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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, January 16, 1865, Image 1

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HM££3 DAILY HERALD. &rT r mm i*# syr Vui *4 « < . •• . w ■..i.hl.htffi m *.. ? —i—. asdaxm >»,-? ■■ • : -«♦•■■* , ~,..,14-:.*, * —fija *».» .. ...—* Hl—'. -- +• • * |%|ateim«4| a U ß |tmfi> sn f **■■**> lfk wumxD j , j * ‘ supfts EsciaPTan, *y * •&H jaifoi (M» t j ' ‘ Pei -* > Fife Cent*. „,, „, Jy ‘ *pvnt»;n*ut ■ A mimber of Advertieemeets win be re eehr«d &t the rate el Twenty OferUs par Line for tfrfct iu&ertioA,fMid .Cents per Line for each J&aferdoa; iirapt .bly In advance. Ad JOB PRINTING A ei«y styie; neats y and promptly done. JM—J-11l LUL..J.. L-l ' JLL. _J. U A NORTHERN NEWS. Ji* I* Bates to Jan. 11th. im LATEST WAS NEWS. ’ tmrnm* umE& RKUKim * ‘LSi'idT *■ v .Ay ‘ 4 (vf\ * y jjt ' '*?* 4to*to \ -&c- 4 , v... % &c. By the arrival oi the steamer Rea. De ftiJj from Fortress Monroe, we have Aes «f New York, Washington and Bal timore papers to the i 1 th, tar w&Lck we are indebted owing are interesting extracts : (From felt Herald of the llt^-3 The prominent feature of the from James river is oentaiaed in the des patches of our correspondents, detailing the particulars of the relinquishment, by order of the President, of the command of tite Army 0 the James by General Butler, and the assumption of the posi tion temporarily hy General Ord. Gen - oiai Butler received ;3ie order at about hail-past eleven o'clock on tost Sunday forenoon, anu before three o’clock on the afternoon of tbat day he had made ait his threw eij preparations, turned over the army to his uueossor, and taken his de parture for the North. Our valley correspondence represents so.-t the inhabitants are suf fering from a scarcity of food,and the reb el Uuops. wiio are quartered upbii them, render their cptHlfrion still more deplora ble. No new* active military operations of importance pave 'taken place in fixe valley. Ohr correspondence from Springfield, Missouri, states that the Union garrisons have been withdrawn from all the posts south of thatipiacc as’far as Fort Smith, Arkansas, by order of General Canby. A party of abCfUt.sixteen hundred In dians made an attack on Jiilesbiirg, Col orado Territory, on lifst Saturday, robi>ed the overkmd mad and kn express, dis persed a mufo train, destroyed the etkge station tmd a iafge umount of the tele graph materkd, and. killed nineteen uoktiers .and pidzens- A Revere ffobt took placo, between the and the troops, the latte* numbering alto gether ,ie;#,dian a hundred; tut tlie former were finally driven with the loss of foci* qiiiid* ipidtwcJity-focrr others kikvxl. Their design was to all the whites in tl*e fevtUemeot. f . Tl»e pf the passport sys tem has nearly put an end to the travel of Americans ia Qumida. The prispen l ger uaans etti.hAjlb the; Grand TiUnk and Great lkdh’ilhis are now rtm niug wujt of Toroi to.-- . soldiers hre to be F.iui auJ Viter a Junction, to see that The Ipassrlilrt * lations are strictly complied with. * Included in the contents of rebel news papers is an interesting and deluded nar- J rutiva of the late Union raid of General fitoncman, Barbridge and Gtllenv in East SAVANNAH, GA.. AIOND.IY, JANUAHY U5,.1855. '(eniieesee and West Yirgfola, to dama ging to the enemy in the destruction ©f the salt, and lead worsef 1 ana avast amount of other property. Though an is made to represent the extent of die injury as much lefts than it really is, the writer cannot avoid acknowledging that it was very great, and derives some consolation from the fact that, us the Yankees have how done ell the harm in that region of which they are capable, some rest for the rebel troops may be hoped for. The rebel Senate on the cth inst. adopted R resolution of thanks to their Imhan allies of the Oheioke© Na tion. The Richmond editors are still md,ulging in glorilicationa over the fail ure of the expedition against the Wil mington deieiicesL Moesby is said to be still alive and in .a place of securjty, and bis early recovery is anticipated. In the sharp discussion now going on bt tween the rebel newspapers, in which Je£t Davis’ meddling is charged as the eause of all. their recent some of them, in hie defence, assail Geheral Lee as the Marplot. • CFroaa the N. Y. Tritmoe, Jan. W.) Francis P. Blair, Br., went on his sec ond Mission of Peace to Richmond on Saturday. His son, Montgomery Blair, i did not accompany him. Pksfiea from the Confederate authorities—civil and military (delay in the receipt of Which, at Grant s headquarters, had induced Mr. Blair last week to return to Wash-, ington)—had been transmitted to him kete, and will enobfo him to oentinue bis 1 journey to Richtnohd