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The Southern Israelite. (Augusta, Ga.) 1925-1986, May 18, 1929, Image 9

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Tite Southern Israelite Page 9 [-holders. In the nation’s business ’ has achieved signal recognition, 'ailed by President Wilson during the L he gave of himself freely to the u , e 0 f his country during the war. And again, if he had been so inclined, \ v {l)( j a y would be sitting as a member .f president Hoover’s Cabinet. It lV0 uid take pages to describe the myr- | activities of Julius Rosenwald and 0 indicate the scope of his philanthro- lle is a Jew of whom the Jews L av well feel proud. He is a citizen .h , is a credit to the nation. I know f n) , one who more richly deserves th. honor contained in the award of he Ciottheil Medal. uel surely is, will be satisfied with the appointment of a Jew. But I doubt it very much. I should be glad to see Mr. Ottinger Ambassador to Italy, for then it might be the begin ning of the removal of the ban to other important posts. However, I am from Missouri. MENNEN AND LEFKOFF WEDDING I note with interest that the writer f that very interesting column called i hat from the Capital,” Hillel, the observer, suggests that Albert Ot- trarer, the defeated candidate for Governor of New York, may be ap- nted Ambassador to Rome. Re- htly I had occasion to point out that • only two countries where diplo mats of the Jewish faith were wel- ine as Ministers were Persia and Turkey. Efforts have been made to name Jews to Austria, but failed. It may be that Italy having such a 1 road-minded monarch as King Eman IIow the mighty have fallen! Last year the press of the nation was en gaged in making Andy Cohen the Jewish ball player a hero because he was a Jew. I was surprised that Con gress did not take cognizance of such a rare bird. What we didn’t hear about the virtues of Jewis athletes! Given an equal amount of mechanical ability a Jewish ball player with the proverb ial Jewish intellect would rule the dia mond. It made me rather impatient, all this fulsome flattery and fol-de-rol as if to be a Jew and a ball player of first rank made one a sort of super man. But I feai'ed for Andy. I had a hunch that his star would become dimmed — he started on a pedestal, which in this country is a very pre carious place to start from. For when you fall you fall—and how! So Andy is paying the price of hero wor ship. It wasn’t his fault, of course. He was just too good. Of cordial interest to many friends throughout the South is the marriage of Miss Rose Edith Mennen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Mennen of Chatta nooga, Tennessee, to Mr. Wolfe Kay LefkofF of Knoxville, Tennessee, for mally of Atlanta, Georgia, which was solemnized in Chattanooga, Sunday, April 28th, at the Julius and Bertha Ochs Memorial Temple, Rabbi Samuel R. Shillman officiating. Mrs. LefkofT is a member of the younger set in Chattanooga, where she graduated from high school, and later attended Peabody College at Nash ville. Mr. LefkofT is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles LefkofT of Atlanta. He is a graduate of the 1920 class of Boys’ High School and the 1924 class of the Georgia School of Technology, and is a member of the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. LefkofT left for New York, where they sailed May 4th on the Leviathan for an extended tour abroad. After August they will be at home to their friends in Knoxville. JEWISH PERSONALITIES (Continued from Page 3) it was of their spontaneous initiation that the Zionists did this. The personality of Dr. W T ise means one clear thing for the future. The Jews will be lost to Judaism by marri age and other social alienation is a certainty. But that Judaism has any thing to fear from such attrition, is unthinkable. Within itself, there is the abundance of cohesive energy which will perpetuate for all time a race, unique in ethnology. What we have here is not tradition merely or belief but being—fatherhood, motherhood, childhood—those essences of race which preceded even the tabernacle, even the prophets, even the Messianic hopes. Be it temple or be it tent— makes no difference to the children of Abraham on the one hand who lived in a tent and of Ezra on the other who built a temple. There is here a destiny, inexplicable and inev itable, and a thousand years hence, the blood which Rabbi .Wise claims from the prophets will be flowing still in the veins of countless others, related to him, by the same hereditary dy nasty of spirtual and racial predesti nation. Copyright 1929 by the Jewish Tele graphic Agency, Inc. 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