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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, March 04, 1865, Image 2

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tors in a game of “iiigh-low-jack,” but I saw it done the other day by a jolly fellow in blue. There has been quite a number of new arrivals at the Rooms lately of sick boys en route home, and the ambulances are busily employed in transporting hem from and to the depots. Every day only more and more impresses upon our minds the great good these R loins are doing under the super vision of the energetic head <o„' the State Agencies. CONGRESS . Is about drawing to a close. Another week and its doings will pass into his tory. Most of the appropriation bills are passed and there is not much more leg - islatioa for them to attend to. With this Congress pass away from the arena many who have been notorious rebel sympathisers, whose places in future will be filled by patriotic men. THE END Os this accursed rebellion is thought to be not far distant, and the final blow wiii be struck ere another month rolls around. All accounts agree in stating that unusual activity has been visible in Lee's camps the past week, and rumors of the evacuation of Petersburg and Richmond are rife to-day. THE CAPTURE OF WILMINGTON, Coming so close upon that of Charles ton, has touched a responsive chord of patriotism in all loyal hearts, and the fact that this about closes the gates against the speculative propensities of our hypocritical neutrals on the other .side of the water gives added zest to the people's gratification. Every one feels £tr©!fc£;T, looks brighter, and every one’s bioof. seems to fly faster through his patriotic veins as the great, grand tri umphs of our gallant tars and brave “boys in blue” open up in their vastness and future results upon our mental vision. Lmg live the Republic, from the Aroostook to the Rio Grande. A. F. L. Stkatj Engine ,jox:Es,-»Sll2iuecr Stone, or as 'mi is q\qtc called among Isis qsqualat&nces, “Old Rock,” who runs ©n the east end of the Peoria and Oquaw ka Railroad, is a natural wag, quick at repartee, and dry as* a chip. One day “Rock” met with a party of the St. Louis ; Alton and Chicago Railroad boys at Peoria Junction, and they stepped into Bam Eraorys for a social glass of ale.— Coaductor Hedges, of the St. Louis road, as a sort of sentiment —‘“Old Rock, Otherwise Stone, a perfect bride. ' “That is very good,” exclaimed Stone. “Here is to Old Brush, otherwise Hedges, a perfect stick." The next that was seen ot “Rock” he was pursuing a “2:40” gait towards his engine, Hedges with a big stick close on his rear. This is not quite so good as the repartee of Nick Denton, while a division engineer on the Illinois Central, at a festival several years ago in DeWitt county. A fellqw named Jack Wallace gave as a sentiment: “ The two Neks— Old Nick and Nick Denton.” The table came down with a clatter. Nick arose as grave as a judge, and when the noise had subsided, he said he fully ap preciated the honor conferred upon him in being named in connection with Jack’s most intimate friend ! He hardly knew how to requße the kindness, but as one good turn always deserves anoth er, he would give— “ The two Jacks — Jack W , and Jackass !” Jack Wal lace collapsed and the company went into hysterics. A jockey furnishes some hints as to how to sell your horse—“l tell you it’s all by comparison—have the critter for sale ’long side of a scrub—ain’t one in fifty but what'll get fooled. They look first at the scrub and then at the other, and they think it is a strordinary critter. That’s the way I come it on Jenkins, the livery man, with that gray colt.” Mrs. Partington wants to know why Captains don’t have their ships properly nailed in port, instead of waiting to tack them at sea. jfcwamniH fiaHjj IjcratdL BY 8. W. M\SON AND CO. SAVANNAH, SATURDAY, MARCH 4, ISCS. Tiie City Store.