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The Savannah Daily Herald. TV&SDAY* MAY 5, 1885: FBOUI OUB EVENING EDITION, OF YESTERDAY. rBOH AUGUSTA. Tie Latest News. M»o Gray, of Major General Gill more's \-.fl,\vho went to Augusta about a week , o. returned gliis morning on the Jeff Davis, and t-u; sequeutly proceeded to the head quarters of the Department, at Hilton Head. Major Gray proceeded by land, two miles and a half from Hand Bar Ferry, where the Jeff Davis got aground. Gen. Upton had taken command before Major Gray arrived. Communication by tel egraph was established with Gen. Wilson at Macon. We have received by this arrival Augusta papers of the 3d, from which extracts arc given In another colurn. Macon is full of Confederate soldiers and offlceis. Only a small force of Union men i9 there, but with the assistance of the local authorities it seems amply sufficient for the maintenance of order. The greatest harmo ny seems to exi9t. Confederate money is regarded as worth less. It cannot be passed at any price. A good male wa3 sold the other day at auction for two dollars aud a half in specie. The inhabitants arc very anxious that genetal communication should be re-opened with Havannah aud the North. Gen. Molineux was on his way up on the Amazon, and has probably reached Augusta before this. Mr. N. 8. Morse 19 still publishing the Chronicle and Sentinel, and is making-a very good paper of it. ARRIVAL. OP TROOPS. On Saturday and Sunday the following steam transports laden with troops etc. arrived at this port from Beaufort N. C , aud Moreliead City,N. C.s Steam Ship Cassundra,Steamship Thetis. Steamship Neptune, Steamship Star of the South, Steamship Constitution. The following are the regiments arrived 22d lowa, Col.- E.. G. White ; 28th lowa, Lt. Col. B. W. Wilson; forming the second brigade, under the command of Col. Harvey Graham. The 175th New York, 156th New York, Capt. Cooley, com’dg; ITCtli New York, Major Lewis; 38th Mass., Lt. Colonel Richardson; 128tli New I’ork; forming the third brigade, under the rommand of Col. Day; 24th lowa, Lieut-Col. Wright, Com* TTOltiljlUj. 131st New York, Lieut.-Col. Lieut.-ColT 16 ' JtLl New York > the troops are of the old army corps, and are under the-commanTof Brevet Major General 11. W. Birge. The following is the Staff of Gen. Birge: Surgeon—W. H. Thayer. Captain E. A. Fieke, A. A. I. G. “ H. A. Darling, C. S. Vols. “ W. B. Hunt, A. A. A. G. “ F. Wells, A. A. D. G. “ E. F. Goddard, AA.Q. M. “ George W. Hussey, A. Ord. Off. Lieut. §ug«ne Birclioff, A. A. D. C. ' “ Elijali Swift, A. A. Q. M. “ M. M. Davidson, A. A. Q. M- The Attention of Confederate Officees is called to the circular issued to-day from the office of the Provost Marshal, published in another column, relative to the wealing of the uniform of the so-called “ Confederate service’ iu the streets of this city. How “Bkss" Diyiio —lu describ ing bow Queen Elizabeth dined, a historian tel s us that “a gentleuuu entered the room 1 ►earing a rod, and auotbcr with him who had a tabic-cloth, which, afier they had both kueeled three times, with the utmost venera tion, he spread upon the table, nod after kneeling again they both retired. Then came two others, one with a salt cellar uud a plate of bread; when they kneeled as the others had done aud placed what they had brought upon the table, they too retired with the same ceremonies performed by tbe first. At last came an uuuiArried lady (we are told she was a Countess,) aud along with a mar ried one, bearing a tasting-knife; the former was dressed in white silk, who when she had prostrated herself three times in the most graceful manner, approached the table and rubbed the plates with bread and salt, with as much awe as if the Queen had been present. When they had waited there a little while the yeomen of the guard entered bareheaded, clothed in scarlet, with a golden rose upon their backs, bringing in at each turn a course of twenty-four dishes, served in plate, most ot it gilt; the dishes were received by a gentleman iu the same order thev were brought, aud placed upon the table, while the lady taster gave to each of the guard a mouthful to eat of the particular dish he had brought tor fear of poison. During the time that the guard (which consisted of the tall est and stoutest men that could