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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, November 22, 1898, Image 5

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TUCftOAY Shoe Astonishments. Kmm bb wfula* at cJbcJi wwtu wnA iN» wwil ffftl 4#ff i fthalir# **fw >#s«Hs«w (X# »dir * tv,is J Jyiaf yrvgll CM MufKtf to * $ SHoffß tadriflftgd g|l pvyvlDMi ftfftffllk. IMB awk Our $2.50 Shoes Per ffidhm# wfl K *M tKg bMi4 Loofc tor then, iSty bpi mtmtf uwn CX*r luifinM ftfh # toffy M If. StjrWft #F9 M ftyfMfUlli 6i V|fM wKUI COliki AK(I ftf Ik-I€»A (toIGM bbiwbs mi## • vHßfefeWft •wiw •■• ytwniii c*## DR. HfcNHY J. CODIN. EvMMbt BMM* egg**. parlmi a**i aMMM. H» •*« Pr««l MM, <M dm* gbwvw Flaatar* | PBML COMIAM m:\vs. Tbc Cot tea Hm Omm aad TWtf »• bat link Mmm> L»lt idperial lo The Herald > CokttoP. No*. H.—Tim*# or* pwtyr | tight Hi t)M* fortwi of (W > vise- j yard AHvt oil IH rotko «n<t rjltofi \ •m 4 hiu gt or la to Ik* atirtoai* and at ill Um people k*t* Httlo HW» In tan pvt. iait vtlM Ml summer hundred* of bug*.** wart aoM Hi Thornton to Ike cMoreß p*opl#, Let* { of theca hare here returned. E»«ry tlop or two poo ru are then pa*a till a hqg|p bousd for Tk.m*ot. Behfftd poo will b* a little hop dm tog a raw , or pefhap* two. If the party had two. hope, chicken#. toll* and fottt all t > to pap for tfaoae few plraaaat Sunday ride*. This year Win break tip many of the negro renter*. They can't pap out and the mule or horse wilt hare to , go. The farmers are rtry beep now acwlng oat* and wheat. I think there : will ha mora oats and wheat sown In ; Columbia and McDuffie than there have bae* In yearn. Mr. 8. 8 Neal la j sowing m»*t of hit land In wheat He j saps wheat will stand a severe wittier i hatter than oats. I.ast Saturday Dr. Ml con preached at ! Shiloh. Re*. T. H. Timmons preach- ] ed Sunday. Mr Ralph Smith and his bride pass ed through our little burg last Satur day. Mr. Dunn, who ha* been alrk some time, we are sorry lo say. la no better. Hon. H H Sturgis. Mr Duffle's rep resentative, ha* he»n confined to hla room the past week with la grippe. He will return to Atlanta thla week Mra. Ethleen Dobson, of Garbutt. la visiting her father. Dr. W. A. Dunn. Mr*. Alt Barnes l* visiting Mr*. C. H. Boyd this week. Marshal John M. Barnes waa out last Sunday. Mlea Buford Johnson, one of Thom sen's fairest daughters is teaching school at Cobbh.'m. Miss Viola Norris Is teaching the Shiloh school. Mr. John G. Doiler and wife paid a flying Visit to Augusta last week. Mr. W. H. Sturgis has been con- , fined to his bed for three weeks with ; h!s foot. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Reese were In town last Sunday. Coroner Norris Is getting to be s pro fessional bird shot. He went out the other evening and was gene onl* five hours, got thirty-three shots and bag ged three Hrds, but of course he crip pled lots he did not get. Tuggle & Hollingsworth Will run the only Mid-winter Excursion to Atlanta on Monday, Nov. 38, leaving An yiirta at 7a. nv, oily tune. Returning leave Atlanta at 3 p m. Tuesday, Nor. 2& arrive Augusta at tl p. m. Only $1.95 for Round Trip. ViF" '*T - • • e _ ' 1 jjtk iS • .. ’■ ©■ 1 E , ... '■ L ~ ' i~*.V7 i i*trot o or VMM MmNwtNt. »M aa i:wg(l«l>m«Q Haa la Bmp ad ik« Am*(Hawn. Wtowti ftfiufe 91#*'. tt. - Amnmmi (to 1 c:#HtPthl f| -Tit llr# 4mM Iftftt fttftM ; mwi f rftftltf ftf VtfMM fttol ttilTlrt tl Ktirti Ssi#«hli vi ilmf fiitit# I mmuA a«M prttut Hf Vm** m r-Utif H« to* f» (Hi fmmirt •*4 € IMVI • ••• " to flirt fit* to# in# f*r**MtoM. •Mi its diwlrvd to meet Iwßefw Ida »**•*» [ to Bn gland Speaking f hi* call