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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, March 28, 1865, Image 3

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QAVANNAH THEATRE! u Lessee and Business Manager grant taggart. Director of Amusements a. n. davenport. Stage Manager t. s. herndon. TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 28, 1865. The performance will commence with the beautiful pin", in five acts, by Sir E. Lytton Bnlwer. entitled THE LADY OP LYONS; or, THE RICH MER CHANT’S DAUGHTER. Presented on Friday Evening to one of the largest and most enthusiastic audience of the season, including many ladies. Claude Melnotte Mr. A. H. Davenport. Col. Damns .- Mr. Simpson. Glavis Miss Maude St. Leon. Mons. Deschappelles Mr. J. W Garner. Gaspar.. Mr. Rodgers. Landlord... Mr. Quinan. Capt. Gems Mr. Henry. Notary Mr. Forrest. Pauline Miss Florence LaFond. Mad. Deschappelles Mrs. M. E. Berrill. Widow Melnotte Miss Elsie St. Leon. After which Mr. Ainsley Scott will sing the popular baritone ballad “Rocked in the Cradle ol' the Deep.” To be followed by a Stump Speech (Local) by Mr. Add Ryman. WM& To conclude with THE TWO HOUSEBREAKERS; or, STOLLN JEWELS'. In which Messrs. Ainsley Scott, Add Kymau and M. J. Howard will appear. Forming a bill of great and varied attraction. Doors open at T o’clock; Curtain rises at 71-2. Box office open fro nr 10 until -2 o’clock. PT PRICES OF ADMISSION AS USUAL. All bills must be presented weekly. mar2B «BR ITWItNISHED HOUSE TO LET. I The three story House No. 73, Congress street, with Stable attached, is for rent on reasonable terras. The house has gas, oath room and all modern con veniences, and is completely furnished throughout. Apply on the premises. ts mh24 (AAYILLE & LEACH, O BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, Merchants’ Row, HILTON HEAD, S. C., Corner Bryan street and Market square, mar2l _ SAVANNAH, GA. codtf np B. BYNNER, 175 BROADWAY,NEW YORK. WATCHES AND JEWELRY Os every description. WATCHES Particularly adapted to ARMY PURPOSES, In Extra made Cases, GOLD AND SILVER. AMERICAN, SWISS, and ENGLISH I deal in nothing but TIME PIECES. Gold Watches from SBO to S3OO ; Silver, from 20 to SOO For paiticu lars send for my prices lists. Established 20 years, and confidently refer to any respectable Mercantile House in the city; also the Editors of this paper. T. B. BYNNER, 175 Broadway, N. Y. P. S.—Beware of the absurd and deceptive advertisc ments in the Weeklys. mar 4—cod2m QLD NEWSPAPERS, FOR WRAPPING PAPER, For sale at the SAVANNAH HERALD OFFICE, NO. 11l BAY STREET. inftr22 ts CIDER FOR SALE, To families by the quart or gallon, at O’MEARA & CO’S, over Adams' Express Office, Bay street. mh24 WOOD From this date and until further notice the price of Wood shall be as follows : Hard Wood, $S per cord, delivered. Pine Wood, $0 per cord, delivered. Purchasers arc requested to report all short meas ure on delivery of wood immediately to the FUEL SUPPLY COMMITTEE, rnh24 ’4 No. 84 Bay street. Rooms to let at hilton head, s. c„ in The Palmetto Herald Building, corner of Mer chants' Row and Palmetto Avenue, suitable for busi ness purposes or lodgings. Apply to J. T. RIVERS, on the premises, or H. T. RIVERS, at the Custom House ts mar-i JNTERESTING PUBLICATIONS THE SOLDIER OR THE CITIZEN. THE NOVELLETTE, Published monthly, contains in each number, from Ihree to eight short stories, with Illustrations. Terms: one copy, 1 year, $2, post-paid ; six copies, subscribers paying their own postage, $9; 12 do., sls. THE FLAG OF OUR UNION. Devoted to Tales, Sketches, Adventures, Poems, News, Novellettes, &c. $2 per year. THE DOLLAR MONTHLY MAGAZINE. The cheapest magazine in the world. Six copies i<'V five dollars. Nearly one huudred pages of reading matter and illustrations. Postage ouly 12 cents per year, TEN CENT NOVELLETTES. 