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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, December 04, 1898, Image 3

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GENERAL M'KIBBON HAS ARRIVED. M« Will krlioc Col. Aillik In Lomnutnd i»l riml Brigade to i ® §fn#t if pa* ItotorttoW H «Ni Hill ■ ■ fgiftf%s|f|# \fit m ip i tfe* . - +*wot* friiip tip ftilKl - <tif-rm * Hf|ill<t*iP 'M** to 'ls ft* I #*#* • y . . . k r . kd flrttl , otnnel A*l«- a* <««inM»4rr. of ,h* Firs* bracM* » nta«<*i Aallk* .•(>.(»-1 ion of «U »o 4 M> »«W>4 HUM I Mr ~.(£*. K»nr» twrowmi *|<-k •« I'IHP M*od* I . j|,. | ri( w ,„| (0 ||| K hnm' *1 I >. a iu4uH> barm. A* tkrrr k* re U.1.r.1 Mttl »••>< M ««* •«»'«“* *H PNKM JuMt.e in Phllsdelfiht* H# •*»« w,n. .0 nuobml.on «•>*• to Altai. Ur CUT. wk*r* be k«» «»'•*• "■“» <- "® ti»« to An»v#«* Thr «#®#r»i !• • warrior and quit# a (avonlf toAh k**, ■p* , . J (•rn#nl S > itnn* > ’ who la to l oaifiMO't tli» rim dU»'fc»n i# HprttH) it Us | not far distant future. and will com pirlr Ik. Itat of commanding o# ei « who are to arrive lawn Bight the populai offker* of ihr A*irvt d.vtaton M*r 1 dance that aill lone b* remembered by a.I aho at* landed full account* bring given In another art tele The regiment* are all We. otmug aet -11(4 In their ramp, and officers and men are mealing many cilia*iu>. It la probable that laal night* dam * is only the beginning of a number of lb*w de lightful affaire Camp Chat. A large number of the teamsters are receiving their pay Electric light* are being placed in the hoepitsal Major R«ade la expected home in a few day*. Lleutrnaot Morrow Ir suffering with an Injured knee Major Hand, of the Fifteenth Min neaota. la <Mvi*lon officer of the day An order wa* Issued here today granting Uentenam P. H. Morgan ten ilavs’ leave of absence. Captain Gellerd, of the Tenth Ohio, is officer of the day of the Third brig ade. A tomtnlrHary store hotiae for tli • hospital will soon he built. The red lights hung on the pole* above the hospitals give a pretty ap pearance. Work begins this week on a new tress hall and kitchen for .the doctors and lady nurses of the hospital. .Mustering out i» the main topic of conversation among the men. Fifteenth Minnesota. Green, of Company A. who fractured on of the bones in his leg, was sent to the division hosoitai yesterday. The football team gets to work in earnest next week. A large wooden guard house is in the course of construction. Captain Gilmore, Company M, Is of ficer of the day for today. Lieutenant Mitchell, of Company B. was commander of the guard. Companies H, D and E have estab lished regular ranks in their company street!. i The noncommissioned officers of Company M bad their pictures taken yesterday. Sullivan, of Company C, has recov ered from sickness. Corporal Hank, of Company C. went to the hospital yesterday. Sergrant. Bellows, of Company L. rvho has been on special duty at the commissary has been sent to Uic hos- Thirteenth Pennsylvania. Mr* B a. Couraen. wife of Colonel Ooursen. has come to visit her hus band front Scranton. Battalion Adjutant II M. Coarsen !» ItgMh NstohMl* Ij - TMip%j|tTi * ij, < mpmn • p f tWrt * -fifth Hkhpas ftest Maryland Ktn« * v iftfi vuittfvii or * owpifiv **- * 11 of (ofliMOt f\ l» mkk In ftoptan Unman of «*r*i»paiiY C. to I for dw«v r.irptAm! Lyman «if Cumvmny M to Tenth Ohio. 4 nrn# .j indoor htprtoll Impii j arrant*! with (Hr Maryland team ('•plain of <*ompan> A, U nActf of thr i|jiy for t««U> limtfMnt Mo!vß« , atit of Company I. to «>««#r of the «uer»t Plilpf Mntirian l> K I4al*#y bM r#- j turwed from /urloofb Th# hand gltn a nmiitt of n#w a#- Irrtkm* thto afternoon Huilritn f*aok#n rrrrlvrd a for* j lotiffh of thirty day# H# to the young eat man In the r#gita«‘ni John M#f*ann. of Company P, tia* re ceived a fnrlonirh estenaton of is day**. E M M< Millan. of Company I. has received an honorable discharge Ben H. Wtlkerson. of Florida, la I assigned to 1> troop today having en listed here A large number of thoae wishing to enlist are ttt’rned down on physical dis ability. Captain Mackle. of A troop la officer of the day. Tbroah and Corporal Vaughn, of ,H troop, and Stevens of M. troop, weir sent to quarters today. Grenqhurg. of I. troop, was sent to the hospital today Major Joyce and Carl Gllluseppl, •vere among the visiting olficers in camp yesterday. 2CaH and inspect our stock of Furniture whether you wish to purchase or not. We will be glad to see you and take pleasure in showing you- THOMAS & BARTON. abandoned at sea. Report Hade at Liverpool on the l.ondonian. Liverpool, Dec. 3.—The llritlah steamer King Arthur. Captain Denby, from Drmarara. arrived here today, and repo: ted sighting the British stcu ! mer Londonlan. on November :*n. In bit- Itude 45 north, longitude !t> west, on her beam ends on the starboard side.with decks anri hutches submerged. All her boats were gone except a small boat, and there was no sign of life about her. A sttong northwest gale was blowing at the time, and the teasel was appar ently fast settling by the head. The Londonlan sailed from Boston. Novem ber 15, for London, in command of captain Lee. She carried a crew of SO. beside her commander. WATERLOGGED. Condition of a Schooner Sailing Last Week From Savannah. Norfolk, Va.. Dec. 3.—The schooner Luther T. Garrettson, Green, Savannah to Baltimore, lumber laden, arrived here today, waterlogged, seven feet o water in her hold deck load anil both anchors gone; with the chain. She anchored twenty miles east of liuttsias through the aturin of last VftcK and held all right. The ssav ttjsr -*njjß-. and washed part of her dfcK lo*d crertiuard. In an attefhyr to secur . gncfior?, she found them fast anti had to cut loose. A survey was held this as tern' on, and sh‘- will proceed to Balti more. THU; AXJGXJBTA SUNDAY HKKALD CAPT. M kAV ON Thß STAND IHttfftM t>f the NV nr Invefftlfnttot. if rn ti# ii teitoh Iff* M#tti#ftant (nlußff! 11 W UoHto.i | K'ttftkr • Muff rrltirlßMi til# * omStlon I «»f tl»# r ump at (likluinaufa » huh h# •«l«t VRI llVIQfi to th# ftllmv of th# to tin# tb#lr Rink# If# <l* - sf rlioi th< fondttkin At th# h#nlqn*i * ton ii “mrUillf flrtf.*' ll# «tld not think that ton ##t n tots nond *>xn*n* l»|# for th# ffwt «»f th*' fOf|» Th# wll-i n##« d#«M % rihr*fl G#t)#rnl Brook#* #ito* j ditlon to Porto Rif*o ll# rot»ld not ar* j #w#r for AR|* v####! #x«'#|M th# Jft. «|*on whir-h h«* wr# cml»*rk#«t Th# lußdiiloßi on that #hlp ’* aait) h#, t * w#r# awful '* Th# Rtat# room# w*#r#j not #l#an#d. ih# l*#«l<linj| wa# foul, th#r« wa« t o wßlliatioo and th# tn«*al#i l*v#r# altominald#.” Still h# did not; think th# troofM 1 w#r# inm|M<'ltat#d by! i a»ot! of th# voyan# Till* #harail*«r; j ration of th** nr#at Atn#tl«an lln#r rauiN'd #vid#nt #t»rpil## Cold Band Hams I Oc per pound at Whitaker & Mc- Gowan’s, 1240 Broad St. Strowger ’Phone 38 I. HOFFMAN EXONERATED The Charges .Made By Ihomas F. R> an Not Sustained Baltimore, !