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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, January 14, 1865, Image 4

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. . r~. trr* H MJH/mxrißßprrr Gbwjerai. Gannas, \ T WNVEN3ENCB IK MILITARY gov 1, emment,'*n that portion of the City lying oast of Bull street, is designated as the Eastern District; that lying west of BoD street, as the Western District , Ooi. Wm. B. Woods, 7«£h Ohio VoJs.,fe an txraoced as Provost Marshal of the Eastern Dis trict His Headquarter* will be in the U. & Barrack*, on 801 l street. 00l BL A. Barnum, 149th Hew Torts VoitL, is announced » Provost Marshal of the Western Btotrict. Hte Headquarters will be. near the cor ner of Barnard and South Broad streets. All applications for protection of persona and private property, or for redrert of grtev®i><*A will be made to the Provost Marsha! of the Die- or td the nearer officer or the guard. IL Kadi Regiment on Provost duty wfll be held responsible for the peace and ff°°y °* He section. The Provost Marshale trf Districts wES number the sections assigned to these regj- Ta fn 6 'All public and private property wtl he protected; and whenever necessary each pur pose, special guards will be assigned. Ho private property will be taken or used against the consent of the owners, except upon wn order from proper authority. IV. Officers and others, entitlea to quartere tor private or public use, will make application to JSfij/. Gen. Easton, Chief Quartermaster. V. AU persona within the City, who have been in any way connected with the rebel army, will report without delay to Captain Ira B. Seymour, provost Marshal, (office in Exchange heading,} and there' register their names. ▼I No citizen will be arrested except for mis demeanor or. upon written orders from these Headquarters or from a Provost Marshal. VH. The Fire Department of this dty has been represented by 'the civil authorities as highly ef fltfcflt. Mr. Casey, acting Chief of the Fire De partment, is authorized to continue operations and will be held responsible for the faithful per fonnaJboe of his duties. All members of the dis fpreni Fire Companies will continue subject to bis orders, and neglect of duty on their part wi be duly punished. In case of the Provost Marshal of the Distrt# will send immediately strong detachments of guards to preserve order 1u the vicinity. VHL Those persons cramoctod with the Water Works and Gas Works of the CHy, will continue to perform their duties as. usual: The Manager of these Workß will apply to the Provost Mar shal of the District in which they are located for saffident guards for the'profceciien of the Works,, together with the fuel and other material per taming to them. i , IX. All soldiers found within the city limits, absent from their camps without passes firom their respective commanders, will be arrested and sent to thetr commands. • X. Capt Silas Spicer is announced as Harbor Master of this Port, and invested with full au thority for the transaction of business in his Do-, partmenb Office on Bay, opposite Drayton trod. XL Citizens desirous of leaving the city to go within the Rebel lines, will make application at these Headquarters. They will he transported to our exterior picket line. YTI, Citizens destitute of provisions, can make application at the City Store, wheib they will be •applied upon the order of Dr. Arnold, Mayor of the City. - ' XIII. Reveille will be beaten at 6A, M. Tat ter at BP. M. Tape. at 9. After Tape, all en listed men found on the streets who are not on duty, and who have not proper passes, will be arrested by the PatroL Suspicions or disorderly charaeters will also be arrested after that hour Care must be taken in carrying out this order not to make improper arrests of citizens who may be attending to their lawful business in an orderly manner. By Command of Brig. Gen. Jams W. Osakt, Commanding, - W. T. Founts, A. A. G. Hk.vdqwabteeß Cltt of Savannah, January iOth, ISGS. Gsmbrax. Obi>kb&) No. 4, f THE streets, sidewalks, alleys and premises within this city must be kept clean and well policed. The Provost Marshal of each District will ap point an efficient officer to superintend this mat ter, and will detai\ such assistants as may be ne cessary. All persons occupying buildings or grounds, o whatever description, will be required to keep the sidewalks and alleys bordering upon them thoroughly policed at all times, having the •weepings piled up at the sides of tne streets. • ■ The offal or sweepings from camps must be removed beyond the city limits by tire troops oc cupying the camps. . 