC. 3669 CLAIRMONT ROAD CHAM6LEE, GEORGIA REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, SALES, RENTALS, RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY PHONE: 451-2323 Heat Griddle When making pancakes, heat the griddle while mixing the batter. To test, sprinkle on drops of water. If bubbles "skit ter" around, the heat is right. "As said, 1 moral concern for the racial crisis in our country and pledge to support the President's civil rights program and to continue to cooperate and work with all women of good will to secure justice for all Americans." MRS. McCarthy made this statement after she and other NCCW officials took part in a White House meeting (July 9) of some 300 leaders of women's groups with President Kennedy. The participants represented some 100 organizations of wo men with 50 million members. The NCCW president said that during the conference Mr. Kennedy asked the women to work through their organiza tions to implement a five-point program. She said he urged them to: 1) Work to stop school drop outs and get "all educable chil dren” back into school, 2) Take part in "biracial and human relations conferences" and "establish contacts with re sponsible members of the Negro community.” 3) Establish leadership train- Vi Gallon of SWEET CREAM In every pound of LAND O’ LAKES Sweet Cream Butter Tibbets 9 Wagnon Lagrange Vows LaGRANGE - Sharon Smith Wagnon, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Tyler S. Wagnon, became the bride of Paul Warfield Tib- bets III, son of Brig. Gen. Paul Warfield Tibbets, Jr. of Wash ington, D. C., and Mrs. Win gate Tibbets of Montgomery, Ala., July 14 at St. Peter's Catholic Church. Rev. Leonard F.X. Mayhew officiated. FRED A. YORK PEST CONTROL SERVICE Out Slogan — Nearly Right Won't Do Our Service — Always Guaranteed Our Products On Sale At Officii CALL FOR FREE TM State St., N. W INSPECTION OR INFORMATION Phone TR. S*37$ Atlanta, O*. The bride was given in mar riage by her father. Barbara Chambers was maid of honor Bridal attendants were Mrs. Don Sherwood of Atlanta, Jo anne Levi and Susanna Majure of Gadsden, Ala. Elizabeth Strumberg of Atlanta, cousin of the bride, was flower girl. Brig. Gen. Tibbetts was his son’s best man. Usher-grooms men were Gene Wingate Tib bets, brother of the bridegroom, W. Myrick Allen and Shannon Holloway, all of Montgomery. Mr. and Mrs. Tibbets live in Montgomery. will THEATRE UNDER THE STARS PRESENTS YAU SHAN FUNG • DON DRIVER YIN SUN in RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN’S FLO ive d DRSJtA SONG OPENS 8:30 TOMORROW THERE’S A BOX OFFICE NEAR Downtown: Rich'* Weitnrvne, Fulton Federal Sawingi k loan, Gootg.on Terrace Hotol. Suburban: Rich « tonex Squore, Decatur F*d*roi Saving! i, loan. Fulton Fodorol Savings & lean (luck- t-tadi. Tompfoman Appliances, Inc (Roswell at Power! Ferry), Top Value Redemption Star!! (lucliheud, Belvedere), Cobb l»* •bongo lank (Marietta), end First Federal Savings & loan •East Po nt, Sandy Springs, Piedmont at Cheshire Bridge). Cbasfoin Pork (After 7 p.m.) WEfKNIGHTS $1-3 SO. «OX SCATS, $3 WEEKENDS $1.50-3.00. BOX SCATS, $3.50 ing courses for women. 4) Support the administra tion’s civil right legislative program, especially the effort to obtain a public accommoda tions law which would bar seg regation in hotels, stores and other public places. 5) "Throw open the member ship of all women’s organiza tions to all races.” FOLLOWING the conference with the President the women's leaders met together and adopt ed a resolution pledging to work to "create public understanding of our moral responsibilities and to implement the Presi dent’s civil rights program.” Mildred McAfee Horton, war time head of the WAVES, was named chairman of a newly formed National Committee for Civil Rights, with Patricia Ro berts Harris, associate dean of students at Howard University here, as cochairman. Mrs. McCarthy pointed to the Catholic women's council’s 1963 leadership institute pro gram on race relations — "Challenge to Justice and Love"—as an example of the federation's concern for racial justice. p i# MRS. J. L. TOWNSEND, center, DeKalb County Volunteer Coordinator for Red Cross, looks over recruitment plans with Mrs. Dan Byrd, Jr., left, Volunteer Chairman, Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter American Red Cross, and Mrs. S. G. Stukes. Archdiocesan Women Set September Meet Mrs. James L. Townsend, DeKalb County coordinator of volun teers and Mrs. S. G. Stukes, Decatur, coordinator of volunteers for Gwinnett County, met with Mrs. Dan Byrd, Jr., new chairman of volunteers for the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter, American Red Cross to discuss plans for the August 14th kickoff of volunteer recruitment in the five county area. Mrs. Townsend stated that "with the tremendous growth in DeKalb County, it is extre mely important that our resi dents know about the services being offered to our people’ through Red Cross programs. Just this year we have expand- Fluff In Dryer When your ironing board pads become matted and flattened use the automatic dryer to