— Upon the evacua tion of Savannah by Hardee, the muni cipal government its own right a large amount of merchantable clean rice, and to supply its people with cheap food, it has shipped 920 casks of rice to the north ;as follows : Steamship Re becca Clyde, for New York, 170 cask 4 ; steamship Greyhound, for Boston, sr>o casks ; brig Emily Fisher, for New York, 90 casks ; brig Stephen Walsh, for Phil adelphia, 120 casks. The Agents for the sale of .this rice are, for New York : Col. Julian Allen ; Boston: Messrs. Gliddon & Williams ; Philadelphia : Messrs. A. B. Baldwin & Cos. In order to supply the citizens with provisions at cost it was resolved to es tablish the City Store. This establish ment, corner of Bay and Drayton streets, is now in successful operation. Since it -was opened, the 3ales have been $15,- 000, and the stock now remaining in store is valued at $12,000. The City Store proper, southwest corner of Bay and Barnard streets, still continues to supply the needy with food free of cost. There is now remaining in store at Savannah for shipment about 200 casks of rice, and when it is all sold the city will have on hand a fund of $50,000, with which capital she will be able to import flour,.bacon, com meal, etc., and sell the same to her people at a small advance on cost, thereby striking a fatal blovrat the extortioners and speculators. The municipal governments of Augusta, Macon and Columbus should follow the example of Savannah, and be doing something for their needy. The govern ment cannot, and will not, aid those who do not try to better their own condition. To Colonel Julian Allen are our citi zens indebted for the success of the City Store. f Theatre. —Everything promises well for a series of fine performances at this house, under t£e management of Messrs. Sweatnam and Scott. They propose to keep the house permanently open so long as the people are pleased with the entertainments offered. Mr. Sweatnam i3 said to be a good comedian, and of Mr. Scott, most of us have heard. Asa singer he has few superiors, and this gift will be of great use to him here, as it is proposed to make singing and dancing a prominent feature in the performances. The programme for Monday evening is a varied one, and promises an evening of genuine enjoyment to those who may be fortunate enough to procure seats. — There will be given, the Extravaganza of “Jane Chatterbox, or the Stage-Struck Barber,” some ballads by Mr. Ainsley Scott, a Medley Dance by La Belle Louise, and the excellent petite. Comedy of “The Rough Diamond,” the whole form ing a bill, that has seldom in this city been equalled for attractions. * Cheap Ceothing.— Oar friends, Co nyngham and Skehan, offer for sale a very large assortment of Ready Made Ciothing at their store, No. 170 Brough ton street. They have a large assort ment of Military Clothing of the finest quality, also of clothing of the latest styles, suitable for civilians. The gar ments are made from excellent materials and according to the strictest rules of the very latest fashions, and are offered at prices which bring them within the reach of ail who have the wherewithal to purchase a Spring outfit. A CARD. On Board Steamship Fulton, \ March Ist, 1865. j We, the undersigned, passengers on board the Steamship Fulton, from New York city to Port Royal, S. C,, desire to publicly return oui thanks to Captain James A. Wot ton, commander; Mr. G. M. Walker, chief officer; Mr. L. N. Mc- Donald, chief engineer; Mr. Thos. Mc- Manus, purser; Dr. F. Wynkoop, sur geon ; Mr. James Jones, second officer ; Mr. Gideon Mapes, pilot; Mr. Henry Pelvin, chief steward; Mr. T. Perkins, assistant steward, and all the officers of the Fulton, for their uniform courtesy aud kindness during the voyage. .We desire to add ours to the many testimo nials of their efficiency in their several stations, and the faithfulness of all con nected with the ship, in the discharge of their The thoroughness of disci pline on board, the harmony existing in every department, and the care given to the comfort of passengers in all particu lars, are recommendations to which we are sure the Fulton is especially entitled. (Signed.) B Harribon, Col 70th Ind Vollnf; S P Richmond, Col and A P Mos Mass; A P Dalrymple, Surgeon U S A; Henry Roof, Surgeon 54th N Y V; John E Weyss, Major U S A, Eug Dep’t, Army of the Potomac ; S A Spencer, Capt 82d Ind; & W Clark, Capt and A QM; Edward B Emerson, Ist Lieut 54th Mass Vols; Win M Hoyt, Asst Surgeon 21st Wis; II E Bailey, Lieut 14tth NY; John H Swartfagee, Lieut 26th U SC TANARUS: Capt Eli F Scott, 83d Ind, 15th AC ; Geo C Peck, Ist Lieut 17th Coun Vols; R R Scott, Capt 12th Ind Vols; James P Corleier, Lieut 31st Wisconsin Vols; Henry F Mills, Lieut 144th NY Vols; FelixC M Petard, Asst Surgeon U S N; Thos. J. Clarke, New York; Henry Krebs, Lieut 35th USC T ANARUS; W B Short, Capt 31st Illinois VV; John W Ken nedy, Lieut 134th N Y Volunteers ; J K Lawlor, Ist Lieut 9th Connecticut V V ; Wm A Bulkley, USA; Richard J Shel ley, N Y Trioune ; Geo C Hunting, Beaufort, SC ; Burnet Forbes, N York ; Ira T Freeman, N York ; J R Fay, N York ; Edward E Young, Philadelphia ; E I Stevens, U S