be fouud in - all England, being carefully selected for this service; were bringing dinner, twelve trum* peis and two kettle-drums made the hall ring lor bull an hour together at the end ot all this ceremonial, a uumher of uumarried la dies appeared, who with peculiar solemnity lifted the meat off the table aud conveyed it into the Queen's inner and more private chamber, where, after she had chosen for herselt, the rest goes to the ladies of the court. The Queen uines and sups alone with very few attendants; and it is very sel dom that anybody, foreign or native, is ad mitted at that time, and then only at the in t -rcessioa of somebody la power. STILL LITER FROM AU.ISTA Dales of the stli Inst. raoc&AnsATzosr or gov. BROWN. Extra Session of the Legislature. further lawlessness Hospitals and Government Stores Sacked by the Populace. Interesting: News Items. (From the Angusta Chronicle end SentlneL) Froclcmatioc of Governor Brown. A PROCLAMATION TO THE OFFICERS AND MEMDER3 OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The magnitude of events that have oc curred since your late adjournment and are now transpiring in our public af irs, affect ing as they do so seriously the safety, secur ity and welfare of the people of the State, render it highly proper and expedient that the General Assembly should be iu session again at an early day, to consider of the ex isting state of things, and to provide the best means which they, in iheir wisdom, may be able to devise for meeting the exigencies of the times. The two most distinguished Generals of the Confederacy, commanding the armies upon which we mainly relied lor the defence and maintenance of o'ur cause, having been compelled by overwhelming numbers to capitulate, it now devolves upon staUsmeu and patriots in the civil departments of Onv eremnent, to do all in their power to prevent anarchy, restore and preserve order, and save what they can of liberty and civiliza tion.. You are therefore hereby required to con vene in extraordinary session at the Capi.ol in Milledgeville, on Monday, the twcuty seeond day ot this present mouth Given under my hand aud the Great Seal at the Capitol ot the State, this third day of May, 1865. Joseph E. Brown. Lawlessness Everywhere. Protect thf. Hospitals. —We learn that at Covington the Government stores and offi ces have been sacked by the populace. The Hospital was stripped of everything. This is very unfortunate. The hospitals through out the country should be protected, as a large number of sick and wounded 3oldiers are yet to pass through the country on the way to their homes, and many will perish by the way, unless they receive the care and at tention which can lie afforded only by keep ing the hospitals intact. Citizens should look after this matter. Fbom up the Road. —Every depot up the Georgia Railroad, we arc informed has been cleared opt. The illegal operations should be stopped at once. To our friends in the country we will say, bear with pstlence these ills, and protect yourselves the best you can for a few days. A sufficient force has al ready started for various sections of the State to protect the peaceably disposed citizens from outrages. 9 Interesting Items. The Central Railroad. —We understand Government has about thirty-oue Central lUttlTo^^L''’ repairing the at on re. It is the int en tfon 1 have charge of the work to have the road In complete ruauiug order in three weeks. Arrival of Troops.— -A body of U. 8 troops arrived in this city Thursday, Quite a large force will arrive to-day. - Navigation to be Re-opened W T e under stand that the obstructions in the Savannah river, between this city and Savannah, are to be removed at once. There will be com munication between the two cities in a few days. Personal— Several members of General GUimore’s staff arrived yesterday, aud have taken up quarters at the Planters’. Editorial Comments on the Occupation of the City. “One of Gen. Upton’s most important du ties will be the preservation of public order aifo the protection of the citizens. Voluntary organizations of citizens can ef fect a great deal, but there will lie no se em ity apart from a competent military force stationed at this poiut. Some parties we learn are very sensitive with reference* to this matter, but have no doubt a vast ma jortty of our citizens would greatly prefer the arrangement suggested. Gen. Upton, however, will do that which he coucetves best for all parties concerned, and we bespeak iu his behalf a hearty sup port tc those measures he may inaugurate, A contrary course will be damaging to every Interest, of Uie couutrv we profess to love." A- Poush Superstition -It is a Polish superstition that each month has a particular gem attached to it, which governs it, and is supposed to ioflueuce the destinv net-son.