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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, June 09, 1865, Image 3

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ileto lUberHsimtttif. jpUNERAL INVITATION. ” " The relatives and friends of Igaac B. Zavier and Eliza Zavier, are invited to attend the funeral of WILLIAM BARRINGTON ZAVIER, at the house of his father, corner of Montgomery and Perry streets, at halfpast four o’clock this evening. QUARTERMASTER’S VOUCHERS AND— NORTHERN STATE MONEY. QUARTERMASTER’S VOUCHERS FOR APRIL, MAY AND JUNE, AND NORTHERN BANK BILLS, Purchased by L. C. NORVELL & CO., Corner Bull street, opposite the Post Office ju9-end P'INANCIAL. REMOVAL. James H, Falconer, late Thomas Dixon, Dealer in foreign Exchange, has removed to 49 William, be ‘ween Wall and Pine streets. New York. Bills on tne Hoyal Bank ol Liverpool in sums to snit pnrchae era. ju9 i w "P'REIGHT WANTED FOR PHILADELPHIA. The schooner James Satterthwaite will sail in a few days tor the above port. Freight will be taken at low rates by applying to MACKEY, HOGG & CO., * No. 2 Stoddard's Block, opposite Poet Office. ju9-3 PRE 8 H IMPORTATION —op SEGARS AND TOBACCO NO. lit BAY STREET, BETWEEN WUITAKER ANI) BARNARD STREETS. JACOB LANGSDORF & CO. Have just received from their well known House in Philadelphia, a large and well assorted stock of CIGARS, Consisting of all the different bran ds, as well as large stocks ot SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO. Os various kinds, which they offer for sale at WHOLESALE PRICES: Dealers are particularly requested to call and exam inerhe stock, j n 9 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AUGUSTA, GA. Consignments Solicited. Merchandise Bought and Sold. James L. Maude; Thomas T. Wrioht. REFER TO Hon: Simeon Draper, New York. Messrs. Lee & Waller, Messrs. H. B. Claflin & Cos, New York. Glidden & Williams, Boston. Hovey & Cos., “ Smith, Wood & Cos., St. Louis. Appleton, Noys & Cos, •’ R .YUCready & Cos, Cincinnati. Charles L. Coibv & Cos., Savannah, Ga. Thos, Metcalf, Esq., Augusta, Ga. Robert Campbell, Esq., ju9 eod4w 1000 bushels White Corn, 30 bags Rio Coffee, 200 barrels Family Flour, 250 barrels Old Monongahela and Bourbon Whisky, 60 packages S. C. Hams, Sides aud Shoulders, 45 tierces Bagged Beef, 60 bairelsNo. 1 Mackerel, 200 kitts No. I Mackerel, _ 00 kits Mess Shad, 4 barrels Pigs Feet; 13 packages Beef and Pigs Tongues, 3000 pounds Prime Codfish, 2000 pair Boots and Shoes, 100 reams Writing and Letter Paper, 3 gross Playing Cards, 150 dozen Assorted Brushes, 75 dozen Wire Brooms, 25 dozen Buckets, • 50 dozen Whisk Brooms, 25 dozen Zinc' Washboards, _ Stove and Shoe Blacking, Twine, Suspenders. Cravats, Linen Dusters, Undershirts, Bonnets, Hats, Ac. Being the Cargo of the schooner James Satterth waite. just arrived, and tor sale by MACKEY, HOGG & CO., ju9 3 Block, opposite Post Office. ig UNDRIES. 18 barrels Superior Whiskey, I barrel Jamaica Rum, 2-eighth Casks French Brandy, . 