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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, August 30, 1898, Image 1

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i yn|| » ft tut'** -- - t waMait At C»t«Tl| # affot tL (LftVIKGS fMMHI ■ aK( h.isaga i>hm« ■•“ A ,-<mS | tag piMtia nMM lit• fill S|* fc* •«? # _ i Imht** fSttM **4B* 4* ij*## I*** Si cMsipUm *•##•►*# **•# Bfto#*** B### in ft* •*♦»#%• n ••wp'i, tiw unaatriiTtH *t B*BB# *» W# M* | nmNn i # law in# n* ### *•# y*Wr»ofi. fmif orrkird ««a i lirfr w*U* tt#*r Mr* W A. o#torn#. * fen *lt*ffipt> Th* >el low f*v*r !!<•«» K*y f<>uvv|tnjr Tl)*' wMiiirtiDi arr ill t**y nn to stir uj> i lively tU»? In AtMniftta •IfftioM Ihfta fill. % numin-r of frtny oAftfi M*> Man d*t*tl#4 la the Cabaa mil* SlMlrll ikffhar* ll Manliuk P*dnl deny (hat the death* of yeaterday were fn>» yellow fever. K K Aftdareon ha* been made »•- j itatan; #* D#r»l manager of the Georgia Gen. Hoynton la making a favorable report on Camp Thomta and a great row over It la emoted. Thj London pttjeri feel that the j young Russian emperor’, of peace ran never Ire realised No derelletlon of duty and no wrong dome t. the report of the Knights of Pythias investigating commit!**, Hatifield. the largest dry gooda deal er In the southwest, waa burned out at Austin today, with a loaa of 1136,00" Col. Lawton, of the first Georgia, haa laaued an order, practically giving hla men freedom of the camp and vicinity. The police board of New York will : revi ke the license of the club w here j the fatal puglliatlc fight occurred laat ( night. There la a terrible report about #OO .“panlardu having loat Ihetr Uvea, being awamped In foundering aatllng ve«- aela. The president apent the day at Cleve land. He says ho la going to Camp Wlltoff to make a personal Investiga tion. Cotton futures arc dull In New York. There was a prise fight In Rochester, N. Y., laat night, with police Interfer- j ence. Congressman Bartlett of Georgia promises that an Investigation of the camp horrors shall bo made by con gress. General Miles will be asked for an explanation of the reported Interviews immediately after he arrives in Wash ington. The rolls In the Carolina election do not close until four o'clock, and It will be way Into midnight before the vote is counted. . There are 1,000 Americans sick at Porto Rico and it is stated that they brought their sickness with them from America. The row over the army scandal is more intense. Herald specials today give news of horrible brutality and dastardly acts of inhuman officers. The petition for a new depot at Au gusta will be heard by the railroad commission on September 22. A delega tion of Augustans will be present. Stephen Zelenski, a New York street laborer, irihetiied *20.000 from an un known source. He is serenading himself with bands every night at a cost of *IOO a night. The Savannah Morning News’ tele grams say that Mr. Hogan, the populist candidate for governor of Georgia, de nounced silver and Bryan's money views in a public speech at Sparks, Ga., yesterday. J. D. Whelpley, Porto Rican corres pondent of the Kansas City Star, in a letter to his paper, reiterates the Miles interview and substantiates statements in which the general of the army ac cuses Corbin, Alger and Sbafter of du plicity and trickery. It now seems Cartain Duncan, of the twenty-second Kansas,was not giv en five years imprisonment. His crime was disinterring and desecrating re mains of Confederate soldiers. The civil authorities are holding him. PAY FOR WHAY YOU WANT. CET WHAT YOU PAY FOR-IN THIS WAY YOU WILL GET SATISFACTION AND RESULTS. ft* iinv> a «ru %-Qt-I'AIK \ H in nni If IEN Hi IV HiM** M Up Aftrfkdl At*} MrUMi TV FmMfil iM (.Ftirti Alptj \SHtffSliS£ (‘NfftM. I Army lumlwli nr* Mm ib# ?