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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, November 22, 1898, Page 6, Image 6

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TIirSOAY 6 COAL COAL COAL Mm mmm, mmjmj* * THt M9T GftAOCV or Hh#« (J*«n JeMCd j ■*"* UOAL fHltfll §m |r[o *** 41 fHr « *""ciTY ICE COMPANY. AtAICAV* 1«MIH £»«■> ■ ■** *w*«ft • 99 SMIII (MtfHHf «• | &MI A»e <WIHI>I WM**'* • lies ***** •• ... V s * «****•• pm «mn • •**•» *—* pkWk ••» eae# « *• •* «• - “J b r , >|| BSSjI Law * * *•* AM9ml|9bM|AA9a pa VHMi * * m m m m - —■ ■BT? T.. « ~ » u»« et«c« tummm Wto*. ♦**«. iWmssft to «*«»• fUtr dm* ••••*** am** « •* ** **• |«IOt« ■—#»»* *• ***** * ' P»W» *•**•#* «•*■» 9m»t— mmmmjmjm— ... Ib-tt* MS m #••««*** •• -« s» •* «• Ms I '* t**m • ***•#• ***• —* ** -** Kftto pm— , „ .. ..••*.•• •• »“ Km h »■* ,* A |l Mi hn b~* mAa*. • » »-»♦*• ft f % — IM Im* O O . pm 9m It *». -tom A-• »» *»*•• •3 ft. **M MM ■ *• • D»T O €KHjm o**nn<><..« t 4 *l(tW« , .. .. Ol'>W»» i f-iT %It H stew**** „ ** * | Omn'-vili. tU I R **»•*•»*# .« *MI Ora»<t»«n>* *-4 H M M ...... * * * ' P K*mi MR* 1 iWdIM •• I *-* Jalan f> King B Mkß II C .... • I*l miwtt. RILK Ctertwuttv HR rA* »u B«i 8»» Cwiiwnt * y#a ♦*» a#*»t. p**' MJUrMINJI. Btr - M*M» I RlunAN Fruit at tfc* Im*. V kartea* .. •• * I** at Ifo, lartm. I * ImM .. I H CM*". W •• •* JJI A.rra* lia*«. W .. .. m « m VtM* *t ißa.Waa* .. •> H J»n f Km| 74 n R rtUrtiß* I *-* J*u. * Klim x A A aheuting .. I* * 1 innr*~*~ M . .. .. I M Jlta * kin* RMacR ttuorgta .. .. M'* If r Kiiig. latex 4 .. *• >« • w Ja> * Kite. * *» latex* ” J , Jaa »• KlaC M luck *«parlor .. * 1-4 PRINT* Aaxarlran atorltugß, •**•*■- •• •• * M Barrtrna. k akin lag* *4l*4 * M Cluirlar D#ak *nm atjrtea I*** . *l*l WiaUtefa ‘"M «*»■*»> * Allen* Itaucy) * w Imiata'r M gercal#* . •• •• • t Coalra Bout follaa. P* r *' Amattrxß India- »*«••*. •« •• * *’* *tai«r OUa 4anlld) *4**4 « American Indigo bluaa *4**4 .. .. * ißlarutlon*! ktecfca *4**4 •• •• * AUaa'a cardinal* *4**4 4 Allaa a Luton*# ***** * India * M India Mu* ***** - •• * Btlngtant'a ***** ” *. Banka Washington &**•• * •-* Oarnrr'i radiant* *4*44 * Chartri oaka. ***** * TICKS Hampshire .. * *'* AmMkMl A C A J® *•• Amoabaa* A .. •• * •• " Amoakaa* * ’** Reciprocity * **• PLAID HOMKBPUN*. City Kill* * * **! Four yard. g»° d ** inch •• * *' 4 !Lodl abiding* ***** * J * Lodi drea* alylr* ***** *'* •I. Clair drea# « Orttn lolUi* ** •• •* Harti* W«lbinft(* fanoM .. .. » Miscellaneous brands, light aright ...» • • .... •••• I* 1-2*44 *-! laartta I yard* plain * *-• Thorndike * *'* Hercules , 1 *"* Amoakeag J J Pelham, 22 b»l Ito bo* » F Q. f.. I* Malta to bos 1* jj. o. P.. 20 Italia to 1b.... .. .. IT 1-2 Muacogae B .. * *"* IT In h * 1-2 yd- ptdld*. beat make “ 4 1-4 Rlinpaon aiik llnlah foulard* «4x , * *** Pacttlc mournlnga 44x64 4 1-1 Chin* allka * >*♦ Mid lleford * Rockport • Plater 44*64 2 1-2 Concord. 