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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, July 11, 1898, Image 4

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MONDAY HI fiUGUSTA HERALD lr ~' KB ~n . *** ■ t«< * “ HI * «r«i , «*•—*** |j»»vr** ~,. 4i*t* Iflb - - l*M <UNIPHRg» II ?E - ■ ■ ® hwau> •rnuum. v „ tu l f*W *<,«.*#** nit kTim m#w «Mi Hwiw *m tortrtfi m *##-•*#«••** «*• vac wiix iworm: murala At tks Nbt» tf«tal . *«* •« r*«»»i. »*** *w4. I In Mto*. M '•»# **<**«. ••* H f#"* ffißrtitsn-JU ths Chnrttofv* in J*#** T«rtt ntr-A* m*wi Bm *ir. **<t tofts A**«s* H"***- HHW »SIMSS«M* " I •**•* stand# and rnrtmnSawid »"® 1 . k««t toy ftpnrtiM Hto »*"« to tto* •toe*. WATCH vm R (.ABELS. f The dst# «*»»»*«* y«*r *»**►* *»" lh * UMI point on >o*ir p*r*r »*fL» *•»« ■k« )<Ntr *et**crtpt»«« r«P*rc« |VU Hi. to It snJ *»«j »» >“«r remit - Kmc before the «*•*» <•!**"» or jour will toe *to*n«»*»n#4 •! that I lor trouble and <*<>«'« mts# >oor Ipaftorl , - -■ Herald Prize Letters From American Summer Resorts. „ , „ Th* Hamlil thl# year will offer • mtMm at prtin for th« tort let»rr* wiiltcn from ton Ameri can ffummer H*eort. TT. ,** tori* tn* mart be published under a Worn tfe plume, and. after ttoa conical ha* cloned ttoe whole ac tion will ton aubmltled to • com »m tent and Impartial commit - k mil tea for the awarding of a prtaea. The real name of the writer, *« w* II o* the nom d ■ plume, ll.ur: ai company ea- h i. :;,r acr.l In lor pu burnt ton. -X K f r the p-.irpo*# of libni lfl,« lion. . Contestant* mutt confine their S|||? Iciiera to a re«>onnble lengtt, ■ft No letteaa ought to exceed 90S II words. OKteetiinta can write aa many totter* an they wiah for the prUe. hut one cent rat - SB ant ran win only one of the M prisa*. HE ly. goa-ipy letter*. and the prizes will u« a worded for the §■ best, most Intel eating and tnort reads bio U-lfriy ,of Summer It.- ■& aort B ontestOpflS June 18. W Contest JCloses Oct. 1. ■N)R THR/BtoST I.KTTBR «6.(vn Bj«,Trfrc 2D BEST LETTER.... lto.OO THE JO BEST BETTER.... S.OO COLUMBIA SUBSCRIBERS Can have The Herald de livered to their Homes FOB IEN CENTS A WEEK Bpstal to Mr. S. B. Pine. Agt.. Colum- Hik'' ■ 1 K V Alobuma r day. Spain had batter pad her solar plexus. Bkkiii tarried at Santiago tiutll lie imiliTc.) Herald stands Rip for the Old South: r Gett. Wheeler refuses to die In re sponse to newspaper reports. The counterfeit ten dollar bill is now seeking whom It may devour. Whet Is fame? The Boston Trans cript calls,Tiim W. "H." Hearn. Kill of pen. Henry K. Jackson a million dol : Mi ' - Ev. .iv-'liw. ■ ) Mat if »As iff m» WWt Th* MfftWMwak at Naa. l to tto» tw* (toll tony ».«wa»4» uffWIWH h# • «trtH Mfhwaf to tfc« §h|Hl' -«• MUMM to*4 of #-»<<•• lie inrt tok • porttto* atoa will tortrttort* ttto »•»•«»** •Mafe I* to htod • market WytMMl the r»Mt ltto*4 smi ere of ted eat net end I#l f ir*i tth# : itoijfi|M m ttkim# IMI Ilf ! iHNik (tl< MMIiUIIHI !•*« m 9 tow** to Areeto. tl to Mtoeedaff that Ik# tofftoM-tee es. He welt, when* trade to wliilU wst tot« luett, Witt twin Ih* dltto'M e 4 tto* \ reran eea twee I Wh*a that hen toera s tntojitrnrd the very ernei wtl? h# ehtte 'With vneeeto Mll.ed frune Hie j aeellrtffi Itorta MMI Inedrd »111 l thej tma. aeet eed mMM es tlto eeeifc The | turret tree# to tine Hr trade te then# yeetoeedlttne whah eew Teehswtohd •«! t* »eentorr*4 le ito Meth- The eiteee wed the awthne toida of Oeoflgto. Aleheeie eed Traaanerr «tr ieertoh to they e»»e» he»* before . They wttt to rtoflflly te touch wtih the greet rtrt»eeo«* ct the re*’, towerdfl which ewr irede to tert flhelt tow hy way of the wret It WM e great day tor America when Hawaii wea newelrd not le ■ tee-rty •yrrflf