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Macon telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1826-1832, September 05, 1832, Image 1

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r— ■" .. : regui:::lv from J --f. '• i -ON to S A \ v\nah, > ' ■ “4 ! :vin f r ovc y Tues- •t;- and Saturday morning at •i’roe o’clock, and an ing at Savannah Wednes day and Sunday «venmgs at 8 o’cloek, making toe .time in going through only forty hours, a dis tance of one hundred and eighty miles. This line is not surpassed by auy iirthe State for good Coaches, find Teams and careful Drivers. For Scats apply at [Erwin’s Hotel, Macon. Aug. 20 3.71 eow It EDW, VARNER. NING tl . trough the upper parts of South -St riL and North Carolina and, \ irginiu, to \ \ osh- •' !,;:i City, and which, at its Southern en i, re cently terminated at Fowelton, Ga.j is now m full and complete operation. It has recently been extended to Milledgeyille, from }vhich place it departs on Tuesdays, Thurs days and Saturdays, at 1 A . 31. For particulars see bills and the Alilledgeville papers. WM. SMITH. Cuipepper Va., May 15, 1832. 21 6m C opkrtsershipi ? H^HE subscribers have this day purchased the JL entire’stock of goods belonging to Wiley, Baxter tf Fort in this place, and will coutiuuethe business at the same store on the corner of Sec ond Street and Cotton Avenue, opposite Wash ington Hall, under the firm of BAXTER, FORT & WILEY. They have on hand a general assortment of fresh goods well adapted to the town and country trade, which will be sold at low prices aud on li beral terms,'by • the yard, piece or package.— They solicit a continuation of the patronage of former customers and the public generally. THOMAS' W. BAXTER. ROBERT W. FORT. LAIRD Hi WILEY. Macon, July I; 1332. DM f ^ HE -subscriber having withdrawn from the JL late firm of Wiley, Laxter fy Fo rt, and sold his interest to his Brother, Laird H. Wilet, re- I spectfully asks a continuation ol’patronage from his friends to the new* firm of BAXTER, FORT & WILEY. * LEROY M. WILEY. Macon, July 1, 1832.161 tv* » P 8aw ,ov light lu’ml ' 1,,KO!V ?V h \ Pali£ 'S s » Laths. &e quence^of the ucav . expenditure im e- taMfthmont, R is necessary that hi quire either cash or bankable paper ■ 'er, which he is disposed to sell at A share of the puolic patronage is \ fully solicited. BEXJ? >. t N. B.—A first rate SAWYER, plying immediately, obtain good wag manont situation. July 27. 164 tf 2 sisters press around sleepless couch, and bring gar hands, their garden gift, c first sweet buds of spring! bay'd lay me tv here those flowers ;ht lure them to nay bed, • ••‘her spr and summers bloom d 1 am with the dead. AND possession given on the first jittU i \ com- <•>,? of October next, the large a.nd lii'itT":* modious 9tor8 and Ware House”uow AtfeVSS&l- in the occupancy of George Wood*— also the Store, now in the occut M. Hill in the same building, botl of James . . Pi good ordgr, and situated oti Cherry Street, near the corner of Cherry and Second Streets. Apply to C. B. &OLE, or Aug. 16. 170 M. CHISHOLM. - Rent- / — T THE dwelling over the store of .1. \ P. Patrick Sf Co., well calculated for jy&f a private Boarding House, at present •feKSiiHfc occupied by Seth Lewis. Also, the Store occupied by W. T. Sage. Possession given after the lot of "October next, rim?!y to MELROS E & KIDD, or to A. P. PATRICK. June 25 155 — tf The stmsbine quivers on my che Glittering, nnd gay, aud fai As if it knew my hand to weak To shade me from its glare IIovv soon ’twill fall unheeded o This death-dewed glassy ev Way ..o tin y fear to tell me sol 1 know that I must die! . w. E 3 ERE, by the author of Tremaine, EL> Jaquelinc of Holland Anastases, by T. Hope, Sketches in China, by W. W. Wood, - - y : Philip Augustus, by'the author of Rich elieu, Journa l of the Rev’ds Tyerman & Bonnet, being the 1st, 2d and 3d Nos. of the ^ library of religious knowledge. Xjondon.