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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, September 12, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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MONDAY 4 THE IIICUSTI HERHO mm mum l *52 famae mtmmm *•»« **•**» _* * «*»• mmm «* £52!! «■•««■# £,#*»**'«> »*» (iIT «H Wi> n I unis—B «* ifrm *»»—"* **’ ■MM* eew» **•* *■* i •»«»■••» |Ug. • Mb*, »«■*— >»- txr* *EBE ... omm* t * \tA WILL ffftKtl >W* HIIAUJ gu * t-4 M **f *•— •** a* A* «*»*»* t> *«» #**• OH|T • *• *•* **•*•* ®** r ,» mm r*»» t«M. mrntrn J2TZZ'Zi m '££? JKIC * Hi*'"*-# I*9 fifcgHwn tun MM *• Herald Prize teners From American Summer Resorts. «... TIM HMII tfcl* »• • «1M *1 I'KM M tb* bM* ** iHkMrti tpyfkMM trum •* Am*rt «*a naMCt- ▼*••» E 4 let rtiat *B S*ltl*b»* o*" •m* 4* ►*•■»•. •»*. * f,w ,b * •**•**« ha. H*a*4 •*•*• •*■ nwi «H t* aahaxttlxß »• ■ ••*•■ p**re« *b4 imasrtiul Putnam- MllbM to" tb* •* * r4**4 88 *ri**« Tb* real haxn# •* «*• frvfttff. •• •npII •• Mm •**•* •" Muir*, west •»'*'*>*■ l>*«r e*«-h l*n*r a*at Hi to" puhttratl®* M lb* anr#*a* •* MMiibtb k tlub * * , «*•• «•»*«• *brtr lattara U * immmUi t*** l * l J f OMit<rtNM»l# CtA WfW« •• BlMf Jb ' lrtt*r* •• «b*r wish for th* *%" prime, but em» woH»t»ni '** * • «m optr of th* prt*-* , TO* HmM *»»i» lire. «pn|Hi |y, goaotpy MMk Iff *H* *' prlaaa wilt b# b«r*r<l*4 lor <h* — 1 b*M imM !mir*il Inf And aroal nr ruudaM* t*tt*fA at Summar Rt •ort N*»t- Contest Closes Oct. I. ron THE Bf»T LETT** ***« Son THE ID BEST LETTER ... I*.** Eon THE ID BEST LETTER.,.. ».*• A SPLCNOID ATLAS. The Herald he* sutured a few cofile* as the magnificent War AtD* Issued h> Hand. McNally A Co . the «r*at Map maker*. This Alia* la a map of the world, and If yon want to keep pn»ted on Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines yon ought to have It. The regular price of thla Atlas, which la printed In flit color*, con. tain* maps of Cuba, West Indiea, Hawaii, Lurope. Aala, Africa, Spain, Philippines, North America, South America, the World, Oceanlca, China, Portugal and harbor charta of Havana, Santiago, San Juan. Matantas, Clen fuegoa, Manila, Cardenaa and Santa Clara Baya. la 50 cents. To Herald readers .10 cents. This Atlas Is 14x11 inches and con tains 18 pages. Vou are sure of get. ting your money’s worth when you 1 get the HERALD’S STANDARD ATLAS. Altogether, Home seems to be on a boom. * l’lalt is a corker In hla way. bot'ke can’t atop Roosevelt. Warren county says she Is going to have a fair as is a fair this fall. England thinks with Bottom, that **Qood Hay, sweet Hay. hath no fel low. ’ A soldier of the army lay dying at Alger’s camp. And he had much mor tal company. f “TTnele George" Is for Featheratone pnd Jim la for Ellerbe, eo the cum pulgn doesn’t sag. There Is mourning In Manhattan. The "fifty cents dinner with wine” now costs fifty-five cents. A large crowd assembled around Admiral Cervera 111 New York Thurs day to aee him receive his salary. A western paper has deliberately started