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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, April 21, 1865, Image 3

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gAVANNAH THEATRE! Lessee and Business Manager.. grant taggart. Director of Amusements a. u. dayenfoht. Stage Manager . t. j. hbrndon. FRIDIY EVENING, APRIL 2d, 1865. The performance will commence wit h Miss Matilda Heron’s Great play of CAMILLE ; or, THE STORY OF A HEART. Armand Duval Mr. A. H. Davenport Count de Varville Mr. J. W. Camer Gaston Mr. T. J. Herndon Mons. Duval Mr. Simpson Gustave .• Mr. Rogers Camille Miss Florence Lafond Nanine Miss Fanny Prestige Madame Prudence Airs. M. L. Berrell Nichette : Miss Elsie St. Leon Olympe —Miss Maude St. Leon Alter which, a Grand Castilian Pas de Deux, by Misa Maude 9t. Leon and Mr. J. W. Camer. To conclude with the Farce of TURNED UP AGAIN. John Peter Pillicoddy...... Mr. Herndon Capt, O’Scuttle Mr. Simpson Mre. O’Scuttle Mrs. Berrell Mrs. Pillicoddy. Miss Maude St. Leon Sarah Blunt Miss Fanny Preslige PAUL PRY and the Musical Burletta of THE AL PINE MAID will speedily be produced. Notice.—ln future the doors will open at T and the tnrtain rise at 8 o'clock precisely. Box office open from 10 until 2 o’clock. W PRICES OF ADMISSION AS USUAL. All bille*mu9t be presented weekly. gWEATNAM’S VARIETIES. (Formerly Bt. Andrew’s Hall.) swx atnam Aim r.vMA.N- Lessees and Managers OPEN EVERY NIGHTI SINGING, DANCING, BURLESQUE, PANTOMIME, DRAMA, MINSTRELSY and FARCE. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME NIGHTLY. For particulars see Bills. ts apl9 gANITARY. LIME! LIME!! LIME!?! 800 casks best quality Thomaston Lime, suitable for brick work, plastering, white washing,* or for sanitary purposes. Just received direct from Thomaston, Me. For sale by DUNBAR & FRANZ, 10 Merchants’ Row. apl9 Hilton Head. gOOKS ! BOOKS 1! BQOKS!!! SCHOOL AND CHILDRENS’ TOY BOOKS, PRIMER?, SPELLERS, READERS, ARITHMETICS. GRAMMARS, ALGEBRAS, HISTORIES, /- GEOGRAPHIES, SPEAKERS, FRENCH BOOKS, LATIN BOOKS, RELIGIOUS WORKS* COPY BOOKS, BOOKS, -*v PRAYER BOOKS, HYMN BOOKS. ENVELOPES. SLATES ANP PENCILS, ' J PAPi-R, PENS, (Gillot’s 303,) LEAD PENCILS, INK, POCKET MAPS, VISITING- CARDS, PC *3T INKSTANDS, MUCILAGE, \ CARMINE INK. \ » E W MUSIC, v AT *<HR E I N E R ’ 9 ■ r <; IK). )K AND MUSIC STORE, <f< 1 1 ,l! 1 Street and Monument Square. ts : V r o4wa P and e F V P e f etofore easting between C. *-)odTH ,i,nv .. , P K, Ha , !sey ’ llnder the name of Oe %JOd£tiri.» y e 1 day Mr. C, K. Os fJ2? he , fir s m - J Ttle Dnslnew will be k trt “ y 11*° undersigned to whom all claims tJteESj. wuTxSc.r.“ L v J *\, 0 T. P. HALSEY & CO. LATTICE OF THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR, v ' Department of m South, Hilton Head, a C., March 17,1865. General Orders,) ♦ No. 5. f L The strictest discipline is required in the adtninis tration of a Military Hospital. It is a paramount duty of a Medical Officer of the Army to maintain the discf phne of the soldier, during his residence in Hospital, at the highest point of efficiency compatible with the na ture and treatment of the disease or injury he is suffer ing from. The General Hospitals in this Department hßve hitherto been remarkable for their excellent dis cipline. The Medical Director regretted to find in his recent inspections the umnilitarv neglect of regula tions in regard to dress and general discipline; the careless ana linsoldierly bearing of many or the con valescents and attendants; and either the entire ab sence of the customary compliments between the offi cers and men, or the slovenly manner in which they were paid and returned. Respect to superiors is not confined to obedience on duty, but must be extended to all occasions. It is always the duty of the inferior to accept or offer first the proper salutation, and of the superior to return such complimentary notice. Here after existing regulations and orders in regard to dis cipline, proper compliments, and dress, mnst be rigid ly enforced, and all infractions of discipline, or dis obedience of orders, mnst be promptly punished. The attention of all Officers on duty in General Hospitals in this Department, is called to paragraphs 253, 254, 265, 256 and 257 Revised Regulations of the Army, 1863, and to General Orders, No. 157, Headquarters, Department of the