*fii Ml * 8*fcl8t(«8 lA#*#*) t# tk Mt«ti4 I *********** Am m ~ftoi h«m t#rj U b«t «b# M. To Shorn ll* lß#fNctoßc>. I If vrttl not b» (V porfw*#** «*f Ikl* 18- Iqulry to invfftjfAtt oay portVul*r moo lor m*ft or to rrtu<*ia* iiy **M*l b -1 Hut U I# pupfmord that ts Irr an> t*a«l m***|fnM , *l '■ **y Ms» •* (ill# i iiiitpiiffb, tlw* fl**( will <i'•▼**»**|*- led. aM UK Um '#• (, t» iffOioHW* for IBt#r Ilk i*rrllmtfMiry livpfUfAhoß »• |(«utrludo<3 It l» *bat all ofb' Jcof# wfcn look p»rf Ik tkr campaign In (Cuba and In Porto H*c> shall be cbU 1 1 before th* naui and examined This Would Include every oRW-er'from Ut!«« I end Shatter fto»» to the small**! stnff I ■ (Beer* who had In charge Ihr handling j .rs autmlle* and the l.mdcng of trana- I porta. 4 W ilt Clear lla Skirts. Whatever la done, the commissary j department propose, to clear It* sklria ! of any reap* nalhlllty for the n.o-dHtv- I cry of supplies at Santiago hy a series of Wives!tea*ion* which were orden-d i yesterday. Several of the vessels sent I with supplies to Shaft.-r, Including I medicines, surgical requlrem'-nt*. etc., I were dispatched .'rum Tampa and else where by the ■tuarlemtaatara depart ment with cargoes ordered hy th-- com j tnlsaary department. One of the laat j veaacla to arrive In New York la the I Grand Durheaa. She vas ordered to : Santiago, loaded with lup’nlles. Sh - la j now at New York, and the Information lat the war department Is that she still I has on board one thou*and Inna of i supplies that were Intended to he land ed at Santiago. A board of survey will ! Inquire Into what condition the sup* 1 riles now are. and hoc it happened the cargo was not delivered. The Return Ve».*el*. Inquire* will al*<> lx* made as t» the cause* leading to the return of nth -r | vessel* under the same condition as t,he j Grand Durh>'ss. The war department claims that It ; has no official Information that there; was insufficient food on board the San S Marco*, that the water was unlit to r’rlnk, or that any of the officers should be reprimanded for their Bhortcomlngs j jin this respect or any other, to. j night no Investigation has been ordered of the charges made against Captain ’Merrill under the slgnautte of "A Suf fere” in the Journal. FEVER DYINO OUT. The Most Encouraging News From CJalveston and Key M est. Washington, Aug. 30.—I>r. Wyman, the surgeon, has received encouraging yellow fever news from both Key West and Galveston. At the former place no new cases have developed In the last three or four days and he Is of the opinion that no fever cases exist there new. There arc no new cases reported at Galveston and the quarantine estab lished against the city hos been raised, but. it is continued against Fort Point, where the troops are quartered. Alto gether the situation is very satisfac tory. QFTTINQ ON BETTER. The Troops In Calitornia on the Im —„ prove. San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 30. —Jos. 11. Matthews, surgeon in charge of-the division hospital at Presidio, says since the removal of the troops to Camp Marriram, the health of the men has steadily improved. He denies that ty phoid fever is epidemic. The expe rience of the Twenty-sixth Kansas was typical of that in the Fifty-first lowa and the First Tennessee. In all these regiments there has been a marked decline since the removal. THE AUGUSTA HERALD. *t*AM4WJb A## to> H*«* ttowoMtod mm Ib# I 48 Jt# §•*## 4# *Vl**#t M*t 4b* n, , in'nT>ri‘~ %W* tnurfriT I He# t* I •*###■ ifcrT# *#4Ukg ♦##•#*• Ml lb# •tod##### t# I 4b# k 4..8#d •##*! **##*?