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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, January 23, 1865, Image 2

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J&nrattiwfe saily §wml& BY S. W. MASON AND CO. SAVANNAH, MONDAY, JAN. 23, 1565. THE SOUTHERN PRESS ON THE , REBELLION. - Perhaps there is no power in the des potic power of Jeff. Davis that has done more to sustain the flagging energies of the Southern aimies and people than the press, Shut out as the have been from all access to Northern news, they have been confined to these lying sheets for all information relative to civil and military matters. These have represented tbe Federal troops as a horde of barbarians who have respected neither tottering age nor lisping childhood—who violated person and property with a savage wantonness that would shame Attiila and his savage horde. They have pictured the North ern—or Yankee army as it has been called—as cruel invaders come to over run the rich lands of the South and fatten on the spoil. To such a pitc h has this been carried that the child in the cradle has been hushed by the bug-bear “Yankee soldier,” and the chaste matron and timid maiden have trembled at the ap proach of our armies. We could refer to old files of Savannah papers, now ly ing in our office, in conformation of our assertions. Most of these papers have been in the of the Confederate Government. Some have held fat sinacures,"while others have freely dropped their hands into the Treasury box, and are therefore well paid for lying. It is not surprising, therefore, that they have been the cats paw by which Jeff. Davis has drawn the deluded people of the Southern States into his meshes and brought desolation to 4imost every fireside. With a wonderful affrontery they have ingeniously twisted the mo3t crushing defeats into glorious victories, and flat ; tered their dupes that the Southern .cause was never so flourishing as when the Federal army was sweeping through their country, with their armies fleeing before them,,and capturing their forts and cities wholesale. If a defeat chanc -• ed to be so crushing that they could not have the brazen sophistry to manufac ture it into a victory, they console their readers by assuring them that the whole 'was a grand strategical movement-on < tbe part of their generals, that they were /merely drawing the enemy into a well ; set snare from which they could not ex i trieate themselves. 'Then if the Northern papers heralded '‘ ihe victory to the world it was but an * other trick of the lying Yankee press. It is time that the good people of the \ South should think for themselves, open their eyes to the true state of things and not be misguided by a hireling press. Since the occupation of Savannah by the Federal troops, the inhabitants have eh&d an opportunity of judging for them • selves. Though large bodies of troops have been encamped in and around their city, and large military movements in '■operation, still all this has been done *■ without parade or bustle, or any vexa tious annoyance to any one. We have yet to learn that the least insult has been v offered to person or property. Guards . and sentries have been placed at different points for the preservation of peace and order, who quietly go their rounds with out hurt or molestation to any one. In fact everything is so quiet in this lovely city, justly called—“the Forest '"City”—that one would almost think it vwaa some old Knickerbocker town waking up from a Rip-Van-Winkle siesta. The Yankee army has not come here either as marauders or invaders— they have come here to sustain the glo rious Union for which our fathers bled, and the preservation of which they be queathed to their children as the richest legacy. For this the Federal armies are contending, and will to the last, but are ready and willing to grasp, in the bond of brotherhood, the hands of their Southern brothers as soon as they give up their fraticidal strife and return to the glorious old Union of our Fathers. We will continue this subiect further. THE CO.VmiHTIOSS FROM THE WORTH. The cargo of provisions brought b}’ the Rebecca Clyde is nearly all distribu ted throughput the city. The New York Committee, which came to the city in charge of the provisions, will probably leave to morrow or Wed nesday. The Daniel Webster has not yet come to the dock, but it is