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■fa IT lie Daily $ntcHiflfiwr. A I'LA.'i i'.\, liKOUOIA. Wocinoadav Murwini!, Nov. O. 1887. fippti'*, i'andtea, uitfr Critkfn, s ,,, w. .Iv-h’h uffircrtfaoment Id our local „,li . i .i'-iiv; column. I'lio licit ; the flneet iriloi' tin’ nvwt tli’lli’lmii cemllim ; cun ho lit,I .it tlioI'nUMIslinu'iit nl •lii’* «»ntor|iiii»ln*t *f«n- ll, iii.i,i. uml, "liiil In mi mUitimml t util |U*I loti, u|itiii tfuimiinhh' ifimi tllvo Jacks mil, liv „ll im'H'"*. m «':*n.v a* |N»**il>lt>. ♦ - ■ ■- K. rnrra'i Notice. s,^. tlio notice of thin grntli'itmn In mir stiver- iiviiic column* Mils morn Inf Give him n call. l It , « p11 impplli il with overt hltig that it tempt Inc mnl will nl in lil" line of Imalneas. ijnr "i’uiiskd "—Mr. Elijah Mnnley bronchi in our olllen veatcnlay, lour ohm nl corn—ever- i,,ncHi 1 j V l nolle*. twenty lltree row* to the ,,!Jr niuM'iir I'onlniiiinc l.oiM grain*. The four l1tr , moiiKI iii ihi' n pretty fair lecil for it honte.— H,. wonhln'i care it Ihc gentleman hail brought n» a tiuslii I Sidled bills will In' receive,I lor ills- tilling tluie m issive eurs. The shove Irom the Griftlii Sl<ir, Is cvlileutly imfirreol, ss there never tv us nu ear of corn con- t hning sn mill uiiuiber ot row*. 1 will give $10 t r Midi sn cur lie more cnrelnl, Brother Pitch, ,1 you wish your siuleinents nhont "big corn" to go down. Farmer Urlilih Periodicals. Be Invite public attention to the mlvcrtise* meut which appenr* in another column, headed above. On yesteiduy we made refercncu to two ot the series nt British publications by "The liConatd Scott Publishing Company" ol .New York—•'Blackwood” nnd the •* West minster" Bevietv—and have often noticed the others—the “ London Quarterly," “North Bhitisii," and “ KniNurnou" Reviews. Of the exceeding great value ol these “ British Pe- i iodie.'ds," we need not uotv dilate. SufHoe it to •ay, that they should bo in every gentleman's li brary. Tlic low price ut which they are offered places them within tlio reach of nearly all the nailing men on this side ol the Atlantic. See advertisement tor limber particulars. City A flairs. We notico in the published proceedings of Council ot Friday last, the following reports on the proposition to change the names of certain streets in the city. For some time past we have been aware ot un effort being made to lliat cud, by aome ol our enthusiastic, public-spirited citi zens—more zealous than wise we thought—but. did not give to the movement any serious atten tion. We kwew, of course, that New York and other important cities of the North, had their Actnues, and Front Streets, North and South, and so ou, and we could not underrate Atlanta, by deuying—ihotlgli we never favored it—to her streets such distinguished appellations; but we contesa that the Minority Report ol Mr. Clarke, would have knocked out all the ftney in our brain, upon the proposed change, hud we permitted any to prevail there, and wu trust that his report will have the same influence over our City Council, wheu it finally nets upon the pro position. Mr. Clarke's report is a perfect "sock• dollager." Every intelligent property holder nnd business roan in the city, wo think, upou reflec lion, will approve his report. Every line of it U convincing. Let the names ot lire old streets alone, amt give to such new oues as may be laid out according to tire growth and exteosion of our city, such ns may uu deemed appropriate— ait nues, or what uot, according to the taste of the Council' We loel confident that this would be tire verdict tendered upou tire proposition, should the question be submitted to the white .tiers of the city. But to the re|K>rts: The Special Committee, composed of membeis of Council und citizens, to whom was referred the propositions to change the names ot certain streets, 4c., submitted the following report; To the Honorable Mayor Council of the City of Atlanta' The committee to whom was referred the pe tition ot many citizens, asking for the re-naming ot streets and the numbering ot the houses, Ac., beg !■ ive to report: That, having fully consid ered lire matter, they are- satisfied that the adop tion ot tire plan offered will utliird great conve nience to our citizens, and do away, to a great extent, the confusion with strangers, and recom mend the granting of the petition as follows: Ut That the city be divided by the Georgia Ihuhead and Western nnd Atlantic Railroad, iiiuuingoua general East and West line; anil by Whitehall aud Peachtree streets, running on a general North and South line; for the purpose ol numbering the business houses and residences. The numbers, beginning ut these lines, shall run .North and South, East aud West. 2d. That where two streets run iuto each other, they shall hereafter be known under one nstPa. Itii That all streets crossing the Georgia Rail- roadV n< * Western and Atlantic Railroad, shall have ir,c word “North'’ prefixed, wheu north of these roads, ami the word "South” prefixed when south ot the same. And all streets crossing W hitehall and Peachtree streets shall have the word “East” prefixed when cast ot these streets, und the word "West" prefixed when west ol the tame. 4th. That the Cic.trgia Railroad and Westeru aud Atlantic Uiiiltond shall be known as “Rail- load Avenue East," irom the railroad crossiugal Whitehall street to the limits ot tlte city east, and a* “ Railroad Avenue West," from White hall street to the limits ol the city west. 5,h. That the Much und Westeru Railroad ■ball be known as " Railroad Avenue South." 