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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, January 22, 1865, Image 3

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Dec- 27. 18<H, that oil the morning of the 15th instant, in front of Nashville, the enemy attacked both flanks of his army, fliey were* repulsed on the right with heavy less, but, toward evening they drove in his infantry outposts on the left flank. Early on the l(ith the enemy made a «eneral attack on his entire line. All their assaults were handsomely repulsed with heavy loss until, 6:30 P. M., when a portion of our line to the left of the cen tre suddenly gave way, causing our lines to give way at all points, our troops re treating rapidly. Fifty pieces of artil lery and several ordnance wagons were lost by us on that day. Our loss in killed and wounded heretofore is small—in pris oners not ascertained. Major Gen. Ed ward Jackson, and Brig. Gens. T. B, Smith and H. R. Jackson are captured. G. T. Beauhegard, General. A dispatch received at the War De partment from Gen. Beauregard dated at Macon, Ga., says : “ Hood reports from Tupelo, Jan. 6, that Thomas appeared to be moving up the Tennessee River until 9 A. M., on the 4th. Six gunboats and sixty transports had passed Savannah, Tenn., going toward JSastport loaded with troops and sup p .ies. Charleston, Friday, Jan. fi. The enemy, in unknown force, crossed New River on the road to Grahamviile, this morning. Our forces burned the bridge across New River. The main body of the enemy is still believed to be in the neighborhood. Gen. Wheeler is watching his movements, which are not yet fully developed. Grahamviile is seventy miles from Charleston and thirty-four from Savan nah, on the Charleston and Savannah Railroad. S. SANITARY COMMISSION, Golfer of Congress and Whitaker Streets, Savannah’ Ga. ' At the place mentioned we have opened store rooms and Relief office, where we will be glad to render any service in our power to the soldiers and sailors of the Army and Navy. Sergeons in charge of Hospitals will please send in their re quisitions for stores. J. C. HOBLIT. jan 21—ts Agent U. S. S. C. ——V ■ WAR DEPARTMENT. Ofpick of Director and Gsneual Manager Military Railroad, U. S. • Savannah, Jan. 21. 1865. •<Sol. J. Contht Smith : Colonel—You are hereby appointed Superin tendent in charge of United States Miltary Rail roads, terminating at Savannah, Ga. Respectfully, Your obedient servant, - D. C. M’CALLUM, Brevet Brig. Gen. Director and General Manager M. li. R., U. S. Official: J. Contht Smith. Superintendent U. S. Military R. R. i’J'HEATRE. rii This (SATURDAY) Evening, Jan. 21,1865. THE WESTERN DRAMATIC COMPANY. Will give a grand entertainment, at the Thea tre, consiting of DRAMATIC PERFORMANCSS, GYMNASTIC FEATS, SONGS, DANCES, &C:, &c. Miss FANNY RAY will make her first apear ance here as a vocalist and dausense. The “ UNION SPY” and the “STORMING OF LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN” will be performed with good casts. Professor SAN DIN will exhibit his wonderful Gymnastic Feats. The CITY BAND, Prof. George Wiggin, Leader, will act as Orchestra. Doors open at half-past 6. Performance to commence at half-past 7 o’clock. _ JACK ELSON, jail 21 —1 Manager. A GOOD PRESSMAN CAN FIND STEADY Employment at this office, 111 Bay Street. Board and rooms wanted by four gentlemen. Apply at this office. jau 11 f J'HE SAVANNAH DALLY HERALD OFFICE Is at No. 11l Bay street. House wanted-with five or more rooms, at reasonable rent. Apply at this offiee. jan II 'VT EWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, STATION ■LI EHY, &c„ &o. t am prepared to supply N. Y. Newspapers, Palaibtto Hekald, Literary Papers, Maga- Stationery, &c., at Wholesale or DANN S. MORRISON, 2i180x.9(i, Hilton Head, P. 0 Riddell & murdock, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN'! SUTLERS’ AND NAVAL STORES, DRY GOODH, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goons. No. 5 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. w. n. riddell, (janiO— tf] h. j. murdock. NEWS-DEALERS AND OTHERS DESIRING The Savannah Daily Herald at Wholesale are requested to send in their order as early in advance as practicable. S. W. MASON & CO PORT ROYAL HOUSE. UNION SQUARE Hilton Head, S. C. E. S. RIDDELL, Proprietor. CS AVILLE & CO., • Wholesale and Retail Stationers, Palmetto Herald Store, Hilton Head, S. C. *3?“ A Liberal Discount to Purchasers at Wholesale. Cash Orders by mail or express promptly filled. Boots and shoes made and repaired At No. 2 Broadway, Hilton Head, S. C. Choice Segars and Tobacco. Beer, that, cannot be beat. Apples, prime Butter. Also, Shoe-findings for Sale at the above place. WM. M. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. HC. FOSTER. PIIOTOGRAPIIEPt, MORRIS • ISLAND near FORT SHAW. CARTES DE VISITES, AMBEOTYPES, &c., made in the best possible ihanner by experienced artists. PERSONAL.— INFORMATION WANTED OF the whereabouts of Mr. Cleary, of Killen aule, county Tipperary. Ireland. Address D. C., Savannah Herald Office. CiN. BELLOWS, » No. 8 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. Dealer in BOOTS AND SHOES, CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, And SUTLERS’ GOODS Os every description. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WANTED— A NICE STORE, ON A PROMI NENT STREET, suitable for a retail busi ness. One with a counter and fixtures preferred. Address J. S. S., Savannah P. 0., stating terms and location. jl7-2t A STORE WANTED—ONE SITUATED IN A business location and adapted to a reta trade. Address, giving situation and terms, Box M Savannah Herald Office, jan!2 t I OST OR STOLEN.—A small SATCH EL or J RETICULE, containing Surgical Pocket Case and Surgical Instruments. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning it, to this office. S. M. BRIGGS. Jan 1!) 4t Express.— I will thank the man who kindly took a pair of FIELD GLASSES from my private of fice, Jan nary ISth, to return them, or call for the case, as t do not wish them spoiled. A. A. RICE, Agent Adams Express. Jan 19 JpURCHASING BUREAU DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS. &o. Office, 101 Fulton St.. Nf.w York. The undersigned having been chief assistant examiner of Drugs and Medicines iu the New York Custom House for the past four years, of fers his services to Druggists throughout the country. All purchases will be made in the in terest of customers, direct from Importers and. Manufacturers, and all articles thus purchased are warranted to be reliable. n. N. AVERY, fllcn. Hiram Barney, Refers to -i Hon. Roscoe Conklino, LProf. Theo. W. Dwight. NOTICE. OFFICE OF THE SOUTHERN INSUR ANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, Savannah, Ga.. Jan. 13, 1865. A meeting of the Stockholders of this Com pany will be held at their office on Saturday, the 21st instant, between the hours of 12 and 2 o’clock, P. M., for the purpose of electing five (n) Directors, to fill vacancies in the Board for the current year. Jail IS 3t n. BRIGHAM, President. U f\UR HOUSE,” By W. T. HOUSE & CO., No. 165 Bay Street, Up Stairs. Meals at all honrg of the day. Oysters con stantly on hand. Fresh Shad. Wild Duck, and other game, whenever procurable, aud the best the market affords at all times. jan IS Headqu artsbs U. S. Forces, Savannah, GA., Jan. 19, 1365. General Order,) No. 1. J Pursuant to General Orders from the Head quarters of the Department of the South, the un dersigned hereby assumes command of the Dis trict and Post of Savannah. Existing orders will continue in force until fur ther orders. C. GROVER. Brevet Major General, Commanding. DRY WOOD WANTED—IN ANY QUANTU TY from one to fifty cords. Highest prices will be paid. Apply at this office, TQUNBARS & FRANZ, NO. 10 MERCHANTS’ ROW, Hilton Head, S. C. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN SUTLERS’. GOODS Os all Descriptions. ts. Office Savannah Water Works, City Exchange Building, January 17, 1864. Abater takers who have not paid /» for water up to the Ist May next, a»b no tified that they are required to make immediate payment at this office, or the water will be shut off from their premises forthwith. The rates for water will be the same as that charged last year. T. J. LAMBERT, Lt. and A. A. Q. M., M. D. M., in charge of Water Works. janlT ts TIT ANTED, * ▼ ONE HUNDRED MEN ! Capable of handling Cotton and stowing it on board ship. Also, TEN STEVEDORES To direct the same. For the former ONE DOLLAR PER DAY AND RATIONS Will be paid. For the latter TWO DOLLARS PER DAY AND RATIONS. Those meu are desired to report to LIEUT.-COL. RANSOM, A. Q. M., Immediately at White’s Cotton Press. ALBERT G. BROWNE, Sup. Special Agent of the Treasury Dep’t. 3th Special Agency. STEELE & BURBANK, 11 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. Call the attention of Wholesale and Retail pur chasers to their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING ANP FURNISHING GOODS, Matches. Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware. Swords, Sashes, Belts, Embroderies, Boots, Caps, Field Glasses, Gauntlets Gloves, »fcc., &c., &c. DRUGS AND MEDICINES!! Jnst. landed from New York, a large assort ment of Drugs, Chemicals, and Perfumery’, viz. Lubin’s Extracts, Edrihi’s, do.; Colognes, Pom ades, Hair tonics of the finest quality, Tooth Pow der, Pastes and Washes. A large quantity of Patent Medicines, Pills and Ointments. A nice lot of Bathing, Carnage and Velvet Sponges. Flea Powder, producing instant death. Pure Soda Water from Stone Fountains, with the choicest syrups. All orders will receive prompt attention. W. M. WALSH, M. I)., 13 Merchants’ Row. Hilton Head, S. C. Hkapq’ss Mil, Drv. of ttif Mi a sfss;ppi. In the Field, Savannah. Ga., Jan. 8, 1865. Special Field Orders! No. 6. ) The General Commanding announces to the troops composing the Military Division of the Mississippi that he has received from the Presi dent of the United States and from Lieutenant General Grant, letters conveying the ! r high sense and appreciation of he campaign just closed, re sulting in the capture of Savannah and the de feat of Hood’s army in Tennessee. In order that all may understand the import ance of events, it is proper to revert to the situa tion of affairs in September last. We held At lanta, a city of little value to us, but so impor tant to the enemy that Mr. Davis, the head of the rebellious faction in the South, visited the army near Palmetto, and commanded it to re gain it, as well as to rnin'and destroy us by a series of measures which he thought would be effectual. That army by a rapid march gained our railroad at Big Shanty, and afterwards about Dalton. We pursued it, but it moved so rapidly that we could not overtake it, and General Hood led his army successfully far over towards. Mis sissippi, in hopes to decoy us out of Georgia.— But we wero not thus to be led away by him, and preferred to lead and control events our selves. Generals Thomas and Schofield, com manding Departments in our rear, returned to their posts and prepared to decoy General Hood into their meshes, whilst we came on to com plete the original journey. We quietly and de liberately destroyed Atlanta and all the railroads which the enemy had used to carry on war against us, occupied his State Capital, and then captured his commercial capital, which had been so strongly fortified from the sea as to defy ap proach from that quarter, Almost at the moment of our victorious entry into Savannah, came the welcome and expected news that our comrades in Tennessee had also fulfilled nobly and well their part, had decoyed General Hood to Nashville, and then turned on him, defeating his army thoroughly, capturing nearly all his artillery, great numbers of prison ers, and were still pursuing the fragments dowu into Alabama. So complete a success in milita ry operations, extending over half a contingent,is an achievement that entitles it to a place in the military history of the world. The armies serv ing in Georgia and Tennessee, as well as the lo cal garrisons of Decatur, Bridgeport, Chattanoo ga, and Murfreesboro, are alike entitled to the common honors, and each regiment may in scribe on its colors at pleasure the words “Sa vannah’’ or “Nashville.’’ The General-in Chief embraces in the same general success the operations of the cavalry column under Generals Stoneman asd Burbridge, and Gfllem, that penetrates into South-west Vir ginia and paralized the efforts of the enemy to disturb the peace and safety of East Tennessee. Instead of being put on the defensive, we have at ail points assumed the bold offensive, ana completely thwarted the designs of the enemies of our country. By order of Major General W. T. SHERMAN. L. M. Dayton, Major and Assistant Adjutant General. llhapq’s Mil. Drv, of the Mississippi. In the Field, Savannah, Ga., Jan. 15, 1865, Special Field Orders,> No. 13. / The Department, of the South having been placed within the sphere of this command, and it being highly desirable that an uniform policy prevail touching commerce and intercourse with tne inhabitants of the South, the following gen eral rules and principles will be adhered to un less modified by law or the orders of the War Department: I. Commerce with foreign nations cannot lie permitted or undertaken until the national au thority is established to au extent that will give the necessary courts and officers to control and manage such matters. Trade will be confined to a mere barter and sale proportioned to the ne nessary wants of the armv, and of the inhabi tants dependant on it for the necessities of life, and even that trade must be kept subject to strict military control or surveillance. „ J*- Tr a( *j Btorps ho permitted at Beaufort, Hilton Head. Savannah, Fernandina, St. Augus te and Jacksonville, in all the articles of food