probable she will get there this afternoon. Pro visions of every description to the amount of fifty thousand dollars are on board. This vessel was sent out by Col. Julian Allen, who expects to arrive here himself in a few days. The Greyhound, from Boston, also laden with provisions, is expected here hourly, and is the river. The inauguration of this entire relief movement at the North may be traced to Col. Allen. His Untiring exertions in the cause, both in New York and Boston, are deserving of much credit. He made eloquent addresses at meetings in both of those citids, which had the effect of opening the purse-strings of the wealthy merchants and business men generally. The Supplies for the City of Savan nah. — The Daniel Webs.ter has not yet arrived from below. The Greyhound has left Port Royal for here, but has not got up the river yet. following Com mittees have been appointed in the sev eral Fire Districts by the Mayor, to attend to the distribution, under direction of His Honor, the Council and Capt. Veale: Thomas Holcombe, Chairman. Jos. S. Caruthers, Secretary. District No. I—John B. Barnwell, W. 11. Tison. Alternate—A. Fawcett. District No. 2—Thomas S. Wayne. Thos. 11. Harden. Alternate—Hadley. District No. 3—Jacob Miller, Benj. L. Cole. , District No. 4—Win. Morel, Sol. Zeig ler. District No. s—Alonzo Day, John B. Hogg. Alternate—John Ryan. District No. 6-Wm. L. Vroom, Win. H. Bordley. Removal of Obstructions. —We are informed that the pens of ballast placed in the North Channel, or a portion of them, have been removed, so as to render the main ship channel navigable for ves -1 sels of light draught. There are many other obstructions yet to be removed, but under the management of Capt. Ben nett, of the Board of Underwriters, and his indefatigable corps, we hope, at an early day to be able to report the remo val of these impediments to our river navigation. Those in the South Channel and at the mouth of King’s cut will be attended to as soon as the work in the North Chan nel is completed. Mr. 0. T. Gilman's name was inad vertantly printed C- F. Gilbert in the Herald of Saturday. He was a passen ger here by the Ajax, and is Superin tendent of the U. S. Senate Document Room, at Washington. | LETTER FROM PHILADELPHIA. [Correspondence of the Savannah Herald,] Philadelphia, Jan. 15, 1865. Dear Herald :—After an absence of i two and a half years in the army, I find myself once more treading the soil of the old Keystone State, having received a thirty-day fnrlough from Maj. General Foster, commanding the Department of the South. I find, in my intercourse with men of business here, that the strongest Union feeling prevails. “No compromise with traitors" is the uniuersal sentiment,” — “The Union must and shall be preserv ep,” should it sacrifice the last man and dollar in Pennsylvania. But while these sentiments are uppermost with nine tenths of our population, the people are ready to receive with open arms those of our brethren who are willing to lay down their arms and return to their former al legiance . Our public spirited citizens have held a meeting in aid of the suffering peo ple of Savannah. On the 12th inst. to the amount of $4,000 Were handed in, and it is thought that the sum will reach $30,000. In what country on the face of the globe, dear Herald, would such sympathy be exhib ited, under a recognized government, for those recently in rebellion against it ? But the people of the United States, as sooii as they perceive the slightest ten dency toward loyalty by th eir erring friends, have on every occasion given that tendency encouragement and sup port. The fact is, dear Herald, the people of the loyal States have never looked upon the great mass of Georgians as disloya to the Government. They have looked upon them as the victim of circumstan ces. The weighty arguments of the great speech of Mr Stephens, of Georgia, no doubt had been well pondered by the citizens of your State, and they are now realizing its truths. The following subscriptions, in addi tion to those previously announced in this letter has been made. The names of subscribers will be remembered by the former business men of Savannah : Jay Cooke & Cos., SSOO E. S.Whelan & Cos., 100 Alfred Cope, 500 Cash, SIOO Henry Cope, 500 J. R. Fry, 100 Cope Bros., 500 B. W. Adams, 100 S. & W. Welsh, 250 C. B. Wright, 100 DeHaven Bros., 250 Thomas A.Biddle, 100 Smith & Randolph, 250 F. M. Reazor, 50 Clarkson & Cos., 250 D. Gilbert, M. D;. 