wpog rtr*l4**l McKinley. Mr Fanac sold "TW Americas paonln mas* ho, aa -they haro ample pnnnog to ha pgood of ! thole ProoMkat Ha la cma of tha gwtat | delightful man I a*ar met. Qulta aaa* I uealiy what tmperaoadl at* m*wg attxmg ly araa hla enrdla! good will toward lUnat Britain " la tha roatw of th* < Vi’err lew alludtag to tha raaulu of tha > Bpaatab war h* said to him tha moot i remarkable rtawlt was th# itahtfil esprraakac of feel ag among lha people jof lha I’attef Btatea a fediag which i wa* gotta aa aotable la the Waat aa la ithr BaM. When I asked him to what He rfferrsd his word* were: ' The deep affect tog for tha mother mow try "Mr. MrKlatey thru weal cm to aay that ha thought the feeling* of tha two ! people# would ha fruitful for the cause ~{ homaaiiy and elvillaatlcm, and that ithe cooperation of the two moatrle* i did net depen. upon paper trestle* or I written obligations, but upon s mueti I deader and m- r* lasting basis. He said that of course we had our family Jara |in th' paat. hot that neither country | had believed in the probability of no I armed contest between us Thla, he I thought, wa* best evidenced by the I fact that we never were both angry at the same lime. If the American peo [ pie showed any algos of Irritation the Engllsb we. a aobnr, and If England srrtned guided for the moment by a want of reason the Americana wera 'calm and collected.'" Mr. Poster may remain In Waablog | ton for a day or two, but he expects • before the close of the month to return home. Our prices on suits only two-thirds what others rharge. E. J. Henry A Co., spot cash tailors. LENCiTtI OF COFFIN Caused a Controversy Between Two Indiana Lndertakees. New Albany, Ind., Nov. 22. —It Is sel dom that the esveme length of a corpse settles the question as to what j undertaker shall handle the remains, | btx such was the result In the case of Henry Halsted, of Galena, this county. I who died last week. He was 6 feet 6 inches tall, and his friend*, before hla death, ordered Shrader Bros., of this city, to moke him s coffin. The mes senger sent for a coffln went to John Shrader, another undortaker. Shrader Bros, learned what had been done, and rent the coffln they bad made post haste to Galena. When It arrived a representative of John Shrader was there, but his coffln was tco short, and the original one was used. The misunderstanding led to a difficulty between representatives of the two rival establishments, In which pistols were drawn, but no casualty re sulted. stock new raisins, all varieties. Just received at Lamkln & Co. s. Military Belt Buckles, Noyelties, Etc. We sMgfft&Co. •iewelkks. TSfS AUOUMTA WIULIX THE PUGILISTS MEET TONIGHT «adkffffl It tuMi kwtk*r IB Ife* i Ml ffegNi % m*% it m ft* ft** m §** Mm IM* j Ml I** ilMWfei tf® fMMMIi fRK fei toMli flUfli •••• Ml MX* 90m \ • fe»4M «* i a### I# Mb Vfek* ImnM MB£pw *iMfe* 1 nf • tV Ml feMVife IMMI to«fe iMRMMMIKt MHMMMMfe(| IMMPHt mm TV swtm if ibt rrr. r if m ■fe#iir VAVf. fYtftl 9Vt SS tmm T*m O C’lllfVMpß- Mfe4 K Wttf'mf |l |9 Bfellhflt ts tV fRTINMrif W | rfMNpNWNtt Ife ofefHi4 iMVt. fto*t IfWtt i»4 IVrhtf MlVt *Mt#f «V rli# tHpf.trr |i M. TV iVi*** bit# f«* IV nnbV •ilit to ilrvfe4? Mfeoferrml to V Ifew dll |t&«nt Ms, tMMMMtX. if V cvvfetMt ifefinfe'l Vi tow far • V ortcwl seat* I'fusi p*■ eaut ladl rvttfiitf there will ha wot law* thaw fie on* and pnaalhty several tbemaaad ' dollars metre, uptMtattd la (he !