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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, February 13, 1865, Image 4

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THE SOLDIER’S FAREWELL. BT BOSCAW SS. "Farewell, my love ! farewell, my hearths delight I I join the ranks to fight for liberty ; Though parted now, we yet shall reunite:— My light, my life, farewell! Remember me ! I go to lands with softest verdure clad, But leave my heart, ’tis all I have, with thee ; From my fond eyes thy form can never fade,—' Oh, fear thou not! . Farewell! Remember me! But lest my absence seem to thee too Jong, The nightingale my messenger shall be; And, to beguile the time, her plaintive song Shall tell thee of my constant love for thee. One little year !— think of the year that’s past: How short to us that season seemed to be ! And though the sands of this rnn net so fast, The end will come. Farewell! Remember me! But, should stern Fate my hoped return delay, Or death, which only can. keep me from thee, Though in a nameless grave my frame decay, Thou hast my heart. Farewell! Remember me 1 * {Saturday Evening Gazette. "Washing out a Debt. —We heard a good story yesterday of a popular fire man, who a few years ago resided in this city. He was not only in good standing with his company, but in good credit with his landlord, who was keeper of the tavern. Mine host did not register his accounts by double entry, nor make his entries with indelible ink; his ledger was a folding slate, one half of which was covered over with the debts of the gen erous fireman. On a certain occasion the establish ment took fire, the alarm was given, and very soon the firemen were present to suppress it. They knew that our hero was a boarder there, and for the safety of his property their anxiety was first evinced. “Ha, Bill,” says one, “throw down your trunk.” “O, Bill,” says another, “wait there and we’ll . put up a ladder for you to come down by. ” ■ * Hold on there for a minnte, boys, and I’ll tell you what to do,’ says Bill. He disappeared for moment, and in a moment again he was at the window’, holding the double-up but now un doubled slate, in his hands before him, which bore on its face the sole r#eord of his indebtedness to ‘the bouse. ‘ There! there! now, ’ says Bill, speak ing in that tone of authority which his office in the company authorized him to use, ‘play away on the slate, No. 7 !’ No. 7 promptly obeyed orders, and in a very few minutes the slate was—a blank. The simple water washed aw 7 ay all Bill’s brandies and water. ‘Enough, boys,’ said Bill, closing up the slate, ‘it’s a regular open and shut game. If Mrs. Mickson has any charge against me, let her produce her vouch ers.’ A. compromise was effected, and a new account opened. “I Will, if I Bust.*’—A tall, long-leg ged Yankee from Vermont, distinguished by a little head perched on a crane's neck, accoutred with a swallow-tailed coat, and pantaloons that refused to be coaxed down to his ankles, boots shining with tallow, and hat that scorned over half a» inch of brim, stalked into a hotel in Bos ton, last week, to get what he called a “fancy dinner.” Being seated at the ta ble, and asked by the servant what he would have: “Wall, I swan, I don’t know,” said he, casting his eyes down the long array of fricandeaux, cotellettes, ragouts, alto gether “kickshaw T s” on the bill of fare, which confounded him with their variety while he despaired of grappling with them all— “what would you take, squire, if you were in my place ? I can t eat all es I never was to have another meal of Tittles from now till spring.” “Wonldif*t you like some soup ?” said the waiter. - > “Wall, squire, you’re bout right, I reckon ; bring on your soup, and then I’ll pitch into your biled vittles. . You tax all the same they say, anc’it’s hard choosfn’—so 111 jist try one plate through the lot—l will , if I bust ! And he did. Ti i _i TVmu OLUTION 0P CO-PARTN' RSBLP ha undersigned, composing the firm ofL. J. C t°’ da y dissolved co-partner- f 1 - J- HAAS retiring therefrom. All from tke Ute firm win be settled oy Wm. H. Lucas. L. J. HAAS. « . WM. H. f JCAS Savannau, l eb. 11,1834. 