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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, February 08, 1865, Image 1

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SAVANNAH DAILY HERALD. VOIiUME IA No* 2*s* / ||ailg||eralt> • ‘ is POKUSHED BVBRY EVENING, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED, BY „ ..y.' , i3. W. MASON & CO. At 111 Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia. . terms: Per Copy:. / Five Cents. Per Hundred $R 50. Per Year $lO 00, A© VEBTISI N G : A limited number of Advertiseraeets will be re ceived at the rate of Twenty Cents per Line for first insertion,and Fifteen Cents per Line for each gubsequen insertion ; invariably in advance. Ad vertisements should be handed in before noon of each day. a 015 PRINTING In every style, neatly and promptly done. THE PLANET WE LIVE ON. This, “farm of the Earth," inclosed in a ring-fence r of air, turns out to be a much more valuable piece of real estate than our*progenitors supposed it to be.— Nay, even our papas had no idea twenty years ago-that we, their sons, were born to such a goodly inheritance. V/e don't know what was the estimated - value of the globe sixteen or seventeen years ago but it has certainly appreciated several hundred per cent* within that time. — California began to feast our eyes with its riches iu 1811), anti Australia soon . followed suit with its golden .dowry. From that time until now Madame Terra, lilts been indeed a Lady Bountiful, and what further she may have in store for her enterprising family it is in yam to attempt to guess. We have nothing to guide us in .our surmises save the “lamp of experience,” and that for several years past has been such - in out-and-out lamp of Aladdin that, if we art* to judge of the future* by the past, the next generation will epjoy all the luxury and magnifi cence attributed by Fenelon to the fa mous land of Cocaigue. We .must give up .calling wealthy people the “upper crustit is the lower crust fellows that are making fortunes. . Our respected an - cestoYs merely cultivated the surface of the earth; we gather our golden harvest from the interior. The mole must hence forth be our “totem.” The road to rich es is a “bore.” Instead*of putting'our shoulders to the wheel we rely upon the “shafts. ” Facilis decensus averni must be expunged from our proverbial philosophy and we must say instead “it is easy de- into wealth.” Poor men in Pennsylvania make deep holes in the earth, and, like the genii, or an Eastern story,, surrounded by a cloud of inflam mable vapor, up comes an oleaginous Plutus through every orifice. It is very nice. ' Would that our lot had been cast in greasy Carbondale or kerosenie Scran toiu We have exported twenty-three mil lions of gallons of petroleum to Europe within a year. ‘‘Think of that, Master Brook 1” Verily v we are a burning and shining light among the nations Widows of the world, bring hither your cruses ; we can fill them. Virgins who Wish to/keep lamps trimmed and ig nited, we can supply you with the nec essary combustible. The dark ages can never more return ; oil is too plentiful for that Leviathan, hide thy dimin ished head ; its contents are of small consequence. . .The earth takes the shine out of the sea, and “pirmaceti” is no longer “the soVereigu st thing in the world.” Weep, Nantucket, ami lay up thy ships in ordinary. Turn thy uar- into picksJand augurs and proceed to perforate. Perchance under those barren rocks of thine lies more “ile’ than there is >in all the whale* of the Bea. Let thy shibboleth still be “There she spouts ! ’ but let it be spoken of the greasy earth, not of the monsters of the deep. SAVANNAH, GA., WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEB. 8, 1865. The latest news is that “signs” of pe troleum have been discovered at Hobo ken and all along the Highlands to PicT mont. “Pro-di-gioits!” We think of “sinking a well” in our sub-cellar. It smells very strong ®f carburet ted hydro gen. It 1 may proceed from a leak in the gas-pipe, but then again it may not Seriously speaking, this sudden access of material wealth comes m the very nick of time, if we may use the word Nick in connection with tfuch a god send. It is all nonsense to call this ptenet the solid earth ; it is simply an immense hollow sphere filled with oil, worth —un- manufactured- fifty cents a gallon. In the old world they can’t* get at it, how ever, the crust of the earth being thickest on tiiat side- We are all made men— not a doubt of it. Let us keep “pegging away” at the deposit. Let us di* and* vnjoy ohr' otivm pum dignitatis. — N. Yt Sh/iday Time*l* Kissing iz one of those fu things that iz eazier dun than deskiibed; in sack, ;abo.ut the onia way tew describe it weft ’iz tew do it well. • It iz. vythout doubt,ft yerry anshunt enterprize; and judgeing from what we kno ov human na‘ur in this latitude, it must bay struk