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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, November 19, 1898, Image 2

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«UTURnav T S K. F. ; ! ‘ L I F | t»f th# •i»p« frhtrh ImMl* IO wltlmAtH *MCC«te«, unity it«in * irlfto. frm otff»r«nr« Nlw**« Mlfttrg tHm tMMM p**no • ««* Hw n«ii twit put no (op«'‘ jtcu «r riMWnwn e*.y m THET AIN’T!! To •void th. ch*nc# of .1 trifling (?i mifttak*. buy an »n*trum.nt on whteh th« manufac turer » Uko all riak. BVBHETT PIANO afiUM«rKtf)f«UIIUM!UD Tlltt W# ar* stIN tmmdmr* on A4W n| MlChintl, Ofgftn*. ©icyckMi and Musical M#»r* ClMnOis" Thomas & Barton no NO4DV4Y IWOIII Gft p, 8, 1 uning and Re pair Work Warranted. AN HOI I) WITH MIA MONOK ItMK snil. lieorel Ml *•*! * CMfl of Ilf Hwor4#f. H ***# JNwrt iWwl **» mtnMitf I 4 ** l t ttolfli *l*#* Ar*~fc**» OrtfUf* pimm! i# III# * V##-. yfH** Inww» ( *•# trunk *»« atftet f jww#f ■Nttf' •.*#! J® mlimii’O •# ik« * Ilf »• ” Tfe*n iM jNMt#* Mi ft (I 1 I DMi* Jokwu f* Hit if r«*ar#«l miA h»* • f*w ■SnUUMI Ui* 1 MMfc- Tl# l**» »»rNwh »«4 ter? It# W •fli# girr«*t «•• T»ry wwM), •« fnti fHmi--ir rw)f bn b»k# *»® ttw* •wr- Vllk. t« to doM>t> •*# lll** KNH MiVtfi «n 4 wat li«*4 *1 «'**nri i«4«f J&ht) T« tfMMNMi M*l. It#* n'ti rfiffMiNl from J*lf y*«u*Hi*y. bavin* **ev*d ■ lev days o*tit*«»*-* im parr 1 n Mat *■> th* rvcwder ll* pn> (.\ to g(trunk **n iitnlac his Ifbtfti and t-aloj *Ra irniMafd in l**V K M nr Rprnd irvfß l*i* in JIIL •Ho. 1 air ad iaiHy this tl,u*.’ William Weirh wa* j.lrS'lln* hli n»a bcfnro Ihr recorder. Hr had turn orteoied ><y an «.(fl<»r koat alaht aa hr hod In* a hit mix on hi* Itaalliy. Hr had ininrianl on „m«. r Ihoi hr wo* In Brunswick. «»*.. whan asked If hr knm whrr* hr »*• It was It.h ”1 have nothin* in soy I Juat throw n> rrif at jrour merer " Hen Wtlltlnanei hod made his third *l>|fiiiaee before (hr trmtdrt within o work. Hr is thr »nr who Informed the court o few days a*o that hr was un his way to Join Hllltr llrysna regl Hr was Anod 15. Hoys should not throw bricks al rai h othrr. It violate* <hr rlghtrrnth. hut o*o r*e HIM and Martin Sellers ployed at that came and It roat eaih John Rlmor*. Hr had failed to put his t*« on his hark and It roat him *l. ASSOCIATION With Insurance People Drove Her Crazy. Chicago. Nov. I».—A Jury In Judge Carter - * rourt yesterday decided that Annie 1.. Mlnman was Insane and de creed that she be eared for at the Kan kakee Institution. For several years Mts. Hlnntau has been an attention* at ibe hospital. At the exam ination of her mental condition yester d*y it was rutted that too atriet atten tion o the duties of her portion and the association with Insane persons had unhalsneed her mind it Is thought that the treatment at Kank.i kee will In a short time restore the reason of the patien. A GAME Of Basket Ball Will Be Played on Thanksgiving Night. On Thanksgiving