an endless chain. And it isn’t the only paper tu the town, either. Jt has been conclusively established that whlskoy was used In Governor Ejlerbe’s behalf In the South Carolina primary. But the governor stoutly maintain* that it was without his knowledge or consent. #%* iHMMi ill {uttfuii nit m p«piPi Hit i*'*** ***** tnrirr- ifr i#** *4p|MlMNMoiKfll ip «isW§ tu# 090 t# * t*MMI *9O - ipP Cm fty** ll u ■ iw* #%p 90-* *%v|| %- mm WOO9OO I *1 mt tMk# ***ooo*o (pMßef* «MI MM* mm Wfr* 9m ipM*mMN| «hm§ 9$ MM ***** •'9*o *%m 9000 wOO , : 000 0000 000mm0 Mp* »•*•*,* oHk’9>9 mm*- 00M000 00m 000m0'*»*0m •**•** «* #** $* | *■ ’ I .-rw *■ I : UN 4« «b#«|a*MMM>* us Mbs * Abb* mmm w*a * *. -u sa huu mm •%* aw % eg xuissi IHE T%*» *aa bus I n. riT‘f • turns 4b* M *%*« lb ■aa fhb MEalitr IMUM# V* fMMW übs.% i wts* bhm sMMhaRaE ii 4b m# : mmMm ft (ME b*A sfHaE lit »b* **• ImmmM ma*m laa»a*s (ft PM Thu f Ntstsab saMHEHMsmat *hu amawt <b*» i mwms saaa <b* »»*■>« u»s< lasvai Mu* I Mufft •*«* at mt Eaaai uemmum at EsM i Mb mrnmmm* aaul eiuu* st Eat, > BEE* »b* tREEE Hutua id bp'iw' |«| by imi. AEaEu Eaufsani tsuwk i H * uui S9OOOO l«fu i H uaa ME EM bssEu 1 * t*u*s MM i ime ■» bast hni a*uEaE*a MEb flut* ■”4ir ka* Ea*a»wt i fiisasi >Ew a»*«a# fEHEat waE , Mu it aauEMa • wMEbMaMU ba Ps#*a !«• ttw wbNh iumumEnl lb aauhMM a isuEy ihE hua kaEati aa Em p*ua**i Mm* Ou* nauMEbMMuasu bum *■*•* - JuEkM Pba E tha P*B*t Masaa i i spiAßib swum wriinam E l»ar»s e»' I I rasg of flatib Oatulhaa. bb4 WtibuM | Vsm Wbmbp. *Ee *mm Ham PMU»4 1 Mol** aMMsf M HMIaBU HIM I I 0000000 •• M*# 900mf$mi0 fmmmm ; Mi ly ♦*• 9000 90 osmm 0000000 00090060 *4 j I 0000 0000009 0009090 H»lt (f»l If—t*wi «t 00009 09909 00*$* Ett tli 09m IliHwfy 90909*. Ifc* ** 4 09m0t00 *O9 Wing kHill slo*o9 •• ICIC. mf%9o us lb* That traEf ustHuß M -0000 tlrt Ijf irilMii# «W IWrWff cWnir* (Iff tfffNf' VfW CNtmil Wtili CoAto* * ! tag Um war at tftll ruuciuEß at • HMBt. EwEst H. Hit Th# |»weu nßUluts* BU lb BrplMab**. ibo tußiMiaslna-rr oa our part beSag JaaM* g. Regard Albert (lallana Joha I Qwtarj Ada** Meary day aad Joaa ibaa RuMwII. aaR arvrral il»e* tb# au ! gotlatioaa user broken °® burauar o 1 the eareaalrr deataade of Orsat Brtt- I ala. but after three Months of dlarue otoa. both aide* bring deal roar if bringing about pear*, the term* wee* ‘ finally agreed upou. The rauee of the war the British < lala of the right to ' soorrh. wae aol evea aentloaed la th* l treaty, strange in aay. The treaty deci ded ao Mbetantlal point eacept that the war ebon Id ceaae. la thla ronaertkNi It Is noteworthy that the buttle of Hew Orleans waa fought two treekt after the treaty wae •igard. Had there been rabies la these gays there would have been no bat lie of New Orleans, and General J«#k eon would nrver have been Preside* of the I'nlted Rtalaa. As a matter of fact, It was not until February that the news of the trenty ranched the Pol led Stale*. The laet treaty made by us with a foregn Minify was that negotiated with Mexieo. following the war with that