Military Telegraph ; C J Barnes, N Yoik ; Chas L Guilleanne, N York ;J T Marshall, Washington, D. D;CD Egert, Washington, D C; TM Taylor, Whitefield, ,N H ; James G Davis, N Y ; Josiah S Crowell, Mass ; M T Hewett, N Y; G W Haskin, Cal ; Fred Theilkuhl, Captain Engineeer Department, Army of the Potomac; W J Johnson, M D Washington D C ; A P Wilder, Brattleboro, Vermont; P Millen, Jr, Capt 16th Iowa; E M Downing, NY; Ed Newkirk, N I; H Asher, N Y; S M Brausen, Baltimore ; J E D Comstock, NY; S K Head, Bos ton ; J II Baldwin, Phila; F Cable, N Y: T B Wakeman, Westport, Conn ; W Haniz, NY; LB Graves, Me; F W Parsons, Cleveland, Ohio; J L Hewitt, NY; John Walsh, Providence; John Welch, Manchester, N H; Chas. W. Hurd, Manchester, N H ; R W Hough ton, Manchester, NH; Edward L Houghton, Boston, Mass; S W Mason, Spe. Cor. N Y Herald; Ralph Trembly, Purveyor, Hilton Head, S. C. Mail Matter for Sherman’s Army.— Col. A. H. Markland, U. S. Mail Agent in this city, delivered from the Post Of fice this morning, on board of the Steamship Cresent, Capt. Latham, two hundred and seventy five sacks ot mails for the invincible army of Gen. Win. T. Sherman. Steamer Cosmopolitan Ashore. —This steamer, which left the wharf in this city yesterday morning for Hilton Head, went ashore on the lower end of the North breakers, six miles due North of Tybee light. The steamer Edwin Lewis proceeded yesterday to the assistance of the Cosmopolitan. , Pulaski Fire Company No. 2.—A few evenings since the following officers were elected to serve this Company the ensuing year:—First Foreman, Wm. Jordan; Second Foreman, Louis Glenn ; Third Foreman, Amos Densler; Pio neers, James Fleming, Isaiah Yerdier. * Re-InaugtTration of President Lin coln.—To-day, being the 4th of March, President Lincoln doubtless at 12 M. re newed the oath of office which makes him our ruler for four years longer. Des pite many shortcomings, we think there can be no doubt that President Lincoln has striven earnestly, honestly and con scientiously to do his duty and his whole duty by his country and his countrymen. He has brought the great Rebellion so nearly to its death, that it must soon ex pire, and that the last four years of his administration may be far more peaceful than the first four, is the prayer of every loyal man. As has been often said “God bless Abraham Lincoln.” , The Bee. —Our enterprising neighbor, Mr. G. N. Nichols,* who does good job printing at his establishment on Bay street, has just issued the second number of his neat and spicy little advertising sheet, “The Bee.” SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Arrived—Steamship Crescent, Latham, Hilton Head, U. S. Revenue steamer Nemeha, Hilton Head. Cleared—Steamship Constitution, Green mail, New York, via Hilton Head; steamer Del aware, Tilton, Hilton Head; steamer Andrew Fletcher, Wilson, Hilton Head. J~JRY GOODS. LATHROP, LUDINGTON & CO., • nos. 32G, 32S and 330 l-roadway. ». r.* Have now on hand an Extensive Stock of DRESS GOODS, , CLOTH3> WOOLEN GOODS, ’ SHAWLS, PRINTS, SHEETINGS, HOSIERY AND GLOVES. WHITE GOODS, AND GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, \ YANKEE NOTIONS, & c., Which they offer by the riEOE OS PACKAGB. AT THE LOWEST MARKET PRICES, mar 4—lm Rooms to let at hilton head, s. c., In the Palmetto Herald Building, corner Merchants’ Row and Palmetto Avenue, suitable for business purposes or lodgings. Apply to J. T. RIVERS, on the premiaoa, or H. T. KIVJSKS, at the Custom House. ts mar * rp B. BYNNER, ITS UKOADWAY,NIW YORK. WATCHES AND JEWELRY Ot every description Particularly adapted «- puRpOSESj In Extra made Cases, OOLD AND SILVEK.^^ 1 SW,S&^LISH. I deal in nothing but TIME PIECES. Gold Watches from SBO to$300; Silver, from-0 tos!*)- For particulars send for my Prices tablished 20 years, and confidently refer to any respectable Mercantile House in the cJy, aiao the Editors of this papery r BYNNER, 175 Broadway, N. Y. P s —Beware of the absurd and deceptive ad vertisements in the Weoklys. mar 4-eodim tt s, SANITARY COMMISSION, Corner of Congress and Whitaker Streets, Savannah’ Ga. At the place mentioned we have opened store rooms and Relief office, where we wil be glaj to render any service in our power to the «oI« e " and sailors of the Army and Navy Sermons * charge of Hospitals will please send in then quisitiona for stores. j Q nOBLIT, jan 21—ts Agent U. S. S. C._ ’vtkws-dealers and others desiring JNthk Savannah Daily HraAT.n at JVjw}*lin 1 in are rebuested to send in their order as early advance as practicable. g w & C O.