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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, February 21, 1865, Image 3

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ANNUAL STATEMENT * Or T 2» SOME IHBDRANCE COMPANY, MViKKAS, 61, finding December 31st, 1884 CAPITAL, $2,560,000 ALL SUBSCRIBED. Dr. IV} Capital paid op S Pr.VnHms (Agents and Office) *43,3® 85 To Polities received far Policies 4S oO To Dividends on Stock L 4-% 06 IV) \srenfei Ac., bilanee due them.... 4,591 i<o To Interest an N itos Dieooauted. «,lt9 41 To Uncalled lor Dividends L*T I 90 $756,7 « 48 Cr. Bv Cash and Cash Memorandums ...| 81(7 96 By BVH Receivable .. 26,fT9 81 By State of Georgia Treasury Notes (with Premium of same) 14T,319 8& By Com niaeions paid Areata 16 3ao 49 By B dances d<te by Agents and others 2,99. s ’ By Re-tasnrancss 10,595 81 By Firi Losses p lid np 71.083 By Stocks, B mds and other Securities. 309 094 37 By Ecp-mres Salaries, Printing As . ' 34,073 29 By D viiien 1 No. I, July Ist W,OOO oft By Uncollected Pi enaiams. ...... 6 »3 75 By Cancelled Policies and. Returned Premiums ...... 755 94 $766 7.50 43 A Wjcstm, Prea’t. M. A. Cohkx, Secy. DIKBCTOB&. Andrew Low, D. H. Baldwin, Jjnn >V\ Anderson, W. 11. Stark, J:K>. R. Wllisr, Henry Lathrop, Airm '.Viimir, OcLuus GVheu, Ja) 11. Cajper, Juo. Lama, Jo-«epa Lippmtu, Henry Brigham. Toe Com jany !s prepared to take ris ts on all dj-K.iplioaa of 0000 iosurablo property at fair rates. Lodses promptly adjaated and paid. ojtios or.ran' oompaht, 9) BAY STREET. feb-0 ]_ lm IpURNITURE FOR SALE. 1 A lot of Parlor and Bedroom Famiture, in ijuiniicie* and quality to suit purchasers. Apply at No. 3 Gordon Block. 7 fetr2o HVY FOR SALE, At the wharf near the Gas Works. AilKd A PEABODY. AtSO - AT 152 CONGRESS STREET. GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES. WUOLKPAiH AH9 iifiJAn.. Balmoral Boot, only $3 00 Cbhgrese Boot only 3 00 Floe CaU' Sewed Boot lo 00 “Kilpatnek Cavalry Boot,” Enameled Top, 12 00 AT THE CHEAP STORE, 15* CON6REBB STREET,., febeo lw AMES A PEABODY. * INSURANCE MANHATTAN FIRB INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital, ssoo,ooo—Surploa, $400,000. BECCFRITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Capitol, sl,oooAOO—with large mirpina. PHOENIX FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Capital, ssoo,ooo—Surplus, $450,000. ALL 07 KEW TOE*. WiH insure Merchandise, Buildings and Personal Property, on reasonable terms. • A. A. LANE, Age ML Rat vks.ul, Ga„ Feb. 18tt>, ISfiS. ts febl9 W)OD. The Fuel Supply Committee are now ve.idy to sell Wood to toe Ciiixena. * . Pkue Wood, delivered, $0 00 per eordL Oak W jod, delivered ... .. $8 00 per cord. Apply at the Exchange Long Room, between the hours of 10 o’clock a. m. and 12 o’clock m. JULIAN ALLEN. Chairman. OOTAVUS COHEN, J. I> LaROCHE, WM. HUNTER. J. W. RUTHERFORD, feblß ts Committee. J W. FISHER A CO., co!x::ctors of military and naval CLAIMS. 