eagle aeefle. bet aa a preriical bwateaea fact It waa a part of tfwt morar of aipai* lo * »»> ,rh Georgia will feel sad Aoguata yropoctlonatrly pr°*- par eadcr. No weadtr that ao maey of oor Naw England rtreL. who already see their rattan maeufactorlbg ledeatry alippina away from lire, elffomoaly oppoaa thta plan of commrrclal conquert. They kaow that It wrttea their doom and the *00164 prosperity Bat It will come ea teeeHahly aa death and tasaa. lit* IndurirtaJ centra of gravity la shifting New and battar condition* are being uahered Is and thank Ood tba south. Ilka an cvl«d king, to into It* own. K. or r. CSAPP SKCAIIFMEKT. jfdtanapotla ta making great prepa rations for the rntrrtalnnirnt of tba Uniform Rank of the Knight* of Py thias. which meet* there on Augual 22. The supreme lodge of tha order be gins Hi session on the following day. and It will continue for ten days. There arc In tha United States about 600,000 of tha Knight* of Pythias, In addition to SO,OOO Uniform Rank. At 20,- 000 of the Uniformed rank it expected from some of the staten, and other atatea aa remote at California. Texas and Maine will be larg-ly represent-d. It la expected that there wIL be at many as too,ooo strangers In the city. Th- e will be- a big parade on Tues day. August 23, and there will be something going on all tha time, for It Is clearly the purpose of the cltlxen* of Indianapolis to make things pleas ant for the multitudes who are ex pected to be present. A large number of Pythlans from all over the country have gone Into tbe army For instance the three leading officers of the local lodge were Capt. Re.ukl and the two Lieutenants Sanrktn. The Indication* are. therefore, that the Augusta lodge will not be repre sented at the grand encampment TOBACCO FOR THE VOLUSTRESS. Several patriotic Augusta ladles. w‘ ose Idea of the needs of a soldier Is not confined to hardtack and coffee, have taken a deep Interest In the report that the boys In the trenches around Santiago lf they are not tn the atreetß of Santiago by now—are suf fering because they have none of that “Sublime tobacco, which from east to west Cheers the tar’s labor and the Turk man’s rest.” Perhaps the nuco-quid will argue that the use of tobacco Is a naughty habit and its discontinuance should be a part of the wholesome discipline of war. But the army doeen’t go lu for sump tuary restrictions to any great extent. And tho boys want to smoke. There can be but one result—they will smoke. That they have been undergoing hardships through the loss of the weed is painfully apparent. The only smoke they see comes from tbe guns. They have been reduced to smoking dried grass, we are told —“life ever lasting,” presumably—and even that Is rapidly disappearing. Tba Augusta ladies are right. They are engaged In a noble cause. Nothing is too good for the heroic defenders o; our national honor and glory. Fighting furiously under a burning sun and sleeping In the dewey but unpoetic grass, they are making sacrifices which I dwltofli the wtoetitotoW eed twrtt# I tea gfatt'-wia at (%mw whe ornate at h»is tWI« wwtto stoats tot aw#**uM 'ease to tha *tt*at es faveiahtea Ithawt wtia i iihaavw tt to »«##< ttowa [ fate, ffwi tha padfet* of Aaffawa will teaks • a*e*v«*« iwaimem t» th* call [of Mo te».»#s (j fintotoae aed tots* I Hathna« ffeaah. whw hev* tha ieatt#v te vhaftot, tod that sene tha ifetofel i ottotaara ettk etaedy ecvvwa teey swtwha te th* health es Iwe es Aeaa»t* * l toMl ttoeghtraf eed yatttett. whom'a fracr Tha#* to avery teamne ta tolltw (hat th* tod Is >*w, that ih* demit tew of A#*ia Id th* Wartave Mesastoe has I hereto* a this* es tha peat end aoud w« •hall have aa opparttwetif es aartep that “patofl hath h*r victor.