without interrup tion. He is doubtless in that city. It is known here that Mr. Blair will , propose to the Davis Government a scheme of pacification, resting fubdamentaHy on a return of the Rebellious States to the Union. Whatever political and moral advantages may be derived to us from this tender of the olive branch, no hope is entertained hero that Mr. BkirVmis sions will have the success of initiating negotiations for peace. The condition ,of reunion will be fatal to Ids dr any other envoy’s labors. George D. Prentice- of the Louisville Journal, who has been in Richmond for over a month, the envoy of live treacher ous Unionism of Kentucky, on his arriv al here through our lines, of which he seem, to have the run, reported to Ken tuckians in the house of his own sympa thies, that the Jeff. Davis Government had conclusively resolved to free and ,arm the Slaves; that 200,b00 of them would soon be equipped and put into the .field to fight us, under the stimulus of the promise of their own liberty and tliat of their wives and children, and of a proprietary interest in the soil. In this desperate war policy,intelligent men hear Jeff Davis's reply to Francis P. Blair's proposition for peace. LATE REBEL NEWS^J i IXL mi £B OF CEfMIE&TOSI PAPERS TO THE mil. IMPOKTA XT PROCLAMATMW BY THE Off IftM&TH «,;• CAiiojmrA* • ! ■ SHnorgmatififl ia fbe Rebel Army,. Ac., %• Sc., ,&(]. VVe Lave received Kill fiie« of kite Tebel papers, ityluGUig tic CbuJkrfon Courier ami jilt jcmy oi tin; 12th*. f Wjc make the foPowiag iDterfcatknaE &/ *<+ ( L Kilax »r.ns XjAß*t \»jv-JfleatfoTiar trrs, Cnarjewton, rjeceirrooi' L ; 9, IS<34. —i p+ci;J Oidtri’9 —The Legislature of £o*th CaroLi*,;* ban oticlrtvcd that ail iiree white raeu between the ages oi sixteen and sixty years, net already in CkmiwieruU; service, shall be tLahie to miliiia ser vice. The «:fy of Charleston fc» it* defen** aS within it* who we. between th«w age?. ThinNerrioe. m for.the defence of tmr homes. U cannot be except- kg t thow who rje nm willing to- tKl thiU State: whose Jaws protect menu thet dfr oy which they are sheluyea All wfil ad mast come forth,- The free proffer of service i» what tho State dewea The aervioe hos pirdSerKl will he demanded. Officers charnel With the organisation of this scree will, m math as possible, reoontlle the service with. ths eiapJoyreenta in business, or , lalxe; of tbot»e wh-r aaw re>uly to perScmn it. They wba promppy respond to the cali of the State, are entitled tb aad wid receive from it a careful con sideration of all that affact* their wellaie. in all organizations in the city of . Charkiston wiU he lined without delay by ap pointnient. The most active mea*s adopted to cnroUmenia and perfect every or ganization, - ' r Arfcßt, aad patsldunent. jm prtyviilod W’law will be only reported to when'indwpenst-.bfy ntv cessary. it is hoped that in no ca*e will it he necessary U> resort to either. The anroUiueiit and organization us Battalions or Independent Companies will be re ported to the Adjutant and Inspetior Officer wi l exercise ; ail the authority with which they are luyast to maintain the respect dye the Law of the State, which regimes far it* deface he sorvioe of those who. live within her limits and under its protection. (A- \ In this service there are no exempikms t npne can be allowed except stacoas, tivxtidcatce of dif>abillty, or ..otjier causes, in consequence of which exemptions have been hitherto granted*. will not he regard ed, unless renewed, Kxeuiptkm from thi3 ser vice is what no one wHI aeh who is true to the State. If there are any not true to our state, they have no proper place among those who now prepare for her defenoe, ' . .• .. yy’t . ... A. CL. r By the Qovermw. . Official: A a G Arlington, Adjutant and In spector Gesteral. SiHG» aF.CHAßLßfiixw—Five Hundred itnd Day— Nothing oc curred To quiet awte cit affairs which existed at iagt report. ] Thd flag of truce commußication for the delivery of the riavajsuifth refugees has been cfo oged from bavarmali river, and will take place Charleston harbor this Homing. Wo hope an effort will be m4de by our city authorities and citizens to receive these exiles with a hospitality worthy the fair tame of old Charleston. OrnCß P*OTO£T M.VRSUAL Oc^lllUL, Def’t of So. Ca., Ga. Charleston, S. C., January 9 V 1§65. Notice. —An arintkl Guard of Givalry and Infantry will p?itrol the streets of this city day and bight for the purpose of apprehending downers and skulkers from the service of the country, as well as to aid in preserving good or der and quiet and to protect the persons and property of citizens of this commu nity, who are requested to facilitate the giiiud in executing their orders, audio give* information at tills oilfo<? of all 'mlflairs or other persons who may be absent without proper authority fr<>m their commands, or shirking, service.