The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, October 04, 1898, Page 2, Image 2

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TUESDAY 2 NO WAR PRICES s*r«£""*' • y '-I m #♦ dm •*#» Lmli •nwdilPl • * * laiAm* of QirdCltt OP •*** I iMMiin* !•* <***• ** **** mv« *■-*< Ift Ml fcO c tm tm •»« on •* k. .+* lDumnort* »r> ******* LEWIS J. SCIIAUL, jijwSLui Urxfcx ih» AHIOOten Motet WAITED LONG FOR THE JUDGE; Wh Tte* ria* *«f ttfii Itoi tmjmot*** #fi it o*** •» *• m T"m MW* • *—*■ ***] •gßue* fil totoHi OW totoMPM* 1 * 1 M m« tto» fW* «••» , **J*”** WM Ml •» Ito MM »•* M"*** AMftlMft llftft fttHIMMMPft ftMMUi •%& MNft •a #■*» *** |4», IMMPMmI | §dpaiw ftp (aft ft # #ftad*it% pi &*<•-. ••ft j (tojwto* raft— T» tll| -,- mM ham mm* i spirtM »to* ] M gM#9* mim vafW* Wks4 suaaM j - r ft- —* m J-to* •»*•«*« • Mm* to to** eraFtoMl m «to **•*■*»’ T '*j MMRH Uml tIIIMMI Mft t'tftft NMWft* Wto*** »«• M* ««*•*»• •» “* to m toiMto Mr tto* *»•* tto Rsd#* • #4to* »m rate to • r ** (to nnirf- Uraru* Ito. to MM mm* mi *4 «to m». mm* «to RMtr ■* »*• otto* «ai to ito to-** tod »«»■* iansTsjrsrji |«k Mart Md <toto ' *to )Mto to **• I ■Pr nfltus# mm • * ort*M*>* »»* Lsast* taaa. touUttM >**ili»* l» t I to#. ItowMto. Oil- Ml* f (Value TenkiMß WU MM jpflul WMIf. 41-to. |l U Cam* Mmm. Into ISM. Alto* riito 4lt to. »* to LADIES TIES SOMETHINO NEW J. HILLER WALKER THE HATTER. icisroix: hats A I wOTBALI. VICTIM. A Prominent > sung Man Fatally la. |«n* at CwkrMit. N*sr York. Oct. 4. A dispatch From Cambridge. Masa. aajra: Ho ben Co iwt)'. 17 years old. son of the lata J. W. Coventjr, pmtiuiaMer of Hoatoo, baa died at the city hospital from Injuries n reived while playing football on Franklin field. Saturday afternoon, in n ganic tot ween the llartforda. repre senting the neighborhood about Sar gent street. Itoxbury. Covantr's home, and the Springfleld'a were the team from the woat end Covenly Injured his neck In a tackle. An opetatlon was performed for the purpose of re lieving the preasurw but the result was not what ««* .hoped for and all was done to out ho the patient aa comfort able aa possitu*. The death has east a distinct cloud upon football among the younger sot In Cktnbrtdge. It la not likely, however, • that this death will affect football at liar, vard. Before purchasing a pistol or gun. call on me. 1 can nave you money. Lew is J. Hi haul, Pawnbroker on Jackson DANCE AT LAKEVIEW. Mr. Shawloaki Will Manage One Next Thursday Hvenlng. Mr. Rudolph Hkal-wakl will give one of his delightful dances at I-ake View next Thursday night. Mr. HksloMakl has had great success In hia dances and th« y are always enjoyed. A good hand will be In attendance and a pleas ant time Is nnsured all who attend. Tloketa for 14(2 are going with a rush. > “hbr sent my letter back unopened." • “Why?" “She aald the postman who delivered II kicked her dog.”—Chicago Record. NECKWEAR. [§'' ‘ F. C. Turpin Company has received the latest thing in Neckwear, Ascots, Chal tiliyi4_in-hands and Tecks #lB BROADWAY 818 • Ernstl Pianos 111**11 mm** I'OT'lHi pnM «> tbtol | tpi? rtnr M«tr H*d tMHt* t A*K* t*t »*»» THMf AMI IMS I #’ I ■ I * GUARANTEED -roe- Unlimited Time. i *« 4u*a stow M* ISO MM HAM* UtP I fatlrilTt to thTFri* AtoA *• sag dMlt • tow •* 'twm. am* I f*V* I rst YilmiT to* tor. IS THIS FAIR? la s*hto tndWa «• f all MU tot a i Cl AS" As At gtnl ART raj* » Tot I rail. UiwsstmA St*ltl«M AM thABl I—■ (PlNHftw KKPAIHimi A Iff* TVHITtO MY ARTMT*. Tboias & Barton, W.J< Barrett. Receiver. 