6th. That Alabama street shall bo known as 41 Front'street.” 7th. That Collins street shall he known as “Washington street. tilh. That Lloyd street shall be known as “ Ivey street.” bth. That Decatur street shall he known as “ Marietta street." lOlb. That Peachtree street shall he kuowu as “ Whitehall street." tlth. That McDonough street be changed to “ Calhoun street.” 12th. That Broad street he changed to "Broad way." tilth. Taut we recommend an ordinance that all streets to be opened, shall in no case be less than sixty (60) feet wide. 14tb. That we recommend the establishment of easy anil permanent grades to the streets, und the grading to the inner sides ol each lot (by permission) so that the h-ucinginay be on a level " ith the street, aud conductors lor water made inside this line, and that all lot owner* or Icimuts be rei|Uested to set out shude trees. l-lth. That the City Engineer tie requested to furnish to each ow uit or occupant of auy buai- »iii house, or residence, the number, properly attaching upon, tin; plan of subdividing (into hoots ol twenty-five (2.7) li-u, running buck one hundred feet, or l"-s us may be where not al ready built upon,) at Ins luilirst convenience, sud the number entered upon the new map to govern future deeds. lD'h. That a contract la; made by the city for numbering each business lnm«e and residence, sad the owner or tenant be required to. |wy the Mine. Pith. That the Street Committee be authorized to put up a suitable number ol sign boards st the comers of Hie iliiti renl streets indicating the ■sms. 12th. That the iiuiiie ol "Oak" Ik> given to the criiss street connecting Peachtree street with itey street, coininci.cing at W. M. Lowry's re silience, sud eliding at (IuiiiutIi) Fullback's property. James it. Ball, Chairman, LP.Ghan,, W. U Cox, " Kcsuton, L. ii. Davis, B Thi iiman, Joseph Winshie, y-W, Ai>aIii, John It. Wai.i.aca, j akk«e tin,i.att, K. K. ItAWSON, Kichaiid I’etkiib. Mr. Clark, oifk o| Haiti Committee, submitted tulleuiiig us a In'.mu,ty report: MINORITY REPORT ON Col, IIALI.'S PI.AN TOTt Ct'AKlITNH NAMES op sritLKTs, NUMBERING tloOShS, t'li . - •' Ui» liasiuial.l.. Mayor aud i , uucll: r.t ’ ll " ll,i ' 'clieme pints, cs tlic alterations ,11,1 "t* 11:11 '■t ‘<1 cel lain Slice 1 .* of tile city, U l» sav^ 1 ,*" r.t-ive iit.J‘- linns. We do not ti.u ,.' 1 11,1 'mi-tame* will ju-tifyaclinttgeof clisi,:" 11 ,’ 1 "l ’tri ' ts; lint we do say, that such icsko.iti"t tic Hindu without very solid the in' ' *'!' **•" unanimous cunseut of H’JJV'J lu'liltrs on the street to be changed. •** man. « '"''•H' faitt leas.ill* for, and we 1st Alt n "K . , v ,, ‘" us “RRlnat the change, cl tk # rhy 1,1 'be entire property - y at* made with important referenoe to the present names ol the atract*; the bounda ries, the Identity of every man's property, me ascertained by the street* under ami by their pri-M'iit name*, The changes ooniomnl i'el would have an unsettling unci dhunrlilng Intlu- enee on dnporty interest* and pimsesdon* thronghmit the city. In fhelr metes nnd bounds, they will have no cotmee.lioti or rcfurem'« what- over lo the uew-flingle.l names, but are evidenced and identified on the record* ol the country, mi l by lit,i Judgment* of the courts, alone f«V the present at reels w ith their present long esltihllshlul iiaines, Tito change*, therefore, would he uiihci •ling and ihstnrhliig In tltcU- influence, and might, lend to litigation nml conftiaiou. 2d. It is ii Hut PrtreiUnl. The snme dispo sition to change, witli reasons tally as strong a* any that may lend to the innovations proposed uow, may. In luluro years, repent the same unsettling and disturbing Inlltu-tice, to the utter want of that stability which should exist in nil human i.ll'alrs. This tendency should ho guarded against by the city government, bv ar resting, at the outset, every attempt to innovate unsettle wliat bits been long established. 3d. Tlte changes contemplated would invade private, ruled rights. We lay this down as a clear principle : every man who baa purchased property on n sttcvt has a vested right to Urn name ol tlm street, rm which Ibis property Is situated. To make this princi ple more distinct and specific, we bold that every man who holds s conveyance to real estate on Peachtree street, has not only a vested right to Commerolal Intelligence. Atlanta market Ileport. WroxtaiiAv, Nov. ft.—Price# In Hit* market remain u fotfuW* ' WlfOf.RMtfc ritlrr# the property conveyed,hut also to tlio n umc’oi the street. It is purchased with reference t<> the name ot the street, the entue of the street has a direct influence on the price of the purchaser, and becomes qs a consequence, a part ot the purchase llselt, and ibis Interest can no more be akeu away by the government ol the city, limn tbc title to the property list'll can bo taken awnv. Nothing will warrant or authorize the ohange ot the name ol a street that has inhabitanta nml improved property on it. but the unsnlntuuscoii • — Mi , P r,> l'« even a single ow C’mus. - White Corn .... 