1 ’YY’RAPPING PAPER. New York Paper?, of old date, for sale at the Savannah Heraid Building. febl3 EADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, Savannah, Ga., Feb. 13, 1865. General Ga*-; > - - * No. 13. f 'U: ■ All officers of the Army arriving at tliftr Post will, as soon (is practicable after their* port at these Headquarters and register their names, the duty they are on, the length of time they expect to stay, if temporarily here, and their residences. By command of Brvt. Major Gen. GROVER. ; Edward G. Dike, A. A. A, G. febJ3_ _ QOTTON SEED WANTED, In large or small quantities, “Sea Island” pre ferred. .Parties desiring to sell will state lowest cash priee, quantity and kind for sale and loca tion of same. Address S. E. SICKLES, febl3 lw -" Box 14. P. 0., Hilton Head. i STRAYED OR STOLEN. Two Cows, of the following description: one dark brown brindle, with short white horns turned in and white spot on side ; the other, a deep red slim Cow, with thick long horns turned in. Thirty dollars reward will be paid for the delivery of the above at the corner of Pine and Ann streets, to Mrs. Folyard. 1 febl3 Disinfectant. Small quantities of the Per Manganate of Potash will be furnished, at the reauest of any Physician, by the Health Officer. * feblO j\JOTICE. Provost Marshal’s Office, Savannah, Ga.. Fee. 9, 1865. All citizens, now residents of this city, are re quested to call at this office and register them selves as such. Heads of families will report the persons com posing their honsehold. By order of Bvt. Maj. Gen. C. Gf.ovfr. ROBT. P. YORK, feblO Lt. Col. and Provost Marshal. Notice. Officers or Citizens requiring servants or laborers will please apply at the office of Relief Commissioner, in Exchange building. ALFRED NEAFIE, feblO ts Lieut. Col. and Relief Com. PARTICULAR NOTICE. The Stock of Goods in store corner # of Bay and Barnard streets is for sale, at low prices," and will be exchanged for any article of merchandise allowed by the authorities, in quantities to suit purchasers. 3 feblO S7 SANITARY COMMISSION, Comer of Congress and Whitaker Streets, Savannah’ Ga. At the place mentioned we have opened store rooms and Relief office, where we will be glad to render any service in our power to the soldiers and sailors of the Army and Navy. Sergeons in Charge of Hospitals will please send in their re quisitions for stores. J. C. HOBLIT, jan 21—ts Agent U. S. S. C. pOST OFFICE NOTICE. The Post Office in this city is for the bonefit of the officers and soldiers of the Federal arihy, and bona-fide residents. No mail matter will be de livered for persons who are without the lines of the United States army. Any person takino mail matter from the office addressed to any persons not within the lines of the army will be immediately arrested. ■ A. H. MARKLAND, ’ Special Agent P. Q Department jan27 and Sup’t Mails for the U. S. A, SPECIAL NOTICE. ~ • ~ O Avery large and desirable Cargo has arriv ed in this Port, and now placed m the Ware house formerly occupied by J. V. Connorat, cor ner of BAY & BARNARD STREETS, where it is offered in lots, at Wholesale only Groceries, Flour. Com Meal,Pork, Beef, Hams Fish, Preserved Meats, Pickles. &c., Kerosene Oil and lamps, also large and well assorted in voices of Dry Goods, Small; Men’s Clo thing and Furnishing Goods, Hats, Stationery, Wooden Ware—also a full assortment of Hard- Ware. The attention of the Trade is particularly call ed to this stock. 3 CORNER OF BAY <fc~BARNARD STREETS. Q HAMPAGNE CIDER. ~ ~ Beet Cider, in boxes, just landed ex Savannah and for sale at 239 CONGRESS STREET, Store formerly occupied by Nevitt, Lathrop & fit feb9 WANTED. ~ ~ ~ Office of Street Commissi onhr, 1 1‘45 South Broad Street, Savannah, Ga., Feb, 1, I9or, Wanted immediately. Carpenters! lacksmiths. Teamsters and Laborers, White or Black Rations issued immediately to employees Apply at this office from 9 o’clock, a m "until 3 o’clock, r it. ALBERT STEARNS,’ Cupt. and Street Commissioner. SPECIAL NOTICE. Savannah Ga., Feb. 4, 18* All persons in Sayannah having Cotton in tLeir posseesson, or stored in their houses, or houses occupied by them, will register the same at my office without delay, and all persons are prohibited from moving Lotion within the mil itary lines of the city, without they have written authority from the undersigned -11. C'. RANSOM, Lt