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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, March 13, 1865, Image 2

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Manual* §»%l §rc*ato. EY S. W. MASON AND CO. SAVANNAH, MONDAY, MARCH 13, 1565. SHUT THE DOOR. Os all the small annoyances, inevita- ! bly appertaining to a news office, the one which troubles a quiet editor most, is the carelessness of the many thought- whose business or pleas ure, or inclination call them to the news paper office, and their neglect to shut the door. In a large city, and in the office of such a journal as the New York Her ald, N. Y. Tribune, N. Y. Times, or Philadelphia Ledger, each editor of a “department’’ on the paper has his own room, or at least his own private' desk, so that he is never liable to be disturbed by visitors to any ot his associates In a small office, like our own, we can not afford such luxuries as a special apartment for each person connected with our business affairs, but are com pelled to transact the greater part of our editorial work in a single room, to which, for the present, the public have free access. We say “free access,” for in this case, as in most others, the words “No admittance” over the door serve simply as a stimulus to the curiosity of £ur myriad visitors, who push past the mystic door, and many of whom do so simply and only because there is a paint ed notice telling them not to. Now, we like to see oar friends as well as do most people—we are always, or al most always willing and anxious to have them call, but we do ask, we beg, we pray, that they will L kindly remember to shut the door. Our Editorial room is unfortunately situated in this regard, for it chances to be in the very * centre of a thoroughfare from the street to our printing office, and though there is anothor, and far more convenient course by which our printers and others might make their way to the rear rooms, they never take it. But it is not of this that we so much complain, it is that of the crowd of printers, visi tors, and boys, not one in twenty-seven ever considers it incumbent on himself to ?hut the door after him. There are two doors, of course—sometimes the con science of a man will smite him, and he will shut one of them—but just so sure as he does, he invariably leaves the other wide open. Os the 16,701 people who visited our Editorial rooms last Saturday, only 183 attempted to shut both doors, while to their limited credit be it said 761 did close one door on coming in—of these however, 327 left the same door open on going out—l 9 repented and returned to do their duty when they discovered their inadvertence. Only one man, and he was a colored woman, had the polite ness to come, back, shut the door, and beg pardon for the annoyance caused by leaving it open. Os the folks who make our editorial room a highway, and go gallivantiug straight through it about 206 times a day few of them ever think or care for the trouble and harassment they cause us ; not one in twenty ever carefully closes either door after him, and we have yet to see the first individual pass through our sanctum and securely shut both doors behind him. On Saturday last one of our Editors rose from his work nineteen times in forty-five minutes to shut the doors which thoughtless persons had left open. It was too much—that Editor went off and got drun—, got tigh—, got intoxi—, got tips—, got inebriat—, got—, in fact and got a glass of ale, and then came back and left the door open himself. Everybody who comes in leaves our door npec. just, we presume, because there is a notice on the sash, “Shut the door.” Over the entrance to our new Editorial Room we propose to post in the largest kind of letters the notification, “ Leave the door wide opeD, ” and then see what effect that will have. Our belief in the utter perversity of human nature is such that we earnestly and honestly believe that if we place that notice in such a po sition that every one must read it before crossing the threshold, at least one in twenty will stop and “Shut thk Door.” Naval and Revenue Intelligence.