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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, November 01, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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TUftDAV 4 INC ittSUSTt HiMlO *, ***»«»* ***** NMM #■•« miiMifiwnHHi •• I ■ SBmEm*;’* **** „ „,* * ■Btoß ■ AatJL ft -<r*lWi sio/*oo9m 0 sm9k 4M NH iMW# 1 toft ft* ♦**% *** . ■ <=*§§?=> vtt iuki i* r**mm* SrsstJ'v •m m 99V9 nu «**» **•* H ** 4 ' * „ m** ****** •*• #* *f »■**»# ***** Mi (to 09095* m, - ** mi I* n, - “ ft* •«**• W*""* •* “ ' ! _ A M S. fcgM %**►**#* M to. v<M ‘«f »L**. ****** *"* PM«* IN** ""** hW|l . •*• n» ——* *» ****** *r^r.., T lf — «**4 •«•*»-' I*** t* *to* to Amrrrwiwfc MMINt (tottotoi^** HmM •«*! ***#♦ »**» tM« ft »■ *•** ■*■*"*** •**•*■• •**• ►** ftp •** *•*** lA(h day *>EEb mf I!EBALD ; -OlftOWiV) ; W)gft ItHVLfIMjA^ * €?1 ? <1 IfkJgO • t,fE HUALU MUVMMi At) om 0* T»» Hc-eatd (Niks ilm Swwvowlr Cawpaw wkkhla printed twlew wW rovoSva a Mri Ml lit Sou.rntr Hutton I »*»• If you waw« mm apply OOrly. Moll ordvi • wIII ha (Iliad whan iKvuuipootcd b> stamp* to poy postage. P*EK DISTRIBUTION MM'V EMU CODI*ONS I This Coup m. presented ot i Th* He mid Offke, will bo a*- ! chanted lor a neol and bond- j ! Home herald Souvenir Button. , i The distribution U limited and will last only a lew days INOLAND'I CXIMIHAL ACT. Ragland's new criminal eviilmca act has tone Into effect. anti both Ihoa' who opposed It* passage and those who favored It are watching the result with great tntereat. So far the expec tation of sensatlonsi developments bos been tllsappolnied. IVraona ac cused of crime are availing themeelvee in ronslderabla numlicrs of the privi lege, now accorded them for the first time In the history of Ungllah Juris prudence. of testifying In their own behalf, and of summoning their wives or husbands to the stand ss witnesses for the defense; but there t* a» y#t no eigu of the radical change In the llrtt tnh tribunals which l/»rd Chief Justice Campbell prophesied. Convictions and acqulttaie have been about equally numerous under the new procedure. As might have been expected, the dis cussion or the art continues actively, lor Its opponents ate unconvinced by defeat, and its advocates are not quite reassured by success. Two fticla, ac cord Ing to The Condon Standard, emerge from the controversy. One Is that a very great prepondaranca of le gal authority was In favor of the change, and the other Is the need or tit ! on3i care In the application of lho i.vv if aerious mischief is to be avoid ed. ,; iu t what form the seriou? mischief ,s take Is f«r from obvious to the / -.-.crlcan Ohaerver, accustomed as be jbeen for many years to trials wa> t. ■ ;et on exactly the prtnstpis that r e .; r, so revolutionary to Our cousins, but the apprehension Is. apparently, that cross-examination of the prisoner witxter* may degenerate inio an inqui sition of the hind that prevails in 99m*m0 *»t* * * »*»»+ HP** 14 to*#* *%, t> |t i't to* Mill Ms ifflwtoftwi'* mms*9o. in totoat lIM to* toto*#*#* |g| §n> tUMjijt ttr###4to t |** «hhp% <%§«••* Iti to*#!