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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, August 31, 1898, Page 2, Image 2

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2 WEDNESDAY NO WAR PRICES Udwi' 4Mv#r ON#tt#*#in W#«*t»#ft •••*•§ ‘J9 •• Hir iw# ...» * *•« h •• •* Comb _t >. _» • * *£2 ** ** I# ft## »**• L**sk ttttitme »f f »**•• §* 00 « 4 I im»« m ft tin* day* «* I «•« MVI you yr> to f»D p#c c#«« (man »»ufcfv###* L#rg#ftt «lu k of OmmorKi* m Au#w*l# LEWIS J. SCHAUL, jeweler. Undtr ft*# ArUngtOfl HOW- JUST AS EASY _ 4[m4H % w 1 jaJfiWjy IO PURCHASE A pianor or organ •»|Y MAIL M K It te kby • Mil «f ***** >*•* *•* • baft***, ftn#*»*». w **■»- «•*». *■•»«*> I Onbrtac From « Hoi** Too Know To Be fUUable. If Ir«MM tft turn in #%•f#*f##d by It f**** *4 '•«»•••*** b'tela*teteabag tbldl ••(!* ** I* l***f ** ■•***•• Pm'' ks aaMotoft *«M> **• i* l ***! §!■(! bill b«i CIJH »b*r» tk* Qialitid an ÜBlßittiooabtr the lUffLthe Term* the Moat LiW aid The Awortment The Laryeet It's* gteoftete *** ttttaal rail** te* omit ll*««t*i**t uh 4 4# g n«bw i ptegsor* In BP jtmt limn. M *ll ■'**■!» raratr* ear prr sjaal aterer 1 . UuiJm*.< > 4iluai»s«*«l •alategv** f tm Thomas & BartoD, W. H HARRIOT?. Rectevar, n# nn«»e»*T. hftieit*. oa. UP AT VAUCLUSE. WMt !*♦ ***••*« Tlere Am Seyltg an* tM*|. •pnria! 10 The Harald Va«< lusft. 1. C.„ Aug SI.- Mr. ftrott Maxwell, formerly of «hi» plat-a. but •p« anpertatau d*ut of the rollon mill at Port Mill. S- C.. ran* down ftainr day and la ftwnd.n* *o*M time In town. Mr. Mfietll *m oeeraeee of tb» spinning r. am In the rottte mill at thl* place for about ten year* and a'.! our peopte are ahrsys glad to have him Wait them. *• Ml hi Rlapafa Thompson of N*wbcr -17, 8. C.. fame down !aat Friday and U spending amt time with her many frtenda at thta place Mr Jam** Foater la vary nick at thla writing. t)e A. I. Teague, of Granlte » vllle, la attaoding Mm. Mlaa Fannie Batcher, who ha* been M very alek with fever, la atlll suffer- LADIES TIES SOMETHING NEW J. KILLEB WALKER THE HATTER. ZKIHSTO IXI HATS ‘ Ing a great deal. Her many friend* are anxious about her and hope she will aoon be herself again. The long and continued wet spell has played havor wltb cotton where It was open. It la eproutlng very badly in the boil and If the rain continue* much longer' great damage will be dene to the pea crop. Col. R. B. Watson, candidate for gov ernor, was In town yesterday. Col. Wntaon spoke Monday night at Gran itevllle to a large crowd Rev. Mr. Sltelly, a Lutheran minis ter. will preach In the Methodist church Saturday night. Miss Inex Scnn, who haa been visit ing In Effingham. Ga., has returned home after a most pleasant visit to friends. Mr. Hugh Cook Is also bark home again after several weeks ab sence from town. , THOMASTON VOTES BONDS. Funds Will he Used to Erect a Hand some School Building. Thomaston, Aug. 31. This cily vo ted yesterday SIO,OOO twenty-year 5 per cent bonds for educational purpo ses. The funds from the sale of these bonds will be used In the erection of an auditorium for Lee institute. When omple'tcd this will be the handsomest ruildtng of Its kind in this section of Jeorgla. Before purchasing a pistol or gun, rati on me. 1 can save you mon-y. Lew