• kmm**t*4 ml«b git o*l tm«r*. favokabi i: rffort. Ito Made sa Camp fhamai By Ora. ! *»if < n i ##. unci fy*ioyt tlff* ti** <" >vu* , ipteti*! tlv fFpoit. mn4 Mi i«if#ifil## ft M to FivonMt. TV r*r**rt to fifnrahl* fin n##rt|r #*• lr 4 high army '*<««!* Him Not Muxrd owing ta • Blight amt hit. h « hlc h nfruiTi*d h*l***n Ih« army _ j n - ik ( , t\r*t mrt** to Anllfi>t<»n hi* ■a. iiiaglMiirjtil m»|,i th# ihinl Tlßlif iwwf# *rr to go to- Back to OHHin. Th# Inlrntkm nf th# «fH« »*l *•* tn ! h«v# ##vci» n>til!#ry »**it#rt* # away from th# i«rk within fony-#ight h#ur« Hut Major Atwell. In command, atalea that thla will h# alroo#t ImpoaafW*. Th** two G#o*"gia i>att#ri#a will go to Grithn, Ga.. wh#r# th#y war# mu#t«*r#<l in. Th# four Ohio batt#rl#a will f»rot»ably go to Columbu* until muttefH <»ut. It I* not known wh#r# th# Indiana batterl## will go. _____ AT PORTO KICO. There Are One Thousand Americana Sick There. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 30. The yacht May, which arrived today from Pcrto Rico, brought the report of the National Relief Commission which went to Porto Rico. The report Bays: About 16,fk)0 Am ericana were at Porto Rico on the day of our departure, Aug. $2; 1.000 men rure on the nick list, one-half the ca ges requiring prompt and careful treat ment. There are a large number of t/phnid fever cases, but on the 22nd this difceaße was not on the Increase, a feel v hirh Indicate* that the malady lias been carried from the camps at home and is not indigenous to Porto Rico. However, there is a very large in crease in diarrhoea, dysentery, dengue or broker, borne fever and malarial dis ced'-rts cue to the hot, unhealthy rainy season just commencing. dead at honi auk. The List of Fatalities Prom Tha Camp Today. Montauk Point, U 1.. Aug. 30.—The following deaths wpre reported today: Cnaries Capin, sergeant of the Hecond Massachusetts, typhoid; Frederick gpeller, Co. H, Eighth Infantry, ty phoid; Murphy, troon F, Second Uni ted States cavalry, dysentery; William H. Newcomb, Co. H, Twenty-first in fantry; and an unknown man, dysen tery. LIEUT. BRADLEY. He Passed Away at Fort flcPherson Today. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 30—Flrat Lieut. Jchn J. Bradley, Fifth infantry, died today at McPherson of typhoid fever. He was recently promoted from the Fourteenth. j|FOUGHT IT OUT. Two Pugilists Go to a Draw in Rochester. Rochester, N. Y„ Aug. 30.—Ous Ma rino, of Syracuse, anii Chris Schlotz. of this city, fougiit fifteen rounds before the Rienzi Athletic Association last night. Both were on their feet and fighting at the end of the fifteenth round. _ , - AUEM'ATAs o* n in ii ni |alls |||g Ktolth Nat la frl#* la Emit TV*#. ! s# fiat • Tffegttß It lit Mtiteal firm l ritait Ttmm iw Barto kdtoraai ad IM ttoiliato l MgfggMttb loto 4 w#**w I wgg Nl»>#niA( V#«r« fa*<Itt* tb# foltow I Mug., gf* Igg vbg(| Ml MMM **4 to* #l* *#?#£* fv#H» tb# guVltitklfM! Titoji— is IM N#w-a ftogfiiw. G#. k#gL Si—ftMt cm jgtgwt# «| (kittriwr H«g*» *|w»k« vta | H b#f Hr ***** Vl# •f#l#*t thv tb# ff#a ctbfsgg# nf kit Tar woti it ffii*k# MllUwißifft out of tmlft nut h#g#it tb# r»*m»» to tb# rt 1 I j|i m 9i#tgg to gboltot) ngtinoal Niilii, HALF A niLt lON. ' f rightful I Ire Rating In Naakvlll c This Morning Nashville. Turn . Aug 30. Fira | ' out at 3:10 thla morning In the | flf.ii floc r of the large establishment of the Phillips. HiiltrrO Manufaetur- ! Ing eompeny. stove* and tinware, ns College atr rt. II aprrad rapid 1 y. dw ! stroylng thla building and those