128 pages in each book ; one-third larger than any other Dime Novel, All of the above publications will be forwarded regu larly by mail, on receipt of price, by ELLIOTT, THOMES & TALBOT, Publishers, 118 Washington street, Boston, Mass. Samples ean be seen, or copies purchased, by ap plying at THE SAVANNAn HERALD STORE, 111 HAT STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. __ marl 9 ts ' r pHE NEW SKIRT FOR 1865. A wonderful invention for Ladies. Unquestionably superior to all others. Don't fail to read the advertisement in the Savannah >ikkai.i>, containing full particulars, every Monday morning. _ edexM3mo mar2l M E 'VS-DEALEKS AND OTHERS DESIRING Tbk Savannah Daily Hkali> at Wholsaie are re ptested to send in their orders as early in advance as practicable. _ S. W. MASON * CO. t OTICE. Custom House Building, Savannah, Ga„ March 18th, 1856. ah persons desiring to make statements to the i reasury Department at Washington, in regard to the v otton captured in the city of Savannah, are request ottVa I . lt tlle sa me to Mr. B. W. Burnett, at this oince, who is authorized to receive them. moron , , 8 ' DRAPER, mar -° Special Agent Treasury Dept, Q N. BELLOWS <fc CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in SI TLERS' AND NAVAL STOREB, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, &c„ NO. 8 MERCHANTS’ BOW, HILTON HEAD, S. C. C. N. BELLOWS. M. O. TYLRB. J. w . TAYLOR. marll ts OOTTON SEED 1!! ~ COTTON SEED, ' IN LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIES. Will be purchased at Fair Rates by the undersigned, “SEA ISLAND” PREFERRED. Parties desiring to sell, will stßte quantity for dis posal, and pi ice per bushel desired, and where located. Address, T. E. SICKLES, . mar T—ts Box 14, Hilton Head, S C. QOLDEN ALE. Written when times were dull, and Golden Ale want ed a market—many years ago. What’s the world to a man without children and wife, Ho may toil, be may strive, the whole length of his life, Let him drink Golden Ale, and his spirits ’twill cheer. Till the glow on his cheek draws some kind creature near. Let him drink Golden Ale, and soon wedded he’ll lie; , How his heart will expand when a babe's on bis knee; Let him never imbibe till his spouse have a share, And blessings and peace will for ever be there. The old maiden, too, had long thought to herself, When no kind hand was near, she must get on the sbelf; But she tried Golden Ale, and Its magical train Brought beauty and youth to her cheek once again. And ’overs in scores to her cottage repair, Youth blooms on her cheeks and raven’s her hair, Once again in her teens she’s the Belle of the Vale, And is doatingly fond of the famed Golden Ale. The old and the young to be hearty and hale, Should each day imbibe of this bright Golden Ale, And their cellars well store for the cold winter's night As 'tie health to the sick, to the blind It is light. BOTTLED AND FOR SALE BY PIERCE SKEHAN, 62 and 63 Liberty street, New York, And 176 Broughton street, Savannah, Ga. mar!4 (Official.) Headquarters U. S. Forces; Savannah, March 21st, 1865. General Order,) No. 23. f Surgeon A. P. Dalrymple, U. S, Vols., having re ported to these Headquarters for duty in pursuance of Special Order No. 60, Par 2, Headquarters Depart ment of the South, is hereby assigned to duty as Health Officer of the Post of Savannah, relieving Sur geon W. Y Provost in the duties of that office. By command of Brevet Major General GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. Gen. mar2B First night of Bulwer's great Play of the DISINFECTANT. Small quantities of the Per Manganate of Potash will be tarnished, at the request of any Physician, by the Health Officer. feblO 1 BROWN & CO., _ J • (Late Somes, Brown & C 0,,) MILITARY AND NAVAL BANKERS AND COLLECTORS, 2 I'ABK ELACE, BROADWAY BANK BUILDING, - NEW YORK. Correspondents in Washington—J. W. Fisher & Cos., 478 Fourteenth Street. ESTABLISHED JUNE, 1862. We have complete facilities fGt transacting business speedily and correctly in all the Departments at Washington. Remittances prompt, and terms rea sonable. We give especial attention to obtaining Certificates for Non-Indebtedness for Ordnance and Quartermas ters’ Returns for Officers, and settling their accounts. We collect the following classes of Claims, and make advances i( desired: Bounties for the heirs of deceased, wounded Sol diers. and such as have served t\vo years. Pensions for Invalids, Widows, Mothers, and Or phan Children. Arrears of pay for the heirs of deceased, discharg ed Officers, Soldiers and Sailors, and pay for the Wife or Widowed Mother of Prisoners of War. Prize Money for the U. S. Navy, together with all other just Claims. Information freely furnished. We purchase and sell all Government Securities, Quartermasters’ Certificates and Checks., on the best of terms. References givenjto leading Bankers and business firms in New York. feblo ts ICE 1 ICE '. ICE '. The subscribers have received front Boston per Schooner E. S. Conant, a cargo of Ice and Lumber, which will he disposed of at the lee House for merly occupied by them, on Bryan street opposite the market. Retail boxes will be established at other places as the demand increases. A constant supply