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WrONFSOAY WAGON LICENSE UNO POTATOES. Tt) fl» TYtil JUtMPif l»> H** * | tttl N HHMMW f»**t • • »»im I. CXd** I |a. v*4», Awrt) * Mrt»< tto Tmi<» !-*«—>« pHw» *•* •** *»«• *■*«»» ** »-—» **! ktea* «bat **W —O'*— l * l * •fiftfrirf ftf UMF m*«» «a| t(w |Wd*IMWM* il ] ■mg. i Itm'nf r AUMHNI wlsp*f iKlk*A •** j .im n ait'-. fr**** 1- * **• «*****." " I ■ a— __ » fIMSt ft. i$ 1 A J « CtlkJWf 1! # : ——— »*-*■».. *A«i • tmtmm »*» It I»# ©*#F' ™ v *" fngistwMM M t#*dl M*taPi *•••'• I t*-w# TIN* «#»*♦© #d tipi 9OOMMMM, H j ftPMt» fc*4 ft ftaktWMFt • fill • | ■ wrliii Mffttv • VNiiiPflWMl *M»*M#d j lg, B m 6n,rm* NT t*# •** j cm Ml ta ti» r«M# IM *!• jl ( S pn< pi <ii • |m» d#tn#f pwtwli p** ' - f W fj| tftft r-- *** Pot ft imw Ml fW- MiifWl Ms yjmplowf Pi. fMtIMI I* Pt t*d : «** <«* % _ . Ilf *- f*# f4mM * *•** to I pn fitt |i|p|■ rtn; Pft4 re*Sf* P«IP • #***•* SmMNnI •Mi pit I tt*t# df prtiipri. #W , j |mi PiPtiHf fi*T PfP i#pt|P|| K*f • j of ••! IP P watt** fiat maun! ftiprftip tw ipT«P«liPtMl Tia |pv i «*•# tin* npM all ftpi* 1 Put ?| ytift |t mi* ip#! ft t* wt tiPt M *«4 •!•«>-» fprrMl oat U» a T. Bui i • Pep tk# aatipfiila* ftkd tMM ppyap*. If viotaltpg Pf pijnmi* t* *#«»4ata tk# *l* 1 rap** taw ip *f f(« if>aNwl u*> twHhcwrt hi#' dratiaia KkkNif. Eartf til* t<x+mr*m savaipl dm 1 phi pat IP a* appaarmp ' * at hnilfr*fft PPd prtm*m%*4 to kirk Thr r fctri waa tiat Mr Mu.Upan trti ianlipp pcHatofa to ramp ap4 •** ra*. oftflfl lor *o M •u IMP lac »o Tfc»> CM tfrayw*ai -erf t»r r>« Uetoae. and (her Ml IN Mr. HalltgMi »hould 4o m. »r mop rarrj lac pmaine* lo ramp ( U. Cai"ledge heard th»ir roaapla.n’. ft yid told t istp to h*f o<i *M*p ottr j «he outler —thei be *m)A tea lo the caae TMeeti- e Wiee rraa tn!4 to lareall gale lie eel out and -hen be ram bark be —a* in-ofriM br Mr. Mul- I gan -bo aaid be bad n<»i jrat deliver- ' «<1 a rlagle load of gmatoea or Cher guoda t oibe ramp He bad hta —ag on loaded, ho—ever, and —otild have nub no—laglr violated the la— had ootl tie offirer aared him from doing «o. j It aaeroed a little bard that Mr. Molli- i gan could not haul bta potato-* to r.’trp. but it —m riled to him that par t «a —bo hauled gooda into and out of the dtp bad to coma np ith the ne ceaaary tnonr v t r a lirente and be could be made no eirepilon. Judge Bailor had so derided —hen the rase —ss laid before him, and so it is that the gentleman —ill have to take out a tkenee'or the Tenth —III have lo ttae' tbeir own wagons to haul tbe potatoes •u. Looks Conflicting. There is one part of the reading of tbe ordinance contenting the license on —sgons that Is a bit confusing, and It would seem to let Mr. Mulligan out of tae Jurisdiction of the law. The ordinance, after stating that no person shall run a dray, wagon, etc., foe transporting goods, without a license, goes on to say: "Provided, That nothin* herein con tained shall be ao construed as to ef fect countty wagons or veh: .les of any kind within said limits for the, purpose of trade, the delivery of pro-, dure or the transportation of aterchan-i or any ether commodity, lo the count it, la the regular course ofj trade.” It certainly looks eery much like, the potato hauling would be a “trans portadon of merchandise to the coun try,” but It seems not so. OAHTOXtIA. B«aw the 4 1 la Kind Ycu Hm Alw.iw Bought ■•7" THE CARi.ISTS IN SESSION. ' » The Chiefs Have an Important Con ference In Pari*. Ppf'ria! to Thr Herald. Pi.ris, Aug. 31. The CarHst chiefs In Paris held a conlereviee today at the house of Count Demaille. Aftet the tp<cling the count said: "We have disrissinj certain communica tions m e:r<;| from Don Carlos. If we