* born in that mouth. It is therefore cusUtin arj among triends and lovers, paiticulurlv to preseut each other on the anniversary of their natal day, with some trinket containing tbeir tutelary gem, accompanied by an aDDi-tf priate wish. , J January—Jacinthcr garnet denotes con stmicy and fidelity in every engagement. February—Amethyst preserves mortals from strong passions, and insures peace of mind. March—Bloodstone denotes courage and secrecy in dangerous enterprises. April—Sapphire or diamond denotes re pentance and innocence. May—Emerald, successive love. June—Agate insures long life and health. July—Hu by or cornelian insures the forget fulness or cure ol evils arising from Jrieu l 9hlp or love. August—Sardonyx Insures conjugal feli city. September—Chrysolite preserves from or cures folly. October—Aquamarine or opal, denotes misfortune and hope. friSf 1 ' rT(,pi “ insUrcs anci notfinTh 11 * ,er ~ , Turquoise (or malachite) de ness livv^ 081 bri l lilltst 3ucce39 a»d happi ness la every condition iu life. iFi i Sfcw York Taper* of the 3d !n*t*nt.] FROM XifiW ORLEANS. - Ofitrt tlon of the Confubrrt* Ram Wet Couilrmed—Surrender of Klroy Smit ’s Command—Paymeut of Troop* —Me can Advices, &c. The earner Guiding Star arrived last eve ning a his port from New Orleans 25th, aud Havai 28th. The destruction of the Confederate ram Webb s fully confirmed. Slit passed New Orleai under the heavy fire of our war ves sels, t s Lackawauna sending a 250 pound shot rough her bows. On y one vessel, the H lyhock, Lieut.-Comma dcr Gherardi, was r dy to follow, which k pt close upon the tn k of the Webb, until 28 miles below this cl , the ram saw the sloo; -of-war Rich mond eady for action, and lirrie and for the shore, he Hollyhock going s -night at her. The ' ebb’s officers aud ciei tired her in differt t places, and fled into the sw'amps. Boats from the Hollyhock boa led her, and saved :me man who* had bee abandoned, and v s asleep. They were liable to put out t; flames from the inflammable nature of tin cargo, and from fear of n explosion from icr magazine. The Web! was aimed with tree guns, one a32 pouudr, and was cornu indecl by Lieut. C. W. Red, formerly of th< U. S. Navy, and commader of the privaier bark Tacony, which inlcted much damsfe cn our commerce a year'r so since. Tln-ri were 217 bales of cotton on board, besidts rosin and turpentine. 1 seems the pilot pf the Richmond knew he Webb. Two e the crew had given themrlves up. " f SURRENDER OF KIRCY SMIH. Tla New Orleans Times, of the3sth, re ports that the st earner General Hdges catne out and the Red River, 23d, under lit; of truce, for tie purpose of negotiating wh Colonel Spraiue, Chief of Staff’ of Geu. Poe, lor the surrender of Geu. Kirby Smith amhis force. Coloiel Sprague left Cairo on th gunboat Lexmgton for the purpose of noting the Genrral Hodges at the mouth ottlie Red Riv«r, and there can be little dibt that Kirl(y Smith has surrendered bis effre force. Theterms are these preferred bj General Graft to Lee. The Lexington anqHodges, at Jut accounts, were anchored at Hog at, a few miles below the mout of the River. The surrender of the Confederate icretary Malory, at Peusacola, is confined. Eight millions of dollars in greenbsks bad arrired iu New Orleaus to pay ouitroops, and as much more was on the way. Claiborne, Ala., has been occupiedby our cavalry, under General Lucus, alter victo ry of over a regiment of rebels, nth of Mount Pleasant. The rebels lost ) lulled aud 15 wounded, and 22 prisoners, hr loss was 3 killed and 9 wounded. Five tndred bales of cotton was secured. Captain Pickens, who has forsaln the rebel cause, has issued au addres: o the people of Louisiana. Tne Confederate General Chalmer is re ported murdered in Texas. \ MEXICO. Advices from Brazos state that C tinas ha*d again abandoned the imperial cat and occupied Saltillo and Monterey. Apty of of Lis men are said to have dashed in Ma lamoros, and Mejia had sent to VH >uz for reinforcements. Bagdad is also said to have been oei pied by 3,000 well armed men under CortiusJand it was thought that Matamoros wouysoon be taken by them. Deserters were coming in from Tea and enlisting in the army at Brazos. An inundation at San Antonio, Tex , had destroyed twenty-five buildings and in or twelve lives. .1 DESPATCH FROM J. E, HARVEY U. S. MISTER TO SPAIN. I TV'® Ram Stonewall in the Tagus.