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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, December 16, 1898, Image 8

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r*io*v The Ready-Made That’s Got the Twist of Tailor-Made Pick up an Overtoil Look >1 through. 6*»* how »*• tfon«| It'i thara i tho th# fit. •7.50 to S&ft. oocordtng to tikifHl* Pck up « Suit. Mold It off At »rm*a longth, •wing It round) (ha diouidar** right i thoco** Ur'i right | too h*ng*t nght j Iho tmur’a ahow tholr fAthlon. !(*• nobby clothing for $lO to $35. but lt*» •IS to $35 kind. A HOLD UP IN HIS HOUSE Hr Ja. S.l*' ZiprittK- till • Ml Nit™. A. «.*).» B~»lll«lA.I. n. ™l™4*i Mr J*a Mh. who reald#* «• T*« (Ur *tf*#t Ml M *« M hoar* before Am with • •*•*'* *•« mu —» W. C. Bird, UMi wre MliklM tret pttreaai »( k*t II M k##n tm lh« pwuft at aiaft akowa ay Mr Wall* M m-gt* Uw k*** find** as •ka;t*4 by ik* arcto anil fbbcA At •Imiii |t» o'clock tbia morning. Mr. gratin' breakar aaat a young man » ttl. Mr Wall*. A* tk* yoreg Man catered tk* kwtr h* l*ft tk* *1 wt •pen u 4 did not nolle* lb* eagre Blrl tKplßi tato ik* koua* Mr. Wall* tra* awnk**i»d aad dr*#*- *d M* Hire #m*r**d In* •«*» roam. To kit *qrprl** a borir ***re m*< him wvta-dr of hit roots door ted drenand td ikat k* glv# op what valuable h* bad oa kin. Tka room door optat on to a tight of atafrt and th* o**ro Mocked Ik# way down. Mr Wells t* » much smnllre man ihap tht o**re ,td ni untrtnrd Hr howavre. m»dr • bluff of having a weape* and putting btt baed into bin bark porkm h* told th* negro b* would pot ■ hull#! Into bici ts k* did B<*t art oat of th* war. Th* man w*ot down tb* step* At Mr Wall* ram* oat of hla front doo th* a#*T>> atrwk at him Th* blow h* *>da*d aed tb* B*»ro rtn toward th« union daoot Mr Walla pursued him and eallad for a poll#*. * An officer and mas* other* who »*-* a*ar iha depot, (ta** chase Th* aagro sped up th' Georgia railroad trark and hid b*hlml lußtr bo* rara. Th* policeman and th* oflicrc fallowed. Thor h*mm*d th* mnn la and took him In custody. Hi «-at tak*n to pollr* tta’loa At record *r'» bourt h* waa fined 15. It a**oit that a chary* of too Itrht a nature had b**n docketed a«aln«t him H* may y*t h* proa*rut*d on a *rav*r chart*. Fo- A c t K ma usa CHE NEY’S EXPECTORANT TWO 3ITAI.L f IRES. Ona Call Laat Afternoon and One Laat Night. Taatrrdav afternoon No. 4 received a telephone call from the corner of Broad and Milledjrr atr**t*. They reanonded very promptly and found a fir* In one of the Bitdey mill houaea. It whb In the boxing under the fireplace. But for verv efficient work the damage would aoon have hern greater, but a* It was It waa t>nty about $25 About .10:50 laat night the alarm bounded from No. 57 In tha renr of Richmond acad«—y The roof of Mr. Bignon'a hour* on Centre.between Wal ker and Wiitklns atreeta. waa ablaze, and at flrat It looked a» though the building would burn down, but the rhemlcal aoon got It under control and put It out. Damage about $lO 00. CASTOR IA For Infanta and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Place