hao a liftle mote money, .Don Car los would he in Madrid within six weeks. Lack of financial resources, bowc.ver, compels ns tv go siow Just at present. The prince is well off as a private seutleman, hut much money is jiordrtl .1 put a laige arm;- in the field even for a short time. We decided at the meeting today to borrow sufficient rroney to enable us to begin opera tions. Our security is ample, and Don Carles will personally pledge himself to reimburse the leaders. The report that Den Jaime, son of Don Carios, will head the movement in Spain Is untrue. Don Carlos will not abdi cate the leadership, and there is no reason why he should. Besides, we legitimists hold that he cannot abdi cate. Den Jaime, who is a brave young officer In the Russian army, will help bis father as soon as opera tions begin. Spain wants Queen Ch:istina to get out. arid she can v/ell afford to abdicate, as she has hoarded vast euros of money which she has in vested in other cc.uniries, thus prepar ing for a rainy day.” Th" Herald's list shows that the summer visitors are returning home rapidly notv. utt iAN ft X ‘outeiv • t Mttvtt st Mb. That our AUGUST CLEARANCE SAt E h«« m«d.a lasting •"PW^U. o .'}, e t*woS\a b!l!mpo.Tlbi “m?«H°lou“in '’i ho w'Towns''whit thly purchssra oftfosflgSrior this -rah Is t» b. « ra» up»S3«a| $2 00 For th<» above figure we cen give you a Gents* ca f Shoe in Lace and Congrm. made on up-to-date last, that you pay other dealers For ?h© above figure this week we will aell you our 52.60 and $3 Black and Chocolate Kid. vetting top. Lace and Bu * to ” Tor ladies. See window for samples of fhesoehoes. Thny a r m beau ties We have a email lot of our Ladies S 3 Oxfords left. In Black and Chocolate, with vesting tops, and will close them out at above figuro $1.25 We want to close out all of our $ 1.50, 51.75 and $2.25 Ladles Chocolate. Tan and Black Oxfords, and will give you your choice of them at above figures. The goods should be seen to be appreciated Rice & O'Connor Shoe Co. „r„ “ SS SS JZ. Rice & O'Connor Shoe Co. YEKY SAO IM Alii. f*#* | Mr*. A. B IvffSMa !',•**# Assy l* IM. CMy | Mrs A. I*. r«rgu*>« M r-stsAMi. ! TUi, 4i«4 list eigtit #1 tbe cW.jr feu#* j Mrs Fr tfum** • death »a» one o I I »ftftetill aadirii Alwwt ivo eieki no » H».ft ..m fti-D-g- fp t ft kpf Iftftft ift j rJHtltia. fla. and nitfid Hi# hospital I, r irrsiitFst Tb# tiist lire of tier tfopk)# sirwiHtlH Hn Pfefil kw, i ethkh *yss siirrreefun> jr rs »f®f*d and, I she •as os a fair read to ftrortfi wbeA pArumutna dvvetfkfMNS and al-1 fhuigh everything that mediral skill and uader nursing roald d#vt«c •as , don# for b#c. the malady vai too deep*: seated and not blag eon Id save her. Ifr FVrgns* a was telegraphed that j hit wife •as erttlcally till and arrived ; on tbe Central train this afternoon.! wkrti tbe and Niteiltgenre of bla wife's: (tenth was broken to him Tbe death , is doubly sad aa Mrs. Ferguson lcava ( flve little rblldren motberleaa. Thf remaias will tie taken to Florida i for iaterment. DYINO man pi.a ns funeral. <lot an Estimate of the Expense From the Undertaker. (Arisons Republic.) * * * A man tint lo Phoenix yesterday of tier ! teral and the moat exart prepara lions and r.ner bavin* satisfied himself jef the approximate cost of bis o—n ta- j ! ne ral. On S-'nday hi* little son er.l to the iGoldtn Eagle Livery Stables and sa d .III* falhei had sent him to Inqu.'S I what II would cost to hire a 'bus to *>> Ito the cemetery. There was going *o h» a funeral. Mr. Stevrns Inquired ; when. "Kbe hoy pouldn’t say. but h thought If everything went right It ; would take place the next day. Mr. Stevrns asked the liny who was going to te the victim. "My