nation, which began In 1848 and ended in 1848. Our commission on that occasion was Nicholas P. Trial, a clerk In the atate department In whom Pres. 1 ident Polk had great confidence That treaty was concluded at Quecctaro, Mexico, February ft. 1848 Its negotla- ! tlon extfwded over a prrlod of about five mouths. Besides these six peace | treaties many underslanillngs of friendship and amity have been brought about *rom time to time. It will be seen from the foregoing that peace treaties are not negotiated rapidly a<ul it would not be surprising ts several months elapsed before peace la officially declared. WAR ABO HEROINES We have heard much of the heroes of the war. Some of them won the ti tle by the desperate dash with which they captured El Cancy; some by the j fortitude with which they submitted to | the hardships of miasmlc camps after the protocol was signed They have been pictured and poetlxed until their names and faces are as familiar as the Shorter Catechism. But what of the heroine* of the war? It ia from thoughtlessness and not a want of chivalry that so little has been said of them. They were, on the bat tlefield, with the red cross on their arm, and health In their hands and the very smiles of God In their sympathetic eyes. Braving the dangers of fever i anti the thousands of evils incident to warfare in a distant end demoralized country, they pursued their ameliorat ing missions with no thought of self—- daughters worthy of the noblest ma trons of the world. Hie American moth er. Their work was not of that pic turesque and nolay kind which Is ca bled across the straits nud paraded i« double column headlines. But was cue of the chief glories of the camnpigu and should be recorded in the proudest chapters of our national history. tbt arraT7P*Ta frs:i?Az.» soo*oo 0000$ <»■*’ ERnEiift -90 0$ 00*90000)0 0$ s9ss/s9oo*smm(9t9 —MI 9mooos so*oo9 muMME MMNBfi |gt *■-*• EBl Est *4009i.., .00009 09000 mil *&9000 *oosm *■0000000009999 s9* 9000** *" 9*9*009' os»s o*ooooo9 o*o. Ws%Ul'm9* 00009$ 000*00000000 SOOO •%•** s9* *9 sooosm 9*4 9mm 000*0*0 00*0$ j— 900*0m Hue s9* If w n %9* ' 0000$ **oooos INI 00009 00*9*0000**09$ •*# 00*$ $$ 00m tmmm ss»»* 9m 000000000 —* —I s*ss* $ *ooooo9o** 9soo*otooo9 0009 00*090*0$ '9ooos $* 0000000*099$ sooooooo* 0000000$ 000$ |p 9m*om 900 000 m so*oooo9 099 9sos*s 09m*0$ 9hos s99mm 9mm*mm §m mb** «e* mm 9mmm m 9m 9*09000000000 900 9m 00*9$ SOO $m 000 • #1 «Uffi an EE'# Hm» l-B-tfr 0* tp|* f** * * Ri 9*9ooos* 9990990* *om s*o99 §ss*ss 9m s9m 9*009* *9* *oooso9sm VM (MM MM* 000* tliEie *i99m om 9 sm999**o* 9s99**os*am 00*9 9mm 990*99999* 9*oo 9*-9**oo9s 9*ooo* Ml MM MflPiftMM *o*9 9 *-«EU#### EMM# RtNfiphß * »m*9i%s 9mm-9 (Nl I'M# o*os Imwe 4 T9m 90m0m0009"9 *0 99m' 00000 s9*oo9*ooo 9$ Eft|PEl#l'*f 00$$%m (gUR f %•$ §. gr* 9m ism gt«*y MmswM m bb Ms* fttlf THtt • lu bts ftßbciUg guuißßw AMI tbs It BMM b* r~EfE‘ L T 1 <bu« bts flgbflug bus twww tbMM bm until Mas aunt aw 4 kfatluw bwt with lb* «|g. Tbs ABgto lb4lM gnau ssyu us B aau 1 BM M gu>*r* aft T» ous