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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, May 13, 1865, Image 3

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« DETGS, WE/ICI\ES ASB CHESf"** APOTBpCARIEB» Corner of Bj-ttard aid Brouf ta streetf treets > 1 INN AH, GEOB* IA -J M D. ptOPipTOR. | ■ AYER’S SAR3APAP** LA ’ AYER’S PECTOTAL> AYERS’ AGO? CURE. OSGOOD*' CHOLOGOGUE, fo’Fever and Ague, DR co?' LANI) ’ 9 SPECIFIC, >or Fever and Ague. —PILLS NEVfitt KNOW* TO FAIL— BjaNKARD’S PILLS, . AYER’S PILLS, % + WRIGHT’S PILLS, BRANDETH’S FILLS, LEE’S PILLS, JAYNE'S PILLS, HOLLOWAY’S PILLS, HERRICK’S PILLS, SIR JAMES CLARKE’S FEMALE PILLS, DUPONCO’S LADIES’ PILLS, jjANGRAKE’3 LIVER PILLS, for Constipation and Congested Conditions of the Liver, —OINTMENTS— KENNEDY’S SALT RHEUM SALVE, REDDING’S RUSSIA SALVE, DALLY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR, HOLLOWAY’S OINTMENT, GOLDEN EYE SALVE, MCALISTER’S ALL-HEALING OINTMENT, —itaratEatTS— TOßlAS’ VENETIAN LINIMENT, MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMENT. SWEET’S LINIMENT, RADWAY’S READY RELIEF, PERRY DAVIS’ PAIN KILLER, JAYNES’ CARMINATIVE, DALBY’S CARMINATIVE. JAYNE’S EXPECTORANT, SANDFORD’S LIVER INVIGORATOR, HELMBOLDT’S EXTRACT BUOHU, WISTAR’i BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, MORTIMER’S RHEUMATIC COMPOUND & BLOOD PURIFIER, PHILOTOKEN, HOOFLAND’S BITTERS, • WISTAR’S COUGH LOZENGES, BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, KIDDER’S ARTHMATIO FUMIGATING PASTILES, BRYAN’S PULMONIC WAFERS, for Coughs <ft Colds, KIDDER’S INDELLIBLE INK, PAYSON’S INDELLIBLE INK, BROWN’S ESSENOE JAMAICA GINGER, THAYER’S ESSENCE JAMAICA GINGER, THAYER’S ESSENCE JAMAICA GINGER, THAYER’S CONCENTRATED FLUID EXTRACT, SARSAPARILLA, PURE TABLE OIL, NEATSFOOT OIL, JAYNE’S VERMIFUGE, FAHNESTOCK’S VERMIFUGE, DR. PERRY’S DEAD SHOT VERMIFUGE, REXFORD’S GINGER BREAD NUTS, for Worms, KIDDER’S ENEMA SYRINGES, GOODYEAR’S CHILDREN ENEMA SYRINGES, FRENCH SELF-ADJUSTING SYRINGES, GUTTA PEROHA SYRINGES, all sixes, QLASS AND PEWTER SYRINGES, all sizes, A large assortment of TRUSSES and SUPPORTERS, DR. PARKE’S SHOULDER BRACES, SAUNDER’S MAGIC BENZINE, for deanaing the moat delicate Silks, Van Buakirk’s SOZODONT, Swan’s TOOTH POWDER, Clark’s TOOTH POWDER, Thurston’s TOOTH POWDER, Charcoal PASTE, Burnett’s White Oak WASH, Lubin's EXTRACTS and Toilet POWDER, Edrehi’s EXTRACTS, Barney’s EXTRACTS, Phalon’a Night-Blooming CEREUS, Baudolott’s French EXTRACTS, French and German COLOGNES, Bazin’s FLORIDA WATER, RANGES, LILLY WHITE, &c„ A great variety of Tooth, Nall and Hair BRUSHES; Genuine Badger Shaving BRUSHES, '. Buffalo, India Rubber and Horn Dressing COMBS, Kendall’e AMBOUNE, for the Hair, Sterling's AMBROSIA, for the Hair, Burnett’s COCOAINE, Burnett’s Cocoa CASTORINE, Hetmstreet’s Inimitable HAIR RESTORER, Parrish’s BANDOLINE, ’ Edrehi’s POMADES, Thompson’s POMADES, , Basin's POMADES, Dongl ass’ POMADES, Barry’s TRICOPHERUB, Lyon’s KATHAIRON, BALM OF A THOUSAND FLOWERS, Mrs. Allen’s HAIR RESTORER andZYLOBALSAMU&E Prof. Wood’s HAIR RESTORATIVE. —HAIR DIES— Batchelor's HAIR DTE, Miller’s HAIR DTE, Venetian HATE DTE, French’s Distilled BAY WATER, for the Toilet, An endlesi variety of Toilet SOAPS, Shaving CREAM, Low’s Genuine Brown Windsor SOAP, A large assortment of POCKET BOOKS, A large assortment of Shaker’s HERBS, A variety of POCKET CUTLERT, —FLAVORIN'« BXTRAOTS— Lemon, Almond, Pine Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry Orange, Banana, Rose, Vanilla, Nectarine, Peach, Very