is J. Schaul, Pawnbroker on Jackson street, established 18*6. _ _ _ ____ ervMAMRNf Inn*f to tte* *wga«*> *rw.» to m»,- •m Ami a A At Pm#—*'< ss*m ¥«#% ft*& If - "On# «t ! |# I t4»H AMRSNIiS •IMMfc SW fPPMMpf t**o9m* s® is is** |#fea*ti •!!) it fct • [#f Rf ttfi ts itb# ipRfSMMtHSI *#' Av Tf'RflMl * aA*#' mi Mwi* *4 Iff* n—rs> «« ****** l«*fy •*•'■»» A ll** A— •* »«#*»• •g it 111 if rtt t Mil It f f * fit ®*itW m «%t «« vO t *•# •» t*%r**** #l *s. tffttjfi Si fit M pm*m sl iSSSit tiUtfMl Mi M« fttfs fMl#Sttt fist fit MttStirt Sfftf it imnmnl T%t tt»tt§ttf tjgiMfffqil ft tit St* j ft# if H, Ittf Bff I *F f tIMf flMati mm# frot fit rtprttMUNivt ts tl# fCtiilM* OhH nffllttMifltt ts lit ttffflf tmott t»4 If tNMi #SNKiitt (*) t fMlftiS#ftl*l# tVlttf Tit 09$0 ■ tfttNt ts th* Ittf torn* tftl4• f its# It ytSM t» Wi*#t» itt f<nttfM'tSl tits Lift Mt|>f tt tNftff tt t •fM* itttf fQt* tmttit «i) tt lit ft* isMHMt, fit! fit rttttHkst ttt If I* I fv*4£iNt m® *lll rratrrt tti4 Iktl t TttßfHiti > #tToft# r#ftritr tits- MMifsiy. fittttsi-S tfS&ftfbtfl tM tt* pit ittS tt t «**«6#r* ittlt. *««M it t f«i»#St rtfitf (itft t 4rt*htf'k In tit Ktffnifttl Ottf4 ocpitiitiloct LIST OF ADVERTISED LFTTHLS R#mtlaitfi It ti# I*‘*ftM ts Aiifu#* it. Ut .. A<K»X SI. ItP PtrtftHMi NlW* tut for tIMNRt ttffttt Mill tt? »*lvcr?t#*4P' ««.t ntmc tli# fan A ralltif ts ti# (Mtidpp r# I qiitrtt tits Rif fttt f*t |mt*l LA mss* I.IIVT. If Mr* MllicHaul, Mr* n *> Bush. Mrs M flertlM Mlm Dora »*rU. C—Vlelorl* CopM*. Mlm Maggie CVaw 'ol#. Mi*s Intia Ch»fV»l. limits K Hit iMiine. Mr*. IMllsCkHlai. Mr*. Chailly Collin*. Mr*. Kllaabsth Chatman. K I Mr* iull* lCv*n*. ff—Mary'F«rhs* <l Mi** Phoebe Green Mr*. M fl (till.can Mr* Laura Griffin Ml** M* ml* Grantham, H— Ml** Aatli* Mud | *nn. Mi*. Mamie Hanb*rr«n. M*• | Maine Mall. Mra. Mary lUmns a Mre M J. Mays, Mum Ha Mammo**!. 1 Fannie Harper. Mra. Bdk Hsrrt*. J— , Mia* Jimmie Jo*e*. Mies Ann-.- 1. 11 Jacheon Ml** Halil* Jeoklnr M -M.** ! Kvn Moore. F—Mra Kmms Punk. Mis. Car*** Price ll- Mi* KM* Ku*h .1. ml. »~Mlra Georgia HmaMwnod. Ml** Utsle grhtaer. Ml** Lenora No, Mr* Hwadell Atuard. Mra. Jane * on. T Mra. H. A. Taylor Mr*. Heniy Tilt mm, Mtr* Katie Tillman, Mis* Ann n B L. Turnell. Mra. TltiWe Tnmlaon. Mis* BUen Taben. Lucinda Thoma*. W —Mr*. 811 vie William*. Mi** Rachel White. Mlsa Karah Writ, Mis. Wil liam*. Mr*. Fannie Wilhelm. Mis* Fan nie William*. Ml** Arnle William*, Mrs. KJlaa Wntaon. OBNTI.RMKN'B LIBT. A—Wash Alley. M R Allen. Sam uel Anderaon. B—J. N Bscmorr. C John Clark. Willi* Camnbell, R. B. Carlisle. TV-M. L. Davis, Hansom Da vl*. Kllas Derry. B- Fnreat Bdward*. Hen tint Bills. F W. L. Freeman. Anil nan Faun. O—Rev. 8 W. Gantor. Hnndy OrCen, O. W. Goodwin, F W. Goodwin H-A. W. Humphrey. W. Hardold. H. C. Hamlin. Henry Horer son. K. R .Horton. J—Tillman Jenk- Ina, Henry Jones. Anderson Johns. Ir- W L Littlejohn M-A A. Marshall. Ed McKay. Bddle Martin. N -James H. Noland. Johnnie N'aroco. O—B. J. Overstreet, ttullrdge L. Osborne. P Jerrle Penson. Kd Perry. R O. W Reynolds, Henry Robertson. Mrs. Rob ertson. Ram S. Reis. Henr yßuffin, Ale* U uesnm. S—Charlie Scott, W’llllam Saunders. George Silver. Jesse Saund ers Robert Saunders, A. R- Smith. Archie