%niraals for 1832k The Amulet, the Keepsake, Literary Souvenir, Christmas Box, - WILL castwcae to transact the -WsH-cve st the same place sssiwl test by J. GOD- ■^fX*4• DASD -& REEDL. - lie has hunt _^| VihKt ter tiae «dofrBWMtef ; of the AVare Xjf- stare tsaoWanpHotfatt in town more f«« the «S»bsk*s of iSit. ]fr strict attronoo l*» ihariaes&eomnliUed to his, -f'vsJ Ac fscEiSes twfcSdhke will-be able to liVcisstesarw* hs luqies to merit a eoniin- Ibt aateoaaffie of |r fisnSfe and the pttbj-. ■ a s«s«al. k p-.'ejivarrf es esafce Kaetal adytinees at all .J^estsauas stnfcwd or bjrhim. Cot : estasoi at ihes Wzm’ Snse will be insured at IvX'T^L tf . . *i -zjsl, Aagast 10 1S3 6fn ^ YTASS-HO^SE tMB Commission Business. & HAYES* intending to per- taaaeotfybeatelhMMrfyeB in Macon, on The summer winds breathe softly throu; My lone, still, dreary room, A lonelier r.ud a stiller one Aw?iis n;:* in the tombl But no soft Bnese fit " x per therc» No mother hold my bead': It 7s a fearful thing to be A dweller with the dead! J uveuile Forget rae not, The Musical Gem, Musical Bijou, JXve ai r er eve, the sun prolongs His hour of parting light, Aud seems to make my farewell hours Too fair, too hea venly bright! I know the loveliness of earth, I love the evening sky, And yet l should not murmur, if They told me 1 must die. My playmates turn aside their heads When parting with me now, The uurse that tended me a babe, Now soothes my aching brow, v. by tire those sweet cradle-hours Of joy and fondling fled? Not o\ n my parents’ kisses now Could keep me from the dead! Our Pastor kneels beside me oft, And talks to me ot Heaven: But with n holier vision still, My soul iu dreams hath striven: I re seen a beckoning hand that called My faltering steps on high; I’ve heard a voice, that mm;pet-tonguod t Bade tne prepare to die! LAYS OF THE SEASONS. - SiT iXARY HOWITT. SUMMER. .’Tis summer—t-joyous summer time! Iu noisy towns no more abide; The earth is full of radiant things, Of gleaming-flowers t aad glancing wings* Beauty and joy on every side. ’Tis morn;—the glorious sun is uo, : The domc-Iike Ja$aven is fcr : y h and Mnej The lark, yet higher and higher ascending, Pours out nis song that kn. - s no ending; The unfolding flowers are brimmed with dew. March 1 8!) -ELLIS, gHOTWELL Sc CO. SHOT ELL & J. S. SMITH have just JTS-* received a large lot of rancy Dunstable Bonnets, Also—a general assortment of Carved Shell COMBS, of the first quality. And two boxes of B&AB&B&A.CK BBAVBSL HA*53 of superior quality. April 17 126 - • Bissoiction. Y^HE Copartnership heretofore existing un- _B der; the firm of Wiley, Baxter t* Fort, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.' The eu- tird bnsinoss of the concern will by settled-by BAXTER, FORT. & '.YILEY, yho >vill con tinue the business at the same stapi* - LEROY M WILEY. THQMASAV. BAXTER, ROBERT W. FORT. Macon, July 1, 1832. A?V asi'sw csfvjps.,- W M. II. BURDS.yft* ^ now receiving and opening a gem < ‘ a i assortment of f Seasona^Se €}pods 9 ,. which he offers for /de at the most reduced pri- i ces, amongst whp J ar® the following: * r Superfine, Saxe^y blue, black and colored Cloth3. Merino Clo^* . ■ - Blue, black^ Qt ‘ Lmcy