2 1-4 Roma 64x60 .. .. 2 1-4 s I** Keystone 8 t' 2 Fifth Avenue 2 I*4 KRAKSKT'S Heavy Columbia, heavy Kearney 2 1-4 Kincaid and others ... 9 1-4 LIMIT, CKMKNT AND PLASTEIt. Lime ?oaß6 Itoaendale cement .. .. 11.45 Portland cement 12.76 to 3.25 Loul«vllle cement in paper narks ..21.00 Floater In bbla 11.75 HARDWARE. Well bucket*, per do* *3 00 Painted buckets, per do* 41.10 2 H B B cedar pall*, per do* .. .. 21.75 2 H B B cedar paila, per do* .. .. 22.00 Tuba painted, per nest $1.75 Rope, Manila, per pound 9 1-3 Rope. Sisal, per pound 7c Rope, cotton, per pound .. .. lOcallc Nalls, wire * l - 75 ,;mß ® Nalls, cut .... *l-46 base Shovels. Ames, per do* .. .. 111*311.T0 Shovels, diamond, per do* .. .. 37.00 Shovels, riveted back, per do*. . 14.75 Plow blgiles 2 I" 2 base Hame*, red top, per do* 32 25 Hemes, red top root, per do* .. .. 32. M Hemee. best root, per da* 36^50 Hollow ware, per lb *-* M ft* „ ...... Ml mTZmTT* ~ omm - V*. *+ • mum mm m *m Aft |M*MI R. | *«. 4#t „ rn a. » <H )|.M «*. 4 R** Aft « • » AM b»A**l* ft» 1 «M» AM * * . • <M» Rsa* ftMftfV pa* AM M »***» '«N** «es*m §r r- 1 par ft ft ft«ft* —e. •• AK *KA « Ala *, IM ft—MwJTftr 1 M?ft—•—». i «r7Sft w. a—*. !«mm n iTt«» ’"*!** J*ui «*. : ft*W * i n m . * * m ... 'ftaiftftl I I l f A Wft M M M M ft* ,—ft • I*# 1 * Hft m** m m ft* »> i «•*•» fHWftl. I I ft* .... IU IU Aaft**fti l*A. ftft .. **.... * > Ift *.* A ****** * A ftft .« i* •« m * ft* ... Ai#A*i *A Ift* * .. M 9* ft* IWW'I • tr» ftft .... Kft ... Awt«(ft *•» (ft* M MM M M ft* «M IIMM* •« ft** M M M M *• m A-MAM p» Ift* M M M M .. ft* M« AttMMA * A ft** .. m M *. *l* ... nftt* «i r* un ft* «m> , AllAAft ft* lift , .* «. .. .. ft* *• • I.HMft *•*!••«. M M 111 M. AfftMl •'% Ift* .. M .. M ll* M. ft* *A. Ift I . .. .. .. Ift m. OftMMftW *« ft** ...... M M M r i»»ift « Mr* t*r .. .. »•« ft*fftl * l*ft *. .. .. .. ft* ... *wm *• m* m ... *oam**a* r*-4» .< mm m ft m. dftfft*t«A I” * ftft M M M *• * M. •-On(M miu >ip i*ojrr»A OMTStt A. ft * BM O*. r*. #••• .. .. . .. iu m. Om|M 11. ft. A Iftf ©*. I r* i«» , .. iu n*rt«ll<. OlAftM* A A*- **•<* Ift n Ift* .... .. wt ... ClMrfttt* mftNt A A* iw* M r«. in*.. .. .. .. tu AftTMIA ftp. ft. a.. •*«. Ift* . ... ft c. A. A BMkIM C*. CMIM cm) Wwi •'* m: « ft IwtlMr* R«lMr*r »*«. IW . .. ft ft c*«ir%i *r nwtfK ftanwar. M nutl ML **«. I*l* .... ft ft C. ft O. tai prft l* » M Otil r*l ft Iftoraft fimwair. I* prof IMMM. Ittt I* II C. ft a. IX prof I* IMA .... I I a. « a r . im m. r* i*u .. m> in Mouth tl. rgft **4 VlattA*. im m.. .. .. m* Anil OmrttA oa* flonA*. 14 r* IM* IM ... Ocean ftmulli On.. IM I'* M r* lift IM ... r ACTOR T BON lift, rnlerprta* Uf> On., Im n Alhtey Mfg Co. I*l 9m. lift .IW !!, Hbley MIS. On.. IM S* lift . IM On R. R A it Co. »u«h .. I*7 M* Kouthne.terrt It. R Stork .. ft aft Austin* nnd Savannah altx-k . ft IM GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. n..t» sacked U OoAU. mimed, aaihed ft Corn, uhlte, marked u Corn, mimed M Meal, boded, per buabal I7H Plour. eontmon Klour, fancy emtra *.» Plour. second patent «.