— Til jon dou Time3 of the 21st publishes a lett from Mr. Harvey, U. S. Minister to Llsbo cor recting some false impressions as to : fir ing into the Niagara at that port. He ows that the Federal commander was in e way to blame, and says : While the firing was going on an off t of the guardship Sagres presented hims ’ on board the Niagara to express regret f< this violence, stating at the same time that i mst have originated iu some strange mista . as his ship nad received orders to pern the Niagara and Sacramento to proceed to It at 2p. in. that day—an hour anu a qiiter before they began to move at all—intch was the desire of the commodore. By a|ro videatial interposition no life was lostind no ijjury was inflicted. Commodore Craen, with rare self-command, in the face ofwclt marked provocation, did not return thmre of tie Castle, and to his discretion alonehay be Attributed the happy exemption /om causes of mourning, which every fricH <>f humanity will appreciate aud rejoice an He considered aud treated these repeated ate of hostility as proceeding from an excess of zeal on the part of a coin maud ant, whoelher ignored or misunderstood his duty, anlhe testified his friendship for and his coufiduce in thejustice of His Majesty s Governteut by retusihg to take the redress in his <wn hands. This Is not the proper place to speal of the diplomatic action which followed, lit it may b< said, as an answer to much raissite ment, that the representation was contned to the tacts, aud that explanations aud sina ratlon lave been accepted. The mannet of proceeding will be left to the judgment of caudid unu enlightened men, when the cor respondence should he allowed to speak ’or itself. Pains have been taken to excite prejuttce against tbe United States in this matter, by staring the embers of a much regretted n cideut at Bahia. The authors of this inUs tice conceal from view with characteristiclin tentiou, the reparation which wa9 prommly and honorably made, by disavowing aid apologizing for the reprehensible aci, b j a court martial of tlic offending naval eotn mauder, by dismissal of the consul, and bf a salute of the Brazilian! flag. It is not expected that journals which have been so quick aud eager to distort aud mis represent the facts which are here presentud, and whose unworthy vocation it is to inflame the bad passions of a kindred people, will In any way correct the errors that they hate culpably circulated far aud wide. But this “ plain, unvarnished tale" will serve at least to inform those whose good opinion and good will the people of the United States have cherished through a prolonged period of sad strife, and whicu they respect too much to be willing to forfeit by ■ any Omission of candor. James E. Harvey, _, , . U. S. Ministcrr. Lisbon, April H. Shanohai, March 9—(By telegraph from Sue*.)—Taiping is reported to have been captured. Hang-Chow and Ztng-Cbow-Poo have revolted against the Chiuese govern ment. There is a good deal in the Northern pa pers about the plot to burn Philadelphia, but the subjoined article seems to contain all the facts, and pretty much all the speculations. (From the Philadelphia Age of Tuesday.) Rtunored Plot to Burn Philadelphia. Information was received from Washing ton on Saturday afternoon, setting forth that there was an organized plot to lay our city iu ashes, the same as had beer, attempted in New York. Major Gen. Cadwakler and the Mayoi were officially notified and toots every precaution to guard against any such calami ty. The various government establishments were placed under double guard, and the whole police force detailed for duty during Sunday night. The hotel proprietors were notified, aud suen measures immediately adopted that if there had been any such de signs meditated the