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The Southern Israelite. (Augusta, Ga.) 1925-1986, November 25, 1929, Image 12

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Page 12 The Southern Israelite KttKtotiiiui it n a a V st a st s: st st st H « a a S it a it a ” » a s«« a » « ~ “ it - 55 5J In Tlw Llmelighl i«;«?« «'« » sot St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St St ] AFREI) M. COHEN, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Union College, and international pres ident of B’nai B’rith, was honored with being the first honorary student elected hv the Hebrew Union College. Recently the college conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Hebrew Law. RABBI EDWARD L. ISRAEL, well- known spiritual leader of Har Sinai Temple in Baltimore, was elected a member of the National Executive Committee of the National Council for the Prevention of War. LUCY GOLDSMITH SHORE. New York foreign trade analyst and con sultant, was chosen by the Spanish prem er to make recommendations to him on ways and means of improving the export and import trade between Spain and the United States. Miss Shore has long been prominent for her ability in finding suitable markets for American concerns seeking foreign outlets for their products. LORD ALLEN BY, conqueror of Pal estine in the World War, in a speech before the House of Lords warned against undue optimism in Palestine. In his speech he declared: “to an on looker like myself the recent events in Palestine seem to emphasize the danger of optimism that would lead to any lessening of the safeguards.” DR. DAVID SASHIN, of New York, won the first fellowship offered by the endowment fund provided by Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brown. The fel lowship amounting to $2,400.00 will enable Dr. Sashin to continue his studies in orthopedic research. He is a graduate of Columbia University, the School of the l niversity of Maryland, and is also the winner of the Henry W. Fraunthal Travel Scholarship for ISPS. JUDGE JOSEPH M. PROSKAUKR. president of the Y. M. H. A., gave the principal address at the impressive cei emories which accompanied the laying of the cornerstone for the new $2,500,000 Y. M. H. A. building in New York. In his address Judge I’r *s kauer po nted out that $300,000 was still unpaid on the building, and ask ed f..i additional funds to have the building paid for when it is occupied in in'xt Spring. T. P. O’CDNNOR. dean of the House of Commons, and one of the most outstand ng friends of world Jewry, died in London. O'Connor wrote a temarkable biography of Ben jamin Disraeli which earned him his first real monev, and incidently great fame and success. DR. 1. M. RUBINOW, recently named international secretary to B’nai B’rith. moved to Cincinnati. Ohio to take up his new duties. LUCIUS N. LITTAUER, of Utica, New York, established a $10,000 fund, the income of which is to be used for further training of nurses who show special aptitude in their profession. The fund was created in memory of Flora, the deceased wife of the donor. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR HER BERT H. LEHMAN, of New York, was highly honored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in being elected to the board of directors. Air. Lehman succeeds to the place made vacant by the death of Louis Marshall. (). L. BODENHAMER, National Commander of the American Legion, changed the dates for the national convention in 1930. The convention dates as previously fixed were on Sep tember 22 and 23, but as these days conflict with Rosh Hashanah, the change was made so as not to prevent Jewish members from attending. S. KAPLAXSkY, member of the Zionist executive, in the House of Commons before lorty members of the Parliament Commonwealth Labor group, severly criticised tne policy of the Palestine administration in con nection with the defense system, the lailure to employ Jews ,n govern ment enterprises, and the govern ment's attitude toward Jewish coloni zation. PERETZ HIKSCHBEIN', the noted Jewish writer, returned to New York alter a live year tour of the world with his wife. Hirschbein had visited especially all of the countries with uirge populations namely, Pal estine, Kussia and Poland. He expres sed great enthusiasm for the Jewish colonies m Russia and for the new Jewish litc which is being created through this colonization work. DR. JUDAH L. MAGNUS, Chancel lor of the Hebrew University in New 'i oi’K, was greeted with h.sses when m his convocation speech, he made a plea for forebearanee with the Arabs, i he statement that precipitated the hissing was “ enter the Prom ised Land not as Joshua, but bring ing peace, culture, hard work, sacri fice, love and determination; and do nothing unjustifiable before the con science of the world.” LI D\\ 1G STEIN, well-known phil osopher, sociologist, writer and poli tician, of Berlin, was highly honored on his seventieth birthday. Many of the Berlin newspapers carried articles on his work in the interest of inter national understanding. JONAH GOLDSTEIN, New York lawyer, who was sent to Palestine to make arrangements for the distribu tion of the $2,000,000 Palestine Emer gency Fund, on his return to New ^ ork declared that conditions in Pal estine are tranquil and Jew’s and Arabs get along amicably with each other. Mr. Goldstein established local committees in the principal tow’ns of Palestine w*ho will aid in the distri bution of the fund. ATLANTA'S FOREMOST HOTEL,,, / / / HENRY GRADY HOTEL The Friendly Hotel A reservation at the Henry Grady is perfect assurance that every modern hotel comfort and convenience will await you in Atlanta. Your room will be equipped for unexcelled radio reception —and, in addition, it will have at least two windows, circula ting ice water, ceiling fan, full length mirrored door and a private bath with tub or shower —everything to make your stay most comfortable. Here you will find every part of the city’s business and amusement districts easily ac cessible. And you are sure to enjoy the delicious meals of the glass-enclosed outdoor dining terrace, Atlanta’s most popular dining place. Come and enjoy the advan tages of the Henry Grady — Rates froi.i $2,50 SIR JOHN MONASH. disting uj , w Australian Jewish leader and c 0 * mander of the Australian foreew France, was promoted to the rant ? General. This promotion to Gen is the first time that rank has ann**' ed in the Australian Army ij s t ' DR. TICHO, noted oculist of p a i ( tine, who in the twenty-four year. .. has been in Palestine, treated h • dreds of Arabs gratis, was stabbed" an Arab. The wound though sen is not dangerous, ami a speedy re • ery is expected. ISIDOR WISE Mr. Isidor Wise, 72, son of th* a - ' Dr. Isaac M. Wise, founder of Re form Judaism in America, of the H brew Union College, and the Arne: can Israelite, died Friday, Noveir •• loth, at Medical Center Hospital. N- York. Mr. Wise had been in New V several weeks, visiting his sister, Mr Adolph Ochs, and Mr. Ochs, pubD er of the New York Times, when health, attributed to an infection t lowing removal of several teeth, ■: ged him to enter the hospital. Mr. Wise was born December 1856, in Cincinnati and soon wo- have celebrated his 73rd birthday His mother was Mrs. Therese B. 1 Wise. Educated in Cincinnati He was educated at the Chicken Institute in Cincinnati and the 1 versity of Cincinnati. He served as reporter and rea.-' : writer on the Chattanooga T.rn fs 1880-83; editor of the Sabbath tor in Cincinnati, 1884-8.: ^t ’i* Chicago Israelite, 1887-90 and 96; advertising department of the - orado Midland Railway in J;! 1 1891-1903; with the New York B * 1896-97; the Commercial Tribune <■ Cincinnati 1898-99; on the sW ‘ the National Hospital for Cons- _ tives in Denver 1900-01; Wlt ..* h - eering locating expedition w -06. was associated with the • Israelite from 190. untl A in he retired to direct rese ^ iterary works of his a (Continued on Page