Smith. T-W. S. Tillery. J. D. Tutt, M’llllam Thomas. V—Philip Val entine. W- rt M. Watkln*. Silas Wal ker. John Watson. Daniel Williams. MISCELLANEOUS. To Fish Dealer. Messrs. Fred Forbes R- Co., Brown Gin Co., To Any Trln clpal Cotton Buyer. Messrs. Sprat ling A- Co.. J. T Nichols * Co. W H. STALLINGS. P. M. buried alive. Rescued After Two Hour* of Hard Work. Ashtabula. Ohio. Aug. 31. Jacob Clark wa burled out of sight In a 12- foot trench by a cave-ln Saturday. He was rescued after two hours’ hard dig ging and came out unharmed, the re taining planks having formed a roof above his head and held the dirt up. Do you eat? Try the Ellis Restaurant. DEATH AT UNA< ILLA. Mrs. W. 1. Hooka, a Prominent Lady, Passes Unexpectedly Away. Uoadlßa, Ga., Aug 31. Mrs. W. L. Hooks, o very highly respected and much beloved lady of this place, died yesterday morning at four-thirty o'clock. She had only been sick about seven days and her death was quite a surprise to her numerous friends and acquaintances. She was a consistent member of the Methodist church. , TH® sSIUGETJE3TA HERA. C.P CWTEMPIIHE 4 END IUTRMXOUS. 1 4 ffyift HtMi BMf” ■■ H'Bs* • l *»Mft Mftlrt lMlW» . Its* Mm f Ism * bit ado* ss *ft UfftwftMM 14Mlfefk« Yfc §m ll#%-#NNNI-.' liawKiil !• fi# fftytfj % • “-ft*- •*— —“• flaflt fftMMNI 4 h—ft tut k •rriwft **4 tie MMffibst* Of ti# ft>4r#t iiui m«#4 mfitll «ray fey lb* ofttm la ebawg*. Ittrv *m abw lately so ti lt* f.r tkr treat meal ftb th* ffUtasg gar haft m Hrk aoiftl*rt !l t* Mucb Indlgartlva Is felt tar the uncivil maduct us lb* of- Ver. la Ike rarvic- cf l arte bam. / A Clever Crick. j It certainly Imk* Ilk > It, bt»> thee* I* jraallv no trick *l«»i It AaiMr mn | try It *ho Sss Un* Hack and Weak i KMiners. Malaria or aervoa* troyt.le*. tk'a im#>i(i hft cm H)ff hlii.a* If 1 Mint away by labia* Kte«irte Mitiora. Tht* mcoietn* U se* tin Hi - wteite »y*t#m. act* aa a stimulant t» Uvcr and Kid n. >• Is a Mood pun*. . and nerve ten- I, |t miM Consttpsib n. Headache. Ftsotia* »l da. «eepteweew and Mel aneboiy. It la purely va#aMlkte. a mild laxative and remote* the ayatem to It* naiuial vigor. Tiy Kloctrte Bitters and h,* irnvln'cd that they are a miracle «trker Every bottle guaranteed Only SO. • bottle at Howard A Willefa drug etore. BRITAIN WOULD HELP U 5. London Spectator's Opinion of Result of European Intervention. London. Aug tl.-~ The Spectator a*- •erla that It ha* reliabla Information that M. Hanotaux, late French min ister of foreign affalra, hail designed a plan of intervention between Spain and the United States, which he. In 1 turn, proposed to the eotiuenial pow er*. ThJ latter agreed to the proposal, and It was presumed that Great Brit ain would also consent. Tjie French government heard, with the"most nufeigned surprise, however, that the only Intervention that Eng land would participate In would be that of placing a fleet at the disposal of the Pipsident of the United State*. CAPT. CARTER’S CASE. It la Taken Up for Consideration at Last. Washington. Aug. 31—The secretary of war has at last taken up the vol uminous papers In the cour martial ease of Capt. O. M. Carter of the corps of engineers. It Is Intimated that he will recommend to the President a ma terial modification of the sentence of