710 Broadway. Augu>la. oa. WITH THE OHOINABV. Paper OrsaU* By Js*p WaMwa Yesterday The follow lug paper* »*'• graatto [by Judge Wallow la tto ordinary a ot-j I toe yesterday • (total* Mm* Pdari Hay goad let lent |<>t gaajdiawsbtp granted Mill V. tin | goto Jr KMttt Thornan Mamllt. letters dla mtsnlua granted Jsioee Dryer, admin la tratdr. Itoiste W K Harare, letters of dim miMin granted Harry V. Herne. gg*| •enter. F*lsle Rllaatoth Mcnger letlera dla-, mission granted Thor N. Colley. m or. J K.iate Jnba mar. letters dlamtarloa gmated F X. »t>rr. .seralor . ■total. Alf Hrimns. tellers ■Unml.- sl«n granted Job oA Harass, adiulma t rater. Katale Anna M flalrdacr, tetters distil l«i a granted <lord«« Oalrdner. Tbs curreat “Press snd Primer.” un*: Ktoitt. Mary Murray, letters dl*ml»- slon ct anted Hatnllum Phlnlsy, admin istrator. K.tnt. Oscllla K Itodcvesc, letters < f dismission granted Mary J. Itotate Klnchen Kpp* year s support granted Kttsa Kpps. widow. Kstate K. D. White, let lens sdminls*, tration granted W. N. Whitt, Our constant aim will be to please our patrons, both In goods and prtcae. Lam kla A Co. A POET-5 FUNERAL PYRE. Joaquin Miller Rears a File of flasonry. Han Franclnco. Oct. 4.—Josquln Mil ler, ths poet of the Hisrras, who recent ly returned from a year’a aojourn In the Klondike, has juat ttnlshed at hla| home on the heights back of Oakland a funeral prye ia> which he has order-j ed that hla rk*dy tie burned stter death. 1 This pyre Is s solidly constructed pie, e of masonry, covers too square feet snd l a eight feet high. It Is msd. of «so boulders of various slstts set In dement- At the top of the pyre Is a eoffln-ahaped depression In which the poet has left orders that his body be placed and ere unit,•<! and the ashes then Hung to all points of the compass. Nesrhy a granite boulder, which weighs two tons will form the poet’s tombstone. So name la carved on It, but Ui white letters has been painted, “To the unknown.” Miller talks as tbough his death was near, but he looks hearty, though his Klondike ex periences aged him. He expects this winter to put some of his mtperonees In Alaska Into verse. Those who have talked with Miller since his return de* Clare that if he can put hla deaorlpttona on pa|HT they will surpass any of hla olber poems. Everybody's painting but you. The contrast between your home and oth ers wilt make you point. You want a good painter and rood paint The Howard A Wlllct Drug Co. will send you a reliable, experienced painter. They w’ll >tdl you the bent paint made ill America Atlantic Lead and Atlantic Linseed Oil. These goods are absolute purity, made by best process. The Ilotv «ixi A- WlHet warehouse Is full and or choicest material amt Is waiting for your order. Ttiey give lowest prices. The Alexander Hs<ml Co.. #:« Broad street. Iwve oil exhlbilirui a large plant of Cherry Topper, whhjh was raised t»- one of their customers and said by him to l>e twenty-live years old. U is a curiosity. Call In and look at it. XHK WHTRAXJp THE STORY OfJ . EVACUATION % ■ mm # ; #ip» »■»*§ §9ko ftfUi tm 9VHI 9**' % MB w tWB 4MMB4nBM “1 w MM' ‘ MP» A4MA fifttA j B» !' MMI. aflift 0 B *** i«m mm 99m iwftiwi' PI ftNftft PbNI mpBI mm* •••"*■ ***s ft . *<*iftßpft PPfv Pi Ppftift wtm •ppf ifMMNHP P» tlMNIft fVPrj j ftMMM* *P"ft vmm PftpppppMi * *• i iftßH ftBMBB 4ft #•"« VIM .t > 4MI A*BB IHpPft BIMMM ft** ftIMP ft • -ft . VftHf aftAUMMA-it AiidWß'iM* ♦ *■*' ' |||#. »«||%•»* PM ftftNMHMP ** ! Pftft ft* Iftiftl 4ft 4tft4ft ftm «pp i iftftnumft «ft*i ft**# fmrn puftftptwi * Arts •••fttwa ito gsatogJ at Ito •Ml •w«to«agai| as ito apgauqi tawnga j*m Bab Jaaa lb aa „"ewg*A Base tto AgaAssb *gß savers.