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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, January 23, 1865, Image 4

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Hkadq’Bß Mil, Div. of thf Mississippi, In the Field, Savannah, Ga., Jan. 8, 1865. Spbcial Fikld Orders \ No. 6. f The General Commanding announces to the troops composing the Military Division of the Mississippi that he has received from the Presi dent of the United States and from Lieutenant General Grant, letters conveying their high sense and appreciation of he campaign just closed, re sulting in the capture of Savannah and the de feat of Hood’s army in Tennessee. In order that all may understand the import ance of events, it is proper to revert to the situa tion of affairs in September last. We held At lanta, a city of little value to us, but so impor tant to the enemy that Mr. Davis, the head of the rebellious faction in the South, visited the army near Palmetto, and commanded it to ro gain'it, as well as to ruin'and destroy us by a series of measures which he thought would be effectual. That army by a rapid march gained our railroad at Big Shanty, and afterwards about Dalton. We pursued it, but it moved so rapidly that we could not overtake it, and General Hood led his army successfully far over towards Mis sissippi, in hopes to decoy us out of Georgia.— But we were not thus to be led sway by him, and preferred to lead and control events our selves. Generals Thomas and Schofield, com manding Departments in our rear, returned to their posts and prepared to decoy General Hood into their meshes, whilst we came on to com plete the original journey. We quietly and de liberately destroyed Atlanta and all the railroads which the enemy had used to carry on war against ns. occupied his State Capital, and then captured his commercial capital, which had been so strongly fortified from the sea as to dely ap proach from that quarter, Almost at the moment of our victorious entry into Savannah, came the welcome and expected news that our comrades in Tennessee had also fulfilled nobly and well their part, had decoyed General Hood to Nashville, and then turned on him. defeating his army thoroughly, capturing nearly all his artillery, great numbers of prison ers, and were still pursuing the fragments down into Alabama. So complete a success in milita ry operations, extending over half a continent,is an achievement that entitles it to a place in the military history of the world. The armies serv ing in Georgia and Tennessee, as well as the lo cal garrisons of Decatur, Bridgeport. Chattanoo ga, and Murfreesboro, are alike entitled to the common henors, and each regiment may in scribe on its colors at pleasure the words “Sa vannah” or ‘ Nashville.” The General-in Chief embraces in the same general success the operations of the cavalry column under Generals Stoneman and Burbridge, find Gillem, that penetrates into South-west Vir ginia and paralized the efforts of the enemy to disturb the peace and safety of East Tennessee. Instead of being put on the defensive, we have at all points assumed the bold offensive, and completely thwarted the designs of the enemies of our country. By order of Major General W. T. SHERMAN. L. M. Day*on, Major and Assistant Adjutant General. Books and stationery'. Just received at the Palmetto Herald Store a large shipment of goods from New York and Boston, embracing " POEMS. .Longfellow, Bryant. Whittier, Tennyson, Mrs wiling, in blue and cold. STANDARD NOVELS. Cooper. Dickens, Tbaekerav. Dumas, Chas Reude, Wilkie Collins, Mrs, Grey, Trollope, and is— POPULAR NOVELS. t.iKixxrs- Emily .Chester, Down in Ten nessee. Ac.—cloth. MISCELLANEOUS. English Letter Writers. Song Books, Cookery 1 1 eis. Pocket Dictionaries, (severa styles;, Hoyle’s Games. Ac. MILITARY WORKS. Patten’s and Hardee’s Infantry Tactics Brandt’s Gunnery; Field and Heavy Artillery r TL> r* f SCHOOL BOOKS. Geographies and Atlases. Grammars, Readers* Arithmetics, Spelling Books: also. Dime Novels Beadle’s and Munroe’s), and a full supply o standard and other Novels, in paper covers. ' STATIONERY. “Medallion.” “Agawam,” • Crystal,” “Man hattan,” and “Dove” Mills Note, “Fran conia,” “AgawnmA’ “ Wiuthrop,” “Manhattan, and “Crystal” Quarto, “Manhattan” and *• Franconia” Cap; Bill and Legal Cap .