— The U. S. steamer Flambeau, from Hil ton Head, arrived at this port yester day morning. The following is the list of her officers: Act, Vol. Lieutenant Commanding, Edward Cavendy ; Executive Officer, G. Richmond; Surgeon, P. S-Perseil; Act. Paymaster, C. C. Ward; Act. Ist Asst Engineer, John Harris ; Act. Ensign, J. W. Griffith; Act. Ensign, J. I. Ilarver; Act. Ensign, J. S. Thombs; Act. 2d Ass’t Engineer, C. B. Curtis; Act. 3d Ass’t Engineer, Albert Bullard ; Act. 3d Ass’t Engineer, Edwin Humstom ; Act. Masters Mate, Jno. F. Peterson. Yesterday morning the U. S. Steamer, O. M. Pettit, Chas. Graves, Act. Ensign, commanding, from a cruise to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, arrived at the dock in this city. The Pettit is always a welcome visitor to the navy who are protecting the coast, supplying them with mail matter and receiving the billets for the loved ones at home. On Saturday afternoon the U. S. Re venue steamer Wyauda iroiA Hilton Head, arrived in the harbor and moored at Sayle’s wharf on Hutchison’s I Hand. We annex the following as her list of of ficers : Commander J. H. Merriman; Act. Lieut. J. C. Mitchell, Act. Lieut. Geo. W. Bailey; Pilot, Wm. A. Booth; Engi neer, Samuel Hamilton, Ist Asst. Engi neer, James A. Doyle; Boatswain, Henry Cole; Gunner, Henry Murphy; Carpenter, Henry Walker. Theatre. —An excellent bill is offered to-night for the benefit of the two ladies who have been a leading attraction in the entertainments lately given at this house, Miss Lottie Howland and La Belle Louise. The popular and well known drama, entitled “ Jack Shep pard, " and the farce of “Our Gal.” These two pieces, with the usual singing and dancing, contribute a bill of fare which ought to attract a crowded audi dience. A full house would but •be a fair and just recognition ol the efforts which the fair beneficiaries have made to gratify their friends and patrons. This is the last night of the stay of the present company in the Theatre, but they are fitting up another Hall in elegant manner, and propose to continue there the same style ot entertainments which have been so successful in the Theatre. Col. Taggart’s excellent New York Company commence their season to morrow night at the Theatre, opening with the ..beautiful comedy of “Naval Engagements” and “The Pet of the Pet icoats,” with singing and dancing. We have been led to expect great things iiom this company, and from what we know of them, the expectations of the public will be fully realized. Arrests.— Saturday last Patrick Bands, a private belonging to the 20th Army Corps, was arrested by the Police, charged with stealing on the public street a mule, wagon and its contents, consisting of rations given to a poor person at City Store No. 1. At the time Sands com mitted the above offence, he wore the uniform of a Lieutenant, and pressed into service the wagon and contents. James Hamilton, of the 9th Connecti cut, was arrested Saturday evening, by the keeper of the City Jail, attempting to break open a house and rob it. He was re-coramitted for a further hearing. On Saturday evening Frederick G. Hennessy, Cos. G, 12th Missouri, was ar rested at the Theatre for being drunk and disorderly. Smoking Tobacco.— Our friend Ske han, firm of Conyngham and Skeiian,l76 Broughton street, have seut to our edi torial room a liberal sample of a fine ar ticle of smoking tobacco, which they have for sale. Their assortment of smo king tobacco, cigars, ales, wines, porter, groceries, clothing and boots and shoes is very large, and their prices reasona ble. Sweep Your Chimneys.— Messrs. Jno. G. Mehrtens and David H. Galloway have now ready for sweeping chimneys five boys who are thoroughly acquainted with the business. Any Government officers having in charge buildings whose chimueys are foul and want cleaning,can have the same attended to immediately by leaving a notice with Mr. Mehrtens at his store, southwest corner of State and Drayton streets. PRO3I*CAIRO. Cairo, Saturday, March s.— The steam ship Empire City, reported wrecked off Carrypoint Reef, got off and arrived at New Orleans. Permits to bring cotton within our lines have been issued at Memphis. For the week ending the 2i>th u’t, over 26,000 bales of supplies were allowed to pass beyond our lines, valued at $220,- 000. % New Orleans dates of the 2,'>th ult., say that the schooner Jane Laidlaw, report ed lost off the mouth of the Rio Grande, had arrived safely, A railroad has been constructed from the depot ot the Jackson road to the Mississippi river, lor military purposes, which will prove of great advantage in the transportation of troops and sup plies. Gen. Canby had returned to New Or leans, from a visit of inspection to 310- bile Bay and the adjacent points. Commodore Palmer’s licet is in com plete order, and ready to commence the attack upon Mobile at any moment. A garden for the cultivation of vege tables has been entabiished at eacu post in Glen. Canbv’s department, The health of the troops at the various posts is good. The latest news from Mat am ores is that the American Sag had been hauled down by some unknown pargv. Cotton ranged at New* Oilcans from 05f\ a 69c. for good ordinary to strict middling. The business was limited, owing to unfavorable weather. Mid dling Sugar ranged from 22c*. a 23c. a 24c., for fair to pride. Molasses, si.2f> a $1.27 per gallon. Three cargoes of sue ar and molasses had arrived from Cuba at New Orleans. Nashville, Term., Saturday, March 4.