** No toe* r*e«w>w*a than wt," Th**e ta antorthtop trfflf lesplrlna In th# trumpet:aa end trapping* es war. It# “petop. prtd* fled pariaM rlrraas ataew*" eheltoepa lb* admiration, eat te*r*lf es th* mtaeea of slttaea ayila heh aemmsfi who esrhaaa* tower* for buttoea. bet stir th# heart* of • o* *pon*ive eattnn. It rtrrefihaea tha founds! ton* es th* republic to so rum m ao msay brav* men to Its drfsas* end ming’s th# smile* of Mate* sod Tent, th* taera of Mamatouarlta and Qfor tie. War rtira tha atapaanf depths of aortal and roßmrrrtal Ufa antll. Ilk* tha pool of da lorn*, th# eaters btaom* sweet spots. Bet whan Insult he* base avaeped sad honor aatlafird— 'When i tawv, Ilka a pou tie#, coma* To heal th# * ottnda of aouad” and tba atara, unclouded, twinkle Ilka a myriad Paw of tract, bow awaat 'a feel that toon th# hosraa thunder at the guns w'U die stray Into erhoaa if. melody and. with the light of Joy gilt tiring la his ay*. Johnny Will room marching home aa full of fireside atom lea at Tartaric hlm»#if. Piece! To many anxious hearts it will rom# Ilka tbe sunlight from tha vary pc rials of bsaven. Peace! No more anxloua scanning of th« dally bulletins when the cruel bead-roll of death sends Its message* of despair to mother and slater and sweetheart end wife; no more harrowing detail* of tha hardship and suffering which so many brav* boys, reared In luxury, have had to undergo; but unbroken recitals of tho detail* of victory-r ’ thc charge, the fearful cannonade, the rapture of the atrife." It la almost here, for sheave* of vic tory have already been reaped and toon thry abali be bound forever with the oily*-bough. THE A J Tg&NOON NEWSPAPER That If Is pcuibte to print the newt the day It happens ta becoming mom *ud more apparent to tbe reading pub lic. The way the afternoon newspaper* have handled the war news—time after lime way In advance of the morning dallies has been a striking object les son. The paper that Is best for tho read ers is certainly best for the advertisers, and thrifty merchants who appreciate the value of printers’ Ink aa measured by circulation and prospective buyers have reatixed that the home and after noon paper Is the paper to reach those Intenrated In the thetr ware*. The Herald Is printing more papers than all the other papers In Augusta combined, and Its circulation Is still climbing. Thta Is something for the advertiser to remember when he is In the market for publdty. Rev. Charley T. Walker, who haa been appointed a chaplain in the army, is one of the most deserving colored men tn Georgia, and his many friends rejoice in bis success. Savannah, too. will make a test case to determine the right of the Southern Express Company to compel shippers to pay the tax of one cent imposed on every bill of lading issued by it. "Hobson, Blue and Bagley have dis played no more gallantry than old ’Joe Wheeler.’ Not one mtte should be de tracted from the glory of the former ch'valrous young southerners, but the ’O'd South' cannot be eclipsed by the New.” j , The New York Commercial says: "The annual convention of the Georgia Press Association will be held in this city tn September, at the Hotel Ger lach. The extensive repairs that are being made at the popular hotel on Twenty-seventh street, oft' Broadway, will be completed before the convention is held." TBB3 -A TJGt7STA HBBALD •fffiPAY ASTKirtrtlfi On* of th* awl pmnietot awpwta] Hi the tuttatry ha* taken up tha sub- Jart of whrttor dun day advertising pay* th* m<-rt hast hto of th* polo's that h* make* ta hi* let*raa<mp talk lon th* tohfsct *r* let era* Hag. Among other ti-. na* bt any*; "St (a aaual to lotolfttae where Pun day advertising la Indulged la for the | paper* to