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•,# |utS it ttmuL t alt Pp*"4«i AnuwBBHI da... 1.... A I* « rnmm m**- w* m * rnJM, ate lltetehMHHHll. m a tret mi EaTOH* lUUf*. NtiMII CHILDREN UNHAND PLAY ARODND THE CORPSES mKmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnm. Th# Bod.#* of Eight B#h#ad#d Mon Carriod Through tho Slrooto Amid Joy and Jo#r*. Th# H##‘U Put Upon * May Pol# #nd th# PwH, In C#u Attlr# and RoA*cto*n« in Mirth, M*k# It * F##- ttv# Occasion A Cr#nd B*nqu#t Lat#r In Honor of th# Execution Th# Protest of th# For#i#n Consuls. Twihit-tt * C. O* to #* Ute* •***■• hr •*» •tags (DM **m aWhgtdMMa taßtete •* #* Kwte**ht "S»* , us ••** t-tift-t at vwsw, fu# *•*» *•*»•* m im*m* ikuMct. «a* ytup-HW* MMte a* • ..mtng mMM is* to<M#w* ted J*** °* ~ , rT * ltWrtl Tr% tyiißian Tiirn-1 th* «m«h*u« ate ~f- M• ,M 4*t « tap Twill «"** th* rSO*M ptoyte MMM IS* >rt .— ■ | f ttM , r»«r f m 4 apart wt* tit* hto*h. #•*•••*# fc r|l ,, y*, . t „ lt 4 fc «Vin-|i If tnilrrl • Halt at Iter P»>* »*d «*t tend* «r th* tteala mrnm P*"* pp tha t«* to H«w*. «*• ■#«#•• #e; In* srawwd tta* Tte BteMPte testate th# •tednH** «* •*»• '*• te* .. fratm at pnsatbta M> *• u» lasptr* hr th# twtato Ip lh* heart* #f IS* peapta A bangort »»• aft'r**r M hr 14 A ytliMi Im haap Ml U th* laniMMt hf th* for*!g» rwh. •»- fWM that th* Ini—ilU h* dtarc* Unwed. LOST HER RETICULE AHD S2OO Mrs. (iNTKt D. Tilnaa liroppH She Moat} Pros Her Basso* Looted For It FI»• Minute* After word* tA Itltotlt StKtCM Mr*. George P- Tillman, driving from (be rity Turwla*, to bar home in Clark*'* Hill, In Carollt a. lost h< r rrilrule from her buggy. Among oth er* it* rtUenle ecnt.lned |2<»o in greec backs. MU* TlUmso driving with bw ibutlter and «u the flr*l to notice the iuM. She hhd **en the reticule four or hv< minute* before It* low »n.l a* they had been driving very alowly they BATTLESHIP TEXAS PASSES OUT OF THE HOOK Left This Morning For Philadelphia to Take Part in the Peace Jubilee There. New York, Oct. 20.-The battleib ip Texas passed out of *<ndy Hook this morning for Philadelphia She is to take part In Ihe peace Jubilee * t'T- tt ' 15 ATTLEFF to Tr ' ,AC therp and will then go into dry dock and prepare for hpr long voyage to Manila. She Is expected to be ready to go to Manila in six weeks. The transport Berlin sailed this morning, bound for Santiago and Porto Rico, with quartermasters* stores. l HERALD SOUVENIR BUTTONS FREE TO EVEBY ONE PRESENTING SOUVENIR COUPON-WANT ONE ? tts t»M* a »m THE AUGUSTA HERALD. test sit %m w**e ponttitr* <4 lading tta Miaalng artlete. They gnirkly dm** hack and met n whit* mac living tn tta n*igbbortiwod who had walked along over tta rout* taken by th* lady * buggy Th* ton* wa* stated to bln and k* Innmred ! what kind of rvtteule or aatetaf It wa# ! and m being tnforated anld ta had not a**n It. Tbs ladle* had been reaMured when they bad aaea the man. They bad not thourbt it poaatble that ta could have art <led having seen the reticula and war* much disappointed when ta anld he bad not aeen It. They knew him well na a farmer in the community. They were further noupluaaed when i ecoo workmen in » d«*d neerby aaid ‘that no one bad paaaed along lh* rote | but the man alluded to. The mystery of tta disappearance of tta reticule hna not been cleared up. Sultnbl ■ reward has been offered. Th* surmise Is that someone seated or lying along the roadaide. not risible iltler to the ladia*. the whit* man or th-i laborers, saw the package fall from the buggy and. securing It, made his way Into the woods. ht in mini tfssnfc K#f«n TMt ft* Rm Hm i tout* Hill ft* Istsnpsi Sir). that th#** ta h«*P.