*#•- , <>« Chib tonight tnseueslng tha Bght. ttharkey aald: * H I heal Corhatt. which I f*al aura of. th* And thing I will do after the ' fight will ha lo pee* a foe fall of IS Ota | ata Isa nr a challenge to Bght P*tlS •lmmoa* for flMdd a aide and th# rhamptoiudilp «f tha worlA C.whe« la elao detarmlaad lo ehsl i lent* lumky Bob. Th# fact that such an Important light I* to tak# place In Nrw York ha* i not alone claimed the attention of Ik* laportsmaA la this * trinity, but has also been retpoaslbl* for alining up the ‘ members of the "four hundred." many ,tt whom have already bought bo**a for the light While aoclety Is pot In th# bahft of patronising boxing show* this Bght. how*y#r. I* an excepllcm. i for It was learned yesterday from Manager O'Rourke that many mllllon i tires In tbl» rlty had already engaged {teats and would be present at the bout. The member* of the New Yerk Block | Exchange, with saw exce-itlnti*. will be ! preseat In a bedy at the light, and they have bought up every box near the ring Sharkey aald today that he never felt In the condition he doe* for this fl ( ht. and stated that If he la defeated he will have no excuse to offer .and will give Corbett all the credit for being a bettor man. The sailor weigh* when stripped 174 pounds, and says he In (mkU to weigh about 17d when he en ters the ring. Corbett aay* bis weight Will be between I*2 and I*4 pounds. Many who have watched Corbett In hla exercise recently think hla foot work la poor, that hla leg* are shaky, but he says tost such persons are bad judges of condition. He declare# that as a matter of fact hi* anatomy hes not given him a moment’s uneasiness, and he was surprised that auch a com ment should have beeen made. “Now that I have decided to let up In my training I will say that I was never in better physical condition for a ring contest than I am for my match, f have trained faithfully for this bodt for several weeks, putting in mnny hours each day, following a carefully laid down schedule. It would suit me better If the contest had come off a day or two ago. for I feel as strong as I will when I enter the ring tonight. Fiver Since my bout with Bharkey In ’Frisco It has been my ambition to get anoth er match with this sailor lad and meet him on equal terms. When we fought cn the coast Sharkey did not meet the same, Corbett, he is going against to night. for he will meet In me an oppo nent who Is trained to the hour, and In prepared to accomplish what many least expect. Of course I do not wish to boast about tny ability, but I be lieve that Sharkey will be taught a les son before our bout has ended. The rules call for a clean fight. That Is all that Is necessary to assure everybody interested that our contest will be a great exhibition.” Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. THE BEST gALVE in Ute world for Gg|S HtflUax. lpr#s, Vlcsrt, Salt T*tt«r, Chariied i'TEaffs. r*hcyßaiA»nccrne, j>n9 ailysktii cyaßpjtt'cSv l JJUs. pet hex. FOR [SAI-E BY HOWARD & WILDET. ROYAL S lifer t«M*d RNWP Arfit ItiNfll IMfi ** I - -- * m ■ %im tiac villi tVir rw*fe*§#4 pf Vtivim Vi ifel tvo firto itkr fmfl ilNt fll AIKH amti us for Irtin’ «. VM 4rr#* Mil WR* , I rtapf, I mnk Tnnik r • *»» t . w# • i Hraailtl tHOi"SANDS STOIJ;N. Ag Orgaaticd Gang la Ohio I noted the Railroad. Toledo, Ohio. Nov. 18. The most gt ' gantic «rkr a* of t#kk*ry ever pra*-- II Icyn) on i Imto « to unlit In thl« city t«>ntiklx. Tfe* robblni p:onti (.a# bMi ffotnc on for mouth#. *od It am that nil mllnmV ihrotinho 'S | the rouniry of* m«>ri or leo nlf«ei<M !bgr It, and It will probably Involve hun dred* of thousand* of employes. A perton dellveiw a certala quantity of gaod* to the railroad company for shipment The parties who reoetve It: MI'HT HTAND IN. With the robbers, and they pull off the' marking* and