oem- I pled hy A. J Wtirto. furniture dealer; Philltpa 4> Rteronaon stove and tin ware; Davie Priming r unpany. Damaged (Jrratly. ' The building occupied by the Amer : lean Nath ns! hank was considerably damrged by fire and eatir. The loaa la ; etltrated at half a million and covered iby insurance. The loaa sustained by .the Phillips-HuMorff Manufacturing i company, stock and building, ia esti mated at $175,000. Other (.oases A. J. Warren loasa on stock. $25,000; building. $32,000; Phillips A Stevenson, stork, $20,000; American National hunk building, $20.0u0; Davie Printing company, stock. $4,000; J. M Head, loss on Phillips ft Stevenson building. $20,000 KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. What the Investigating Committee Will Report Tomorrow. Indianapolis, Aug. 30. The com mittee appointed to Investigate the de monatratton against the officers of the Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias will make a report In tho morning. The report will show that the sunreme offi cers have not been derelict In their du ties and are not guilty of any wrong doing. The re-election of Jno. A. Hin sey of Chicago as treasurer of the en dowment rank ta conceded. The lodge passed a resolution asking congress to make the uniform rank s reserve of the army serond only to the National Guard of the different states. ACCOMPANY WADE. Orders Sent Out In Washington This florning. Washington, AAig. 30.—-The follow ing officers have been ordered to ac company Gen. Wade, president of the Cuban military commission, to Hav ana: Maj. W. K. 'Almy, Capt. J. B. For aker, Maj. C. J. Allison, Capt. L. C. Orlncom, Capt. Jay Cook, Capt. Juan S. Hart. FIRE IN AUSTIN. A Huge Dry Goods House Turned There Today. Austin, Tex., Aug. 30. The drygoods store o£ Philip Hatzfield, the largest of Its kind in this section, was completely destroyed by fire today. Loss, $135,000. Insurance, SBO,OOO. Dying of Starvation. New York. Aug. 30.—Private George Hatilghorst, of Company M, Seventy first New York volunteers, is lying se riously 111 at him home, KiG Fast 107th street. Dr. BatJgree, of 1485 Madison avenue, says heils dying of starvation. .“nubhed Cervera. Annapolis. MO,; Aug. 30. Admiral Schley, who spent a night in Annap olis, left for Baltimore on hla way to Westport, Conn.. He did not call on Admiral Cervera, but remained some time as the guest of the Annapolis Club. %h HI:I I l:J» * IRK If tftassav# sng I ay* law • a M*sgsa saw a M tosMMdWh 4swa fts Iha wnegawsM HI *hs camp *hn lkR« t htmm to*4t||i# f##% | ®# VMNMIMP *w#J . #NN#ibV toil ## fwiii# *N#t b#i tto#*b#ito#-. Vi #i ## *##i#ri#4V k# i bfb##'to# | i«$«»4«» lb#l Ik##* #«# • «f | I mrth* ' fif * Ml lb# ff<i| Tb# 9#T«bH j . tt**m 111. W«w4 *# H#§#r*l Awmm’ I i baailMlkt. Wb##V#f b#4 A 4* # | <■>lib C*4 THi rb##v# ot lb# : kMPl*4l tbMPbffkMMil i k f o*4 f«# T k##B *“Tb#f# Af# fMMf •W#4»# krw b#f#..” r##*ic4 (Vi) Kg#tot lb# tlirtaff R4A t fhrW4 fIW || 4 * r W#‘ll •## Atniil lb I# Hgb* AM* m »#tN| fb# Ak4 b# #w®iito#k#4 Itwtc#N'ti#1twtc#N'ti# (k lb# g#ii#fkl to##* M*f lb# VlA*fA*« fciinriiig haa mttf in «fn|» rlAbf b#*#. 4 * lb# i#k#m* m(4. •’Tb*-?