nice Velvet SPONGES, for the Toilet, » SEIDLITZ POWDERS, CONGRESS WATER, A large assortment of Fresh Garden SEEDS, Just re ceived from the House of David Landreth & Cos., Philadelphia. We invite the attention of the citizens and Country Dealers to the above large and extensive Stock, whieh wi 1 be sold low for CASH. HTN. B. TO PHTSICIANS AND FAMILIES. Our Stock of DRUGS and CHEMICALS, whleh are in every day use. are pare, and can be relied upon, and require no stronger testimony of their efficacy than that of coming from Messrs, Scheffltin, Brothers & Cos., New York, the largest and most extensive Drug Hon,e in the world, who have had an enviable reputation for the last centuiy and a half. , The Compounding and Prescription Department is under the immediate supervision of Mr. w. V. V. Wil ('ate of the house ot Solomons <fc Cos., of this city,! *'l T “*■ ability and correctness as a Dispenser of Medi cine, the citizens of Savannah are respectfully referred to his past record. aßformerlT ’ compounded Night Bell on the Broughton street side of the Store. ■SMStataT* 1 ' 4 *' wlth cho,6ert airro from APOTHECARIES’ Watt, Corner of Barnard and Broughton Streets n>ayU-tf THEATRE • Stage Manager j. iSrndon THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING. MAY 13TH, 1866, The performance will commence with the Thrilling Melo-Dramatic Romance iu Three Acts and Five Tableaux, entitled THE CORSICAN BROTHERS. Fabien De Franchi,f Louis De Franchi, / Twin Brothers, j Simpson M. Chateau Renaud Davenport Alfred Meynard Salisbury Baron Montgiron Howard Martelii ["..Rogers Orlando •. Herndon Boissec - earner J“dge Frances Coionna Brown Madame Savilla Franchi .Mrs Berrell Emelie De Lesparre Miss Florence La Fond Marie Miss Elsie St Leon £or a1 !?- • Miss Maude St. Leon Celestine ...Miss Hattie Lee To conclude with MY WIFE’S SECOND FLOOR. Mrs. Topheary Mrs. Berrell Mrs. Downey mi« Lee ON TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 16TH, BENEFIT OF MISS FLORENCE LA FOND. When will be played the Beautiful Drama of THE FRENCH SPY, And the OF THE FOREST. Notice.— The doors will open at 7, and the curtain rise at 8 o'clock precisely. Box office open from 10 until 2 o’clock. iar PRICES OF ADMISSION AS USUAL. D All bills must be presented weekly. t^'fllATN AM’S VARIETIES. ~ (Formerly St, Andrew’s HalL; Swxainam amo «wis .Leasees and Managers OPEN EVERY NIQHTI SINGING, DANCING, , . BURLESQUE, PANTOMIME, DRAMA, MINSTRELSY, i AND FARCE. cHAxei or fbooramme ntohtlt For particulars, see Bills. mayll-tf W W. LINCOLN, DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY corn*# or Bull amp Concurs* streets; FRESH DRUGS AND MEDICINES, FANCY AND TOILET ARTICLES, 1M OSSA? VaBIXTT, RECENTLY SELECTED IN NEW YORK, EXPRESSLY FOB THIS MARKET. THE LARGEST STOCK OF FRESH DRUGS »ves ornautp n* xsis cot W. W. LINCOLN DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY, cosmsb or sou. ajob comqssss grxxxxj, SAVANNAH, GEORQU. mayS-tf ■yjTERNON SHELL ROAD COMPANY ' ma >’ u ~ 3t M, A. COHEN, Sect etary. HEADQ'RS DIST. OF SAVANN, IH/) Savannah, Ga., May 11, istfc.. / General Order, ) No. S3. f In compliance with Instruction* from the Head quarters of the Department, General Order Wo. s» from these Headquarters is revolted. By command or Bm. MaJ. Gen. GROVER Edwaed G. Dae, A. A. G. p fay 12 JNTEREBTING PUBLICATIONS roa THE SOLDIER OR THE CITIZEN. THE MONTHLY NOVELLETTB, contains a Novelette complete, together with from three to eight short stories, with