- Music Paper. Billet. Note, Letter, and Official Envelopes— assorted styles—white, buff", cream, lemon, salmon, and opaque. Pencils in great variety. Pens.—GiUotf’s 303. 304, 262, and “Swan Qufil:" Washington Medallion. Quill. Repub- Lean. Falcon. Index, Commercial and Eagle Gold Pens, various sizes, with and without cases. Ruling Pens, in Ivor}’ and Ebony. Arnold’s Writing Fluid, qts. and pis.: Maynard & Noyes do., qts. aid pts.. and stands : Blue and Carmine Ink. Rubber and Ebony Eulers—round, square and. fiat. Paper Folders, wood and ivory. Seal ing Wax. assorted colors. Ink Stands, every style. Pen Racks • Cribbage, Backgammon and and Chess Boards; Chess, wood and ivory: Dice and Dice Cups; Dominoes; Playing Cards: ikiissors; Knives; Match Safes; Pocket Books: Eyelets: Tooth, Nail and Hair Brushes: Combs: Pencil Sharpeners ; Split Ring’s : Cork Screws, portfolios of every style. Slates, assorted sizes. Account Books, (1, 2,3 , 4 and 5 quires} octavo, quarto and cup. Photograph Albums (of best manufacture): 100, ff 1 ,40, 10. 20, 12 Pictures : Pocket ar.d Ext nsion Albums. A full assortment of Plain and Colored Card 3 ho tog 1 aphs. Ac., Ac., <fcc.. to which wc invite uttention of Dealers Public general] v, C. SAYIL.Lt: & CO. Hilton Head, S. C. 'J'HE SAVANNAH DAILY HERALD OFFICE is at No. 11l Bay street. U OOD LIVING,” VJT At reasonable prices, can be had at the EAGLE OYSTER and REFRESHMENT SA LOON, in the rear of the New Post Office, Hilton Head. S. C. I have the very best facilities for famishing OYSTERS, CLAMS, MEATS, POUL TRY. VEGETABLES, &c., from the North and other places in this vicinity. Cooked to order froth 6 A. M. to 8 P. M. PETER FITZGERALD, Proprietor. P. S.—One trial is respectfully solicited. LLIST OF PRICES FOR THE REGULATION OF THE SALES OF THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES IN THE CITY OF SAVANNAH : Apples sl2 00 Blacking, bottles or boxes, large 50 “ “ small 25 Boots, Cavalry, best $8 to 25 00 Brushes, Tooth, best 1 00 “ Hair, best 1 00 Butter 75. Cheese per pound 50 Combs, with mirror 75 “ plain 50 “ India rubber 50 “ Horn 15 “ “ tine 30 Candles, Adamentine, per pound 40 SROARS ANT) TOIiAOOO. Smoking Tobacco, “C. H. Lillenthah” per pound. $2 00 Navy Tobacco, “Le Nevin,” per lb 1 75 Tin Foil, “LillenthaV per package 25 Havana Segars, No. 1, per box 15 00 “ “ “ “ “ 10 00 Concha’s Tobacco, “ “ 7 50 Tobacco, bags 50 “ bladders ‘ 50 Pipes, Brienvood . 1 00 ‘ ‘ Rose 50 “ Apple 50 Potatoes, per barrel 9 00 Pickles, in glass (quarts} l 00 “ (half gallon} 175 Mackerel, in cans 1 00 Whftefish, in cans 2 00 Haddock, in cans 1 75 Peaches, 1 lb. cans l 00 Peaches, 2 lb. cans 1 75 Egg Plum, 2 !b. cans l 75 Peas, 2 “ l 75 Tomatoes, 2 “ 100 Can Meats, l 00 Can Poultry, 1 50 Lobsters, can, 1 00 Oysters, “ 100 Mustard, half pints 50 Chow Chow, 1 50 Cranberry Sauce, 1 50 Lemons, per box, 40 00 Oranges, 40 00 Milk, condensed, per can, 1 00 Soap, toilet, fine, per box of 4 pieces, 2 00 “ Atlantic, 40 Mirrors, pocket,best, 1 00 Mirrors, pocket, 2d class, 75 RUBBER GOODS. Coats, : 20 00 Talmas, with sleeves, 30 00 Pouches 20 00 Caps, * 400 Pails. ... 5 00 Boots, 15 00 Woolen Shirts, 5 00 to 7 00 White Linen Shirts, 5 00 Suspenders, Ist class, 2 50 “ 2d class, 1 50 Gloves, Buck, 3 00 Gauntietts, *. 3 50 Cotton Gloves, 1 00 lleai q’u’s Mil. Div. of thf. Mississippi. In the Field,' Savannah, Ga., Jan. 14, 1865. Special Field Orders,) No. 12. > IT being represented that the Confederate army and armed bands of robbers, acting professedly under the authority of the Confede rate Government are hamissing t’ue people of Georgia and endeavoring to intimidate thi-m in th* efforts they are. making to secure to them selves provisions, clothing, security to life and property, and the restoration of l*aw and good government in the State, it is hereby orderedrtind made public: Ist. That the farmers of Georgia mav bring into Savannah, Femandina or Jacksonville? Florida, marketing, such as beef, pork, mutton vegetables of any kind, fish, Ac., as well as cot ton in small quantities, and sell the same in open market, except the cotton, which must be sold bv or through the Tre asm y Agents, and may invest the proceefis in family stores, such as bacon and fiour, in any reasonable quantities, groce ries, shoes and clothing, and articles not contra hand’ ol war, and carry the same back to their families. No trade store wil! be attempted in the interior, or stocks ol goods sold for them, but families may club together lor mutual assist ance and protection in coining and going. 