** : ißpiHjif i * * * *•*»* ***** iiMlt Ml toßto**** if* *%» 4Mfc*%# MU Ik- (to* »iiMM In to* MMPMI fl# tototo - r f fm M4M Ml M«* m sttft #iw| *90*90 I• pi •§# (Hifli** Ht to# MHWi •#§ IMMNIM’IM* At to* t fci* ft a ifft tO-iM(M> - I | sftft #M *• (MNft is. *%.» m##toMto #* *p* M fIHW# 09909*09 ) 9 #•#* ## «I** t**» Ml • • >,.-. KMM mml $ fcMI iurftir •»** hiiMMH MM'il iMv fMM §iw«'Ml MMflMif M*M IMUMMI Ml MMMMM. MrtMMI M<Mi m«# *H&* l§ MMI . tn<tf limh Ml IMM «M* «l Ml Mil— MM 1 frllH ff T «f ndr lift: M •MH»M I **A «M» 4Hf Mm itM ftl liolf f%M|M Hdi MnM tM ftftM MW MUM hm! ill omtiwirA Mi A §*>*♦ (HUtli 4t w9 H IlM* fMMft Ml M »MM Ml MAM9. *-|„ M a .,|i • IIWWH ••» M l%» »**• **« —**' •* > ,,! • V«rt I* i iinwimn mi hw* ••***•■ laml *• »*li* I* oft** mi krM M 4 M ftWM «•** ** •****' T*** m> *ft» ftn* !**•*»»* *** *• kmtfUm **4 M ••• •••m* Umi fVtMMI I* »M • ftMfWfc—*►< **»»• .«m. •» Ik* MMrt* *M*« irtMM TV» iMk *M lr»A MM. •>* ww4»> **Mm Mi ftMMft tV Ml m «*• vfftlMt. MM •• pwMM MaHm. TMa MfkMi *t. <Mi4 Ml fMM ikf *(MM Mm of Mill !M ?«ll«A|> «*• ao4 lb* MU4«r». for M pmnnl rm**M* of AArrflAA 0 MM of «• I*4 M Ml* »« »'**• aa *em Oo JI«M I*. Mil. • «MNP« l ull h»l4 Mva IM winy *•!»* ■Mi a* • tWMM IM* Mlm tl|*iM. iabOlm IM rt* ««M»rM lo IM dltih TM mIMI »a» HmmmHil li AnM MMI* IMAMU «’f IMM Imamlaa AA IM IIMIM MM 01 IM lll»» MMkIM rI«MM M. 11 Mil** AA Mwr. AO4 MlWMl j \y in*r«»nt« IM fulU»Mln« r#Mol<H ton MAM •Jo|>t»'l bjr IM> Mwli of dliw ! •*»• " •fto gr*Ai*t ■»»■«* aMiII M »oi <! [ t*jr Ik* iktlkur <kN II »IIa» IM hour Milk oa* fMf of M«Af«Mr*' It Wllfc IMA CAM. a«i It o»a*M Milk iMw* *‘i»rt." ”TM Mtl «Uh»M OMBMi h» IM Homk I'ArolloA ro*i •* n*tn»«l lh« W«At Nit. *i*i •»»'*“ ' l* l * mill* t* »l«W Miloolf*. Tk* i 4lnl* Mlnpprd In it ihi* point and MlAml dut Ikl* r«*f of *pw>d AA* WMiIU *ni «!•*- f*rtm* to ho»»n Ufa, *»<l M • «*»• ■muiHin' lh* roMiplßjr pul) t titf rli*r" rar on *noh train Tkl* “Mr rlar'* rnr mm* a Hal -oAr loArtml with roiton ItAla*. nthl. lt m»* mputtf <«» nt'l aa a #ort of l.taK*', and .tlmia lah lh« furoa of lh* fall whan III# paa* arnicar hll lha irottr.d “Tbaaa aiparlraattU. Mr Kmartoß aar*. Mara anion* tha anrly aittari anraa of ihla hlalnrt.-nl road. Thay began ivlllt how powar ami aatla. amt today, aflar o variad aiparianaa. aitandln* otrar naurly thraa quartan, of a oantury, lha company poaaaaaca ima of lha brat aquippctl roads In America.” VALVI OP IMOOIIBUI. Mr. Iloka Smith >»f Atlanta. In n ra ccßt apaaclt. n.laocatad atron*ly laplrn Intl.ui for an airmptlon of naw tndna trial iMi.lcHahlnip. In (iaoritia. Satil ha: •1 coriilally adtrorate laplalatlon to the extent, If necaaaary. of an ntnaiul martt of the atate conatlhitton, Mhldt may *lva the prlvllcßa to tko ntuolcl puttUen to fraa from taxntion for a term of yanra naw Industrial plants, t do not advocate It so much In the In tercat of the manufacturer; I advocate It In the Interest of the people or the community to which a new industrial enterprise Is to be Invited. Those lit nach a community who have taxes to pay on property will find the value of property bo increased that they can obtain an income far beyond the aniull additional burden that they bear on account of the exempted en terprise. Those who have no property In nut'll a community would contrib ute nothin* by taxation, but would find themseltea benefited by the In creaked opportunities for employ maul.” rku t* Ule Mika at ttm hew |oln* On lh tok«y PkH* •* tM *oilth Pro gressive and ter-#eelh* men like Mr. Hmtth cannot afford to lose »u oppov* ; tunity to describe «* encclßctlv as he 1 has tlouC thu lelatioji of industrial es- Hfti'-iKik.