dismissal. Imprisonment In the peni- Uillary. .fine and ostracism will he re duced to simple dismissal. Even this will probably carry with It the public disgrace and virtual ostracism requlreo by the 100th article of war, which Is undeistood to be aplptcable In Capt. Carter's case. Remember the train leaves for Atlanta at 7:00 A. M. Sept. sth—Two days irr Atlanta—all daylißht, at $1.95, by Tuggle & Hol lingsworth. WINNSBORO The News Over at That Pretty Little City. Special to The Herald. Winnsboro. S. C., Aug. 31 —Mr. E. W. Thompson leave today for Edgefield in the Interest of the D. A. Tompkins Co. Miss Mary McMaster left Saturday for Baltimore for the millinery son son. Capt. W. G. lordan has retum"d from a two months’ stay at Harris Llthia Springs. _ . . [>TEft TIBL( GOSSIP } v "A JMw| #.*#*B*4 SOO o&**mio** WMk Tso SOO Itlld th •* tf# 4w»«* m*m* 0 *so pr*n*m *• **# I jpigtfg of V # *4* Ilf# w hm&rnm «*»c# th# 00 '< I _ ||«rvtfd U» Nwlf if* | tmtf|s> Th# rtt*r «#*th#r h«« fcawM th# it G tt t #f th# hl##fAE#r«rtc vlfWf K» Af# «# t* have » nhlt# primury Ur tfif fH»ftfttit#t i f ' ti of t««hcilm#n from th# v4ft.nui § Th# n»ri»«m#nt Jo Pwf Chmrrni will tie fnrmail* unv4ll#4 #1 ttaUptirlt# 14 hirto *n 04 John H|4v#f. th# Yriußf »*!l ( »r of th# ! **rul##r Now Y*»rh. #lll rwiwln Mi th# (tty about a m<*4th. Mr#. M M (V4|or, who vis iipfflt (4 on at th# Ho#f>ttal a f#*% if ay# lyu for af*iwn4tft*itia. t# lmt*roviair rapidly. j At th# Ball Oftmi.-lthe-l thtntc T*m h#gtnning to üb*t#r»ta»i't It. !!#- That * i«w4. fth#-*!« that th# umpir# at th# Th# work »»f NMdlttl ih# tt#w \yar#- h.itt** at the work* of the Intcfiuate CotVdn OH company I# g°inj| right along now. Kx-Prralflont C**lmlr - Darter of France and hi* wife are making a cy cling tour through the Aildlaud coun tl«a of England. »* ■ American play* now dotting London go thickly 'jhgl the fai t la lon coming a byword of comment In the papers over there. The West End briu-a band la Improv ing right along. When I heir new In strument* arrive they will tie aNe to discourse tine music. It Is learned that Pat Walsh, an oiif Augusta printer, generally known as "Llltte Pat," went to Cuba with one of the volunteer regiment*. Lonnie Franklin, the young man from Weal End. who Is studying for the ministry, will leave to reeume his stud ies at college In a few days. The artillerymen that enlisted from Augusta will be mustered out St an early duy now. They will be muster ed out at Griflln, where they enlisted. "Can you tell me what was the most marked difference between Bismarck and Mark Twain?" "I helleve the pa pera show It to be aliout 19.99H.99S marks.” Emperor William has appointed Capt. Lauff manager of the Wiesbaden court theatre. The captain has written a number of dramas In which the Hohen sollerns are exalted. Frances— Harry says he Just wants to fall down und worship me all the time. Her Mamma—Oh, well, don't mtnd that, dear; after he's married, ho won't let It Interfere with bis business. Some minds are like Fourth of July wheels: they run rapidly enough, hut go ■nowhere; their light is sufficiently bright, hut It cannot he utilised; their heat serves only to consume them selves. Augustans now are getting their "peck of mud.” Muddy water, especial