K mmn t gtu gw umßul* wot tuurarßs. gw wu mum > wtify tbs skill 0$ .inis n tb bMu’ wf *to toßg two- ssdsil Ptmy bus flrugnw* thews Ray*, but that BMr* of «trlllaaitoa has wot tty pad bis agvags rwurggs bur lg btu IgM brush wltb tb* British lag** oft bl* Burs killed and H t* uMhgglsd tbat Ifi.ftgf war* Bounded Hot* .ft tbs way tb* goes bstilgbtrd sgthsg’’ cbbrgsd the British squaru R rush— at the smoke shea we Ist drtvu Aa. before ws know. ’*’» arkta’ at our ’sad, ’Ft all ‘Ot saad aa* ginger when Alive. Aa' •’* geaersl v .hsmtuin ufcrn s’* dead K * a daisy, e’s a ducky. ’•’• a lamb’ Ba a InJlb rubber Idiot OB a bpree, E’* the ott’y thing that doeea’t give a damn For a regiment of British infsnire* j Whenever anything important hap pens, you may count on a Georgian being there. Our governor was pres ent when Mils* called nt Ibe wsr de partment ; Merton Verdery »*• nt the big Tolstoi banquM In New York end Archie Butt 1* gotnk to Porto Rico to aee the pence commission annex the Island. The opinion prevails in certain cir cles that Miles will force a breach wltb the odminleirailon with the pur pose of securing the presidency. Some body will have to stand for the mili tarism which ha* been Inoculated Into the people, and (he general stepe in promptly. ■ * The Georgia editors have been in vited to attend the Omaha exposition on Georgia day. They are to meet In Atlanta on September 24 or 25 and leave In a body from that point. Free transportation will be furnished mem bers of the association. The government will have no eulty in getting from the ranks of the volunteers ten thousand recruits for the regular army, as provided for J>y the Hull bill, and they ought to be the flower of young manhood. Floyd county commissioners have reduced the tax rale for the ensuing year from »1.25 to *1.12 1-2 per hun dred. This action was taken to meet the increase in state taxes. Fltzhugh I,ee is gathering In the southern volunteers as a hen gathered! her brood. The Second South Carolina is the latest addition to his corps. * The prohibition election in Wilkes takes place on Wednesday and The Washington Gazette predicts that the county will go dry. The Macon Telegraph is kind enough to say, "The Augusta Evening Herald Is one of the best evening pa pers iu the state.” Since the attempt to take his life, the czar has given it out that the prospects for universal peace are not I so encouraging. *BR RfitM Ett'tbV | um hu-me J mm * <MM fag B ft# -fj 'Tr ME stag' >tg BBh SMb E* Ms *4 *us* rm P *m ■•ftg f* • Tbs MIE <S <E#«#h|y* l lb « '*4tf MSB Bf H#M P*# torn 09m**$9&9 mOOMt *0 90$ Kmi arMwe# * Est. IK 00009*9 *os *o*9 0*9900*9 '' $ $$ *NP# 1000 s9*os ** s9rnm ill* s99s nn®**(P “ , 0 *ya m gjBE (js|---’- - a—- , § 1/99*9 Nft-%* 90 f%4#NK ff lift! 19 AMI DiirfiyiMß. ' mis~ r ""£m IQtt|MQPft# *0 ■UK* hmMs%9* •• 00 #•••«• •• •• 00 0$ $9? sss ?