night. « game of basket hall will he played al the Y. M. O. A hall. The game will be between a team from the First Maryland regi ment and a picked Y. M. C. A. team. Th* soldiers are said to be Jam up on the game, and the Y. M. C. A. boys lire rather clever themselves at tosslnt the ball. The ladles are especially Invited to lie present at the game. The exhibition will lie well worth seeing. What a t-oldier Wants "When a man goes Into a store he gen erally forgets n good part of what he went for. If he made out a list and buys by It--why. that's another matter. It's easier sometimes to gel somebody else to make out th* Hat The Howard .# Wlilet Di us company, at- JSrosd street, have a llart of your needs in this paper. You can get a fine suit cheap f ir . ash at K. J. Henry A CsJ.'S. 218 and IMS Campbell street. NEWS FROn HOME FOR SOLDIER HOYS % ama Raw* «• •*Ni* jiNtfpiM©t (rs n!• ©ton©m*Ni m> *** y#_ ? ftMpteia ftftft— *w "■ * w *w p I Hate* 4Hft4 *se sftd *WS *»*#*• —— ] Imi mum*** pha— im* *p •*- Um—hi *• *a ”'i**»***** I rt 4 twmmy #d —• 'iM »M •***• Ms 11*# mhw •wWftte'—Mw #*** ***a #•# A ftftiftipp i* t*ft ftftfti** U*i>* ftft* ftMft (M ywwSteA f w <*«• of iM mi»'«* m am IH ••• Anted Hi (pw* VftgSdTy •****•“ I iftftSWftd Hi wßttev ft**•*! 1• arw.i >»4 rail U ti ik* fnft.ll* pMUHftft. »H *i .ttHftftiiHPn tftP (HP ft* uw p i" nMh m** grew fnuHtf tetter a*4 I m(lrn n m learned tn*» thmm «Mt IM <ft*inr alt Mftftft Md Mm IM ‘'•aft* of iMir literal. U »•* Km <•!* jtt MT » IM life of fM Util# «in Mr '■•4 Ml* Kftftftedy If* bath l«f ft*! orp«rl U> »■ aitlopsy tetft* pel form : hi a« iteir child. ft*4 •* IM* fti* g**- larll* satisfied IMI Mr deteh H do* entirely lo IM <ft»mr Ml Mas I‘arwwr Pbvsfclan Caltell »«* ImrlrwUM B*»’ <o Mk* • poH —»«** nswlnatlrm to HtrrftMr Myoad dlrftula IM amt « drat* Hasting'! AppfttelftMWte- Harrisburg. P« . No*. II —Governor llsailng yftatefttey appointed Henry Tataetl, of Philadelphia, aa Inspector at tM eastern paßltenilary to 811 the vacancy created by IM death of Col. y aln e« C. Biddle, of Philadelphia. TM governor ilh reappointed E B Wefti fall. of WllliamapoH. and James H Word. n of Harrisburg. »*•*• g»me i otamlaalrater* and Isaac Job neon, of Madia, member of IM state board of charities. Prominent florae man Insane. Chamberaburg. Pa. Nor. 18.—J. F. Vanderau a well-known boraeman ami owner of Ibe Cnlon hotel of this place, became Insane as the result of a blow on the head received In a run away accident over a year ago. Tortured For Her noney. Greenville. Pa. No*. 18.