fluff and give them new life. Tumble the pads on "no heat” for five or 10 minutes and see the dif ference. Flower Drum Song 4 Great’ Theater Under The Stars fourth great production this summer Is Rodgers and Ham- merstein's "Flower Drum Song", running thru Sunday, August 4. This colorful musi cal about life in San Francis co's Chinatown packed houses for 602 performances during its 17 month run on Broadway. "Flower Drum Song" is the story of a young man of Chinese parentage who is fascinated with American ideas. His father, a traditional Chinese, arranges a marriage for him with a mod est "picture bride” from Hong Kong. But he is infatuated with a Chinese-American trollop who sings and strips in a nightclub and almost drt*gs him to the altar. "Flower Drum Song" is a musical that employs the finest of dancers as well as exception al vocal ability. The ballet which opens the second act is a subtle synopsis of the show done in dancing pantomime. The part of Mei Li is danced by Virginia Rich Barnett who has danced with Sadler Wells and the New York City Ballet. Mrs. Barnett is now the director and princi pal dancer of the Atlanta Civic Ballet. Her partner, Carl Rat cliff, dances the role of Wang Ta. Rain-Soaked Soil Needs Balanced Diet BY SUSAN HAAG It needs fertilizers, a subject I shall review here. From the looks of the nurseries, feed stores and supermarkets, one would think these are the only days when one is supposed to fertilize. 1 agree that in December one is not so apt to think of fertilizing the soil he plants but that important business really should be a year-’round operation. To maintain the life of your soil, its diet has to be well-balanc ed all the time. You can’t expect to give soil a shot in the arm in Spring and have it live on this injection for the rest of the year. • ** IF YOU OWN and use a Soil Testing Kit, you will know how soil nutrients vary from season to season and that it is only sensible to keep tabs on the condition of your soil throughout the entire year. By doing that, you keep your hand on the pulse beat of your soil and you guard its health. As readers must know, I do not believe in using poisonous sprays. It is time I also restate that I am also against using ar- tifical fertilizers. With those who think differently, I will not grind an axe. Let's just be thankful that we can 4jpve different opinions and feel free to air them. I write about a Neutral Form of Gardening, using natural forms of Insect control and natural forms of fertilizing. So, let’s discuss fertilizers: IF YOU ARE ACCUSTOMED to using artifical fertilizers you are used to thinking in terms of special proportions, such as 6-8-6, 5-10-10 or 4-8-4. Such formulas are merely a simple way of showing how much nitrogen, phosphorus and potash is in the fertilizer you are buying. For example, in the combination 6-8-6, six per cent is nitrogen, eight per cent is phosphorus and six percent is potash. A great deal of emphasis is put on these formulas known as the NPK rating. It is sensible, to an extent, as these elements do make up the plant nutrients and are vital to plant growth. But what if you do not want to use a chemical ferti lizer? Now this is important as a great many people are becoming Interested in the Natural form of gardening and yet are not able to understand how they go about switching. It seems easier to go out and buy a bag of fertilizer that has all the necessary stuff in it and forget about where it comes from and how it is made. But wait a minute. This confusion is unnecessary. The natural method of soil building is simple and it is almost impossible for you to go wrong. Neiner, Maguire Are Engaged Mr. and Mrs. Gene J. Neiner of College Park announce the engagement of their daughter, Yvonne Sarah Neiner, to Lt. Maurice Joseph Maguire Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Maguire, Sr. Miss Neiner was graduated from Emory University, where she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, scholastic honorary, and presi dent of the Newman Club. The bride-elect was also vice- chairman of the southeastern province of the National New man Club Federation. Lt. Maguire was graduated from Georgia Tech, where he was treasurer of the Newman Club, and a member of Scab bard and Blade, Arnole Air So ciety, and the Bulldog Club. The bridegroom-elect has served as the chairman of the southeastern province of the National Newman Club Federa tion. He has been elected Out standing Catholic of the Year 1962 by the Southeastern Pro vince of the National Newman Club Federation. Elected to the John Henry Cardinal Newman Honor Society and presently he is up as a nominee as the Out standing Province Chairman in the Nation. He is presently stationed at McGuire Air Force Base, N. J. ed our volunteer programs and are going to have to reach new sources of potential volunteers to keep up-with the programs. There are opportunities for serving in so many different ways. Gray Ladies in hospi tals, at the DeKalb Juvenile Home, at the convalescent Cen ter, working with the young, the old, teaching swimming, first