bavt a somber of pud. big 1 advertisers Now If Ih* Move ewa as : ford to hold It* own with th*** btfi a«V yrrtiaer* It will asually gft pood r* | turns from fiunday adoaettolnp. But If |»hr* aitofp ll ft mmII oai afti CiO otlf I ftftt llirh fttt MtV ftlffflßlt ftft WO*M | apparently h* lost among th* aumher of large os«w. t am pretty aur* tt would b* a aim policy to stay out and take another day whan there would he lea* competition la ilm advertising col umns" It I* generally agreed that the Wench Lias Company will hava soma hard question* to answer. Now that Gan. Mile* hat gone to the front perhaps the looting terrier* will quit barking for awhll*. The merry rhorua atilt goes on while “Th# lark alnga. ‘give u* glory.’ Aad the dote aaye, ‘give u* peace.’ * Tha Atlanta Commercial hat again been alerted city printer and Editor Blackburn smile*. He cays be fattens on anag*. Tbe Rome Tribune eaya that Camara could give old PharaSh some points on 1 the Red Bea. Cerverm could give him Lome on the redder see. lion. Wir.lam Little ba* announced himself a candidate for senator from this district. He Is an abla man and will make an acceptable representative. Another American victory. One of our men who la a student at Cam bridge broke two record* and won the diamond sculls in the Henley regatta. Congressman E. B. Lewis has been renominated without opposition to rep resent the Third district He has made on excellent record and deserves the endorsement term. There are 2.200 dally and 15,000 weekly papers published in the United States, and twenty-three different lan guages. other than English, are repre sented in the newspaper press of this country. Farewell Sweet June. Farewell, sweet June, Gone are thy grief*, thy Joys and thy tears, Like unto those of the past fleeting years, Splendor of moonlight and starlight’s bright gleam, Frangranee of flowers and musical streams, Soft love vows broken, and mystical dreams. Farewell, aweet J*une. i Farewell, sweet .Tttne, Never a past June seemed fair ns thou. Reck not of aching hearts or furrowed brow, A few vow* proved true, perchance a kiss, The future seemed fair. In the light of June’s bliss. Never a thought of words sad as this. Farewell, sweet June! Farewell, sweet June. All of your skies were divinely hlue, All your caresses seemed lenl and true, If the aftermath proveth a web of pain Weary hands pick up the tangled skein, Hopeful, face life, and its June tides again, Farewell, aweet June. L'ENVOI. Through all your gladness you could not know How much of sunshine, how much of woe, Would out of your radiance grow, Into lotus dreams, we were lulled by your tune, So. fare the well, rarest, sweetest June. —BERTIE EMERSON TARVER. —a. ! Have you any old .gold or silver? It you have call at my new Jewelry store, where there Is a lady in attendance, and, we will either exchange for new goods or all cash given. Lewis J. Ecbaul, the popular priced Jeweler. I I fl ftft hfttrt# 111 it G«ft#fft) Hr fl I }*ft»ta tfftrriftftft it t*)i#tt| fciMHf it] I rr**rr* tor fit* •»*#* of Hi# »<*f ft*-! (p bHran arttonsS coavtottoa, Honors or* Min pouring Ml on As* •- toot Naval iloitrvdsr Hog too At a flu#*## shnarta Iwra lart *». *k a p*r t culsstr gargvoaa proap. attk pvtal lol4 afethara, vsaa rat I*4 "Lt*ut*M*at HoMng “ RrpratontaiSve lla'toy oaor* taith hi* •uimirf nit a wait* Hato tt*. which <>#*** tosch aasaa»m« at fay Its kobrt of aitpp’ag around sad at Irking op from hi* collar under ha tgr.