incendiaries would have been most certainly foiled. The new-s of the alleged plot spread like wildtire, aud wa9 announced during the af ternoon from several church pulpits. In one church in the Eighteenth Ward the an nouncement caused the greatest consterna tion. Several females fainted, and the con gregation were dismissed. By ten o’clock on riunday evening there' were very few who had uot heard the news. Still a request was made by the authorities that no mention of the affair be made in the public prints. This ilemaud was complied with, aud yesterday morning, much to the astonishment of our citizens, not a Philadelphia paper alluded to the subject. The news would no doubt have been excluded even to-day from the Phila delphia press had not the silence been broken by the New York dailies, which appeared yesterday morning in full display, informing the public ot the whole affair. To is of course renders it necessary for the city papers of to-day to state what they have learned iu regard to the matter. From what we can gather It seems that th£ plot was to have been carried out on Sunday night. As we have stated, every necessary precaution was taken, although the autuorities were inclined and still con sider that there is no foundation whatever for the report. Still howover, they acted wisely and timely, making every arrange ment anu preparation as if they "knew the thing was actually to occur. One or two suspicious individual, were arrested,and after being subjected to a strict examination were found to be ail right, and consequently al lowed to depart. From the reports made by the police and military yesterday morning, nothing occurred duriug" the night, to verify the belief that any such organized plot, as stated, was really in existence. The only thing ot a really suspicious character, and at the present time an unexplainable mystery that occurred, happened at the Schuylkill Arsenal. Here, as at other government boiklings, an increased guard was put on duty, under the command of Captain Mo rin. Between 2 and 3 o’clock yesterday morn ing a suspicious individual was discovered lurking in the neighborhood ot the building occupied as the knapsack department. The fellow was hailed twice by the guard, but re fused to answer either time. The guard then fired two shots. The intruder retreated, jumped a fence and got into a brick yard, when the discharge of a pistol was heard.— This, it i3 thought, he fired at the guard. An attempt to cut off’ liis retreat was un successful, aud he escaped. Whether his in tention was to rob the place or to fire it has not yet been ascertained. The authorities will still continue to exercise tlia precautions adopted on Sunday night, and if any suen diabolical design has been concocted we feel confident that it will just so surely be frustrated. An association has been formed here for the purpose of erecting in this city a suitable monument to the memory of the late Presi dent Lincoln. The following are the officers -wf-the association : Richard Wallacli, Mayor of Washington, President; Crosby S. Noyes, Secretary, and George W. Riggs, Treasurer. It is proposed to raise for this purpuSe a sum of at least one hundred thousand dollars by subscriptions, to limited in amount from one to ten dollars per individual contributor.— Such is the general solicitude to contribute for such a purpose, that it is uot doubted ti e amount requisite can be promptly raised, and the monument erected Immediately. Per eons throughout the country desiring to con tribute are invited to scnd theircoutrlbutloua to the treasurer of the association. SHARP WORK. La3t week Gen. Patrick, Provost Marshal General at Richmond, summoned Mr. Smith, of the Whig, before him, and ordered him at once to remove from his paper the Virginia coat of arms. HOTEL ARRIVALS. PULASKI HOUSE, MAY 7, ISCS. CLWebster and dangh’r F Wells. Capt &AA D O Capt T Q Fisk J D Darling, Goldsboro,l7 0 N N Day B H Robinson, C W Kennedy B F Howard, " G*pt G W Hussey S winders, “ Lt Davidson E Bishoff, Surer W H Thayer J S Signer, H A Darling, Capt &C S OF wl'bor, W B Hunt, Capt & A A A GS S Wallace, Georgia E Goddard, Capt& A A Q MCapt J W Deacon, 12 Me G FRolde, Raleigh, HC J Growley, at Helena A L Uarrlss, Newark, OhloCapt Sweet&nd & wife, HH G T White, Capt <3fc A D C Mrs Weeds, Hilton Head G A Gardner, “ . C B Sheridan, “ W F Bnel, Surg 131 N Y Solomon Sanders, “ M Downing, Morehead CityJ H Miller, “ PORT ROYAL HOTEL, (HILTON HEAD,} MAY 6. C Ivers, Savannah Miss Higgins, Savannah 0 A Near, Lt,104 US OT Miss King,.