%s#t s9m I9otpu9t» *$ IBrff INKIKII#M ####*# •• ** VM 90* 9*oo 99 #4l £O4 T«H#k) 9%9*pf%9 Mp 4 ISfcfKßftE 000*00 ,00 . fs4 09* *94 IT* lljtfKl* tCI! oi InpCWtM 0990 99$mm\* 00 00*m 9$ sss■ %$$ $9 9*9 T*o Ttw newspaper frag übteh IM i above figure# were take* *44* "The 1 volume at trade during the pa* Ml months Is a-moM equal to that of a xiggle year la the post The ****** of import* over exports I* far above that of the preceding year, gad If I* anti cipated that the total at the eod of this apgr Will bv thr#*#* lifiMMl M itf|f 0m that of the prevtoua year This I* pc*, slbly doe to the approach of the date its the enforcement at the new customs tariff, the tgmratlua of which will un dinotedly stem the tide of Imparts.'’ /yoiHTfO PAfigofigriu A charitable girt never gtve* her ri val’* age away. tiuntc engagement* end happily, while others end In marriage. The espeftefb* • man buys ia seldom up to the sample aulunUted. Cqld cash melt* l>*ta of hearts that ore not affected by love. / Some men are t»ru to rule and nnn» ( acquire the art *t * business rollege. The realities of matrimony are usu ally lew pleasant than the Illusion# of lov#*. * Home bachelor* voluntarily Join th<* rank* of benedicts and some are draft ed. A man never looks so well a* when he's looking for another man who owe# him money. The man w-ho lies until he gets him self and his friend* to believe it is an optimist. A contemporary says what this coun try need* i» * ftret clasa fool-killer. What’s the matter with the cigarette? All the classics and metaphors at the command of a woman school teacher don’t prevent her Jumping on a chair at sight of « rnoui*.-Chicago New#> DOTTY Don’t Judge the content* of s man's head by the slxe of Ills hat. Don’t think a ro an looks the right way every time his head is turned. Don't Impair your Jibpplnem by bor rowing trouble or lending money. Don't refuse to let your wife have her own way; she’ll have it anyway. Don’t blame the upright piano if it’s a downright nuisance; blame the paly er. * Don’t go without things you need in order to get things you don’t want. Don't ask a woman questions. Give her time and she’ll tell you ail you want to know. , Don’t marry a* girl who Isn't afraid of a mouse, or you'll be kept busy re gretting it. Don’t think because a girl Iqves you from the bottqrn of her heart that there isn’t plenty of room at the top.—Chica go News. What Would Come of It. The annexation or Jerusalem would sw ell the German emperor to the'burst ing point. We would have an ”1 and Solomon” manifesto iu about fifteen minutes after the deed was signed.— Minneapolis Journal. A Way Out. The Parson—l'm going to have a tough Job of it saying anything good of the late Brother Boggsles. His Wife—You ought to say that a more deserving person 'has not died in a long while.— Indianapolis Journal. HERflltD PRIZE LETTERS > ft Ebb vee - SOIIER RESORTS. |3£ ffift EM IpM. #ll fbf l|i lid hhft #t fw em ifi Hemp# m**% %$.. I 4* $999**00*9 <M*» EMM*- *• $ —kPfif f •v> I ft*gi -J 90t9” ’ Ut 1 ’• |. A •EHFKf’E 1 mt HultMr# •■«w4 MNmp j git* K« t*«* R*f Wfi*hiA#ri’»» 0 C l : Kl» niErttr Mr FriNi ti*r* . Imhut mE Mr Wits t*l MN*#M#tp* Mm Mary —4 Me# . _ nM . m m f,. f Hi# ||. a O’MIM Mt : H tlewM JeßMbe SMS# Hus j. Oewld Ji-fTrIM aft August* Mr*. H-wleceew. t 'at OevetAnd. • UI-. * *dW> uft the wwwt tsmsym9*so9 I »E* ,n 9At pPMEf *PfE- *** mmr* $ #)frrv«( tvrnfwm* *** $ s•s i Tti» cumt# lu* I f..