mixed Satinnetts Duffie p^ 1 and rose Blankets. * (i e j i ,vflte, green and yellow Flannels Saxo,F an( i Canton white gauze ditto : g 21/IO qr. Damask table Diaper eye and Russia dp neriuo Circassians flack and Blue Bomliazetts and Circassians Irish Linen3, Flemish Sheetings, Cotton Oana- ■ burgs A* Negro'Oldths, Linseys Thread Laces and.Shell Combs Pongee, Spittalfield Black Italian Lustriug, black Sarsanet and Sin- chews, black, Gros de Berlin, black Gros de Naples, Colored do do Mandarines aud Florences, black and colored Italian Grapes Gauze and Satin Garniture • Ribbons and silk Velvets, Merino and Cashmere. Thibet Wpol, Damask. Silk and Crape Shawls Dress Handkerchiefs Ladies diamond straw and Leghorn braid Bonnets Misses diamond and chain Bonnets Lace and gaiize "Veils, figured and plain Bobbinet .Flagg and Bandauna Handkerchiefs A general assor tment of coarse Shoes and Boots. Meji’s and Youth’s Fur Hats - - Fur,: Leathor and IJ<iir : Capsj &c. &c. Nov 5, 18 ' , Z* 'xr t ^,7are-S ovse W B- Rowland, on the rvv-*rvt U'JkemT anal Seeoai streets.' and in in iuaeJssae va*««f!y «ff mwst of the Cotton n*ars£**» p*s5WMfifmay sefcrit a part of public f, Wi jffiaLKtafir Hit sesame, wampitting attotUroQ, tr tbe i»?ereait «f assty- fi-vor them with tVA-fcaxiKss aav2 ratiafocc-r®. Liberal advances vriiJkc-^SKkseaPsw&rxr- Merchandize or other EYKEAKD HAMILTON. ' JOHN! R*HAYES. fttfiSMS. T-t, IHJSS f t IriK, subscribers will sell their remaining _xL stock of CARPETINlx at very reduced prices, having a large quantity on hand, and wiu-h to discontinue keeping the article. Jan 26 A. SHOTWELL & J. S. S31ITI1 For Sale or Es:chaiig’e a A FIRST rate close-body CARRIAGE, jbL nearly new, in good order, and well made, * ill be sold reasonably, or exchanged for a good Gig or Chai-c. Apply to C. A.HIGGINS, june S 138 &$£&os3as S. a Blair TftAX^ifcCT* ( -A; BOATING, &tiog&E tnv&if, A t his old stand, comer of Cherry.and Second sts. Yy3 now receiving from New York and Boston. j& a fresh supply of Goods, w hich, in addition to those on hand, will make his stock very large snd complete,'which he offers on as reasonable terms as they can be had in this maeket. His goods.comprise a general Assortment of Groceries, . Viz—150 bags. Coffee,. „ 45 hhds St Croix, Porto Rico and N Orleans Sugar, 21 bbls Loaf and Lump do 12 qr chests Tea 20,000 lbs. Iron 10 hhds Molasses 1500 bushels Salt 100 pieces Hemp and Tow Bagging, ' 40 kogs Nails Jamaica Rum . " Cognac Brandy ' \ . Northern Gin, Northern Rum Whiskey, Apple Brandy, Wine, Powder, Shot, &c. &c. ALSO, Sry Gqo4si KarrTware. Cutlery, Crockery, Boots, Sfiocs, HATS,-mlAWKFS-TR, SADDLES, &c’. &C. &c. . Oct 22 43 DR. I. ELLI8, A^HNG determined to settle permanently in Macon, respectfully offers his ^rofassioBal Services / quainted with him, he tliVaV^ proper to state/^p* he-was regularly admitted tt> his profess^ 11 ”i I804j agi-eeably'to the laws ana vc^j at j OK / of the State of New York, and-^that niOt ofbis time since that period hits been deyotcd'tp’ an exten sive' practice". By a faithful dischare of-his pro fessional duties, he hopes to merit diberaJ pat ronage. His residence and office aiin the nousb formerly occupied Dy Mr. Birdsongsu Mulberry street: Jan. 14 2 1 . . IMJrSa- j t "¥^UST'received and for sale by/e subscribers, *■$ several cases of Brewster’s / . Fiacli Wbv&b ITIt&ts? Not inferior ta any in thel-arket. Atso—A general assortment ofjR 7 GOODS in addition to their former stoc’J which will be sold low. A. SHOTWE-LL "S. SMITH. Julvl3, 1332. 