will be kept up during the year. HAYWOOD, GAGE* CO. feb2T lm * J^OTICE. Provolt Marshal’s Offioe, Savannah, Gal, Fee. 9, 1865. All citizens, now residents of this city, are requested to call at this office and register themselves as such. Heads of families will report the persons composing their household. By order of Bvt. Maj. Gen. C. Grover. ROBT. P. YORK, feblo Lt. Col. and Provost Marshal. STEELE & BURBANK, 11 Merchants' Row, Hilton Head, S. C. Call the attention of Wholesale and Retail purchasers to their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS, Watches, Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware,Swords, Sashes, Belts, Embroderies, Boots, Caps Field Glasses, Gauntlets Gloves, Ac., Ac., &c. RW. CAMPBELL, VETERINARY SURGEON • having reopened his office and yard, on Wil liam street, is now prepared to treat (on scientific principles.) all diseases incident to Horses that are susceptible iff remedy. Charges moderate. Cures warranted. Terms cash. febl6 ts Cl W. DENNIS & CO., 'a No. 6 Merchants* Row, Hilton Head, S. C., Wholesale and retail dealers in BUTTER. CHEESE, CIGARS, CAKES, CRACKERS. POTATOES, FLOUR, CANNED FRUIT AND MEATS, STATIONARY, HARDWARE, Ac., Ac. J an 10 ts (Official.) Headquarters District of Savannah, Ga Savannah, March 17th, 1865. General Obdef, ) % Captain James M. Walton, 54th Mass. Vols., is here by detailed troin his Regiment, and is detached as Provost Judge, aud will take charge of the 2d branch of the Provost Court of the District. By command of „ Brevet Major GeneralGROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A Gen. ronriT ■0 8. 7-30 LOAN. By authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, the undersigned nas assumed the General Subscription Agency for the sale of United States Treasury No tes, bearing seven and three-tenths per cent interest per annum, known as "the SEVEN-THIRTY LOAN. These Notes are issued under date of August 16th, 1864, and are payable three years from that time, in currency, or are convertible at the option of the holder into UNITED STATES 6-20 SIX PER CENT. OOLD-BKARINII BONDS. These bonds arc now worth a premium of nine per cent., including gold interest from Nov., which makes the actual profit on the 7-30 loan, at current ra es, including interest, about ten per cent, per an, num, besides exemption frrnn State and municipal taxation, which adds from one to three per cent, more, according to the rate levied on other property. The interest is payable semi-annually by coupons attached to each note, which may be cut off and sold to any bank or banker. The interest amounts to. One cent, per day on a SSO note. Two cents “ “ sioo “ Ten “ “ “ SSOO “ 20 “ “ “ SIOOO “ $1 “ “ “ SSOOO “ Notes of all denominations named will be prompt ly furnished upon receipt^of subscriptions. This is THE ONLY LOAN IN MARKET now offered by the Government, and it is confidently expected that its superior advantages will make it the GREAT POPULAR LOAN OF TOE PEOPLE. Less than $2,000,000 remain unsold, which will pro bably be disposed of within the next 60 or 90 days, when the notes will undoubtedly command a pre mium, as has uniformly been the case on closing the subscription to other Loans. In order that citizens of every town and section of the country may be afforded facilities for taking the loan, the National Banks, State banks, and Pri vate Bankers throughout the country have gener ally agreed to receive subscriptions at par. Sub scribers will select their own agents, in whom they have confidence, and who only are to be responsible for the delivery ofthe Notes for which they receive or ders. JAY COOKE, mar 2—ts Subscription Agent, Philadelphia. Q.UANO. GEO. E. WHITE & CO., f>s Cliff street, New York, offer PERUVIAN AND SWAN ISLAND GUANO, at wholesale. They have facilities for filling orders superior to any other house at present in the trade. GEO. E. WHITE & CO. are the sole agents for the sale of the BRUCE CONCENTRATED MANU RE, made by the Bruce Fertilizer Company at Staten Island, This Fertilizer contains 7 per cent, ammonia and over 40 per cent, of soluble bone phosphate. Though this analysis would hardly load ns to such conclu sion, yet its practical applications for the two years past has shown its immediate results to be ns great as where Peruvian Guano is used, and that the soil is left in better condition for the succeeding year’s crops. Price, SSO for 2,000 lbs., with discount to the trade. jan27 2mo POST QUARTERMASTER’S OFFICE, Central Railroad Bank, Savannah, Ga., March, Ist, 