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The Southern Israelite. (Augusta, Ga.) 1925-1986, November 15, 1929, Image 9

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.,[\j TS RUTENBERG, Chairman Palestine National Council, and 'ii>riist executive, in attempting: •(instruction work of Palestine, h ,u h no agreement as to their • procedure. The Palestine ,1 Council suggested the estab- . ,, , -it of one central financial in- thus securing the economic ( ,f the Jewish population, but the Zionist Executive disa- t i;T BLUMENFELD, President tfu Zionist Federation in Ger- n-signed from the Central of the Ort, a society for ■ ,,m< tion of trades and agricul- m->ntr the Jews in Russia. •opK PIUS XI, in the interests of of Palestine, sent an emis- t • that country. This action was fallowing a petition for help ; Palestine Arabs. i\;iw (.1. T. A.)—At a mass . e held under the auspices of the Jewish socialist party, Sunday •he Palestine events were dis- and a resoltuion unfavorable •!;. Jewish Palestine work was ; i. I he resolution rebuked in par- alar Sholom Ash, Yiddish novelist, :i.e stand he took on the Palestine am, declaring: “This meeting ex- • ->es its indignation and bitterness : the fact that Sholom Ash, whom .• Jewish masses have made great at this grave moment put himself : the camp of the Jewish Chauvin- Tiw praesidium of the Jewish Writ- aiid Journalists Association has I.-*i a special meeting to protest i.-t the statements contained in Bund resolution against Mr. Ash - honorary president of the as ide- British Embassy here was sur- ied with a cordon of mounted : foot police as a precautionary ure during the Zionist mass a g held last night at the Circus I he meeting was devoted to a dis- n of Palestine events, but Bun- mi Communists present caused a ■ rhance, necessitating the inter- mn of the police who removed • interfering with the proceedings. '■’.»• close of the meeting the fight !‘ ne\ved. The victims were prin- members of the Poale Zion including Abraham Prazan, mi Janina Malkin, Moses Aitus- ncha Hosen and David Wenger. meeting adopted resolutions mniiig the attitude of the Com- " and the Bundists toward the -' ine events. • Deft Poale Zion party issued a •■Lunation concerning the death of •' Markewicz, one of its members died of wounds received in a w; th Communists at a Palestine ng several weeks ago. In the • amation the Communists were ' d "the Red friends of the Arab ! "mists.” During Markewicz’s • fal new fights broke out. I;l >siA MAY BE OPENED TO JEWISH FROM ABROAD scow (J. T. A.)—Leading Soviet •* rnment circles are discussing the d'ility of opening the doors of ' la for the entry of qualified Jew- vorkers from lands abroad, the es pondent of the Jewish Tele graphic Aerencv learns The Southern Israelite Page 9 SORBONNE HONORS EINSTEIN YOUTHFUL MUSICAL PRODIGY CHEERED IN LONDON In the event that the decision should be made, the condition for the entry of Jewish workers would be their pledge to settle in Bira-Bidjan, Far Eastern Region, which the Soviet government has declared its intention of developing into a Jewish republic. If the doors are opened the Soviet government will be prompted by the lack of qualified workers for the de velopment of Bira-Bidjan. Paris (J. T. A.)—Dr. Albert Ein stein was one of the five upon whom honorary causus degrees were be stowed by the Sorbonne on Saturday. Thousands of students assembled at the ceremonies and cheered Einstein. Professors, the praesidium and rector of the University of Paris joined in the ovation which continued in the streets when Einstein alighted from the German ambassador’s car. The Ambassador represented Germany at the ceremony. London (J. T. A.)—Hundreds of en thusiastic admirers of the 12 year violinist, Yehudi Menuhin, rushed to the stage of Albert Hall in London where the Jewish musical prodigy gave his initial full length recital, shouting for additional numbers at the end of a two hour program. JEWISH PHYSICIAN TO GET AWARD AT FRAT CONVENTION Pittsburgh (J. T. A.)—The 1929 award to the American Jewish physi cian who makes the greatest individ ual contribution to the progress of medicine, will be made at the annual convention of the Phi Lambda Kappa medical fraternity which will meet in Pittsburgh, December 27, 29. The 1928 award was given to Dr. Solomon Solis-Cohen of Philadelphia. JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMI NARY FORMALLY OPENED BY I)R. ADLER New York (J. T. A.)—The formal opening exercises of the Jewish The ological Seminnry were held at the Seminary Building, 531 West 123rd Street, New York, Sunday evening. Dr. Cyrus Adler, president of the Seminary, who welcomed the stu dents, spoke to them of the great loss the Seminary had sustained in the death of I^ouis Marshall. Dr. Ad ler described the intense devotion of Mr. Marshall to the welfare of the Seminary, and his personal interest in every graduate. Their future success was not to be measured by the size of their con gregations or the number of people who came to hear them,” said Dr. Adler. He described the buildings of the Seminary now under construction, dwelling particularly on the library which will house the most important collection of Judaica in the world. 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