fother," replied the boy. " Khimki’ you said your fa ther nut Ji»m:nk about the ’bus." said Mr. Stevens. "That's right.” re- I piled the btr. “Then he Isn't dead I yet," taib Mr. Stevens. "No.” repdel the boy "but the doctor says he will be in tlnee or four hours.” | The bo) ivp* *old how mneh the 'bus would cost and h° went back to report {io <he dying man. It was doubtless n matter for scrims ccnsldcratlon, for hie bid not die according to the doc tor'* (chcdule, but lingered until y?s torday forenoon, when, having flgureT out what he corid afford for the lux ury of death, he quit breathing. PENIShriENT EN UdH. Indiscreet Act of fir. Will Kahrs Causes Him a Black Eye. Mr. Will Kahrs. while under the ,n --tluence ol' alechol, ar he himself sta'cd t i the recorder, abused TV. J. Holley Inst night for no reason ai all. Hollw promptly gave him a blrck eye and he: paid r, visit to the hospital. Judge Baxter decided that Kahrs ha 1 h»cn punished enough by being hit in the eye, so did not fine h'm. Kahrs hedged Holley’s pardon before he left the court rncm. THE WEATHER. Forecast for 36 hours, ending ft p. m., fiertember 1. IS9S: Washington forecast for Georgia Fair tonight am' Thursday, preceded by showers In extreme eastern portion. Washington forecast for South Car olina—Bain tonight and Thursday. laical forecast for Augusta and vi cinity—Rain tonight; Thursday fair weather. 'l'he revised report of the census board of the Russian Interior shows that since 1885 the population of Rus sia has increased at, the rate of $1,500,- 000 annually. It now numbers 129.000,- 000 and stands second to that of China. which is 380,000.000. Mamma —It is very, very naughty to tell lies. Eva. PeOLtle who do so don’t go to heaven. Little Eva —D'd you ever tell a lie at all, mamma? Mamma—-No, dear, never. Little Eva—Won’t you be fearful lonely in heaven, mamma, with only George Washington? Oswego Daily Palladium. , , IT IS PROVEN Obit usi > (In aw—v -t Mr*, annuls te. Mr*. Minnie Is* ll.siM, aged M fvaisr*, possn) a—ay ta Laaglry, Aug Wr mis* thee from our home. Mlnats, We .nl*» thee from our plsce. A shadow «*sr «ur life I* r-*(. We miss the sunshine of thy fare. 4 We mis* ibr kind and willing hand. our home la dsrh -Ithout thsa, We mis* thee every—here, I Come hark In thy sfdrll tonight, low. And all the world will he hrlghl, love. As bright ns ‘twas with me before. Mine she was hut yesterday. But death hath turned each Umb to gtrangely atari* that snowy face— Ah* I yield her all to him. "V I Terror thrill* me n ar thl* clay. What I loved—llfs and light— Death do with Her. s* you may, .. tilu ts yours, not minx, tonight, ' I I Farewell, mother and children dear, i |am not dead, but sleeping here, i yjy end you know, my grave you see. Therefore, prepare to follow ms. I t*he ha* gone, she has gone to the re llinfie of light. She was with u* today but In heaven tonight. To part with her wa* a trial severe. Yet it I* better. *he should be yonder than her*. Thy children are lonely at nltht wlth- OUI thee. And ml** thee ao much In the day. That sadn *a throw* shadow* about them, And nothing seem* happy and gay. t On earth I shall never forget thee, Jn heaven w henever —• meet. Though all of the angel* have met me Mv own will be there, the most sweet. MOTHER. To Our Beloved Hother and Grand mother in Heaven. (Written Upon hearing of the death of Mr*. Sarah K. Graham, Saturday, Aug. 20, 1898.) Thou hast fought the battle of life bravely and well; go to thy Just re ward; A blessed inheritance await* thee; enter Into the Joy* of thy Lord! el Sweet, gentle spirit thou hast taken thy fllghi: angel* welcome thee home| Thou art now there waiting for u* end with them beckon us come. \ Blest art thou among angels, bright winged angels, balhing in God’s love, Rolled in etherial brightness now safe in thy happy home above. I The infinite depth* of thy love for us while here on earth below, And the sacrifices borne for us per haps we may never know; But we know that we will miss thee, and thy plaeo none else can fill, Rut—listen! a sweet voice whispers, "she Is yet with you, she hovers around you still.’’ A beautiful guardian angel, all radi ant with a heavenly light. She guides and leads us onward 1n the ways of truth and right. I more anrj more like her, this we would ever be; That we may all meet her in heavpn —a reunited family. -LOLA G. BUXTON. Augusta, Ga. Smith & Wesson pistols from $5 to $8.50. Several good bicycles for sale very cheap. Good watches from $1.25 te $50.00 at Lewis Schaul, Reliable Pawnbroker, under the Arlington. ~HR. E. W. MILLS. Formerly With C. & W. C , Now With Georgia Northern Roilw'ay. Mr. E. W. Mills, who was formerly auditor for the Charleston and WeM ern Carolina railroad, in this city, is now general passenger agent for the Georgia Northern railroad, a line run ning from Pidcock, Ga., to Moultrie, Ga., a distance of thirty-three miles. Scandal is born of idleness, but no amount of industry can kill it. THB AtJOTISTA HI^HALD INASOCIALWAY fP '/It, / A Georgia l ove Story. Aw-eiheart, sweetheart. just two In the window arat, And • rose nearby. Where hreexe* *lgh. And a glimpse of the golden wheat. And akie* are blue. As the eye* of you. And all the world la a—set! Bneetheart .*—etheart, A pale rose In your hair, ghlnlng afar Like a lonely atar. In the night of darknea* there! A smile, a kl»*. Love’s simple bits*. And all the world I* fair! Sweetheart, sweetheart. A seng In the waning light * - Borne dear old tune That mother* croon When little one* stir at night; A word of love. And the star* above And all the world I* bright! The Stay-at-Home. The *tay at home la having the be*t of It these damp, muggy day*. Thl* t* the weather VhCfi ope needs more than at any other time "all the comforts of hojne." It I* damper at the seashore than It Is anywhere else, and that la needle**, when everything is dripping with humidity when It Is not dripping with rain, and the country Is wet, wet ter, wettest, and the roads muddy, muddler, muddiest. It Is sultry enough In the illy, hut it'ls not as damp as at the seashore a bit not as muddy an In the country, All this Is something to tie thankful for. And ihe woman In the city ha* something to do. She can shop if she can’t do anything else, and most women will confess that there are not many things pleasant r if fhey have a little money to spend. And these are the days of bargains without tremen dous bargain rushes. Perhaps some of the shops are try ing to sell off some of their old goods. That is always all opportunity. No wo man need buy what she does not want, but if she sees what she does want at half price and gets It, she matte* her self and the »hopkecper| happy. The Princely Limp. It Is prnhpesled that for the next f<‘W years the Englishman who is an En glishman worth knowing will walk with a limp or a crutch, and all because H. R. 11. the Prince of Wales has injured his knee pan. Home eighteen or twenty years ago when the Princess of Wales was afflicted with a similar trouble, it is said she was not allowed to he alone In her affliction, and the women of no ble families limped with her in unison. What the women will do for the Prin cess certainly the men will do for the Prince. Naming the Tiger. On the overthrow of the monarchy of Louis Phillippe a Supday crowd visited the Jarrlin de Plantes and was