1965. In pursuance of orders, received at this office, all citizens occupying buildings, whose owners are ab sent within the Rebel lines, or buildings, or other property belonging to disloyal persons, will, unless such buildings have been previously assigned—rent free—settle the rents for the same, due the Uni ted States, at this office op or before the 10th of March. A failure to comply with the above will cans«> a forfeiture of all claims to further occupation. S. S. STARR, Capt. and A. Q. M., in charge of buildings. Bakery & confectionery establish ment AT BEAUFORT. We respectfully call the attention of the public to our Bakery & Confectionery Establishment in Sam. A. Cooley’s Building at Beaufort, at which we are prepared promptly to fill any orders which may be for warded to us. Special attention is paid to the man ufacture of Ornamental Pieces. Fancy Confectionery, and Elegant Pastry, for holiday or festival tables. Feb. 3-ts McMANUS & MURRAY. Headquarters, Department of the South, Hilton Head, S. C., February 24, ISCS. Ghnerai. Orders,) No. 27. f I. Lieut.-Col. Stewart L. Woodford, 127th New York Vols., is hereby relieved from the duties of Provost Marshal General of the Department, and is announced as Chief of Staff to the Major-General Commanding, and temporally assigned to the command of the Post of the City of Charleston, S. C„ which Post will con sist of the City proper, and Castle Pinckney. 11. In compliance with Paragraph VII, Special Field Orders No. 13, from Headquartera, Military Division of the Mississippi, the 127th Regiment N. Y. Vols., is hereby designated as the permanent garrison of the Post of Charleston, and Colonel Wm. Gurney, of that Regiment, as the permanent Post Commander. Upon his return to the Department, from which he is now absent on account of wounds, he will relieve Lieut.-Col. Woodford of the command of that Post. 111. Major Benjamin W. Thompson 32d U. S. C. TANARUS., is hereby announced as Provost Marshal General of the Department, and will immediately relieve Lieut.-Col. Woodford, receipting to him for all money and proper ty pertaining to the office. * IV. Lieut. Frank Geisc, 32d U, S. C. TANARUS., Assistant Provost Marshal General of the Department, in addi tion to his duties as such, will act as Collector of the Department Military Tax, prescribed by General Orders No. 5, current series, from these Headquarters, until the arrival of Lieut.-Col. James H. Strong, Ist N. C. Union Vols., heretofore announced as Military Tax Collector. Lieut, Geise will immediately relieve Lieut.-Col. Woodford as Acting Military Tax Collector, receipting to him for all money and property pertaining to the office. By command of Major-General Q. A. GILLMORE. W. L. M. Burger, Assistant Adj’t General. Savannah, Ga., March, 8,1865. After this date the Provost Court will be held in the U. 8. Court House, up stairs, coiner of Bull and Bay Stn CU EBEN PARSONS, J«., mar 9—ts Lieut, and Provost Judge. "0 S. SANITARY COMMISSION, Corner of Congress and Whitaker Streets, Savan nah, Ga. At the place mentioned we have opened store-rooms and Relief office, where we will be g,ad to render any service in our power to the soldiers and sailors of the Army and Navy. Sergeons in charge of Hospitals will please send in their requisitions for stores. J. C. HOBLIT, jan2l—tf Agent U. 8. S. C. (Official) Headquarters District of Savannah, Ga., Savannah, March 17th, 1865. General Order,) No 7. / The following decision has been made at the Head quarters ot the Military Division of the Mississippi, and is published for the information of aH concerned, viz; • “A question having arisen as to the proper construc tion of Special Field Order No. 13, Headq’rs Mil. Div. of the Miss., in the Field, dated Savannah; Ga., Jan. 15, ISO 6, (Par. VI.) it is hereby directed that until fur ther orders, said Par. will be taken lo prohibit any purchase, direct or indirect by any other person than a United States Treasury Agent, of any cotton or any claims thereto. “This construction will be enforced by the military authorities having jurisdiction.” By command of Brevet Major General GROVER. Edward G. Dike. A. AA. Gen. marl 7 6$ OOD LIVING," VJ At reasonable prices, can be had at the EAGLE OYSTER and REFRESHMENT SALOON, in the rear ofthe New Post Office, Uuioa Head, S. C. I have the very best facilities for furnishing OYS TERS, CLAMS, MEATS, POULTRY, VEGETABLES, &c., from the North and other places in this vicin ity. Cooked to ordei from 6A.M.t08 P. M. 1 PETER FITZGERALD, Proprietor, p. s.