The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, October 12, 1898, Page 7, Image 7

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THE UPPER NILE COUNTRY tit (.hArt * RrltM lit } I 9 I** Nm * * WH<n ■ Mm l«w f Jftjffti Ti (Ik * i t%c ■ hw*. .. • # , . .a. MJkMW M iMrt |wi iiwy tlto** Mitft I*4 *• to*N» t# *w« Mf|9 Mit «*f t|* V*ipt pt ftp pm** ** ff# § mm palepp pt pmmlp «p| Mtotff pf lip fl I i<— ip i'll p»pif opppi Mi lip Hmmm pi mmmpaiv wiinm pf ilp fniiiti ws* §*»«pva«p** t«MK ’• ******* rf* L ' ** ' ’ I to'JT «ETr2.rxr m X £ log* should bar* »»ea raptured H mM: “la d*#Uag •Kl> mp Frewch <* Mrountarnl WothtWg should h# Mkl o» tvcacßiiloo on tie-half of Her RhJ'g! f’« be hair of Fran.* or At*?.* nia of say of the Kite raUry Sir Rdmand J. U a di.parb from M O*leo*ee the pi i amt P'rrnrti I minister of furslga affair*, whlrh best. Hair of dept ?. I«M. was Infarm td lhal MaJ Marrhaad had fuelr#.'. lo be must carrdu! to ah ptiUi from all trik o tint mIkM piup ] ora I tiftruUif* and vu PUjolDfil <«» roaaldrr tit«iito!f an fmiwarf of elf* filiationnktKMit any iPtoHtjr to dtridt quHtkm« of right, whir*i nuit ba dUifPio *1 bftwfftt th# governapnl* Jti fOßelnftip, M- Delraeaa expreMett 1 th* hep. that the Hr Utah aava! forrtrj os the Nil* bad born Instructed 10, avutd a rootlet. It* |>b In* lo Ihla letter. I-ord tSaUa bary *aid that l*y tbe riutury at Oro durman all the terrUorle* snbjict to Up Khalifa had paeanl by right of ronqurat to tbe British and Egyptian governments. ll* did not consider ibta , right open to diarussb*. Next roues • dispatch frou Sir Her bert Kitrbetier the commander of the Angbi-Kgyptian expedition to the Sou dan Id reference to the arrival of Maj. Mar.-hand at Fnshoda. Oen. Kitchener said that Maj Man-band bad arrived at Fashod on July 10. The letter bad been Inalrorted by hie government to occupy the Bahr-el-Qhazal to the con fluence with the Bahr-el-Jebel. (White Nile), and also the Shlllnk country on the left bank of the White Nile as far as Fashoda. Oen. Kitchener protested In the strongest manner against bl» occupation of the territory in question. MaJ. Marehand replied that the had precise orders from his government to hoist the French flag, and without or ders from bis government he could not retire. Oen, Kitchener then replied that all transportation of war material on the Nile was forbidden, as the country was under martial law. He added: "Nothing could have saved Maj Mar . hand's expedition from annihilation If we had been a fortnight later In crush ing the Khalifa.’’ In the last dispatch, dated Oct. 3. Lord Salisbury Informed Sir Edmund J. Monson that the French govern ment's message to Maj. Marehand had been transmitted to Khartoum, whence It would be forwarded to its destina tion. In conclusion, Lord Salisbury said: "Whether at times under Egyp tian or Dervish dominion, the region In which Maj. Marehand was found has never been without an owner, and 1t Is the view of Her Majesty’* govern ment that an expedition Into that do minion with 100 Senegalese troops has no political effect nor can political sig nificance be attached to it.” The British press la satisfied with Lord Salisbury’s stand in reference to Eashoda. The newspapers regard the situation a a grave, but believe that a peaceful settlement is assured. The chief danger la that the enemies in France of the French ministry will seize upon the withdrawal of Maj. Marchand as proof of Unpatriotism, and this, on top of the Dreyfus revis ion, will give the revolutionists a fresh cry. The Standard acknowledges the courteous-and conciliatory tone of M. Delcasst, the French foreign minister, and says that his desire for foreign amicable arrangements should meet, with a cordial response from England. The Times says that Lord Salisbury has taken a position from which rc- t:xpcrt» baffled. Nml »>st>h If* as pnsf Mr P Xffrywsi Ito* tto {Ssflp afo •***• ** #*• eppol mm*m #•# PaMs «#*>•* jitoPto**# «► -*« * ■ * - *“*■ -- * , '* '*i ****** * *• Mi RINC PIN STUO. CARRINSS Pii »ps m Pup-, at 190 miMIN *■llo > ■EACH~ r Earrings Are 12 Per Pair. ftFCCIAL CAUTION : tb mi naf iaai <mhmPm> pma N mmP *fia a. 88ri tps ILas at «M*e !