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The BluePrint %* 8 September 2013 “Raggs” to Riches Karon Smith, Morehouse C’2016 Gives Advice On Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur By:Teri Davis C’2016 WELLNESS REVOLUTION How to Eat Better, Move More, and Sleep Well. By: Lydia Hayes C2014 his business has forced him to make difficult choices that sometimes cause him to become distant from people he once considered friends. “Once you put yourself at a certain level everyone cannot be your friend,” Smith said. He added that evaluating the company around you, allows you to mature. However, as Smith and his business grows, he never forgets to reflect back on the words of his mother. “She told me not to put the cart before the horse,” Smith said. With those words, Smith will matriculate through Morehouse College and expand his entrepreneurial horizons. experience in the industry. As he learns more about being a businessman, Smith faces some obstacles. Specializing in urban and street styled men’s clothing that appeal to younger generations, he finds that sometimes being the same age as your target demographic can be tricky. Smith, only 19 years old, has had to combat doubters with confidence. “People do not take you as seriously as a 30-year-old with the same type of business,” Smith said. However, Smiths seven-year-old boutique has reaffirmed his belief that “age does not limit your knowledge on what you can do.” The bottom line is that consumers are interested in businesses that are unique. Smith’s self-proclaimed attention to “exclusivity, style, and quality for a good price” has earned him a dedicated clientele. In March 2014 he plans on opening his second boutique in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. With success comes sacrifice. Smiths dedication to Becoming a successful, independent business owner does not come easy; its a step-by-step process. Karon Smith, a sophomore Economics major at Morehouse College, is well aware of what this process entails. He owns Raggs Boutique, in his hometown of Chicago. “At a very young age, I began to dabble in fashion and business,” Smith said. As he reflected on what he has learned in business and finance, he attributed much of his mental growth to his hands on $avvy Spending By Jordan Daniels C’2016 Gas 10% Money, or lack there of, is always an issue. College students who are paying tuition fees are always looking for ways to make money last, while still trying to have an enjoyable college experience. Spelman students spend a large amount of money on tuition, room and board, and a meal plan each semester. Outside of school fees, students predominately spend their money on food, textbooks, and clothing. Those who live off campus have to factor in rent, gas, and parking payments. Though owning a car gives students an element of freedom, a lot of Spelman students experience the financial burden of owning a car. After a recent poll, Spelman students weighed in on how they manage their money. “Anything that is not adding to your educational value, at this stage, is unnecessary,” explained sophomore Nneze Akwiasu. Graduating seniors Cierra Jackson and Simone Sibley offered their opinion on the subject. “Don’t try to live up to someone else’s standard,” voiced Jackson. “Try not to live above your means,” said Sibley. Junior Zoe Mayfield and Freshman Raija Thomas relayed advice to students who were having a hard time handling or saving their money. “If you have student loans start by paying those off first,” said Mayfield, Junior at Spelman College. “Every little bit counts.” “Put a little money away each week to save,” said Thomas “Don’t buy things you don’t need.” With the semester just beginning no one wants to overspend, discovering what Spelman students spend most of their money on will hopefully help them save money in the future. What do Spelman Students Spend their Money on? Clothes 9% Laundry 7% ,.r: >■; 1 r Writer-Conducted Survey Compared to other minorities African-American women have the largest number of health risks as stated by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Some of these health risks include, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol—all conditions that can be prevented by exercise and a healthy diet. As confirmed by a study conducted at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, African-American women are more prone to the following health risks: Cardiovascular disease (69% higher in African- American women) Hypertension (352% higher in African-American women) Stroke deaths (54% higher in African-American women) Noting, a rise in these conditions among members of its student body, Spelman College has decided to combat unhealthy lifestyles and promote awareness by launching the Wellness Revolution. The Wellness Revolution encompasses the programs and services offered by the Wellness Center. These free services are available to students, staff, and faculty. These programs include: Weight Room Orientation: become familiar with equipment. Exercise Prescription: one hour appointment to analyze habits, blood pressure measurements performed, medical history, and nutrition. Fitness Assessment: series of tests to evaluate current level of fitness--heart rate, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, sit-up test, etc. Quick Start Fitness Session: One-hour workout. Freshman Fitness Package: exercise prescription, fitness assessment, and one-hour workout. Another component of the Wellness Revolution is the Healthy U Interactive portal. Here you can create a personal profile that allows you to record and track your weight, physical activity, and a personal food log. The interactive profile tracks your overall improvements and growth in a graph. You can add friends to your profile to build a community. To learn more about Healthy U Interactive and the Wellness Revolution visit the Wellness Center located in Read Hall. By: Lydia Hayes C2014 Do you love makeup? Are you a product junky? Then, the beauty industry’s newest trend is for you. These boxes are monthly subscriptions, like magazines, filled with new beauty products for you to try. Receiving one of these boxes in the mail each month would be like celebrating Christmas every month. There are many different beauty boxes out there for women interested in different aspects of beauty to try out, some of which are featured below. 1) curlBOX Girls with natural hair have been raving about the curlBOX. This $20 monthly subscription allows you to try out five to seven different hair products. This is a great way to discover what products work best for your hair and you save money while doing it. The only con is that you can’t purchase full sizes of the products you receive on the website. 2) Ipsy If any of you happen to subscribe to beauty channels on YouTube, you’ll love this next beauty box. Ipsy is different from other beauty boxes because YouTube sensations, such as Michelle Phan the founder, are the creators of this box. When you first sign up you take a quiz and then each month you’ll be receiving a beauty box filled with the top YouTubers favorite beauty picks. It’s a $10 per month subscription and can be purchased at 3) Goodebox Goodebox is for the eco friendly beauty queen. At $16 a month you received trial sized products that are natural and organic. Some of the brands included in these boxes are Josie Maran, Tatcha and Dr. Hauschka. If you like any of those brands or you want to try products that are better for your body and the environment, this box is perfect for you. It will allow you to try out each item before buying the full sized product. 4) Julep Maven This box is for the nail addicts. Upon signing up you take a quiz and then each month they send you two different shades along with foot care products. It’s like a pedicure in a box. Also, each month you can see which shades have been picked for you based on your quiz results. If you don’t like the shades that are picked for you that month you can always skip a month and return to your regular subscription the next month. At $19.99 a month you’ll get some great fashion forward nail polishes. 5) Olfactif Olfactif is a beauty box for fragrance lovers. This is truly a great box because perfect perfumes are as difficult to come by as the perfect shade of foundation. Each box costs $18 in which you will receive three trial size samples of perfume and each month you will also put an $18 credit towards a full size bottle. 6) Glossy Box GlossyBox is for the beauty maven who enjoys luxury brands. So if you enjoy shopping at Sephora or any department store beauty bars this is the box for you. At $21 a month you’ll receive a few trial size items along with a full sized product. Photo: Babs in Blogland Photo: photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: BEAUTY BOXES