1 cask Rhine Wine, 1 cask Maderia, 25 baskets Champagne, 50 boxes Claret, For sale by w. B ADAMS; Jn9 3 96 Bay street. plants. Yy ANTED, "‘ J ' “ A situation, by a young man, as Clerk Address " r R Wj e6 ~ lw Box 74, P, Q, Hilton Head ANTED. An elderly woman as Housekeeper. Must be a irood Cook, so a suitable person high wages will be riven Herald* 0 106 ° r 8t l * le °® ce ° 7 tbe Savannah Daily _ J- K. TONKING, JUj Sherman House, Hilton Head. JCE 1 ICE 1 1 ICE !! ! nm l rn<?u ,BCribe '* llttve opened this day at Wlltberger’s pared to H ° Uae °“ Drayton Sneet ’ where they are pre FU RNISH ICE TO THE PUBLIC AT REASONABLE RATES. liberal'd t eaUn i l“ mp L e " nd of the beßt Qnality, aud by patronage* ,Ugß We ho^e t 0 mer ' t a share of the public ■Savannah, June 6 & MARSHALL. (Jlaret, whiskey aniTale. A few Cases of Snperior Table Claret 20 tSSSS*"* QQality Whlßkey ’ Landing from steamer Chase. p or sale by • J o7 ' 3 HUNTER A GAMMELL. 1 musemints. yOLKS GARTEN 7 CONGRESS STREET, Between Jefferson and Montgomery streets, Will be open to-night, aßd every night, for the public. Concert Music every Evening from 7 to 10 o’clock by the SAVANNAH CITY ORCHESTRA, Professor George Weioand, Leader. REFRESHMENTS OF THE BEST QUALITY WILL ALWAYS BE ON HAND. ml 7—l m VARIETIES. (CORNER BROUGHTON AND JEFFERSON STREETS j (Formerly St. Andrew’s Hall y \V. P. Sweatnam Sole Lessee and Manager M. Frebertbyseb Musical Director TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 7th, 1865, Overture, - by the * Orchestra. After which the Great Three Act Military Drama of THE FRENCH SPY Mathilde de Meric, 1 Henri de Aline, V Miss Maude St. Leon The Spy, ) Introducing Madame Celeste’s Original Combat. The entire Company will appear in the cast. Selections, ------ Orchestrv Tambor Major Jig La Belle Louise Champion Jig Master George Overture, Orchestra The whole to conclude with the Roaring Farce of OUR GAL; In which Messrs Sweatnam, Boswell, earner, Boyd, Miss Lottie Howland and La Belle Louise will appear. SATURDAY EVENING BENEFIT OF Miss LOTTIE HOWLAND, When a Mammoth Programme will be presented. Cards of Admission T6c. Orchestra Seats ...$1 00 Colored Boxes (up-stairsj T6c. Doors open at lyi. Overture begins at 814 Special Notice. —Ales, Wines, Tobacco, Ac., may be obtained at the Refreshment Saloon, adjoining the Hall- juo-1 Hipping. gTAR LINE. FOR NEW YORK. The new and elegant Steamship AMERICA, Capt. Clift, will leave for New York on SATURDAY next, 10th inst, at 8 o’clock. For freight or passage, having superior accommoda tions; apply to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A BO„ ‘ jk? Agents. jpiONEER LINE. , FOR NEW YORK, The U. S. M. Steamship CHASE will leave for New York on SATURDAY next, the 10th inst., at 9 o’clock a. m. For freight or passage apply to HUNTER A GAMMELL. Agents in New York—L. L. Jones. ju - ■ —— V g TEAM SHIP CHASE, FOR NEW YORK. Several excellent Staterooms still open for passen gers going to New York. For passage apply to juS-2 HUNTER & GAMMELL. jyjERCHANTS’ LINE OF SAILING VESSELS. FOR NEW YORK, FiRST CLASS CLIPPER SCHOONER UNION FLAG. Is loading at foot oi Drayton street and will sail for the above port on the 11th Inst. For freight or passage apply to CHARLES L. COLBY A CO., jiiß-3t cor. Bay and Abercorn streets. JgINSTEIN, ROSENFELD & CO., BANKERS, No. 8 BROAD STREET. New York. We draw at sight, and at sixty days, on London, Paris, Frankfort, and all other principal cities of Europe. Parties opening current accounts, may deposit and draw at their convenience, the same as with the City Banks, and will be allowed interest on all balances over On* Thousand Dom.ars, at the rate of four per cent, per annum, Orders for the purchase or sale of various Issues of Government and other Stocks, Bonds and Gold, executed on Commission. jefi-StawSm „„L h< ?, e deßiron ?, of Purchasing cither Wugons or Har ness at i easonable rates, will do well to call at W. A. BEARD'S, 164 CONGRESS STREET, And examine his Stock, consisting of 1 Open BUGGY; 1 Two seat BUGGY, light ,- 1 EXPRESS WAGON; 1 Covered WAGON; 2 Two seat WAGONS. QOTTON! COTTON!! “ ~” u. s. purchasing agency, savannah, ga., may 29, 1866. All persons, owners, bringing Cotton into the-Ciha on private account, either by land or the river, nrr hereDy required to report and register the same afl this office. Purchasers are also requested to make daily reports at this office of their purchases'-; of whom bought, number of bales, and weight of each bale -T. P.ROBB. U. S. Ptiroh using Agent. may3o—tf < ttitfe phttSH ARRIVAL OF GOODS. SKEHAN A CONYNGHAM. Os 170 Broughton Street, Receive by every steamer fresh consignments of Goods from New York, consisting of BOOTS and SHOES, Ladies’ BALMORALS, Ac, Gentlemen’s Felt and Straw HATS, CLOTHING, GROCERIES, WINES, Dublin and London PORTER, Golden ALE, in Cases and Barrels; Also—A choice selection of GARDEN SEEDS, Which we offer at low prices to the Trade. ieO £VE S ’ GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING EMPORIUM, Corner Bull Streh end Bay Lane, Opposite Post Office, SAVANNAH, GA. A FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF FINE FURNISHING GOODS. HATS, CAPS. CLOTHING, UMBRELLAS, NOTIONS, TOILET ARTICLES, Ac. may23—eod2w ££ A. TOPHAM, 138 CONGRESS STREET, SAVANNAH, GA,, NO. 7 MERCHANTS’ ROW, UILTON HEAD, Calls the attention of Wholesale and Retail purchasers to his superior Stock of MILITARY, NAVAL and CITIZENS’ CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, REGULATION HATS, CAPS, and GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS For sale at the Lowest Market price. Additions to Stock received Dy every Steamer from New York. may2s-20t J C. NORVELL A CO. CORNER BULL AND BAY STREETS, “ HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE STOCK OF— DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS. EVER OFFERED IN THIS MARKET, Which will be sold AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL UPON TIIE MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. PRINTS. Lawns, latest styles, Organdies, Organdie Robes, Ginghams, • Jaconets, Mozambiques, Bareges, all kinds, Crape Maretz, all colors, MOURNING GOODS. THIS DEPARTMENT IS COMPLETE IN ALL ITS DETAILS. GLOVES. Ladies’ and Gents’ Black and Colored Kids, best make, Lisle, all colors, Silk, all colors, Fillet Mits. HANDKERCHIEFS. Linen Cambric, Hemstitched, Gents' Printed Borders, Gents’ Bilk. HOSIER Ladies’ Black and White Silk, Ladies' Black and White Cotton, Misses' Black and White Cotton, Children’s Black and White Cotton, Ladies' and Misses’ Gauze Merino Vests, Gents’ Merino Vests. UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS. Ribbons, Bonnet and Belt, all kinds. BONNETS White,Black and Colored Straw and Braid Bonnets Ladies' Misses’ and Children’s Flats, in great va riety, ' ■ ’ A full assortment of Gents’ aad Boys’ Hats. FANS IN EVERY VARIETY. LAKUK and well assorted stock of ladies’ AND GENTS’ SHOES. CLOTHING. Linen and Cassimere Summer Suits, Alapaca Coats, A Full assortment of Military Dress and. Fatigue Uniforms. meygo jyjOSQUITO NETTING, AT may2o L. C. NORVELL & CO’S. O*A L AND WOOD AT AUCTION. WiU he sold on MONDAY, 12th inst., at 11 o’clock, in front of “Fuel Supply” Store, No. 82 Bay street, in iocs to suit purchasers. 