#» Klotrr, standard patent *.» i Flour, fancy I.TI ■ Wb“i»t bran. IM-lb aaoka M Fine feed. 109-lb aaoka M Hay—natlva. per ton 11. ft Hay—Timothy, per tun li ft Hay—choice, per ton .. .. .. II.M Hams—choice sugar cured .. 10aip* Smoked till aide# S 1-1 Dry sal riba .. S 1-1 Dard. pure leaf. In tlereen 1% Dard, kettle, rendered In tlercea. • 1-1 HR. UIVAL RETURNS. At One Time Thought to Have Been on Laßourgognc Mr. Jules Rival haa returned to Au gusta after tin ahaence of live month* *pent in Purls. Mr. Rival la in excel lent health, lie was given a warm welcome by his many friends today. The press of bufines* came very near forcing Mr. Rival lo delay his departure one week when he sailed for the other side. In which event he would have been cn board the ill-fated steamer, La liiirgogne. indeed. It was reported in Augusta nl one time that Mr. Rival was on board, but It was goon corrected. ' Mr. Rival reached Njsw York a week ago Sunday and came lo Augus ta by way of Savannah. How to Look Good. Good looks are really more than skin deep, depending entirely on a healthy condition of the v?t»l organs. If the liver is Inactive, you have a bilious look; If your stomach Is disordered, you have a dyspeptic look; if your kidneys are affected, you have a pinched look. Secure good lionlth and you will surely have good looks. “Electric Bitters'' is a good alterative and tonic. Act* di rectly on the stomach, liver and kid neys. purities the- blood, cures pimples, blotches and bolls nnd gives a good complexion. Every bottle guaranteed. Sold at Howard & Willet's drug store. 50 cents per bottle. CHAMPION LOSER. Nashville Banner. Gen. Jas. B. Weaver of lowa, who has been defeated as a democratic candidate for congress, has more de feats in more parties to his credit perhaps, than any man In American politics. TKTHS JLXJOTrBT-JL HKHAIX) “AS PURE AS GOD AM l H «*• j— 9s* aim* ii *mm » 9m »*• fee« mil MU —. SSI «A* Aftssa* Asms. At V*s> «aa*Mft wm—A •ass* ASA pm • - ins* «'A» »■'* ** ft* «MW ft# (ft. SWhp •# Wespess* Ml SOS ftsltll ■ "mm sdMasA **a ftafta ftft Msfti *• iftaft AM* tu rn 9mm AaiuiaA asms ft ft* mm 1 Mi ll m • AMMAi ft ft* Cftnaft I •. » MSMMM AM* l*S* IS* Ijs* And ' im— mAMifa >■ i| a* Ms* s» AMaii milfti •aft <<s*d MM* ft* Ift# And *mm I* A* HfteoeaasM SmmMl MM* ft #«# 9m— ' . t*mm Asms* ***** (ft* #*«M Id* ppm j Ii ..