1 .The Post Quartermaster win assign a certain number of ( teams to each district to haul ,the other sweepings out of the city. These teams will be under control of the officers 1 dppoi’ntcd'to, superintend the work in each district, who wil beheld responsible that the work is promptly ; and thoroughly done. By Command of Brig,-Gen. JOHN W. GEARY, Commanding W. T. Form®, A. A. G. HxADQUAnT££B CITT OF SAVANNAH, \ January lfith, 18dS. f JllMill Oasnuß, 1 Mo, A / I COL. ATilO FAT’D EE, 14?TK JPENN. Y. Y o is hereby announced as Provdst Marsha! o the Eastern District, in the place of Col. Wm Weed, 7<itb Ohio V, Y. relieved. By of Brig. «en. JOHN W. GEARY, ComY. , r W. T. Porbea, A A G. PF.TLSONAL —INFORMATION WANTED OF the whereabout* of Mr. Clenw. of Killca •cie county. Tipperary Ireland Ac' ■ t, r> iXl'n " | Lust of pbsgks for the bbgolation OF THE BALES OF THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES IN THE CITY OF SAVANNAH : Apples. .sl2 00 Blacking, bottles or basest large &0 Boots, Cavalry, best. .$8 to 25 00 Brushes, Tooth, best. 1 00 44 Hate, best l 00 8utter.......... 76 Cheese per pound...,. 60 wifn mirror 78 “ plain.;.... ;..V SO w India robber 80 : * Horn M 44 * tine 30 Candles, Adamentine, per p0und......... 40 t™HTrP AND Smoking Tobacco, “C. H. littentoak" per poundV. $2 00 Navy Tobacco, Kevin," per lb. 178 Tin Foil, “LUlenthah* per package. 28 HavanaSegana, No. 1, per box 18 0$ * « «* *• * 10 08 Concha 4 *Tobacco, “ w ... 7 60 Tobaocabags 60 ‘ 44 bladders.*. { 50 Pipes, Brierwood.. J 00! 44 Rose ... 60 44 Apple 60 Potatoes, per barrel... 9 00 Pickles, in glass (quarts) 1 00 44 ** (half gallon) t 75 Mackerel, in cans 1 00 Whiteflsh. in cans a 00 Haddock, in cans % is Peaches, 1 lb. cans 1 00 Peaches, 2 lb. cans 175 Egg Plum, 2 lb. cans 1 76 Peas, S 44 175 Tomatoes, 2 44 1 00 Can Meats, 1 06 Can Poultry,..' 1 BO Lobsters, can, 1 GO Oystere, 44 100 Mustard, half pints 60 Chow Chow, 1 do Cranberry Sauce; 1 60 Lemons, per box, . 1 . 40 00 Oranges, 40 Off Milk, condensed, per can, 1 00 Soap, toilet, fine, per box of 4 pieces 800 44 Atlantic,.... ; 40 MiTrors, pockeubest, 100 Mirrors, pocket, 2d class, Zb " . KCHBES OOODk Coats, £0 00 Talmas, with stegven 30 00 Fouch®. * j. 20 00 28 .V.V.V’.V.V.V.V.V «iat S White Linen Shirt** j. OO Suspenders, Ist clasn... 350 44 2d class, 150 Gloves, Buck, 8 00 Gauntletts, 3 60 Cotton Gloven 100 HkadquakteeA City of Savannah, Qa..) . January Bth, ISfo. f Gk-neraa. > I ALL DEALERS IN GOOD* FOR GENET? AT. • SALE in this city, must have permits these Headquarters. 11, Extortion in prices will be severely pun ished. Dealers will conform in prices to the list established by the Provost Marshal, at these Headquarters. This list will be published in the daily newspapers. IU. A tax for Poet fund will be assessed upon authorized dealers, .also upon po-sous opening places of amusement. IV, Those persons who violate the foregoing rules will be arrested, their establishments will be closed, and their goods confiscated and sold at reasonable prices, and the proceeds appro priated to the Past Fund. Y. Sutlers or purveyors belonging to any por tion of the army, are required by the military law ,to confine their sales to their own commands As long as they do thin, they will not be inter fered with by ofliceis of the Post. But if any such are found ofiering goods for general sale, without having been duly author ized from these Headquarters, they will be dealt with in the same maimer as other unauthorized dealers. VI. Capt. Iraß.' Seymour, Provost. Marshal, at these Headquarters, will see that these rules, and any that may hereafter be announced re specting trade in