South, series ISG4. Whenever an Officer enters a Ward,the Wardmaster mnst command attention, on which the patients, who are able to do so, will rise and stand in the position of attention until the Officer has passed out. Whenever a patient, attendant, or guard meets an Officer, within the precincts of the Hospital, he will offer the customary salutation ; if seated, and withoHt particular occupation, he will rise on his approach, or, If standing, he wiU turn-towards the Officer for the same purpose. The Officer will acknowledge the salute in a respectful manner. At Inspection each man’s articles of clothing, which may be in the wards, will be neatly folded and laid on the foot of the bed. Boots and shoes, well brushed, will be placed on the floor at the foot of the bed. Nothing must be hidden under the bedstead. Every patient in Hospital, who is able, will wash his face und hands at least every morning, and his feet twice a week, and will take a general bath once a week. Those who are unable to leave their beds, should have their hands and faces washed by the nurses, and the surface of the body sponged often enough to maintain cleanliness. 1 he attendants are especially enjoined to be cleanly in their persons, neat in their dress, and soldierly in their bearing. No attendant or patient in U. S. A. General Hospital in this Department must leave the limits of the Hospi tal unless he is provided with a pass signed by the Medical Officer of the Day, without having on his proper uniform, his coat buttoned up, clothing and shoes well brushed, and the number of his regiment and the letter of his company on his cap. Enlisted men and civilian nurses must not be permitted to wear hospital dressing gowns or slippers outside the wards. 11. The Hospital Steward charged with the adminis trative duties of a Military Hospital, is designated the Chief Steward. He may be selected by the Surgeon in Charge from the Stewards assigned to him, solely on account of merit and known capacity, and not by seni ority of warrant. He is, ex-officio, the ranking Steward for the time being, and must be obeyed and respected accordingly. He is entitled by his rank to obedience from all enlisted men in the Hospital, both patients, attendants, and civilian nurses, and is immediately re sponsible to the Surgeon in Charge for the performance of his duties, and he holds his subordinates responsible for the proper performance of their duties. As an en listed man, he owes respect and prompt obedience to all orders of his military superiors. He should wear his undress uniform in the Hospital. On Musters and Inspections he must be in full dress, with side arms. The Chief Stewards mnst pay two visits daily to every part of the Hospital, viz: at nine o’clock a. m., and at evening between tatoo and taps. At these reg ular visits, he will note the condition, discipline, cleanliness, ventilation, warming and lighting of the wards, kitchens, mess-ha'ls, bath-rooms, and latrines, and he will report to the Surgeon in Charge all irregu larities. abuses, infraction or discipline, or neglect of duty that may come under his notice, necessity of re pairs, or other wants. He will see that the ration re turns are made out, the rations received, properly kept, and economically issued, and the prescribed daily diet table observed, He will be responsible for the efficient administration of the clerical duties of the Hospital. 111. A Meteorological Register (Form 11, Revised Medical Regulations, 1863,) must be kept daily in every General and Post Hospital in this Department, and transmitted monthly to the Surgeon General's Office by the Surgeon in Charge. i This Order will be placed in a conspicuous place in the office of the Hospital, and in each ward, and para graph I. will be read by the Executive Officer of each General Hospital to the convalescents in line at each Sunday Inspection. MEREDITH CLYMER, aprl9 Medical Director, Dept, of the South. J£EROSENE OIL, ' ~ ' iaa FIVE GAL I.ON TIN CANS, GIVEN AWAY! For this week only, at One Doll a a peb Gal.lon 1 to close consignment, at store CORNER OF BAY AND BARNARD STREETS. apl7—7 JNTEKKSTING PUBLICATIONS ’ FOR THE SOLDIER OR THE CITIZEN. THE MONTHLY NOVELLETTE, contains a Novelette complete, together wiih from three to eight short stories, with Illustrations. Terms: $2 per year. Single copies, 25 cents. THE AMERICAN UNION. A FIEBSIDE JOURNAL. NO CONTINUED STORIES Thrilling Stories, Racy Sketches, Stirring Adventures and Choice Home Reading. $3 a year. Four copies, <ao. IKE FLAG) OF OUR UNION. Devoted to' Tales, Sketches. Adventures, Poems, News. Novellettes, &c. $4 per year. I" THE-DOLLAR MONTHLY MAGAHNI The cheapest magarlnc in the world. 