-KM tEtO M> m MUi (ftl Hk «*•"*'■ ‘ "•# «dft : ki« mm* m 'W* H*-* i m **»+ ***** m> mii f »#- iHii §««■*****§ *%* t*m mrn***m* ***■■ • * liwiiiiiiiiii iW* H %•»Wii m *mm j tmmm ****** 9f*<* **** i tirikkir or ifvcmf*. I r > i#ftwni> (MM ftftMs* ■■**■•* 9* P^liWMlp •WLgP (| tau| , i •! #■*»•*. i A p *!' #* dl* I (<MiiWH (ft WMt# (II Ml t|-»ftftigNH s'#***&*** *o9* Mm o*o* ** (Mhi f' MM ■ |jp, 11 ii iihh ftO *o*o*m *9* 9mmmo*§ 90m WOO o*** o** ** 900 *** %m ■ 9000mm** - ■ fIMI o**o* Ml m** ‘ | fHip 9m* o** 0* min m iiiM*MMl# *o* I * mmmo*ooo* < fnaiMt mm** 9mm*** iw* •MBBUfftl ! TM Hxtal HttMA laSfMtt Mta k*4 I 44* *%#• ** • m "*** i !)(§»••) MwlH l 9*90 9* <1 IM !**•* . «HI tiiNMi | (Wat IfwakMM at Hof«o*4 ka« ak*4 ! nmwai o . im. w 4 i»« «mim> i i ftls«M *« fti * Mow lhattv VtwMMH Imam to IM i SMATV* M paaw vm*M* lAwfaa . I TW was i ammiaal in Bv4a IlkAi tM-e 1 vtft i«h Msaap Me-a *1 QkMMk Tkw* eA. T>e New Tack pwl risk boa *l* »■ a mvytl"* »• «kt war iMiwy abaH. tl •• J«M» WAMM«»Alt*»'a ami W* ton t» ‘ ,»(„» uwt awl i* ia ika Moot* Mas , elf. ; (Ik*. RrSuMkaas rlollA that tV«lr s-ot. Mill aUmt kp IM l*r*a»MMl Aral MMMfe* TM Vatnaa autm-lttc Mve 4*. * W I m MvntTab N*» Naa la o mm •at refhwry. KnCIAMd Halm* A mmhal vtetonr la •M ra aataMtahmea. wf r»ta tuma with rvamc. TW# Ban P*rAMa»aco ahrdlu etamr dh nr* taktn* virnwa MteOAurea AAAlaat Ihr hulmnlc plague Kam* la Ktalvad that many nt the ft turnloi WpAMiah trwup* 4W4 aboorl «M tmiMMttrUf befiHf rwirWif ranlaln Merritt atreea with tdattl. HnhMnM that the t>4.a« a«d Vlacara cam Imtk M raised f«r a mllllott d.dhira. The I'olveralty nf fhlca**. has almost rotaed (he l»a.«» necceaary to Secure another Woa.Mt) from J..n«« Hochefeller. The fatfayetie statue la lo he erected in the garden* of the Tullerte* in PnHs In a iliieet line with the Art tie Trl ompte. Bccretarv Alger ha* l»*ucd n memo randum e> Ihe i hlrf* of bureau* l» th* war dcpAUincnt parmltllng Ihe em ployes lo go home lo vole In the ruin ing election*. An liapanalonDt I nthualssm. U wsves In Potto Rico *nd ikere's non* lo say It nay Old Olory It flutter In llswsll. where Iksy'v* put 11 up lo *Uiy-~ Old Glory To Asiatic wuter* trail lo Cuba'* sor rowing shore It aenda a splendid warning for Ihe ty rant power# of yore. And bids the sufferer lift hi* bead and bw a man once mort — Old Olory. Your potency I* far too great for one small hemisphere. Old Glory. And as the nge* puss new land# will know and hold you dear, Old Glory. Until at Utat, when arctic mysteries brave men uuroll, To signify that this great planet llvna uenih your control. They'll make the Itorealis pale and nail you to the pole, Old Olory. Washington Btnr. When In crossing a street you Have escaped being crushed by an electric car. after eluding n few teams, lt Is generally » certain sign thnt you ate to be knocked gnlleywest by u hlcy tie. Whf>n yem * nausta »>f the store* ach on shipboard. It Is « sign that you would give Hlmoat anything to be sa > on dry land. A eat running rapidly Into the house with a