Illustrations. Terms: $2 per year. Single copies, 26 cents. THE AMERICAN UNION. ▲ FIRBSIPF. JOURNAL. MO CONTINUED STORIES Thrilling Stories, Racy Sketches, Stirring Adventures and Choice Home Reading. $3 a year. Four copies, $lO. THE FLAG OF OUR UNION. Devoted to Tales, Sketches. Adventures Poems* News, Novelettes, &c. $4 per year. THE DOLLAR MONTHLY MAGAZINE. The cheapest magazine In the world. sl. CO a year. Seven copies, SB. Nearly one hundred pages of reading matter and iiluatratious. Postage only 12 cents per year. TEN CENT NOVBLLRTTE9. 128 pages in each book ; one-third larger than any other Dime Novel. All of the above publications will be forwarded regu larly by mall, on receipt of price, by ELLIOTT, THOME9 A TALBOT. Publishers, 63 Congress street, Boston, Mass. Samples can be seen, or copies purchased, by ap plying at THE SAVANNAH HERALp STORE, ill mat mill, SAVANNAH, GA. aprlß , ts pOST QUARTERMASTER’S OFFICE, Central Railroad Bank, Savannah, Ga., May, Ist, 1865. In pursuance of orders, received at this office, all citizens occupying buildings, whose owners are ab sent within the Rebel lines, or buildings, or other property belonging to disloyal persons, will, unless such buildings have been previously assigned—rent free—settle the rents for the same, due the Uni ted States, at this office op or before the 10th of May. A failure to comply with the above will cans*, a forfeiture of all claims to further occupation. 8. S. STARR, mayl Capt. and A. Q. M„ in charge of buildings. PLANTATION FOR SALE. THE SEA ISLAND COTTON PLANTATION, Known as “BRICKYARD,". For, sale, situate on Hilton Head Island, About five miles from Custom House street; Contains IS or 1400 adres—l or 600 acres heavy wood Live Oak and Pine, the balance valuable Cotton Land, or suitable for Early Gardening purpo ses. Has high banks and deep water on Broad Creek, suitable for wharves. Price, $15,000. Address J. E WHITE mayS-tf Box 20 Hilton Head, $. C. u 7 S. SERVICE MAGAZINE J U S T :R E'O E"I V E D, \ , AND FOB SALK AS THE SAVANNAH HERALD BUILDING, No. 11l Bat |3 tbe st . AX SO, ALL THE NORTHERN DAILY AND WEEKLY PAPERS, t COMPLETE FILES OF THE N. Y. DAILIES, Received on the arrival of every steamer from the North. . , Btwavsts tft SAVANNAH HERALD BUILDING, No. 11l Hat Shut, jgLLLS OF THE NORTHERN AND WESTERN BANKS, Maine, Massachusetts, Ac.', Purchased by L. C. NORVELL A CO., Comer of Bull street, opposite the Poet Office. mqyf-T \ YORK HERALD CORRESPONDENT. The office of the New York Herald Correspondent is at . # ' 111 BAY* STREET, CT STALES. mar 22 ■ ts News-dealers and others desiring th* Savannah Daily Heald at Wholsale are re quested to send in their order* ss early in advance as practicable. W MASON A CO. gWEET CIDER FOR SALE, To families by the quart or gallon, at O’MEARA A CO’S, over Adams’ Express Office. Bay street mh24 gITUATION WANTED. As American man, of middle age, who was former ly hi the Custom House In Savannah, as Accountant, wishes a situation. Can give the best of referenoee. Enquire at the Savanna* Hm, n office. may9-lW - HEADQ’Ra DEPT. OF THE SOUTH, . Hilton Head, S. C., April 12, 1866. Orders,) No. 42. f On March 7th, ISCS, a party of colored soldiers and sconts. thirty in number, commanded by Sergeant- Major Henry James, 3dU. S. C. TANARUS., left Jacksonville, Fla., and penetrated into the interioiThrouch Maric.n County. Th«y rescued niuety-one negroes from slave ry. captured four white prisoners, ’two wagons and twenty-four horses and mules; destroyed a sugar mill and