«a gaMvar**** |<4 to ito HgagHa* r*an,» , » ft nag to*, t a*** «to uas* sad a*aaa ito Aaaw i wag Mags to gaato bear toaa aa4 R*"* ■ i party fwaa Ito rayto •*» as tto •*»••• [ igbatoagts ato taaya ftoagtoaagg liksta abb a* mm* as gaygar aftn* ato I hip ipcipf P»ya ito paafasM ** »to ta» , ipartPPHiap 4# ito ftoa fhato- ft* »* * | STHbla Ito Kppaipa Wwaa ato Mara* tap* tto ApaPtsb paUim as p to* p*A . iaf rrasl'y a—K gnapan ttoaa as Ito** ; pragamy a»4 »s*»»a* mmHtm itmm Htwas of (to sga*«i* atos to*A fypati' a»4 MaMSVai KM s»ato taaa* Maa>»- gsatstv tgtom to py* I —* AiaarParw aa • fpr aa pnpgiat* It *aa tot eral ( that la ito tagasMtaa frags fto naa j | ifgi gs tto Pass t*s paatsprat to a jNMHwa as rtrtt tisartf uwaa as., ; bad a agar ad tor gagaraihdn a* (to . j gavayaisg rtgaa rbapld toe* PaMaaa, a ar (ha* p»t*a»a tadtridaala toiaald otm tto PppartaaHy la raAcai prtvais ’ wrnagv itoi (Para oHfAPct SsyoaAtaao •etas tto rippnmaaitd to «•*'« («♦«* •rroag* tag* asra 'ostragas toyoad paaailsa Tto aaityaa barp*d Qwla sad away as iba Ppaalah torldMaa tp vatioua part* as tto Maad Masaarrrd Mtort) Tropic. Tto Apsalab tranpa aa staffed shoal alaely panpl* la r atra sad aier la suppressing aa la-tplsat tIM a* Araei ho ito four artvglae A run of ter ror also existed tor a time gear Co* me alp ito feat re of the Island ) About (aa brigand* many of theta said Ita to ropvirta rtteased to Ito Aga r - I leap asthorutos at IW» sad others, it kl said from llaytl. atth their bead quarter* la tto heart of lha moon 'talas, pillaged sad ravished lha eooa try durtag tto Interim Theta worm 'also dMarbaaee* al Fajardo when Iks Hpaaleh troops left. Home of tto rich auger planters had bean drives oat after tto MPsll tore# as "nartass landed there had been withdrawn and upon their return, af ter lha dpsatah '1*1! guard retired t' w 1 native* eat upon the Hpaol«h resi dents | General Marlas *(i ohltged to send the guard back la order to protect I them Rut all tblngse oaeldered it Is rs i tn«rk«hle that more disorder* did not occur and more lives were not sacri ficed. I’ndoubtedly every precaution was tahen aa anon as the commission, era had arrived at th# main ronclu islon, to reduce the danger of disorder to a minimum The neutral tone be tween lha lines ssi wiped out. and our soldier* and ths Spaniards wers permitted while In pursuit of depre dators to snter each other's line* This was ths first step. It was then arranged that wherever the Spaniard* In their concentrating movement, evacuated a town, or posi tion, the tinea should overlap. That It. our troops should enter the town* shortly before the .Spaniards retired There was no hiatus and no oppor tunity given to the lawless element. I Whenever our troops entered a Span. I l*h town or position, by the arrange i nent of the commissioners, the rotr mnndlng officer of the Spaniards deliv