47S rousTßE?rrestoxet, n. a, Procare Pay for II or pee. Pensions, Bocntlea, awl otrver Cl dma of Soldiers or their H«irs. pay for the wECe or widowed motl'er. r Ateo, Clearances* from the Quartermaster, Ord aance arvl id Auditor’s Deportments for officers leaving the service. lw CeblO Grocer m3 and provisions of all descriptions; a choice article SOUR KrOCJ TANARUS, and the be-st qoailiy of MfPJCHJ MEAT, For by vvM. M WILLIAMS, I*o- IT Cor. Brooghtoa and Whitaker sta. RALE * ' ‘‘ r ■■ . • op r ' DSf G O • » 8 , . MONDAY, FBBKHAKT in ATIHKXNB. -*1 * 1 The atteoCioa of the LADIES OF SAVANNAH Is called to the SPLENDID STOCK OF DRY GOODS, Opened at the Store of H. A. RICHMOND, CORNER WMITAXXR AMD CONGRESS STS. ,r | 1 j ; tt h This Stock ie new offisesi ♦ >\\ / k ~ * . AT RETAIL, ip AT LOW PRICES, , ie teacmssie ENGLISH, * I • FRENCH, tad AMERICAN DUHO GOODS, CAMLRICS, ' dRaNS, FLANK Slit, CLOAK DIGS, SPRING CAPES, PINS, NEEDLES, HAH aa# TOOTH BRUSHES, cornea, BOTTOTtSt WHALEBONES. LADIES* PAPER COLLARS AND CUFFS, And aa endless variety sf ether aiikles. A fall assortment of GENTS* FUESnSKNG GOODS la also offers* for sale, To which . THE ATTENTION OF THE KHjJTAJtY IS PARTICULARLY CALLED. GREAT INDUCEMENTS APE OFFERED TO MERCHANTS, Avow Stock mast be dosed oat WTTMIK THSETT DATE r fe<y>o n 0 ™* rt — ~ ; i 308 Ml V E D , r i . PHP S4 > • **■ '’ ni • ■;** ■*>.* A large aMtnit oi 1 ; * •1 • **’ ' \ ~ ; . rs^ * ° * • 0 r\» e , H I *\ \ % \- '' ... I \ •-V I % . J * Which must be soM - \ WITHIN 'll ■ K 1 1 iu\ lowest m4st rtica! " ! f Is :UJ I | ; ,. t * NOW IS THE TfM|> BUf CHEAP. I :: APPLES, POTATOES, ONIONS, TURNIPS, firnHoghkn BUTTER, CHEESE, RAISINS, , FIGS, DRIED APPI BOLOMIAUSAGE, AR CRACKERS, CANNED FRUIT, Aa., HERRING, OODFISH, MACKEREL, \ HARDIN El CANS, 41* of ad kinds, TEA, OOFFBK, and BPli 500,000 Segars, AT A LOW Flifi. And ; TOBACCO OF AL|NDB, A general Assortment of LA DIBS’ AND CHILD R) SHOES, And other artlclee too nomflo mention. CALL EARLY AND BUY ADVANTAGE. ■ I •• and , 1 I QUICK SALES AND SMA^ROFITS. .. OBOOOD A B A t I I, nuiA srußVr, wwnrß mumonali.. Formerly occupied by Wo. Norris. febUO _ _ 6 T^NyKLOFES, J ! m paper, JOB LOTS AT LOW Pits. Samples sent by mail We arc headquarters for all kinds iUtfamery, and can supply the trade at km pri G. 8* HASKIN* 00., , febtd lm 36 Seek man sit, N. Y. TV*ttNFRCTANT. . 1/ Small quantities of the T# Lganateof Potash sill be tarnished, at the retwt of ssf Physician, by the Health Officer, fsbl® RfiAT CHANCE TO MAKE )»iuKfcY RECEIVE A WATCH FREE—By *£lh"C out "Gssat N«vtslty am) Nation a*. PRIXK PACKETS.** Bach package confcihiS ever n dollar’s worth of valuable Stationery and Jewe*- rv. besides one Certificate in the ere t sale of sssn,ooo of WATCH KH DTAMONDH and JEW ELRY—retail price, S9 cents. Thouaards « these Packets can be sold in every vll'sgeau# o.amp. We want an Ayent in every town and camp, thus making a profit*hi.