—One trial is respectfully solicited. TNUNBARS A FRANZ, NO. 10 MERCHANTS’ ROW, Hilton Head, 8. C. « WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS in SUTLERS’ GOODS Os all Descrir ions. tt Headquarters, Dep’t or the South, Hilton Head, S. C., February 17, 1868. General Orders,) No. 23. / I. Before a General Court Martial, which convened at Jacksonville, Fla., by virtue of Special Orders No. 270, Par. 11, dated Headquarters, District of Florida, 4tli Separate Brigade, D. S., Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 9th, 1864, and of which Col. B. C. Tilghman, 3d U. S. C. Troops, was President, was arraigned and tried: Captain Silas H. Swctland, Commissary Subsistence Vols. Charge : —“ Fraud.'* Specification First:— “ln this, that he. Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did fraudulently deliver to George Burt, a civilian trader, to be sold or used by him for his own private benefit, five p) barrels of flour, subsistence stores belong ing to the United States, valued at forty-five dol lars and fifty cents ($46.50-100.) This at St Au gustine, Fla., on or about the 6th of April, 1864." Specification Second :«-“In this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did fraudulently deliver to George Burt, a civilian trader, to be sold or used by him for his own private benefit, six (6) barrels of flour, valued at fifty-five dollars and fifty cents ($51.60-100,) and three (3) gallons of B. \\ hit-key, valued at six dollars ($6), subsis tence stores belonging to the United States. AH this at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the 29th of April, 1504." Specification Tuird;—“ln this, thßt he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did fraudulently deliver to George Burt, a civilian trailer, to be sold or used by him for his own private benefit, ten (10) barrels of flour, subsistence stores be longing to the United States, valued at one hun dred and five dollars ($106.) AH this at St. Au gustine, Fla., on or about the 2oth of Ju1y,1804." Specification Fourth “In this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did fraudulently deliver to Henry A. Wilson, sutler, to be sold or used by him for his own private benefit, four (4) barrels of flour, subsistence stores belonging to the United States, valued at forty dollars ($40.) All this at St. Augustine, Fla., on’ or about the 23d of April, 1864." Specification Fifth;— “ln this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did, in official re turns for the mouth of June, 1864, charge to the account of the United States, the amount of eighty-seven dollars and fifty-two cents fsß7 52- 100,) said to have been paid to one John Miller, for cattle, knowing that this money had never been paid to said John Miller, and* knowing that his receipt for it was fictitious. All this at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the 30th of June, 1804.’’ Specification Sixth:— “ln this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did, in his official returns for the month of June, 1804, fraudulently charge to the account of the United States, the amount of sixt\ -seven dollars and sixty cents (SO7 60-100,) said to nave been paid to William. 11. Downs for cattle km.whig that this money had not been o William 11. Downs. All this at St. Angus;ate, Fla., on or about the 30th of June, 1864.” Specification Seventh.— “ln this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did in his official returns for the month of July, 1864, fraudulently charge to the account of the United States, the amount of two hundred and ninety-five dollars and twenty cents ($295 20-100,) said to have been paid to Benjamin Harn for cattle, knowing that this sum of money had not been paid to Benja min Harn. All this at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the 31st of July, 186^' Specification EionTn:—“ln ti.ll, that he, Captain Silas Swctland, C. S. Vols., did in his official returns for the months of June, July, August and September, 1864, fraudulently charge to the account of the United States, various sums, said to have been paid for cattle, amounting to more than thirteen hundred and ninety dollars, ($1390) he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., knowing that these various sums amounting to more than thirteen hundred and ninety dollars ($1390,) had never been paid, as alleged. AH this at St. Augustine, Fia., at various times, be tween the Ist of June, 1864, and the 16th of October, 1864." Specification Ninth:— “ln