Adam as a good investment .when he fust diskov (cred hiz wife. If Adam didu t kiss Eve at sight, he ain't the man I take him tew be ; and if Eve didin relish it, it must hay bin bekause it w r an’t well dii. Thar iz one thing about kissing in the lump, different from the rest ov the fine arts, and that in, it don t reijuire enny eciika shun tew dew it; i hav even thort that the more unedikatedit waz did (provided it didn’t, miss the mark} the more touch ing it waz tew behold. But kissing iz a good deal like eating ; thare is not much fun (when a person iz hungry) in stand nnd see it did by auuther fellow, it it iz did ever so well. It is one oy the cheapess and healthyess luxurys ov the season, and don’t show enny disposishun tew go out ov faslfipn, and will keep sweet in enny climate. Upouthe wfoole, jt yu examine kissing in the lump, cluss jy> yu will be led tew exclaim: Fustly, that it iz az eazy tew hav it did as it iz handy tew de.wit. Sekundly, that; it iz like Lowper’s tea, it cures a man without corning him; and, Thirdly, it iz a frugal, highly consentrated, and raverend luxu- Ft IN DKTAUB. When we cum tew thro oph glittering gpueralitys and approach our snlyeok iu singlti tile, it iz then that the divinitee ov the art seems to be spotted; and reveals tew us awl the shades ov pomp and sirkuinstanze, from the sublime and ten der, clear down tew the redikilus and lull. Mother s kiss and little baby’s kiss are az pure az the utterance oy augells ; so is ihe ai tless kiss over sister Mary and couzih Fanny ; but 1 thare iz one cold, blu, lean kiss', that always makes me shiver tew see. Two persons (by the fetnail purswashui 3 who hay wit nesst a grate imuuy younger and more pulpy uuze, meet in some publik plase, and not having saw each uther for M SAYINGS OF 1 Kissing Considered. , 4 ‘ Man waz made tew mourn,” So' warbled' Bums, ‘and woman waz made tew kiss,” So warbles Billings. One of these . eenli inents haz bin alreddy immortalized, and the other i intend shall be at soon aztpe Legislate? meets/ I am hot, vet imict how i shall’bring the mat’tcr bcfoir that honorabel boddy ; but i dev km > how the honorabel boddy seals on the subject, and how thd’ will act ever thaiiuv a Igood chanse. To give a fertile "and golden opinyun, upofi kiSsing iu the jump, and kissing in detail, requires a Unfair dV truth, and soring experience in telling it, and alio ov taste, and sum ex perience in tasting. V IN THE LUMP, Hours tha kiss immegiately ; then tha fork about the weather, and the young Jnari who pireached Yesterday, and then’J thar kis9- itomegiatrfiy, and then thar blush and lalf at what * they sa tew each other, and kiss, jagin immegiately. I would not object tew awl this if it want sick a ov sweetness on the dessart hir. lam willing tew be sbrorn that tills kindov kissing alwus put me in mind ov two olde flints triemg tew strike fire. How different this from the konuubial kiss i lastdiites. , I knu he waat ja husband jist got back from a bizzness tower, hi hiz haste. He passt me at the komer below, and awl unexpekted en countered biz wife, and az natural az the bee tew the flower, tha flu together Thare want enuy, thing sentimen tal about that kiss; thare want jenny thing criminal about it.— It rang out on the air a* clear az jthe challenge ova periiee officer—it foiled a whole blocks Thare*want mutch dollar, bonnett and muxed tup a, barricade qv edging; and frizzled Tucker. It want the fust ope, it was tew Iweil’dkf for ihat.* It want the sipping ov’lwo treifibling Id vers, afraid ov the echo fit want studdyed' out nor stwlen, but*it was full k>v bemcht ripened and .fifruggU? . which- made me hanker for—for,.one oph from the eune. klist one more h mark ftndT am thru. — iTkafo.iz one kind that haz alwus been deemed ex:ra hazrdus (on \ akount Ov' ft r£) and Wat is kissing jure nabtir'B wife; Gifting tlie wife’s con sent don't seem make the matter . emiyAhe less risky.— 'Troy AW*. \ Inflammable Public Buildings— The Smithsonian Institute -in . Washington, built St great*'tost, and which was a re ! pository of science,' works of art and ob jects of natural history, was very badly injured by the on Tuesday last. Consid ering, tin: purposes for which this buiici mg was (rectffo, 'ami the endurable char acter which this institution is designed to esuibrishyit aeemsr-culpuble that it was not erected of liiateildt which would have resisted the action ot fire and wa ter. Contributions from ali parts of the world were made to its museum; its pictures wCre of value, its statuary the mod, expensive, and its records, papers, philosophic*!.apparatus ?md Ugry ami collect ions oi diff rent, countries were inestimable. Yet ail Uu re, and the .building itself' were liable to destruction from the simple fact of hurl.!! g a tire in a -stove in one of the rooms ol the institu tion. Where ft) much was at stake, we should think that it ought