Col. & Q. M. in charge of Cotton, feb C—ts Groceries and provisions "of all descriptions: a choice article of SOUR KROUT, and the best quality of MINCE MEAT, For sale by WM. M WILLIAMS, feb2 ts Cor. Broughton and Whitaker ste. Bakery & confectionery estab lishment AT BEAUFORT. We respectfully call the attention of thepmhJic to our Baksry & Confectionery Establishment, in Sam. A. Cooley’s Building at Beaufort, at which we are prepared promptly to fill any orders which may be forwarded to us.' Special attention is paid to the manufacture of Ornamental Pieces, Fancy Confectionery, and Elegant Pastry, for holiday or festival tables. Feb. 3-ts McMANUS & MURRAY. OFFICE OF THE HOME INSURANCE CO., Savannah, Ga., Fib. 2, ISO 6. This Company is prepared to issue Policies on all descriptions of insurable property in the city at fair rates, and to adjust the losses that may occur in an honorable manner. For Insurance apply to the office of the Com pany, 89 Bay street, Savannah, Ga. AARON WILBUR, President, feb2 M. A. COHEN, Secretary. U GOD LIVING,” VJT At reasonable prices, can be had at the EAGLE OYSTER and REFRESHMENT SA LOON, in the rear of the New Post Office, Hulun Head. S. C. 1 have the very best facilities for furnishing OYSTERS, CLAMS, MEATS, POUL TRY, VEGETABLES, Ac., from the North and other places in this vicinity. Cooked to ordei from G A. M. to 8 P. M. PETER FITZGERALD, Proprietor. P. S.—One trial is respectfully solicited. CW. DENNIS & CO., * No. 5 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C., "Wholesale and retail dealers in BUTTER. CHEESE, CIGARS, CAKES, CRACK ERS, POTATOES. FLOUR, CANNED FRUIT AND MEATS, STATIONARY, HARDW ARE. &-c„ <fcc., Ac. jan 10 tl' ARRIVAL OF GROCERIES, Ac. CAHILL AND COMPANY, No. 6 Merchant's Row, HILTON HEAD, Have just received by the STEAMER LINDA, from NewYork, a large invoice of GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES, CANNED MEATS, FRUITS AND JELLIES, of all descriptions, COFFEE. SUGAR. TEA, TOBACCO, SEGARS. A I. SO, WINES, Ac., Ac. which will be sold at wholesale only, at the lowest market prices. feb 2 ts BADGE COMPANY, SOLID SILVER BADGES For 4th, 9th. 10th, 14th. 15th, 10th, 18th, 19th hnd 23d Army Corps, with Name, Company and Regiment beautifully engraved, at $1.50 each, or Gold at SB. American Shields $1; also Badg es for every Corps constantly on hand W'e also send to the army a find Gold Pen, w ith ebony or extension holder at $1 each. A 12 karat Gold Pen, with rubber reverse holder, $3 each. Al 4 karat Gold Pen, with solid silver ex tension holder, $3 each ; or a detached lever movement, in sterling silver case, medium size, polished cap, sl7. Magic _ timekeepers, made expressly for soldiers, in sterling silver, engine-turned cases, S2O. SW" A ll sent by mail on receipt of price. US’” All large order* will receive a liberal pre mium. V Circulars sent free to anv address. R. KEITH & CO.. 15 John St., New York, Mauufaciurers and Dealers in Army Badges, Watches, Chains, Rings, Ac. ian 30—1 m Roberts a lewis, WIIOLESAI.E ANT) RETAIL DEALERS IN SUTLERS’ GOODS AND LUMBER, Mitchell Avenue, Hilton Head, S. C. U. 6. ROBERTS, [jan3o—wAs3W) CHAS. W. LEWIS. WANTED TO CUT WOOD. The Wood Committee want2oo Wood Cutters, at remunerative wages. Axes, transportation, accommodations and rations furnished. Apply to Col. Neaffie, at the City Treasurer’s Office, City Hall. JULIAN ALLHN, Chairman. Octavus Cohen, Secretary. ts f e b7 THE undersigned is prepared to deliver to sub scr 'bers the Latest Northern Papers, and the Savannah Daily HERALD and Republican,at anv part of the citv. Orders left at the Herald office, or that of the Republican, or the office of Dr. Walsh, corner of Broughton and Barnard streets, will be pronmtlv attended to. ' C KT DANN s - MORRISON, _/ ekl _ News A gout NOTICE. A large assortment of DRY GOODS, Small wares-such as Pins, Needles, Combs, Brtwhes, Umbrellas. Bonnets, Ac., Ac., at > WHOLESALE, in the store formerly occupied by H. A. Rich c?rn ™°" Congress A Whitaker Streets. • Feb’y 2, ISfiC. * THE AMERICAN HAY AND COW DRESS 00. MANUFACTORY. I Comer of Grove and North Third stsl Jersey City. OFFICE, N©. 113 Wall-st., New York. \ GOVE’S PATENT. . 