lluffy lull nml arehivl back is generally the precursor of a very active and unicli excited guadi lived us the canine persuasion. IF YOU WANT SUNDAY'S HEftALD DROP A POSTAL ‘BEST AND CHEAPEST'* tutu gTTr>TrcsrA rrFrn/f .ts lllla LH ahoin town f M illMßi amaaa* ►•At ftMAMi. mm* tm # than* w mm- »( «i Mm ((*»*- : tmW *faa mm*., ip a tjaev hr -a BaaM ■ ioumi tpMP *ft» ftftkMaa«Aa *****§ —■mm *» ■nanaiiaitaqi wf «m *««*-w» I omm* 900 9*' * 9m* * 1 909*9 * **oo* m (HMyrtift *npt f 990** f M 9000 0 909** 90090 m 00* * 909' omm*o o*o 9*90 000 09990090§ 909* f 99*90* **90009 *0 00 Mt 90 Ml 0* 099 *9009990 9090000900 **m 9909 m 9* I i*o 000* • MUM giuftftftftft 90* *** -9 i *H»%» 90 *9* M 9909 *9O 909*0 00* *oo*9 (Ml MMI 00 9990 009*9* s*o9% 0909m* i*om 0* 090 Ml 999909*9 999* ftp#*** MMM MNI iHMMft 90 Wm ; Ml 99*9* 000 9m* ***o9 9*oo *9 : ***** Ml $999*09 MNMMI *0 *MI> 00* *mmt 0090 *9rno m *s*' 099990*90 9 mm m*m+m A *w« kkargAA A MawftarPaWs «**••» ftwMft *m! mm tk *a»B* ke A aa*T Mt#Bk HMf ft# #**4 *lf ftp * ii* (•►#*# Mi* TM IMMMNI M* IhhmlMl,.. * 9**9*mm **o 9999 990990*090* 9*o 09900*0099 Th* MINI 09* 9999*90*99* * 0990*99 *9 f|*ft mm .04 «•»# k*»o tM tMMNkka,* ml lh# aww MM hike* that ftikm •BMphAi Mam it kaBMM* Maas* a*4 Mtava MftakM taMVfl M*wa kkatv have vve • Mile MAha tMsrtkivi mmm ami at lit IBM la (ah I M*# a*AM am ft Mhe laffte h* BMBia M *M w-asi fkAM aaaa mm Uk» AaftMMM kmavda ka M**a o VMM f* t MMUead vawaedMv that mm *i «ft» •*AM mm Iketv Mt CWftA PSkMIaaVA H IV* uttkw mmm ao4 t wavm ifcJ a aharv *f tM rwaMMM *f mma *i Ik*** Burnt sr Mha H*ei Ml A had W»*** rAkay MM Im ArtawMA tkaia** ka awiia* - ■4. mm 4 lha ptaa #*aw-a »t4hl veailhl* i He uaM Im k#4 made § Modi for two of wtlftkl MM* htoak Mfirlftr Mkd«f . Ik# kAMAser «f kl* fetolvae "If 9*w j •at M A liflt a»d ka** » *wi *•*» mg* ha r»ptat*e4 “If BMfcM pwa , *m MBSek Irwa-da raw »•«*« *•*•*»** A* ] Welt he a hoi yoaraaf M«w la nttw #•• j tea oat of l*A. a t>wak c*rvrl4t» Britt j •ta*» «• IN «dhar fellow MtiftbM i hortiaa him If k# *•»! mmm am j then ikar# »r* ftvw k*lM*» *« mwp kiwi j wltk. laat M'a hHMt a*y Ikot ha VMM. | aad that **4* tha mum tar vitkaM fw lhar 41ft*at * ” rv»t|y (wad arkewae Maaa't HI Of ewMra* It* *mc*w*» momM 4#prod oM IM IM*M l*H A *W erst. I ratalead * Mtar yeaterday wltk Ike stamp alKted Ml tk* appe* ftf haad ■ oraer of the eavatope aai M twMMßkt 1.. miad carta la eUarlea MWd My Pwß Ofllca ißSpartor Narty. who Mo* la Aa gtalA last auiMMMP. Boat# Wkl a)- wav* alamp their teller* npaM* town fur Inch." **ti k* oa* day. and oih #ra yol tk# stamp na the ba< h. a kl. h mahea ike caa.etlAllua rlarh fucgrl hi* reliptuß. I remember a* < sophl a fellow na*w tbrwMph Ik* paruilar way he Stamped 0 latter He wa* wasted for frlvolina with ika laws of I,’arl* Bam. but bad skipped out tad raulda t be located. In iooklac orar tow# of bla < orreapoodeo. • I had not lead that he always pat oa Ike vtatnp rromwlse *0 a* to leave a amail .rlaayle of lh* eavvlope at the upper right hand cor ner Why he did li. I don't know, hut the lamp mm always in that particular spot, and gummed down with Bi«l he mal leal aenrary. Oar day I was la a certain town, and while (oaring tieftr Ihe cancellation table at Ibe poeiolßo noticed several letter* stamped