6 <n Mixuil or Yellow 0 _ N»'W, fVoiu wagon*. tn nr. 1 in llAitirc—Hhoiihtor* » HIM I’lniii llam*.... »* Ith Ml i 'iiiivmnn Si^c-ir rurt'ti Hum* *'l 0 9ft t’loar Hlhtwri Blito* MG 0 *1* C’loar Hldna *1*0 *t laAtll».—In llnrn l* 0 ltl In Ki»k« am! Cam* 0 IN Viikiinia Psrssck i 7ft Liverpool Halt « * tkl Kl.oua.—!T«W P*mtly, Mrk* of It* I,.... 7 Ul o 7 Ml Extra IIN glM Huportlm- B BO O S IW Hmai i. flUAm.—Hyv, pur liualml • 1 M) Data ... 78 0 *u WiotAT—I'rloi*White SOU (BSM Prime Itiot S 10 0 | Stl Hat, pot cart IBO017B llianrwii.- (tunny !k) 0 SS Ifamp 0 an Ituvit -Maulitue A IS llsml mail., gj || Inox Tira.—per t> ...' 0 it OsNAaeauH ig 0 te HiiiRTurasi—K is o lx Hiikftinu.—I-1 UNO IBM t'OTTOM Yahn* 1 W 0 1 7ft Hid**.—Dry 0 17 Green 0 a Lias.—per bill s BO 0 s oil Hlatk Roorixo.-per aq'tro II BU Gold.—Buying at 40 cunta; anlling at 0 Mats, ■liver.—Baying at SO cants; tailing at» cants. ale owner of property ou this street (Peachtree) should object to cbanglug the name ol tliis street, there would be no power In the city to make the rhnuge than there would be to destroy the the title of the owner lo the proper ty itself, which lie* conterminous to this street; anti so with the owners ot tlio property on all the other streets. And this principle holds, whether the name Its* any intrlusic value or uot; it is sufficient that it litis a value In the estimation ot the pro perty holder himself, and however others may view it, so far os its value is concerned, it is his right tor which he has paid his money and it should uot be violated. 4th. This city has grown up and acquired its present importance with their present existing names of her streets. In the names of the streets there have been fouud no hiudering cause to our progress. Tlte names of our principal commercial streets are well known throughout the South, so far as our trade and commercial correspondence extend. Orders have been sent lor years lo houses ou these streets hv their pre sent names. City registers, for the Information of the public, have been compiled, and sent lortli at considerable expense ol labor aud money. The city, then, so tar as it is known abroad, is known as it is, by aud with the present uumcsof its thoroughfares. Now, would It be sound policy, would it be just to merchants and owners of property, who have obtained notoriety aud advantages abroad by aud under the present uames ot the streets, to destroy this notoriety and these advantages, by the introduction of new names, and thus to throw that contusion into the city that would iu- evitably result? The principal streets of the city are well known, at home aud abroad, us impor tant streets, by their present names, and have lieen from au early period of our history. A change of their names would be clearly au Inva sion ot their Importauce. Even the man who. has acquired eminence under a certain name, with a new name giveu and tiie old time-honor ed one obliterated, would, with the loss ot his name, lose much ot Ids distinction In the world. So that we see there is much, aud can be much, in a name. There is nothing iu the names of the streets proposed to he changed that is objectionable, and no reason whatever against the names. Marietta street has a poiuting towards a young city on the VVesternand Atlantic Railroad, which, before the war, was distinguished for its beauty, tlte re finement and intelligence ot its people, and for its growing importance; and wifi become equally asaistinguiahed again, and may well give name to that important street of our city which leads in that direction. Thu standing Peachtree is a locality well known in Georgia for the lost gen eration, aud as it lias given a name to an import ant street ol Atlanta for more titan twenty years, the name lifts acquired a notoriety aud respecta bility which may not be assailed. Decatur street directs to Decatur, an impor tant and fashionable town when tire street was named, and within six miles ot our city, and which, if this city increases iu population and importance, ns anticipated by its friends, will again acquire respectubility nnd importance by its near proximity to us. Take, therefore, Deca tur as it was, and as it will again become iu a few years, there Is every reason why this name, consecrated, as it is, by olio of our most illustri ous naval heroes, should-remain unaltered. Alabama street has a pointing to an important State on our western border, a liberal patron ot our trade for many past years, and will certaiuly be a more munificent patrou when the impor tant railroad to Jacksonville is completed. The name, therefore,.of the stfeet, derived from this great State, so important to us at present and in prospect, should not be changed. We therefore ohjeet to any alterations in the names of the streets. So far as this scheme contemplates giving names to the reservations on each side of the railroads centering here, thus dividing the city, by these avenues, into four grand divisions, which wc consider the most important feature ot the plan, we make no objections, and are much in favor ot having