ered an Inventory of all the Spanish ictlltaiy ard government property to the (otutrandlng American officer and took the latter's receipt. This Inventory la to be turned over to the I'olted Slates authorities. This rlnn ululates the necessity of sendlna a commission over the Isladd to make an Inventory of government property. When the last Inventory Is made and j delivered at San Juan, General Brooke ' will have a comp ete Inventory of all ihe government property on the island, riany Baseless Stories. Ever since the American comtnia s.oiicrs arrived at San Juan, the na tive Porto Rlcana have deluged them with stories of the alleged schemes of the Spanish authorities to carry off plunder which properly belongs to the island. Some of the natives for a considera ble time devoted themselves to ferret ing out conspirators. Some of their reports were Investi gated ami found to be baseless; and Ibe commissioners continued to assume that the Spaniards were proceeding tu ported good fallh. although they had lhe!r own means of ascertaining ex •ctiy what was going on. tine «f the alleged reports of the Porto Ricans which was especially ex eretsed over whs that the Spaniards proposed to take with them to Spain Home four thousand dollars from the vaults, of the Banco Espnnoia and va rious trust funds which il was claimed belonged to the people of tb* island. SJ4 d tmmm j ssrt4l I Ljf a^wT-yji S: xz. ShJTzz* m-at * «|T #►- ftk I rnim&f j si rtrr: fth •ft* 4* - „ fcifty tfti4 .nil tftpAM— *~*~+*^* 4 »*4 T ft 1 «B M44-'*«m (It fißfiM b €>4»4ft’Mi 9mm' M 1* *o* Bpftft jft «*•* *mrn mtmm ** * *• *Bft *mt+ mmmm v mxmw : nft iian tft ft to 9"m*mk, puftpft m w I rnmmm+mmmmmmmmm in■ mi n n■» ■— i Tto HMaHa*hmar»- itoaiki R • nata awmggh la roa**4** ttoaa gmdt*r« i tof' ftft tftft ftllft#»4 IftlftftC fftjftftft ftMPfft tft ! llftft, Tftft RftftMHl ftlfttl j : %*t fftiftiiftftft mm* *** | ftftfft ftftNlftft fftftftJf'tftNl fttftft (ft* ftftftftM 1 1 ! mnl tft iftftaft ftftft ftftftftft pm*4 tor ftf tft* * j g 1 icutlfn|gift In (ft* Ifttftftft. f.|ftft ft ftß-ftii* - .a b« Itol t lmp f ftftft ill !tm ftpirt»ft mm* 4 ttor. to ft* i \ vatygMM* art trrwwW Mi tto W.-rM I war* mov *4 hat tsar *<a**ait*toasyp 4y lr|Aa4 Add to raias .d.Jarttaga To haw prat rot ad assM to** f*A* t*4 tatw* ttowai* prafthty thg* tht ar* ttolso waetM wer* garth spd hi* <4* j aomtibiug of this port was to fcp gg-l Th* P*wt« Riran* «ood* tto a*a*tA«i r<i*i«k* of hotter Mg that *»»*T thug paid not of tto tsaah as Ito Utaadj oootd to ttotrs. Had that a*a»t*l j preposition bang a»*ug»cd by tear rag, mtasinoa-ra aod s4tor*4 to Ito gpnalaH roTdign and all of tto Apaatah oik tala whoa* salsrtaa Wtrt pgtd out of th* leeular taxes ahottkf box* hsan bald as hoalggra *»4 • claim might evao have ba*a set op tor • portma of tto ttpaa ah ■ roxra. • e That tto gpsolsh acre ar t lag la good faith «m provao afterwards wh«o at Agosdtila ttoy turned orar to th* Am iri* aa oßrar* mar MP.OS4 iq euarom*- r*trra«*s which ttoy could havu ma,l* with, bad ttoy br*o *o diapoaad The A mart raw rommlaatuore* laid do wo the general proposition (bat tto ttpgMatd* could remove all ttolr perauoad and priratr efferl* state i«p*rt and every. thing belonging to tie military and tto e.tabMßifnent itoi tsa* mm cold# To this Ito tip*nlaid* assented and this la the general ttoodj