16ft C UACPS,lG.i, :.a T&nt bsmUb firm of * ype V'arehonse and dir hrtftge known as :ae facilrties to the ' of Cotton, that m the place, sroca the . dangers of “■•.'.t-Tpev of a.good u—all of which will ► reception of Cotton When noon is in the flaming sky Seek we some shadowy, silent wood; Recline upon a-mossy knoll, Cast cqre aside, and yield the soul To that luxurious quietude. Above, waves wide the linden tree, With humming bees the air is thrilled, And through the Sleeping hush i< heard Tile sudden voice of the woodlnud bird. "Like sound, with.which a dream is £LI< tey s sStsts ef-pablte patronage. Our Setdl WtiM.rad?.Hgx, wfc!i- pleasure, the liberal ’ea-Hce wSIcfe h'T rrcecved h;retpfore .frdur fiiansbi s-nrl aesjwsmrtaaees,. and respe’ctfjuHy -ib the gr>q:mecufcje of the so me, to the above i- EESD & BLAIR. 17ft 6ut * - - ,. /'.. TWE^Ty-Fm4 For cent, cheaper than ever l T3 just opening n very extensive and splendid as * sbrtment of GOODS, vyhicli has been selected in THE NEW YORK MARKET by himself, from the latest importations. winch are particularly cajculated for this market, and which will be dUpojed of fully \ • S’f77E.TMT3f-rZVS m 033ITT. che,aperfhan et^er. These gtfDds are of the latest style and most fashionable patterns, and arc offered to his Frion^sandtIie1?^)bHc with confidence fully assured,’ lHal not only the style but prices'will fully "meet their approbation. Their attention is requested to the snm‘e—-a few of the arti cles are mentioned, viz::' .' 200 pieces Calicoes and Prints, some very rich. - Erttrn (IneFurnitHre Calicoes and Common. 50;pieces fine Parish Muslins and Ginghams, plain and striped, figured and striped Mandarines, Saragos- sas black and purpje Gredeswiss andrItulian SilUs Watered Gfodeaap,' blaclrrarid’brown colored do., Herea'id Gauzes, Orleans Rd&es, painted Patmarines ariJ.Crape Deleon- black an4cdlored 5fl’k,, , Cainblets and Princettas, foie French Bpnihazinctf. Blond Gauze Veils (some extra sizes’!, Satin Strews, Scarfs Fancy Handkerchief and Shawls, very fieh, sett Cap and Belt llibbpiis new patterns, Thread*L?.c es and Insert, ings, also Edgings and Footings, checked aud strjpyd Muslins, Jackonr.t. Swiss nod Ga,mt»ric do., one case gra*s bleached Irish Linens assorted! Long Lawns, Linen Cambrics and Cambric Handkerchiefs. Suj r- Veitings, jduid anti plain Drillings and fim- French Linens, ’Pongeesand Ponge Handkerchiefs, P*aachm- na and Flags, Gloves and Mitts assorted. 50 dozen, 2i!k, Cotton, Randon Hose and Ic-;' O pleasant land of idlesse! fWfHE Howard Insurance Cpony of New B Fori continues tainsure uTTON, Avben shipped-on good Boats or BffV against the dangers of the Rkver. Ratesjf Fremium are moderate. Apply to (t)AY, Agent, Jollity bides not ’neath the trees. But tlurngh t. that roams from folly free, Through the pure world of pcetry, Puts on her strength iu scenes like th; And sweet it is by lonciy meres To sit with heart aud soul awake, Wfttere water lilies lie afloat, Each anchored like a fairy boat Amid-some fabled clfiulake: nade: Cotton Bags, 5 and ' ch, of .tho best Inver- sbebv'for sale Vy Rri V & COTTON. HATS. T r UST received a few; cases gentlemen’s fasli; -ty ionabhj. Be’aver HATS. - H dec 22 53 WM. IT. BURQSALL, A. Sf. SPASaxetGo. [ AVE Ftceived pet- Boatlcwcca, auu offer for'saie on reasonable Mis, 4000 bushols.Salt y ja 16,000 lbs Bacon i, / £0 tons Swedes Ijoj 20 hhds Sugar , / . 200 bags Coffee I - > JAMES R. BENJNET, ^aoi L'ri- uemakcr, •• HAS coBMueffbcd business in t ; * ^lyjgDaaaRrs fcruiidiirg, (near the. Telegraph Office,) where be uriil be found ready to atteud ■seld casteaters sad others jvho may^caHbn the. . -H • ■ : - «?