you order for fall autt with E. I. Henry A Co., popular priced tailors. SHIRTS J. MILLER WALKER, hatter KNOX HATS. TWO MAKERS OF MOONSHINE Tha Harper Rmthm \nH Armifi ll l.lwall f agnt. Hava Not Lotag rtolakad Saevlog Aeateaco. t ailed Mate# Deputy Rstrea* Cot ter toe Da*i* and Cal I*4 kiln Mai ahal Aureal) b**a r#4#rnad tram aaota*> retd Ni tka arild* of Liaeota muty. lb* m*r*a at tb# aaoonahlaa Mokara. They mad* a haul and ob*a tb*y ar rived kata U.t aigbt they had vttk them two part lea wko ha** kaea ato- IftUßf tb* iiPt of Gael* Aam by mak lag whiskey Dona corn Jute* Tka parties are J. If and ft L Harper two broth ere. who war# triad at tk* laat tartn of th# United fttataa dtatrtrt court, ta this city, aad raniirtad. They w*re aanteored by Judge Apa*r to apaod Maty day* la Jail aad pay a fin* of SJD They served aenteoc# and want bac k to tb* county of Lincoln and aga'u began making illicit whiskey. Tha antbotrltiaa caught oa and laat Wed neaday Collector Davit and Marshal At oval I aet oat to break up tha little moonshine gam* Th*y had a tough trip. They arriv ed at Washington. Oa at sundown, hired a vehicle and aet out for a cold night'* rid# at tw*aty-fl»# ml**. "It wat the coldeat rid* I ever took." aald th# collector. ."We arrived at oar destination at S a. m. and waited for the mnonahta era to turn op. Their attll waa about a mile front th* plaee of thatr former one "They arrived at the atlll at day break and started up th* (tr* la the place. We made ouraelvea known and arreeted them. There waa ona hun dred gallon* of bear and other Illicit ttnff that we destroyed. With our prisoners we came back to Augusta." A hearing waa given-th# Harper* by the comm!*rfon*ra at ten o’clock this morning and they were bound over to the United States court on a |2OO bond. Our lin* of Japanese no velties is unsurpassed from 25 cents up. t At Richards <fc Shavers*. HADE A FOWL f-'LAY Qtc. Williams Sold a Chicken But Had No License George William* was up before the recorder thl* morning for disorderly conduct. He and another negro raised a Ittlle disturbance tn a bar, but the Judge did not think it sufficient to Im pos,, a fine on him. Officer Redd then preferred charges against him for sell ing chickens without a license. It was proven that he sold only one chicken, and Judge Baxter thought that u man had a rlgjit to sell his own Chicken, so Williams was dismissed. Our prices on suit* only two-thirds what other# charge. E. J. Henry & Co., spot cash tailor*. 1 —— C. B Allen This is the very weather that brings stoves to mind. If you are thinking of buying anything In the stovewnre line remcmb«r C. B. Allen. He has a big stock, and his prices are most reasona ble Indeed. He is thoroughly reliable In every respect. For Xmas we have Fancy Rockers. Gold Chairs, Tables, Lamps. Ruga and Desks. Must be sold. Fleming & Bowlea. TBIC jITJOUPTiV »3^AI*D id mange fan THE REVIEW Dll pftftlffl Skggvafidt* Mi# k) €l#f Hast f* i ksw* IksiiHid Ads pad, sw»pli*d Iks a Maw wko. Mrerey I*. fit. y%p ni *m mm**** .»»