aa I have described. Juat oa < hanr* I t.Mik a memoranda of the addrea* snd postmark. Which Wa* (TiaUeannaa. and happening to be In that plare on the following week I collared my van m he waa Inquiring for hi* mall, ‘ffie letter* I noticed turned out to have tieep addressed to Ilia wife. When ! told him how I got my pointer lie w«* n* mnd •* lilstea and I guess he ■tampe hi* lAitera straight now—ls he I* out yet ” A pitiful eight wa* Witnessed last night on Broad street nt the Arlington corner. The lyro Grept I bine dog* be longing to ail Augusta cltlaen were at the corner, when an old pet dog, quit# aged and feeble, belonging to amitlu r well knnown cltlxcn, came along. Th* latter unimal. probably about a tenth of the sUe of the Great Dane*., wa* seized hy the male dog of the pair and hi* bark broken with a wrench and twlgl of the powerful )nw.s In the time that it take* to record It. A few convulsive shrieks and shudders, and the small pet dog lay dead on the as phalt. A crowd collected, a policeman ordered the carcass removed, and the Observer and his dog Immediately took a stroll around the block. On the other rornor the Postal Telegraph boys wrre telling funny sto ries about mistake* In dispatches, and the Observer overheard two that, to him at least, didn't seem to have any cliestuutty flavor. One of the opera tors rnrly in his career had taken a message with this address: ‘‘t>r. A. Wing. Roohi Car Agent. Central De pot. New York." The dispatch came back with the marginal report that there whs tlo such person at the ad dress named. The operator at the other end was called up and explana tions followed, In consequence of which ibe nddress was changed to “Drawing-room-oar Agent, Central Depot.'' A still mors abaut'U mistake was one toad* la aa eft'lce not a thauJand rnllM frsttt August*, when a talegraSi wa# received for Jains* IV. Gils#, Pie Clerk. Brooklyn Nasty Yard.” This was afterward amended to read. .las. \V. Gillespie, clerk, Brooklyn Navy* Yard." > TEA TABLE GOSSIP > *los §9¥9 mm 9m * 9** **999os* Wwm (pwt ■■ **'Wof; ? % 0/0000 *** f * ♦ Wt* ftto #ft * ***** KtaiMMMM ii 9*o *m *9 mmrnm **99090*09900*0* tl ***99* I*o 090* [ ni 90999* 1* $9 *o*oo9 m**m $9090 00990* pripurr to# 00* *0 9* | m*o9*smwo9* 00* *0 J 9 I**o9o *0909* *oo*9o •• 090*9 9*mo*mmmo. SO9 o*9* oso (WH 9*MO m §0 *o*o f9o*9 00 0-9* » 9999*009 0 * 999*09'* **9*o*9o9o *909 $9 000* 1* so99** I mm itotod (Wil mi**** ** * to"# 1 y tl —. nPrigT I* «*M Mw ftr «pps*M Ttoft ft:' sfc'le tftlft fft (I I 99*#' IMRi Itoftl# < ft* jk |j ctoft Too9* 99 09*91****09 > * * * BAMtAAt m r*n* «m aap-etai* «f a fftMUrAl innsinar k* iA* an ml gaa ting tk* gMBM VWtSA fw *p tewft a»cA#y I4MA as fTMwd* A#* rstwtwstl Ay wo# mrleg th* mmo iktapv w* gatgkt *«** 4 » CMHfMrat* hA* i Hto As MthA*4*4 MV*«** With A aMAMMWsktp of MtOV* thAM». opisian ts saaMihiag that »h«u'4 A* forte#4 with gr*tM CASIMW aa4 cAasi ed with still gysst**. ■dwwiiiM* twasHt* s man bat Hitt# if to to (• wopto •• tiNto' issity when h# ##•• W. «k*M ym» mTm mmm cmmUamall* look tag At kiA watch, dcp#w*t up«a H. ihscr s A woman la ika »•#»- Wfcsa h gr*ai crtmiAAl lawyer fall# lo laugh crime out of court he tuaee up sud prarwti to try R out. The poasthllttlea of a penitentiary wnlrliv are aAoul