-Whlle Mr* Mary Rodger* wa* closing up her ill tie »toie at Pennslde. night before last, three masked men entered, bound her WINE OF CARPUI The Link that Binds. t Jackson, Thnn., Nov. tj. I was aubject to miscarriage for three years, and suffered constantly with {backache. I wrote to you for advice, and after using three bottle* of Wine of Cardni, according to your direction*, I am strong and well, and the mother of a fine girl baby. Mrs. E- N. JOWERS. WneToo"*' There Is no uie talking—a baby In »he houre is the link that binds husband and wife toother. Nothing Is sadder than fruitless wedlock. The prattling and cooing of the little one offsets a thousand times the occasional worries and tnab of life. When a wife is barren, there is a derangement somewhere in the genital organs, caused by one or more of those common disor dm known as “ female troubles Wine of Cardui » the rem edy. It puts the organs of generation In a strong and healthy condition, fitting the wife for the mcred duty of reproducing her kind. During the period of gestation the entire sys em of the expectant mother is built up to withstand the ordeal of labor, and when the little one makes —■ - - its advent it Is lusty and ladies advisory department. strong, well-tittecl lo grow ro ■ maturity in perfect health. The mother, too. passes ; ci.»>»». rvnu. through the trial with little pain and no dread. Wine of Cardui is truly a wonderful medi cine for women. Large Bottles for SI.OO at Druggists. WINE OF CARDUi fjPfjE Tf€iTTfi*rjk Hf ICItJkXJD. •MrmmMl ©ElflMMriMMl m li>»i ©• tt©w«» Mlt • I* jgMg*|e'#e ft# |%a ##©■# 0$ ill#' v**r**««M nr I— *ft. Wh*. g-tftft tertgM; anm aa ## i|p tie##*© frrafrst p Tll< «## ©ft f ©»© 'MMn I '» 900 .>•©#* #1 jjjl iftngft ii HMI ©>**ftd • gt 4 tieJb* #a# » -Hi * 1 l Im3T _ I IfM T#»ly IH# fwt 99#i» rvatb f% in ffi 9 $. Mmni 1 Ml Mftft IM Hft MwMili "Ml i f>#et #al‘f V4 a.l • #NH#nv# #9 aa Ho« «ft 4 *m wrtMf ftrxM* IW4 l* •» M*»—ft. Pftfeft«alft*MV. pH. Mftft I* r»*ftk \ ikaMf •#• b#ki ## lay In# •* i#y wa : «* »r H#vmiMi »4 rnMaNl nt Id* •##•#* ft « 4 • vik l MlteteßaoTA. FtellH tedpl Iteiil. Mtift—*r>ltr Mlftft Nor IS, TM ! rttfr raiiftrll std 'oftlft** *M IIM rPftnrl of IM «**■*!! <M«'ft«»tM 1 uarl ftftaftM IM tente #iftp*** i I ftilftii amoftiift* lo •!•.***- »M ) M*r4 Prftftfe M Piiftw* l«l* IM oat* of ear* ft! ftteftrilMUi iM BUM* i Vl rf ftlortftd fa fill IM nrurf ttt Hag M iM i.!l*fti T Uift of Bda»rd I K W«Mrr. tft ft44lltoft to tteft. AM. ! |*owm »»» gin* •• opM!!" 1 '* I® i auk. bH ftiftlMft ft*—**, h 4 Mr. IWrMrr. *M •** ftrwrH at iH mi l ell aft vfta IfttfftoMl to ftH*ft ft te* I tinuilu -| fcftf* M IM rMHi " Mr *A •ter Mid *u< 1 Hr! wh hMC allMr In IM <**prl|« «r 111 IM rfWftrll. «» i.llr«(iw: and Ihftl t wm»l4 ratbcr have Ikan M ftMjror of Mlaftr>a*ulla during *1! ms rnnftlftlnt »«•!». "* Orftftl Northern Haa4ll> Caught Krrftaa Kalla Minn . No*. I* TM 111 nit arterird ftl llonrArftd. aua perlnd of b#lft« IM «an« whbh bald n* • OrMl Northern irate taat rh*i*a da« night, were bronchi (o ihta rtlp tft ; d*f. Orftftl rrowda at IM •••- jilon and followed to IM MIL An at jump, traa Made bjr two of them *ho nrir handcuffed together, to f»t Iftlf In Ihft crowd hr r**ld walking »nd puahlng. hut tMy were aooo o»er ha it