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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, December 10, 1898, Image 3

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SATURDAY Y \\ a c i c rn/VIlMn X/Vi n'oaOartnan Prrcrtoln Clnr.r Sot. or » b««ulHul Ch|fforl*r. Couch, orof .um« Ir.oml A Mono ora Hock- _ m . W* »**• #**• *f m= «M* MW (.AMT. tt imkH W|ft. AM pmmm mam / _ * l aMtM ttra*« Mrs Oar*, aa* art**. 53.49 We have the beet arranged store In the city. A store where *° uc ®" ?®° ’ *£ V> We the No matter what you* need to j 1110 BDu 111*- BrOflU Ov.« Furniture Co., aubusta. • • seobbia WARE HIGH SCHOOL CASE TO HIGHEST COURT Th<* regular monthly nffttci of Uw RMimood County Board of Bdwttlon belt) at lb* Tcbma* High School building at II e't'ork thl* monttna Tb*c* mi nothing of Important transacted except rout in* buoine**. with (he exception of the Ware Hlfl M-htx! care making a report on whatV leonlt) be Acne bp the board regarding the rare to a higher (the United State* The Ware High school rare ha* been nf much Intercut end a* the public know*, ha* been In litigation for *o«no j t me. It waa Ora: tried before Judge j Calloway over a year ago. Tbe Judge j decided agalntt the abcl elnnent of the j Ware High achcol end the Board bad the cane taken to the eujreme court. Oa March 23rd of this year, the »u- | rr _. R fourt handed down a dcc'sion. j uph ildlng Judge Cnl'oway's dectaion. , This waa considered the end of the | cas: by the general public. The altua- I tioti «3i that the Ware High acbool njiiat be reeatablUhel or the Tubman | mutt elate U« dc ota. The Tubman ha* not dosed Its door* and the cane now ; stands in stottl quo. This morning at thV Board meeting tbe anti'ineement was made that tb“ Poerd would take the case to the Uni ted Stales supreme court. This mftns that the litigation will continue for a year or perhaps two years longer. The federal court Is th«> last resort and their decision must be final. , . jt was decided some time since by the sc cal Ware High school case committee that such would be done, ten only today was the Board officially Informed of such. PTTRPES, I ej/sp* ptvl#*. popular price*. Augusta T-unk Factory. *'3 Broad. ••THE EVICTION.” It is tlenled That There ia Any Poli tics in It It would seem that there is a mis understanding about the matte refer red to yesterday as a political evic tion. It is denied that there Is any polKics whatever In the matter. There is a conflict as to money owed for rents. One of tbe parties to the dis pute savs the evicted person owes two months rent. The other party thereto denies this and asserts that there are receipts to show for rents and that the eviction notice is because of a vote cast In the recent election. The Herald has triad to he fair in this matter ard has made the closest kind of investigation. Fine Chocolate Bon Bong at Clark s. At nount Nebo. There will be communion at Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist church e- o'clock tomorrow after noon. j Greatest comedy of years, “What Happened to Jones'' tonight. Zelena Rehearsal. There will be a rehearsal of Zelena at Librae hall tonight. All partici pants are' reanested to be on hand promptly at 8. _____ Greatest comedy of veers What Happened to .Tones" tonight/’ I _%g p 4t* * --an A PAGE FROM POLICE DOCKET Judge Baxter w** *t court this morning and served est hwtl« n* o** : low* I Jim Brooks, i John Merchant. They had had » bit of a dispute itmij the matter erf voting !*#t Wed nesday. Merchant, according to the evidence, had been In the wrong. He admitted that he had been drinking nt the time. He had accused Mr IRooke of setting his rote In the interest of Mr. Elliott. Brooks denied such a charge and Merchant struck him “It *•» only a little hutldoeln*. ' said Merchant, *l>“n naked about the matter by Judge Bax j Brooks waa dismissed: M. rrhsnt fined 13.50 Charley Jackson. ! J W Simmon*. | Charley Brinsou. They were yesterday arrested on the charge of distributing advertising mat ter without a license allowing them to do so. Charley said to the Judge that he 1 had been distributing circular* given to him by a g ntleman named Mr. Ly ons. who was at the Planters. If Ly nns had taken out a license for dls- I ti'lbuiing