* w9rs to Mrr Af»fMMAr* -ti>■, , n l>ltfMt rrf (PU AAlilwr ' after h - H*«dy M r •*** puueed *«*» ' I have anly «»»•« ‘be "ft * f*» its ii# fiiftftP, •• I lii 1 r** Ia ®**i f.w .11 Thee, are • UU»bW est bow. J HIM Iti Hl>‘* T9* PMNMM'A U 0 M *""■ . * Mgaftt 99v «km ir#y rripfß All hVeT , * r ** f M ‘ AI.I.MOHANY. WHAT T#R LAW HfiClPtft The mix lug u» mlntfltna «f aeticie* . of food • blch are *RtdMBUM and i i irttfui and the sble thereof 1* held, la Ib-rury v*. etale- tTVx.I W L *• A. ML tub» a (awful art which the i mat* i Minot make criminal The endorsement of * euwMgaor of a i Nil of lading proa l img for delivery to hi* order W held, lb Chicago Backing land ftrovistoa company vg, #.. ft- * ! W. K. It. Co. t<ln.) «t» V. R- A. Hi. ! p, make the sod. rw-e a «.melgOen and I .Telivery to him ia Justifiable, although ih* doe* not surrender the bUjjrf lading 'in accordance with a sflpulaWto there- i Jon requiring Its surrender before de- I livery. ’ The right of a Mochholder to aet up ; the Illegality of the srhet* of thEcor ! pore Hon to defeat hla liability on a *ub- I arrlrtlon to stock I* denied In Cardwell v*. Kelly W L. It A. 140. where the Illegality old not appear on the face of the contract of *ut<*rrtptlon or the , proepertu* therein referred to and i creditor* had relied on the subscrip tion*. A statute limiting the rights of • rtt- ; ixen to contract with reference to hi* j property 1* hold. In Dennis v* NBN (Wneh ) 40 L R A. SOI. to le- valid only when It tend* to promote the pub lic good in some way. Otherwise It t* an unwarranted interference with hi* rights. This case denies the validity of a statue which attempted to limit the right to enforce a debt secured tur mortgage to the property mortgaged, \ whether realty or chattels. e Where the Curlews Call There's a swustnggg in tbe ® lr When the sun i@ low. And the sky I* flushed and bare. And the tight winda blow; While the shadows come and go As the night doth fall Along the misty moorland where the I curlews call. There’s a lady full-of grace i Whom I loved of yore. And the love-light on her facw ! Shlneth evermore; ! And X long, as heretofore. For the night to fall Along the misty moorland where the curlews call. y Dear love, can I forget Through the flying years Thy face amid the fret Of their pain and tears? Nay. my heart remembers yes When the night doth fail Along the misty moorland where the curlews call —ERNKST A. NEWTON, in the Sep tember Pall Mall. Suggestion of an Economise Excited Neighbor to Her Next-Doer Neighbor—Hurry! Run for the doctor. My husband has tried to commit sui cide. He has shot himself four timas. Next-Door Neighbor—What's Hie use of getting the doctor? I£ you don’t think any of the wounds wtU prove fa tal. why don't you reload the gun for him? —Cleveland Leader. THIS IS IT rt** •* fkgfis 4g#<w POR EARLY FALL STIFFS MO ALPINES ALL SHADES^. $3.00 JuEt Arrtvtd. DORRS Tfittoftaf, Hfttft, Fumi hinfv ix > The Ideal * < i Diuf Store / S * ;»# !»