nil the tenements on tlte streets numbered. We cannot conceive the present names of our principal streets widely and well known ns they are, to be, in any sense, all obstacle to this work. The numbering cun be accomplished on the pres ent streets with their present names as accurate ly as under any new names that might bo given, us new names would neither increase uordimiu isli the number of houses to be numbered ; nay, each number and house would he better hiu/ien amt more readily found and approached on the streets having the present well known nnd famil iar names, than they could by anv scheme of al teration in names that could be adopted. We therefore recommend that the plan, so far as it concerns the railroad and avenues in the city, and the numbering of the houses on the streets, be adopted—the names of tire streets re maining unaltered. All ot which is respectfully submitted. .James Clarke. SPECIAL NOTICES. tfr^Attsatlsa, Turners.—Oar Mesa. •x-JS far Meeting will be held THIS DAT, (Wed- uemluy.) A foil attendance le required, ee Important bunim-ss 1* before the Board, novii—It C. T. SCHMIDT, Secretly. r2J*Ci«iir*fa Stake Lottery, tor the Sees- tli of the Orphans' Home. Combination Clue, No. lift. Tlic following were the drawn numbers, Novem ber fi. 1MII7: 26-67-24 -16-30—71—89—12-21-69 -42—46 no v6—It BOYD. WIL80N A CO.. Manager*. . •^=wTtller, Brown * Co. have on hand 75 placet of beevjr June, which they are of fering at very tow figure*, by the piece. In order to close out their present stock of Dry Goods by next Feb ruary,they will sell ell good* at,end even below New York coat. Buyer* will find It to their Interest to examine this stock before making their purchase* efaewbare. norft—lw Building Association may be purchased by applying, soon, at this office.nort—Btdh rs* Oranges I Orangee 11—•Seventeen Barrel* Yre*h Sweet Orange* for tale cheep, to rtoae consignment. ootM- J. M. A J. C. ALEXANDER. j^jsJIre. Winslow’* Moothlng Syrup Per,lien Teething, greatly facilitate* the pro cess of toetbiug, by softening the gume, reducing all In flammation—will alky ell pain end spetmodlc action, anil ia aure to regulate the howela. Depend upon it, mo ther*, tt wilt give rest to yoonelree, and relief and health to your Infanta. We have put up end sold this article for years, and can aay In confidence a«d troth of It what we have never been able to aay of auy other medicine—never he* tt fatted In a tingle inatance to efiect a core, when timely nted. Ne ver did we know an Instance of dlnetlebctton by any ouu who uaed it. On the contrary, ell are delighted with ita operation, and apeak tn terms of commendation of tt* magical effect* and medical virtue*. We apeak in this matter “what we do know,” after year* of experience, and pledge our reputation for the fulfillment of what we here declare. In almost every Inatanc* where the talent is suffering (torn pain and exhaustion, relief wUl be found (n fifteen or twenty minute* after the syrup Is adminis tered. Full directions for using will accompany each bottle. Be sure to call for “Mrs. Wtnalow’e Soothing Syrup," having the fec-slmU* of "Cnrilt A Perkins” on the out side wrapper. All others are base Imitation*. Hold by druggists throughout the world. Price, only A7 cents pur bottle. unices:— *15 Pulton street, Mew York; 906 High Hoi- born, Loudon, Eugland; 441 St. Paul street, Montreal, Canada. O. W. ADAIR Auotlonnnr. j rpjjg NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON, 1807* ATLANTA MACHINE WORKN akh Unimprovdd Building Lota. MRS. J. FRANK’S, ded Oae-Hlstb Inter**! In the , the Btb November, at the in the forenoon, an un.llvl ' Atlanta Machine Works of Porter, Butler A Co., and all the property belonging thereto, Including ell the Machinery, Patterns, Block, Assets, Ac., snd the Lot on which the building*. Ac., are erected, ronalatlng of one and eeven-elgthe arn-s - Dm from all llehllllle*. Tbla la valuable dividend-paying property, no* In foil end successful operation. Auy person can cismlun an antbeatlc statement of the bualneniof the eatablletiuient •Inc* the cloae of the war, by calling at my ofllco. This Interest ts Uie property or Mre. A. L. Bernus. widow of the late Wm. Barnes. Tanne: One-third cash: balance In 8 end 6 monlha. -Alho— the same di 3 Beautiful Half-Acre Lots* Two of these—No. 1IM aud 1«W—ere at the corner of Jen kin* end Butler streets, Bouth of the Medical nollego. The other lot—No. 171—fa on the Mouth side olden Mam between Batter and Pretl street#, adjoining John H. Meditin'* home. The two Iota near the College would he a splendid lo cation fur • boarding house. Terms lor these lots, cash. Titles of ell the property uuqestlunable. O. W. ADAIIt. Reel Relate Broker, Office Whitehall Mtrecl. near the Railroad. ocXO—td H. G. BELL, GROCER AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, DEALEB l\ PROVISIONS AND IYBBY DESCRIPTION OF COUNTRY PRODUCE, Below Roark’s Corner, WHITEHALL BT., ATLANTA, OA. Decatur Street, • Four Doors Below Old Masonic Hall. H IU IU Be k tn 0£ 3 h < O III o o n o > H C 30 (fi H 30 M PI -I illrv Mutt 1 la.iVfi* li turiifil from I tnku |»limniin* in informiii*; tin? LARGE aid WELL SELECTED STOCK of MILLINERY GOODS i’lieqimllod in