*§»** m rnmm tmmmm h# smM"*i» »ss*« baa ■«ar»*»*i> ft* Ift* ft HftMs.4 ft ASM* ft iambs m> lift aa*A» AAd **M ' Mias* a ftMM RAIMA** HASMs IRAS ftl* | »*•* AWAts w Tft VsMS»ft* UWS | ftMAft MAS asm am* A A*a r» r Aft. 1 “ANA, I A«a I ftftA ||e ftIMA j M**A» **■_»— * W *si» ft IWft ftftA j ft** aft ft Wft Aft ft*'* MftA We AMftAMmM* ss**4 Aft* * Marly •ft •*»»*• rnmmmmm— «s«*ft. Waft I A**s t AA<s« ift pi tpmfty ft TU* TsuiiseuA* AAd 1 Aas < l**« ftt*s*A aai mm I ihank ft AwMs ft AUsftiiniAs ft Tbs Tbilisiap* rnmm a ASS* d» ANSA* lbs tew Massa Aft! MAheul A ISAtAs* *Ad »*•• —**S A iMAASd AMAms* Any ftAlAee* e* *»A Mr Mama Aft aft mam*** ft •**•»* •*f ft Ift MAI SAM Aft ft Ift AMAIa ft AntMdMMr ■TRia Ifts* la 'ft Mm* AMI* Bess*. MM Bess* >1 M Aft*t lb* »isl»* M# il*' tkWM I k»«* 4 w I »#A*t mm m*r« sftNrt M. as I rnmm asms' ft arsdd ** ftyftft *r set the * cttpA** ~Tftys AS* Ift# ft Re«Af* ft lbs* haw* **» aas I aai bees fbr (ft mmmf. MM I ***** t mdt«4 * Aaftar bn •-•ft Aft l*h« SAP. wn (bdofts* M ftAedlwt me Mn*. I «*«• every mm ft y-u 4tt ly llltte b<MMfta Aft say I am ftr* Mr massy to kAoui that y«a lie. Remem ber tftl. *lll mm To* my yam e*me bee* MrifM I* Mar »ha* that ««|. yartsn la s**»* «* rny w*9 t'K ms. ■ tee you that Aw* ft r«* »fc* as* yrs*- :»nt sin puhe befte* II AeftrA I MaAd ftrr a* taeuftaebMe and ft pur* as the Ood Abo mft* yss *A" Mr. JoAft the* announced b»a test aft preached Rton Ihe RMd* Mr Jtmea anM he amaM ft batch In Aaron * few days Mft* Ift probtM tka* elect hm. * For LAGrippe and Influ enza use CHENEY S EX PECTORANT. SeveKtO THE APFKNDIX. Tft BwHat That Ralanf tka Body of Rosa Lewis. RMtlmnr*. Nov. A-Rwa Lasts. Ill* y-yrar-okl colored bo| who was shot in lb* abdomen ft Can rad Rock!#, seed U years, during a same of rispa on Wyoming street, i* rapidly recover- Ins at Ike tily hospital where he Is being attended by T»r H Weatphal. Lewis’ rase la declared by physicians to be a remarkable one. The bullet which etruck him perforated 11 differ- Mit vessels and completely severed the appendix, having been snot In two It was necessary to perform an appendi citis operation, which was dons bp Pr. Chambers. Bach of the pemforallooa in the buy"* Intestines was Vatched up and sewed together, much at n wheel man would repair a punctured bicycle tire. The wound llaelf. the physicians say, would not have proved neccaaartljr fa tal In an ordinary case, but there great danger of either perltonttla sre no Indication* of further complica tions. and Lewis will doubtless lie en tirely recovered within a few week* An Enterprising Druggist. There are few men more wide awake and enterprising than Howard A Wtl let, who spare no pains to secure the best of everything In their line for their many customer*. They now have the valuable agency for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Cold*. Till* la the wonderful rem edy that I# producing such a furor all over the country by Its many atartllng cures. It absolutely cures Asthma, Bronchitis. Hoarseness and all affec tions of the Throat. Chest and Lungs. Call at above drug store and get a trial bottle for l«e. or a regular slxe for 50 