this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., furnished a price list for the sale of U. S. Subsistence Stores, at the post of St. Augustine, Fla., for the month of August, 1864, by which list the following ar ticles, viz., candles, salt, vinegar, corn meal, sugar, beaus and dried apples were sold for more than the authorized prices, and hp fraudulently retained for his own benefit the excess for which these sold. This at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the Ist of August, 1864." Specification Tenth:— “ln this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetlaud, C. S. Vols., having reftised to pay Benjamin Ham for cattle of Ills which had been slaughtered, and having refused permission to Benjamin Ham to sell his cattle to other par ties, then authorized his clerk, Thomas L. Leib, to purchase of said Benjamin Harn his cattle claim, with mark and brand at a low price, fur nishing one-half the purchase money, with the understanding that he and the clerk should share the profits: that subsequently he, Captain Silas Swetland, C. S. Vols., paid to one William Delk, the sum of two hundred and slxtv-two dollars ($262,) or about, as the value of a part of the aforesaid cattle claim, purchased by said Delk, which sum he fraudulently charged to the United States. This at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the Ist of October, 1864." Specification Eleventh “In this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., did render an Ab stract of sales to citizens for the month of No vember, 1863, in which the amount of sales to citizens was fraudulently mis-stated. This at ' St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the 30th of No vember, 1863." Specification Twelfth:— “ln this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. 8. Vols., did render an Abstract of sales to citizens for the month of December, 1863, In which the amount of sales to citizens was fraudulently miss-stated. This at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the 31st of De cember, 1663." Specification Thirteenth:— “ln this, that he,Captain Silas 11. Swetland, S. C. Vols, rendered an Ab stract of sales to citizens for the month of Feb ruary, 1864, in which the amount of sales to citizens was fraudulently mis-stated. This at St. Augustine, Fla., on or about the 29th of February, 1864.” Specification Fourteenth :—“ln this,that he,Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., having paid the stipulated price, ($5) five dollars per head for • driving in thirty-eight head of cattle, subse quently paid one dollar per head for the same cattle, to a man not concerned in driving the cattle, and fraudulently charged the whole amount, ($6) six dollars per head, to the account of the United States. This at St. Angustine, Fla., on or about the Ist of October, 1864." Specification Fifteenth “In this, that he, Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., having a farm un der cultivation, iu part by means and facilities afforded at the expense of the United States, and having obtained a certain quantity of vegetables from this farm, sold the same to the United States, by means of fraudulent signatures of parties who never owned the vegetables. This at St. Augustine, Fla., during the months of June and July, 1864." Specification Sixteenth— ln this,:that he, “Captain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., has by fraudulent returns defrauded the United Jtates of about ten thousand dollars ($10,000.) This at St. Augus tine, Fla., between the Ist of Novumber, 1863, and the Ist of November, 1864." To which charge and specifications the accused pleadsd “Not Guilty." The 16th Specification was dropped during the trial. finding : The Court, having maturely considered the evidence dduced, find the accused, Caqtain Silas H. Swetland, C. S. Vols., as follows: -Of the first specification, “GuUty." Os the second specification, “Guilty,” except the words “(3) three gaUons of B. whiskey, valued atsix dollars.” Os the third specificatitm, “Guilty.” Os the fourth specification, “Guilty.” Ofthe fifth specification, “Guilty.” Os the sixth specification, “Guilty." Os the seventh specification, “Guilty.” Os the eighth specification, “Guilty," except the words “August and September,"and except the amount ($950) nine hundred and fifty dollars of the ($1890) thirteen hundred and ninety dollars specified. Os the ninth specification, “Guilty." Os the tenth specification, "Guilty,"except the words “having refused to pay Benjamin Hern for cattle of lm, which had