###s «f v|» m%ii l» Ml 4s~ j-fUTi SMMSI MdMNNf SJI» $lisj»»»4 «•$ MM $ i## IlMiNiiMllMlf*, ll 5 ; mm ******* ***** II CMKM MfMl MM x (MMMM ** Hmhim mm sstfr smmm ilmmi M*tt* Mls *it**Mf *9O 9*W*% f»|t »*'»■#ss aOkdklkf INHH# S#NVN» mk*&+ *** *9*o4 *t 909 k "Ml 999**4 ** MM *9*909 W*0099 *9**9*999 i m "• 999% 999 IIWM I *••• *99o* *99 mfi* *9*9999** * 99* 9*009*9 * IMH <m»K M If 999 MNMI4 9900 s M 90*9 *9*o** 0009*9 *0 *o* Ml #t ?%*** Hf| , l | t*9*o/*i*o ftwft* *9»o* M9* 90 *9 *9*9*999* 9*90*4 *o*4 I **9 W*t*#** tHST «t«k! 99* U*k* 99*** * Hll* 9**9 *0 v fe*- •- 9** •i.-i **9 |t-tf fhA* •, *290*00900„ *9* pililMl . *0 «rfl»l] $$ Is# fill#### *9o*9*9*9** *9 **?■ IB»sri rtin *94 IM ttlf *oo9*t*‘99to WWW db# glad H psvdwt • dar w«« as* fata o*A aad If tk* rev taw paswsd aft wltkswt hitch aad wtthwwt swmdting at any kind' "Wfcat ptwna hava pam tkowgkt oa*" *1 am as tk* optatna that tb*re will k* oa Mroadway ik# largaad aaWHwsv as pswpli aaat a***m»>l«d aa tkat tfcwv* ooftfiare. ft artll k* «- h**p tka ettiasa* aad vM.tar* hock of ika eorhatoas aalaaa ait i noedtaary pmstlsM are takaa. A Lkaa «d Rap** -I wenld saggret tk* atretekla* a# a UP* at rapt along tk* owtnr ndg* of tk* atdawatk. wrepp ng tk# reps * muni t-aaa aad poet* a# w# go atradaklttv It arenas mt*reacting ssrypt* frea Koliork street to Melatoak, at treat NotJre stssM k* (tvia to *v*-y property koldar aad ***ry merchant to irovs fro® tb* outer #d»* of tb* •idawalh alt bows* staada. ate. U they do aot do tht*. tka crowd* will crush ap»n intna I wo*:d suggest tkat street rer* h* ytapped oa B tmd way dnrlag th* review aad that ao vadtclre of ear hted h* allowed «»a th# ■tract during tb* review tlm*. My Id** la to hrep Broadway aa clear as tht* mom and to h**p th* multitude oa th* sidewalk*, and to nl’.ow th* view rely from windows, aldnwalk# aad halcoßlm." "Couldn't the crowd b* kept on th* Bld»waJh without th* rep** Could you g*t th# rep*T" "No. th* rop* la n*e*«*ary Yre. I ha a* aacartala*d by legal y that thar# la plenty of th# right kind of rop* In th* city It can b* areured and will of couran b# of future service, nt nil time*. In th* department of th# com miss on*r of public works." EoMliri to Hnlp. “Would your police fore# b* sufß cleat to keep tb# arowda back with tk* rop* tn us*f "No. not at all. Tb* poop’s will havo to co-operate with ua. The provost mnrshkll will. I am sure, help u*. I will make requisition on th* provoat marshall for 1M or more men. who will patrol th* itieet and k**p th* throngs behind the rope*. Tb* pollc* fore* should be placed at th* intersec ting street* to keep the crowd* In line, when they flrat arrive at th# reviewing street. "I would suggest that It would b* p-oper and contributory to good or der. were merchants to place on the aldewalke. In front of and next to their etore bnltdlngs. substantial benches or boxes, on which people might stand to view the parade over th# head* of th* others on the same sidewalk and In front of them. MerchanU_may as well close their store* during the re view hours, for there will be no busi ness done then. "With these