dlrectiona and qlfarh dir set lona of their own. From , this they get a hill of lading, and thl* bill gaaa forward lo th# point of destina tion, and liter# the party In whose name the bill of lading Is made out, te calves the goods. The bill of lading appeHrs regular and lbe consignee is Identified and all suspicion I* thrown off. The scheme cannot be worked auceesafuly except there are The littku Shore finds that upward* of two thousand dollars worth of goods have been stolen.) The men who received the goods came | with regular bills of lading, and there waa no disputing their claim to tho goods. Detectives say that losses to railroads and shippers will amount to millions of doltars. The headquarters of those operating the railroad steal have been located at Rockford. 111., and the detectives have located several of the parties, and sen sational urresta are promised ut once. You can get a fine suit cheap for cash at E. J. Henry & Co.'a, 216 and Z\» Campbell street. TM E FIRftT PENSION Ojowlng Out of the Recent War With Spain. Washington, Nov. 18.—-Commis sioner Evanw of Ihe pension office, no tified Secretary Alger today that Jesse T. Gates, of the Second United States artillery, who lost part of his upper Up In the West, Indian campaign, has ben awarded the first pension on ac count of the Spanish war. The president and secretary of war each took an Interest in tho case. Gates called on them In person soon after the close of the campaign and con vinced them of the merits of his case. He will receive *l7 per month, and, this being Inadequate, a private pen sion bill increasing the pension prob ably will be introduced in congress. Claims on account of the Spanish war are now coming in rapidly. The total on file up to (late Is 1,947 for war s#n*l«<., afid 178 for natal service, ex clusive of th(j claims of the battle- , ofear at <sfee and avoid rush t&wi* dl»r E. 3. Henry & Co., jjpiar priced tailors, and 218 C&mptoy street. Mffl MBMMHBfeB#| Ufett w* f**p*»4 rn HHi'.ffe! m4t toil ttoX UHW uto liirfaiM fto totoTPH MifNi lifer ttor«l ITifef*'*- NOVIiL l Ml Tltol a RHbhk»i r«f to Kl» Bfeffe I *»l rn. I fke pbflltodi|tb o' aH (to r 0,4 ‘ PM Bi*trs»t»4*n hi* Mr* «l»4 4rt« ft I deb c»f Kittof. ‘ W^it M h** mo«flio4 M*to ‘Thftt (« the f*t~ j Wc b«v* lot# of faftftjf t-nm* tore, l»«ii *tlu»i nun Ihftt |«*t ottt pt^Uf ! oeftrlf fttofidl no* to flNitlr People art* btfinnifeX to find Ihftt ttof aa I r»o# in tore •ml u»lk to ft ph«WM»«mi4t I iftfe'nftd of ftrtitlfeX to ft Ippenffler. M) j iron mftjr to wit hftte luiw Ktirtft ! ,r«»lon* sometimes, hnl l nst fuan *no , u ,,_, iisd ft new kink to work. . ,-n ne In I thought b» Acted „ n ,l ro -ns So when k( <Vew nt* ct air up to the (Able kMikM si Ike lirii with ft sickly, sentiment*! eg ic.lon and said 'Gotxlbye, goodbye, .. . - . | miUi . 1.,1 . r,| Here . B rsld i to -iiv ae f Who Is going to send s farewell to his fsmllv land then commit .ulride. I dldn t Mike the Idea s little Mi, but 1 ws« 1 anxious to bear what else he had to say. so I kept Still and Italemd. He went on with some mote fond fare-, 'well words, and I calmed dos'd a llti.e ! i,it because I happened to think he, might be going to Hurope or Mani'g.! or jail. A* soon *» ha finished his goodbyes We slarted lo tell hi* chil dren that they would -never see him again, but thst he wotlid be watching ilieui from above and he wanted them to grow up to be good men and women -an honor to themselves and their fa ther dead Well, l n«-ver interrupt a • record maker, so I held ray peace tilt he bad finished and then said, 'Whatj In thunder la this, anyway? that'* my parting advice to my chil-1 | c!