aid, nursing and other pro grams. There's a place in the Red Cross volunteer program for anyone who cares to help others.” She also added that the re quirements for volunteers for this coming fall are being care fully studied and will be made known during the recruitment campaign for volunteers. Orientation classes are be ing scheduled for the early fall, immediately following volun teer enlistment. Protestants Make Visit A group of forty five teen agers and adults of the Metho dist Churches in Boynton and Rock Springs visited St. Ger ard's Church in Fort Oglethor- per on Tuesday evening, July 23rd. The group was given a tour of the Church and a dis cussion period followed. The Methodist group was accompan ied by their ministers, the Rev. Chas. Handley of Boynton and the Rev. Thomas Landford of Rock Springs. Father Lawrence Murphy, C. SS.R., Pastor of St. Gerard’s, conducted the tour of the church and discussion period. The St. Gerard Youth Club will return the visit in the fall. NEW ARRIVALS r~ 0( 7U K/eet, CREOLE FRANKS 1 i/2 lb. of frankfurters 1 can tomato sauce, 8 oz. 1/4 cup chopped bell pepper 1/4 cup chopped onions 1/2 cup pineapple tidbits 1/8 teaspoon chili powder 1/4 teaspoon prepared mustard Score the franks diagonally at about an inch and a half intervals, barbecue over charcoal, turning frequently. Combine the sauce with the cooked franks, top with a few onion rings and serve. For dessert team this with cantaloupe balls served in a scooped- out honeydew melon container. Use toothpicks with a thin line slice as a garnish for each cantaloupe ball. Mr. and Mrs. George Schmich (Mary Ellen Findlay) 2315 Cresta Drive Girl born July 27, 1963 St. Thomas More Parish Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sullivan (Mercedes Carrion) 539 Dan Lane N. E. Boy bom July 28, 1963 Christ the King Parish Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bumbarger (Dolores Norton) 152 Oakdale Drive Girl born July 22, 1963 St. John the Evangelist Parish Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lanthier (Patricia Ann Hurley) 1744 Harts Mill Road Boy bom July 23, 1963 Our Lady of Assumption Parish Mr. and Mrs. J. Cain (Donna Marie Jenkin) 4385 Hanes Drive Girl bom July 24, 1963 St. Thomas More Parish Mr. and Mrs. Carl Franzman (Virginia Ann Funk) 6680 Williamson thrive N. E. Girl bom July 25, 1963 St. Jude the Apostle Parish Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Stanford (Anna Wulf) 380 Atwood Street S. W. Girl bom July 28, 1963 St. Anthony's Parish ACCW Set Convention Initial plans for the seventh annual meeting of the Atlanta Archdiocesan Council of Catho lic Women it was announced this week. The meeting this year will be held Saturday, September 7th at The Dinkier Plaza Hotel with approximately 200 mem bers of affiliated organizations of Catholic women within the Archdiocese expected to attend. His Excellency, Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan will celebrate a dialogue mass at Sacred Heart Church on the morning of the appointed day, and will address the group at this time. Preliminary plans call for registration to begin at 1:00 p.m. at the hotel. This will be followed by workshops, a busi ness meeting and dinner. Mrs. Gunning has announced that Monsignor John C. Knott of Washington, D. C. will be the featured speaker at the dinner. Monsignor Knott is with the Family Life Bureau of the Na tional Catholic Welfare Confer ence. Serving as committee chair men for the function are Mrs. Lewis Chapman, general chair man; Mrs. George Gussman, hospitality chairman; Mrs. Robert Kenned)-, program chairman; Mrs. Violet Smith, registration chairman; Mrs. John P. Kinkela, credentials chairman; and Mrs. Ferdinand Buckley, Publicity chairman. ' mm ■■m The wedding will be Aug. 17 at Sacred Heart Church of At lanta. Miss Miles, P.F. Doherty Engagement Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Power of Williamston, S. C. announce the engagement of her daughter, Bonnie Lynn Miles, to Peter F. Doherty, son or Mr. and Mrs. William E. Doherty of Atlanta. The bride - elect attended school in Greenville, S. C., and is employed by the Citizens and Southern Bank. The bridegroom - elect at tends Georgia State College and is employed in the engineering dept at Western Electric. The wedding will be August 31st at St. Thomas More Church. Titus- Bartello Mr. and Mrs. William Hop kins Titus of Lithonia announ ce the engagement of their daughter, Eleanor Anne Titus, to Alonzo Daniel Bartello Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Daniel Bartello of Centralia, Ill. The bride-elect is a graduate of Lithonia High School. Mr. Bartello attends Southern Illinois University. The wedding will be held at St. Thomas More Church on August 24 th. COGGINS SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE FAMILY 46 W. PARK SQ. MARIETTA, GEORGIA PHONE 428-681 i Plan Your Garden Club Program Early Register Now For Lectures Subjects IMPROVING YOUR SOIL COMPOST AND MULCHES BENEFICAL INSECTS WONDERS OF THE EARTHWORM NATURAL GARDENING CONCEPT Coll: Susan Haag At: ME 4-0133 Fee: $10.00