ly from the Savannah, is a great Fa lerninn. according to bygone nnti-netv warterworkists. They ought to be sat isfied now. "The Cuban insurgents,” remarked Cumso, "do not appear to be such val uable allies of the Americans as It was thought they would ‘Bt ” "They seem to have an objection to fighting be tween meals." added' Caw'ker. "Professor." they said, "give us a deep metaphysically, conundrum. ” ■‘Weil." he said, a moment's thought, "when is ‘which’ ‘what’?” They gave It up. "When it is neither." explained the professor. And when they had studied it opt they under stood . i n... _ _ POPULISTS WENT | WHITE PHIMARY. I fin (ntfi JNw'i § wi i | A, A, ItoffA* kcM ?•• §4# i 4*l*4 4»f4t#4 omm Mu I lib# m#4#k * kk## »-■# 4 ■mm i»rT «4 II mit*m frmim till# 4-4H** «#M4«t«44 I ft mttlk* >tr# Ml 14# 6*tf4 #44 ftH k«4 A m A M. j j nf [ ;T;.r Wst** Ml 4t4i*#i# *44#*«44 lately X«#mm •»« a*M Umh Mte *f | "jpFMt|4 (Aa# «4# t#*#*it# #t rmm-1 k ftw i#4 Th* ffoaaua* *ipssigik la tba 4mr d | up n»f I ght party I weaker i akia Is gt. * Oeegrra* las* ftartted aa t tfwulde wkea rtet toa Gffia twite atwaoft A MOW.I. PRISONER. The cea Ac anted Taylec Allow cl Mot* PH* Net**. i Mac .a Ga Aug St Abney Tarter j ka* brew pat barib la bis old soil at i frrsdoqi of tba cerrttior. A tew weehaj t 4» f i #r## Inr k#4 .4 II ##II to k!m* *pd gives* the jailer* *«• trouble at J attar ftttpkra aakl that Taylor ptom.scd kite that h* would bekav* i h.gMtef i Tba were allowed to go beck Ila the rail with the other prisoner*, and that b« thought that be would give him no* more trial. Taylor ha* j s Bible aod a anag book. Ha reads | the Bible throughout the day aad says ike la trying to sav# hi* soul. He **f» | he hope* he will be able to receive a | ntw trial, but If he doe* cot he Is go i ti* to try to make peace with his He seemed to be In heller spirits on yesterday after*,sin than at any time I wore the trial. Hr chugs to hi* Bible I aod says hr would not part with li for anything. | The Jailer say* that be doe* not think i Taylor will gtre him any more trou ble. but If he does he will put him in a cell to himself and then keep him there. Only steel lined and burglar proof safes used. Money lushed on anything of value at a tow rate of Interest Wa terbary alarm clock*. 78 cents. Lewis J. Schaul. Reliable Pawnbroker. BATESBLRti INSTITUTE. The Fall Term Begins the Middle of the Month. Special to Th* Herald. Baiesburg. 8. C., Aug. 31. —The foil tera of the Baiesburg Institute, under the management of Prof. H. H. Hun bert, will begin on Sept. 5. Miss Kath erine Gainey, of North Carolios, has accepted the position of music teacher in the Institute. Miss Gainey Is a post-graduate In music from the Greensboro Female College, and has had four year* experience as teacher. Prof. Edwards will arrive hern about :he Ist of September. This is one of the best schools In central Carolina. Mrs. E. F. Strother hns gone to the Hayward White Sulphur Springs at Waynesvi.le, N, C., where she will re main about two weeks. She Is accom panied by her son, Edwin Folk Stroth er. Esq Misses Pansy and Marquerite Dukes, of Orangeburg, S. C., are visiting friends and relatives In natesburg and vi< ntty. They are the guests of Mrs. L. 0. Hartley. Misses