*•<■ 3.—The directors of i the Seaboard and Roanoke Rail-; road company held a special meeting today in the office of President Hoff- ' man. In the Equitable Imildlng. to re-| receive the report of the committee of i stockholder* appointed st the recent I annual meeting to examine the affairs of the company. The examination »va* made l.y Messrs. Charles H Crutnbhaar. Lloyd T. Jackson and D. W. Thomas, and exonrentea Mr. Hoffman and the other officials of the company of charges made hy Thomas F. Ryan. The direc tors approved the report, aud passed resolutions of confidence In the man agement of the property. In another office in the same build ing testimony is lieing taken in sup port of a motion which Mr. Ryan pro poses to mak' in the state courts, for a mandamus requiring President Hoff man to procure the marks of the Sea board Air Line company, so that Mr. Ryan nm-r inspect them. Several wil nesrcK testined that it was almost an invariable custom to buy supplies for the road through the firm of Hoffman & Co., of which President. Hoffman is one of the principal members, and that prices paid were invariably high er than those charged by other firms. Testimony was also taken to prove that ai least SIOO,OOO was paid out by President. Hoffman, as rebates to ship pers in violation of an agreement en tered into by the Seaboard Air Line and its competitors. All of the Fargo stock to be sold at a reduction of 50 per cent. Call early. Do not procrastinate. Thomas & Barton. TROOPS FOR nACON They Go From the Fourth Corps to the First Corps. WatdtingUift, L> V. uc<- ’t Thv 16th company C. 3 V. signal aorga,un der commetlW of Captain £.B. SatnpJ'. now at Anniston. Ala,, with the 'mirth army corps, has been ordered to M.'i ("ii, <!a., with 111" first corps. GRAND DINNER BY THE GRIDIRON CLUB Notable Dinner IH the Organi/filton 1,4*1 N|g;ht. Ilißfßv «f ||ff R«*| liHIMMNiM! t.iml*>«4 *Mif)itnsai M Tk*<* H|* I Rffißi ft off (4M •ti Vt iff tke I eta Rtf. 1 4 •*%§.• Mr. k%«M#r s»t»*l «*th#tii Ike H'SS. Ill) ih<* AHlngtm (lining room from *1 l« 12 »'clack. This was fothmed 1 1 11 | . i.coriarw the (tlfferent reatarea 1 •.f -niertatnment and l» a«»»me wdt' ■ The giieot* sere group 4 in ,lln»l«n»: }~f volunteers and In orders very dl-j jihg line of during th< cirttie *n i 1 gsgemant. A map as the lisitlegrimnd I was one of Ihc uniuoe fcaturea Ini which the various divisions were ren-; jies"nled as (bulging through the. ehsmi Hgne tlive toward the table I h-lghis where they well- lortlfiescii to| have captured Soon Won" HI1I» There were several quips In special Order rtl iwted at the prominent of the evening, which added to the merry tea-, jture of the oeeqalap. ~ I Among the (igluies was a bur lesque flnvestlgatloji of the conduct us the war. i w hich conveyed some of the tlioie hu linorous fancies of the real ln\e*tlga- Itton. Mem hath of the i nntmitt *e to ought In linmenae stacks of testimo- I uy. also large volumes of lenoiis and different exhibits which took off some (of the quests and caiise l great amuse nietii. The