and clothing groceries ladies and c hilden jjoods generally, and articles not contraband of war. To trade is a privilege, and no person will be a.lowed to buy and sell for profit unless he be a citizen or the United States, and sub scribe to any legal oath or obligation that is or may be prescribed by law; and at points threat ened by an enemy, the officer commanding may further exact as a condition, that the trader shall himself engage to serve, iu some military ca pacity, to aid in the defence of the place. IV. Persons desiring to trade will apply to the commanding officer of the Post and obtain his written consent, specifying the kind, nature and extent of the trade, and when he requires importations from northern cities he will in like manner apply for his permit. The commanding officer of the Post may appoint some good officer to supervise these matters, who will frequently inspect the stores, and w r hen there is not suffi cient competition will fix the prices of sale.— These stores will in like manner be subject to the supervision of the Commanding General of the Department of the South by himself or an inspector General. V. In order that purchases may be made with economy, the commanding officer of each Post will make reports of his action in regard to trade, with the names of traders, amounts of goods desired for sale, <fcc., to the commanding general of the department, who will, in like manner, make full reports to the Secretary of the United States Treasury, to the end that he may instruct the collectors of ports from which shipments are expected as to the necessary per mits and clearances. It being utterly impracti cable lha a general commanding military oper ations should give his personal attention to such matters, it fe desirable that as mnch power m possible should be delegated to Post command ers, and they should be held to the strictest ac count that no trade is permitted injurious to the military interests of the United States. VI. Sales of cotton will be restricted absolutely to the United States Treasury agents, and no title in cotton or bill of sale will be respected until after the cotton is sold at New York— Country people having small lots of cotton are permitted to bring the same in to be exchanged for food and clothing for their families. The Quartermaster will set aside a store or ware house, to which each wagon bearing cotton will, after entering the military lines, proceed direct, where an agent of thffti’reasury Department will receive and weigh tiweyame, and pay for it the price fixed in the Bth section of the Act, of Con gress, approved July 2, 1804, viz: three-fourths the value of cotton as quoted in the Now York market; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby requested to make appointments of agents to carry ortt the provisions of said act at the posts of Hilton Head, Savannah, Fernandi na and Jacksonville. VTI. In order that the duties hereby imposed on commanding officers of Posts may not be neglected or slighted by the changes incident to rank and changes of troops, the Commanding General of the Department of the South will ap point a special officer to command at each of said Posts, with a small garrison, not to changed withont bis order; and when other troops, commanded by a senior, are added or ar rive, the command of the post will not change, but the additional troops will be encamped near by and act according to special instructions. By order of Maj. Gen. W. T. SHERMAN. L. M. Dayton, Major and Asst. Adj’t Gen. TVT OTICE. 1 ’ Office Chief Q. M. Detox. Savannah, Ga., Jan. 17, 1965. All persons in this city having in their posses sion Horses, Moles, Wagons, Carts and Drays not already in the employ of the Quartermaster’s Department, will forthwith report them at the office of the Chief Depot Quartermaster, 84 Bay Street. By order of „. Brig.-Gen. L. C. EASTON, Chief Quartermaster. GEO. B. CADWALL ADER, Capt. and A. Q. M., Chief Q. M. Depot. O FECIAL NOTICE. O Office Chief Quartermaster’s Depot, Savannah, Jan. 9, 1865. All officers of the Quartermaster’s Department having means of transportation which they de sire to turn in at this Depot, are notified that Lieut. F. Hope, A. A. Q. M., is now ready to re ceive the same. .. ~ Hi? office is at Bay Street, north side. Bv order of y Brig.-Gen. L. C. EASTON, Chief Quartermaster, GEO. B. CADWALLADER, Captain and A. Q. M.» Chief Quartermaster’s Depot. OST OFFICE.—COL. A. H. MARKLAND-. Special Agent Post Office Department re, quests all Citizens now holding the keys to Lock Boxes to return them forthwith in that boxes may be assigned. tf* ;’s Depot,