been Jsugt ‘ ■'< Os the eleventh sf “ n, “Guilty." Os the twelfth speufic—.ou, “Guilty." Os the thirteenth specification, “Guilty." Os the fourteenth specification, “Guilty." Os the fifteenth specification, “Guilty." Os the charge, “Guilty." Sen tenoe: And the Court do herefore sentence him* Captain Silas H. Swetland, Commissary Subsistence Vols., to be cashiered icith loss of all pay and allowances now due or to become due; to be fined ($6600,) five thousand dollars; to be imprisoned for one year in tuck prison or penitenl tiary as Oie proper authorities may ctireet; and the sen tence be published as provided in the Sbtk Article of War , H. The proceedings, findings and sentence in the foregoing case having been approved by the officer ap pointing the Court and submitted to the Major-General Commanding the Department, the same are hereby approved and confirmed. Captain Swetland ceases to be an officer of the United State* from the date of the publication of this order. He will be confined under charge of the Provost Marshal of the District of Flor ida, until authority is received from the Secretary of War to send him to the Penitentiffik at Albany, New York, which is designated as the place of hislmpria onment. By command of Major-General Q. A. GILLMORE. W. L. M. Burger, Assistant Adj’t General. Notice. Offioe of Street Commissioner, No. 126 Sonth Broad Street, Savannah, Ga., February 22d, 1866. In accordance with authority conferred upon me, by General Order No. 16, from Headquarters U. 9. Forces, Savannah. Ga., dated Feb. 21st, 1865. this city is here by divided into three Districts, for the purpose of re moving garbage therefrom. The First District comprises all that portion of the city lying North of President and Harrison streets. Carts will remove the garbage from this IJjstrict on Monday and Thursday of each week. The Second District comprises all that portion ofthe city lying between the First District and Harris street. Carts will remove the garbage from this District on 'Tuesday and Friday of each week. The Third District comprises all that portion of the city lving Soutp of Harris street. Carts will remove the garbage from this District ou Wednesday and Sat nrday ot each week. Hereafter all rubbish and garbage which may accu mulate must be put iuto convenient vessels, and pre vious to 8 o’clock in the morning of eaeh day, as above designated for the respective Districts; such vessels must be placed upon the sidewalks of the streets or alleys, and permitted to remaiu there until emptied by my employees, after which they will lie removed by their owners. All other persons are forbidden to destroy or In any way interfere with the vessels so placed upon the side walks, and they must not be exposed to the public view, except as above specified. Keepers of Animals must not permit manure to be thrown into the Streets or Alleys, neither must the ac cumulation thereof in, or near any stable or yard be permitted to exceed one cart load before being re moved. ALBERT STEARNS, Capt. and Street Commissioner. Riddell & murdock, wholesale and retail dealers in SUTLERS’ AND NAVAL STORES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods, Ac., No. 5 Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. , W. O. RIDDELL. [ianlO —ts) U. J. MTEUOOK. (Official.) Head’qrsU. 8. Forces, Dis’t of Savannah. Ga., Savannah, March 6th, 1865. General Order,) • No. 4. / 1 st Lieutenant Eben Parsons, Jr., 38tlT Massachusetts Volunteers, Judge Advocate, 2d Division, 19th Army Corps, is hereby relieved from duty as such, and an nounced as Judge Advocate and Provost Judge ofthe District and Post ol Saranuah. By command of Brevet Major Gen. GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. G. mar6—tf . (Official.) Headquarters Distriot of Savannah, Ga . Savannah, March sth, 1865. General Order, ) No. 3. ; 1. Lt. Col Neafle, 150th N. Y. Vols., Relief Com missioner of Savannah, is hereby appointed Supervi sor of Trade, the duties of which offioe he will Mai form in addition to those of Relief Commissioner. 2. CajM. John P. Baker, Ist U. S. Cavalry, Acting Inspector General 2d Division, 19th Corps, is hereby relieved from his duties as such, aud appointed Actirr Inspector General ol the District and Post. By command of Brevet Maj. Gen. GROVEn. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. G. mar 6—ts (Official.) TTEADQUARTERS U, S. FORCES, II Savannah, Ga., Feb. 13, 1805. General Order ) N& 13. J All officers of the Army arriving at this Post will, as soon as practicable after their arrival, report at these Headquarters and register their names, the duty they are on, the length of time they expect to stay, if temporarily here, and their residences. By command of Brvt. Major Gen. GROVER. Edward Q. Dike, A. A. A, Q. feb 13 [Official.] Headquarters U. S. Forces, Savannah, March 9th, 1866. General Order, 1 No. 21. I All persons are hereby forbidden to take or In any manner connive at the taking of letters, newspapers, or any written communications whatever, outside the lines. The writers as well as the carriers of written communications will be held as violating this order, whenever such communications may be found upon the persons or in the baggage of those permitted to pass. By command of Brevet Major Gen. GROVER. Edward G. Dikb, A. A. A. Gen. marlO (Official.) Headquarters District of Savannah, Ga., Savannah. Ga., March 17th, 1806. General Order,) No. 6. / The Provost Court of the District will hereafter con sist of two brunches, having jurisdiction in cases as follows, viz: I. The Court of Ist Lieutenant Eben Parsons, Jr , Judge Advocate aud Provost Judge ofthe District, to be styled the First Provost Court, will have jurisdic tion in all claim cases and cases involving titles to property, where such claims or titles exceed SIOO In amount; also, in all cases of alimony, guardianship, and those rendered important by incidental circum stances. 11. The Court of Capt. Jamea M. Walton, 64th Massachusetts Volunteers, to be styled the Second Provoßt Court, will have jurisdiction in all cases of misdemeanors, and those involving rights of property to a less amount than SIOO. By command of , _ Brevet Major General GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. Gen. marl 7 PROVOST MARSHAL’S OFFICE, ’ Savannah, Ga., March 14, 1865. Circular. Commanding Officers of Brigades and detached Companies, not on duty in the city, will require all enlisted men to have passes approved at their respec tive Headquarters. Whenever they are allowed to come to the city, SHch passes will only be given to (5) five per cent, of those present for duty, except on oc casions of public exhibitions, when the number may be increased to (10) ten per cent. Those enlisted men on duty in the city must have certificates from their re spective comraandeis that they are so on duty. The certificates will also state the Regiment to which they belong, and what duty they are on. Any enlisted man not having a pass as before directed, and having no proper certificate of identity, after the 16th inst., will be arrested by the Provost Marshal. By command of Brevet Major General GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. G. Official; ROBT. P. YORK. Lt. Col. 75tli N. Y. V. V. and marl 6 Provost Marshal Dist. of Savannah, Ga. [Official.] TTEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, -IX Savannah, Ga., Feb. 21, 1865. General Order,) No. 16. f I. The occupants of buildings will be held respon sible for the cleanliness of the same, as well as their cellars and outhouses, and sidewalks in front of, and alleys adjacent to them. All rubbish and garbage which accumulates will, each day, be put in boxes jn a convenient place for removal. 11. Keepers of animals will cause the manure which accumulates In their stables or yards where their animals are kept to be either removed outside the picket lines, or to be distributed upon such gardens within the fines as are actually under cultivation, such distribution being at. the conseutof the cultivator 111. The Street Commissioner will establish s-iefi regulations with regard to the removal ol mm:'.- tions from the city as he sees tit. He is a iso cut. e with the duty of causing crefui uispi-o tion to be made of the police of the city, anu he w i! report to the Provost Judge, any lailnie to comply with the foregoing paragraphs ol this order, who will cake such action in the case as the circumstances require By command of Brevet Major Gen. GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. G. feb2l TTEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, XX Savannah, Ga., Feb. 13th, 1866. General Order,) No. 14. / All citizens living within the limits of the City of Savannah and having Fire Arms in their possession, and not having special written permission to retain the same, will at once turn them in to the Provost Marshal, who will take proper measure for their safe keeping, with a view to returning them when it shall be proper to do so. By command of _ Bvt Major Gen. GROVER. Edward G. Duct) A. A. A, G, febty