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The Spotlight. (None) 1980-201?, October 01, 1980, Image 10

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Page 10 — FEATURES Spelman Spotlight October 13,1980 Words from the College Chaplain: A Letter to My Daughter (At Another College) By Reverend Rates Dear Shari: Just a brief note to say hello and say that I hope you like the enclosed picture. You don’t have to send it back, since we had two copies made. Please excuse my writing on note book paper but I am giving a test to my class and, while waiting for them to finish it, 1 decided to write to you in a hurry. Now I know that we have talked about students writing letters in class during lectures and we still feel as you do that that’s not the very best way of 1: stening to a lecture. But what I am doing is probably one of the best ways that I can give a test, for it displays a cer tain amount of respect that I hold for my students. How good it is to be able to write this letter without watching them li,e a haw, afraid that they will cheat if 1 am not starting down their papers. Once upon a time, giving a test was an ar duous task. It became a teacher-student adversary game. Well, that was poor teaching and poor classroom decorum. 1 am now less worried about students cheating on my tests. Oh, 1 realize that there have been some “genuses” who have spent more time in devising methods of cheating than they have spent in studying for a test. But I believe that they can become rare individuals, expecially if a climate of trust and respect is created between student and teacher. Here at Spelman we are ex perimenting with an “honors program” through the establishment of an honors dormitory. I roncially we have also in stituted rules governing students who cheat in class or in paper writing. It is my hope that the rules against cheating will never be invoked and that, on the other hand, the honors program will extend in to every nook and cranny of our college community. We have some excellent student leadership and a great student body this year. I believe it can work. Perhaps some of us will be criticized for being careless but, if we can create a climate of trust and respect, we couldn’t :are less. I believe that the crux of the sit uation lies not only in the trust and the respect that I hold for my students but also in the trust and the respect that 1 hold for myself and in my job as a teacher. If I can trust and respect the in tegrity of my teaching, then I can trust and respect the students in my class. And, if a student trusts and respects her self and what she has done in preparation for her assignments and :ests, then she need not cheat. This is what I believe The Teacher of Galilee would teach us today. This is what I believe is the essence of all living and not just in the classrooms. Oh, oh. I see that one of my students has finished the test so I must go. Be good; write soon; and Mom sends love. Love, Dad Spelman College Chaplain P.S. I am sending under separate cover a copy of the Spelman Spotlight as an example of excellent college journalism. Lamar Creates the New Homecoming for the '80's by Gregory Clinton Contributing Writer Lamar Alford, a senior at Morehouse College, has been selected as 1980 Coronation Director. Morehouse College 1980 Home coming Festivities will commence Oc tober 26,1980 and conclude on Novem ber 4, 1980. The Student Government Association is working quite metic ulously to insure all involved and af fected a delightful celebration. One of the highlights of Homecoming which commands much hard work, respect and applause is the Coronation. This is the event whereas faculty, alumni, students and friends are acquanited with the Spelman queens who represent Morehouse. There had been much speculation as to whom this year’s Cor onation Director will be and Lamar appeared to be more qualified, enthu siastic and apt for the responsibilities as director. Lamar has a very impressive theatrical track record and his ideas for this year’s coronation are electrifying. Lamar first came to Morehouse as a freshman in 1963 from Montgomery, Alabama and left at the completion of his junior year. Since then he has per formed on Broadway—coincidentlally as Lamar—in the original cast of God- spell. He has also sang with the New York City Opera, written three plays, Throughts, Second Thoughts, and What Drove Molly Mad?; and appeared on a number of television shows. These shows include the Johnny Carson Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Today Show and Sunday night At The Movies Special. Lamar returned tc Morehouse in the Spring of 1980 being Scenes from last year’s coronation. Dr. Jones heads the Centennial Activities Committee at Spelman. Centennial Expectations Aimed High by Renee Darensburg strons and as com P etitive as the best Jr Reporter educational institution in the nation. New programs have been initiated such as the honors program and scholarships which are devised to bring yet a higher :aliber of students to Spelman. Business management and computer information programs will also be initiated to aid those students interested in such career fields. Other visible changes will be the renovation and remodeling of old dor- mitiories and the building of a new dor mitory to be completed within a two year period. The centennial year marks the progressiveness of Spelman’s becoming “the mainstream of selective education,” comments Dr. Socolow. As Dean Allen says regarding Spelman’s present ob jectives as compared to those objectives proposed in 1981, “Although the wording of our purpose has changed, the meaning is the same. We have not changed.” Spelman still guarantees the highest caliber of education for its students. Expectations of the centennial year overall are high. The tentative calen dar promises a most celebrated year and an encouraging future for Spelman. on leave of absence from the Harlem School of the Arts to complete 26 hours for his Bachelor’s degree. Lamar’s exuberant theatrical plans are far beyond conventional forms of coronation. He remembers very vaguely coronations from years past but believes this will serve to his, as well as the audience’s, advantage, Lamar com mented, “I Only know what’s suppose to occur traditionally and theatrically.” This year’s coronation will be a tribute to Black Woman in that Morehouse will crown their essence, and emphasize the theme trust. Lamar is looking for talented and en thusiastic students to be a part of this great production. The audition schedule has not been confirmed, it awaits the SAG decision on the director. Pertinent information, however, will be com municated later. Quoting the words of Lamar, “We must all come together on one accord castand audience to create and ex perience an enormous theatrical ful fillment.” As April 11, 1981, offically mark Spelman’s one hundredth day in existen ce, Spelmanites will come together in celebration. However, activities such as conferences, workshops, concerts, exhibits, plays, and other special events will be in progress throughout the 1980- 1981 school year. Dr. Stewart’s plans of celebration have been broken into three major com ponents: (1) recognition of Spelman’s centennial year, (2) presentation of many programs in keeping with the celebration, and (3) developmental fund raising. Centennial headquarters will be set up in Packard Hall to keep students abreast of all activities. These activities began the fourth of this month with the student exhibit and will conclude with the 100th Anniversary Commencement. As stated by Dr. Socolow, Director of Long Range Plans and Policies, “The centennial year does not mark a new period, but the next step.” Spelman is continuosly evolving to become as