this city, are duly enforced. If officers or others who find any dealers violat ing the regulations on the subject, will report the same at Captain Seymour’s office, the offenders* will be promptly punished and the public bene fitted. • -. By command of Brig. Gen. JNO. W. GEARY. ‘ . Cornu landing. . W.,T. Foejees, A. A. G. Advertising, We respectfully call the attention of basi ness meil to*the value of the » SAVANNAH DAILY HERALD Advertising.Medium- Our connections are such that we are sure of large editions: each day. We have agents at all important poinft, and all arrangements completed for an extensive general circulation. The limited space we accord to advertisements renders its use especially valuable, aud we be lieve our terms to be very reasonable, compared with the high prices which rule in other lines of busmeaa To APVEnTTSB rinKBALLY. is the true policy of business men, and we be lieve that they cannot find a better medium for this city and array, or the Department of the South, than the SAVANNAH DAILY lIKRALI* C TORE FOR SALE, O The store of the lateE. N. Thayer, at St. t eJena, 8. C,, is offered for sale, with the stock and fixtures. For terms, apply to RIDDELL “A ’MURDOCK, , , f Mercuaass* How. *anW-Jw Hilton IleaA, 8. O. Drugs Aim mbdioires!i Just landed from New York, a huge neeri meart of Drugs, CbemJcate, and Perttauery, viz. lAbixPs Extracts, EdrOri’s, do.; Colognes, Pom ades, Hair teaks of the finest quality, Tooth Pow der, Pastes and Washes. A large quantity of Patent Medicines, PQle and Ointments. A nice lot of Bathing, Carriage and Velvet Sponges. Flea Powder, producing instant death. Pure Soda Water from Stone with the choicest ayrgpa * 13 Merchant# Raw. Hilton Head, S. C. g QQQ LB& CSNfCTICSAII BACDHt ~ .VJ Bbis. Frojffi PILOT BREAD 1 IJfOQ Gallons KEROSCSCB OIL, k FhvGfalhin Cans; For Sale, Cheap, bry € Sr. BELLOWS 5a 8 MKanaANTfiP Raw. Human Hs**, S. CL OAUL & ' X DitSXXBS IN ARMY AND NAVY SUPPLIES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GENTS 4 FURNISHING GOODS, &C* &Ci, He*, No. 8 MesodANTB 4 Row, Hilton Hxaj», And Bay Poest, S. C. Hilton & shurtlj^r" Dealers In F»B GROCERIES, IjOO'I'H SHOES, fa, 166 OtoKffiEßS Sacuu; Savannah, Ga. STATJON- I ana prepared to supply N. Y. Newspapers, Tub PAJUttRMO Hebaiax>. Literary Papers, Maga- Books, Stationery, &c*, at Wboleeale or - • r DANN a MORRISON, Box 96, Hilton Head, P. O. NOTICK, B. B. ANDREWS. Attokbckt and OocrHSKU.OK at law, SouKimm m CIIAJKSSET ajrd Paocroa and AwoOA'XU xh Ad nuum. All Confiscation Cases in the District Court of toe Northern District of Florida examined and [ defended promptly and reasonably. Address, B. B. ANDREWS, . ' . 4 Jackeonville, Fla: NBW GOODS I NNW GOODS if’ Just arrived per steamer Ceres, a well se lected stock of Dry Goods, consisting of Alapac caa, Delaines, Cloaks, Shawls, Hoods, Ac. Alk) a fine assortment of Boots and Shoes. At whole sale and retail as cheap as can be bought at Hil ton Head. Call and see, BOBBINS & CO., No. 14 Merchants’ Rowl Hilton Head, SL C. New bakery and confectionery ESTABLISHMENT AT BEAUFORT. We have the honor to inform the residents of this Department that we have just opened a Con ectionery Establishment and first-class Bakery in Sam. A. Cooley’s Building at Beaufort, at which we are prepared promptly to fill any orders which may be forwarded to us. Special attention is paid to the manufacture of Ornamental Pieces, Fancy Confectionery, and Elegant Pastry, for holiday or festival tables. _ McMANUS TAYLOR’S ALBANY ALE, By the Barrel, at Pkahodt & Mobgan’s. Fresh Goods of all kinds now being landed, from Bn<r Matit Cobb, No. 1 Broadway, Hilton Head, S, G HO. FOSTER, PHOTOGRAPHER, MORRIS • ISLAND near FORT SHAW. CARTES DE VLSITES, AMBROTYPES, &c„ made in the best possible manner by experienced artists. I?. W. SINCLAIR, J . y . PHOTOGRAPHER. Galleries at Beaufort, and Hilton Head, S. C. and Jacksonville, Fla. Dunbars & franz, 10 sutlers row, Dealers in Sutlers’ Goods, Wholesale and Retail. | > LANK NOTES AND DRAFTS For Sale at the PALMETTO HERALD STORE. PAj.iWCTTO Hkrai.» Building. Hilton Head. & C. PORT ROYAL HOUSE, UNION BQUABE Hilton Head, & CL E. S RIDDELL* . 