Choice Variety ami CheupaetP, compriHin^ the ! LATEST PARISIAN NOVELTIES. Also. Hilks, Velvets, Ribbon*, Grapes, Laces, I.lnslons, Rnches, Blonds, Nets, Embroideries. Ornameni*, Kri ngna. French Flowers, Ostrich aud Fancy Feathers In great variety. Dress lluttmis, Nnilheadr, nnd I Trimmings of every description. Also, a complete dock of ItroMM Uoode, I’uiioy Gouda, Balmoral anti I loop Hklrta. i WOOLEN GOODS in fcreal variety. A most snperh stock of CLOAKS 1» all the tnnpi fasliiniialile de signs. Pnrticular attention 1* called to my most maguiflcent select Inn nf Shawls, Sontags, Nubias, and Hoods of Every Description, Together with • large stock nf ENGLISH AND FRENCH CLOAKINGS, .MKTI ONS, GLOTIIS. Ac., Ac. EspocJalW would J cajl^hc Mtcutlonjj^ fiiejadlesjo my_most_ beautiful selection of HUMAN HAIR, i, h hitntlAome v.iriety 8. SWITCHES, WATERFALLS, Ac. i, and many other articles too uumeronn to mention. The Novelties of the season. Having bought my goods exclusively for cash, and since the fate decline, I am cniuldent that I can otter great indneemente, and request you to examine my stock before purchaalng elsewhere. Remember the place, AXI r lTT3?IcIH octttt—tlljantA v AHam r rxm HO! FOR CHRISTMAS TIMES! MAKE THE HEARTH Little Onea Glad! JACK’S TOY EMPORIUM WHITEHALL STREET. In addition to rnv unexampled assortment of CANDIES, both Plain and Fancy, and my CAKES. BREJ CMMACMtKRS* • part ol the former, and att of the latter manufactured at my Establishment, I uow have on hand for inspection, a tremendous stock of MAGNIFICENT TOYS! ranoiiiaMD FHimzT. o. u. ruiiunr. t. x. atmosu*. F. PHINIZY & CO., OOTTON FAOTORS AND Commission Merchants, At their New FlreProof Warehouse, JACKSON STB1IT, AUGUSTA, OXOXOIA. w»j,l«w of Humanity, la relation to 8^-2. Social Evil*.—An Essay for Young Men, on Physiological Errors and Ahmet Incident to Yonth and Early Manhood, with the humane view of treatment end care. Sent tn sealed fatter envelope*, free of charge. Address Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Also- ciutiou, Philadelphia, Pe. ATTENTION FAMILIES I J l T ST received a foil aeiortment of choice FAMILY GROCERIE.., BRANDIES, WINES, BS8EN0E8, I’.AUCES, JAR PICKLES, and PICKEL8 In Barrett, PRUNES, CURRANTS, CITRON, RAISINS. NUTS, CANDIES. SPICES, CAN FRUITS, CAN VEGETABLES, OYSTERS, LOB8TERB, SALMON, MACARONI, > VERMICILLA, SAGO TOPIOCA, ARROW ROOT, CRIRSR, CRACKERS, Extra Ooihea BUTTER, TEAS, COFFEES, SUGARS, BREAKFAST BACON, Ac., Ac., Ac. novl- A I, EX ANDES * CilllU. LOCAL NOTICES. C3F"Fink Apples.—Fifty barrels of the fiucat apples that have ever beeu aeen In thla city, are for sale t O. W. JACK’S, novb—Vt Whitehall street. _ CJf From One to Two Thousand Barrels Assorted rHanxine, of hla otvn manufacture: also crackers In buiea, ire for sale at O. W. JACK'S, unvll-tt Whitehall afreet. ZW From One to Two Thousand Duxes or AasouTio Casuita on hand aud for Mile at Cf W. JACK’S, uovft—tt Whitehall street. A Cough, a Cold, or a Sore Throat, Requires Immediate attention, and should be checked. Ifellowed to continue, Irritation of the Long*, a Permanent Throat Disease, or OonsomptioBi Is often the result. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES Having a direct Influence on the parts, give Immediate relief. For Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Consumptive an t Throat Diseases, Troches ere used with always good MiU'ceen. hinwerB and Public Speaker* uae them to clear and Ftreiu.'then the volco. Obtain only “Brown'* Bronchial TROona" and do not tuk«* any of the worthlm imitations that may be of* forod. Sold bvirtwhbrb. ocMO—eod4m HEBE'S YOER GITY HACKS. John Horinhon’i Hltow.—Till* iiiiiiii;iiuI!i Menagerie end Circus will arrive on Friday morning In Atlanta. Today It exhibits at Carterovllle, and on Thursday at Marietta. Our exchanges from nil part* nf the rnuntry come to na dally with highly complimentary untied of Hits great Institution. Prom a recent mimlinr of the Baltimore Sun we clip the following : “Jon* Roatxeoa'e Ctaove AND MKnaqinix—Those of our ittlaene who have fatted to the Circus nml Menagerie of Mr. JoUu Robinson, now on exhibition In our city, ehonld do eo atonco, as to-morrow night will he their laet performance in Ihle city. We tin hut express the opinions of tliuusends of our people when we assert that III* the beet exhibition ot the kind that hat ever visited the Monumental City. Everything tuimcctcd with the establishment, and which passes through the I,snd. of the gentlemanly proprietor, move# like elm k work. Order and decorum reign supreme. Ilfrotoforu manr ol nor cllliens have felt a dullcncy In allowing their famine* to attend exhibition* of tula kind. Wo •regfadtoeeeeclroua where the moat faHUiou. mint he pleased. The eadlenco fast evening wire corapoeed of many of oar most Influential citizens, who, with their wires and children, were kept In ouu continued roarer laughter by the Princoof Clown*. <lo snd see lilm. novtl—It ty Guardian*. Kxni’Uint’.. 