the matter, the boys were | not to blame. Lyons will be seen by 11he authorities who will find out i about It. Mr. G. P. Klrklantl appeared on a like charge. He. however, proved that he bad taken out a license: case dismissed. The following plain drunk case* were disposed of: John Provost. $2.50. Joe Benne—, $2.50. Jas. Chamber*. $2.50. Jeff Padgett, $2.50. Bill Tinsley. $2.50. The case against Thoraa* Schiadcr ressl, charged with violating section 412, as told of yesterday, was called, but the defendant did not appear. A warrant was issued for him. Delightful Hot Drinks, Hot Chocolate. Beef Boul iion, Clam Broth, Beef and Celery,Chicken Broth, Armour’s, Vigrral, Lem onades, Tea and Coff e. Elegant service, prompt and polite attention. E. C. S-TULB & CO., 738 Broadway. Greatest comedy of years. “What Happened to Jones" tonight.” Met t ast Night. At the annual communication of So cial Lodge, No. 1, F. and A. M., held last evening, the following officers were elected and appointed: William J. Hollingsworth, M. Thomas C. White, S. W. Albert Russell, J. W. Thomas H. Stafford, treasurer. William H. Crane, secretary. , Bryson M. Crane, H. D. John F. Holmes. J. D. Wililam D. Hopkins, first steward. Robert H Stanley, second steward. James M. Ford, third steward. Frank H. Timbertake, marshal. ' Rev. Lansing Burrows, I>. D.. chap i lain. Michael J. Nevin, tyler. Greatest comedy of years, “What ‘ Happened to Jones” tonight." Miss Jennie Tutt is spending a few «t S ys with friends in Greenville, S. C. TUBS AUGUSTA HKHALD At** *»ii an M«» »»•*» *****»>« Mi •«#*< «*«* *"* hnTMA h»" VImA. ** t*i IM4 tk •*»• •«« • •*•» *•***«•* a »i m*h at «arv, $60.00 |« ls« Ml *»■•• W* •« tot*, fimr «*4 «»•«• w part Tin n*i< »• *• MMflt •*•*•«* •Mi Mill •• «MNI M IfcMt mM tar * 7> *• »••• ENIERTSiNED THE LITTLE ONES: MtK McKhlrt Hf*M* Iwpraapiij Rrf Crowd * f»und ihr I’rt*!* j nf 1 $ \\ tit of the Great Norton raMroad. i* only! 5 fp»r* old. “I hava Ixt'ii to the whit* hoiic*. * be raid to M n. M-Kini*: M Y«. and I know your prudent.” ho informed fear. "When did you visit the white, bouter asked Mr*. McKinley. "Thirty year* ago.” answered j Master Jim. who dldr-not quite under-! stand why Mrs. McKinley and her 1 friend* laughed heartily at his v»gu«>j Idea of time. The little Hobsons, who came from; Denver, and are three, five and seven i years old, also chatted witji Mrs. Mc- Kinley, and told her a!>out their plans: for Christmas • What ts Santa Claus going to bring I you?” she asked her small visitors, as 1 they were saying goodbye. At the rrtntion of Santa Claus they launched, into toys, and described all the won-j (ter* from Kris Kringle land, which' they hope to find in their stockings on Christmas morning. When Mrs. McKinley told them a j package would come from the white bouse for each of them. Master Jim s eyes assumed the proportion of small saucers, while on the little faces of Eleanor, Katherine and Thayer was I written a Mg Interrogation mark. "What will the packages contain ?"j asked one golden haired tot. “How Mg will they bo?" Inquired another, “Will they come right straight to us. | not to mamma? Will they have our names on them?” asked a little man. Mrs. McKinley gratified their curi osity. She told them she would send each of them a miniature of Mr. Mc- Kinley, which she will have made aa i soon as she returns to Washington. “A little picture of your president?” they all asked at once. ' f LILY QF THE VALLEY. TIGER and AURAITM, LILY BUL*BS Ja«t received—Come in early and get yours—Pi ice* Reasonable. AbPaP.A'G'3 (2-year-old) ROOT*. 75 cents per 100— Plant now. SUEI'M PEAS -8 O tin re varieties. Ounce 10 cents —4 ounces 25 cents. YHACINTIRJ. TULIP and OTHER 1 ULUS—Plant #»w. ONION i E " —White Sever Skin, Veiiow Danvers. Petnem her we are the only exclu sive teed bouse In tbe city. ALEXANDER SEED CO. 182 Broad Street- Bell Telephone J 075. fVttMfn **• »•« m tl* t««tM Ntia Hals n«t ramac** **•■ it $* 50. •M U*Ma all Ha kawhaar*! las ila 4a» Id Doll Carriages W* lara a (111 Ha*. tOf la *3.00 will Para^l* rFr * - % ft ot^^d m Jt - IftiMl aiMre* *«f f«* thf (iIM t« H j I VI 1 § M"” 4 1?IfP 6 .3ft* *‘'U iif iltvSft \ Hui). rfd t'i Jon. s**’ toninhi.’