\r»*n,’ Mid to. ‘You don’t mean triatj ! you are going to die. do hy of I course.' 'Well, $o off afld die some where else, will you. I don’t wont you dying around here.* Then ho laughed and said) he hadn't any Intention of dying immediately, and was Just get ting a record to leave to his children when the time came." New lor.c Sun. Bridal Trunks. Handsome, elegant line, uptodate styles, Just completed, at manufactu rers’ prices. Trunk Fm loiy, MI Broad. COLONIAL HALL. What Is to Be Seen at the New Home of the Colonial Dames. Colonial Hall, th- nov home of the Colonial Dame* at 417 North Charles street, has been put Into perfect rejuir by'its purchaseis. The bouse was v- 'I fitted, architeetually, f-r th- purpose for which it was bought, and since it has been painted in the huff und of colonial times 1-oks very tuu-di l)K --one of the reslden-e» of tl days befm - the war—the Revolutionary war this time. Within the woctlwcik ban been painted white and the bri ad arched hall hung with u paper that is between 60 and 70 years of age, not n repro duction, mind, but a genuinely a.r< lent material (Stamped with water scenes, in which impossible boats and swans with exaggerated nei' s play an im portant part. An old fashioned set.toe, some curious ehalra and a divan cov ered with a bright rag furnish this apartmsnt, w pn the wall of which bancs u wfUer color neproducUtitt of the Maryland <ioat.o£-arms. At th’e tack of ihA (Bhi'Ahpg rpDin the foat-yf-arfhs ct (Ho KMvm fgjh'jy is set to ? wlntpr.# .e-bkilfjOU till) toy panes and 1;..t,1'-A, fftwlww. ».«*#'> * tlW - Vjfdenmih is the motto: "Deeds are .masculine, words femtrtlne." “ j Big Values v—HITCHED TO Small Prices! Qitly || ftfw pfH.o* io ii nw you Ihg Wffl* t‘ # ** * > * r * lebiiuiK til out ( v ti>mg |)*tMlfl tngnl, tawl Ihajr atß in on# > •i%viif h i f Titoti wits IjMicm* Men * all Wool CHEVIOT and CISSIMCRE SUITS fiß* M Maitftil bb4 Wmbmmmkif $7.00 $8 0O SIO.CX> $12.00. lull ni Itliii Vdlll Oiraiß tUH t! JO $11)00 tit IS Ami VShßt « l.»n? of TttOl’M.RS W« tta««, $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00, TNhb nro ut' bßftfiini, you con boo and BtHffffCtßtß vkitfeout plgcms a lain*l on Ihgtfl. II IHITE Itt, GUttiU Bnuttot fmmmmm - J " " ni '"m " 1 11 ' r f%* fe|iisfe| $ 4sss ! -1 • lOOORS.SASH.HnBuNos ; u lora Miu Work it*** *• Of IVIRv OtSCRiPTiON. !,YELIOW PINE LUMBER JfAnMrvaHSiawtt.iHOv-mowst.K-ttt wmswUMMU anb 006*11 i;AtOMt te&OCuta V' i VI (hr BttMBTUfIIT | • uJ fUUUNE INSTOCK AND raouf: SHIPMENTS asSUMO ow MKtitt'MOamrt I#BB aBINICOftBB. 'UO "■ !j 1 Perkins MANUF*cTtißiNGCotu6usrA.G* UKAVE MIiSALA I low a Ferao* fttukd ABv# CM 4IH# Nodikalbi* i (*o4ol Mlt bJM*I YfvO Kftfftfaft KftfftXr'tol, 1 n! Ife4 pvtottl ft* MBOttoatof ****** •Ttointift fur (to fefwtffelto of ttof (auftlMMr of (to ferfiotf*. ft Htiif tsorlftl.! Tto *«i <iff« rp4 o* ft old to 1 the J* egrh got< rarnrnt, who Hill have Its acceptance under ron*ldcrmtb»n «ny» The l*>ndnn Mall- A lab* pro trades Ml feet lo loot feet and a half above the tartar# of the grave, and up on the top of H Is fixed n small wets!. box with a spring lid To the lower > end of the tube, which Just entefa th-: upper lid of the coffin Is fixed an tn-j did rubber ball charged pretty fnllVj with air. so that Ihe slightest presgsre j upon II would cause a discharge of air upward through the lube, and thereby] release the, Ud of the box, which: Hiring* open at Ihe slightest pressure. The opening of the ltd automatically, raises a *m*!l flag and set* an etertrb bell In motion which rings Immediate-1 1y over the grave and In the sexton s