led by Sheriff llllMnca Almoat at Ibn Mine lime an effort war made by one or two men oft the atreeta to com municate with the prlaonertc A good deal of alarm la felt at the preaence of atrangera In the city who aeem to be waiting for aomething The prelimi nary hearing of the augpecta will not occur until nett Wdnerday. aa both the atate and Iha defendants want more Dme to prepare evidence. The I tdi-ftw ftW *N# HMHb 9# I### I \2g£&Js£&\ MM ft* Mkaf MhftK Ha**—«Mw *w» <1 A Natel ate I i MkauMl • 9bs#S>dl #"»• *Mk iii ■ Hinii m» tii *#»«'< IN# i ; 11## #### 90$ osos< »## I 1 09 MM r>##» l»»n* mm m s9m , twain til Mod * Mtg , flMu§te j'iyff I sos •hMHMftfc-iA* »jgwww twite a! ItepM*! I . | ,|» y g jjp u fttei atf» j M *» ?—m Mte—N SmmSbM ttew aftd CAftft. - MAtVtAMO. fteM»4 A—«m» Kite peer Krwftk M i | 41t4 i » iii Tiny •* ' : Irjik it t <lll*if#dNk 0$ ft# | - s 1 ,•* gr■% r . Tiki I##'* tfft 4 > ### ! iitiirf #f i #ift« •# I##** I »4MN|| 1 ,, %*l»«t#li t jftffbft til# J *** t**44 ' ~iii>ii'iftkftk* 0$ Hr m#9 H##. S* I i te®|jNwwr* 0f ••# (**»##• *# : min taltl## f'ftnpt'TNkiy, twit ##f ' Iff# w%* #l**4 b? tli# «#ntl* •* »bf •* ' A tmlH if ts bit# Itui r#fnll (Maftly enalalftlftg tM fmU.Mrr. a eftkep aad dwelliag waa homed Id tie ■AlAftd yeeierda* TM property waa loobnK M IHrid Iteftfte. aad tM Mm !a Ml jjha Carroll Itetteialak. who i» •anted by IM poAte for aonoyltto BalllftMwe and other merehawle wllh !Mm order* for g»>odi wa* arrewted traterday *1 I'hurt h Hill aatA commit ted 40 iM Qat** Aana a rooaiy ted- The coon id apfWftH Me under eo*> I alderfttloft a frle*dly anil to determine tM rlghte of Kredcrfck rlty a*4 Kr*d ; ertek county In the M eent tea. UmMed aftd preacrlhed hy chapter 141 of tM acta of I MM. for the clam of aero rlt lee therein mentioned TM city rofttftnda IMI M Ift entitled lo ooe-Mtf of Ihla [ t#i, while iM cotMty ctelme tM whole I lof it Tbft ftuetdlfta la one that a*«-ta f a number of rttlw I* the stale and Ike | jdeclshm Ift awaited with later**!. WAVNESBORO NEWS. The How er Show Was the f eature •f the Witk. * WsyuMforti Not. 11. *■* Afi pv*n? of tie a* tut J thl# w##lc i t•« tkf flower ikot given under ilw j aitfptffi of th# Wiynwborfi Oerdt-ft i Hub. on th# nft#rnoon tod evintof of | TuMdny Th# armory of tb# Hurhe ; Light Infantry, with lu stern military healing was transformed Into a per fect bower of beauty. Chrysanthe mums and roae* —th* lovslloot of all ' tb* flower* wot* »**n In great pro fusion There were palms, terra, and j many othar hand*ome plant*, with rlrb, glosay foliage, which were not only beautiful In themselves. but were i a foil for the flowering plants, bring ing out the radiant and dainty color ing of their exquisite blossoms. To those who love flowers—and who does ! not? —It was a scene for thanksgiv ! ing, '"For Coil might have made this world Without a flower at all.” And next to llstle children flower* are the