* INSTANTANtOUSRELIEF FROM ASTHMA HAS BEEN AFFORDED riANY SUF- j FERERS IN AUGUSTA. i It there was doubt in the mind of any sufferer fiom Asthma In this city as to jibe truth of the claims made for Dr. Schlffmnnn's Asthma Cure, thnt doubt Ino longer remains, providing he was J among tho*f who called at the Howard I & Wlllet Drug Co.'s store, last Tues 'day and obtained a fre sample pack age. A great number who have already tried the same dorlare In positive terms | that relief was Immediate; that the ■ wretched spasms were checked; that '(r*!. expectoration was induced; that a j reclining position was readily assumed and gratefully maintained; that the sleep which followed was restful and 5 unbroken, and that the morning brought a clear head arid a feeling of delighted thankfulness, which no words ate too strong to describe. I Abundant voluntary testimonials ! prove that Dr. Schiffmann's Asthma Cure not only gives Instant relief In the I worst esses, hut has positively cured I thousands who w ere considered Incura ble. The remedy Is now sold by all ! druggists in packages at 50 c and sl. ■thus bringing It within the teach of all. Should any reader bo unable to obtain It of his druggist. It will be sent, post paid, by sending to Dr. R. Hchifftnann. 316 Rosabel street, St. Paul. Minn. Greatest, comedy of years, “What Happened to Jones" tonight.' Corporal W. N. Ford, of the Third Georgia, is in the city. Corporal Ford is Just from Fort McPherson in At lanta, where he has been confined Iti the hospital. Corporal Ford Is In Captain Steven's company In the Third Georgia end 1s one of the best soldiers in the regiment. We are glad to report that Dr. Plun ket has so far recovered from his re cent illness that he hopes to be able to fill his pulpit tomorrow, Sunday. Ser vices 11 a. m and 8 p. m. C. H. Howard, Jr„ druggist, 908 Broad street, is advertising “Cake Dan druff Cure.” this is guaranteed to cure dandruff, and, es such, is a boon. This house Is aiao carrying a beauti ful line of Christmas presents. Keep your appointments and have your tate-a-tetes at Alexander Drue store. Chairs for resting and delicious hot drink* there: it's a popular phtc*. ®>7 79 JgU Ceils Sal* a rral <al if )l \II laaa «*at Hal*. m 1 'll «*ll aa4*. ilr 1 1 d i #a**t •< «!•*• <i*i 1) CT ygy I II 00 ** thavlara A'EtfSONAI. MENTION, W k IVrry ©f M«< «>n t# it tto«* ft#*?. <1 M Mmn* of RidMx hi it "'Mm fv-vIV Lrlrrf and ’V. H. | Hcwr.r of Ne-r Yrrk. arc it tbr \r- Mr. F. W Banson. of Savannah. In at the Planters. ‘ ‘Mr. H. B. Gcrwocd. nf Philadelphia. lls at the Planters. Messrs. C. E. Finkel! and W. J. Hatcher, of Atlanta, is at the Plante**. Mr. Thos. H. Ray. of Charleston. Is nt the Planters. Mr. J. B. Smith, of Cincinnati, is nt the Planters. Mr. J. B. Smith, of Cincinnati, is at the Planters. Mr. Edigar O. Jones, of Baltimore, is *t the Planters. Mr. A. B. Coftenan, of Toledo, is nt the Planters. Mr. W. K. Coulker, of New York, Is at the Planters. Mr. John P. Hoche. of Chnrleston. Is at the Planters. Messrs. Frank Otdldern, James P. Conway and Andrey M. Sloenm. of New York, are at the Planters. The prettiest and daintiest hand painted novelties will be put on sale at Alexander Drug Store diming the coming week. Call and se them. Greatest comedy of years. “What Happened to Jones" tonight.” When a girl begins to call herself a bachelor maid, she Is beginning to give up hope. Cckfi Dandruff Cnre & Hair Tonic • Guaranteed to cure dandruff, stop hair from falling out and to cure all dis eases of the scalp, if it don't do what we claim for it wo will cheerfully re fund money. XMAS GOODS. Before buying yonr Christmas pres ents, we would be pleased to have you call and look at our beautirul lino. Atomizers from 25 Cents to *5.00 Pocketbooks, Purses. Traveling Cases, all kinds and prices. Celluloid Boxes for Cuffs and Col lars. Handkerchiefs, Gloves, etc. Our line of Mirrors and Comb and Brush Sets can’t be beat for the money. We have a complete line of following extracts and toilet articles. ROGER & GALLET, COLGATE & CO. PALMER’S, SEELT’S, LA ZELLES, VIOLET OF SICILY. C. H. HOWARD, JR., Drugged, - - on.