*%«<*«** ito*— i ■—rftototo vSSi tivff mmm# mat * aafvip t«Mi<t»r-4* Ut* n* irtPP N|r%ilp a* stiiW V - nMtaiflPPMP* a* JP tr**** *ss eesr aUaPi ra« TPs *<4t«r sH5i pat «* • 3Cri lias* *O4 an to aka 49*«*l • r 1»»««Mffl alia MAIL ORDERS. _ A ipsitft. PnTnaa* ••sstps tsmas MaaeAtf wawiiiml t** • emf pa m mm A vul to asii to aai sM»to p .NN* «*f «Mto piApr t» ‘sfpiNrlna tfiMib* *4 ■*•!* »!»#t*-dsff toaflE toatotoii as 'tVwTTir !»:**. tss. th* rmoa Omaa «4 ti« w iihof tpianara *Hen Co. •tiimm mmrr%im Pitwi naiis *f» tmmmm* *M M 8 e # ava TWf an® ptolMa MpP fto «-«*- *—**• f -*.*LtriSinswt4Bi» t »■«•» «i»». afOwaM r4«»»M*a “M ***Wh4»'r!jHr»ni'*» VS* mad I h«ii»4 Oar Map ,>ftU*Es of ffst iw» *> aa4 inapil JJJ, • raAnim <TIt Neat e.—e»i* «*•«*«• 0 M< art Ml a* wfnalWl ••rßeware of Imitators."** BARkIOS mAnONDCO., • COISON BUILDING. 42 *»o 44 Saoao Sra**T. Ntw Voaa. Mcattoe till* pap**. treat la impossible. One aide alt) have to give way. aad It raatiul be Great Britain. Ho Ha. Oct. 9 Thr action of the mu nicipal council In naming a street In Pkria Rue Fa shod* will moke hard r the government'* task of bringing about a pacific evacuation of that place. | Prime Minister Briaaon. who la also minuter of the Interior, may veto tbe ! council's rote, which was unanimous. Of may construe It as a simple tribute |to the endurance and gallantry of ' MaJ. Marchsnd. At any rate, the rota |ls an Important symptom of popular ; feeling. The government has promoted Col. I Liotard. who Is MaJ Mart hand’s supe rior officer, and *vho has Just returned from Africa, to be a third-class colo nial governor. NEW ’PHONES. Augusta Telephone and Electric Com* pany. NTS—Augusta Electric Supply Co. 542 —Augusta Southern Railroad, Preeldent'a office. 707—jr. H. Brindle. Meat market. ,7e_VV. H. Urlgham, Wholeaale gro cer. 472 —Oeorge Cochko#, 332—0. A. Cunningham, Jr., Resi dence. 407—1,, (i. Doughty. Cotton factor. 242—E. W. Dodge. 766 —w. R. (llaxebrook. Residence. 541—MtdH Sadie Harris. 576—G. W. Hall. 741—John P. Holmes & Co. -,|?j 522—W. C. Jones. ' * : ‘ 286—W. M. Jackson. <B7—J. If. actcaoa, Residence. 371—Dr. A. J. Kilpatrick. 776—8. Lesser, Residence. • 424—D. J. Looney. 281—Mahoney & Armstrong. 286 North Augusta Land Co 666 —w. P. Padgett, Saloon. 572—L. F. Padgett. Furniture. 587 —Schuetzen Platz. 373—1.. C. Steinbeck A Co. 291—Tutt & Boylston. 873—W. R. Walton. Farm. 381—Whltiker McGowan. ‘THEIR HaRRIAOE ILLEOAL. Lilian Smith Was Too Young and the marriage Was Annulled. Atianta, Oct. 11.—Three years ago, pretty Lilian Smith, aged 13, ran away to Decatur with her sweetheart, and the two were united In marriage, t'pon returning to the city and inform ing their friends of their union they were startled to learn that, their bond was not a legal one, owing to the age of the bride. They separated and have never lived together since. Today, upon the application of the girl-wifJT Judge Lumpkin declared the marriage null and void. The husband made, no objection. Each is now lice to marry again, „ TH® JVXJOXTSTA HKBALD CEROMINO. , THE CHEIF. 