1>1.60 a rear. Seven copies, $9. Nearly one hundred pages of reading matter and illustrations. Postage only 12 cents per year. TEN CENT NOVELLETTES. 128 pages in each book ; one-third larger than any other Dime Novel, All of the above publications will be forwarded regu larly by mail, on receipt of price, by ELLIOTT, THOMES & TALBOT. Publishers, 63 Congress street, «. Boston, Mass. Samples can be seen, or copies purchased, by ap plying at THE SAVANNAH HERALD STORE, 111 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. aprl 8 fi JjiOß SALE. Lot No. 2, Bowenville, second east of Price on Tay lor street, with improvements, consisting of’a.double tenement one-story house. Apply to J. T. THOMAS. Broker, aprl9 2 No. 117 Bay street. JNFORM ATION WANTED, Os Frederick Koch, by his Brother, Christopher Koch. The last that I knew of him he was keeping a grocery store in the city of Savannah, Ga., In the year IS3O. Any information of him, whether he be dead or aliye, will be thankfully received. Address CHRISTOPHER KOCH, North San Juan, Nevada county, aprlS 3 ■ - California. . ; (Official.) OFFICE OF THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR, Department of the South, Hilton Head, S, C., March 14, 1865. Circular No. 7. All Chilian employees in the Quartermaster’s De partment who may require treatment, will be received ; Into the General Hospitals of this Department. At Poets where there are no General Hospitals, the same will be received and treated in Post Hospitalt. They are entitled to the same privileges as enlisted men under the same circumstances. A tax is imposed on all civilian employees of the Quartermaster’s Department for the benefit of the i Hospitals. By order of the Medical Director, D. S. WM. F. BUCHANAN. aprl2 Asst. Surg. U. S. A.. Executive Officer. [Official.] , OFFICE OF THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR, Department of the South Hilton Head, S. C., March 11,1565. General Orders,) No. 2. / ■All recruits, white and colored, on reaching any depot, regimental or otherwise, must, without excep tion, be immediately re vaccinated. Officers in charge of U. S. A. General Hos- I pitals in this Department will cause to be revaccina- j ted all patients on their admiss-on into hospital, nn- , less they are entirely satisfied of their being already protected. H Medical Officers, in charge of Regiments, Prisoners of War, Quartermasters’ employees, and Contrabands ' must cause all the enlisted men in their commands ! and all prisoners of war, Quartermasters’ einplovees and contrabands, to be immediately revaccinated, un less the same has-been done and taken within a period of six months to their personal knowledge. Chief Medical Officers of Districts and Surgeons in Charge of General Hospitals, will be held to a strict ac countability for any neglect of this order. Special Requisitions must be made for vaccine crusts on the Medical Purveyor of the Department. 1 The supply is ample. MEREDITH CLYMER, Medical Director, Dept, of the South. Official: W.m. F. Buchanan, Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., Executive Officer. ap2o TTEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, 11 Savannah, Ga , April 10, 1885. General Orders, ) No. 27. / Hereafter the City Market will be open on Satur days from 3 o’clock till 8 o’clock p. m., in addition to the hours already prescribed in ordere By commopd of Brevet Major General GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. A. G. gOLOMON’S LODGE, NO. 2. The members are requested to attend a regular meet ing of the Lodge, This (Thursday) Evening at 7 1-2 o’clock. The Fraternity are invited. By order, RICHARD T. TURNER, W. M. , James M. Jones, Secretary. PREACHING AT WESLEY CHAPEL, Comer of South Broad aud Lincoln streets, at 11 o’clock Sabbath Mornings. GEO. D. LEE, aprl Delegate of Christian Commission. gECKETT’S PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, North side of Broughton street, bet ween Barnard and Whitaker