Mamie O’Keefe and Katie Page, of North Augusta, are visiting Miss Josfe V. Sharkey. The pQslmaeter of this place haa received notice from the postofflee de partment that commencing wltb Sept. Ist, the railway mall service of the Selvern and Knoxville railroad will be extended from Seivern to Bnteburg. This will require some extra service on the part of the postoffice employes of this office. Through the persisted efforts of Con gressman Stokes an increased al.ow ance of pay for clerk hire has been set ured for this office. A series of -eviva! meeting are now going on at the Baptist church. The pastor, Rev. A. C. Wilkins, is being as sisted in the meetings by Rev. W. F. Derlcux, of Spartanburg. Have You a Son, Brother, Husband or Lover In the Army or Na? vy ? Mail him today a 25 cents package of Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet . AH who march, walk or stand need It. It cures aching, tired, sore, swollen, sweating feet, and brakes hot. [tight or netv shoes easy. Feet can’t blister, get sore or callous wftCre Allen's Fpot-Ease is used. 10,000 testimonials. All druggists and shoe stores sell It. Sample sent FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. . .. CUT THIS OUT Writ* your AUv#rtio#m#nt Oft thil biftnk, ftßdftM UTMHint ntCMiAfy to p# y tor ti mtfly to tor* Uont os you wont, and #)th#r moll or a#ntl It to THE HERALD ADVERTISEMENT COUPON. YO Tit# AUMFTA HKttALOi PfOOM Intort (lift odv#rtift#m#r>t wr<it#n b#low timoft In your "WANT** column*, for which you will find onctoftod 9 conto BION HERE I' ail aaiy w« a sate* tnssssai r*aa. ID p. Ik**»#'*«, H#««*•. kyjtete. ft<»*> GsteS*. fat tel*. Kale# ftav. cH-cl'T J »ulit >« •«* saiwt imt w*s (kaa Ik iIMX ONE CENT A WORD. SITUATION WANTED 'WANTBfx- A pnMitna a* **te*tn*a ta ! afraid to work. Addra**. H«ary Mar l t*r, G*nrr*l tsstiwry. WAN'Tkle ItstlTloX Aft NURBK j nr huuaawork. Apply 111 Jackson *l - hTtuation wanted bt to»*ng | Ad* rena GM . Herald Hept I , WANTED hdlTlo* »T TtrtfVO | mil as texdtkcepsr or sklpptaa clerk Uomptet* bus puss lotsraa. two year*' 'experlenc* as Skipping flc-k to Augu*- ( ta. Address J. M. Fender, Perkin. 1 Manufacturing Co. Kept t HELP WANTED WANTKIJ-BOY T9J ATTEND Tu horae*. Apply »1» TWf*lr *tr**<. H#|>t I FOR SALE CRKAM—CREAM AT *4 JACKkoN BT. JfoH SALK —ON E FIRST CLASS motur. Good as new. *OB voltage ■ Speed 2406. Type W SI. No. U. Ad drcM Motur, care Herald. Sept 1 - 11l M'INTOHH STREET FOR SALE - $1,500. Rents for $15.00 per month. Aunty at once. Clarence E. Clark. Ml Broad. ***< 1 FOR SALK—TWO MULEB. TWO horses and one lady's top buggy and harness. Apply to F. L. Fuller A Co. Aug 31 FOR SALE LADY'S PHAETON, very lleht. original price $l5O, now *«o. call early. 546 Broad street. Sept t SEVERAL FINE MILCH COWS AND also several tine beef cows for sale. 'Apply J- H. Carmichael, May avenue ! and Woodlawn. S*!* l 3 WANTED —To sell second-hand refrig erator. capacity 400 pounds. Address c, care Herald office. FOR SALE CHEAP-AN EVAPORAT ING cane mill. Apply or write 24. Walker street. 