upon »troth tto rrafoMon I* takiMfptara. Thertnly eolltaton thu* far haM lb rdhflcctiou with whim alx-lneh gun* bb rtrrlageu. When the tlrat regltoeat of the 1 troop# were embarked <« fh* Has PAmctaoo last ’ Ttioraday four of these gutia were taken to the wharf ready for shipment. Our eimmiaalon era proteatad on (to ground* (bst al though the guna were moveable, from place to plac*. when In action, they were located in embrasure* and forti fied and must be defended. In other word*, they weir not moveahle with a fighting line. After aonte dDcuoaion. the Spanloh commlaaioner# agreed to th<« definition of a moveable gun which confined It strictly to field artillery pie. era. A great deal of the old plunder about the military barracks and arsenal* and equipments of volunteer* and civil guards, which have been disbanded, ia being sold lor what It will bring. The money resulting from this sale tp* Spanish autborltlcA.wlll, of course, take back to Spain. A couple at Amt*, icnitfi are buying much of this ma terial for a mere sojjt. and the Amer ican people will doubtless, ta time, have an opportunity to glut Its appr t iba for military soifvenlra of the Span ish army In Porto Rico. It is imposisble Ur tell exactly when die last of the Spanish troops will de part. Two transport# are due In a w-cfk and the Indications are (hat In K’*» than three weeks at most. General Ma ss will relinquish control of the last font of territory. A filling celebration is being arrang ed for the occasion of tb# flag raising at San Juan. Both the naval and mili tary forces will participate. In case General Macias will accept, ’t is prob iibte that a dinner or reception wilt be given hi Ids honor by the American commissioners. To Cure a Cold In One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money If it falls to cure. 26c. The genuine has L. It. (j. on each tablet. to sr- — At her beautiful, country home last Friday evening. t\ tv. Craws id tendered a re,s-ptltin to tier frlcd.l, Tosslc Kenkl, » lovely young lady «>f Bavaunanh. Quite a number of Invited guests assombl.-d <u a p. m., and at onen were 'made vrcl, one- by u most agreeable hostess,>l assisted by Mes dames l,onib«rd and Kctikl, and Miss BeuUh Loinbaid. WANT ADS. . tY* 4? iOM||||.l 'ftftft: Bt> fttoßt |.j nftlfftt 1 A 2 * Miix* gjg j- |Ag|_ IWftft ftMAMK ft* ft*** ftMftWft . -mm, dug ftftftftft f **■—-- aa* ft. «A ■** -#w-«aWlft|# toft Hft tkft Ma-ftft imm tft *4 mm ? v . ff. -f m ft**,#*' I *# iftftftft Iftftd (.to-fttofsdft ro-of «i m*m ***4' I *4419 ' SITUATION WANTED ift 9tW ft WjMfftt' **'■' *9. Y 9 I AA ft to ftftM’ ‘ * ft** *ftht fttoftftft tftlft ~ r " WW/*'** ***>* * ftftft ramn, I -m ftr iii try* ft W * ***** •* j n m mm, w # 11» - '•* ft*** I ftftftfftftft it Jxw ft*** HBLP WANTED” | WftiftTSfft a rwr'wmr a ¥** Tftftl *k fft< Jftft ffttr' AfiiftkßftF-to 4ft* I i*wiftii'i"i-- Aftimry fttt Hit** ■ * ftftt 9s +* cm jtf FOR SALE CPI AM 4-RRAM AT M JACKPOM BT. pr>R pai r t#» A'Hr. FARM, ogfi ii axil* toa city iiu>tt«v a hargata Ap ply W C. J»e«i Ml. U* Jtokeua to On I aAU6--*’PMIGHT PIANO, OJt- LY tm toaadard make. «Mgfcttr used J < ran ala* alt lapepuaayt! meat ta |uH at uwrr Apply •• total Wtygaad. M YWtfale atwt On 4 TO RENT ” FOR RRKT-IM? MrYNOLD# «T.. (■ram dwelling. Apply Ml Broad, cut I I roll RKXT PTrvRE «M ANT* HALL WAY to? Broad Apply