streets, SAVANNAH G A . The undersigned is happy to announce to the citi zens of Savannah that the above Gallery is nearly com pleted, and will be open for the reception of visitors at an early day. Having secured the sen-ices of Mr. B. R Clapp, the Photographer, well and favorably kuown in several of the Northern cities, and having fitted up a superior BLUE OPERATING ROOM On the GROUND FLOOR of the building, with the latest improvements in the Photographic art, he hopes, by strict attention to busi nes, and by furnishing SUPERIOR PICTURES, AT REASONABLE PRICES, To merit and receive a share of the public patronage. He is prepared to take Photographic Views, of any desired size, of Buildings, Monuments, Landscapes, &c. in a superior manner. Specimens are always on ex hibition and may be seen at his Gallery. Particular attention will be given to copying pic tures of Deceased and Absent Friends. SELLING OFF AT COSt w IMMENSE STOCK I ~ $160,000 worth of merchandise to be sold IMMEDIATELY! Consisting of 30 Tierces Hams, 300 barrels Flour, 100 barrels Sugar, 150 cases Boots and Stxvs, 50 boxes Coffee, 1000 cases Ale, 500 boxes Raisins, 150 barrels Ale, 150 barrels Walnuts, Filberts and Brazil Nuts, - 1000 cases Peaches, Tomatoes, Chickens, Tur keys, Ac. 800 barrels Cakes and Crackers, 50 barrels Molasses, 160 cases Tobacco, A jagfcka 200 dozen Shirts, \ 400,0000 Cigars. y'. „ ALSO, A la*£<‘ nnO extensive m- -'if V \nfctv Stationery, Hosery, ana many other gouus mu uuth- erous to mention. Sutlers and Merchants, call and examine before sending your orders to New York. C. W. DENNIS & CO., No. 4 Merchant’s Row, Hilton Head, 9. C. aprl pOST QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, Central Railroad Bunk, Savannah, Ga., March, Ist, 1866. In pursuance of orders, received at this office, all citizens occupying buildings, whose owners are ab sent within the Rebel lines, or buildings, or other property belonging to disloyal persons, will, unless such buildings have been previously assigned—rent free—settle the rents for the same, due the Uni ted States, at this office on or before the 10th of April. A failure to comply with the above will cans* a forfeiture of all claims to further occupation. S. S. STARR, aprl Capt. and A. Q. M„ in charge ofbuildings. gWEET CIDER FOR SALE, To families by the quart or gallon, at * O’MEARA <ft CO’S, over Adams’ Express Office, Bay street. mh24 ~ -i-voifl rpiK NEW SKIRT FOR 1865. „ Awonderful invention for Ladies. Unquestiona'Ud superior io all others. - , Don’t fail to read the advertisement in the Savanna* 1 Herald, containing fall particulars, eveiy Monday morning. edexM3mo mar2l (j OUT. The large Stock of BOOTS AND SHOES, SPRING CLOTHING, GROCERIES, * - * BOTTLED ALE, PORTER aud CHAMPAGNE CIDER, SEGARS and TOBACCOS, in great variety, BEEF AND PORK, in half-bbls , SUTLERS’ GOODS, TEAS COFFEES and SPICES. The entire Stock will be sold, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT NEW YORK PRICES. The public will find this the best opportunfty to pur chase yet offered in this market, 176 BROUGHTON STREET, mar2l ts Next door to Sherlock’s. J^OTICE. Savannah, Ga., March, 8, 1565. After this date the Provost Court will be held in the U. S. Court House, up stairs, coiner of Bull and Bay streets. EBEN PARSONS, Jb„ mar 9—ts Lient. and Provost Judge. pHOTOGRAPHIO VIEWS OF FORT SUMTER, . FORT MOULTRIE, BURNT DISTRICT, and PUBLIC BUILDINGS OF CHARLESTON, S. C. NOW BEADT AT BECKETT’S PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, North side of Broughton street, between Barnard and Whitaker streets, .SAVANNAH, GA. ANTED. A gentleman wonld like Board in a private family where there are no other boarders. Price no object as long as he gets the comfort of a home. Address, ‘ - B,” Savannah Herald office. aprl4—lw P S. SANITARY COMMISSION Comer of Congress and Whitaker Streets, Savan ■ uah, Ga. At the place mentioned vve have opened store-rooms and Relief office, where we will be glad to render any service in our power to the soldiers and sailors of the Army and Navy. Sergeons in charge of Hospitals will please send in their requisitions for stores. J. C. HOBLIT, jan 21—ts Agent U. S. S. C. Notice. Office of Street Commissioner, No. 126 South Broad Street , Savannah, Ga., March 29, 1866. In accordance with authority conferred upon me, by