precautions and these arrangements, together with the co-op eration of the people, everybody will be given opportunity to w tnoes the re view from the wide sidewalks, from the windows and from the balconies, there will be no discrimination, there will be no crushing, and the city will have reason to be proud of the good order maintained. lam sure that the provost guard and the citizens’ com mittee on arrangements will heartily co-operate with us. A Word of Warning. “Let me. in th# connection, warn the public, citizens and visitors, against pickpockets. Profeealonal pickpockets follow crowds like this ns naturally as a cow goes to pasture. It Is their calling. On such occasions is It that they most piofitably ply their avocation. The mnu or woman who suffers a low by pickpockets during events like this has only self to blame. People are warned to carry no valu ables about their persons." Onyx Tables at prieps that will surprise you. Just the thin* fora sift. At Richards & Shaver’s. A Sweet Little Visitor. There is a beautiful little daughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Mul herlti. upper Ellis street, today. Con gratulations are being showered upon the happy father and mother and a royal weiojme Is being extended Miss Mulherlx Wicker ft Pilcher. Are o£t*nng »em* tare ijaxgauis m gro ceries far the next few cays what they have to say in another col umn. AUu uit*« lyceum, Mgaotgl* M* t . fftOF. t* *. fctOMK* fkp. *4 % pn An ;iw<Wn 9*m 90*0 fst^o**ooo*a *fo**m«9*mo-'mo* EOS POLICE rOKIMiSSICNER Ttf paftM slfl Qrftl %etl V#< •tkltf €*fd. A f Ms a# IMB Ottatai »a 000*9*4 99000*000$* *9**.k*9 90 990* Mi * *o*o99* tff tui fl# * r 'TfMrr* <v il| *oo*9 )s#•s *090*09 4*** im> tm *9o*m **ooo**o mi $• *9*900 in 9 9990 *0 90*m *OO t%'*4 WMkHi 9*4 9* ***-** o?t***,. J C Plf m*m* 109*9 *0 *04(0 M *******9 U 9 **+o*o9*o 9000 *em*o*m** •*» *§m *+* *o9o* *i Otf* ftfMß ** * * mitvj r rejiraf **4 * tk* ? * :* -»<s • ■ -• -t| |ft *Uwm *OOO *9O Til if# *904 404**9* *9 Cm** 91*** 900 90*9 *9 t# * r ¥**• *9+090 9m • 90 **oo9 nstMi« |,iMns fs« *0 o|.sf 9mo* 9m $ +o*9 Kmm M* —|rys fit* >•s — 909*9 ‘ fftyen la etiyri* la ■ a kireaatf tka MB. MiWwdaaad al Use re* •»*ai at ik* any «waarH Ik eke Mat*- tat are. maktat pslire mmrelmireev* toeuglbt* la aaresad tkereaala*. Hav ing hare laat la ika Here at Berra (MPMfftf-tWk w Sal ntbw mreva »•’* he off— #d hr tk# yatnen, N aay, kaa m ysi tore learted. CAMP CHAT. Tvatk nk**. Cept Ore. H Gthere, of On. I.l* a* Bear at tka day Bodeword, of Ca A, hi arm* m eidrr of tk* g’ «r>t Co. k ta yrm--tiriaft aa tka rtff* mag* today, Kllaetrtrk aad Beck kaea bare da t*"'d to fc**p erore* made M f»«ffA All kitchen* aad- errodre building* fcai# here wktt*wi*h#d A Wg crowd will srlittea* tb* indoor baer/in gam* tonight. Cory Bird, of Co D. waa aent tn tb* fcroplta) today. Rigg*. of tk# boapltal tens l* re aoverleg from hi# tittl* tadlspoettlun Ray. As Co. K. went on furlough to day. gtranea, of Co. D. ha* received an honorsM* discharge for disability after being ta th* hospital for fear months First