«g It lit* an** PIMUteMMMUMMFIM, wwNMMI If HI MM *4 • M**t ; NSth h»t«HWP |M *| » IIH -* *M th* ' -wtatp—i Star Ml th* PhtHte*** h> rss*t»s4 taps (Mat* IWrrteeW* tate HI ta* at*r mm M ll* »»P dsppr* 1 *■**>* if ihM* mm Ml m*Pl m thaw »**«**» l*M •« BMMMP it. a** with** ntM «r tetl WiMaaM th at* 4*4 ha* worth* mt ptdta*. It la MM«4 at th* aa*i *Mxiwat that th* SpatWh nOMMhi Nht l*« th* (*MW* of th# I tula stsptpwr Ahfcy *» th* MtOsltaMh as Rtpstgpta* 'h* o*4 t ht* tea* la a* A—#M» t*tf tat**, thwagh #*»**# ha<>«« a* th* TWO A *(#•** Iter ft woo Mgnwmd tn fu#*r thnt ita war to tta taugrsu. H* *mh tta MH'mllcwA to atop thla, hwt when tta ewitar fated tta Abbr tn Itoiansa* Nay tta latter raswrto bad Und*4 a earpo <4 ana* and tta inaartetaa r*- ■ faa*4 la glv* them *p Ttarmpon Ita Abby wa* *• ate It la )Mtt possible that ttar# hate tarn some almtlar incident* not 4**m- ; |*4 swarthy of raport la tta Wand of data or Fancy, aa It has been repotted that mm Insurgent vemela war* ear- j rylag ana# ta sprete the hiaarec’ioa la ttaa* htenda and Iwwey would have reorvaed them. Hat tta reparta al tta nary deparl- WM-nt ataw H atwurd to apeak of tta In sargent nosy sutosisly. for tta entire fort* ronsit* of a taw s«hon«Mrs. and «m or two little coaatUn# steamer* Tta axpiaiuitton of tta admiral"# lo tertarantw with three veaart* In tta op eration* ta tta destur on hi# part ta maintain tta *tniu* <i»< In tta Fhlt- Ipptne* pending tta conclusion of tta prate commission • work. It |* said tare that It I* not aurprl*- 1 In# thnt tta Ppantah cnbtnet I* trying t . make much of any ln» i>tan! th<4 can be twisted into a demonstration and actual hosttMtlrs hrtwrm tta occupying Amert-an forr-s In tta Phillppln** an! tb* insurgent*, foe that would make ground to sustain the contention that they ar* sure to put forward when th# Philippine* ««•*»* under consideration, that the ("nlted Plate a force* never have been able lo take possession, and hold the territory outside of Manila proper. I'nder the rule* of International law such a point would be entitled to serious eonstdcThtlon. THE FEVER. Situation I* a Oreat l>eal Brighter To ay. i (By Associated Press to The Herald.) Jackson. Ml**.. Oct. 20.—The yellow fever *ltu»tlon appear* brighter today. ! A rold rain la falling which will un doubtedly be followed by colder weath er. No new foel ho* developed for several day*, although new rase* con tinue to develop In Iccalltie* already Infected. Official report* for all placp* j in the state yesterday give a total of ! only 25 new eases and four deaths. Jackson, at this hour today, has no new cases and no deaths, though some of the sick ure extremely 111. are all broke. Japanese Insurance Companies Can't Pay. (By Associated Press to The Herald.) Vancouver. B. C., Oct. 20. The Hy ogo, Japan, News says that, with thd exception of one company, every life Insurance company In Japan is In dif ficulties, owing to basing actuary ta bles tyu closely on British and Amer ican lines None of them can pay their bills. Judge Clark Stricken. Atlanta, Oa„ Oct. 20.