—-Phlindti pb!a Coll. Ctorelond haalrai down Ih* A series a | flag la HcanWln. Mr Holley mod Item errata if hi* small aad sluggish kind jar* lavltad to ohaorv* th* p«**«at r*la- I tiaa* brtwrna th* Dvog-cfnOc party I and Mr. Cleveland. I Col HalloW#ll. formerly of Wichita. Kansas who died th* other day. oraa th# i pponaat of Mr Jerry filmpsoo. when that populist first ran for cost er* ta. and wsa the originator of th* famous nickname, “fiocktoss" Simp son. Mr. John W. Markay has purchased and forarded so Santiago for the us# of the troop* a achoon*# kail of ’re. He has also arranged with Mr. Morse, pros idem of the Consolidated ice com pany of IVnnaylvanto. to forward an other schooner load of Ice aa soon as possible. The Reverend Doctor William Jones of Richmond. Va„ object* to an invita tion to lecture befova them extended by tbe student* of Richmond college to President Harper of tbe University of Chicago. IT. Jones complains that Dr. Harper la unsound on Jonah and j other teat problems In orthodoxy, and that the tudeata might better invite In geraoil. fit Capta’n Robert Powell Pag* Waln svrtght, of the Flrat United Slate* cav * airy, who la among those commended j for good eonduct at tbe battle of la I Quasina. la a son of Commander Jotut (than Walnwvlgbt, killed in the battle lof Oalvesron Bay. la 1863; a briber of | Jonathan Walawrlght. killed tn the ex pedition against tbe piratical steamer Forward: and n brother of the actreas Marie Wnlnwrlxht. At a recent sitting of the French academy the member* met In the ves tibule on their way out turo Sister* of Charity seeking elm*. Everybody gave them something, but the nuns, not hiving perceived that M. de Bomior had contributed bis share, solicited from him » second time. Naturally, M de Hornier politely protested that he had done his dtuy “I believe him," said M. Coppte, in tho ear of M. de Httwdfa. "but I did not see it.” “And I," replied M. de Heredia, “I saw him, but 1 do not believe It." THE ILLS OF WOMEN Anri How Mrs. Ptnkhom Helps Overcome Them. Mrs. Mart Boi.ijwokr, 1101 Marianna 6t, Chicago, 111., to Mrs. Pinkbam: “ I have been troubled for the past two years with falling of the womb, leucorrhnea, pains over my body, sick headaches, backache, nervousness and weakness. I tried doctors and various remedies without relief. After taking two bottles of your Vegetable Com pound, the relief I obtained was truly wonderful. I have now token several more bottles of your famous medicine, and ein say that 1 am entirely cured.” Mrs. Henby Dobb, No, 806 Findley St., Cineinnati,\>hio, to Mrs. Pinkham: “For a long time I suffered with chronic inflammation of the womb, pain in abdomen and boaring-down feeling. Was very nervous at times, and so weak I wu., hardly able to do any thing. Was subject to headaches, also troubled with leuoorvhoea. After doc toring for many months with different physicians, and getting no relief, I had given up all hope of being well again when I read of the great good Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com pound was doing. I decided immedi ately to give it a trial. The result was simply past belief. After taking four bottles of Vegetable Compound and using three packages of Sanative Wash I can say I feel like a new woman, I deem it my duty to announce the fact to my fellow sufferers that Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable remedies have entirely cured me of all my pains and suffering. I have her alone to thank for my recovery, for which I am grate ful. May heaven bless her for the good work she is doing for our sex.” If Alive, Ton Cutset Afford Tt Tam DORR’S 10c. Collar. R war* tort sort Crtfeft aMloifi tnartv *%* cart*. Tnarty X) a to Mtrtl Roto Blue Serf* Coat# -- Id- 00 Crash Suit* Bike Capa. Belt*. Lie. ILPiCi COATS. 