sweetest of all created things. !Of course, the chrysanthemum stood out more prominently than the other .flowers, this being her own particular season, but who could overlook the ! rose, the queen at all times, aod the (crowning beauty of this most charm ing exhibit, with all Its gorgeousness? Not only were flowera exhibited, but the orchard and vegetable garden ismr In for a ahare of admiration. Two orange trees laden with fruit, grown by Mrs. Fannie W. Wilkins, and Mrs. James Ward, attracted much j attention. A banket of bell peppers | eutered by Mrs. C. F. Lawson whs a ! picture of beauty worth looking at. To a vegetarian. Mr. Harry Jones’ dis ! play would have made him long for j I dinner. His collection consisted of | corn, turnips, carrot*, okra, beets, col- I lards, figs and pecan nuts, for which he carried off the first prize. The ! Garden club is but a year old and its | members are deserving of unstinted I praise. | The officers of’ this organization | are: Mrs. William Everett Jones, presi j dent; Mrs. E. F. Lawson, first vice preal ;dent; | Mrs. A. G. Whitehead, second vice president; Mrs. H. B. MeMaster, secretary; Mrs. J. H. Kohert*. treasurer. The Judges at the exhibit were: Dr. A. O. Whitehead. Ms, J. H. Hoberts, j Mr. W. H. Davis. Jtr. Simeon Bell, j Col. Win, E Jones. Bis. H. B. McMas- It«r, Mr. J. J. Reyuojslx, jr.. and Mr. i N. P. Thomas u Those who receive* prizes were: For the best collection of pot grown chrysanthemums, Mr*. F. W. Wilk ins. . . * i ~k PAINE’S CELERY COMPOUND Untttd Siafit Senator Tabor Says Thai Ii Should Now Be Used. 4 aV -.i I«#ni» f r r«f»(iru#HT fn#ft ###r«liri« # j hj [lirntlum ifldiV lll## til### I# ftf hi# IrtT tt~r WttlMNil th# «f j \»»r ..h. ! K%#nr r#M *4 fmrmm H»# 4r*w**4 : atrt#MV, un4#r til# | BffTf tfltt DfllO #®E###tlOil, t i tali# t# N#n tli# m<*4* of u«wm- j ( #4 p#r#M#» •» IfefMit!# Tib»>r. wlio r*B* j it«t ##€#4l to it*#* tfi#ir itiirnitw toi , Anythin* th*y H### *®t to* j I VfMlfßtod ItKNVER €%».. kept. te. t*te- M cases. Well., Rkterstaon A Os. i HurlUtgton. VI.—I h»»nlly command I your f*aln*‘» rwtery <.*np<nin<l | It ia Ifte one remedy which should te widely used. I have used !«. fthd I »Mva- j fur# ko uw I i|#tk. Vrtry truly j voum, N. A- W. TABf*lt. Formerly 0. A. »#n#tor. Finest collection of chrysanthemum* grown In open ground, Mr*. A. H. Blount- , I* a PALMA. UMi'onl* Bortioalea. Mr*. Joaeph W. Bmith. Kentla Balmorana. Mrs J. H. Rob erta. Fate, Mr*. J. 8 Mcßlmurray. Washington Weeping. Mra. C. W. Hunt. Phoenix Tltnus. Mrs. James Ward. VASES OF OUT FIjOWERS La France Roses, Mrs. F. W. Wllk ■ * n *- Catherine Mertnet Roses. Mrs. Lula Wilson. Marechal Nell Roses. Mrs. Wimber ly- Green Rose*. Ms. M. V. Roger*. Carnations. Mrs. James Ward. Yellow Chrysanthemums. Mrs. M. P. Thomas. Best vase of Cut Flower*. Mra. K. 9 Garllek. Greatest variety of Chrysanthe mums. Mrs E. F. Lawson. Most perfect White