Cummarctal Hotel , tM 1 TO RKNT—IITORE MO. Tl 4 RHO*D H reel next below Dweepport * ITtin tvy. running through to (Cilia atraul. pile* tI.JM A.vaaader 4 Jukaad, 7(4 Bread mreel. Ort ] To RKMT-COirtdoDlOtTS PTORR. No. (31 Hroaq aireet—g?» per axoatb. W ( Uatdaer, U 4 iMgbtb street. Ort t , FOR R BNT—FROM TH K HPT OCTO HBH, atofe No. US Broad atreet. at per moatb. Thads. Oakman, Na. til Broad atreet. Get l TO RENT-THREE NICE FURNISH ED front room# with privilege of par lor ard hath Apply to C. H. Luhrs. 4(0 Broad atreet. Oct t FOR RKNT-A NEW HOttBB; Hl* (Twlnnett *treet, five dour* weat of Wondlswn avenue, right rooms asid bath, poeeewMnn aiven at onee. Apply to Oarunc* E. Clark. (H Broad atreet. l>ct * ts MISCELLANEOUS SHORTHAND AND TTPEWRITtNO only »00 per month at Osborne"# BusUve*' college. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at night. Com* or call at once. Great demand for stenographers. June 17 ts SPBARS * CO. HAVE MOVED their meat market to 452 Broad street —where they will be glad to see their friends and cualomers. Bell 'Phone 4*5. Oct 1 M IKS ELIZABETH WHITE, RE CENTLY of New York, will open a dancing school In Library hall October 3. Children's elans, J;W »»■ m.; evening class 8 p. m. Oct 23 100 BASKET?! CONCORD AND DEL AWARE grapes. Just received at Oi ovanl'a. *34 Broad street. Nov l PIANO LESSONS. Mrs n»A stone watson, 743 REYNOLDS STREET. DANCING SCHOOL—MISS BELLE Smith's school will be In session for children Tuesdays snd Fridays, at 3:30 o'clock; adult* Mondays and Thursdays 8:30, ot her parlors. 428 Kollock street, northwest corner Telfair, beginning Oct. 11. WANTED—TWO UNFURNISHED rooms; centrally located; first floor preferred. Address J. I. C., 310 Jack son street. Tues and Erl THE AUGUSTA WORK ECHANGE— Opening day Thursday. *»< t. «. Lstdles cm-,Hally Invited .to attend. Oct. 4. LOST AND FOUN D. I,O4>T—A POCKET-BOOK CONTAIN ING 116.00 and two small keys. Find er will he rewarded by leaving 237 Broad street. Oct 4 - . , ! Special Notice** PRBSRw rnmmkmmmm' * i ftftftNU ft*4ftft4i »*4 tftft [t4# it * tfe i*«t ih ms> r 4 r *9 % j I pMlll m I ft* 4ft (ft* * ftftftto sd -sf » • 4ft* *ft **- ft^ fc * I I #» ftjftftft A4ftN4MlfftftF •* 4fc' ft ft# v *T2 m * ftftn M j 7 NrCf WO.COO TfffO pe»«Bpi* >*yr»*t.#etu WftX * tooAb Mai c A iitoJcA t» it »p« ; m raaatg Ml Aaewgea <•» toman 1.. pay gggyt Reg PgrtMm >■! mbgf* W MW. | imw atlr X-1 *. (pm F |. gw*u **-> lift " Vft ftN ft: i| jftftftftftft «l a fi at ft f Aivftl* Imm *9* &-* n i <pi y> i %m ftMMPftnfiift ** pmmmm l f B*«44ft*ft*fti I m fßßwfTtoi jif H - *m* ■ ♦ jriuM 11 igfc *m ft* ftwftl ftft ] | ft 144 ft ftpatial %*9M-- ftftlMftl oft twft ft*’ * fNltoib j| ftr- e*fHl **t**mm*m ffraft * -Aft • I j Win (Me Mwaa-ed gg* am PM* at# « vgg %f * (to" 4> • * . , tom «• ggat *- «t**a4 (to «4# to , fy- ■- '•* to** **,4-euw A 4|| t4AraftV 4? fAPMI* lw*4*4 At- *to «4t«ggd (to 'tNba«w4tNMA j rti* P*tifYlßM«l*lP MHPTIPO IJN ’ ! |»» * I«?t«B f * M IdfliMi. •Hi '***«• tj I m #ft*ft* mi m *********** M M LAMD JAM. F PMITIt. j Mueag awM aw MMeragt M tto dr«4 [ buaMuwa #» sag gwelim*. II M Last ! ( i Mil ?M NUN • ftf j arm *d Lm»a A | I (ii ft icum (• (law ««i4a t toe#to) I glee »*tr* that t will ,-mttou* Ito Igrug (ntatoeaw at the *44 *■ and eg. Land A ton** *»4 aaau** «b# H** i 1 « <to ma#» a tog»w4ro» eg *»-4u*#: i grog