11l IIKL We have a’vo received a full stock of the cookat and roost comfortable UNDERWEAR made. DORR’S GOOD TISTE IPPSEEL 718 Broadway. t iQEffigy v Hum Struch*** Cold Wav® Soda 00 Icc §|l Glasses 017 Ice l ■ Sirups 017 Ice Ice on Ice We use only very cold Ice end very wet water, so that we have unusual attractions to offer to the hot and the dry. 5 cents to ail alike. S Hathorn / '■ Water y j Fresh shipment direct float C \ spring. Delightful nioiuiag / » water. / V Roll < / Toilet Paper / 7 Past quality 10 canto—3 for f V 26 cent*. \ \ Seeds For / Summer Cardens S / Fmll Turnip aort KuU BagnSy \ i )it?nn% < orn, Cabbage and alt C f otba? Catalogue frac— C V becd for it. / ) Aleiandsr Orer&Seed Co. ■ 1 ii.-.. ■■'■■■ ■ 1 .11.1— ■ i f I he / C !V^ Whitely /1 Exerciser. \l to#^ A practica., timplaand V efficient Home Exercieir, * t,\ one specially adnpteii for lj[ju JKJ ladies and children, but \ f\\ at the same time cau :>o V t profitably used by the \ \ll strongest athlete. / A J?®t\ll PRICES: / ll ‘l\ 75c., fl.oo, 11.50. / I BICYCLES - CL EVE- I J \ LANDS, »40 up: VIK- I ! V lN't;S, 136 up; GEN-1 ll DRON'S, *lB up: THOM-1 M AS, *SO up. < all and see j s* them. Every one guar- 11/ anteed. Richards & shaver TO RENT. Three very desirable double offices and two handsome sleeping rooms. All located In building corner Broad and Seventh streeK Apply to Arthur Mar tin at Commercial Bank or to Leonard l^hkoixy. aTjrtflT TTfPP todays; Dakota official and fIJDuULU lfl* ttorne ' r : Burke, Eastern nrrr/vnnnri office ’ N - Y - Ijife BniWihr, N - Y - L<; K* lU > insured, jUIfUiUJIJU consultation Free. Write. JULY 1 I SEA BATH AT HOME sf pftft «ft* 1 >fc s* to ftftfjuT'gfi 'tlNNi toft IftNftM tftltli ft f. f .y »sf a~ % Mill [ilto H »l 4 toi ftwiif nWb pmlklf II A. Gardcll Druggist 1 i«A f HI Ks ; l gwl tft rr : t!ftftl Ito 4ft ! ffftftfftftt fttol |aid ftnitoi 1 ftftt [ ftMftftL L A. GardclK Druggist Tto fbftftpftfl «Naf *p t.ftjr m by tto l * lift (ram m*k* I«a ton# l Mftt tft ftftM <df vtot fmtoftitftft <nk fbft Nft>l feftVft ft tftfft* fftHHif , tfftto «*ft Kk Oft# ftoUftf and « gaar> ' ttf ftpeftf. ,L A. Garddic. Druggist mum ******* PROF. P. (L WHITMAN, 209 7<h St., A«k«5U. Ga. tins FRtt m t«t« ** *n <t*tocu <■ Mgbt. ftriiMt* Um pr«ptr gftMW aad WftJA# ftairr* iftffw* Lftfiac# cut mtf ffmf Ac*** wlftlc j#s# VftKt* FREE OF CKAnuE. HAVE >OUR— CliiMren’s Eair cm while toe weather is warm HICKEY S BARBER SHOP Ai*o u* Hlf KEY'S MAGIC HAIRSUNS ta* tha HAIR. For Sale By AI! Druggists. CIM REPAIRS Wiß vS siws. RIBS, BBIBTLETWINE. BABBIT, &c. f run any masl op uin. < FNGINF??. BOILERS AND PRESSES And ftrpalm inr Mine. ftbft|t|ftir. i»J»«u£Td. I lpee. Vimtc* and TttUug*. LOffliM ißiix *«tts t ami hi, APUVSTA, OA. HAVE ARnjVED AT rORT. A large o«rg» of shirts, the sixth ex pedition from New York, to Augusta, ha* Juat arrived. Dollar goods, with two collar# ond cuff* with each shirt, to go at 5* cants. Our shirt* arc *0 popular they won't stay with us and we have to dlapati h weekly for more. Thea are the l>-#t of the seaaon. See t ur patriotic bu*lenders, the ta,k of ,ha town- F. Q. MBRTINS. 924 Broad St. “If You Want to Make Money, Move In the Company of Thors Who Are risking Money.” SOUND ADVICE FROM A SUC* CESSFUL FATHER TO HIS SON STARTING CUT IN LIFE. ' 'tad advertisers who USE THE BEK-' ALB l/ET KLsULTd WHY NOT GET IN THKIH COMPANY.! Paine, Murphy & Co. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 803 Reyislls st=T eleptone i fiks?. n 3 I male L, arfQ V,ir*« Euect to Naw York Chicago and New Orleans. Orders executed over our wires for Cotton, Stocks. Bonds, Grain and Pro. visions for cosh or on margins. Local securities bought ond sold. References —National Exchange Bank of Augusta, or Mercantile Agencies. NEXT TIME YOU HAVE A HEADACHE ■•■■■-USIS Land’s Headache Capsules Made Only By HOWARD * WILLETT DRUG CO.