house, where It also releases a flap, which indicates the grave over which the box has opened. As will he seen, the slightest sign of breathing on the part of the burled perron, or th* slightest motion of the heart, will suf fice to open the box and sound the j alattn. and the open box. by a clever j and Intricate little mechanism, pump* a sufficient quantity of air down In the coffin to preserve the burled person j fi«en suffocation while assistance to arriving. Flsci* you order for fall suit with E. | j Henry A Co., popular priced tailors. AUED LOVERS Many Inmates of Indiana Poor House In Love. Kokomo, lnd„ Nov. 22.—Poormaster William Hancock of the county poor house reports a peculiar slate of affairs [among his charges 44 in number. The Inmates, about equally divided In sex, | huve been seixed with a sudden desire , to get married, old and young alike be- j 1 nit attacked. Men past eighty years | of age. and old, toothless women are! found making love through the Iron ] bars separating the two departments., and the superintendent Is kept busy j hunting up the Inmates who come down town to procure marriage Itcen- H6SV. Boys’ Clothing. Tailor, Vestee, Reefer and Blouse Suits; beautifully trimmed, some hav© a military t©nd©ncy» others ar© decidedly nautical. $2.00 Up tO $8.50. Men’s Top Coats. Winter weight Coverts, Kerseys, Meltons, Diagonals, Cheviots, Whip cords and Worsteds. The garments old and young men are eager for. SIO.OO up to $25.00. I. C. LEVY’S SON & CO., Tailor-Fit Clothiers, - - Augusta, Ga. novxmms n TrtlHßl.B IN SMCH I OC*. A .In I* HAM. Cal., • UrM Millar at Oakland. C-Htarnlb. believe* be to rarrylng la bto toll ihwMrt a *ltv»r tkiaMr that be swallowed forty year* ago WM to •u a vary Httto bay be wa* i s ring •roaad hit asotbar's M ahtto aka arm <Mi( soma sawing. A bnoeb wnn ; heard at Ito danr. Mia. Mlttor aa i«wer«d It and *tw»' aba warned aha could not find bar tbtoaala Tba ttuin hat aM h«- bad swallowed K. bat tbta *U<rv »a« not rrr.illad. although ncAh- Ibk norr »at ever aaaa of tba thtob hi- A (rn< ration paaeed aaar and Mil lar twnaa <« ba troablad with a »!'.«bt swelling at tba barb of tba left thoal dar. Mule by Itttla tba swelling grew and hardened, and tt waa suppoeed that a rearer was growing He waa examined by acuna .to. sura and It waa ■martini that iha tronbla might ba rauaad by tha long lost alivar thimbla. Inning tb# pat' thraa months It baa Iran possible to mo** tba tou r* of tb# trouble between tha ftngar* and 10 b# assured that It la a thoroughly ’haul substance. Mr. Mlllrr and hi* sister. Mia* La von la Mlll»r. ar# now staying ou Traat Itrnur Han tiaacto rn, and thay ar# both convinced that ib.- slitter thirabl# hat worh#d up Into bit ahottWar. Not long -go Mr Mil ler darldad to hava the thimbla or whatever It to removed aud the surg rnnt ail daria:# that if th# thimble alinil l>*. found In Miller * ahoulder. U will be on.- of the roost ramarkable things ever rhtonicled In the htotory of surgery. CRITIwIiE THE PRESIDENT Colored Organization in Clnclnnat Condemn dcKlnley. Cincinnati. Nov 22. The Winona club, tin organisation con posed of young colored men of thto city, me* In In hall on McAllister street last night, to protest against the Indignltlea to which their race has l.etgi subjected recently In the Carolina, particularly at Wilmington. They adopted resolu tions protesting against the existing order of things, with a covert threat that If the government did not right the wrongs to which the colored peo ple were subjected, they would be righted In some other way. Sevetal speaker* bitterly criticised President McKinley.