si me. and rrapeetlwtty ##**■»# Tiiui?rj ~ nrix*. u" *N"Tnra7 | I MFMIM4Y AMWOCN4 M Ft* MY FA- HtuM and tto gwhto that t totu Ihia 4ay peeved my »*»# a«4 toto-i 4MMW to Me, Me tlfeane •*re*a lenr ner of Cmtti 1. CMBra fceura tawayin' ||ft« *#|lfdtol THOMAP I' INHJBMAN. M l» I Instalment Ptotlcg. office of (equitable BuWdtHg and Lnnn | A*#- • tallow. August*. Ga . Meg*. *, M*P THM r«M*AL MONTHLY INWTAL MRNT due (ht# Aaaortatt*# wtll be fits* end pnyahl# at tto Ctonpmef* -.ffir* R,<« H 7 Dl *e Building «n the 4th liMt _ jog B. rTMMINO. Dwtok Albert ». lint eh. totptry. NPdtggb mkmbrrp or thb ArnrPTA t.y (NSt'M will rail at *•!**, at IB Jarh ann street, and praewrr llchota hy Ort. (Ih. Tti kel* mil hot he held as tar that date W. C. JoNBP Traaaurar. ' track Farm to Be Sold at Auction. ,*M. UM-KRT. ft'iLl. Ti'P' DAY. Oct. 4. at court house, tu the highest bidder • nice truck farm near • Poor Hone*." 2* acre# of good land. *- room cottage, good water, etc.» tto on* paving htghrat dollar will g«t U; rent* well f,»r It## per year. CANDIDATES TO THF CITI7.KNH OF RICHMOND COUNTY. | HEREBY ANNOfNOB MYSELF A candidal* for rr-electtnn to th* oito of dhrriff of Rlchniund county, at the election to be held on WEDNES DAY. OCTOBER Mh. I*M. and re apertfnity a»k for the vote and aup port of my fellow clttyen*. thanking you for past honor* conferred on me. PATRICK J. O'CONNOR. I RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCE MY SELF a candidal* for re-election t» the office of Tag Collector of Rich mond Count, at lh« election to tie held Wednesday. (X't. 4. 189*- CHARLES ». BOHLER. 1 RBBPBCTFULLY ANMOCNCB MY SELF for i*-elert!an to the office "f Coroner of Richmond County and aelc the support of my fellow citizen*. ROBERT H. 41 AY. X KESPECTFTI-LY ANNOUNCE MT SEI-F a candidate for re-eleetton to Ih* office of Ret elver of Tax Returns of Richmond County *t the election t» be held Wednesday, Oct. 5, is**. W. J. STEED, I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY CANDI DACY for re-election to the office of Clerk of the Superior Court of Rich mond County, at the election to tie held Oct. 6. 18(8 W. E. KEENER. THE UNDERSIGNED ANNOUNCES his candidacy for the office of County Treasurer, a position he now holds by appointment, and will appreciate the support of his fellow clttxens at the election to he held Oct. 6. 1898. WALTER A. CLARK. GRIND OPERA HOUSE. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5- THE HALE PATTI, Surrounded by a Strong Company of Ar tists, Presenting the bewildering Extravagmua. 1492 ! The brightest costumes, pretty girls and new musical gems. Beau now on sale. OCTOBER 4 mW'mm tm ' « m*rn 0 m*** *9 f.ftft* §M» : i44ft*4 \*+**P ftft w«ftft|Nft* •ft ***** ***** m 9***-- ****** m**-* atofthta# **m' ***** mm t* '■**■*■ **mm* : m/tmmm **-**mm*mm *mmm# *m <£i2£FZZJtJ? S ftftift ftt -ft [ ******* * *$ mm ««##«• A*-* est t iMt m*p mm**** ia * • Ttoupfft •*** #** Fft*u F i 99**** ftM tftHSM’ftftft 4ft ftt •* s m*mm * *** * r ! fft ft., ft! ft. W Iwf^*** | r gtoend (bar# ttoto ttotrtrt 11.. tg , I ftr.. Ift •%«•%* - a ii mmm* • ft !,^.nsur , i ST'ZmZ r Mamwara-dXi Vaughan. J F *\ ■ A ttosM-to F M L w R*n> r M. [ M ft |-.gyw.toHjß Mimmmm i Oh* |Mk ft * A NftU«. I ;^'Ti >> y;. < !,mt: i g«M t .i» J »» »> Ttorhe*. F M S gwtas Baum. F «• . M V. Itatt. r. H j BstoAnd»ww W Pam msttk GPm. • Ttfto, Use C tahnufem, j Fifths Ward—Utotb Instri, t. O. M . 