amazed to find the fine specimen of the Bengal tiger still bearing the label of Le Tlgre Royal. Nothing would serve the furious crowd hut that at once, on the spot, the authorities should change the name to Le Tlgre National; and they did. - PERSONALS. Mrs. William Burton has rettirned from Waynesboro. Mrs. Joe White has returned from Washington City. Mrs. Catherln Kenan has returned to" her home in Columbia, S. C., after an extended visit tff her sister, Miss An nie Woods, in Summerville. $1.25 At above figure we can five you \ho b#ot wearing and stylish Hoys’ ahoe that it aold In thia rlty. Those goods can t be had from other dealer* for lets than $ 1.50. 75 CENTS A genuine vlcl kid Oxford for Ladles, patent tip and patent faced. You pay other dealer* $1.25 for them. We »ell them at above i^a 1 A Child** genuine Dongola kid. patent tip. spring heel button Shoe. »ize*B to 11. These good* are all solid and very dre*«y. See them and you‘ll be surprised. $ 1 See our Window for Men** Sample Hat* In all color* and latest shapes for above price. I Ml** INir-il* Austin ha* r*t«m*4 ft—l B*« *an*lt. I MM J*r>*nn la vlaltlag It— Ml**»a | Thoms* la AlhnSa. Mr. sad Mrs. Hugh Dst* aatf family bar* rrtuned from Beaufort. Mr*. C. A. Wllhrr* la rial ling Mr*. C. H. ITiiaisy la Gmvrtu-a. Mr. Charley Carr ha* retar—*4 from a visit to retell*** la Madtv*. Mlm Annie ftarae* —III leav* la a tew day* fur a visit to frieada la War* raatoa. Mr and Mr*. Olaaehrook are expect ed home today from Kv— York and IJvenMot. Ml*« Faille Johnson Of TV*me*boro ta Ihe gticet of the faintly of Judge John •he—make. Prof, and Mrs. P. M. Whitman have returned from an extended summer trip to Wisconsin. Mr*. Fnmrltu* M«*e* —III leave for New York this week, where »h« will visit relatives. Min* Marian Oates will leave ahogtly for Madame Loaknimkl’a tamuu* home school in Athena. Mr*. Hugh Alexander and, daughter will leave tomorrow on a visit to rel ctlves In Waynesboro. Little Ml** Annie Blbley entertained a number of friend* yesterday In cele bration of her birthday. Mrs. Beaale Gunn of Augusta I* on an extended visit to her sister, Mrs. MeGlnty of Norwood, Ga. Mr*. Clinnie Downing, who ha* been visiting relative* in Washington and Norwood, ha* returned home. Miss Maggie Bartley ha* returned home after a prolonged and delight ful visit to Ml** Wal*h In Savannah. Mis* A. M. Zelgler ha* returned home after a two months’ visit to rela tives In Savannah and Deaufuskie Isl and. Mrs. J. L. Maxwell, Miss Emily Du gas, with their nieces, Virginia and Fannie Dugas, have returned after a pleasant visit of several weeks In Asheville. j The Day of Freedom. *7*! All hall! the day of victory, Which dawned with ninety-eight, To set from btmdage Culm free And open freedom’s gate. i Ah, freedom, long and bitter sought— At last consents to stay; The purchase price were battles fraught With many a bloody fray. 9 Yet freedom, like a mighty light, The moment it lias birth Puis all the shades of night to flight. Restoring peace on earth. God speed the day, when freedom's light, Shall shine over all the earth; When monarchies, with all their might, Shall cease to find a berth. ) When Joy resounds oe’r all the land, And song of gladness sings; Because the era is at hand Dethroning queen and kings. Let all the world together greet The dawning of this day; And everywhere let mortals meet, Their gladness to display. Reconcentrado, racked with pain, Deprived of all your right, For mercy plead, but plead in vain, Rejoice! for freedom’s light— That’s long burned dim is beaming bright; By God’s decree 't has come. The enemy Is put to flight, And all may have a home; Where high and low, the