360 tons Red Ash Stove Coal, 600 cord-i Hard Wood, V 5 cords Pine Wood. OCTAVUS COHEN, Cashier. N, B —Offers will be received at Private Sale for either of the above articles, as a whole, until day of sale. _ JuT QORN, CORSr : "" . ' Five hundred bushels per steamer America, now landing. For sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to W. C. COSENS, or to BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO. JuS ts frags, st. MEDICINES AND CHEMICALS. APOTHECARIES* HALL Corner of Basnakd and Brouuton Strefts, SAVANNAH. GEORGIA. W. M. WALSH. M. D. PROPRIETOR. X AYER’S SARSAPARILLA, * AYERS CHERRY PECTORAL, AYERS’ AGUE CURE. OSGOOD’S CIIOLOGOGUE, for Fever aud Ague, DR COPELAND’S SPECIFIC, for Fever and Ague. —PILLS NEVER KNOIVN.XO FAIL— BLANCARD'S feraginous pills, AYER’S PILLS, WRIGHT’S PILLS, BRANDETH’S FILLS, LEE’S PILLS, JAYNE’S PILLS, HOLLOWAY’S PILLS, HERRICK’S PILLS, SIR JAMES CLARKE’S FEMALE PILLS, DUPONCO’S LADIES’ PILLS, MANDRAKE’S LIVER PILLS, for Constipation and Congested Conditions of the Liver. —OINTMENTS— KENNEDY’S SALT RHEUM SALVE, REDDING’S RUSSIA SALVE, DALLY’S PAIN EXTRACTOR, HOLLOWAY’S OINTMENT, GOLDEN EYE SALVE. MeALISTER'S ALL-HEALING OINTMENT, —LINIMENTS— TOBIAS’ VENETIAN LINIMENT, MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMENT, SWEET'S LINIMENT, RABWAY’S READY RELIEF, PERRY DAVIS’ PAIN KILLER, JAYNES’ CARMINATIVE, DALBY’S CARMINATIVE, JAYNE’S EXPECTORANT, SANDFORD’S LIVER INVIGORATOR, HELMBOLDT’S EXTRACT BUCHU, WISTAR’3 BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, MORTIMER'S RHEUMATIC COMPOUND A BLOOD PURIFIER, PHILOTOKEN, HOOFLAND’S BITTERS, WISTAR’S COUGH LOZENGES, BROWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, KIDDER’S ARTHMATIC FUMIGATING PASTILE9, BRYAN’S PULMONIC WAFERS, for Coughs A Colds, KIDDER’S INDELLIBLE INK, v PAYSON’S INDELLIBLE INK, BROWN’S ESSENCE JAMAICA GINGER, THAYER’S ESSENCE JAMAICA GINGER, THAYER’S ESSENCE JAMAICA GINGER, THAYER'S CONCENTRATED FLUID EXTRACT, SARSAPARILLA, PURE TABLE OIL, NEATSFOOT OIL, JAYNE’S VERMIFUGE, FAHNESTOCK’S VERMIFUGE, DR. PERRY’S DEAD SHOT VERMIFUGE, REXFORD'S GINGER BREAD NUTS, for Worms, KIDDER’S ENEMA SYRINGES, GOODYEAR’S CHILDREN ENEMA SYRINGES, FRENCH SELF-ADJUSTING SYRINGES, GUTTA PERCHA SYRINGES, all sizes, GLASS AND PEWTER SYRINGES, all sizes, A large assortment of TRUSSES and SUPPORTERS, DR. PARKE’S SHOULDER BRACES, SAUNDER’S MAGIC BENZINE, for cleansing the most delicate Silks, Van Buskirk's SOZODONT, Swan’s TOOTH POWDER, Clark’s TOOTH POWDER, Thurston's TOOTH POWDER, Charcoal PASTE, Burnett’s White Oak WASH, Lubin’s EXTRACTS and Toilet POWDER, Edrehi’s EXTRACTS, Barney’s EXTRACTS, Phalon’s Night-Blooming CEREUS, Bandolott’s French EXTRACTS, French and German COLOGNES, Barln’s FLORIDA WATER, , ROUGES, LILLY WHITE, Ac., A great variety of Tooth, Nall and nair BRUSHES, Genuine Badger Shaving BRUSHES, Buffalo, India Rubber and Horn Dressing COMBS, Kendall's AMBOLINE, for the Hair, Sterling’s AMBROSIA, for the Hair, Burnett’s COCOAINE, Barney’s Cocoa CASTORINE, Heimstreet’s Inimitable HAIR RESTORER, Parrish’s BANDOLINE, Edrehi’s POMADES, Thompson’s POMADES, Bazin's POMADES, Douglass’ POMADES, Barry’s TRICOPHERUS, Lyon’s KATHAIRON, BALM OF A THOUSAND FLOWERS, Mrs. Allen’s HAIR RESTORER andZYLOBALSAMUM Prof. Wood's HAIR RESTORATIVE. , UAIR DYES— Batchelor’s HAIR DYE, Miller’s HAIR DYE, Venetian