Al»ryl»wd. A, Ts. Hopkins, of Co. O, was aent to the hospital today. H, D. Purdiim loot thearabbord of hla sword last night and will appreciate anyone's returning It, Lleot. Constable, of Co. C. has re poiTVB from nick doty. CArp. E- S. Dukehart, of Co. L. ha# assumed his dutle* as regimental ser geant major. (Tharp, of Co F. has reported from extra duty to duty. Kilner,’ at Co. H, ha# gone home having received an honorable dis charge. C»pt. Adams, of Co. F, Is officer of the day. f.leut Brewer, of Co A, Is officer of the guard Thlrtv-Fffth ntchtrsn. Corp. W. Whitney, of Co. H. return ed from furlongh yeeterday. Lieut. White, of Co. B. la officer of the day , Lieut. Hamntll. of Co. E, la com mander of the guard. Corp. Jrhneon. of Co. H. ha* return ed from furlough ejorp. C. Brown, of Co. I. leaven on a furlough next week. |, Band Major Burley, of the band, has goue on a furlough. , y Fighth Pennsylvania. Lieut. Duffy, of Co. K. Is officer of the day. Lieut. Darr. of Co. G. la officer of the guard The electric liefite burned for the first time last night Three Mg racks of mall left the ad jutant’s t«nt this morning. The work of hauling lumber ty the mese tents began today. Plat*, of Co. A, was admitted to the hospital today. Thirteenth Pennsylvania. Geiger and Baker, of Co. H. were sent to the hospltaj last evening. Some of the men are busv preparing the grounds for the football game to morrow. | Lieut. Berry, of Co. B, is officer of the day. Lieut. Foote, of Co. D. la officer of the guard. A detail is busy cleaning up the drill ground. Fifteenth Minnesota. Alt those returning from furloughs are being vaccinated. a Capt. Barrows, of Co. A, is officer of the day. Lieut. Bennett, of Co. F. Is officer of the guard. Charles Welker, of the band, has gone on a furlough for fifteen days to Minnesota. Lieut. Rask. of Hie Fifteenth Min nesota, who is on recruiting duty in Buffalo for hospital, duty, has secured s*v*nty-flve men oyj of three hundred and twenty-three afipllocnt*. Col. Catalan is in command today while Cal. Leonhagear la holding court. Every* man will_reoelve a box from Minna*®’-* on Christmas Minneapolis is leading the mov^rScnt. THE IMIS TREE IS GROWING fl, fggHhJ -ftgs If# I* s•*% t* Afltttlkf TWftlA A I»»d>m at « <r«kwk fMa A(*##•<**• (aft*# tat, Tia Warn Bast Ck#»mare* Tire ha# [ takre • Brea real aad <* readi>»t : are**** B* fkremvre o*a m *»>» . hare rea»k*d a* yis»kre fanßarerek* I m Ika wrebfkd •••d*' •• J #»•-* taPk asreresa aad re»h •«»# are 't« tha (M-*l are *m am tm retredh , tared Fat *r*re»*' rea« saisa— re aawret ■ daft »k# aatkkst at *Wttaa a#sarem*v , tagtreids hat, reagrea tk# tk# re-res im* •ss* 90 fWR Ml *9O 90*9* 9m 00*0'■■*$ . sm** Mnw j red j ***% 99 mmmmm* ss-il fill o*o *oo* *o*99 *94* 909*09 $* T 9& Hpffrfel *O+9K 00** m 0+09*4 *«oh f|4h • *Ot #”•*■* §1 **o UMb *0099 j Ml Wm 9094 a 100mit m Dkiffiir f, Hts Ilf 5 00* $ t .. n r niMU. tt m ill ikat start child la «k* Mil district hatat*#* th* aare as * aad ts , . mmaaaa fill R <mN aad taavs at aay as Iks spsatftsd . p’— l» aa tt anti (’tatty