-.- “ E M Decker, “ “ Mr and Mrs O Burns and 2 8 B Hawes, Brooklyn, N Y children. Savannah J K Lowe, ,l D McDonald and ladv, Sav Capt A 8 Moorehcad, Miss Hany, Beaufort. S C 7(J Penn Vols Mt ;U Sirohecker, Sav Snrg N Y Leet, 75 Penn V Mrs S Lassard, . “ Lt A M Brown, 148. N Y V W T Burt, Nashville 0 H H-in son, US N J U Lynch “ F heller, “ WII Barclay, “ Ls J A Hiriing, 94 O V Capt W Peridns,u HI Cav F Jackson, St Helena Lt C Bonnet, t lowa Vols S E Reedy, Washington "Mrs M Hollignn, SavannnED \V Hyeholl, Jacksonville SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. . MAY 7, 1335, Arrived—steamships Thetis, Waldens, Morehead City; Neptune, Brown, do, star or the South, Wood hafl, do; Constitution, Greenman, do: Tonowanda, Teal, Beaufort, NC; Cassandra, Holloway, do; tug Oeu Shendon, Palmer, Hilton Head; steamers Sylph, French, do; F S Grant, Briggs, do ; Mary Baker, Nor. ris, do; Blanche Page, Rodgers, do; -Nemaha, Mc- Gowan, do-; Golden Gate, Fitzgerald, do; Cornet, . Horne, Huwkiusville, Ga; tog C T Shepperd, Davis, Augusta, Ga; brig Catherine, Nichols, Full brook, Hil ton Head; steamers U S Grant, Briggs, Dattfnskie; Gov Tronp, llatfleld, Doboy, Gi, via Hilton Head; Re solute, Cannon. Jiilton Head; Edwin Lewis, Savage, do; sebr Kphralm and Anna, Harrlss, do: brig Mary Cobb, Duncan, do. * .. . •UAttur* Resolute, Cannon, nfftoa Booth OnvCiS, Bullitt, do i U 8 Grant, Briggs, do s B?*r.d'-h Moore,, Sisters' Ferry i Sylph, French, Btitonßead, Planter, Small, Sisters'Ferry s Emllie, Bender doi steamship Daniel WebsUr, Voider, Fernandiaa, F , ' C 8 gunboat Pontiac, Luce Tybee Roads. (Circular.) OFFICE PROVOST MARSHAL District of Savannah, May S, I$S5 I am directed by the Brevet Major General command, ing, to notify all persons whom it rnav concern that hereafter, any person found upon the streets, orta aJr other public place, dressed in the uniform of an offiSv of the so-called “Confederate service,” wilt bo imrne diately arretted, and held for trial, lor before the Second Provost Court. "“auor, . ROBERT P. YORK Lt. CoL 75th N. V. V., and Pro. Marshrd District of Savannah. headquarters u. s. forces * Genfbal Onnsa > ° a ” ** * No. 3*. f After the 10th inst., nnttl farther orders, no Dors mi ess securely muzzled, tv 111 be allowed to rua at hr iu the streets and nrpi&res of this dtv u = e To carry this order Into effect, the following reeuia tions nre announced, viz: 6 Tne St cet Commissioners wi'l select a suitable in. closure for a Dog Poi.ud. aud will appoint a keener to the »ame. * After the order goes into effect, a reward of 25 cents will be paid to any person who shall bring to thenound any dog lound running at large, and n*t secafely muz- Each dog so delivered will be kept in the ponnd for. ty-eight hours, unless sooner claimed by the owner who, upon claiming property, shall receive the doininl on payment of a flue of s‘3 50. "V* Iu case of non-payment of the fine, or of the failure of the owner to claim property at the expiration of w hours, the dog will be subject to public sale »t tha pound (at not lets than $;1 00) for 2a hours, and at the expir.ition of that time, aiiy dog not sold shall be killed Any persan delivering at the pound or aUcnintln<l to deliver auy dog uot subject to rightful seizure uu derthe requiremqpts of this order, will be sublect to trial before the Second Provost Conrt for misdemeanor By command of Brevet Maj. Gen. C. GROVER Edwaed G. JJvkk, A. A. G. mayo QQTTON SEED! I! COTT SEED, IN LARGE OR SMALL’ QUANTITIES. Will bo purchased at Fair Rates by the undersigned, “SEA ISLAND" PREFERRED. Partle#deslrlng to sell, will state quantity for dis posal, and price per bushel desired, and where located. Address, T. E. -SICKLES, mar 7—ts Box 14, Hilton Head, S C. 1865. NEW SKIRT. THE GREATEST INVENTION OF THE AGE IN HOOP-SKIRTS. •I. W. Bradlet’s New Patent DUPLEX ELLIP. TIO (or donblaj SPRING SKIRT. Wests, Bradley & Cart, (late J. I. &J. O. West,) sole Pnrprletorfwand Manufacturers, 97 Chambers and 79 aud 81 ltea. 3 streets, New York. This invention consists of dnplex (or two; elliptic steel springs, ingeniously