Chrysanthe mums. Mrs. A. G. Whitehead. FERNS. Asparagus. Mrs T. J. McElmurray. Sword, Mrs. Lula Wilson. Bret collection of Geraniums, Mrs. H. B. MeMaster. Mr, and Mrs. Nathaniel I. Thomas entertained delightfully Friday even ing In honor of Miss Word of Rome, and Miss Coraker of Mllledgeville- An invitation to this hospitable home is always the assurance of a charming time, and the reception last evening was no exception to the rule. Those invited to meet Miss Word and Miss Coraker were: Misses Annie and Sara Burton. Miss Marie Wilkins. Miss Mary Dye, Miss Rosa Fulcher. Miss Sydney Jones, Miss Sadie Dent. Miss ,Mary Lou Mcßlmurray, .Miss Margie Fielder, Miss Florence Chance, Miss Belle Cox. Miss Kate Godber, Miss Philo Singer. Misses Daisle and Edna Dickinson. Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. John McElmurray. Mr. G. M. Ms- Ctitclieon, Mr. J. F. Neely. slr. G. O. Waraock. Mr. J. C. Wardlaw. Mr. H. Ward, Messrs. W. M. and Vincent Fulcher, Mr. Ben Warren, Mr. William Callaway. -Mr. John Munuerlyn. Mra. Edward Byne. Mr. J, L. Fulcher, Mr. Geo. F Cox, Mr. Muse. Cohsu. Mr. R. M. Berrien. Mr. T. J. McElmur ia». Mr. J. H. Dent. Mr. W. H Da vis Mr. R. K. Johnson. Mr. Charles \V. Skinner. ,M|ss Josephine Smith, one of S-i li* ?«« «•*## ftwni tn«>N»nu* Ar# >mi #•# of ft#* I ## W#»*ta-ft#*f9l#9 •#* t*#to#'# <#|»rv r«>mi- üB4 rtlmi iM «<ni#lt#8 | i ©0 ti© fiervuvi vlabii »• ©#«t ’ |t)i|Mf n tli# lwAsy t© t#fc f <-»ii #414 ft#*©. S#rr*w ■■«©»! © (tmtotty. <©#* 11 ri .il nft ©jhl !*< k 01 t «*fiA4#rMr# in tM | •truircl*« of life; .Mr#t* f>l#nt© of ! 9tt*rvo!»* form tn.ur## ©rlf rrll.fie#. #ft i h#r of mar© th# lick of ©©cf**©. cm !. **uy tmrvd to © ©impl# itek of IVf* i. no hotter f ninfl.tft-*# fov P#r j m©n#nt food Mtllk, or © b#tt#r rr**p !#r©tkm fur cu|>lnf wit© th# h*rd work and tiiinf ©train of life than rich. M. pur# kMid *iid |4#nty of H. *c«jtiltt4 by I up# of r*lf# l c*#!d*ry cumi otitMl. Kk>M( l«tt8 r#* «»©nts# Pain# * r#l#ry i cootitouitd ©© tM one ©rlei)tint runel) for mitrlac health ©©4 itmtiik to lb# pi!tn**‘Ut »y©t#«D. | van oak's brilliant women, la the guest of Ur*. T. J. Mcßlmurray. Mr 8. Hrhwarzwelss wa* among our visitor* to Augusta thi* week. • Mis* Annie Burton has returned from Augusta after a pleasant visit to her sister, Mrs. Hugh Alexander. Mr. J. O. Kennedy, of Dayton. 0.. it stopping at the Arlington Hotel. He is a clever, genial gentleman, who by bit charming personality win# friends wherever he goes. A BEAUTIFUL AfWORTMENT— Of pocket hooks, cardcaaea, purae*. bags, etc., In alligator, seal and oth*r leathers at the Augusta Novelty gtore, 844 Broad street. The work of excavating for the J 1.000.