0* Itoteae* • ct* »to aHi lot* fmm I Ht (MNtatfNi |iP toMitoto* (t aglptiaa Wat a ,4#a «N^t pm»tp«i 4 I ptotoi Na ••• Pit • PiMi Ip* «**•• ll#' It MwP penflaatMe tpAhsplt *P4 [ It* MO* NO Meat*ta SO* i*.a. *ha eo ki* tOSrbao Wl MM tMM CtTtaO oMaM tooote tote eeOMt ola itooped bt Mo oomm #od tnm 'bo* i ||Un HI MOO to MMMiOOOtHr 40 00* oarpadO. Attar o*loo totfomeff fh%t ! Mtoooando lo4t#o* oot* nsfclioa th# t ottati Oioiao tramoo o* aot* thrrentfh i hie tot-«sm#» 'Wbao I oop tho» is* i MtoOaeoM lodtaoe b«** too*# a I Übe I book* oOaaewt I *#*ok r»«oi ON aipMtaoi* io bMb oor aod ooo>« I booo toot It ta MOM to aotMft to I ar«ol kffooot tbao to ftffltt toe t all .l ' Ototae I eai. #do tOa todtaoa toaO* las qiooi ooltooa Rot oom toer ba** not ooeaa to tetoao w* oo»e a*o to glee op oor «M oay* ao4 tabe ao , (• m .4 m it/* Had tae ora h*t .. to libe a lot of aOaept a*> toot n ts t»e*f• t*b to ga to oor TO* yooof or* of •Oa tithe* Mill ooeer honor ooytbtog <4 | oror aireyd aa tbe talee ora tot* by Ike ol* kkao I **| bare oeter tuoo to Stiooeenta. but t bear that *t» there aad tnr bon. drode of oiltee beyood the obtte oteo ! aro eo toaoy oa tbe Wade# of ffraao If that It M. ohat roo a fear poor la dlaaa *o lo a flcbtf They ore aaak- Inc a creot totatahe aod are eery fool* lab for years f fmtebt the arhtte Of* 1 thlaktac that with me few braeea a I maid hill tlietn oil off and lhal •*: wnnld vtatn haee the land that oar tlreat Father care aa. aad abb b be 1 i (ivrr.d oith fame I thouaht the (treat ttptrM onuld be trttb ae aad that after ere hilled the erbtte men. the buf falo. the d«or aad the antelope would r.ane barh. After I had fought aad lost and after I had traeeied oeer the roaatry la which the white man Heed, aod aaw hla ritleo aad tbe work that he bad done, my old heart was ready to burst. I hnew that the rare of the ladlaa waa tua aad that there wa* no thing left but to submit to the law. When I discovered that we were hope lrasty defeated ! told my people that we would glee up tbe fight and accept such term* of pence aa we could get from the whites. While lam a pris oner of war and have been for years. I feel that I atn bytier off than most of tbe Indians of the country. The government has confidence in me and has appointed me a scout, which Is the same aa an Indian Holler in the no: th em agencies. I expec tto end tny days In pence and leave my family sou: thing of which they may be proud —a good name." When asked whst b* thought would become of the North Amerlcsu ludlan. (Irrontmo hesitated a moment And then—pointing to the west— he re plied: "The sun rises and shines for a time, then It goes down, sinking out of sight, and Is lost. Ho It will lie with the Indian. When I was a boy my father told me the Indians were as many as the leaves on tbe trees, and that way off In the north they had many horses and furs. I never saw them, but I know that If they were there they have gone now. and the white man has taken all they had. It will be only a few years more when tbe Indians will be heard of no more, except In tbe books that the white man writes. They are not the peo ple that the Qreat Father lows, for If they were he would protect and jeare for them. They have tried to p|ou*e blm, but they do not know how. Schools are good things for the. In dians. but It takes many years to change his nature. If an Indian boy goes to school and learns to lie Hite Tt white boy, he comes back to the ugen cy and there is nothing left for him to do but put on a blanket and be like an Indian again. This Is where the gov ernment Is to blame. When It takes our children away and educates them, It should give them something to do, not turn them loose to run wild at the agency. Until that time comes, edu cating the Indian Is throwing money away. What can an educated Indian do in the sage brush and cactus? I am an old man and can’t live many years. So this don't trouble me much, but before I die I should like to see the Indians have the same chance as tbe colored people or the poor whites. There will be no more big Indian wars. The Indian's fighting days are over and there is nothing left for them to do but to lie beggars and live on charity around ,the agencies.” w——....V** CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought szZidrtffgttht ConjLpkfJruiA I leg ami I I. C. 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