General Order No. 16, from Headquarters U. 9. Forces, Savannah, Ga., dated Feb. 21st, 1865. this city is here by divided into three Districts, for the purpose of re moving garbage therefrom. The First District comprises all tha portion of the city lying North of President and Harrison streets. Carts will remove the garbage from this District on Monday and Thursday of each week. The Second District comprises all that portion of the city lying between the First District and Harris street. Carts will remove the garbage from this District on Tuesday and Friday of each week. The Third District comprises all that portion of the city lying South of Harris street. Carts will remove the garbage from this District on Wednesday and Sat urday of each week. Hereafter all rubbish and garbage which may accu mulate must be put into convenient vessels, and pre vious to 7 o’clock iq the morning of eaeh day, as above designated for the respective Districts; such vessels must be placed upon the sidewalks of the streets or alleys, and permitted to remain there until emptied by my employees, after which they will be removed by their owners. All other persons are forbidden to destroy or in any way interfere with the vessels so placed upon the side walks, and they must not be exposed to the public view, except as above specified. , ..Keepers or Animals must not permit manure to be 'utp the Streets or Alleys, neither must the accumiiatio^ Pre 2^^" e , a^ ; 7 ° h r p^ d '> e permitted to exceecT(J!L***2^ rt lead before being re- All Privies, Dry Wells or Sinks the c lty of cavannah which may require cleSmT * will be disposed of in the following manner, viz: Apply a disinfectant for thirty-six hours. A cavity will then be excavated In the ground of the lot upon whicn the vault is located, or the adjacent alley, of 1 sufficient .size and depth to receive all its contents, the transfer of which will then be made, bat it must he in the night time only, and so conducted that no nui sance will exist therefrom on the following morning. ALBERT STEARNS, Capt. and Street Commissioner; [Official.] OFFICE OF THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR, Department or the South, Hilton Head, 8. C„ March 13, 1865. General Order,) No. 3. f Par. I Medical Officers in charge of U. 9. A. Gen ial Hospitals In this Department will make, regular ly, a Sunday morning Inspection of their Hospitals, in ..ceurdoDce with Paragraphs 404, 321. 322, 325, Re vised Regulations of the Army, IBSA This is a Dress inspection. The Chief Steward should go through the Hospital immediately before Inspection begins, and see that 1 proper preparation has been made. Convalescent!! must be In uniform, their faces and hands clean, CiO&PS sad half neatly brushed, and shoe, well Mack i xL The Stewards and attendants should be in full iVcss uniform, according to the ; i rank. The Chief Sie»cni will accompany the Inspecting Officer and Ward Medical 03»cer, and enter each ward before them, giving the word, At lot ion, on which all pa tients, who are able to do, will rise, salute with the hand, and stand in the position of attention until tbs Injecting Officer has passed out. k£Lh convalescents as may be able J# leave their waids, will be paraded in the lower haft mess hall or yard, with open ranks, and non-commissioned staff and officers to the front. On the presence of the In specting Officer, the word, Attention, will be given by the senior non-commissioned officer present, when the whole will salute with the hand. (Paragraph 31, Revised Army Regulations, 1863 j The guards and guard-rooms or tents, will be criti cally and minutely Inspected. The Inspecting Officer will examine the general condition of the hospital, the bunks, bedding, cooking and table utensils, latrines, and such other objects as may present themselves. The registers, books, hos pital accounts, will be closely examined, as well as the condition of the Dispensary. Reports Os such Inspections will be transmitted reg ; nlarly every Monday to this Office, In accordance with I the printed blanks furnished. i 11. All officers on duty In U. 8. A. General Hospi tals in this Department, must provide their own mess j kits, and have their own mess accounts separate from the Hospital, neither are they permitted to employ the cooks and nurses, or attendants, for their person’ al