braided, tightly aud firmly together, edge to edge, making the toughest, most flexible, elastic and durable sprlug ever used. They seldom bend or break and consequently preserve their perfect and beautiful shape twice as long as auy other Skirt. The wonderful flexibility and great comfort and pleasure to any lady wearing the Duplex Elliptic Skirt will be experienced particularly in ail crowded assem blies, opera, carriage, railroad cares church pews, arm chairs, for promenade and House dress, as the Skirt will fold itself, when in use, to occupy a small place at eaglly and conveniently’ as a silk or muslin dress. A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort, and great convenience ot ’wearing the Duplex Elliptic Soring skirt for n single day vud never arwu-iii-rt wfi. inigly dispense with the use of them. For Children, Misses and Young Ladies, are superior to aU others. Tney ere the best quality In every part, and un questionably the lightest, most desirable, comfortable and economical blurt ever made. For sale in all ttrst c'ass stores in this city and throughout the United Mates, t. a van a de Cuba, Mexico, South America, and the West Indies. Inquire lor the Dnplex Elliptic Skirt. mart l MSmo OFFICE OF STREET COMMISSIONER,) Savannah, Ga„ May 4tb. 1885, / The owners of tho following described animals, Will please call at this office, prove property, and pay char ges. on or before tho 9th Inst., or they will be sold to defray expense*, v.z: One dark bay Horse, One daik bay Maie, In Public Pound since April 29th, , ALBERT STEARNS, Captain and Street Commissioner. mays—2t fcfr ood Living," \JT At reasonable prices, can be had at the EAGLE OYSTER and REFRESHMENT SALOON, in the rear of the New Post Office, Union Head, S. C. I have the very best facilities for tarnishing OYS TERS,CLAM'S, MEATS, POULTRY, VEGETABLES, &c , from the North and other places in this vicin ity. Cooked to ordei from CA.M.to3 I\ M. PETER -FITZGERALD, -Proprietor. P. S.—One trial is respectfully solicited HEADQ’RS. DEPT. OF THE SOUTH, Hiltoh Head, S. C., May 1,1885. General OudesO No. 53. j Hereafter, no private buildings, except sufh ns aro abandoned or coufiscab'e, will Tie used for miNtarvor Government purposes within this Department. It D believed that there are, at all the Military Posts, suffi cient public buildings and abandonetr or confiscable private ones, to answer all the needs of the service. The use of buildings owned by loyal persons subjects the Government to claims for rent, and thus becomes an unjustifiable source of expense. Each Post and’ District Comm. nder will forthwith report to these Headquarters, all buildings used by hlmseif or the officers of his command, with mil state* meets of the location and size of sued buildings, the number of rooms In each and the name ol the owner or owners, with such information as he can obtain aa to their residence and loyalty or disloyalty. - By Command of Major-Gen. Q. A. UILLMORE, T. D. Hodoes. Captain 80th U. S. C. TANARUS., Act. Asst. Adit. General. mayO BAKERY & CONFECTIONERT ESTABLISH MENT AT BEAUFORT. .. We respectfully call the ivesf'on of the public to ° ur Buksry & Confection ry Es..tblishmeut in Sam. A. Cooley’s Building at Beuuiort, at which *ve are prepared promptly to fill any orders which msfjr be for warded to us. Special attention Is paid to the man ufacture ol Ornamental Pieces, Fancy Confectionery, and Elegant Pastry, for holiday orfestival tables. Feb. 3-ts McMANUS & MURRAY. IlfiADti’KS. DEPT. OF THE SuCTil. _ „ ‘ Hriio.s Heao, May 2, Ifc'CC OsaruAL Orders, > No. 54. f Assistant Surgeon Wm. F. Buchanan.J, S, A., be here by announced as Assistant Medical Director, Depart ment of the South, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly. By Command of Major-Gen. Q. A. GILLMORE, T. D. Hodges, Captain 35th U. S. C. TANARUS., Act. As3t. Adjt. General. HEABQI’Aii'J EHs U. S. FORCE-, Savak.sab, Ga., April 80th, liiCo. Genmsai, Order,! -No. 28. / Major Allen, 38th Mass. Vols., in charge of the Water-Works of Savannah, having been relieved torn Capt. Nathan ttarker, A. Q. M » will take chaige of the Same from this date. By command of ~ „_. Btcvt. MaJ.-Qcn’l C. GROVER. Edward G. Dike, A. A. G. ml /~\Lu Newspapers, FOE WRAPPING PAPXB, For sale at the SAVANNAH" HERAT.p QFFIC sum *° 111 Kmu ' '