a distillery, which were used by the rebel govern ment. together with their stocks or sujar aud liquor, and bnrned the bridge over the Oclawaha River, When returning they were attacked by a band of over fifty cavalry, whom they defeated and drove off with a loss of more than thirty to the rebels After a long and rapid march they arrived at St. Augustine, on March 12th, having lost but two killed and fonr woun ded. This expedition, planned and executed by colored men under the command of a colored non-commis sioned officer, reflects great credit upon the brave par ticipants aud their leader. ’ine Major-General Commanding thanks these cour ageous soldiers and scouts, and holds up their conduct to their comrades In arms, as an example worthy of emulation. By Command of Major-Gen. Q. A GIL jYORE. W. L. M. Bojoeb, # Assistant Adjutant; cneral rOmoiAt..j T. D. Hodges, Captain 35th U. S. C. TANARUS„ Act. Asst. Adjt. Oeneral. mays RATION TICKETS. Citizens Interested, are called upon to notice partic ularly the following instructions in reference to their Ration Tickets for the next week. All persons absolutely needy will apply for Tickets at the “Relief Committee Rooms," in the Exchange, in the following order, viz -. DISTRICT NO. 1, Extending from Bay street, south, to South Broad street, and trSfn Bull street cast (including Magazine Ward), to the city limits. Citizens of this District wtl. be served on Monday and Tuesday next. White fam ilies will be served fiom 9 a. m. to Ip. m. Colored families from 4 p. m. to 6 p. m. DISTRICT MO. 2. Lying east of Bull street and south of South Broad street, exteuding to the city limits. Will be served o»> Wednesday and Thursday. Whites from 9a.m. to 1 p. m.; colored from 4to(J p. in. DISTRtOT mo. 3. Lying between Bay street and South Broad street, and from Bull street, west, to West Broad street.— Will be served on Friday. Whites from 9 a, in. to 1 p. m,; colored from 4to6p. m. * district mo. 4. Lying, between Bull and West Broad etroeta, aad from South Broad street, south, to the city limits.— Will be served on Sathrday and Monday, May Tth. Whites from 9 1 a. m. to Ip. m.; colored from 4 to 6 p. m. « DtS-TEtOT MO. 5. Yamacraw—extending from the river, sonth, to New street, between West Broad street and the canal. Will be served on Tuesday and Weduesday, the Bth and 9th May. Whites from lp. m.; color ed from 4 to 0 p. m. DISTRICT HO. 6. Robertsville. Will be served on Thursday, May 19th. Whites from Ip. m.: colored from 4 to 6 p. m. HEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, savannah, Ga., May 4,1865. General Order) No. 31. f I. Lieut Fred Hope, A. A Q. M., having boen re lieved from duty In this District will turn over all public property in his possession, and transfer his pre sent duties to Lt J. W. Sterling, R. Q. M., 22d lowa Vols„ who will also, in addition to those, take charge of the Savannah Water Work.-,relieving thereby Capt- Nathan Baker, A. Q. M. By command of Brevet Major General C. QROVER. Edward Q. Dyke, A. A. G. mayO BROWN A CO., (Late Somes, Brown A Cos MILITARY AND NAVAL BANKERS AND COLLECTOR 2 PARA PLACE, ÜBOADWAY RANK finLDIKO, NEW YORK. Correspondents In Washington—J. W. Fisher A Cos., 478 Fourteenth Street. ESTABLISHED JUNE, 1862. We have complete facilities for transacting business speedily and’ correctly in oil - the Departments at Washington. Remittances prompt, and terms rea sonable. We giv<?especial attention to obtaining Certificates for Non-Indebtedness for Ordnance and Quartermas