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{VOLUME XLYIII , ISSUE III February 6,2012 .V President Obama and the State of the Union Ellis News Writer Jasmine M On January 24, 2H|LJ j 2012, President ; Barack Obama ; gave his State ' of the Union % :j^H| © >*2 jf i address to the v " - m : nation. This State ^ : of the Union ad- \ 'JHM|H . dress was Presi- L^jHnp w dent Obama’s HK ^—nIBF V 1 i third since being _,, office Tjr 1 •■*** jr£\ I address of 2012. President Obama/* B spoke on a vari- with America such as tenants have been defeated, and “irresponsible.” Mr. banks, small businesses and The Talibans momentum President shared with the taxes. has been broken, and some nation that he has been President Obama began troops in Afghanistan have making an effort to create his speech by addressing begun to come home,” said jobs, the American people about President Obama. “In the six months before the progress made in Iraq. Next on the President’s I took office, we lost nearly President Obama also agenda was the down spi- 4 million jobs. And, we lost talked about how al Qaeda raling economy. President another 4 million before is being defeated slowly, but Obama assured the Ameri- our policies were in full surely and that the United can people that he wants effect. Those are the facts. States troops are making to build an economy that In the last 22 months, busi- their way back to US soil. is “built to last” and called nesses have created more “For the first time in nine for a “fair shot economy” than 3 million jobs,” said years there are no troops where “everyone plays by President Obama, fighting in Iraq. For the the rules.” The state of the education first time in two decades, President Obama also ad- and classrooms through- Osama Bin Laden is not a dressed the unemployment out America are a crucial threat to this country. rate and banks calling the aspect to our country’s Most of Al Qaeda’s top lieu- activities of banks “wrong” development. Educa- Picture courtesy of: 00000©000000<><><>0<>0<>00©00©0000<>000<>000<><>0<>000000<>©<X><><><>©<>0<>0<>0<X>0<>0<><><>0000<><>0<>0<>©<><X>^^ Looking for that Perfect Valentine Mate This Year? in America during a time where other nations are competing intellectually. President Obama reminded Americans the value of good teachers. “Teachers matter. So instead of bashing them, or defending the status quo, let’s offer schools a deal. Give them the resources to keep good teachers on the job, and reward the best ones,” said President Obama. In addition, President Obama proposed “every state require students to stay in high school un- STUDENT SPOTLIGHT! MS. DESIREE BOOKER, FRESHMAN ENGLISH MA JOR WITH A DESIRE FOR PERFORMING AND SONG WRITING PG6 Rabiah A. Elisa Forum Editor Brittany “Reeci” Botts, Miss RHA, has brought the Peace and Love movement to the AUC not only as her RHA platform initia tive but also as the organization in which she sought salvation following her traumatizing childhood experiences. At a young age Reeci was molested by her uncle and upon joining Peace and Love, mustered the courage and strength to share her stories with others. Reeci has been to countless schools to speak about her experience and the topic in general, usualh starting with mode of spoken word. In Philadelphia, Reeci’s hometown and the birthplace of Peace and Love, Reeci began her for the first time, admit to having been raped and/or molested. This goes to show that sometimes it only takes one person keen on sharing their life to influ ence other to follow suit. At the Peace and Love event held last week, Reeci stated that she does not know where she would be without Peace and Love. The event consisted of powerful acts of spoken word and songs that other members performed. The floor was also opened for discussion amongst the large audience, over crowding the room, to share any ideas on the topic of where vio lence and abuse derives and how we would contribute to the seizing of such treatment. Peace and Love AUC has created a page on Lacebook (Peace and Love Atlanta University Center) as well as a Twitter (@PeaceandLoveAUC) in order to grasp more public awareness and participation. Any one can be apart of the organization. It is not limited to those who have a story to tell or to poets or artists but to those who are simply anti-violence. Other ways of being an active participant in Peace and Love con sists of selling shirts, promoting and publicizing, and organizing tours and agendas. Those who remain as bystanders, conscious of violence taking place around them are liable to the guilt and crime committed by the ^ a offender. Reeci’s Peace and Love initiative in the AUC is a call to arms. /jjfriFf ■$' m So take a stand in the names of peace and love and don’t be afraidto speak up and out! Is it Worth Seeing? (Or at least seeing the cast?) to help herself and others when she joined the organization. The Peace and Love movement promotes and encourages people to seek peace to replace the violence with our cities, our country and the world. It aims to speak on behalf of various troubles and struggles that others may not have the courage to discuss on their own. With this, Peace and Love hopes to promote and implore peaceful resolutions and positive progression. Before Reeci joined the group, they did not have someone to speak on behalf of victims of rape and molestation. This unprecedented topic of discussion within the organization brought a lot of new members and listeners and inspired a great deal of others to open up. Reeci noted her surprise at how many people would come up to her, following her presenta tion, and 00000000<X>0<>X>0<><X><X><><>>0<><><><><><><><><><XK><><><X>0<X>0<X><><X><>C<><X><><>>^ Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Spotlight Campus Life Lifestyle Forum News Spotlight Fashion and Beauty. Arts and Entertainment