benefl„ and to the neglect of their assigned duties. The rations of the Hospital, the ice and other luxu ries furnished, belong to the sick and wounded sol dier, and are in ihe care of the Medical Officers as a sacred trust, not to be abused or diverted, for person al benefit, from their sole and legitimate purpose. The name of any Medical Officer who may be found offending must be immediately repported to the Med ical Director of the Department. MEREDITH. CLYMER, Medical Director Dep't of the South. Official: Wm. F. Buchanan, Asst. Surg. U. 8. A., Executive Officer. aprl2 (rvISINFECTANT. Small quantities of th j Per Manganate ofPotash will be furnished, at the request of any Physician, by the Health Officer. fcblO Office of thr Medical Dire "tor. Department of the Sonth, Hilton Head, 8. C., March £8,1865. Circular, ) No. 8. j I. Medical Officers in this Department are required to keep on file, ready at all times for inspection, all Orders and Circulars whici they may be furnished with from the War Department Surgeon General’s Office, Department Headquarters, and Medical Directoi M Office: and alleged ignorance of mu-h orders will not hereafter be received as an excuse lor neglect of duty or disobedience of orders. 11. Constant complaints are made by Medical Offi cers in receipt of Hospital and other Supplies from the Medical Purveyor, of such being delivered to them by the Quartermaster's Department in a damaged condi firm, or the packages having been broken open and articles, especially iiquora, abstracted therefrom. It is ordered hereafter that all Medical Officers in this De partment receiving Hospital and Medical Supplies in a damaged condition, or packages from which articles have been abstracted, shall immediately on the receipt of such notify the Quartermaster from whom they re ceive them of their condition, that he may make the proper endorsement on the bill of lading of the steamer transporting them, and Captains of transports may be made liable for the damage or loss that may occur through their negligence. MEREDITH CLYMER, Medical Director, aprl7 Department of the South, (Official.) Headquarters Department of the South, Hilton Head, S. C„ March 11, 1965. General Orders,! No. 33. j The following Letter and Circular, from the War Department, are hereby published for the information of this command; War Department, Aimt-tant General’s Office, Washington, Feb. 27th, 1564. To Major General Q. A. Gili.more, Commanding De partment of the South, Hilton Head, S. C. By direction of the Secretary of War, the following instructions in regard to the appointment of officers of U. S. Colored Troops, are respectfully furnished for your information and guidance: • Ist. All authority heretofore given Commanding Generals of Armies, Departments, or to other officers, to appoint officers to U. S. Colored Troops, will cease from the date of the receipt of these instructions, ex cept for new regiments to be raised, or for regiments now in process of organization. 2d. When anew regiment or organization is com pleted, a roster of the officers appointed thereto,show ing date of appointment and mupter in each case, will be forwarded to the Adjutant General’s Office for the aetton of the- President, by whom all appointments and promotions in such organizations will thenceforward be made. OLD ORGANIZATIONS. 3d. Regimental, or other commanders of old organ izations, will forward their recommendations for ap pointments and promotions through the ptoper com manding generals, who are requested to endorse their opinions thereupon, and at the same time nominate meritorious non-commissioned officers and soldiers of white regiments for appointment as second lieutenants to fill the vacancies likely to be caused by the promo tions recommended. Recommendations of this char acter must state, In each case, the strength of the command to which the party is nominated for appoint ment ; in the case of a company officer, the letter ol the company must be given; and when a Junior offi cer is recommended for promotion in preference to a senior of the same grade, the causes disqualifying the senior officer mnst be clearly stated. Commanding Genarals of Armies, Departments, or Corps, are authorized to convene Examining Boards, when, in their opinion, it shall be necessary and expe dient, to determine the qualifications of candidates tor promotion in the line, or appointment as second lieu tenants, Field officers for old organizations will be appointed as prescribed by Circular No. 49, of 1864, a copy of which is herewith. 