1 *'ii*r,»a'f* M M. 4'maxra J. F : James F. (tonth F, II . J. * MhU*. | m || | ctaeto Ha"i (tips. ». W KID j Tlygi ~ (T T Btoa. | utotb Inatrt* *. Pgmiwurtti* at CM* i Mattogeta-Joha A Prtra. J. P i Laat » I* Kkaaa, F. H . Lutoa A. Rrtd. r. H. Utah Puttkt. Itelatr. at Ha- tolorig I Managera—F. M (Tara J. P,| 1 H. staff of d. F. H ; T. J. Tabb. F. M IHat District Houd a Cfeaprt Mvoag-yp- L M Wytds. f P J ’•*>*» A Tros bridge P. H ; L F. llMley, r h IS Dtutrtct. at ewuaty Mom*. Managers—Nril Mrjgnn*#, F. If ; J» J. Haughty. H i W. K. Metro*. r. h 124th Dtatrtct, Ctoirt Ground. Managers—W. R. Rushardl. J F ; W K Johns-n. F. H.; J- M. Seag". F. II 1 U4th District. Hep bat hah. nt J. R. FYeyer's s'ore Manager*—J din B Havnle. J P : J. H Fryer. F. H-; M L Rhodes F H. only ltose psns'ns * hose names ap pear on tto regtatry imt to b* furnish ! ed by the registrars will be pernttuct to vote Tb* registered **K*t* of tto five ward# of Augusta and of the 12®’.1» District. I), M . and of the 1434th Dis trict. U M . nr* required bv law to vote at the precinct of th* ward or dls tru t of tbetr rsantenc*. Registered vo ters of the Htth. Hist. u*rd and 1240* Districts, 0. M-. may vot* at th* Court House upon taking the following oath: “I swear or a fit i m that l have not voted eisesrhere at this election,” The rranageia of each precinct mud Bend their certificates and al! other pa - fisrs of election. Including ballot*, un der seat, and the regdstry list to tho county site for consolidation. In ebaryo of one of iheir number, whhh must tm delivered there by 13 u'rkx'k m. of tho next day. Thu* list of voters and threw tally sheets must he kept, and signet by th* managers al ea, h precinct. Tto 'poll* will be open at the Court H>iu*« from 7 a. m. till * P- • and at alt other precincts from * a. m. till 3 p. m., by sun or meridian tlta*. Blanks for holding election will be fur nished at this office. WM. F. BVE. Judge City Court and ex-«fficlo Com missioner Road* and Revenue Rich mond County. Attest; WM. E KEENER, Clerk. HOGS FED ON LIQUOR. Kentuckians Blalm fluch For Intofci* eateil Porkers. (Chicago Chronicle.) People in Harrodsliurg. Ky., have ex perimented and discovered a method of securing the best pork In the world. Several weeks ago a drove of fifty hogs was turned In on a trough of fer mented beer, which Is bourbon whisky In Its first stage. The porkers took to this new diet greedily, and the entlro lot of hog* Wept ab»olutey for aiaait three weeks until the swill gave out. They would gulp down thn beer unil they could hold no more, stagger off, drop down anywhere In a stupor, sleep It off and then go and re peat the dose. Tho sight of from thirty to fifty in toxicated hogs, some fighting, some too stupid to fight and some rolling down the hill Into the distillery branch, fronx which they hud bile- rescued to pre vent drowning, was a novel one and attracted tile attention of ninny neigh bors. When the ber-r gave out the/ would neither eat anything rise nor t>« comforted, and It was *!i#olutey pitiful to ees and hear them squealing around the troughs. These fut shoals were killed yester day and butchered, and their mcaK unanimously pronounced to la; the best flavored, tend'-reyt and most savor y pork ever tasted. _ t i.,t... am. —