ters' Returns for Officers, and settling their accounts. We collect the following classes of Claims, and make advances if desired: Bounties for the heirs of deceased, wounded Sol diers, imd such ns have served two years. Pensions for Invalids, Widows, Mothers, and Or phan Children. Arrears of pay for the heirs of deceased, discharg ed Officers, Soldiers and SaUers, 4 smd, pay for the Wife or Widowed Mother of Prisoners of War. Prize Money for the U. S. Navy, together with all other just Claims. Information freely furnished. We purchase and sell all Government Securities, Quartermasters' Certificates and Checks, on the best of terms. References given Jto leading Bankets and business firms in New York. febl6 ts gANITARY. LIMB LIMEII LIMEin 800 casks best qnallty Thomaston Lime, suitable for brick work, plastering, white washing, or for sanitary purposes. Just received direct from Thomaston, Me For sale by DUNBARS & FRANZ, 10 Merchants' Row. apl9 Hilton Head. rpHE NEW SKIRT FOR 1866. Awonderful invention for Ladies. Unquestionably, superior to all others. Don't fall to read the advertisement In the Satan&aji Herald, containing fall particulars, every Monday morning. eiiexM3mo mart! QHECKS ON NEW YORK- Lu turns to salt purchasers, supplied at par by C. C. NORVELL A CO* Comer of BuU street, opposite the Post Office. mayft-71* Q N. BELLOWS A CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in SUTLERS’ AND HAVAL STORES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND BHOEB, HATS AND CAPS, Ac., no. 8 mac Hants’ bow, HILTON HEAD, S. C O. n. BELLOWS. If. O. TYLXB. t. W. TATLOSL marii ts fftfiLft'* SVitkAHK, O * H Merchants'Row, Hilton Head, a C. Call the attention of Wholesale and Retail purchasers to their superior stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING AND. FURNISHING GOODS, Watches, Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware, Swords, bashes, Belts, Kmbroderies, Boots, Caps Glasses. Gauntlets Gloves. Ac.. Ac.. Ac. RING LOST. The finder will confer a great favor and receive a suitable reward by returning It to the Savannah Daly nerald Office., _ ts ap2o UNBARS A FRANZ, NO. 10 MERCHANTS’ ROW, Hilton Head, S. C. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS SUTLERS' GOODS Os all Descriptions IDDKLL A MURDOCK, WHOLESALE AMD SET AIL DEALERS IN SUTLERS’ AND NAVAL STORES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, Gentlemen’s Fcrnishtno Goose, Ac., No. 6 Merchants' Row. Hilton Head, 8. C., W. C. MWDXLL, OanlO—lQ H. Z.UCStfCK. HEADQ'KS. DEPT. OF THE SOUTH, Hilton Head, S. C„ May 6,1865. General Orders,) No. 69. / The following Quarantine Regulations for the Port* of Port Royal, 3, C., Fernandina, Fla., Savannah, Ga and Charleston, S. C., will be enforced after the 10th day of May, 1866; I. The Quarantine Grounds will be located as fol lows : for Port Royal, S. C., and Savannah, Ga., in Tybee Roads, at the ‘-Old Savannah Quarantine;’* for Charleston, 8. 0.. in Stono Inlet; for Fern and! n i, Fla., in Cumberland Sound. The exact place of anchorage will be designated by a white buoy aud flag. 11. It shsT' be the duty of the master and pilot of every vessel coming into these ports, lrom this date until further orders, except the pilot boats returning from tneir ordinary cruising grounds, and U S Naval vessels, to hoist a signal for a health officer, in the fore rigging, fifteen feet from her deck, and come to, immediately below and opposite tbe guard ship, one of which will be stationed at each Port within and near the