2d. The people at e encouraged' to meet to gether in peaceful assemblages to discuss meas ures looking to their safety and good government and Die restoration of State and National au thority. and will be protected by the National army when so doing; and ail peaceable inhabi tant,- who satisfy the commanding officers that they are earnestly laboring to that end, must not only be 1 est undisturbed in property and person, but must be protected as far as possible, consist ent with the military operations. If any farmer or peaceable inhabitant is molested bv the ene my, viz : the Confederate army or guerrillas, be cause of his friendship to the National Govern ment, the perpetrator, if caught, will besumnra ly punished, or his family made to suffer lor the outrage: but if the crime cannot be traced to the actual party, then retaliation will he made on the adherents to the cause of the Rebellion— should a*Union man be murdered, then a Rebel selected by lot will be shot—or if a Union family be persecuted on account of* the cause, a Rebel family will be banished to a foreign land. In aggravated cases letal.ation w ill extend as hu h as five for one. All commanding officers will act promptly in su Ji cases, and report their ; ction after the retaliation is done. By order of Major General W. T. Snr.r»'AN. L. M. Dayton, A. A. G. gg Headquarters Clty cf Savannah, January 10th, 1565. General Ordees,) No. 4. f THE streets, sidewalks, alleys and premises within lh:s city must be kept clean and well policed. The Provost Marshal of each District will ap point an efficient officer to superintend this mat ter. and will detail such assistants as may be ne cessary. All persons occupying buildings or grounds, o whatever description, will be required to keep the sidewalks and alleys bordering upon them thoroughly policed at all times, having the sweepings piled up at the sides of the streets. The offal or sweepings from camps must be removed beyond the city limits by the troops oc cupying the camps. The Post Quartermaster will assign a certain number of teams to each district to haul the other sweepings out of the city. These teams will be under control of the officers appointed to superintend the work in each district, who wil be held responsible that the work is promptly and thoroughly done. By Command of Brig,-Gen. JOHN W. GEARY', Commanding W. T. Forges, A. A. G._ Headquarters City of Savannah, January 14,1865. General Order) No. 5. f I. Any person found injuring or defacing buildings, fences, shrubbery, &c., within the city limits, will be arrested and placed at hard labor. The special attention of Pro vost Officers and Guards, is hereby again* ca iieu to this cubject, with special reference to Parks, Squares and Burying grounds. Tlq. * provost Marshal’s Department will be held responsible for tne strictest enforcement of this order, as been officially reported that certain persons owning buildings in this eitv are charg ing exorbitant rents for the same and that in many instances they have increased the rents rnuen beyond what they charged in Confederate currency, prior to our occupation of the city.