rejiort cnnrluded with tlw I finding that there was a war. thai Spain got liekol and that the Anglo- Saxons stood together. As this whs, done the Ameitoan and Hiitleh tbivs' were unveiled ns a lompliment to tli" , Canadian members of the joint hirh t commission. Another feature was the appearum ' of I’nde with a nmn „( colored children dressed to ren lesetit the Filipinos and a play was made upon the new lopulatlun which would be acquired by the Philippines Incoming a part or the I’nlt-d States. A very laughable skit Was the presen tation of a horse to General H Boynton, who Is one of I le' charter members of the club, and also holds a brigadier commission In the army. The hors - was one of the stage variety and Its appeatanee caused a great deal of hilarity. The Guests. Among the many distinguished guests present were the following: William McKinley, President of the t’liited Stales: Lienor Don Rafael Igle slas, President of Fust a Rica; Gaud A Hobatt, Vice Piesldent of the I'nlt ,.,j £ tales: the lit. Hon. Lord Fairer Heraheil, G. <’. H„ Holland; Sir Wll fr il Laurler, Premier of Canada; Sir James Winter. Premier of New Found land. Kir Richard Cartrlght, minister of trade and commerce. Canada; Kir Lew is Davies, minister of marine and fishe ries. Canada: Kenor Don Joaquin Hern ado Calve, minister of Costa Bleu; Iti ■ Hop. John Charlton. M ■ P.. Canada; Hon. John Hay. secretary of state; Hon. Lyman J. Gage, secretary of the treasury; Hon. John Vt . Griggs, at torney general; Hon. Chas. Emory Smith, post master general; Hon. John D. Long, secretary of the navy; Hon. James Wilson, secretary of agriculture: IJeut. (»en. John M. Schofield, I . S. A., retired; Major General Nelson A. Miles .commanding general T'nited States army; Rear Admiral Winfield S. Schley, I'nlted States navy. Genetal w. Shaftet. I'nlted States army; Major General Henry VV. La wton. I ni trj State* Volunteers: Major General Li T Metvugv, ftusstao elTiLiae4 i Major General Cmilxto Garcia. Cuuan armv us liberation. Rear Admiral A. VV. Weaver, i’ruted States navy, re tired; Rrigadfer General Josenli C. Hiecklnridge, t’nited States army; Brigadier General T. H. Staunton,Fni- i AAki #:o|»i»i | )MNl4w| <AA'%A##i "«»#* # \ m §y $ i *«.*<* -■ m ♦**,«.4 * 4#* ’ m.% «’%•««#• to* 1 * * | »Aliwi - ' -"4 i l» rt a %% Hr lb ft I w.»« .«| n#-r j [ Htal-e* 4Hb ' ' A| «' -w. ’ [ I Tmtfkw# ~ «V^ 11 nk hi | ii* |w n—ititsnt i *ii» imp** m# i ' ti I *•«»#* ’ vtwMMHifffffAi## M* *!►* COSKERY & HUNTER. Bits cut in Ladies' Jack ets and Capas. We will place on sale this week our entire stock of Ladies' fine Jackets and Capes. $12.50, $13.50. $15.00. $16.50 and $lB. in Black and Colors, your choice Monday morning $9.98. Misses’ Jackets —About 200 Misses’ and Child ren's Jackets on center counter at very attractive prices. I 5 Ladies' Jackets, last season's styles, upstairs, second floor, SIO and $I 5 qualities, to close out at $2.50 each. FURS- Fur Collars, Fur Collar ettes, Fur Capes, Fur Trimmings, best assort ment in city. Art Squares. Rugs. Por tiers, Lace Curtains. Blan kets, Comforts, on first floor. Special inducements this week to cash pur chasers LADIES’AND CENTS’ UNDERWEAR. We are showing the best values and best assort ment of the above under garments in this city. LADIES’ SKIRTS AND WAISTS. Ladies’ Skirts, new lot, Crepon