inner bar buoy, and there wait his coming on ooard HI. The health officer shall visit the vessel without necessary delay, and ascertain her sanitary condition and the p:rt whence she sailed. And it shall be his duty to order to the Quarantine Grounds, there to re main as long as he may deem proper, all havin’; on botird cases of yellow fever, cholera, or other Infec tions or contagion* diseases; also, all vessels coming from any West India Island, or from auy port in that portion of the State of Florida, not in the Department of the Sonth, whether such vessels have dean bills of health or not. IV. No commutffCation will be allowed with the ve*. sel until *h« ha, been examined hy the Health Officer, aud no person will bepermitted to leave her V. The fee of the Health Officers for visiting, exam ining and certifying vessels arriving at these Ports, shall be collected from all vessels except those in tbe Government employ, or foreign war vessels, at the fol lowing rates: For each vessel from a foreign port $6 60 And for all othe a 2 60 The money thus collided will be turned over to the Medical Director, for the use of tbe General Hospitals In this Department. VI. The.,e regulations will be strictly enfo-cedby the Health Officer. Should there be any dev at on there from, or should any of the orders given hv tae Health Officers to such vessels not be strictly carried out, they will report the fact to the Medical Director of the De partment, for the immediate arrest and. imprisonment of the offender. By command of Major General Q. A. GELLMORE. T. D. Honor*, * Capt. 36th U. S. C. TANARUS., Act. Asst. Adjt Gen ' fofficiag * HEADQ’RS. DEPT. OF THE SOUTH, Hilton Head, 8. C„ May 6,1864. Gonxral Orders,) No. 67. / The following dispatch from tbe Provost Marshal to published for tne Information of this command j WAR DEPARTMENT. Provost Marshal General’s Bun&AXb Washington, D 0., 1-50 P. M.f April 29th, 1966. The Secretary of War having directed that tbe re. crnitlng of men In the loyal States for the volunteer forces he stopped, now directs that the recruitment for the volunteer forces, of all persons, including colored men. In ail States, be embraced in the order and their enlistment be discontinued. JAMES B FRY, Provost Marshal General. To Major-General GILLMCRE, Department of the South, Hilton Head, S C. By command of Major-General Q. A. GILLMOR& T. D. Hodoes, Captain 36th U. S. C. TANARUS., Act. Asst Adjt. Geo. mayQ r-enwffj HEADQ’RS. DBPT. OF THE SOUTH. Hilton Head, g. c., May b, 1806. General Ordebs,) No. 68. / To enable an men absent from their commands to bo properly mastered oat of service at tbe expiration of their term, the following regulation* will be strictly complied with; Ist. Whenever enlisted men are separated from their Companies on fnrlongh, detached service, or In hospi tals, they will be .furnished by their Commanding Offl cere with descrivtlve lists, on which will be shown all the data affecting their pay, clothing accounts, Ac. 2d. Commanders of regiments, battalions, ordetaoh n\ents, In this Department, will immediately cause de scriptive lists of all enlisted men now absent from tha Department, as prisoners of war, on detached service, or In hospitals, to be forwarded direct to tbe Chief Mus tering Officer of their respective St ates, and iu case one was furnished the soldier at the time he left his com mand, the copy herein directed to be famished such Chief Mustering Officer will be marked across the face, “Duplicate." By command ot Major-General Q. A GILLMORE. T. D. Hodoes, Capt, 36ih U. 3 C. TANARUS., Act. Asst. Adjt General. HEAD’QRS. DIsl'&CT OF Savannah, Ga., May 8,1866. Glare*al Order,) No, 80. / L At his own i sanest, and to enable him to re-join bis Regiment, Capt. Jambs M. Walton, 64th Massa chusetts Volunteers, is hereby relieved from duty as Provost Judge of the 2d Provost Court, and from daty In this District. 