# •*# Ldddiibd vfk»u«b us All r1(l< b«r# Ifor kirk #f ftotrilt b#r#k## ot foot \ p*4if o *wT AdiAk vkltAlp• VbfMNMill RftfWAtlM#. a . w .a. | Itfk of I OHM!) Wh #)rr I* 14 mol b##f«At# (o (Valb# from VfH«w r#%#r. Tv# qi#a <tl#4 In lb# xtllov fetr*f ramp »##trr4a# ami. In apll# of (V 4#- ntal of th# phystrtana. It waa «4at#4 that th#r* to no itouhi th# m#n died of I ih# dr ndr I dtanaae. Sags. 33rd Mirhigasi. aaya >ths conditions ha found agisting In tha datretlnn hcaeital hers discounts the 1 111. a tic m* hospital back of Klbonay. SHOOTING AFFRAY. Men Using Gu-'a There*-No Fatal Hurt Athens. Ga., Aug. 30 - News reaches hers of a affray ai Carlton. Madiaosi county. It appears that Cliff Eb Thart. while drinking, went to the office of Dr. Ra ker and nuked him for a peach. Whan [ Dr. Dakar told him be didn't have one | Kbarttsrl ahot him in tha shoulder. Kb ihnrt realated arrc*t ntuj for a luiug tlmi' went free. He wa* finally arrested, but Int-vr was released from the tniebiKißc. and he ia flow at liberty, linker is not fatally wounded. PROVES fatal; The Man Wounded In Amerlcua la D.-ad Amrrlcus, (5a., Aug. 30. Chnrica Newsome, a well known negro of thla city, died tonight from a stab In the throat received at the hands of hla wife, Nellie New Home, Sunday morn ing. The couple were engaged in fighting when the woman, according to hpr story, used a kn.fe In Belf defense as Newsome was advancing with an Iron bar. * She will be held for murder until the superior court convenes. COL. LAWTON’S LENIENCY. The Order Which He Has Issued to His Men. Knoxville, Term., Aug. 30 Col. Law ton. of the First Georgia, has Issued, wilh flie sanction of the commanding general, an order permitting all en listed men to leave camp during the day without ptisaes. This and other changes marie in the camp routine has | greatly encouraged the boys and not many »rc kicking to be mustered out. HOO IIOOS. They Are Soon to Have Their Annual •Meeting. Savananh, Ga., Aug. 30.—Cards have been sent out signed by Vice Refcents Merrlt W. Dixon and R. M. Shanklin, of the Concatenated Order of Hoo Hoo in Georgia .and Mr. W .B. Stillman. Junior Hoo Hoo, requesting Ihe mem bers of the order in the state to inform them whether or not they can atP-nd the annual meeting of the order at Put- In-Bay. Ohio. There are about 200 Hoo Hoob in Georgia. BACKED OFF THE WHARF. How a Horse Was Drowned at Bruns wick Last Night. Brunswick, Ga., Aug. 30.—Last night a horse belonging to Amos Thompson backed off the wharf, precipitating the driver, wagon and horse in Oglethorpe hay. Thompson was rescued with diffi culty, but it Waa impossible to save the enimal or wagon. New York Futures. New York. Aug- 30.—Futures opened dull. Sept. 5.50; Oct. 5.64; Nov, 5.57; Dec. 5.61; Jan. 5.64; Feb, 5.68; March 6.72; April 5.75; May 5.79; June 5.81. H%R ♦*€»s I AR* A VFAR YlffiOAV. A|t» jb, 4# I fill HR Ifi UR tllEf T# If cf I tot M tt4 ksf*l (Wfij Lilt I* i*#L Tkr BM t )tod It# Star •( Uto Aartkai NiU** ' WM«s to Ihr Issstto ' Hssnsttt hsr Whtoh fit h #«M «• »H. 'dfMWlAl lit Tb# M*t#44 S*m t«*b Am ib w*# nwtm i AAmtm Dwlir# r#ww4#» «f n a h ti ft. m ft b aujoiAi [ t#t w tvAlblkfl toll## %# Pl**lb#l ftto*' I tUtotopv Immw4 u 8 lb# #fWtAwito M «k# fuw4w#i 4 tmf *rm: *•#•»* Tb# tom immi «f om mm’ ty h*m ft#- Lmw#«rAi#4 fb#tr pAlitolMi. ABd tot lb# « (to* ktt to*** mm*m tVf Will «•#■ (•utitrti* ib#lr power Cm tb# rtf of Itotid And ft#*b#r} IA btWfd N« Ilk* 1 fi» i«lf. And #t*t tKdb tmtm* aa4 rw I fob Add Y##«dßfMdl will bib# Wtb i mnft t iiHißtc# Am 4 #tot lb# a#* l)###ftkwi Now No Crtoo# «l a m r#r*itiß# kundr#*t» of totm rrlm#.