tarMtat# aad ■taadita tm* sretk at tka tadft*a re lm aaatp child ImreHam'y sarare a rsmgoa and depna t tt. sa that ttekada ta tka tres caa ha read* oat aad d*!ls- A #urr) 'tn nf tb* camaitttaaa ta cal t«d ftov this at.ataaaa at ham o clack > si tka tihrwT A tend tt*# Auction Suits of BICYCLES tomorrow morning fit 10:33 b'clcck at 550 Frond 8 rest. THE MARKBTS. arorar* market rffort. Auguttt* Oa., IMc. M —To***. (*(*• aad »•**#». Ordinary « *-t« Good culinary .. .. .. ~..4 H I# Strict annd ordinary 4 IM4 l>n* middling .. .. „ *ta fftrtrl low middling i% Middling Mk atrlcl middling .... * tfend middling .. *..«».*. ■ *% Tlugre ~5-Mk RRCEIFTF. »ALFS BFIN NFRS. BHIPMCNT*. ' j Wet* ending D*c*mb*r 14- R*r (a>*a. Spin. Sblr't Paturday l$H *4l 1$ lsaa Monday 1«7 *7* t 447 Tuesday IMS 78* tt I*4* Wednesday ..SU4 tat 105 11« Thursday .. I*tJ (M Ut A**7 Fllday 57TT Ml It* 16&S - Total 11VH XX» *UI 7791 GROSS RECEIPTS 14*7 !«9* Net raeelpts today .. .. -* — 5*77 Through cotton indsy ~ —— Ma dram racalpis today .. .. —— 5777 STOCK —RECEIPTS. It« |«M Stock In Augusta 5*57* 455*4 Receipts sine* Sept, t ..51510* 51»5t* ! Th* following quotations ar* over the special wires of Paine Mas, hy A Co.: CHICAGO PROVISIONS WHEAT— Opan. sp. m. December .. .. .. .. .. .. **‘i Kk Mav *7% «S j CORN— December 55% Msy .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5* **% 1 OATS— May 54% 54% PORK— Januerq .. ».S7t* May .. » 70 LARD— January .. i. 17% May 5.*7% SI DEB— January 4.70 —— May 4.55 NEW TORE COTTON. Tone-Steady. Mtddling-5 IJ-H. January 5.Si *■** February *■*•* *-*4 March *•** S-o* April *-58 8-d0 May .. .< .. *■** 5 *1 June 5-67 5.57 July .. ~ •• •• •• •• 5.0 5.70 August .. .. .. .. .. .. 5.73 a. 73 September .. 5 *3 5-5* i October .. .. .. *■** *.54 December .. 1-55 3.5 S NEW YORK STOCKS. Sugar 15«% i Tobacco 143 111 B. R. T 72% 73% iC. B. Q 132.* 135 Missouri Pacific 44"» -«3k iLoulevllle and Nashville . SIVs 64“» Manhattan **% 97% i People’s Gas 109% l° sr i* , Union Pacific 35% Rock Island .. 11° I<M> x St. Paul j 116% 116% Southern Railway, pfd .. 43% Western Union 94% __i Messrs. J. W. Riley and J. R. Har well. of Atlanta, Ga„ are at the Plant ers. Cavalry. Hartman, of the hospital corps, drank chloroform in place of some medicine and came near dying, but by skillful treatment is now all right. Sergt. Concally, of Troop M, wet die ehargtd from th# hospital today. L. Lane, of the hospital, is sick it tha hospital A volustaar started into ctjnp I*3: Eistl *hd refused to halt when so oT d*r*3 As a oanssquence several sho-s were fired et him. Lumber. |tfM(MM#t bfff «W*l *0 Men#. fW»f ism* mate relret m*m LftAV f 0t MkDftfßf, EONT Fill 10 DECORITE AffVtjfifßFtt* sfttf I’d#* fttiwlre# fB Madl). Ik* Bvsatdsti* ** B< N*a*k tdi AkaeH $ 1(8 D • Ire k TlNi 'ilijff s#rt> 99 mi**** *94 *9)O | f*m*ooo*4 •111 09***9 M A*OO9M9 990 . *09*09* i '"00 900 WM *o4*9*oo *0 *oo*ft* ilt 99 TH# 000*999***9* 009 9*009* 00b f9*9**oo WMMid»ft hd %*O9 tHiCi •!!) Sp» *99 Ml#| tt ttt *o9ol**9 *4 *9oo*t99o* 9**ptm*** 00* *9+0999+ ttt* 9m9b 99*1*4+09* 909 0999199 