cents and 11.00. Guaranteed to cure ar price refunded. , CLOSED ’EM IN MACON. The “Tippling Rooms” at Clubs Shut light Sunday. All of the elub rooms In Macon were naked Sunday as tight as wax and the man who has been accustomed to going to the club for a "wee nippy" on Sunday was disappointed. The closing of the clubs was due to the recent decision of the supreme court of Georgia in deciding that a club could not sell intoxicating drinks on Sunday. It Is thought that this de cision will greatly injure many of the dubs, as many men belong to clubs for the sole purpose of being able to take $ social drink on Sunday. In 1887 Mr. Thomas Mclntosh of Al lentown. Tenn., had an attack of dys entery w’hieh became chronic. “I was treated by the best physicians in East Tennessee without a cure." he says. "Finally I tried Chamberlain’s Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. After using about twelve bottles I was cilred sound and well.” For sale by Alexan der Drug and Seed Co., C. R. Parr of Sell Tower Drug Co. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Latimer are ex pected home tonight. cm LOCK RAKING - POWDER »• **• Mow —Aftft «hy •Mftftet qflfr—rt, tmnm* pnMlfMit fAbw* nr —• M—ft. »<»*A m cfttdHA tMa—f tut HshuMMi Afftl m******* nt : MRWdMIfAfM *—•»>—»•»■A t*AA Affti ——mmrn Ha, Hh»aa» t* tm l>> -- AOWtfsft C 1 '(Md 'iua qtAMily. MAfiwfActwrtAfl 9y The Southern Mfg. Co.. RICHMOND. VA. Dur Reputation for Integrity** Truthful tM TT 4 Statements It Aft auam ft ft ft MR* baRfRI ft (Afttm ft m*At east »** "Aft '* A* ft«* ft. iAaa -e %ft» *ft *«!»%« rAlftry tIRA A* Aft A%WMM M Men's HirH Chss Thoroughly Tailored Suits ' *- \m Tft fAftv* *Aed Ml Ift** Mai*a be* AMWOI.t'TKt .1 FI RK WCM»U AAd *** •ft haft dsM»A«d p»lle*A# A* ft»* yet aft** Tft ufteftoA I* llwft evil a •Ml aaftMeA yft and Ift ftly kind even ft HRltf tMUWK JW‘I , FHICF MAM'-IIANT T*ltdfj|f». %tm>W*l>lt ivfAJIR* and F»ft TiNKtiIJM in H Aai eft*le»t*»y Plied ; ft fbrt. .veep Reft*, aft** taeftaf needle* nek. L. SYLVESTER Just Arrived Beautiful line of China Matting, solid Mahogany Bedroom Suits. Lovely Line of Walnut Suits, finest line of Extension Tables in the city from $3.50 TO SSO ; OAK SUITS v. H IN GREAT VARIETY. FLEMING MILES 904 Broad Street. WILSON'S IMPROVED AIR TIGHT HEATERS Consumes less than or.e-lialf the fuel other stoves require to heat your room: th,»rr'( re more economical. It will held tire thirty-six hours and with cars would never go out. Will bunv'Chips, ShsiVngs, Bark, Roots. Corn Cells or C >rd Wood, and give more heat in less time nnd retain it loneer than any Stove ever made. For Sale By TheAiipstalaiitfl&SDpiilyCe. General Builders Supplies, 831 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. Mr. Lester Munsaff returned this morning after a abort Did sit to the fair in Columbia. CALL fom Augusta Brewing Co t •rmnoffT »«it« * B BJ r. X. E O IF OEOROIA Our Draught Beer Has None Superior. —CALL rob AICH STA BOER. MONEY TFLOAS In any turns dttlrod from SAOO upwards, in straight 3 And 5 yuan tlm*. or on lOyoara time, payable in equal annual instalments. Lowest rates of Interest. No expense to borrower except the usual attorney and record fees. No delay in getting the money. AleiaDder&JobDSOD lyw’i Acdliah Amvr aas Maetpad* CHRMR 705 Broad St PORTNER’S HOFBUAU and VIENNA CABINET BRANDSOF Export Beers ARE THE BEST ASK FOR THEM. K R. MITCHELL, Al F.X M« DONALD hupt. o! Cuu. hec- A Gan. Mgr. Augusta Electric & Construction Company 212 Mclntruli Street. Electric Kuppliee—-peaking Tub-"*, etc., etc. Repairs to ail Electrical apparatne. Kisilric Light Wiring* specialty. B*l! Those 1002. - - - htrow get 676. 1 LOW pmcrv barge Stork. Aleo rtrr vAt.vrs «n<t rtTTiNtis. t:»- olnF.’s. UOII-KM*. WILLS and KlCfjmS. Lombard Iron Works & Supply 00,, a rersta. ha. Augusta Southern Rail road Company. Schedule Effective Oct. 2nd. 1898. Lv. Augusta . .. 9:80 a. m.| 5:21 i>. m. Lv. Sandeisville . 1 19 p. ra.| 9 09 p. m. Ar. Tennllle .. .. 1:30 p.m.| 9:21 p in. Ar. Macon 3:45 p m.| 3:55 a. m. Ar. Dublin 4:20 p lU.j Lv. Dublin TO:00 a. m. Lv. Macon .. .. 11:3,8 p. m.|U:55 a. m. Lv Tennllle. . . 5:15 a. m.| 3:10 p. m- Lv. Sandersvllle. 5:25 a. m.| 3:21 p. ra. Ar. Augusta . .. 9:00 a. m.| 7:10 p. m. ) Eastern Time. Close connection made at Tennnllle with Central R. It. for Macon, and with Wrtghtsville and TeSullle R. 11. for Dublin and Hawktnxvßle. C. W. JACK SON. Gen Ugt. Faaa. Agt .Tames T". Jacksmti. Joseph H. Sands. Receivers, } Chirlmon 11 CaroliM *•***»» A **«#•♦♦♦♦ »MAA* UM WaRaRRA m 9*m * ■ft *Ab mas ■ :eKjre3;ras Jfer | : iC* Bnwwa war v . 1*491 - i:#B—* t:. azzz —: »fß Zsr"z.:z *— % jS IB I * ftftA A. 9BftMft •(WmTle. uu ' sMii ,J AAAft ' P.. '■ * ( r ’* a .•#.*•* .... • I * - * l'F« AAR A. In _ f ha* mppmrnmm a* «■#*•* "* A* a* ****** *A ♦ i.C Mi lA, aA* »i*«to»*»M AAb bab*rf*b AaS'-Aaf l«* s*v bl » MIAAAA_ABAii ft bab** ~~u fJA fcAWlMkib Dftls Maaaa** JB K L L E OF O E ORGI -A." BLUE RIDGE RAILROAD. ■ C MUTT!*. Baste** ’ a**4h«tMl Bettes * |"**t gn la FVt Rev I CMm* Oao* K Claw Class Me*a Bis 4 PS* My . Malta* W» tRf. Me 12 Rat £ Ba It Rat AR m I Arrt.a UawTR AM Mg IM C 7. As liwi4 .At tMU ** B M I MR »•..., fie*ear I ll It R I* *T j R a eta* .R l I*ll R *ta ll* tl .. P** ****** *IRU # f.*» s.4*l* Ctrwry i'iw*| f 4 sail *2 M' t MIR Ala < • r as( f| *l4ll N • B I MkMt .. •BW4ACA . R 4 2*12 * • M J I / } * •*! : *>k Its treat" Bala* .* IME » m IB; .. RaMteUa *l7) All n* ! iLeave Ante* 2R PM. Ba ll Bat R* U Mat 9 Rijsilt R«*ila*. P. Fteg atettoo Ail n**lai Ire la* fraax Aaleeaua I# Wa-ha.l* be.