* md tb#y will b# «W#b<l#«l by | lb# weal## of oar bom# #»d com-, iry. **A# tb# f<Hind#f pncfit of tb# Bo rtotto# of DAUgbt#ni. I wm impior#d lo I art for p##r# h#for# tb# Arror*#d boor iof war waa upon us I wrote to yon. begging your p- war to secure nrhttra tloa. bat war wa* forced by the report of General Lae and Senatorial Cotn m sal-mar* Thurston. Prortor and Gal ilngar. while tha words of troth and warning altered by Mr. Phelps ware ' trgardad ss treason b* the putpH end I prawg of -or country through prejudice | and our (toys, the pride of oar na- I non. rushed to arms wiibnnt asking why. Their reward ia aiarvatlaw and death, but not dishonor. Personal Know (edge. “I know for a fact of tba suffering -if the bailors and martyrs of this unjust war. My three nephews are victims-- one a wrack from fever, one a stricken. ] suffering man through dirt and aiarva lion at Cblratrauga. another, a hern of. 8»n Juan, a corporal of the gallant S< venty-Firat, sent home on the Grand ' Duchess, aud dying nf fever U Mon tauk. Hi* last optical for help is a pathetic cry that reaches mothers, ’I j am ragged, my shoe* are gone. 1 have no hut. I am hungry.' Where will pa triots be found should another war rente upon tie after thia terrible erlmo of our nation, in the name of human ity? I.isten to the Nation. •'I have and do believe In your honor and integrity, but the time is limited in view of those terrible calamities,! and thp head of the government must act, or a greater war will be (he des tiny of our counlry. Do not be de ceived. but listen ta (he voice of pub lic opinion, usually the voire of God, and ask where shall humanity be found? “Act without fear or favor and the world will applaud, hut any yielding for patronage or policy at this critical hour should wipe our country from the face of the earth, as another Sodom and Gomorrah, foisting upon our peo plo a great national crime in the namoi of humanity.” CANT FIND ANDRE. All Hope of Locating Him Has Been Abandoned. I 'omsoe, Norway, Aug. 30. The steam whaler Fridtjof, having on hoard Walter Wellman and the members of the expedition to Greenland, returned o'(«r landing an expedition at Cape LogalholT. the southern point of Hall’s island. While Wellman’s party tvas return ing they met the expedition to Frnnz Tosef Land, under Dr. Northorst at Koenigskar island and was informed flint all search for Andrce, the missing baUconist, had proved futile. PROMOTIONS. Three Announced Today In the First Georgia. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 30.—The govern or made the following rpomotions in the First Georgia; Second Lieut. Wal ter P. Sorbett, Co. I; First Lieut, and nQarK rmaster. Second Lieut. Wm. IT. Tucker, Co. E, first lieutenant, Co. I; Second Lieut. Charles B. White, Co. D, first lieutenant Co. D. The United States transport China left Manila today, having an board General Merritt and staff. The general is bound for Paris, where he will take part In the Spanish-American peace conference. General Otis is acting gov ernor of Manila. «*#• *mmm fmmm ***** i*R#gMb tftfAM ##»Bg# f»smm * i#i f#f A IR#totoff <HM f RtofAMMH* *m**t #9# *Hm*m I Hb iUMMft It A# AM) VAVtftOA MM. • *«m*M|V# tops HR »I Vi HAA HR IWU. 1 tlrSMsto Ylm* f to*** s*w Itosgfcs si to tohssM Ft*** % stoma *S»» Msg tail A«g| ||l.' IBs gsstototot toh j tow** to totoHa** h**l *M»t IBM I‘tors* (tot* to*** tootol** It f%» * rtgUgj 1 i i !■ llwW ft#### tW I AN* •#*% t(Mi Ik#f# t#*R***'dA# AC# ##44 Nl tW lAf f#4VMit#<4 fc» Ik# 4*«#A## ******* AHPfUp I **#* •#*## IW Ik# RRV#A#RAAA All 1 kA###. I % m mm <* jwtktotow# |«M kkrk tkr#» RitIAMIII w#k f» fkWB I «<*## ttßAwmtiy diAAkuwt m tb# m> tok«« fto Itoww Nit#. |IV. WhhmAm ftNkW A*W>A*A#« «*>»A»W# I#| Ik# I tM«i A* r<#r AYIAf. IA «, #4 A# * • ’''#§ f#*### I# } ■:*«• 3 '* k# j*b# # AW»|t "I wwwt to mi ttol ik# !*»#%##«• Atoto# lb# Awldtov# w# t# «b# ! {>..«rwNH 9HW# Akd Atok# rl lb# <l«Mtik# Mr# to# dw# IA i itodlibtoA wbtob t#A to'bgi lb# JMbltoAA to. "Tk# aHHHAAAA btAA k##At itow Ato# titolf Htottod Iw kiwi #rt#d !