9+os 41&9$ *94 ittl it# r**r«**SM *oo9*9+*** * +*** 4*oo tSMHI 9*o* T9* ftfNltttl -i +0 it# vttittrtaff #i4it4 9t tl# t*t#t mnm* of **4 KtfOtii om**** Mto b**9 *4***4 0*094* tm %9* mm* (too of It# ItftMl 4* t+9 4*j ***#o9*o9#* tm tfc* of it# rlltf tsaeptl*# tt# tof» •* **'9*9l* Hs ! ‘*k*osi# 9*ooo*o 09009 990 99&rtm #QI 10$ fitlf - Tk# failanoida h#at prepafad to hat. Ik* big crowd* tkat will area* awd th* f%*asdMt~t roaalat kaa k#*w adwr tis*4 along tk* liaa*. Not*, nkoett decorating Don't gut *t off too Vng Hare yonr d#««rnuo»a 47 Im M M Mt. I» Mil M-.i* l -. ..tiMij MtireiM,-. AIAHONEY & ARnSTRONQ COAL AND WOOD. SI row gee ' Phone • • . • • »*• Bell . Office and Yard No I McCartan Street ready for -placing on yoor residence and stores early Monday mot nice. There can't he too ranch buailrg out. Flags, let there be many of them dying to tk* bre#*#. Th* merchant* ran look for a big trade Monday, for the out-of-tosmei» will all he here. The President will review the train# at 4 30 o’clock Monday afternoon, af ter htspacting camp. Broad street will be. a* a matter of course. flUled wllh people and things will be exceedlniily lively. The Georgia road, the Old Reliable, will get the President here In tint'. They promt** that, and if some unfore seen delay doe# not cecurf the train will get here at the appointed hour. Ntplee walnut*. Ivtc* elmonds. Va lencia raisin*. Malaga grape*, currant*, raisins, etr a!«o Bn* fancy baskets at Oiovanl’s. *34 Broad street. "Free matinee Will Be Given by MyrMc-Harder Co. Tomorrow. The opera bouse was well filled in ! every r»rt laid night except ihe gal lery. The Mvrkle-Harder company pre sented "The Little Sinner.” The best criterion to Judge a show by is the ap plause and the reception it receives. Judging from that standpoint the show certainly trade a large bit. Mies Myrkle is a soubrette who would do credit to any high class at traction that visits thl* stefon. Mr. Harder deserves praise. His acting was excellent. Tonight “The Buckeye” will be pre-, sented. Tommorrow afternoon a special ‘“free matinee" will be given. * AH children under six year? of age will b? admMted free. All school children w’ll he charged ten cents and adults 25 cents. Twenty dollars will be given away tomorrow night. All who attend any of the performances will receive numbers, entitling them to a chance et the prize. “The Young American" will be the matinee bill. OASTOniA. B*or» the m Tim Kind You Have Al ways Bdiijjftt Signature cf f The many friends of Mrs. J. I. Pal mer. who has been 11! of appendicitis at the hospital, will be delighted to i learn that she is very much improved and It is hoped that by the Christmas season she may aerda be able to min gle with her friends. ilessrs. M. Loweathal, Thos. Bryce, H. V. Brawce, P. a Carter end M |y. Goldeborougb, Jr of New York jnre nt the Arlington, OfcC I MBf ft 16 IHE FINALE TO THE FAIR Drtifl f«i n*f fflfirwig Ito £»• lar!lists'tl t, M re #w tka »w«*fd Cam* isMed Fa* I a*t M|M T9* o+4 f •Itt 0000* ; t#§# #o*o *OO © *f 9* +9 lift .-.r lgHd |»ff ft o*9 IM ft*®? 