to have enter ;ed into the plans of the originators ol such a building to make it entirely ffre j proof, and secure it against any such ac cident. The destruction is attributed to ;tlie, scarcity of water iu Washington City, but more is due apparently to the absence of forethought in its builders, who in expending a very large sum of money upon its erection, forgot the es sential fact of security. It is said in a Richmond paper that when Bragg declared lie could hold W il mingtou, everybody in it who wanted to remain *ln ttie. Confederacy began to bundle hp his goods and property for the jpurpose of haying Braggs assertions h tve so often tailed that the rebels inter* prat his words just .the reverse of what ne says. This is a very , unsatisfactory feeling to have in relation to one of their principal Generals,who turns up so often in command of posts of danger; but his frequent misfortunes coulu not very well create greater public confidence in his words. _, , A modern French writer says: “A. physician prescribing for a sick man al ways remimiß me ot a ch ild snuffing a C mdle —it is ten to one but he snuffs it out.” • D*. Own and His Schemes.— When it became pretty certain that the con spiracy of the oligarchy was about to culminate in war, Dr. Gwin, foreseeing a long and bloody contest, made up his inind to emigrate to Mexico. His sub sequent arrest by the United States au thorities and his thorough personal sym>. patliy with the Southern rebel leaders rather than with their rebellion quick - ened his purpose. Ere going to Europe he made up uis mind to bring about, it possible, French governmental protec tion of his vast scheme of colonization. From a knowledge of his plans aud of his ability in such matters, and his energy of character, we do not doubt that Las lias had more influence in setting Maxi milian on the Mexican throne, and in ducing Louis Napokon to connect him isclf so thoroughly as he has done w-Uv .that adventure, than any other living man. We believe he expects—foresee ing the turn the affairs of the rebels have taken—to surround himself With their (tiiscomfiUed. and escaped leaders, ami to receive a vast horde ot their followers as hia colonists. As soon as Ricfi mond may tall they will doubtless hoc it to him like bees seeking anew home. ihe spring. While he may be personally indisposed to get into a war with us, Ids surroundings will make it extremely rift* [detail tor him to avoid so doing. It wo are soon successful in crushing the pow er of the rebellion, to continue the wur .on an imposing scale, we do .not belieVd our government will be able to prevent .American national hostility to the of Louis Napoleon m Mexico from culminating in war between our California and that of France and I)jri Gwin.' The Doctor s purpose is, how ever, doubtless to assimilate the iusiittr tions of his colony as nearly as. possible to those of our California, save and ex cepting in the mat ter, of ,its sum earn government, which he aims to hold as absolute viceroy lor Lotfts Nrspolton for iite. tShould his colony receive a consid erable accession of population front otif Western coast arid the loyal States, and an affiliation between that ot ifa settlers and its Southern reiugees- took place, in case of eventual wnr bhtWean. us aud France, growing* oiit of Louis Napoleon’s Mexican pranks, the* cfiances are ten to one that he will find his colony, despite kil be can do for Louis Napoleon, earnestly second ng our national endeavors •to drive the latter’s troops and Maximilian and his surroundings out of Mexico.— llis colony will do so, 1 if but to get lid of the form ol their- supreme government, which is all of imperialism or monarchy that will exist in that quarter under Gwin s adroit management of his agency lor Louis Napoleon.- View the matter as we may, it is pregnant with vast i events —events which (if he effects such a lodgement as he and the French Em peror propose on the Pacific coast) yyill surely shape Mexico's future, if not our own. It will also greatly affect the in-4 ture of more or less of the governments: of Europe; as France, if defeated in |j ouis Napoleon’s current hazaidotis scheme, will be immensely weakened financially, industriously and as a mili tary Power. Oh the other band, if she succeeds in Mexico, it will only be after such a victory over us as w ill make her the overshadowing Power on the Euro-* pean 'Continent, and the United States a far weaker Power than is as yet general ly comprehended on this side of the At lantic. !, . . . •••.»! i ) \V e know nothing as yet of the viewa of the Uqited States government aria tins scheme qf Louis Napoleon and Dr.. <3hsin, hnd write of it now only from a recollection of the Doctor's plan's uh tir purposes entertained three or lour j<ara ago, and then deemed by us mo?t un likely to be carried out, as it seems they have been. f PRICE , (Five Cents-