*B0lWr3 aad STiOESTiranufactured. to r. in tiie &e#c mxrtaer- REPAEUNG alsf* 'ralberfcoe* L-t.) -y\ ”ri Z 5 fwo <ur tbrev JOL r JR.NEY?.I EN can-find ^ dweripiovasirat by application to.him. 7l^ OUR good FANCY CLOCKS for sale low [}•' by C. A. HIGGINS. April 19 12S . TYOTTOW BAGGING, ojt coxsrGXMr.rtT. yTTv HE subscriber.-, have oil the river,and will J3_ receive iu a fe w days. 2,000 pieces Ulcsnp lagging. They have made arrangemeuts with fhv:r friends in Savannah and Charleston to be reguFrly sup plied throughout the season, and they will at nil rime- be prepared to sell at the lowest market ni i< ,o s and on n long credit. ’ Mav 15 Ml REA & COTTON. 6 hhds Molasses 1 50 Perk '* 25 bbls No. 2 Mac rel J25 bbls No. 3 ditto 501»bls N. E. Rut) 50 bbls Gin f 80 pieces-Baggih| - . 30-baxC3 Soap / 20 boxes Sperm pntllos Window GJa/ Nails . / - . • Cognac Brniy I olland Crfti Malaga, MadJra and Teneriffe Wide, gttfyer with a assortment of 8-eodSr ri ’? *fwkre 7 Saddlery jCS?'' ;y, IAT$, S3 IOBS, xl icrcsSuirrs tools, &C. /V" ri'C. The green and breezy hills—away! My bear: is light, my foot is free, And, resting "oti-the topmost peak, Tbe-freshening gale snail fan my cheek, The bids were ever dear to me! I sta : v! r.poa the mountain’s brow, A monarch in this region wide; I and the r y faced mountain sheej The solitary station keep, As living thing were none beside, K! p- b 'rctofore existing be- ..ribrirs under the firm of ^ V Jones, i? tbis etay tTssol ved l)y liitrtUfil at. Thv u iKstttlctl Inisinrsa of tiu’concern t»iy D.rrid R air ton, who.can be attAe sco-re of Robert S. Belton, (their old ■) corner of CWny and TJiir i • rneefs. DAViD UAi.ST'ON. 23 82 JOHN Li .TONES. i tij BRIOK. deliver- ( > A y able in a few tie by C. A. HIGGINS- tve article can be i ad in quan- ■ehasers on contract, by giving subscriber, who acts as agent iln in the neighborhood. a gentle nour. in sombre siic-en; oil’s leafy trees, . .-riling breeze, u s arc faintly seen, st is rieli tho garti i > a cool v i no vb.te ov. i wiui h:s downy wings \ad i'.oodi-d he d goes slowly by. The hawk-moth sits upon the flowers: And through the silent evening hours The little brocks make melody. the folded biooms night shalt thou fool u (\ iii subdued, '.itiluda, tb ■ riource of Good, iefs to heal. pneralnsa- srtmentofJReflrfj* jf veaysuperior quality, and liouabk manner; the ivork ••'.r.nicry, boar Sand ns a ?,Icnvrc.—An elaborate report on ibis rmbjcrt has- been presented to the French A- .leiiiy of v-'rici'ces: good arable laud is proved to coni:da f< ;• arable carlhs, the varied propor- tien of which form tbe different qualities of th« soil. It appears, the siliceous principle predomi nates in good land. 31. Chaptal found of it 4ft per cent, in the most fertile soil on the backs of ihe Loire: Davy extracted 60 from the best of tho EnsiLh soils, and Giobert found 79 in the most productive lauds near Turin. M. Dntrochetmada the experiment of covering with sili'-eous sand previously unproductive land, and obtained by this means crops as good as in the most (naturally) lertiio sod in ike vicinity; nnu he gives it as his come sutiscr *^vices L13F Cvoods and Cioi ei-i-ived at tbe blacon ( lothi I Id ,T21 LEWIS I receiv i'TL’K ■ NG dan- as above, .cedent Turning Lathe, (ihe n rh..- }.: ) th"v will be JL r- 'ri COLL V, riS. .Me. at J VAILS A. 11 ALL, JOHN MORELAND. Piaster of Paris. BARRELS of superior 1 OF BARTS, for hard wal just received aud for sale by 3 >.52 C. A. Ill IHES, FAMILY MED