HAIR DYE, French’s Distilled BAY WATER, for the Toilet, An endless variety of Toilet SOAPS, Shaving CREAM, Low’s Genuine Brown Windsor SOAP, A large assortment of POCKET BOOKS, A large assortment of Shaker's HERBS, A variety of POCKET CUTLERY, —FLAVOBING BTTKACTB— Almond, Pine Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry. Orange. Banana, Rose, Vanilla, Nectarine, Peach, Very nice Velvet SPONGES, for the Toilet, SEIDLITZ POWDERS, CONGRESS WATER, A large assortment of Fresh Garden SEEDS, just re ceived from the Honse of David Landretb A Cos., Philadelphia. We invite the attention of the citizens and Country Dealers to the above huge and extensive Stock, which wl 1 tie sold low for CASH, at wholesale and retail. B. TO PHYSICIANS AND FAMILIES. Onr Stock of DRUGS and CHEMICALS, which are in every day use. are pare, and can be relied upon, and require no stronger testimony of their efficacy than that of coming from Messrs, Schefflein, Brothers A Cos., New York, the largest and most extensive Drag Home in the world, who have had an enviable reputation for the last century and a half. The Compounding and Presaription Department Is under the immediate supervision of Mr. W. V. V. Wil son (late of the house of Solomons A Cos., of this city For hie ability aud correctness as a Dispenser of Medi cine, the citizens of Savannah are respectfully referred to his past record. Phvslcisns’ Prescriptions, as formerly, compo jaded at all hours of the night. Night Bell on the Broughton street side of the Store. ICED SODA WATER, with choicest Syrups, from Stone Fountains. APOTHECARIES’ HALL, Comer of Barnard and Broughton Streets. ftationtrg, .£c. —.... ' , . J.'.-'-Sg ££OOKS AND STATIONERY. * WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, At the Old Stand of JOHN M. COOPER* A CO., Just Received the Largest and Best Selected Stock of “ _ SCHOOL BOOKS In the Southern States: consisting of Primers, Spellers, Haiders, Geographies. Arithmetics, Grammars.- Gr-ek, Latin, French, German and Spanish Text Books, aud all oilier Books used in Colleges, Academies and Common Schools. STATIONERY. Slates, Pens, Pencils, ,Ink, Foolscap, Letter and Note Paper, Envelopes, Hlauk Books, Ac. I also have oil band a large assortment of New and popular Novels by the best authors. Dickens. Reynolds, Mrs Holmes, Mrs. Wood, Ac. I will keep constantly on hand a large stock of el egant Photographic Albums aud Card Photographs, as well as a constant supply of the latest Northern Newspa pers and Periodicals, N. Y Daily and Weekly Newspapers, Harper's Magazine. Godey’s Lady’s Book, Atlantic Monthly, Dcinorest’s Fashions, Ac., Ac. Everything will lie sold at the very lowest figures, and special terms are offered on School Books to Teachers and others. I can and will sell at least as cheap as any other house in the South. Terms strictly cash. Call and examine the Stock at the old stand of JOHN M. COOPER A CO.. Cor. Whitakeruud St. Julian streets, Savannah, Ga. STEPHEN FARRELLY, Bookseller and Stationer. N. B.