* wrsiNiwofor one smart man in each plat* Sclkktho t>oiJn Sn.vsa Watchvs givento onrAgen's. ftlT WK obtain 100 Packets fine Silver W atA. It invented in the SPOST'ifi • TR]\L RN<tßl VINOS Which we publish, will vteld the v.sowisri raoKW of SSO. Circulars, With fall psrtlwlsr . i MATt.nD mra. • Sample Packet, and Certifies! * CO., febl* lm No. 38 Beekman street. N. Y. s RW. CAMPBELL VETERINARY SOM • GKON, having reopened his o«ee and yard, on William street, is now prepared to treat Con scientific prinelplesJ all diseases incident to Horses that are snsceptlple of remedy. 1 hargan moderate. Cures warranted. Terms cash. fehlß ts WANTE3K-AN APOTHECARY A yofing man who thoroughly tjndsv stands the Drag Business can hear of britnatM* by applying at this office. u feU ‘® PAPER. . I New York Papers, of old date, for sate at the ’Savannah Herald Building , CW. DENNIS A CO., . No. 6 Merchants’ Row * Hiltou Head, 8. C„ Wholepale and retail BUTTER, CHEESE, CAKES, CRACK POTATORS, FIiOUB. CANNED FRUIT ANU MBAmOTATIONARY, HARBWARA Sc.,*c., &c. )» nto *L. Riddell & murdock, WHOI.tSAI.p AKO akhtu. tn SUTLERS’ AND NAVAL SI ORES, DRY GOODS, HATS GKNTT.F-MRN’n Ac., No. 6 w. c. Ripnm.l, Lm»Rl- trLw |l i.nraiwoK. JUST RE< EIVED, Per Schooner Gersh Banker, ft large assort ment of SUPERIOR READY MADE CLOTHING, Comprising the following desirable selection* Heavy Cloth Overcoats Fancy Cassimere Walking Coats *« “ Doable Breaeted Vests “ “ Pants. Per Bchr. Antietam . Zteo—A large and extensive variety of H»lt Capa Valises, and Travelling Bags. Also, per steamer Linda— Seven hundred and thirty-two (T 32) cas«i m sorted CANNED MEATS, FRUITS and VEGE TABLES. Also, per barque Rambler— ___ Three hundred C 100) gross O. K. FINN OUT hundred f!40) HMOKINO DO. One hundred and thirty-six thousand finest brand CIGARS. Also, per Schr. May Queen— AN ABORTED CARGO. U. N. BELLOWS & 00„ No. 8 Merchant’s Row, Hilton Head. febf l v^oTfCB. ' Pbovoit Mahwial’s Omou, Savannah, Ga.. Fee 9, 1863. All ckisene, now residents of this rlty, ;wjerei quested to call at this office and register thtna -Btllead? of families will report the persons com posing their household. r . *B,o«lorrfU,t. MaJ. febl# Lt Col and Provost Marshal N°om«r« orCitbiene requiring nmtiyar laborers will please apply at ‘he office of He«« Oommtoeioner, to E.ctumgebai.dloj^^ feblO ts Lieut. CoL and Relief __ DAKEPY A CONFECTIONERY KSTAB- O USHMKNT AT BEAUFORT. We respectfully call the at ten turn to our Bakery & Confectionery EstablWiment In Sam A Cooley’s Building at Beaofbrt, at which promptly Wry 2533*4 may be forwarded to tie. B P^ a * fe . p iftCeg , paid to the manufacture of Orn imental Piecej KbcT Confectionery, and Ele-ant Pastry, fcr r “ tltai “S&AKW * mRMT_ OmCB 0 mCB OF THE BOMB S S nod >««« that mnr " C F?; , °Jn n rl'n , « .“ply” tbeiffle* of Ukow *- pany, ® B.y PrvMmt, feb2 M. A. COHBN, Secretary. o Articular notice. the Stock of Ooo*. In rtore comer of Bw »"« Barnard streets is for sale, at lowprie wlfbeexchanged for any article of merchants X*ed by the authorities, in quantity to ! jitrehasers. -v :• H - tett - a^^SCSaMiaa.