- 000 dry dock at the shipyard tn New port New* V*.. ha* begun. Latst week the |h -t of the sand pile* was driven nnd the site of the mammoth basin v as made ready for the excavation, which will require aeveral months. Fully 1.000 men will tie employed on this work and it is estimated that it will tak*- about fourteen months to complete the dock, which, says an account, will lie the greatest in the world, and will be suffi ciently long and deep to receive two of the largest battleships afloat at the time. The shipyard expects to derive a large revenue from the government, as well as merchant marine companies. To Cure a Cold In One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. aii druggists refund the money If It fall, to cure. 25c. The genuine has L. B. Q. on each tablet. A lady who had a kindly remem brance for all her domestic servants met an erstwhile washerwoman and stopped to ask her how she fared, says Short Stories. . ‘ Oh. Mem. it's turrlble finanshul disthress me an’ the childre s in! ' Why, what is it—are you out cf empluytr-ont?” “No. Mem; work's In a fair state o stlddlness. and not a cent do I owe, but Its lashin's o' throuble I’ve got!” “Are you not paid promptly?" "As prompt as the day cooms ’round.” ‘What is your financial distress, then?” “Well, Mem (in-a burst of horror) what t kiltin' me m« 1 '‘“t" * week- an’ pay *S for me toard, an’ on ly God knows how I do It" The strongest household ammonia Is that sold at Alexander Drug re. NOVEMEf* I© WANTM |rilss •i. 1.9 . it* • ■ a## *•-# 9b# *fNki« IMr Lnl ##«+ *•*% 0$ *oo* SITUATION WANTED W AWTill*- ’ «# A# Art ts#|r « p g««r« o*ms fi#MNMiM» A lit I YwArwaftf mil 1 ri't SMM# I# ' WAWT*iSf* ftY A Mfl*f*l -If A«afWit •!'»#% ## ,#•.■*#» i$ if? .■? #. ■.j ##• is i#'AH t «;4» h AW f*ffiai.|| Ali Dgk t witra * |f *• kni *t* %•#» ♦ #l# 1 WA&TW&* - A WlT** ATI*«3S AW f^Htr r#l># HdteSt# A## |S i fit W ffo t# A «r««fS Ifni I# A»f mt ii ptfi >0 IM# lf#w> HELP WANTED A f W .|:,W- fpffA#' 4# A- ts C V*. O ; i4T#r*»l CiS tbitMMVi |Tr#4# Kukur PI tbftft Ww4Mi#E TO RENT roll hcnt in? mtrr.Ni; gntraer. 1 y#fM## iii IrffrtK n Apf*f? W ftl#I s * rf i, # k riaik, SXS Hr## 4 itftM. I Sat 4 ts yog HIAM-ONR OR TWO tfnVIKN team* with drifter* All bind* of hftftl taa Ime HeU Khote UM. M 1 ttt uct—'two h . xr*<oui: norm.K adMac. te 1-1 ft*' month all modem Mftftenleeweft. Leftward mialay, .ft* Moftd *tree«. Xw R F qr SALE AT M l ACRKON *T. roH PALR-lte-ACTtR TARII. ON* ■tUe from City Umlts. a bargain Ap ply W. C. JuMft, Nft- U 4 Javkatm •». Oct 1 CIIKAP —PAPER TOR WRAPfIN.I I uri-wee II rente ft hundred 11 •»- change*. Whit! pftpft* » cte* * pouad. Nuv I ir,",!! f» ALE—PAPER TOR WHAP PINO purpoftea. Cheapewt in etty. i raa cent • pound. Apply at Herald offlc*. Ihith nbltft aad aewft-papar. Not I . pttK 1* A 1-El UKNTI.B MAKE. « , y.arft old. alao one hugay ami har- I neaa. one wagon and harneae. Apply to | K 3. Hickey, SIS Eighth eireet. nor M M ISC E L LANE OUS J , WANTEIV-BOAKDBHd. APPI.T AT US Walket etreel. Terma reaaona- We. no* SO AUKNTN-SOM ETHIMO ENTIHELT new. with cacellcnt proflu. 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