—All ordere for Miscellaneous Books, Music, or auy article connected with the trade, filled at the shortest notice. The friends and patrons of the undersigned, aud of the firm of Joun M. Cooper & Cos., are respectfully so licited to continue their patronage at the old establish ment to Mr. The undersigned may be found at his desk as usual, for the purpose of closing up old business affairs and rendering each assistance as he can to Mr. F. A general Wholesale business will be established by J. M. C. A Cos., whenever practicable, upon the upper floors of the establishment. jeß lino JOHN M COOPER. STATIONERY AT NEW YORK PRICES. SUITABLE FOB RETAIL TRADE, A RARE CHANCE FOR SMALL DEALERS AND RETAILERS. Consisting of 29 reams Vermont Mills NOTE PAPER, at $2 per ream f 28 reams Alpine Note, at $1.76 per ream ; 30 reams New York, $2.75 per ream ; Ivory Thick, $3 ; 4,000 Buff Envelopes, at $2,511, $2.75 and $3 per thousand; 44 gross Gutta Percha Pens, 80c. per gross ; 26 gross Falcon Pens, 80c. per gross; Pencils of all descriptions aud prices; a large lot of Pen Holders, suitable for Schools; Tuck Memorandas aud Pass Books; 4,000 Newspaper Wrappers. All the above Goodi at New York prices, by the gross, dozen or package. CORNER OF BROUGHTON AND WHITAKER STS., Je6-3teod STORE OF A. HARIQ. JNTERESTING PUBLICATIONS FOR THE SOLDIER OR THE CITIZEN. THE MONTHLY NOVfcLLETTE, contains a Novelette complete, together with from three to eight short stories, with Illustrations, Terms:' $2 per year. Single copies, 26 cents. THE AMERICAN UNION. A FIRUSUIK JOURNAL. NO CONTINUED STORIES. Thrilling Stories, Racy Sketches, Stirring Adventures and Choice Home Reading. $3 a year. Four copies, $lO. THE FLAG OF OUR UNION. ’ Devoted to Tales, Sketches, Adventures Poems, News, Novellettes, Ac. $4 per year. THE DOLLAR MONTHLY MAGAZINE The cheapest magazine in the world. $1.60a year. Seveu copies, $9, Nearly one hundred pages of reading matter and illustrations. Postage only 12 cents per year. TEN CENT NOVELLETTES. 128 pages in each book; one-third larger than any other Dime Novel, All of the above publications will be forwarded regu larly by mail, ofl receipt of price, by ELLIOTT, THOMES A TALBOT, Publishers, 63 Congress street, Boston, Mass. .. • Samples can be seen, or copies purchased, by ap plying at THE SAVANNAH HERALD STORE, 111 BAY S T B X ■ TANARUS, SAVANNAH, GA. apr!B ts 88fJMIE HOSPITAL TRANSCRIPT.” The paper above named is published at Hilton Head S. S„ by M. J. McKenna. It is designed by tbe Publisher to make an Interest ing and Instructive Paper, not only for SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, but a WELCOME WEEKLY VISITOR to all residents of Hilton Head. It will contain Original LOCAL NEWS, a summary of NORTHERN NEWS, and carefnlly Selected MIS CELLANEOUS ITEMS. Jn3-tf insurance. QOLUMBIAN . (MARINE; INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW’ YORK. CASH CAPITAL ~.13,500,000. The undersigned are prepared to Insure under Open Policy from the above Company to the extent of SIOO,- 000 in property in any first class Steamer, and from $50,000 to $15,000 on any first, class sailing vessel, on the most favorable New York terms. For further particulars apply to , CHARLES L. COLBY A CO Jones Block, corner Bay and Abercorn streets, tf Savannah, Ga. REWARD ~ * < * FOR A SWORD AND OTHER ARTICLES* CAf t used ax ron Whoever will bring to the subscriber an ENGLISH, FIELD OFFICER’S SWORD, marked with the ini tials “R. G. B.’’ and a GOLD WALTHAM WATCH, and a GOLD SEAL RING, with the inscription “Mother” inside and the sign of a Dove and Olive Branch on the seal, will receive a LARGE REWARD. Tbe three articles were captured by the Confederate Army at Fort Wagner, on the night of July 18th, 1863. Address G. W. J., office of Savannah Dally Herald. jn6 lw