«o« ftomi tbftr# jnm# { w s9***t* yiftßAfußin hi baniM / ■ iti ummj ltd jiifElfh. •b#m \ J 1 it* InHE ftrilff 999 *99s sms / f Bl ffp tb* | ft.| rA*E»rr tftlelEi •«• V V SOO AbEi Ift ftf Aft ARd *> / )** * C C B E E * *’ r ■ ■* '' J I tun* 9 l>mc ttaf# ia tb# ftBA.*E« C % $099 ‘ *»y stms w jraot yi#* 3 f K>i|4iow to fiU- V / Painls, Enameb / / and Suins ) f Wa hare tlua ML Eoa\fbrgvt C \ ■ ahre jvu are hxmg tty Una / i HE S / French Furniture Polish f Will mak* yoor furniture a- ft V brtvlil** ■<** Every bom*xhould J f bare It—Z6c botU* \ / Roor Wax and Blushes T J Tb* kind moat popular. P*v ox f C fur tbl* aad other bom# xrania. ) ? Alriaider Dri[ Cwpaiy ? J Its BROAD «T. ) MONEY TO LOIN. In any sums desired from SSOO upwards, in straight 3 and 5 years time, or on lO years time, payable in equal annual instalments. Lowest rates of interest. No expense to borrower except the usual attorney and record fees. No delay in getting the money. AlexanderUolmsoii Agents Scottish A mere in Mortgage Company, 705 Broad St PORTNER’S < ? HOFBRAU and ) / VIENNA CABINET / / BRANDS OF f | Export \ $ Beers s i ARE THE BEST < S ASK FOR THEM. ft StPTtMifft 13 ROGER i GlllET. I tm#M ihgMft »*g*u’VMfl E MliitfflT'flT*** 9$ 9 fjEtlEl'* F>ftß T«* *"* #*»»* tf(*#%« KftMlfiML KblfEftft* Etvgf Wglafl, V imp fEEbftMI ‘>l ffift fsß-rxif Awl ft# Ibeau ot»t*«|g #Af EMvEfAI Bfßßfc A VMPP lf»El Ihfi PißEf VcmE •#*#»« COftiMl rhcvl hui>#ft IN(h Cl ft Aft* EliHffftt 9$ «#» IfkELMttf # ft# tthE mafluMc i i»f*f* if» PgfM lO tifw uffi Am*f g* n wif fgvftflu* llfiftifi* THbEE EOOfttb EfO Wft 9*9 *lßm#mS fiftiftt'i my ftinpftl relgtl Iffidß Eftlftf ts iQb# 4b hO h*»B fhfht vgtocl Heh I A<Jv ae lu do AOs L. A. OARDELLE o*hk>r Hi Ihfi ft 'OTA* Dru«« E»»<f MiAdiciftiEA. CM2 BROAD STREET. TIB iipsia Herald !iß|h!. Brtfttst IH lh Bill Kiiijipif Winli u i TlbSk'hi " 4TTIMT TFI KfJNftPIl JtlWI TUE KEEN »TTHF »O»LP WHILE IT IA NK*l IS TO IA HOI’RA AHEAD OP OTHER IlK'ißiilA AND j AOk'Tll < A ID'UNA • PAPERS. rtm iji coma iotf m«n>. *«•*•*“ PROF. P. M. WHITMAN, 209 71b St.. Asgast*. G*. •IVs S r«E m TESTS Hr .n defect* m •I, hi, (rind. (hr pri.p.r oamm MHt 91 AM- R » VT- th. m L««m* on «to jwnr htf* wkUr frm ruL FREE OF CHARGE. _OKDtK VOl It COAL and WOOD FROM THE North August* Coal A Supply Co Quaniity and Quality Ourrmoterd. F. W SCOFIELD, PRESIDENT Bail I‘bonr SlB4 htrowfrr *» The / Whltely Exerciser. ( A practical, ximplxand •flici,»nt Home Exerciser, ones prcially adapted for ladies and children, bu at the same time can be profitably used by 1118 strongest athlete. PRICES: 75c., *I.OO, *l.l>a BICYCLES CLEVE- I LANDS. HO up; VIK- J INfiS. *35 up ; GEN- | DRON'S, *lB up: THOM-1 AS, ,50 up. < all and see ! them. Every one guar anteed. Richards & Shaver Paine, Murphy & Co. J&6ION MERCHANTS. 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