• l • b# IUmMA Akd lb# d*Alb t A*# «w#ld b# |to#k mm ikAW m*m b#4 w# r»«AwiAwd *iw ibt toub. ttditi 4 Nt#< kmaftd M C islrwlH Ttwer. i rw-tAilf •r« r A In (k# f A mi* lixiA togt if ' tS* va#a fw *t-,Rift (iff* (k## r*t *Atoly A’lf! b# Al , A#bfd bf ttfihnil ft ft t Tbl# Tb# to «d#r Itoflv* M fOf • (ÜB# Iki# < AM# Will b 8 Ib# a*i by» tot i 8 a f#w i#p#bA t y#bq*d | l<tffllA fnt«B Vb# AtobA ABd Ai*w AfAttttvd ao tbirbty will ftiMMH e inil# tb# wAtrr Rti#pto'* niuis Ml AT ANSWER. Tha Mar Department 4* ill Ash Mhw ta l .plstn (Vashiagtcu. Aug R— *'hep lisa. E Miles return to Washington, be wtU be ashed for an explanation of recent interviews appearing with him and tha ’pubi railJn Of certain dispatch** which like war department made public. Whether the taraattgailoa will take lit* comae oi a military court of Inquiry or < a private Int crv* w bed ween the f*raa * ideal, the aaoteury of **f and Gan. Miles remains lo oa seen. Won't Discuss It. L’ntll the arrival of Mllea. the war d: psrlnieiit will not dlacnsa the mot j to#. , flYcriiirf Al|cr kajta th# d##Afft* ! uicot will uul #Qt#r Into #ny rontith j vii.) with anbordinaten and ba doea |not pr«t|KiAA tu di*t*UA# t»#u*fl Affect* Ing ft Uaa during hie sbsaoee The d< |Mrtut«ai la of iht opinion that Gag. Milsa taude public ittr diapatrhe of tha H.-crttury. Gtnaral Sbnfier and himaolL published this morning. W sot of Proof. | Such action la regarded as a breach ;< f military regulations, but no mili tary court martial cstf secure proof that Gen, Milas made public the dla j patches if he and the person to whom they ware furnished refu*e to giva the information, as several m.illary trials have made it a settled law that no military court can compel a civilian ta testify If h» doea not want to . Another flatter. Gen. Miles also maye be railed to ac count fer the Interview with him. as unless d autowed they would place him l« the attitude of criticising his supe rior olficers and subject him to mili tary discipline. The publication of the dispatches todny, taken together with previous interview* in the Kansna City Star .wero the topic of conversation orneng offlrefa of th» war deportment 'end already jiffra I* a disposition by some to take sides In the matter, while others deplore (ho conditions as tend ing lc lower the tone of the army and to t'o Irreparable Injury to the service. Surprise Party. Mrs. Atm*. Vf.rghan was Inst cven inb the Itostsss of one of the moat en joyed social affairs of the season, the occasion being the ipfmmal surprise party with vrhlrh she waa compliment ed at her home on the HiF by a num ber of her friends in honor of her birthday. Mrs. Vaughan is an ideal hostess and the d lightful evening spent was one long to be remembered. Among those present were: Miss Julia Mtilberln. Miss Pearl Daly, Miss Ma mie Rice, Miss Katie O’Callahao. Miss j Susie Costello, Miss Redmond, of Charleston; Miss Sheahan, Miss Ma honey, Miss Llzrle Mahoney, Miss Ward, of Savannah; Miss Aggie O'Dowd, Mrs. W. H. O’Dowd., Mrs. Jno. Armstrong, Mrs. Mary Mulherln, Mr. J. W. Brenner, Mr. Jame Joy, Mr. Joe Mulherln. Mr. Charles Mulherin. Mr. E. J. Costello, Mr. John Mulherln, Mr. W. H. O’Dowtl. Mr. James Walsh, Mr. Worth Andrews, Mr. John Armstrong, Mr. James Armstrong. THE HAJOR. He Announces That He Will Hake a Visit to Camp Wlkoff. Cleveland, Aug. 30. President and Mrs. McKinley spent the duy her». The president will spend a couple of days at Montauk Point and Ossnp Wlltoff *o as to correctly inform liUaselC xs to tho condition of affairs. Mias'cuWe Sullivan left today for New York, where site has gone to se lect a beauftftrt line of children's sailll nery for <be foil.