and Serge Skirts 3-4 price. Silk and Satin Waists, $5 quality, at $2.99 each. Dress Goods 25c, 35c and 50c per yard. This is half price No goods sent on ap proval this month. COSKERY & HUNTER. ivFsea CREWLESS. The Trajan Came Up With the Aban doned Tarkiedsen. Newport News, Va., Dec. 3. The British tramp steamer Trojan, Cap; tain Torklldsen, plying between this port and Glasgow, arrived today, and reported having found the barge Cjuin nebaug, said to have been lest in Sun day's storm at anchor at sea about 200 miles northeast of here. She was in perfect condition, not leaking, and had ample provisions aboard, but there was no sign of a crew, the only living tiling on the ves h-jI lieing a, eat, wljlch was taken off. The yi.lnneViauß's rudder was jammed hard to purl, and though the Trojan worked with her IH hum*, sip- was un able lo Liw—her to, the barge purittu? ihe cauL arid being ivfi adtIII The crew wall probably taken off by a pass ing vtssel. The man who never failed is unable to appreciate success. JACK FROST II A 5 SALUTED US! As # k chj #vll I’lf#ti * Ncto Th#f* Mt t *s*tty us |fifw *t#y*ni!lCi #Ht Motto Ism O* UvfMOkl. Of UtHlOf* toktPfUt Of Mm. Mow About t| ## A All ? WHrttOVAf your larky Of ytHit lOCOffi* iuHlflW Nl Cor laatvalivf ntffi, Atnf yotmg tttiffi fWffl Of tats good laiit. anti man who juil taf* to bf ttwAlly and solidly droased WtH find upo# OUf tounlars OoAufifut Vlrifflltl it vwry *ifHl> factory pfiffs. I. C. l-evy*s son & Co., TAILOR FIT U OTHIERS. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA JUDGE DAY EXPECTS ’ THE END QUITE SOON Me Believes the Treaty W ill He Sifltod Next Week. Tiff N|«arih < ffMdidaffv' lairiri* )«•% Hill (aor Tomwran--Tbr \afftpii i oaiinc Suiia la I# l a rail or Idiifv tneeitag this mmiim I #•« reniift frsiv H#rltn titui »•«* to t*#***i<ittf»« for Ito pttrrhiir of t||# «4 ml In# l#*4Hfto to f—flUfUltr! Iron wfffil «|tijift#f» all hough t'uUfit < efHi Mttas(#f. ill# OrTtnati isiNißudoi h#t#. lifmoN g rormpDfitotl of tk# Swh* toirtl p;##t (bat to burs nothing nt nil abooi tk# msti* r Tb* %m#rt«*an « n ntiiMtkHfe#:# if# n< *in#<t to tolhst tk# r#porl and it to look#*! upon as #g ptolnint «k# r#l»#tanr# of tk# Hpnn lard» to glv# Ik# Am#ricnns an an#*r#r In r#c«>«l to ike Tnrolin# Mnn«t# n*j gn • ••ente t * !**.'ACIT COMMISSIONERS. well a« th# qtiegtlon of wllgiotik liber ty there, and the latest developmmis i-onfirm the report that the Spaniards have been instructed not to yield on these points until they have mgde a good bargain. The positions of tin com missions, nays an American com missioner, Is that of two card players, each studying bis own hand and wait ing for Ills opiainent s lead. (Much Work Ahead. in spite of this temporary halt In llo the negotiations, and contrary to gen eral expectation. Judge Pay, president of the American commission, believes ihe treaty will be signed next week. But a glut deal of work must be done before the treaty 1? ready for signa tures. as after ten weeks of negotia tions the only articles arc qited by both commissions are the three load ing ones, providing for (lie cession of the Spanish colonies, anil those only In piineiple and not in language. The adjournment today was at Judge Day’s request, as the long morning session developed a divergence of opin ion. Had the Joint session been held the Americans would not have entered it as a united laxly. The exact nature of the differenecs of opinion cannot, lie ascertained, but it Is believed some of the commissioners are In » more yielding mood towards Spain than their colleagues. There Is no doubt that the Spaniards on Monday will report the arrival of their government’s Instructions, the absence of which caused Friday s ad journment. Among onlookers there is a skepti culicßiiilug tb" ■ initriHitlou* H la believed that ii*cy >.