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The BluePrint. (None) 2013-????, February 28, 2014, Image 20

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Sista Spelman Talk To Me j)ear Sista Spe/man, X a/>1 httuaj/mj to stay eyyiotionally -Pat/ifu/ m my t-&!at'onship uath th& men of my dt-eCmS. So)- So/yje te-OSoa X continue. to jo hack to a man X pcthe once. /oVed, eVen thoujh he has hurt me So had. X can t deny that X sti// See h'/n OS the one, aJthoUjh the hcy-ft-iend X ha/e noaj treats me hlfe. the Cfueen X Om. Xjust don t kcooj uahat to do. X /oVe one jay, and really //k & /care Pot- the other. S> nCerely, ConfuSed Dear Oonfyuet, First and foremost gou conn.ot move forward wdhtiX, iatw gag! Ik order tv trulg be committed and faithful, both phgsecailg and emotionaUg, gov. have to have gour entire attention dedicated jv the new guy. It seems as though gov. have Lingering feelings for this old. gag, Mot gov. will not be able to have a. prosperous relationship with the iMvw gag until gov. Let go of gour feelings for the oit gag. How do gov. get rid of the feelings for the oit gag, gov. mag ogl2 That a simple, foot write a list of pros Met emu, for both gags, read them over, throw them cuwag Met follow gour Heart. Sometimes the Heart overrules the Logical aspect of situation^, even if it mag hurt someone else or govrself sometimes gov have to follow gour Heart. If gov to ticide to go hack, to the oit gag, fast remember how He mate gov feel during the Hat times and be prepared for the some thing Mod magbe even something worse. People to not change; theg fast evolve tv mother Level in Life end ‘until this old gag is tone hurting gour feelings please prepare tv go through the SMne BS with him. VJHen gov realize where gov wMvt to be, gov mast out one of the gags off, colt tar beg, no turning loadc. One of them mag be hurt and mag attempt tv move himself badc unto gour life in the future. dlagbe one tag gov can be friends with whomever gov to not choose, but just remember that gov should never cntentionallg burn bridges, but gou cannot alwag$ epingaishthe ones others choose tv set afire. Be patient, honest with govrself, Mui honest withthe men in gour Life. Respectfullg, Sista Spelman The Lows of Fashion: Playful Racist Misogyny on MLK’s Day By: Nyla Nation C2017 It is easy for progress to be overshadowed by shortcomings. With Erykah Badu as the new face of Givenchy for its Spring-Summer 2014 line and Rihanna the face of Balmain Spring 2014 this industry has taken huge steps to change this inescapable issue. However, also this year it is safe to say racism is still alive, even as the fashion industry attempts to diversify. Just on the heels of the weekend that the nation stopped to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s mantras of equality and civil rights, a Russian fashion blog, Buro 24/7, released an article that did a good job of negating and voiding all that Dr. King fought for. A picture of calm Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova seated atop a black woman accompanied the article about Zhukova. The picture gained more controversy than the article as it sent out a racist and misogynistic message of white supremacy. Zhukova, Editor-in-Chief of Garage magazine, sat on a black “dummy doll” that is suggestively naked with exception of panties, knee-high boots, elbow length gloves, and a garter belt. The black woman is on the floor, the garter belt bonding her thighs to her chest, putting her into compromising slave-like position. The image of this hyper-sexualized black woman is nothing new. This image of black people seen as less than human is not new either. Due to the article’s immediate feedback from fervently disgusted readers, the editor quickly issued an apology and deleted the picture from her Instagram. On January 15, just five days before Zhukova’s article went viral, Belgian Designer Walter Van Beirendonck had his models wear Native American headdresses that had “Stop Racism”, in Russian and English, painted on them during his Fall 2014 show. It is startling how another person in the same industry, from the same place, could be so racially insensitive. African-American models Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls, and Jourdan Dunn have each made several pleas over the past six months to end this silent but crippling stigma put on blacks in the industry. But when will it end? 20 Feb/March 2014 The BluePrint %i