4 , nit'l Adminio. tratohS uro reminded that the lute military Order No 49 does not apply to them. It has liven the custom hith erto, In a fireat many Instances, f»r snch personstn trail, art Ihelredeerllatn* taislnnaa Ihromih the Ordinaries of their roenttes. This lias been a nun ter nf personal con venience, and not a requirement of the law, uud listico •orb of our old patrons as uiay w ish t» contluue ad vertiatng tn this lourual *nrh matters, are at liberty to do to. We ebell, as formerly, he glad to receive auoli boalneM favor*. Oor terms remain the same. a T the solicitation of many dtlzeni, I have deter- i\ mined to run In connection with my Stable*, • line Ol Hoi k* for the accommodation of the public. I will Start two TO-DAY, and wilt pm on more as occaalonwtll Jua- iliy. 'I hey can be found In front of 111,; lloiels amt at the Passenger De-i n, .t w hen not engaged. . ... . Price* and Itiignlutloua will be In accordant* with other cities. U. U. JUNKS, novl—lw MoKKSSON Ad 14014BINS. Importers end Wholesale Dealers In IlllllOfl, MEDICINE*. Druggists’ Fancy Goods, See., &to. 01 stnd 92 Patton fit., New York. n OlTSF. established In lfffl. One of the largest and boat tn the city. Doesheavy Boalbera trad*, aud la very liberal tn Ita tudolgeiwe to Southern custom, ■ is. Mr. J. T. Heard, of Georgia, la a salesman la the II..uve- |v a very polite aud seeommndaUng gentleman, and would lw pleased to have hie friend* ftomOeorgU call, on vlvllliig the city. eep7—8m t Novs-H KINfi OOTTM ALIVE ASMS! Great Exoltement at the FRENCH BAZAAR! By E. BLOCK, Ho. 4, PoMhtroo Btroot, Atlanta, Goorgia. T HE FRENCH FAMILY it coming In a few days, with a huge Mock, maifatlnf of DRIM GOODS, DOMESTICS and FANCY GOODS, CLOAKS and SHAWLS. BOOTS aad SHOES. BATS and CAPS, READY-MADE CLOTHING. All of th« Latest Importation I 1 have the honor to Invite every one, big end small, young and nil, to examine my stock aad convince them selvae that this fa positively A ONE PRICE STORE. Wholesale prices ten per cent, cheaper than can be hat In Charleston, with the exception of Domeattce end Conte' Thread. Country Herchsnte ere particularly re Rested to cell end examine my stock of Dry Goods, UP Charleston Bills of Goode duplicated end forward- •dto orders. E. BLOCK, "A La Vllle De Fart*," Let* of the firm, Block A Lyon*, fit—eodTm of Charleston, H. I invite City and Country Dealers to call and purchaae their Stocks for the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS I My Stock la the largsst ever brought to Georgia, nod (or beauty, challenge* competition ; aud 1 purchased It with a view ot filling orders for every town and village In upper Georgia. HEADQUARTERS OF "OLD SANTA GLAUS!" For tha'naxt two months, my Bstabllsemcnt will be the "headquflVters” of the above famed Individual. W* In vite Dealers to call In time to make their selections for the stocking* ot att the little ones In tbclr reapectlva locall- Bend your order#, or come yourself. J. M. DAVIS & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, No. 155 Main St. Louisville, Ky. HAVE ON HAND AND FOR SALE: 41 BBL6 PUGH'S BOURBON COUNTY WHISKY- & year* old, 800 BRL8 MILLER’S WHISKY, 90V BBLS MATTINGLY WHISKY, WM BBLS HcBKAYKR'S WHISKY. Ufa) BBLS SIMPSON'S BOURBON, 79 BBLB DIADEM WHISKY, »0 BBLS PEARL WIII8KY, 75 BBLB OLD RY. WHISKY. 75 BBLS OLD VA. RYE, 50 BBLB MOUNTAIN DRW RYE. ocll-lm ADRINIITBiTOR’l BALK. B V virtue of an order from the Conrt of Ordinary of t'Uytoo county, Ua., will be told, on the Iret Ties- (lay In December neat, at the ro irt house door in the low u of Jonesboro', Clayton county, Ga„ between the legal hour* of sale, the (end belonging to the estate of John A. Hill, fate ot eeid .county, deceased; nlro, 10U u.-re*. mure or lees, (widow’s dower eaceutmt,) well tm- primal, adjoining lauds of J. M. Pate and J-Bit***, Fu tlio tfilliiitatrift of originally risarj;, Clayton cointy. Mold tor the benaMof the helra aad creditor*.«h. ^“^^AdmlalMratOr. oc12—td Ffillw’i fcl |A a. W. ADAIR. Anotioneer. Whitehall Street Property I WILL tell on the nremteoe, «a THURSDAY NEXT, the 7th instant, nt l o’clock In tbeelternoon, THREE IICHINE88 LOTH Each fronting V feet on the West aid* of Whitehall Street, end running beck ton fast. * inKie Lot* eronetween PMers and Garnett attests Immediately North of, and adjoining Mr*. Dumnd'a brick "teSSn One-third cash; balance ia 6 and 6 months, ■ale positive. Tttlee indisputable. ^ ^ ADAJR Hu) iiim Agnate Office WhttehAll Street, near Railroad Croaelng. nnv9-td “SANTA CLAUS" nAS ARRIVED! j MlllUfirrJHrsriery. Major General ton Port, V. H. A., commending Tlilid Military District (Georgia, Florida, and Alnbama.)- Gffico at Hcadqiiarten, on Marietta street. ! Colonel J. F. Mstarts, Chief of Burean of Civil Aflairs, i andGvneral Inspector of Registration for Third Mlll- I tary District. Office at Headquarters. | Brev't Brlgadlcr-Gcneral W«. McKxa Dntit, Asslstam Judge Advocate General U. M. A., Judge Advocate Third Military District. Office at Headquarters. I.lentenaat-Colonel E. McK. IIpuson, U. H. A., Assistant Ins|iector General. Office at Headquarters. Captain G. K. Hamdmimim, U. H. A., Acting Assistant Adjutant General, office at H ‘ailqiiarters. i llrev’t Brigadier General J. J. Mn.nav, Surgeon I.'