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The Southern Israelite. (Augusta, Ga.) 1925-1986, October 04, 1929, Image 11

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The Southern Israelite Page 11 Jewish Communal-Solidarity By ARMAND WYLE Superintendent Hebrew Orphans Home, Atlanta, Ga. v. a newcomer to your Community I feel honored in being asked to con fute to your growingly important medium for the promotion of under standing. cooperation and solidarity among all phases of Atlanta Jewry. That the terrible holocaust m Pales- nne has resulted in a common revul sion "f feeling is beyond doubt; that our heritage united us on previous oc- asions when persecution, starvation and prejudice overtook the blood of llUr Mood is also evidenced in the mil lions of dollars that have been sent foreign lands for their relief. How- eVt ,r, just as charity is said to begin at home, so should Jewish communal problems find a cooperative solution thru Jews of all shades of religious, economic or social standing, whether these problems be those affecting the must recent immigration, those who , ; t me in the middle of the last century , those who settled here before or , )P after the American Revolution. Sephardim and Ashkenasim—those f r ,im Middle, Eastern or South East ern Europe, all have a common ances try. heritage and mission. They have the same Torch to hand down to pos terity even as our forefathers have Kept it lighted and passed it unto us f today. There should be no quarrel amongst us as to the fuel or method of this common purpose; whether the oil of “traditional” Judaism, the pe trol of Conservatism or electricity of Liberal Judaism. The hostility of European nations is fast disappearing under the light of better understanding and common aims. With so fundamental differen ces in race and tradition showing the way, why should we preserve the dis trust and contemp so often symbolized in the expressions, “Deutsche Ya- huda,” "Polach,” "Goy,” “Kike” and others as approbrious when expressed with scorn and contumely? The Zion ist and Non-Zionist have come togeth er for the Agency for Palestine. Why should Jewish Education, so vital to the future of our race and traditions suffer because we cannot “get togeth er" on it? Why should the poor be neglected or inadequately helped be cause one faction prefers to give from ’•tie heart, and another from the head 0 The youth of our community needs a piaoe where decent recreation can be pro\ided under the guidance of train ed workers; fair play, athletics, dra matics, debates, and other cultural activities should be directed in accord ance with wholesome American and Jewish tendencies, since the terms do not conflict. The widow and the orphan should be the concern of all, whether the millionaire or the workman and the original point of debarcation of American Jewish citizens should have no bearing on the question whether he be benefactor or beneficiary. All this will be readily granted in theory, no doubt; but it is the practi cal application of these theories that means a real New Year for Atlanta Jewry and Atlanta communal agencies and institutions. These common objec tives must be perserved whether the individual prays with or without a Talith and a hat; whether his son is bar mitzva or confirmed. There will, of course, be those who on side have discarded all religious formulae or even disown their Jewish origin; all wings of Judaism have their losses in this regard. There will be those who cannot find any common ground with such Jews who do not adhere to the last injunction of the Shulchan Arach. But with the coming of the Peace for which all nations and even their statesmen seem to be striving it would appear deplorable and much to the dis advantage of all people of Jewish or igin, whose tradition is the very apo theosis of Peace, if dissension and sus picion amongst us should prevent our getting together and fulfilling the ob ligations in our immediate vicinities that have been with us ever since Governor Peter Stuyvesant permitted the first Jews to enter New Amster dam in the 17th Century on condition that none should become objects of charity. Our own Community Chest will ap peal to you this month for the support of your Jewish Charities. Give so that there will be no question in the minds of anyone, particularly in our own minds, that we contribute less than our agencies benefit from this central or ganization for relief of the unfortun ate of this county. Support your Rab bis and his Trustees in their program for the preservation of Judaism in our city. Follow your contribution with personal service to those less fortun ate than you and in order that this service be most far-reaching, allow yourself to be directed by those who have been trained professionally whether in the Temple, Synagog, Com munity Center or Hospital. Judaism is a way of life founded on the faith that is within us. Then let this faith extend to our fellow Jews of all stations, all walks, all antecedents. Thus will you fulfill your obligations to yourself, your country, your peo ple and your religion and cause each recurring New Year to be a happier one than that which preceded it. WISE SEES HOOVER, STIMSON AND HOWARD Washington, D. C. (J. T. A.)—Dr. Stephen S. Wise was received by President Hoover on Monday after- oon and discussed with him the Pal atine situation. Dr. Wise thanke 1 resident for his message to the Square Garden mass meetix the Palestine events. Dr. Wise en erred with Secretary of r;’ m f n , and Sir Esme Howard, ^Ambassador at Washington. ir * se was * n Washington t alestine relief mass me< JEWISH STUDENTS IN POLAND HOLD CONFERENCE Warsaw (J. T. A.)—A conference of Jewish students, citizens of Poland, who pursue their studies in foreign universities, was just concluded here. The conference adopted resolutions asking for greater facilities in the issurance of passports, urging the ex tension of the Hebrew University un dergraduate work, greeting Palestine as Jewish center and condemning the attitude toward the Palestine events taken by the Communist Yiddish pa pers. The conference also protested against the persecution of the Hebrew language in Soviet Russia. Start the New Year Right — by Consulting a Fashion Specialist This is an age of specialization, in Fashion as in everything else. So it would be a wise resolution to consult a Specialist at the beginning of the New Year in regards to your new Fall and winter clothes. 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