—Judge Mar shall Clark, for years judge of the su perior court and one of the most, prominent lawyers In the state, was stricken with apoplexy this morning. He was preparing to try a case when the stroke came. He was taken home. His condition Is critical. Killed in the Ring. Omaha, Neb., Oct. 20.—Billy Walker, the pugilist, who was knocked out by Andy Dupont on Monday night, died at South Omaha today after being un conscious for fifty-six hours. At Chicago.; Chicago, Oct. 20. —The weather for today, the last day of Chicago’s peace jubilee, was even worse, If possible, than that of the preceding three days, j The rain fell fitfully and a cold bites | blew constantly. Preceding the chief events, the railroad employes’ recep tion to President McKinley, he spent the time quietly at the home of Cut l. McWilliams. .... At tei »l A. 04 LUZON IS QUIETING DOWN (*«s Oth Hsr Isywtsi h (M AIP) UryannrtC ISM lata at tea tte«tMi Stl Mail* Waitutafa t» c. tw m n» •#* ■tapwctmsMt tateg ft*a* *ha ftdhateppt i f*4a* tala <4 t»a*a»4at (hHMatl tt*h» i - aha** tha «». a.ttHaatt that th* wtaawt M L»a« la MM nr* |*a%*4 Th* tt»*.|ii"n at tte> <4 atamMMt ah 4 ****■> » wtara tat Aiahttt at ■■*»» *< »> tana «4 *«*• »»titi ml. hat hte4* t* R* l * t* aa*t» rawatea I a» RtatM.-'at wiWat, tat Mt ■ atoafttUß tha la* | 'Th* utMttaai ** na4. at**** tat** ar» *r«ai»—*aa «»«.*»»*** .th«*ah tha ath ntiiri I* «*-*»»***.*. anttuß i*4li la tha «*m.aar.«a t tha aaUM* B**4 Tha laalttwa >4 tha rt«* a*4 ta* hitwaa ter w** • ' •>« Ch* tr*t< a** ibNt It* «m* Thar* ara mm nr a-taht alWaaai. Ma.ltan ta an>a*a*tlr | a**aa»a4. IStIM lha —all tha* «*** 11 •«•(< -rlaht 4**«h*-*a tana *tha»*«a. 1 tr*«a tttahaM In* t lt*n n»*.»*tal a*4 MttaatMMl i ia*lita*a. at>4 i ac*l- j 4r«tat •tlwat.l Otta «*IM »awtatM* Maaa* than th* ah***, ha: ta* 4*twtt* a***: 4*4 a*4 tea it *4n**M* la **l* th <-ta*r poriiaa* -4 th >u*a»uh *.**• hr. iMwaua* at A* tmrltt at— It* paar* a*«*tMMM It .oatalaa • •.>*«»* , I to*, ha ilrarf*) th . t aanttaa th* 4m«altM« at »h* Phll.|-|iiw« aa4 *Ma lafi taiall n a*, ut th* aaurarati." — i■ E' SPANIARDS PLAY THE | BABY ACT Sticking t« Tb»ir Petition inti Yield ing Notliig. Will Shrug Their Shoulder* at the Ultimatum. Pari*, France. Oct. S*. —The Spanish peace cootmtMloaera have not a* yet received from Madrid cither Instruction or permission to hid adieu to Chilian aoverclgnty without further seeking to attach to this sovereignty some condi tion providing for the assumption of the Cubon debt by the United Htates. If they are a* at present disponed and instructed, the Spaniards will nut at tomorrow’* meeting reeognUe slfuni.i dively the United Slate*’ position, and will stop. Should they flatly reject the American insistence, the Spaniard-, while recognising the physical power of the United Stales against unaided Spain, will dumbly extend their palms upward and shrug their shouldei*. They regurd the situation as pitiful, and are not averse to any sympathy they may excite. They afflmi that the American ans wer to their debt proposition la verv long, and they have not yet had time to mediate fully upon It. They, thus far, intend not to yield and will tomorrow matte another written presentment, and will expect an intended discussion thereon. Whether they tomorrow will be met with, at the close of the cession, re ceive. as to Cuba, the American ulti matum of terms, and time, must be then developed. While this is possible, it la not