* Broad Bt. ANTHONY BROWNE 60 Broadway, Now York i *f< **f ihr NVw Y>**k CVifiiMi* OfNfrrtß curt nt* i In (MUmlmi tid lv>mh > U «hA»m and ur»A*r«l* (nr muh *r nn OrdH« *s*riit**4 n I 'VHtMi a«d prHai# *4r« j mi i► «r n**»r*f f Tnda. tic kN i*9i nfalii ffy ini nil I Hb MARK iz i S. A.t'»»«*t*TA KMIKKT Ill'I’OHT. Mt.Mllne . s!s-ss] V. ri -t mlddllne 5 15-I*l itJtwd mlddltna .. .. * s*Wj 'main* tl»-5» | 'RECEIPTS. ALES. SPIN NFRB, SHIPMENTS. | j Week endin'*. December 1<: nec. Sale*. Spin. Ship'll I Saturday 1331' ««? 12 I3«»| ' Total 13*1 W 2 12 IW GROSS RECEIPTS. 1»T I*9* I | Not receipt* today .. .. 1543 1331 j 'Through cotton today .. .. 32 —— Grows Receipts loday • 1595 1331 STOCK—RECEIPTS 1S»; IS9* j Stock in Augusta 521*9 .ttjtvsrt Receipts since Sept. 1 ..220737 209040 NEW YORK COTTON Tone—Steady. Middling—3 13-10. January 5-50 5.5* February 5-55 5.55 March 5-55 April .. .. .. .. .. •••• 5-5* May 5 -®2 5-«3 June 5.51 5.67 July s•*> August 5'P September •• •• .. •• 6.<0 October .. .. 5.70 5.j2 December 5.57 5.j7 LIVERPOOL COTTON. January and February 3.05 3.04 05 February and March .. 3.00 3.05 March and April 3.07 3.06 April and May 3-® x May and June 3.0* 3.07 OS Junu and July 3.0* 3.08 July and Aug 3.10 3.09 Aug. and Sept 3.10 3.09 10 Sept, and Oct 3.10 3.09 Oct. and Nov 3.10 3.09 Nov. and Deo 3 -®'} 05 Dec. and Jan 3.05 3.04 “COURAGE" What a Soldier of Camp McKenzie Said. He was a gray haired, rugged featur ed veteran and was returning from a visit to Cump Mackenzie. There was a number ol' passengers in the car, among whom was a sprink ling of the military. It was this latter perhaps and the tented field* that had revived the memories ol' the past, and he was recounting to his companions the most desperate and apparently hopeless charge lie was ever In, and was telling of how his commander had said to his men as a mere handful of them had charged the lines of the en emy, “Charge, my boys courage, when one of the soldiers turned and said, "Yes, and if you all hadn't been such cowards and had a little m°re courage you wouldn't have been llcKed a. 7 badly as you were- The remark put the conquered h*roes of the 60's in a new light. Thirty years have come and gone sine* the north and south crossed bayonets at such fearful odds, and this wouldhe son of DECEMBER 10 Hu* »** »a*fe» *4 a*t Ua* as Cili Slues? Tin faf*tf* at S? Mi fat a s**4 mil* N*. 7 Mata •*4 vara »M la* f I*4* «aea as tl* ka*tMl*»“V* •* aeti 4ran ** Star** SOLDIERS, ATTENTION! Uniforms Made lo Order £rmy Gloves /Rail HANDKERCHIEFS, Underwear For Soldiers Suspenders > And everything for army use. L. SYLVESTER 826 Broadway. Mars, this toy soldier, who never saw « buttle, whose only knowledge of war Is the camp experience he has gained Kino.- his recent trapping out In army cloth and brass button*, and who is not even familiar with the history ot his country. I* the first who has ever accused the Southern heroes of a luck of courage. A pretty method of marking your ta ble linen very simply I* by embroider-' ing your Initial about Ihre Inches long In the corner. The marking should hr done In cross stitch, very evenly and smoothly. If you can really be dire of great caro being used in washing, a colored flax thread may be used to work the Initial, such us pale green or blue or yellow, but If, on the other hand, an ordinary laundress washes them, you should use only white, other wise the colors may run and spoil the effect oil the linen. Of course serviettes and (lollies should be embroidered the same as larger ones, only In small ot ters. The plainer the design of the Ini tial letter the better, and quite the best style to use ts like that ot a large cap ital In print. Whenever you hear a man refer to life as a lottery the chance* are that he has drawn a blank. LOST-A LIVER AND WHPTE POIN TER dog, short tall, answer mamd of “Bill." Return to Chas. D. Carr. Tri angular Block, and get reward, dee 10 It 12 WANTED—A FIRST CLASS PANTS ptesser. Apply Hixson Manufacturing Company, 310 Jackson street. dec 10 . BOARD CAN BE HAD FOR TWO parties in private family, residing In a desirable locality. Address Q. E-. care Herald, city. dee 10 11 WANTED —POSITION AS SALES lady; have experience and god rec ommendations. Address B. 1815 Telia.r 3treet, dec 10 11 BICYCLE FOR SALE—A 'B3 MODEL White Flyer aheap, if tahen a t ® nC(i used two months: first cost 5100. Ad .lruf!* a. P. C., on tv ttec 10 11