1 The attention of all parties interested pressing or compressing of Hay, Cotton ll Wool, Kaos, Hors, or any other article req’uirlX be baled for Transportation, Storage or Consu tion. is respectfully solicited, to the PORT A p or STATIONARY PRESSES, manufactured this Company, under the superintendence on. Patentee, Mr. John 11. Gove The Press is very simple in its construction! quiring but ordinary intelligence to work it 1 cun be operated by any known power, s-cH Steam, Water, Horse or Hand. In usino- Hort power but one horse is required, the Pres-* bei so mechanically constructed on a well-knot principle that the tL#'power increases inaareai ratio than the increasing resistance. 1 The advantages of this Press over all othel are as follows, • viz; Ist. It can press 20 per cent, more material 1 a giver space. 2d. 11 can do the work in 33 per cent.less tim 3d. It requires 50 per cent, lest driving powe 4th. It turns out the best shaped bale lor hant ling or rolling, sth. The Press will last a life-time, he worli ing parts being built of the best of iron, and nr liable to get cut of order. The ordinary work of this machine will presi in one operation (after once fillimr the box of tho No. 1 Press) a bale of Hay of 450'lbs. weight in pr*Two Minutes. Four men and one horse can bale 12 tons of Hay a day. Four men without the aid of a horse, or any power except that contained in the "ress, can -turn out a bale of nay 27 inches square by 46 inch es long, weighing 460 lbs., or 23 1-2 lbs. to the cu bic foot. No toggle joints, screws, cog-wheels, beaters or rollers used in this Press. The attertiou of Cotton factors and planters, Wool and Hemp raisers, is especially called to this Press, destined as it is to work a complete revolution in the now tdow, clumsy and expen- 1 sive method of baling. The Company will dispose of Town, County or State rights (reserving to themselves only 'the right to manufacture) on reasonable terms. Mr. N. D. Fisher is the authorized Traveling Agent for the Company in the Eastern and Mid die States. For further particulars send for circulars. Jan. 30 Imo quano7~ GEO, E. WHITE A CO., 55 Cliff street, New York, ofi'er PERUVIAN - AND SWAN ISLAND GUANO, at wholesale. They have facilities for filling orders superior to any other house at present in the trade. GEO. E. WHITE & CO. are the sole agents for the sale of the BRUCE CONCENTRATED MANURE, made by the Bruce Fertilizer Com pany at Staten Island, This Fertilizer contains 7 per cent, ammonia and ever 40 per cent, of soluble bone phosphate. Though this analysis would hardly lead us to such conclusion, yet its practical applications for the two years past has shown its immediate re sults to be as great as where Peruvian Guano is used, and that the soil is left in better condition for the succeeding year’s crops. ,■ Price, SSO for 2,000 lbs., with discount to the trade. 2mo jan‘27 CtN. BELLOWS, • No.. 8 Merchants’ Row-, Hilton Head. S. C. Dealer in EOOTS AND SHOES, CLOTHING, * FURNISHING GOODS. And SUTLERS’ GOODS < Os every description. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL STEELE & BURBANK, 11 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. Call the attention of Wholesale and Retail pur chasers to their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS, Watches, Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, nn Plated Ware,Swords, Sashes, Belts, Embroderies, Boots, Caps, Field Glasses, Gauntlets Gloves, &c„ &c., &c. CSAVILLE & CO., • Wholesale and Retail Stationery. Palmetlo IJerhld Store. Hilton Ilf ad. S- C. IW" A Liberal Discount to Purchasers .at Wholesale Cash Orders Dy mail or express promptly filled. "Q UNBARS & FRANZ, NO. 10 MERCHANTS’ ROW, Hilton Head, S. C. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN SUTLERS’ GOODS Os all Descriptions. Hi Riddell & murdock, wholesale and retail peai,ms iw SUTLERS’ AND NAVAL FIRMS, TRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SIIOKK lIATS AND CAPS. Gentlemen’s Furnishing Gm*i * Ac.. No. 5 Merchants’ Row, ililtoK Dim. S. C. W. D. RIDDELL, CjanW—t|j 11. J.MHIOIi. DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION; Ladies or Genth men w>] ip Vt r> FIRST CLASS DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION* Can do so by applyin • t*> C. K. F., Drawer J'T I*. 0.. tk.vai.nah, Ga.