50 A. T. Lane, 200 De Coursey, Lafour- Massey,Coliins&Co.,2oo. cade & Cos., 50 Harris, Shortridge fFrothingham & & Cos., 200: Wells, 50 Farnham, Kirkham |J. M, Wya, 50 & Cos., 200 Wilson, Cannell & Coffin & Altemus, 200: Cos., 50 Joseph Shipley, of H. Hartshorne, 50 Del., 500;A. J. Dolger, 50 Henry Bohlen, 200 G F. Ward & Cos., 50 Brookhill & Wilson, lOO.Cash, 50 Wood, March, & IR. F. Raley 50 Haywood. 100 ;J. S. Withers, 50 Jas. L. Claghorn. 100iJ. E. Fox & Cos., 50 Jos. Lea & Cos., lOOjC. F. Yerker, 50 M. C. Cope, lOOiAbraham Baker, 50 J. S. Earle & Sons, lOOj J. E Lewars, 50 Alex. Brown, lOOiCash, 50 F. J. Sylvester, 100;E. S. Whelan, 50 M. Shults, 100i.T. R. Legee, 50 J. Graham, lOOjThos, Sewardsoa Stanbridge & Cos., 100: & Cos., 50 Walton & Yost, 100jLittle,Stoker & Cos., 50 W. G. Huey, lOOiCash, 5 Work.M’Cough&Co.looip. G. Oliver, 5 Davis Brothers, 100 j A., 1 Total, $7,561 I fear that I have already monopolized too much space. With the assurance that you will hear from me again I close this letter. M. J. McK. An old pocket book, evidently be longing to a soldier, has been left at our office by the finder, for identification.— Its contents consist or papers of no value except to the owner. ' The Steamship Arago, Henry Gads den commander, from New York at 6 r . m., Tuesday, Jan. 17, with schooner R. C. A. Ward in tow, arrived at Port Royal at 11, a. m., Jan. 21st. On Thursday, 20th inst., at daylight, 50 miles north of Hatteras, passed U. S. Steamers Pow hattan, Susquehanna and Minnesota, and two ohter steamers, names unknown. She brought the following passengers:— Brig.-Gen. J. J. Fuller, Mrs. Gen. Don aldson, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Miss Hoadlev, Lt.-Col. Orren Starr, Mr. Hart ley, Miss L. Staats, Mrs. Ausman, J. R. Snyder, Mrs. J. R. Snyder, Lt.-Col- Farnsworth, C. L. Robinson, W. S. Kid der, Hon. P. Frazer, S. N. Hoyt, J. H. Ehle, Dr. R. Titsworth, C. L. Mather, G. F. Doak, V. Precht, F. T. Willis, A. T. Miller, C. Demarest, J. M. Demarest, E. Waldron, Messrs, Adams, Kingman, Marvin, Noble, Attix, Graves, Tilden, Mayo, Platt, Dorr, Steele, Griswold, God ley, Poole, Shepherd, Miller, Atwood, Newman/Bestick, Price; Hawks. Kim berly, Osborne ; Surgeon Luaring, Asst. Surgeon Marboury, Bass. Bougkman, Murphy, Sewell, Captains Wilson, Wyck ott, Ilartsell, Snodgrass, Sears, Swift, Ellis, Callanhan, Griffiths; Lieuts. Ketch - um, Batterson, Yates, Castle. McKenzie, Cartrigkt, Bergman, Mitchell, Bryants, Breck, Ludlow, Whitney, Northrop, Wolfe, Jarretkers; Mr. O-I*. Miller, Rev. W. H. Tiffamy, Rogers, Brouse, Curtis, Tasker and 597 in stearage. [From the Herald Extra of Yesterday.] Official Report of the Cap ture of Fort Fisher. THIS FORT CAMtran B3T ASSAULT. 1,200 Prisoners Captured. Ora LOSS ABOUT 500. GET. WHITHC AND COL. LAMB CAP TIRED. Special Dispatch TO THE SAVANNAH DAILY HERALD m New York City, Tuesday Jan. 17, 5:40 o'clock, p. m. To the Savannah Daily Herald : The following is just being published here in an extra: Washington, Tuesday, Jau. 17, 10.40 A. M- Mam'-Gcneral J. A. Dix : The following official dispatches have just been received at this department; Headquarters, U. S. Forces, On Federal Point, N. C. % Jan. 15, via Fortress Monroe, January 17, 1865- Brigadier-Geveral J. A. Rawlins: General: I have the honor to report Jjhat “Fort Fisher” was carried by as- Ifctult this afternoon and evening by Gen- Ames' Division and the 2d Brigade of the Ist Division of the 25th Army Corps, gaHantly aided by a battalion of marines and seamen from the Navy. . The assault was preceded by a heavy bombardment from the Union fleet, and was made at 3.30 P. M., when the Ist Brigade (Curtis’) of Ames’ Division, ef fected a lodgement on the parapet, but full possession of the work was not ob tained until 10 P. M. The behavior of both officers and men was most admirable. All the works south of Fort Fisher are now occupied by our troops. We have not less than 1,200 prisoners, including Gen. Whiting and Col. Lamb, the commandant of the Fort. I regret to say that our loss 13 severe, especially in officers. lam not yet able to form any estimate of the number of casualties. Alfred H. Terry, Brevet Major General. * Com'd’ng Expedition. Fort Fisher, Monday, Jan. 16, 2 a. m. After a careful reconnoisaucc on the