. H A. Medical Olrector Third Mllitaty District. Office comer Broad and Marietta streets. Brev’l Brigadier General Hirers SaxTOv, Chief Quarter- master. Office at lleadqiurtcrs. Brev’t Ltentenant Colonel II. J. Fsukswortb, Dcpo’. Quartermaster. Office Forsyth street, near Railroad. Brev’t Captain f. A K ickwell, Chief Ordnance Offir or Office comer Broad and Marietta atreets. Major K. D. Jirnn, P. M. I*. 8. A , Chief Fay Master and IilehnratngOffieer Third Military District. <utu e coi ner Broad and Marietta sirens. Meuteiisut C. H., Post Quartermaster and Com- mlseery Hnhalatenre. Office Willingham Building, cur ner Ivy and Decatur street*. Brev’t Major Wn. 11. Bmytiir, Captain Ititli I . 8. Infnu try, Acting Assistant Judge Advocate General. Oft), • at Headquarter*. Brev't Major T. C. Hiru.ivan, C. 8. United Stale* Army, Chief Commissary of HiilMdrlencc. Office. Hoorn Nu. 1 Willingham Buildings, corner or Decatur and Ivy sir cels. Brev’t Major Fain. Mo»r.n*rH, V. R. Snb-As«t. Coin. Sub-Dtstrtet, AtlantaBnreau R. F. snd A. I.. Office in Granite Block, No. 1, room No. ft. roar or ati.anta, Composed of the counties of Cohh, Fufiou, Campbell, (.srroll, Coweta, Heard, Fayette, Clayton, Spalding, Henry, Newton, DeKalh, Milton, Gwinnett end Butts Brev't Brigadier General Tuoaas II. Rnexa, Colonel dOd United Klales Infantry, commanding Post. Hcnu .planers, room No. :t Willingham Building, comer nr IMcaler and Ivy atreels, Atfanla, Ga. Br.-i l Captain O. (!. Kxapp, 1st Lieutenant Slid I s. Iu lautry. Post Adjutant. Office at Headquarters Flrrt Lieutenant U. 8. InrLKY, luth l’. 8. Infantry, A.t lugAasistant Quattermasler anil Acting Comtulsaaiy Snlisistrnre Poet. Office, room Nu. 7 Willingham Building. MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT. FOH THE VKAII 18tt7, I. K. Williainf, Muy<»r | i,.B8J 8. B. Lov<!, Clerk of Council i aid J. T. Gleuu. City Attorney Itoliurt M. Farrar, City Treasurer E. J. Koache,City Phvniciun j5 Jaa. F. Cooper. City Enirinecr Kobt. Crawford, Comrai-nionerof Public Work*.. George Htewart,Overaeer of Street* #?o. h. Smith, Tax Receiver and Collector Pat. Fit/.gtbhnn, llall-Keeper ALDERMEN. F1BBT WARD. M. T. Caatleberry, Richard Pater#. atroND WARD. K. &. Rawaon, A. W. Mitchell. TniKD WARD. George W. Terry, W. C. Anderson. rtlURTU WARD. J. E. Gnilatt, W. B. Cox. TIPTH WARD. J. A. Hayden, K. \V. Holland. POLICE DEPARTMENT, L. P. Thomas, Chief Marshal il.600 E. C. Morphy, Deputy Marshal .1,800 J. L. JohnaOQ, 1st Lieutenant or Police 1,009 T. C. Morphy, Sd Lieutenant of Police i,oo% . . „ fOLICtUmi—($t » FIB DAT.) L J. Cook, J. a. Holland, 1* Hi 80(» 1,500 1,900 1,500 1,000 H00 H<L DRUMS l Furniture Sets! WAX DOLL8 I r.VCXCWQ BALLS m W AGON8 I ocxv—tljjanl FORMERLY ROBINSON & ELDREDS. ATLANTA, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, November 8th and 9th. J OH IV ROBINSON’S GREAT Formlnir a Grand Stock Enterprise, ConmolldattMH TEN NHOW8. TIIE MAMMOTH ZOOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT IS COMPOSED OF THE .CURIOUS AND RARE ANIMALS OF ASIA, AFRICA AND SOUTH AMERICA, Including Ornithological Selections of the nioet beautiful upeeimeufi of FORKfQN BIRDS, forming the most Extensive Collection of WILD ANIMALS ill the country, supported by THE LARGEST COMPANY OF EQUESTRIANS IN AMERICA, NumbeilngOne Hundred and Fifty Horses, Including FIFTY PKRFORMERS, FIVE IADYEQUESTRIENNES, THREE POPULAR CLOWNS. FEATURES OF TIIE TEN SHOWS. In th« Zoological Department twill be Found a HERD OF TAPIRS! A FLOCK OF AUBTKALIAN EMEUS! A HERS OF PORCUPINES! T PERFORMING ELEPHANT “EMPRESS," Introduced by Mr. Johnson. Prominent among tho Attractive Talent of tho Arena are such Artiste no M’LLE ALICE, M’LLE FRANCES, MADAME MARGARET, MADAME CER TRUDK, MR. JOHN WILSON, MR. JOHN ROBINSON, MR. J. MAC* DONOUCH, MR. CEO. 8LOMAN, MR. C. N. RORINSON, SICNOR ADOLPH BRANDI8I, MR. JOHN LOLOW, Tho American Humorist and Polito Local Clown. MR. FRANK ROBINSON, Clown par oxoollont and Modern Crimaidi; MR. ARCHIE CAMPBELL, Timo-honorod Oiaponsor of Wit and Humor j - LEWIS WILLIS. F. J. Botnar, D. Kogan, K. A. Center, F. T. Ktekllghtar, J. A. Hinton, Hall, J. L. Crenahaw, G. W. Bowen, (I. M. Barry, A. Jarrard, U. F. Wood! Iff, Jasper Grove*, W.H.C. Cowan, K. D. Haynea, D. Queeu, ■I. It. Love, J. A. Lang, K. B. HutcLint, J. M. Cunnally, Green Holland, U. W. Wooding, H. J. lioltzcfaw, M. W. Ra.berry, J. F. Barnet, T. U. McUan, J. A. Lanier, ay. Cleric of First Market—Tbeophilns Harris. Clerk of Second Market—Frank T. Ryan. Sexton—G. A. Pilgrim. City Aaseasora—R. 8. Waters, W. C. Humphries, and C* F. Wood. Assessor of Land taken for Opening Streets—Lavi C. Wells, aud F. P. Rice, •T4MDIMO coxxmssa OF TUI CITY COUNCIL FOB TXX FISCAL TEAB 1MI7. Finance—Patera. Mitchell. Rawsou. Ordtnanca—MltchtU, Hayden, Peters. Street# and Sidewalka—Gulfatt, Kawaon, Hayden. Wella, Pomps and Clsterue—Cox, Anderson, Caatla- oerry. Lamps and Gas—Hayden, Terry, Peters. Relief—Castleberry, Rawsou, Terry, Gnlfatt, Hayden. Market-Hayden, Castleberry, Holland. ftHL»t|6PWfi«frc0t.