5 * 9 9W0949 f ill fe# ##i ** i«r *o4*o Th* f#a*#re at lowlgk4 w»! k* i.k* k«g wbtrb inks* plot* W ika halt. Tb*** **#M# 4# ka v* boon snm i mt* reCttretaaOKM la regard ta thl* aa ti waa as»iiireslr **%*,-t tkat s i. * » ~,r • mid ha a full areas hail. R bsx stkre ksaw d*«ld«d that It wtfl h# ai»rq’f tk itienstt. hog aad that tka grtre at ad* tnisaioa for dear are will ka aa tt*##!, r eretta tnr gswtt*aa*w. awd ladle* fre# Laat sight'* att—<Mw*» avaa vsty good aad all prvaagt aajayad tk* awret staging at Frisni# Krelaa, wko has ha tare h**a breed here la sowg aad whs agsta dttllgMsd a lara* aadiaare by rvadaflkg savaaM aotoa Mr Err sa has a tk* voir# aad waa rotaprfi#i la re spond to srvreal re tha*! astir rsrowl. U*tn gfillott ta tka rrred poaawwor of tka award, which was ewsferrsi oa him aa Ike atatt popular officer •» ramp, h* having iwtlw* area I*l band red rxtrt rhaant Ua> hr-ltd Melt.-vans and Osh Dm* from ta tti *a—Flem ing ft flaw Ire. rif b ltd N’gbt. Dtl sight sborl T o'clock In tka ' A by of tb* Arlington hotel quit* a s.'r waa rauaed ky two soldi era X private, whoa* ram* mold not t* learned, waa loafing around th# Jewel ry stand la th* betel and slipped % hat pin aad a little aoavrelr hat. The pro prteior walked over to him and ly opened his rat! and recovered the stolen articles. Tha eildlre eras rrry mock enraged over th* affa'r and nr*-I some very had language and made the statement that be could whip any man In th* ermy. whereupon a sergeant in the Tsnt’-i Ohio walked op to him nod tried tq quiet him. hut without effect. The private mad* a pa*# at the ser geant and cursed him. Th* word# U 1 harfily left bis month when tile ser geant hit him a severe Hrk in the mouth and rent him r**4 ng serose the loeby. One cf tb* provost guard appeared about thla tlm* and both war# earned to th* armory. CASTOTtTA. firers titt ■IM K«4 lm Hid Alsin Blu'd Mr. T. R. Record, of Baltimore, i* at the Commerc'al. WANTED—A SMALL BOT. WHITE or colored. Apply to Dr. H. Brook, 514 Broad street. dec 1* WANTED POSITION OF ANT kind. Willing to work. Address Wil liam F. Lonx, Roberts' hall, corner Crawford avenue and Bill* street, dec 1* 17 JOHN TROMMEKHAUSER, PRACTI ; CAL gardener, announces to the pub ! fie that he !# prepared tn trim roses and other shrubbery at short notlr.- and very cheap. Orders can be left with my uncle, Joseph Trommerhauser. atl police headquarters. dec 1* 17 1* ID. Gin & Cl 1 Are Offering: The Fol’owing; Re markib'e Bargains in GROCERIES. IS lbs. N. Y. standard granulated sugar .. .SI.OO jit lbs bestfleaf lard 1.00 I Fine sugar cured ham. per lb 10 Brea'.:fast bacon (best) per lb.. .10 Fall cream cheese 12bi 2 lb can tomatoes ® 5 lb can tomatoes 07t4 j Good Georgia syrup 25 Best Georgia syrup ,3» New cron New Orleans syrup.. .35 Best apple and white wine vin egar, per gallon 20 Coffees, lb ® i Mochfi. and Java .. 25 cans Rival milk for 25 Genuine buckwheat to go at 4e. lb. Best raisins 65e. per box. Florida orangss, large size, !sc. do*. Fine table butter, 23c. Ib. J. D. Gunn & Co.* Pri-*U 'Plvujt*, l»>j. SHS