the only thing that can add to the dancer* of football. The first Iking to teach a soldier Is to oiwy: tbs ssrood thing to l«Acb him la to obey: and the third thing to obey. II I* sometime* dlftcult for n girl to find her Ideal man. but she l* m ar ly always willing to Accept a substi tute. It tm* been discovered by The Dal las New* that every alugMrd baa hi* own particular way of not doing thinga- Now that Actor Mansfield ha* altered hi* noae. there la no reason why he ahould not also change hla dis position. Cupid may uae arrow*, but a Texas Judge ha* decided that a lover cannot uic hla revolver hr * incans of winning bis luide. A young Michigan wife 1* accused of feeding her octogenarian husband ground glass aa a meant of getting at his bank account. Perhaps the Kmpres* Dowager is a Providential visitation sent to Inina for It* contemptuous attitude toward women In the put. She said I was the kin* of men, And. from the easy grace With which she took me in, I gue** She must have been the nee. The number of parhelora la rapidly Increasing every year In lamrton, where there are so many things to sec that men don't wives and chil dren. "You didn't recognlie me when I passed yon on the street. Margery, al though I saw you twice." "As a rule. 1 do not recognise men when they are in that condition.” A St. Goals man who was so disgus ted with life as to jump Into a lake was. nevertheless, enough Interested In htmseir to tie a long rope around hla body mid fasten the end to a tree so that someone could find his cold, wet body. A NsbflHtk woman Wa# deserted at the very Bilal by h«r affianced huimahd for smoking a cigarette of fered her by one or the bridesmaids, there is a moral In this to voting wo men who do not wish loves young dream to end in smoke. THIS IS IT f tod i-- ‘ * s 9900 **oo9 ro« EARLY FALL STIFFS IRO At PINES ALL SHADES $3.00 Jwftt Afftvtd, DORR'S Tailormr. Mali, } P* ‘ ah ) i Year He at tha. i I Dob t Coogh / CMP Bwsst '<*» a-a T*» •« *** / % OmpftsMMiCktoA ft* Nto*. \ / Hot Water Bair* ( / *a4 ffMMity HywMEta as »#*•» V C bm< s 4 a»*4 fra* *** t go* / V Our HoukcholJ j C Ammonia, . j ' t tftrxstMfl. M th* Asm bm| f I 1 atwas* >■ lb# sift. Ms k«IM* 1 \ Hot ChocDlite / / Wilh WhipiwJ Cream, j r Is Ik* talk «T tk* i««» *• S | Most by M*. It (AS't As *»»d» F : \ btlrr, ] ! S T« Our Patroaa. J j ( Th# Bssd l *r-tw*«it having S / kp*n bm»*4 IV ai out was*. / I i, • , . r > « act# Um **4 a*- 1 \ , C / # l • * ckstesM sm4 l J |.,.r*»! | wiMSHliltiaa and Cbw f C - »r* lan tied k*l* MSB* V ) t •••Af Pres»ni*r tk* } V I'rM* ftptloO* WA **a4 uMt. I‘*>- # f run* raw now <J«i» n«l on *i? for- N \ ,ansi urn *, n. t. 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We sell Eastman’s Kodaks and all size FILMS. Call and see how cheap we can supply your wants. We have a full stock of latest styles of Stationery. All goods finest made. < RicMs & Star, 527 Broad St., City. Paine, Murphy & Co. COMMISSION MEKCHANTd. BC3 Remolds a^TeleotalSi&.s 1 Illicit L*»f»Q TV ire* Eilect to Hew Yorll Chicago aud Hew Orleans. Order* raecuted over our wire* tot Cotton, Stock*. Bond*, Grain and Pro. vUlons for Cash or cn margin*. Local aecuritica bought *n4 sold. References —National Exchange Bank of cv Mercantile Agencleo. . _ „ i