(jneiliiiie a d: piomatlt scapegoat put forwaid by the Spaniards to cover the delay necessary to them. The Coaling Station The question of a coaling station to tk# !•»##*§ Hint## In vk# t smtfn# Ik# Huh t# mm IfMt to yoot# a «#•* km* iin nt»!ing um*o Tk# tnrfin# ka»# noi nMot# N on#' of tk# m#n4» #kon# gtmntMig to *'»o#ntkil to t«a# < one«cmtMl nt tk# 9t* M Ot* of tone# AratM# of tk#M mo #titk#«too*k tn it# tat or, a»*t noaiff of ih# o think *•* 'man,? • g#CMCIn« •bon# for tk# C* nitt#** to * k#ty to *«n4 to «'Otnn ? *#ath*n# ts#ttr##n * to*many #§4 tk# rnit#4 R<««#o In Fteto k oAn tot «Mr ton il |» amrt* • 4 that * tutor tk pop#** an ant of Ibto. (iduaat alroMl) *«»»*#»«#* a «#nain rlckt In th# <*n»ts in«» arktok ««nl4 : I i#«#nt tip# *» ftmai «tt*tltng tie atl t»ton4 «to Anw, i neiiisa* fa*llta> *Hk Ih* qu**- lina i.>„.file) that Ike nililtq>*M* and , ike ladrones famisk all tke eualtoff <.a.n la ike Pklllpplaea. itw> as in Ai.\Hc#r M hat Hr ToM Ik* IVsrlc lh*r* Y«s- IrrOtv. M m:gom-(y. AM.. Imp I -Fat. W i «»f tk# lhtf«l NrfrtffffM. *•* i****«%«m| t<>tl«) !•) ito i>»Q hou##n of th# a#4Wf«l dwfinlh ll# #a« intrude* tot >•% th«* i»i etttowi of th# g#n«t#. Mr. | (jo not mm,' uk a nillltury hero. [ You ui • lon* on military hetoe*. It i would seem that thin lute win "as n 'war for Alabama. Wt* cannot have a 'tattle on land that doett not alve ad ' dlttonal fame to Oeneial Wheeler; wo i< an have no engagement on s'a with out giving additional dlstlnetion to Lieut. Ho-aon.” He deellned to discuss public *tues tlottn. saving: ''Being a soldier, I cannot speak to von with the freedom of a civilian, t 1 ~u|d sneak, ir l spoke at till, under | IlniltrtlonH that would be unpleasant Ito in.'. What I would dealt* to say to you as a cltlaen .1 could not »ay aa a soldier. I cannot now discuss those thing* that at present engage the at tention of the entire nation. "Nelthei would I ''arc to dlsouss those things we discussed two yearn ago, hut which arc not laid away to eternal i esl. Wither could 1 dinettes those matters which give aa a result of th>‘ late war a broad field for specu la I ion." lie spoke pleasantly of Ala-hamu.say ing that ho first received the title of colonel ill this state some years ago. If i could meet that man who 0u1t ,.,l in. a 'colonel' then. I would have more confidence In his prophecies than hi those of tli ■ six millions who in '!><! prophesied 1 would he president.” There was considerable enthusiasm us Col. Bryan resumed Ills seat. A Challenge The C. 1.. A.’s, champions of last j year. Indoor baseball league, cbal- I lenges any team in military camp for I a series of games. Communications I should be addressed 111 Ca fit tain P. H. j Klee. fliatik|Ji.-f One man who failed to enter Into ! the spirit or Thanksgiving was the I Kentucky murderer wha was hanged (he next day. , . jj