# ti|M ta IraHl aa*r train* of It* earn* claw moving IB egy paatt* d.maim*, aalew utherwiae agwe -12*4 by trala order* Will aleo gtog al foil owing RattJte lb* take a* or I*4 o« r*aa*ngero Fbla ney a. Janus ang Hand? Mprlngo 1 M* U rteser* with Booth era rail way Ra. 12 at ABderwaa. No# '* and • Miawt with Reatbei-. railway Ko# !t a*4 57 at a«mc*. I J. It ANDCRMON, goper'niendeat. ATLANTIC COIST URL RHCRTIUrr AND BCICKBRT ROUTB TO THK KAPT AND NORTH 2 Mpw t.v.. Aag*at*. Oa. Ar j 7 Haw 5 Wpmj ta.... Aiken Ar { 7 Item 4 17pm tv.. De*wi*rk....Ar | l lTptn 4 tOpml tv.. OraadiPg ...Ar I Mara 6 Mpm. Lv. Sumter. A C . Ar j 4 2*am t Mpre! tv Florae a ...Ar j 9 25am 10 23pm) La...Payottevlß*.. Ar j Llipm | 2 Ham) Ar Peterabarg.T* ta | I 12pm | 4 00am! Ar... .Richmond.... tv | t 12pm 7:4lam) ) I 44pm * Warn| Ar... Baltlnsor*. ..I.v | 2 25pm 1115 am! Ar.. |I2 o»pm 2 #2pa»| Ar.... Now York j 120 am Pullman palace buffet steeple* ear* from Macon and Aufuata to New York without change. R. A. BRAND. Oen. Agt., 722 Broad St.. Anguata. da. T. W KMKMSON. Tram- Manager. H. M EMERRON. oan. Paw. Agt. Central of Georgia Rail way. Schedule In Effect SEPTEMBER lITH. ltM. <9oth Meridian Time.) LEAVE AUGUSTA. No. 2 For Savannah 1 20 P. M. No. 4 For Savannah, Macon Atlanta 4:40 P. M. No. 6 Par Macon. Atlanta, and Way Station* .. 2:20 A. M. No. 42 For Macon. Atlanta. and Way Station* . 9:30 A. M. ARRIVE AUGUSTA No. 1 From Savananh .. .. 1:40 P. M. No. 3 From Savannah, Ma con. Atlanta « » A. M. No. I From Macon. Atlanta. and Way Station* .. 6:60 P. M. No. 53 From Macon. Atlanta. and Way Stations .. 5:30 P. M. No*. 1. 2, 3 and 4 dally. No*. 6 and 6. dally except Sunday. No*. 52 and 53. Sunday only. Sleeping cars on night trains between Mtllen. Macon and Atlanta and be tween Augusta and Savannah. For fur ther information as to schedules, etc., apply to M. C. JONES, C. T. A. W. A. GIBBES, Depot T A. J. SV. NALL. Commercial Agent. ... .. aToldiep after the spree need* | LAND'S HEADACHE CAPSULES. They cure 36 out of 37 headaches. 2 for 5c., 25c. one box of 12. THE HOWARD & WILLETDRUG CO. 812 Broad St., Augusta, Oa. I “removed TO 711 BROADWAY- E. W. DODGE, ManufßCtur*r of Rubber Stamp*. Sea!*, Stencil*, Daters, Pads, Badges, Ac " -711 Brcsdwav. August*. Gs. Stronger Phone 16-, NOVfMWR 22 AAttftmsAt* *A-M#«ft*tJft S. C t G. MILWIT CO RAA *AdAdA*9*M saw* As«» l*M rn *ft t*v* Ifriiaift#jft»B r 'N» f *ft T l*—• J A* W«a»* imsss Aft# t . * »#■* sai * AAM USB ** *#*—*• '-M| » ... f d* •• PMAii-a »Mfm ' KnAAA 'iyv ftaif* »MM>m i AmPSA t* jIApW-* *M*as t* r atba . SMRAI A_»'***** *» t*ft« ftSAMM AMIR* AttasMMm*r>a«lHA tbe#*** waapw to aad to* ft* VmR (* ium V«W 1 * I** TmaWai A* d*ft.... A*«AA ♦* Am* •»* * Aua* AS PeuAaft. 41 Ma ;* ftAiAI'R * Ift AS ¥aAA% -JaMW t« PAAdh 9 * MMR Is AaSTmaTKi* as Am* ■ se al pm idift as Iwm amaa tarT* MUSA A# #u» MRaih Ms l» mawMAiAaim * id—M Aft M ».