— Such acts oppress the poor, and are without ex cuse There being no other source of redress at present except the military authoirty, Provost Marshale of districts will take cognizance o( all such cases which may be brought before them and will interfere to prevent injustice of the character specified. Bv order of 'Brevet Maj. Gen. JOHN W. GEARY, Commanding. W. T. Forbes, A. A. G. janl7 Headquarters, City of Savannah, Ga., January 19, 1565. General Of.ders,) No. 6. / IN ACCORDANCE WITH ORDERS RE CEIVED. the command of this city is to-day transferred to Maj. Gen. C. Grover. All officers and men belonging to the 2d divis ion, 20ch corps, who are on special duty in this city, unless assigned to such duty by orders from superior authority, are hereby relieved, and will at oneegeport to their commands for duty, being relieved by others under command of Gem Grover. The General Commanding embraces this occa sion to thank the Mayor and Aldermen of this city for their valuable co-operation: and the citi zens generally for the cordiality with which thev have acquiesced and assisted him in all measures for the public good. Believing that very soon the time will come when military government will no longer be necessary in this city, the Gen eral now takes his farewell of it, and commends it and its inhabitants to his successor, trusting that they will extend to him the same confidence and courtesy which have rendered the relations heretofore subsisting so satisfactory. By order of . Brevet Major Gen. J, W. GEARY. W. T. Forres. A. A. G. • Headquarters City’ or Savannah, Dec. 24th, 1864. General Orders,) No. 2. f IFOR CONVENIENCE IN MILITARY GOV • eminent, all that portion of the City*lying east of Bull street, is designated as the Eastern District: that lying west of Bull street, as the Western District. Col. Wm, B. Moods, 70th Ohio Vols., is ant nonneed as Provost Marshal of the Eastern Dis trict. Ills Headquarters will be in the U. S. Barracks, on Bull street. Col. H. A. Barmim, 140th New York Vols., is announced as Provost Marshal of the Western District. Ills Headquarters will be near the cor ner of Barnard and South Broad streets. All applications for protection of persons and private property, or lor redress of grievances, will be made to the Provost Marshal of the Dis trict, or to the nearest officer of the guard. 11. Each Regiment on Provost duty will be held responsible for the peace and good order of its section. The Provost Marshals of Districts will number the sections assigned to these regi ments. 111. All public and private property will be protected; and whenever necessary for such pur pose, special guards will be assigned. No private property will he' taken or used against the consent of the owners, except upon mu order from proper authority. IV. Officers and others, entitled to quarters for "Vs OTICE. A > Office Chief Q. M. Depot. A „ . Savannah, G% Jan. 17, 1865. ' All persons in this city having in their posses sion Horses, Mules, Wagons, Carts and Drays not already in the employ of the Quartermaster’s Department will forthwith report them at the office of the Chief Depot Quartermaster, 84 Bav Street. J By order of Brig.-Gen. L. C. EASTON, Chief Quartermaster. GEO. B. CADWALEADER, Capt. and A. Q. M., Chief Q. M. Depot. S'ivate or public use, will make application to* rig. Gen. Easton, Chief Quartermaster. V. All persons within the City, who have bee in any way connected with the rebel army, wi 11 ’ report w’it'hont delay to Captain Ira B. Seymoull Provost Marshal, (office m Exchange building,} and there register their names. VI. No citizen will be arrested except for mts demeanor or upon written orders from these Headquarters or from a Provost Marshal. VII. The Fire Department of this city has beeit represented by the civil authorities as' highly es ficient. Mr. Casey, acting Chief of the #ire‘De~ partment, is authorized to continue operations and will be held responsible for the faithful per formance of his duties. All members of the dif ferent Fire Companies will continue subject to his orders, and neglect of duty on their part vd be duly punished. In case of fire, the Provdst Marshal of the District will send immediately strong detachments of guards to preserve order in the vicinjtv. VIII. Those persons connected with the Water Works and Gas Works of the City, will continue to perform their duties as usual: The Manager of these Works will apply to the Provost M ar shal of the District in which they are located for sufficient guards for the protection of the Works, together w ith the fuel and other material per taming to them. IX. All soldiers found within the city limits,, absent from their camps without passes from? their respective commanders, wiil be and sent to their commands. X. Capt. Silas Spicer is announced as Harbor Master ol this Port, and invested with foil au thor, ty for the transaction of business in his De-- partment. Office on Bay, opposite Drayton XI. Citizens desirous of leaving the city to <*& within the Rebel lines, will make application at these Headquarters. They will be transported to our exterior picket line. XII. Citizens destitute of provisions, can make application at the City Store, where they will be supplied upon the order of Dr. Arnold, Mayor of, the City. XIII.