quite probable. MURDERED bY CHINESE. The Frenchmen Will Demand Rep aration Immediately. '(By Associated Press to the Herald.) | Paris, Oct. 20. —At the cabinet meet ing today the minister of foreign af fairs, M. Delcaasc, rend a dispatch from the French minister at Pekin, M. Gerard, announcing that a French missionary or.d several Chinese Cath olics were massacred or burned to death in the chapel at Paklung by a mob. M. Gerard Immediately demand ed reparation from the Chinese gov ernment. THE PATIENT DEAD. The Ohio Case Ends Fatally Tills Morning. (By Associated Press to The Herald.) Warren, 0., Oct. 20.—The case of yellow fever in Paris township, re sulted In the death today of the vic tim, Blanche Beck, aged 28. Miss Beck recently fled from Mississippi. kTli ED HIS WIFE. And Died on the Gallows Today for His Crime. |By Associated Press to The Herald.] Granite Falls,'Minn., Oct. 20. Joe Ott. who pleadedl guilty to the kilting of his wife, was hanged in the jailyard this morning. *• NO ARREST HAS BEEN WADE VET Ctt) iN rotate Nllrs AskH to (ahfrtsi sight Site** a«tM tote th* LH» lh»* Th*** la tathths mm ta th* tea** I |jih*ii«* M nanwtM at«» th* #•*•», Aaa.h «4 Ufa Atltaaah, thhaw ***** Ste.n .a aa* tali *4 Ml Tha ItarwM tlitmaama Na CmAm Mm M h**a mm* at tha aw.rah *H *m«m nMa (I*l at ISttra fhaarpa M Naaal ate aahat tha «* ifllte gt th* AaBWMa gaMra ate lha faaatr pathM ta ta** • atlag aal. It pMalhla tha iMall Mr Athihao* t»ut ***** t« th* th* aathatHlM all tatattaatata that h* at* ptmmmm Tha CarpUa* aathaH ttaa v* tetag all that <aa m ngpai *•! t# rmm tea* tha aaaaaa.a It if a* «#tl ta a4a>)<<«4 hatrawr that a. pa* j thaw M aa * Urn aa aterh <aa ta aa*«4 o fpiftii erf 1 fßew'Sod nff# Mr Ai*ta«aa ha* hi* aaaplrlaaa tat Itata la atah tag 4#n*n* Of raarw th*** ar* arataa at ttaa* • ta* ra'r*tat**4 hr altar pa#*. **4 #*a. la aaa ratalag la *4 taapMtei <ha ran*** a**a aa Ita a gbt at th* TWre am so assnv of th*«* at***- j anil ihrf in* All m* v**rn ml flirt tag that H would be Idle at tkl« tlose to d«(all thru* The horrible crime has seal a thrill of terror through the ruuMoualty especially I to tbooe who knew the murdered lady so well here, and to those who frsd ao rtal and bstiaeM relation* with Mr Atktuaoa ft Mr. A. K Bloksk the most heartfelt sympathy la extended j Thu terrible grief and shork which j ha* come to him la the euneet of pi* | life I* almost more tbaa he ran bear. I It* waa very devoted to hi* daugb- The distress at the home of the poor victim of the lurking scenario's mor lit*rotia flrr rto better be tbse pirtttretf Ybe j hmbiftd, inff«*r* «t «t tor hi* ! flf bt»)plnnin* i *ii In tbe mi4*t of this jrrurlel trial md evfttl vltltatloß. hti tbe roodolenre of friend* from mile* and ml lee • round. As soon ft* possl* ble he will join In the hunt for the red handed Fend, with a prayer that the craven-hearted secured rei be placed within scop* of hi* enter and re venge. # SLAUGHTERt F THE INNOC NTS Neighboring lk»g Slaya Whitt ksbblts Up to a few day* ago Mr. Lewis Mil ligan ha* had an unusually line collec tion of while rabbits, amd partis* pac ing hi* home on Humming street have frequently remarked on the beauty of the pink-eyed bunnies. Recently, through the depredation* of a neigh boring dog there lias been a veritable slaughter of the innocent*. Mr. Milligan tins aevcral dogs and they and the rabbits plav together