1 4 FOR SALE —GOOD HORSE, WAGON and harness, Cheap. Come qulfk. Lee Jordan. Dugas and Twelfth street. Aug 31 _______ FOR SALE-LARGE ICE BOX. NEW. Coal 13 00. now $4.00. Come quick. Lee Jordan. Dugas and Twelfth St. Aug 31 ______ - TORENT FOR RENT—THAT LARGE AND DE SIRABLE store No. 744 Broad street. Under Masonic hall. Apply to W. C. Jones, 705 Broad street. Sept 1 FOR RENT—7-ROOM DWELLING HOUSE 1257 Greene, with modern Improvements. Rent reasonable. Apply 1256 Ellis.- St; P a TO RENT—RESIDENCE 1224 AND 1231 Ellis, with all modern conveniences. Apply 1026 Broad street. Sept 1 FOR RENT—DESIRABLE RESID ENCE, No. 1008 Reynolds street. All j,modem conveniences. Apply No. 1007 Reynolds. Sept 4 FOR RENT—ONE OR TWO LARGE cool rooms furnished. Most central lo cation in the city. J. E. Deas, 918 1-2 Broad street. FOR RENT—SEVERAL NICE COM FORTABLE dwellings, with all the modern improvements on Greene and Telfair street. Apply J. H. Prontaut. 626 Broad street. Sept 9. FOR RENT—STORE AND FIXTURES corner Calhoun and Camming streets. Good stand. Apply on premises. AUGUST 31 TO HKNTMi MM M WT, Nk# A-rWM Ikuaw *Mk >«»ge #a, •<*> <•»» »*» *m» Dm Pollard HIM »wt MMI AMI N#. IM Mi Intiwk It. Am M To RCNT-NO »l KINO MTHKKT. N#» two-stary Muir •*»»«■*, n*«r •*r Ilk#. HI M pmt m Wit Apply IMS : Hrv#ikU9 itfif», Auf SI TO HKWT-THK KUUAVT TO HRS* I mum ry niwfM t*» (Im» <t* Aftuirw*# toutNi* In* nmniAK thr»n|h frum MimiS t« feci* Ji* Now «MCU|*i**4 by L. F }*4df«lt, |b« •itur« «4 M H. ts Ani*Mc at 8. W. (kin t (to bicnt -cohnicr him ah anh CVtiw. Rnifinr# on Center, Jf*. f)9. Ift ronw*. tritll ls*tti ftllllt t oft vr-nltnr**. I Atiki an iVnter M« til, C mAiM, wttti Nil ft. Afply (o Jno D Hihrv Mt fltraat *a|*t 1 LOST AND FOUND 1 LOUT Dll UTKATED UAHT WKDNE&- DAY —Du'i r> l .i#d -■or, with haras, i »hit# ip.>t in f»r» Kinder will h# r#> !wm4#4 <>r returning lo Mrs. W. J. 11-U [triad street. Sept t TAKEN UP AT NORTH AUOUHTA— A medium sis* J> r»r con. with right h<>rp I roßrn off Odor Mark, light sun -1 i„.jim eld##. stoma, h light. Owner ten ! rt'.w-r b» prnvlnf seme and paying damages ami expsasas- H. O. Hughea. jtk-pt t M isc ell an eous BOARDERS WANTED AT T» TEL- I FAIR street. Will furalsli rooms and meals oil reasaaablo teems- Septl SHORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING only $4 00 per month at Osborne’s Business collega. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at night. Come or call at ;<jßce. Great demand (or stenographers. | June IT ts Special Notices: Coupon Notice. THE COUPONS OF THE AUGUSTA, Telephone and Electric Company, maturing September Ist, IS9*. paid on presentation at the National Bank of Augusta on and after Sep tember Ist. JAMES P. VERDERY, President. 7 Per Ct $500,000 7 Per Ct ’ s FOREION CAPITALISTS WILL LOAN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS on realty In Augusta, Oa. Termi 7 per 'cent. For further information sea their attorney at law, P. J. Sullivan, Es.. or Mr. P. G. Burum. E. IBOWARD. Ji , (SUCCESSOR TOY CROUCH BROS. Respcc* fully solicits the compounding of your Prescriptions and family receipts. Accuracy, Pute Materiala and Prompt Service our motto. and see us. 908 Broad Street. HULSE’S St9am Laundry and Dye House Let us e’ean or dye that last winter’s Suit of yours. It will save the cost of a new one* ggrTh* best of work done promptly a% Reasonaole Prices. 314 Jackson SI., Opposite Opera House Strowger 447. - - -Bell 82is2»