11. Capt M. Benedict, 156th New York Volunteers, Asst. Comsy. pi Musters of the District aud Post, is de tailed as Provost Judge of the 2d Provoet Court, tha dntlee of which office ne will perform in addition to hto duties as Mastering officer. By command of Brevet MaJ. Gen. C. QROVER. Outer Mathews, Asst Adjt. Gen. mays (Official.) "** >l ** HEADQ’RS. DEPT. OF THE f OUTH, , Hilton Head, S. C., May 6,1886. General Oaiuorn, ) No. 66. / I. Ail ambulances, medicine wagons, hones, mules, harness and other fixtures, appertaining thereto, with in this Department, are hereby placed under the con trol of tbe Medical Director ot the Department ot tha South. 11. Capt. F. Bull, Y.B.C, la hereby annonnoed aa Chief Ambulance Officer, and will report to Lleati CoL Meredith Clvhe*. Medical Director, D. 8. By command of MaJorJJsneial Q. A. GILLMORE. T D. Honors, Capt. S6th U, 8. C. TANARUS., Act. Aaat. Adjt. Gan. maya . HEADQR’S. DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH, Savannah, May 9th, 1866. GcnXßcl Order,) No. 81. / Captain Girev, A. Q. M., having been relieved from duty In this District, by Special Order, Wo. 117, C B>. Headquarters Department of the South, will Inrn over to Lieutenant Elijah Swirr, SBth Mass. Vols., the Civil Fund of the District of Savannah, who will take charge ot and be held responsibly for the proper disbursement or the same. By command of Brevt. Maj. Gen. GROVER. Oliver Matthews, A. A. G„ maylo-3t OFFICE OF STREET COMMISSIONER,) Savannah, Ga., May 10th. 1885, f The owners of the following described animals, will please call at this office, prove property, and pay char ges, on or before the 16th Inst., or the same will be sold to defray expenses, via: One sorrel Mare, with blue face, and left hind foot white. In Public Pound since May Sd. ALBERT STEARNS, Captain and Street Commissioner. mayll—lt Savannah, Ga., March, 8,1885. After this date the Provost Court will be held in tho U. S. Court House, up stairs, .coiner of Bull end Bay * tf ** t * EBRN PARDONS, Jx, ; mar 9—ts Lieut, and Provost Judge. pßuWfif {&Dh¥ Xo'fil’lT" * On and after this date, the First Provost Court, Ist Lieut. Eben Parsons, Jr., Judge, will be held at the U. S. Court House, comer of Bull and Hay streets. The Second Provost Court, Capt. James M. Walton, Judge, will be held In the room over Adams’ Excreta Co.’s office, oorner Bay and Drayton streets. The respective jurisdictions are fixed by General Order No. C., And all parties having business before said Courts will govern themselves accordingly. • ■ By order, PROVOST JUDGES, roartn . ts w Campbell, veterinary surSlon • having reopened his office and yard, on Wil liam street, is now prepared to treat (on scientific principles,; all diseases Incident to Horses that are susceptible of remedy. Charges moderate. Cares warranted. Terms cash. fehlS Sf - pXraiOrflc 6K Aw lukk. ■ V ' FOB SALE BY I H. BRIGHAM, ap2B ts 93 Bay street. ETuvjsl?iOVMi'i tWCVJTw T Large and small, for Restanrant* and Families. - Ail kinds of HOLLOW WAKE and Cooking Uten sils, Piantsrs' HQKS, wholesale and retail, by JAMES G. THOMPSON A CO., apl?—m&thO Beaufort, S. 6.