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The Southern Israelite. (Augusta, Ga.) 1925-1986, December 14, 1929, Image 12

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Page 12 The Southern Israelite T If wither Causes Car Troubles Avoid Thai Earl\ Morning “’Stall li\ Letting I s < Jieok I hr: (.RWK CASE: Drain a ml Ri'fill tcilh hr rah Oil HA 1 EERY : Trst ami ( Iran Terminal* and ( ahles SPARK PLI <»S: ( Iran ami Replace Rail Onr* RR AKES: Tent ami hi just Lit >11 IS: Renew (Holies ami Inspect II irinti It ADI A FOR ! I sr Inti-Freeze Mixture LABOR FREE—DO IT NOW Our One Sltfft Service Stations are at ) oar Disposal Main Station Spring «X Harris* Streets W \Inut 8f»2« SERVICE STORES \\ e**t Knd Station Whitehall A Gordon Streets w K«t i OF ATLANTA SI CCESSORS TO J. I.. CAKKOI I t O. ‘/fl&Utq Fruit Cake an bakeries company J I Park or Light In Merita Fruit (lake you i 11 find whole glare eherries. pineapple from whole Hawaiian slier**, select Sultana raisins. Aluseat raisins from the Malaga grape, citron, select pecan halves. Eng lish walnuts, blanched sweet almonds, honev. blended, selected spices, fruit flavors anti juices and butter, milk and eggs. A better, richer, more luscious fruit cake \ou couldn't make nr find. 1 southern by Roselle ( ill Kigfo. whereon, methinks there need be an introduction . . . belated apologia for columnic license (should it be colyu- mic)? . . . originally entitled “inno cence abroad” . . . discarded for ob vious reasons for “in a sense abroad” . . in turn harrassed and embarrassed by snickers and low inventive minds . . . “southern exposure” it is . . . in troduction enough! the pedulum swings . . . one is per mitted remembrance of “furrin” or igin every now and then . . . southern food (as a treat) . . . southern men . . or just as nice . . . one has elevator hoys from Camden and Charleston . . . not forgetting the seasonal yankees who affect pridefully an accent like nothing any of us ever heard before . . . wonder that traffic has ceased to jam at the sight of us? and the other day a colored janitor came into my office and after “asking whar i’m fum . . " told me not to mind . . . he’d get along with me just the same cause his folks done told him not to hold prejudice against nobody? ramblin' around seeing folks ’n things . . . Mr. Joselove visiting the city and Belle and Florence . . . meet ing Dorothy Frank—former Atlan tan . . . and Dorothy Coleman whom i’ve known by hearsay all these years . . . and us talking “mutuals” til we were thrown out of the party . . . Dotty is a statistician . . . do you fig ure that out ? and hearing that Robert Marks plans a merrie Christmas at home . . . and Tommy Tobias, the ex-rummate has taken a room over the Greenwich Village Inn. . . now, now, Thomas! picked up the info that all Cana dians don't live in igloos . . . nor in government liquor dispensaries (hon est) . . . met a few kind of civilized RANDOM THOUGHTS (Continued from Page 10) he reproved the children of Israel (just prior to his death) when he might he inclined to say that the last third of his 120 years was the most arduous and strenuous and (according to his experience) the one wherein the reward appeared least commensurate with the toil, and yet he would not relax in work educational and otherwise, for his people, he would not give up his faith in God’s promises. "Thou art a sage, dear Charles, and we are told, “Sages, be careful of your words.' Enroll not thyself with a Korah. a Datham and an Abiram by speaking of our great teacher as a wiseacre. Chatty ef- teet can he achieved without cast ing slurs or hurling epithets un deserved. Sincerely yours, ARTHUR A. DEMBITZ." GEORGES CLEMENCEAU FRIEND OF THE JEWS (Continued from Page 3) pen. “The religion of charity.” he wrote, "brandishes its iron and cries: Down with the Jew! The spirit of mili tary vaste will not admit that force is subject to reason.” The whole country was gradually becoming sick of the agitation. Famil ies were rent and loyal Republican Rosenthal Reserved f most ot the natives up here with < ing and gestures that vnitiJ *2 they will NOT be me, a, C'"’* hospitable colonels in big hats ' horses ... a mint julep in each h!y . . . some of ’em believe firmly that we still have a few slaves hidden and around the inevitable plantatw" with a lookout in case an Abe come riding by . . and a Jerseyite told m e, with *, pectant glee, that bible legend of the southerner’s breakfast . . . beefsteak mint julep and a dog . . . the dog"., eat the steak, of course!! . . th-s* impression-giving movies . . . one b*. gins to believe all Chinamen Fu Man- chus ... all Frenchmen Incorrigible roues . . . and all Englishmen nice yesterday i reminisced of collefe days with a newcomer from Atlanta . . name withheld by request . . . | B he afraid of publicity or the police— i wonder? ? ) but he’s done the impos sible and taken unto himself a job brethern, what this city of big closed spaces and John Anderson's gut ter and yegg men is gonna do to hi# is . . . well . . . not our business . but he has some new belonging— among which is a shiny address book with m. and f. sections ... the lat ter being practically full .... doesn't take us long to catch on. i’m telling you .... believe it or not . . . Bluma Kunker- stein came acalling with her Very Own . . . seems like we just can’t get together . . . and A1 Dornblatt teaches chemistry and “inferior" decorating (canoes a specialty) at Annapolis., and he is permitting one to draw one'' own conclusions . . . with dots think on these governments implored Clemenceau t accept the amnesty and let passion? die away. But that would he unjust, he stubbornly retorted. It was March. 1904. before a tie* and honest inquiry was ordered. ' was July. 1906, before the military verdict was finally exposed and era*<< and Dreyfus vindicated. Clemenceiu had fought nine years for justice one man, a Jew. —Copywrited by the Jewish^ Telegraphic Agency, Inc., !•** F.MKVT OF THF ()« NERsHIP.. *"*‘ l NT. CIRCULATION. K.TI .. REQ 11 * m THF. ACT OF COM.RI» m Al Cl ST 21. ie Southern Israelite, published lanta. Ga.. for October 1st. of Georgia. of Fulton, ss. ^ ore me. a Notary Public. t jw and county aforesaid- l* 1 , jng tw<« d M. Stephen Schiffer. , n d **P sworn according to law. »e is the editor and owner of t ^ ite. and that the following *»► >f his knowledge and belief.* (t „ d j » of the ownership, manage a (or*- paper, the circulation*. f* c ". n j„ tl* publication for the date ^ AuT*** caption, required by the . . >12. embodied in section* *«. r■ . ^ tegulations. printed on the re to-wit: of the That the names and * dd ”*?* or 'hokii»f >ther security holders owning, g( ^ cent jot more of total Sone- rages, or other securities »£ • Schi#* That the owner is: itfl, Ga That the known 60 and -. editor, managing ed't°f\ M . Step)** Vo,™* of Publisher. » St