5 WS Proprietor. PEABODY & MORGAN, • No. 1 UftOAIWAY, lliltoti Hxah, 8. C. Dealers In SUTLERS* GOODS, Wholesale and Retail. 7 1 —: PHOTOGRAPH* CARTES DR YISITE, Large Photograph#, Carte* De Visfte, Ambrctypes, * Frames, for Phonograph*, Laigc Alburn^ Pocket Albums, In Good Style, At 24 MimmAFf#* How. Hm-km Kraix 8. CL J. T. KRASIN© & Go, T>OOXS AND STATIONERY. X> Just received at the Palmetto Hevrtd Steer a large shipment of goods from New Ypsk tfici Boston, embracing WSIX’' **”**** * STANDAIu) novels. JTOVELa D4TO *• . Rrgllfih Bibfea, Letter Writers, Shag Oookery Becks. Pocket (temS* BoyieV Games, ; «NVcr? _ MILITARY WORKS, BBmdtv'oo^ri VteM MU&s SCHOOL BOOKS. : and Mnuroe and a fhll ttandaid ud cot«T ba^ m n*’ ifcTits- C °^ xa *«^ ga^ajn4 ‘’ “ Winthrop, 4 * Cr ? Btal ” Quarto, « and Pa^r D<XJllia ” Cap{ BiU L^ai ) Mtute Official Envelopes— styles—white, buffi cream, lemon, hiimon, and opaque. Jfencils in great variety 4 * 282. Medallion, Quilß B^ub afiVFtaoon ’ ,^ n<^es . Commercial and Easrie Pens, various sizes, with and without cases S Ivo fy Bbony- Arnold Writing Fluid, qte. and pte.; Maynard & Moral at^pds: Blue and Carafe* Ink. Rubber and Ebony Rnlers—round, square and fiat Paper Folders, wood and ivory. ISeai ing Wax, assorted coloiw, Ink Stands, everr style. Pen Racks; Cribbages, Backgammon anc* and Chess Boards; ChesTwood and ivoSyT Wte and Dice Cups; Dominoes; Playing Cards Sdssore; Krnrvee; Match Safes: Pocket Booto Eyelete: Tooth, Nail and Hair BrodSk CoAte Pendl Sharpeners; Split Rings; Cork Screws. Portfolios 6f every style. Slater assorted stoes. Account Books, CL, 2, 3,4 and 6 quiotflj) oct&va, quarto and cap. Albums. .;v. A full assortment of Plain and fibre Photographs, &c., &c., &<x, to which we ffrirftr attention of Dealers and the Public generally, «. SA TILLS & QXX Hilton Head, & C. B~ ACK NUMBERS OF THE PALMSTTt HERALD. Those who denire COMPLETE FILES Os The Paucetto Hhim.w, to date, cun pvocust them at this office, at the regular price per topy. We have reserved, each wet k, a sufficient number to supply -any reasonable demand, and we betiOut no more complete and accurate compendium #1 events in the Department can be procured, a W. MASON & CO TUST RECEIVED O By C. W. DENNIS & CO., And will be sold at VERY LOW PRICES IU 10,000 Lbs. Butter, Hardware, of every tie 10,000 44 Cheese, scription, 00,000 Cigars, Yankee Notions, of evert 10,000 Lbs. Cakes and kind, Crackers, Matches. 180 Bbla. Potatoes, Cannea Peaches, Tema -100 44 Flour, toes, Peas, Green; 3,000 Prs. Gloves, Meats— Yea 609 Camp Stoves, Chickens, Turkeys Stationery, in variety. Nuts, Raisins, Figs, Fig Past©, Confectionery Blank Books, Ledgers. Day Books, Shirts, Draw era, Collars, Handkerchiefs. Neek-Ties, Boots and Shoes, Army Ranges, Cooking Stoves, Stove Pipe, Herring’s Sales, Abbot’s History of the War, Fish Lines, Cutlery, Metallic Coffins, Ti» Ware, Wooden Ware, &c., &c. Call and ex amine. Hiltoh Head, S. C., Nov. 14, 1804. urtooH uvmev 4 At reaßo «able prices, can be had at tin. EAGLE OYSTER and ItEFRESHMENT SA LOON, in the rear of the New Post Office, Hiltou Head, S. C. I have the very best facilities for furnishing OYSTERS, CLAMS, MEATS, FOUL IK\, VEGETABLES, &0., from the North and other places in this vicinity. Cooked to order frdm 6 A. M. to 8 P. M. _ PETER FITZGERALD, Proprietor. F. B.—One trial is respectfully solicited. IT67)ts andshoes made: and repaired -LJ At No. 2 Esoaiiway, Hiltom Huau, 8. •. Choice Segars and Tobacco. Beer, that cannot be beat. Apples, prime Butter. Also, Shoe-findings for Sale at the above place. WM, M. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. CW. DENNIS.tCXL, n ’ 7 ~*' ’ « N©. 5 Merchants* Row, Hilton Head, S. C, 4 Wholesale and retail dealers in BUTTER CHEESE, CIGARS, CAKES, CRACK ERS POTATOES, FLOUR, CANNED FRUIT AND MEATS, STATIONARY, HARDWARE &c., &c«, Ac. jan 10 fcf Boots and shoes Repaired in rear of Post Office. J. H. TONKIN, Propriotev CSAVILLE & CO., • Wuou&aub am* RiarAn. Statmuuto#, Palmetto Herald Hilton Head, $ A Liberal Discount to Porcfeasa# IS Wboleeak. Cash Oidera by mailer expres#promptly