4th. No provisions herein contained will be con strued as doing away with existing regulations govern ing the subject of musters. I have the honor to be, Very respectfully, . Your obedient servant, (Signed.) E. D. Townsend, Assistant Adjutant General. Cirnular No. 49. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, January 18.1964 When a vacancy occurs in the grade of field officer in any colored regiment, the Commanding General oi the Department in which the regiment is serving, will assemble a board of competent officers to examine and report npon the qualifications of the field officers and captains of said regiment, who may present them selves as candidates for appointment to the existing vacancy. If no officer of the regiment, whose examination is herein provided for, shall be found competent to fill the vacant position, the Department Commander will then authorize officers from other colored regiments under his command, to appear for examination. When the board shall have found a candidate who possessesthe requisite qualifications for the position to be tilled, it will immediately forward, through the Commanding General of the Department, to the Ad jutant General of the Army, a report, giving the names, rank and regiment of all persons examined for the vacant position. A detailed report in the case of the successful candidate, showing the line of exam ination and his general qualifications, will be made. No officer will be placed upon the Board who is a candidate for the vacant position. By order of the Secretary of War. E. D. Townsend, Asst, Adjt. Gffi By command of „ Major Gen. Q. A. GILLMORE W. L. M. Burger, A, A. G. F. D. HODGES, . aprll capt. 35th U. S. C, TANARUS., A. A. A. G. .L'hr* *n>r — ; -r --tw w J*WPBELL, VETERINARY SURGEON It. havingreo*tsP®i. his J O ? C< 7 and 7 ard ’ on WU liam strcJt £ TeopW ~*Hed to treat (on scientific street, is now prepWi||flnt Tiorßpft that principles,) all diseases are susceptible of remedy. Charges * warranted. Terms cash. fchin ~Try-_ pROVOST COURT NOTICE. On and after this date, the First Provost Court, Ist Lieut. Eben Parsons, Jr., Judge, will be held at the U. S. Court House, corner of Ball and Bay streets. The Second Provost Court, Capt. James M. Walton, Judge, will be held in the room over Adams' Express Co.’s office, comer Bay and Drayton streets The respective jurisdictions are fixed by General Order No. 0,, and all parties hating business before said Courts will govern themselves accordingly. By order, PROVOST JUDGES. mar2o , ts BROWN & CO., (Late Somes, Brown & Cos MILITARY AND NAVAL ■ . BANKERS AND COLL E*<C Tjy-i * - “'v. 2 SARK PLAOK, BROADWAY BANK # NEW YORK.. ‘ - Correspondents in Washington—J W: Fisher * Cos., 418 Fourteenth Street. ESTABLISHED JUNri 186*. We have complete facilities for transacting tafcne#? speedily and correctly in all the Departments at Washington. Remittances prompt, and terms rea sonable. We give especial attention to obtaining Certificates for Non-Indebtedness for Ordnance and Qnartermas ters’ Returns for Ofllcers. and settling their accounts. We collect the following classes of Claims, and make advances if desired: Bounties for the heirs of deceased, wounded Sol diers, and such ns have served two years. Pensions for Invalids, Widows, Mothers, and Or phan Children. Arrears of pay for the heirs of deceased, discharg ed Ofllcers, Soldiers and Sailors, and pay for the Wits or Widowed Mother of Prisoners of War Prize Money for the U. S. Navy, together w..n all other just Claims. Information freely furnished. We purchase and sell all Government Securities, Quartermasters’ Certificates and Checks, on the best of terms. References givcnjto leading Bankers and business firms in New York. febli* ts QLD NEWSPAPERS, FOR WRAPPING PAPER, • For sale at the SAVANNAH HERALD OFFIC NO. 11l BAY STREET. mar 22 KIDDELJL A MURDOCK, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN SUTLERB’ AND NAVAL STORES, DRY GOOD®, BOOTS AND SHOES, HAT’S AND CAPS, Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods, Ac., No. 6 Merchants' Row, Hilton Head, S. C. , w. a itiDDEii-, CjanlO-—tf] Ht j.mcbock.