“>Mutfotiu?' Cemetery—Terry, Mitchell, Rawaon. Public Balldlng* and Gronnda—Anderson, Terry, Pe ars. Tax—Holland, Kawaon, Cox. On Printing—Terry, Holland, Castleberry. Salariaa—Oox, Mitchell. Holland. BOARD OFHBALTH. First Ward-Dr. J. M. Boring. Second Ward—O. H. Jonea. Esq. Third Ward—L. P. Grant, &sa. Fourth Ward—Dr. Cbaa. Plnckm. Fifth Ward—Dr. J. N. Simmons. WABM OT TXX CITY. The City ot Atlanta shall ba laid off Into five wards, as follow*, to-wtt; fiest want). Commencing at th* crowing or Whitehall street with the Western A Atlantic Railroad, and running np th* sonth aid* of said railroad to the tncorporatluallne,then down said Una to the center of Whitehall street, then north along th* center of laid street to the etarttng point, and which shall ba known and oonetltnte Ward number One. . a icons want). c ommencing at th* cantar or the crossing of Whitehall street, at the Western A Atlantic Railroad, and running east down the railroad to th* crossing of Calhoun street, in the rear of th* Georgia Railroad workshop, than south along the middle of aud street to the center of McDon ough street, tbatiee along the center of McDonough street to the incorporation fine, then along said line to the cen ter of Whitehall street at its cronslug at th* Incorporation line, then alow the center of raid street to the starting K tnt, which *b*)i be known nnd constitute Ward num rTwo. THIRD WARD. Commencing at the center of Calhoun street, at its sonth crossing of the Georgia Railroad workshop, and running down (he sonth side of said railroad to the In corporation tine, then along said line to the center of Me Donough street to the starting point, which shall consti tute ana ha known na Ward number Three. FOUHTH WARD. Commencing on the north aide of the Georgia Railroad In the center of the croaelng of said railroad by Loyd street, and running down the north side of said railroad to the Incorporation line, then along said line to Ivy street, than along the center of Ivy street to Decatnr street, than along said street west to the renter or Loyd to the starting point, which shall constitute and be known as Ward number Fonr. FIFTH WAHD. commencing at the north of said railroad, at the ecu- ter or the crossing of Loyd afreet, and running west along the north aid* of the We*tern A Atlantic Railroad to the Incorporation line, then along aald line to the ceu- ter of Ivy street, then aonth along the center of De catur (treat to the center of Loyd atreet-thon along the “ which (hall . it, 1 center of Loyd a tract to tha starting poll couatltnta and ha known •• Ward number FIRE DEPARTMENT. Engineer—Henry Gulfatt. nt Engineer—W. G. Knox. Ftrat Awl Second Assistant Secretary—B. F. Mooie. Treasurer—Jama* E. Gulfatt. Atlanta RnoViOC Company No. 1. M*J. W. B. Cox, President John B. Norman Foreman Samuel Wilson Secretary II. Muhlenbrtuk Treasurer Chari** Bohnatr. First Director John Berkete Second Director John Wllby Third Director J. II. Kllswortb Engineer P. J. Bracken First Assistant Engineer M. L. Collier Second Aaaletaut Engineer t). Warner Third Assisuut Engineer II. Haney, l M. L. Robert* Delegate to Fire Department MnCHAMIC ENOINK COHfANT No. 9. J. E. Gulfatt President J. G. Kelley Vice-President W. D. Luckle, Jr.- Secretary G. 11. Jones Treasurer K. Rule# First Director Isaac ttiatnhelmer Second Director G. W. Tarry Chief Engineer Joel Kefaey First Asalstant Engineer James Daulala Second Assistant Engineer J. M. Toy Third AaalslaiYt Engineer G. T. Auderaon, I J. M. Buice, I . Joseph Wiley, f Axemen J. F. Alexander Surgeon M. L. LicUtenstadt.. .Representative to Fire Department Tallulah Ehoinh Comcast No. A 8, W. Grubb K. A. Center W. C. Shearer George Thompson J. J. Roger* John II.Ufarke Lewis H. Clarke John A. Illll A. Ttileme II. S. urine, M. D W. R. Bigger* ...President. Vice Praatdent. Flret Director. Second Director. ... Uow Director. Secretary. Treasurer. Axeman. Axeman. Surgeon. Delegate. Atlahta Hook and Laddxh Co. No. l. J. L. Queen Foreman c. F’ 8; D’AIvtgny Assistant Foreman J. 8. Yarbrough Secretary Ooo, John sou . ttmihhh Ed° riot land .Representative to'Fire Department Tlte Nonpareil LEWIS, MR. fillAN’I) GUATUITOl’H KX1IIBITIONI A Gurgrou* Ancient Pageant—The (iramt Chariot of Mars.Oheron und AcldlU-s; l.tvin* l.toi " ' ’*l and llludlalorj, In Armor of An,l.;.l Homans, *• near! lo the yiiiu i ii.,; and Bruns*; Kulaht, * age*. This grand and Imposing I’roesnlnn will b* preceded by Ills Chariot of Oheion, rnutahdua TllOd CAN HAM OrBEATIO 61LVKH AND 8TIH.NU UHCllKSTR* of Twouly Mualelaiu. tn op,,, lien* of Gold -tty Orienitat Equip. it A Mo TWO PUHFOHMANCI>l- eotH Ml •At a anU 7 O’clock* T*. M. A Card.—What Is Tarrant s Effer rxscxNV Sxltxkr AranixxT, and what are He afreets T Tbow are questioa* which the great American public haa artxht to nek, and It haaafaoa right to expect a candid aud aatlalhctory reply. The preparation t* a mild aud geutlemllne cathartic, alterative aud tonic, and le most carefully prepared in the form of a snow-white powder, containing nil th* wonderful medical properties of the lur-hmed Settler Spring* of Germany. Gf Its effects we would say that those who have teated the preparation are the beet judge*, and they declare over their own *' promptly relieve In cure every spectoe« system, refresh an pang* ol rheumatism, neatrallae acid la the stomach, clean** aad toooth* bowels, attlet th* falling appetite core the heart bam. If yea are a aafratar gtva this remedy on* trial, and wUl oonriaea yen o( the ebova fact*. TARRANTJk 00., aota proprietor*, Naw York. BoM by all Druggists. into •JW-1T