quite freely. A night or two ago a strange dog made hit appearance and the rabbits, suspecting no harnt, ap proached him playfully In the same fearless way. Before they could real ize their mistake three of them lay dead. The night following the life of three morn paid for the intruder’s vis it and last night three more were sac rificed. Mr. Milligan was unable to catch the offender and in sheer despair lias given away the rest of the rabbits as the only means of saving them. GONE TO ATHENS. Will Return Very Sqon With Hl* Bride. Mr. R. E. Hall, a well known young conductor of the electric railway, to day leaves for a visit to his old home in Athens. This visit of Mr. Hall's is one of special Importance, as his marriage to Miss Underwood of Ath ens occurs on the 27th. Died at Stellavllle. Mr. Fred Brinson, a prominent, resi dent of Stellaville, died Tuesday of consumption. Mr. Brinson was 25 years of age, and a son of the late Judge J. W. Brinson. He was a young* man of sterling integrity and exceptional morals and had everything save health to make lit? happy. To the young widow left to mourn his untimely death the sympathy of many is extended. Col. Brown Not an Applicant. Athens, Oa., Oct. 20. -Col. Edward T. Brown, who was at the head of the Candler campaign, says that the state ment that he is to be appointed chief secretary In the executive department under Gov. Candler is totally without foundation and totally unwarranted, and that, he is not, and will not be, an applicant for any position within the gift of the governor. MAS Ml A#* A ♦*A# imwMkAT. #cf. m t#B* SECRET COUNCIL OF WAR AT RREST LAST NIGHT Admiral B#rr#ra Pr##id#d and th# Chl#ft of th# Maritim# Fort## Took Part. Confk)#ntlAl Ortkf teuhae.jMenUy Itouni to lh# C#r ngott Th# W#r Pr#pAr#»ions tor FrAtte# Ar# Ur# Absorbin# Bub*#ci of Oiscuh»K>n in Europ#. UnA##s Franc# Vteids Thus Is s Bloody War Ahtsd. ryt. Cta IS -Th* mm ptetatMaata » r*mmm mm th# H- rrriii aata pr, at 41-****** Sr****** t* Ita ISatah papaa* tta** •*** M#M# »»p»*'i*»*t» a* Taatah to** a***ta* Th* Altera. #***■*• laatate# i• 4at at th* *a*t*i aattatii aS as* at Steal ta th* 4tl*te Ml t#B M**t**ta* h**a» htet pan. lathttamal artat* **f* **t*MtMh«T taw*# MRTSAI JONES HITS AT SOCIETY The Wife of the Evangelist Delivers a Sensa tional Speech at Atlanta. Ailaata O*. Or Ih-Ai th* «p**M* mmmum at «h* *»te*h «ta#J «*.*»< •« *4 tta W«4Mh Him* Mtaata #*4*lll at tta North tl*a»»ta r«Mt*T**r* tar* r*M*»te»'. Uni Saaa F. Jaa**.. *!•* "t tta r»#a**ll*t. taMte a rprrrh ahtrh rw**t. a araaattoa arwa* h*r »'*t*r aMMtara. Kta **t4. In P»n “1 r.«tatMß4*"hßt« fan Pha*h*. tmt *mt*t aha I* a arrmat at .ta . h»rrh. that y* rtet. tar it tta l-onl a* aatata *a>] .hat >* t**W tar ta what**** l,u*ia*a# hath ***4 at r«*. to* »hr hath tarn a »orro* to nut? ate of »>»<'f »*»o.' • I roMcn*t)4 ttaa* »M«o*» •* # F*tt 414 Phoata *• «h* **r*atla of tta rhuirh dl.ttan from tta w©te“n wta ar* th* **r*att* m th* wo*M. It la a«t mr work to dltriM yitM for taitoMß r.tth h«»i#**. ft soring UHh ,ar>t rtKMn* **>4 *r.trtt*ln»#M» hall*, la ©tear that at* »W ate ta tha world* raralval ot *i«rt »te dUtepatloa. »n 4 ta Irater. ta •latnl r***lry. Too many of out •<>«*» ha** t#ll*t*d la «•*•» work to .Irhaarh our r- 1 task* uak*|tpy th* taarta and how** of thoaaaada of our airtrra. Our work <* to build boat"* ft-r tta mra of tMal who brla* to