* Reveille will be beaten at OA, M. Tat* tor at BP. M. Taps at 9. After Taps, all en listed men found on the streets who are not on duty, and who have not proper pstsses, will be arrested by the Patrol. Suspicious or disorderly characters will also be arrested after that hour Care must be taken in carrying out this order npt to make improper arrests of citizens who may be attending to their lawful business in an orderly manner. By Command of Brig. Gen. John W. Commanding, W. T. Forbes, A. A. G. WAR DEPARTMENT, Adjutant Genf.rai.’B Office Washington, February IS, 4564. General Orders,) No. 04. f refugees and rebel deserters. Whenever refugees from within the Rebef* lines, or deserters from the Rebel armies, pre sent themselves at U. 8. Camps or Military Posts, they will he immediately examined by the- Provost Marshal wdth a view to determine their character, and the*r motive in giving themselves up. If it appear that they are honest in their in tention of forever deserting the Rebel cause, care will he taken to explain to them that they will not be forced to seive in the U. S. Army against the Rebels, nor be kept in confinement. The President’s Proclamation of December 8, 1363, will be read to them, and if they so desire, thte oath therein prescribed will be administered to them. They will then be questioned as to whether they desire employment from the L T nb ted States; and if so, such arrangements as may be expedient will be made by the" several Army Commanders for employing them on Govern ment works within their commands. Those who come to the Army of the Potomac will be for warded to the Military Governor of the District of Columbia, at Washington, with reportg in their cases, that employment may be g veniligb if desired; or, if not, that they maybe sent as far North as Philadelphia. By order of the Secretary of War : E.'D. TOWNSEND. Assistant Adjutant General, Official ; W. L. M. Burger. Assistant Adjutant Genera l He adquartfes, City of Savannah, Ga.,) , January Bth, 1865. j General Orders, ) No 3 / I ALL DEALERS IN GOODS FOR GENERAL, • SALE in this city, must have permits from these Headquarters. 11, Extortion in prices will be severely pun ished. Dealers will conform in prices to the list established by the Provost Marshal, at these Headquarters, This list will be published in tffe daily newspapers. 111. A tax for Poet fund will be assessed upon authorized dealers, also upon persons opening places of amusement. IV, Those persons who {violate the foregoing; rules will he arrested, tWIr. establishments wilL be closed, and their goods cotffiec,*ed and sold at reasonable prices, and-Hie ’proceeds appro priated to the Post Fund.. Y. Sutlers or purveyors belonging to any por tion ol the army, are required" liWlp military law to confine their sale? to their commands^— As long ns they do this, they will not be inter fered with by officeis of the Post.; But if any such are found offering goods for general sale, without having been duly author-- used from these Headquarters, they will be dealt, with in the same manner as other unauthorised.» dealers. VI. Capt. Iraß. Seymour, .Provost Marshal, at these Headquarters, will see that these rules, and any that may hereafter be announced re- - spccting trade in this city, are duly enforced. If officers or others who find any dealers violat ing the regulations on the subject, wfill report the* same at Captain Seymour’s office, the offer ders will be promptly punished and the public benc'-l fitted. y By command of Brig. Gen. JNO. W. GEARY. MM Commanding. W. T. Fortum, A. A. G.