— The co-bpcrutkn'of ail citizens is earn estly solicited. W.m. J. Gati r, ' A. A. G. and Proyost Mai-glial . General January 10. l From • ffr* Mereary of the If . j PsoirPT Too condition, o i this Military Department, as embraced within the limits of Georgia and idouth Carolina, is anything but satisfactory to uuy man who is at*arc oi faoCs, and, has capacity to nndersbjnd their bearing. We presume there is no one iri thia Depart ment to whom the condition of our pres ent military organizations is less saiisiac tory than to the General commanding.— Probably there is uo oite so *horocad»ly aware oi the lamentable 4korganization that prevuiis in certain txjfpa and section of his command. Ilia Department lias ' been newly turned into Ip* Inmd*, ibid in;my of tue troops are new to lira sna to tliia Department. Tluw came to him under t|m odbunnuHl erf impedes gh* to received tneru »9|J , pii&iwot The enemy floqb nut mfehd' to ' wait iijAft auf tothfo' j And’\hcre ii m ueh to do. ’* w ? [ Belo*B bringing ours-elves to free the cm my, it it* aiioutely essential that tho c m eommcnUj, bring t it.-, lurch to lacajj.cvto evils lubstent tuJbjn our own lines.' The path ire now are bud mg, is Biraight to dostruc tioa. The ends o 4 the Oj>cUefH:faey has arrived ia lihl .earnest, Tfoi of the 4 seat ux mouths will bring the Confederacr ir the gronod, or will rcir Ahife-its power.—■ Without refiwm we ure They? I* nothing bt.fone ua that csaaat be ovemmxef but to do it, there muat hr. anew state of things instituted. Wi say again; there must be nerve. Met la command miLst not be atraid to die— They m'ist, not be afraid to kill. Oflfee». must be killed—not mere privates. Efe form must begin at the top; ifot si tint bottom of tlie service To yearii ike pd vale, Captains must lx* ehot r Ao xevdb tlio Captains, Colonels must’,be sis*.— We want no child's play— ifo uni me « rtttM. We want lio more Jeff. Da via we want one *to.m of Irrain s oott Fpask of otw-we want ho nfoA* Pnniraiirfn —we want no more mermakllf with heada of monkeys and fishy attachment at Owr neither extremitioft—wo want mum, tm men, earnest men—North! Georgia and rioudt CaToUba are n as mood for trilling, Theyf have Ml enough of thte sort of thing, w They 4nal intend to have modi more. Boon Qua linfli don't intend to be conquered. jMk. intends to fight ‘ Sttw? don't intend to tot hampered or turned over to the mmm, When toe Is thus dealt with, then wau be a reckoning — a reckoning whenflteto will be no rsspectora of ptirsoo. We want implicit order and culm forecast ; v Westaad. to glfgHafon; atrippect to the fight—we an ready i»«d trafauMt to enter the straggle, for file or for deato South Carolina is ready to beomae toe arena of the Republic.- sh r sons aae ready for the contest. Make of her whole soil a military eamp- r +tiip her to the waist; she will not shrink. Botgtoe her her gauntlets and her sword, and site is ready to st and or fall whep clue ml If, however; obmuauiuiag officers wifi not do their duty in this maUid’, kt al men shut their books; for iht <oad arty have well nigh come. The lime is .-iiort. '—will it be improved ? Thb Rv;i»KTi-.o Oe TTTAiJr.ife X* Mao iEixjFAnxK.—'Ttew-r?litor ofate Kavcttr ville Obforvcf has wieo a k-Uer irooi* 'clergyman in fekwaiuntfr written ibaw days beibi*e the etaqaatM»Avof Uou ptocr., in which ho was reque ued .to txtrreci (fr story of Yankfje e)*t?ages ou kuikw on Milledgeyilk; wlih* tsfiennita laid (toot pLop. The wrik i had ussamsd hy Gen. Wayne that ho knew Ivokb ladies in. Miiledgeville, that sre such violence had been «iki tliat Gen. Beauregard, v»i»> wjui Clm«c: ajilerSherman, lias .-stok'dthat it nemawi lrue Unit such airodlies had bec« cwoft" niij ted. The writtr say# tfie Mary is m ~ questionably utitAl to excite jK-blic foeiiiijg against coesmy. nulUMlly cunGuuas that a iXAitrluu.*lMiM v\ ill relieve tlvosc; who ha ih tricuds in Sa ymnnato It is one of the <iisgrai efnl iuc’dcsfti with the pniazing mutvh of fiUcrmundLroiigU that the worid lua been mwitod to lies' of a l sorts fey tiui people of that State. \ Be»to tho Mafcßtents cdf outrage*, We bv.t), pay a Obser ver, verbal '* ui‘ the trmhfnU*e« such ns toil as to belie \e them uninxitat oitlar be nU/o.uie‘y. c 'lyblkbed l>y U*D GvOrgia, pivj.s, vrto<*hsfely tie— iU ■' *1 -r. Svr7}r- Til TCi ~f ; 'rrrrrrrt Oue of our fcaeßuhuoa}i vnUey cottbsk hjharmutioti has !*-* a. avceiVea fliKn ifoifr JLikiuni.i>d tlmt we ing 'laaT : ed «f Brantliviik*, tkni*b u.r, iiw , i ti.* km j«AKiit region.:ter ti e \ cl ingto check an mjUdpaksd 2*»ttkws£*t - moveauriit fYo-u Buvanimh if Gvttiwsii anna r * w«- f PRIOB 1 tPiVo CeulMu