rich and poor, In peace may dwell together, And. praising God forevermore. May hope for times still better.. —C. DE ST. RESF.ANA, A. M. and M. D. Augusta, Ga., Aug. 9,189 S. OPTICS OF Co-Operative Coal Supply Company, DEALERS IN COAL AND WOOD. 1041 JACKSON BT. TECB3 -A.3STT Iftl4 ttf) pftppittf'* for winter an 4 didn't left. Neither wltt tfc# man wfc* bure Ilia t *m\ now frv*ni I lie (VOpHttlVf Coal Compdlf* CW Jelltco Ml #*• tm In mar sad *«allty, tat •<* la l*rtcr. _ T«i t h itfr mho «ant an raiMily cwd, twt a) ewer bur nine rail, we reraM* vnend ih« CHnM M< M'NTAIK. No ala I* or dirt, and jwur Or# wttl karp •II *l*9)l. _ _ . . * Ant Marti* and <4 Mr trade* ,»f *nft Crttl and IK# «*nly drat rlaaa Black* avntih (’ral wdd In Au*train. Telephone or edit on tu for prlrea. OIiYER Hat * At*. Just received, our Fall line of the famous Guyer Stiff Hat, in all the leading shapes. Why buy a $5 00 Hat when we guarantee every $3.00 Guyer Hat we sell? Also compilete line of Men’s and Boys’ Caps in every color and style. We are anxious to make room for our tremendous Fall stock which we are daily receiving, and will close out all remaining Summer goods at cost price- L. SYLVESTER. POSSIBLE, PROFITABLE PURCHASERS READ HERALD ADS EVERY DAY. AN OFFICER OF THE LAW. Was Before His Honor for Violating Section 16. An officer of the law shot a pistol In the city limits yeterday afternoon and today wt» before the recorder on a charge of violating section fifteenth, city code— shooting fire armß it> the city limits. The party was a young man, who was told by County Policeman Sea go to watrh out for a certain party and if he sow him to arrest him. The young rran (he asks that his name mentlrned), who lies lale y been made a deputy county policeman, while driv ing in » buggy about 5 o’clock last P terucon espied the party, a negro hoy, he wanted. The boy also espied him and lit out tip the street. The offi cer got out of the buggy and gave chape, tut did not catch the gamin. Willie pursuing the escaping boy ho (the deputy) fired his pistol In the air it-, ih? hope of frightening the fleeing one. Policeman Black heard the re port (.ml Investigated. TI” repotted ihe rase and the recordc- decided that tii? deputy, as he was pursuing the thief, had not violated the law in sbooting at the pursued Even a conflagration dangerously near couldn’t keep our esteemed con temporary The Macon News from com | ing out as lively and full of news as 1 ever. AUGUST St Mild, nor** «Mmi •**«* *#Af m*k Augusta Brewing Co s CALL FOR EXPORT BEER ■ IB E X$ Xj E OF GEQBGIA Our Draught Beer Has None Superior. —GALL FOR AUGUSTA BEER, UNIQUE CASE. Dennis Sullivan Could Not ChastlM Daughter--Brought Her to Court. DennlH Sullivan, u colored party, was) not allowed to chastise his daughter, a, young girl about ten years of age, so he had a case made against tho latter at recorder’s court. “What did the child do, Dennis?’* asked his honor. "Threw bricks at me. sah, end her mammy would cot let me lay hands on do chile, so I brung her to da courts.” Judge Baxter told the father that he should exert more control over f ha family domicile and dismissed the case against the child. AN OLD CASE. Recorder Rules on Violation of the 18th Section on July aa. Way bacy in July—to be exact, the night of July 22—Mr. W. J. Sprouse and Mr. ,T. E. Henderson had a diffi culty. Today the recorder tried the case, that had been reported. Mr. Sprouse aeemed to have been the ag gressor, so the judge fined him $lO. Mr. Arthur Tufts, of Decatur, Ga„ brother to our townsman, Mr. Frank Tufts, is in the city for a few days, Mr. Arthur Ttffts ll.ved her for a year or two at one time. BELL 3B O IT GEORGIA