«ai m«a wad Aaaad *-as aa a»»»* A AS* apdApAA .. . «. M. RABIMI *.A mu—A vra it bnpaaknknn j mNflNw t 9 tMtßßgpUfc f rTmamTS* m Tpma •OUTHERN RAILWAV. * _ _ —r; H "55a T« dp itSSa lift «*» L Fftseai.sTAA**- T fi? i eSKrr , * , ' r— t /jsjtoiT- : s£ST jgg Ij: t: it? •*~Sa*e«l*. - ■ 1 ■» ?■ 111 ili , a* *r»*. a* ! tea*#, tmsir. (L Vow let Pa kk "TT! |*r T» l*n» TfesSr it: iS: U waTow Re My. * ra# tl Ua L Bnamwd uMb* isoiw Lv fWeeUie ,'lb, 4 12# •tv ResRMR . ... OR# ....... Ar ffevwaww Orta .. tv Oniaten tte*' TR» • Pali . tea* i:w# : IrS: UU A# Oni Ma Kteae g*• N *Sae 142 a tv nemaibwUa daafl 113p| < > • ” JotmeMW lM#i (tw* j ” Tien-on |B#} 424 a • Oraroevui* Step 7df a t’ * • «»»{ **• Lr A »r 1* U» 1 05# Lv b|«r aasarg tl 40* * 14# £v OorkteTteC rniT»f . "ToTp “tea A, CTinrleeine . .... J a 4v#| 11 tea : Iff. OnTtea. P O *Ph# ...... II 24 a 12 47 a *• xaraaoal, ..... . **.'#, 6»* Ar I lip lUa ni.ggViao t aT <isri< a bvllal wily p* ex agar rente* between Rlprtda and Kew T-wk Rea *t and 35- W uh ingten and oaavkwvwera tlml-e.l Ho ltd TeM.buird train with dining aars and Aral cioaa eunebra nr - h of t -harlot?# Pailmaa drawing room sleeping ar. bamoon Taw on JnskeunviUe. savannah. Wnahtagt,* aad new v»rk i Pnllnian dieeplag Cara botwvve Chariot I* and fttrbmoad. Puiimaa draw-tag-room .leaping rara he twnaa Uraaagboro and N-rfolk Oio.. ....near. ti nt ar Sorfalk for OI.D POINT COMPORT, arriving there to tun# for breakfast Bnlkt tram, with Parlor rara, between Che. Ir.tan an. 2 Anherli:* Ko*. B aad SO-C. 8 Put Mail. Through Pv .man drawing room buffet vieruta* car, i» lwren JarkaofiHU* aad Kew i’ork and Pull Ban aiemtag am between Augusta *r.d Char ft* Puli man evening rara lot ween Jack I am villa and Columbia, an roote dally lelween Jarkreavillv and "'indnnatt, via Ankaviiia FRANK* OaNNON. J.M CTIP. Tatrd v p. a Oen Mgr. T M . Wadvingtnn W A TURK. 8. H.RARDWIC*. , _U P. A.. W analog ton OP A . Atlanta GEORGIA - - RAILROAD. (90th Meildtan Tima.) Rchedula Effectlva April 24. 14»t Pullman Sleaners between Macon ani Nvw Tork. Through Pullman Bleeper# bet n aan Ail. gust* and St- Louis. Lv Augusta ..| 7:oban)i 2:2opm|lo:2optn Ar Atlanta ...|l?:36pm! U:2opm| biOOaxa Ar Macon ....|’l:lsarn| | «:46um Ar Athens ....)l£:lspm| 7:3opm| Ar Galne«vHl*j*3:46pro| | Ar White Plai*l:oopmj I Ar MtU’gaTo .110;10am| I 4:3oaia Ar W vsh’ton ..|M:Kten) 7:lopm| Picayune train leave* Augusta dally exc-pt at 6:15 p. m., and ar rives at Ml!<“dgevtlle at 8:10 p. m Train* arrive at Augusta 5:15 a. w, 7:45 a. m . 1:20 p. fu and 8:25 p n*. A. G. JACKBON. G. P A. ! JOB WHITE. T. P. A CAROLINA AND NORTHWEST ERN RAILWAY Schedule In Effect. March 6, 1898. Eastern Time Standard, Leave Augusta, Southern Ry.. 9:30 p m. • Arrive Chester, Southern Ry.. 7:18 a.m. Leave Chester. C. * N. W. Ry 7:45 a.m. Arrlv# Lsr.air, C. & N. W. Ry 1:16 p m. Laav* Lenair, Stag* 2 W) p m. . Arrive ♦reon Park, flag* .. ~ 7:00 p.m. ’Arrive alawing Rock, Stage .7:30 p.m. GTu?. HaWPSJTC”* - C. F. HARPER, President. G - P -