—The heavy rains for the past three days have caused a great rise in the river, which is over its banks. The city is entirely surrounded by water and the lower part of it is completely submerged On the railroad running Sputa- much damage has been done by the wash in <r away of bridges. The trestle bribe over Stone river, near Murfreesboro’, has been swept away; also the one at Frank lin. There is no interruption as yet on the Louisville and Nasjiville Railroad.— The river rose seven feet yesterday and last night, and is still rising. Much damage has been done to property in the vicinity of the flood. It is believed the flood will be the greatest ever known Two soldiers of the Ninth Indiana were drowned, yesterday in Edgefield. CEMETERY REPORtsT"" report op interments iN laurel grovf Cemetry. March 5, Henry C. Brown, 46 vear* dysentery, Georgia; M. Nettles Con pauy E, Ist Georgia ; John W. OwenT cerebritis, Michigan. - March 6.—Thyrsa Ann Bennett - years, chronic diarrhoea, Savannah" AW Cole, 9 years, camp fever, Savannah March 7.—Frederick J. Williams Company H, 132d New York Regiment’ March 8. —Wm. H. Simmons, 2 and 7 months, congestion of brain vannah ; Levi H. Green, Company F 29th Ohio Regimeut: Frederick CurW 38 years, consumption, Germany. * March 9.—Augustus W. Claghorn i* years, typhoid fever, Savannah ; m wha Hard wick, 8 years, cerebro mem* e tb Savannah. March 10.—Moses Benjamin, <} and 2 months, whooping caugh, Char ton Cos. Ga. ; A. Dixoc, Cos. I 4-tk Ohio Regimeut; James T. Moore fv B, 87lh Indiana Regiment. ’ ° March 11.—3. I>, Williams, Cos. F 32d Illinois ; Richard K. Gibson, Teeth" ing, Savannah ; James 11. Day, Cos I> 12th Maine. J ' CATHEDRAL CEMETERY. Feb. 28—Mary Doyle, 5 yearn, po ett . moma, Savannah. March •3 N. McDonald, 2 days spasms, Savannah. March 7.—Joseph Alorgau. 2 months, uiarrhtea, Savannah : Mary Jane Arm strong, 1 year and 2 months, intermit tent fever, Savannah. March B. Charles Till, 9 years, cere bero mein get is, Jacksonville, Florida. March to.— Anna Birch,: days trismus nascentium. The Richmomf Examiner says “Jeff. Davis ; s carrying the Confederacy to perdition and the devil r Jeff, has one consolation ; he hasn't far to go with his ioad. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Arrived—U. s. steamer Flambeau, Cavendy, Hilton Head: lb S. Revenue steamer Wyanda, Merriman. Hilton Head; U. S. steamer 0. M. Pettit. Greives. South Atlantic Blockading Squadron ; steamship S. It. Spaulding, Atkins, Hilton Head; steamship Mary A. Boardman, Jordan, Hilton Head; steamer Neptune, Gow.u, Hilton Head. Cleared—U. S. steamer Flambeau, Cavendy, Hilton 11-ad; U. S. steamer, O. M. Pettit, Graves, Hilton Head ; steamship Fannie, Cato:, Ililton Head; steamer Amazon, Dillon, Hilton Head. DIED. In this city, on Sabbath morning, 12th ire tan'., Josiah Warman, infant son of Rev. Sand Mrs. F. J. Landrum. rpWENTY DORLAiiS REWARD. Lost, either from the propeller U. S. Grant, or taken by mistake, or Friday night or Saturday morning, a large yellow Trunk, belongiug to Miss ll.v.tie Lee,of the Savannah Theatre. Who ever will return it will receive the above reward and the thanks of the owner. 2 marl3 I>OARI) WANTED. D A Gentleman desires Boarding in a private family, where the comforts of a home can be en joyed. Cali at the Railroad Back, or address marLi 1 S. M. KRATJSER, Q. M. Dept. (Official.) HKA DQUAF.TKRS U. 8. FoKCZS, ) Savannah, March 12, ISCS.) Genet. a .. Order, > No. 22. f All citizens arriving at this Post are required to register their names at the Provost Marshal's Office, within the neit 24 hours after their ar rival. By command of Brevet Major Gen. GROVER. Edward G. Dikic, A. A. Gen. marl3 WANTED— AN APOTHECARY. A young man who thoroughly under stands the Drug Blindness cun hear of a situation by applying at this office. ts feblO RANTED, Four or D've FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable ora small family for boose keeping. Address Bov. sis., Savannah. mar 7—ts Disinfectant. Small quantities of the Per Manganate o* Potash will be turnished, at the request of wj Physician, by the Health Officer. feblO Riddell & murdock, WIIOLKhAT.K AND RKTAIT. DRAT, KBS IN SUTLERS’ AND NAVAL STORES, DR* GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, Gkntlkvten’s FvENifytiNG Goods, &c- No. 5 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. w. e. LjanlO—tf] ~n. i. aicbdock.