a* gm. 4 cm* ,n<l glad tidings of *al*» tlon W* ara not tar* to d rua# plana for furaishiag win**, pttorh and champaga* for wordly *«d rtafnl galtar lng». and thrr*b> bring ruin upon our bom** Knougb hn»* alrrady **r**d • l tb*** tablra. and rnough of arrow and aadnraa I* following In ttatr iuUm rottra* It la ouru lo rarry tta l»lm and ronaolntlon of tta win# of Joy into the homr* of ita poo* and auffriing • It I. not our work lo dlwuaa thr iataat alyMa of draaa-ln whnl w* and our d*u*bt«r» ar* to apprar al tta luatful halla of r***lry, wtar* oar vomonly nuHl<-»ty and rlrtur ara d*atrcyrd Kar too many of out womm Br . i'i voting tbrmrrlVM to tltla worg to render our girl* giddy and god h**s and to unman our non* and to u sl f)t tin iu for tta higher ofll«*s* nod dm na of lif*. . . . . ... tK "Our work ia to dlaruaa plan* for clothing the poor and helping tn* riotitm*. no that thry may meet th* bla.ta of the coming wintar. W* do cot meet to dii-ctt*. fh* plan* of receiving, according to th* taat aoclal forma the farbionahl*. *ho coma to dtapby tta foil!** of drew and tta **• travugancic. of aoricty. Too Targe a cumber of our women ara tatouadl them-elves to the** foolish round* o; usotcaa tollteo. "It i* our work to make rotnfor übit the little parsonage*, to glv* a warm welcome to our pastor and hia humble family, that they may bring peace to the home, ami liearta of our popple, "Welcomed by the servant* of tj te church and representing the cer . vairt* of the church, let ua aid hearta In an effort during our sojourn together in your city to adv #nc * our Mamer'a work.' Mrs. Jone*' speech has caused m tl eti comment and I* likely lo start a big dbteosalon. Th< “ convention I* largely attended and promises lo be Interesting throughout. II will last all the week. |U. P. REESE’S NARROW ESCAPE Win. M. Reese's House Burned During the Night. Flames Reached M P. Reese’s Room While He Was in Bed. Special to The Herald. j Waahington, Ga., Oc-t. 20. The residence of Hon. Win, M. Reese was completely de stroyed by fire this morning at 2 o'clock. The origin of the lire was a kerosene oil stove, which exploded In the bath room. Hon. M. i\ Reese hail a narrow escape, the fire reach ing Ills room before lie knew of it. The loss is completely covered by insurance. Miss Kate Malone and Miss Cora Tarver have returned from Saluda, N. C„ where they spent the summer.^sr •" tea# PkANTtfHI UtAN AND ftAyiNOB BANK atatWrH igatw PORTO RICO FAliiilNG IN IdNE The New Possession of the Ameri cans. The First Official Order There Pleases the People. [By Associated Press to The Herald.] San Juan. Oct. 20. The city re mains orderly and all is quiet else where. General Brooke Is installed ir the puluce and Brigadier Genera remains as commander of the District of Ponce. Brigadier General Orant Is appoint ed commander of the District of San Juan. Sonores Rivera, Blanco, Lopez and Oarbonuet, Ministers of the Insular Government, have tendered their resig nations to General Brooke, stating they will perform their former func tions, if desired, until their successo-" are appointed. The first general order issued by General Brooke Is a dignified, fair document, and has been well received by the people, A post office here under American auspices is being established with all possible haste. t'nited Stat-ta Spe cial Commissioner Carroll arrived on 'the Panama yesterday. _